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'29.2    D677d 
Doqqett,     Samuel     Bradlee 
A    history    o-f    the    Doggett- 
Daqqett    • 





SAjVIUEL  beadlee  doggett 

MEMBER    OF    1 


Press     of     Rockwell     and     Churchill 

Three   hundred  copies  of  this   volume 
make  up  the  edition,  of  ■which  this  is 
No.  /   3 

Ji  1162777 


DESIRE  to   know  my  own   Doggett  ancestry  led   me 
to  begin  a  search  of  the  records  in  1876. 
I       In  the  search  I  found   branches  of  my  own   line  who  had 
<„  changed  the  spelling  of   the  name  to   Daggett,   while    other 
branches  had  moved  to  distant  parts  of  the  country. 

In  trying  to  find  these  branches  I  had  correspondence  and 
r  gathered  information  of  families  who  were  descended  fi'om 
^different  immigrant  ancestors. 

Wishing  to  know  more  of  these  families  and  their  ances- 
.  try,  I  began  a  thorough  search  of  the  early  records.  This 
search  has  occupied  my  spare  moments  from  1876  to  the 
present  time.  The  records  of  more  than  forty  Massachu- 
setts towns  have  been  examined  ;  the  county  records  of 
^  C  Suffolk,  Norfolk,  Plymouth,  Bristol,  Barnstable,  Dukes, 
^Essex,  Worcester,  and  Middlesex  have  each  added  some 
Vpoints  to  the  record,  while  an  examination  of  more  than 
three  hundred  and  fifty  volumes  at  the  State  House,  in 
Boston,  and  many  books  in  public  and  private  libraries, 
were  among  the  methods  used  to  gather  what  relates  to  our 
family  in  Massachusetts. 

I  have  also  examined  county,  town,  church,  or  private 
records  in  Nova  Scotia,  New  Brunswick,  Maine,  New  Hamp- 
shire, Vermont,  Rhode  Island,  Connecticut,  New  York, 
Pennsylvania,  Maryland,  and  Virginia ;  have  called  on  many 
members  of  the  family  in  different  parts  of  the  country; 
have  corresponded  extensively,  and  have  received  more  than 
twelve  hundred  letters  in  answer  to  my  inquiries. 


By  the  kindness  of  correspondents  and  the  returns  of 
experts,  whom  I  employed,  many  facts  have  been  gathered 
regarding  the  family  in  England. 

Several  rectors  of  churches  in  England  vs'ere  interested,  and 
very  kind  in  sending  extracts  fi'om  their  records. 

Mr.  William  H.  Doggett,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  and 
the  late  Edward  G.  Doggett,  Esq.,  of  Bristol,  have  added 
many  facts  to  the  family  history.  My  thanks  are  also  due 
to  many  in  this  countr}^  who  have  contributed  to  the  records, 
but  owing  to  the  number,  I  will  not  mention  them  by  name, 
knowing  they  will  feel  amply  repaid  by  the  knowledge  that 
they  have  done  their  parts  toward  preserving  the  family 

Errors  and  omissions  will  be  found  in  the  compilation,  but 
in  many  cases  it  is  the  fault  of  those  who  have  made  mis- 
takes in  their  returns  or  neglected  to  answer  my  repeated 
requests  for  full  particulars. 

The  amount  of  material  having  become  so  large,  and  so 
long  a  time  having  been  devoted  to  its  collection,  1  have 
thought  best  to  now  submit  the  history  to  my  kinsmen,  l)e- 
lieving  the  facts  thus  made  known  may  lead  to  the  correc- 
tion of  errors  and  aid  in  bringing  to  light  the  points  that  are 
wanted  to  connect  the  several  branches  of  the  family. 


HoLLis,  COE.  Tremont  Stkeet, 

Boston,  Mass.,  January,  1894. 



Doggett-Daggett,  Derivation  and  Orthography      ...  1 

The  Family  Coats  of  Arms 4 

John  Doget,  of  London,  and  his  Descendants  ....  6 
John  Doggett,  of  St.  Faith,  Norfolk,  and  his  Descendants,  8 
John  Daggett,  of  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  and  his  Descendants,  10 
John  Doggett,  of  Harleston,  Norfolk,  and  his  Descendants,  13 
William  Doggett,  of  Boxford,  Suffolk,  and  his  Descend- 
ants         13 

John  Dogett,  of  Groton,  Suffolk,  and  his  Descendants         .  16 
Richard  Doggett  and  Brothers,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds., 

and  their  Descendants 21 

John  Dogget,  of  Reigate,  Surrey 23 

William    Doggett,   of    Leighton    Buzzard,    Beds.,    and    his 

Descendants 23 

William   Doggett,   of  Walton,   Somerset,  and  his   Descend- 
ants        25 

Thomas  Dogget,  of  Waltham,  Holy  Cross 26 

Edward  Doggett,  of  Clevedon,  Somerset,  and  his  Descend- 
ants        26 

Thomas  Doggett,  of  Siloe,  Bedfordshire,  and  his  Descend- 
ants         28 

John  Doggett,  of  London,  and  his  Descendants       ...  29 

John  Doggett,  of  London 29 

Daniel   Doggett   and   Brother,   of  Winfarthlng,    Norfolk, 

and  their  descendants 30 

Thomas  Doggett,  of  Stoke,  Middlesex,  and  his  Descendants,  32 



Thomas     Doggett,    of    Upwell,    Cambridgeshike,    and    his 

Descendants 34 

Joseph  Doggett,  op  London,  and  his  Descendants    ...  35 
William   Doggett    and   Brothers,    of    Hertfordshire,    and 

their  Descendants 36 

John  Doggett,  of  Hertfordshire,  and  his  Descendants  .        .  38 
George  Doggett  and  Brother,  and  their  Descendants  .        .  39 
William  Daggett,  of  Manchester,   and  his  Descendants       .  40 
George   Daggitt,    of    Whitcomb,    Yorkshire,    and    his    De- 
scendants       40 

William  Doggett,  of  Long  Stanton,  and  his  Descendants     .  41 

Gleanings  in  England 42 


Thomas  Doggett,  of  Dublin,  Ireland 61 

Thomas  Daggett,  of  Ireland,  and  his  Descendants  ...  66 

Charles  Doggett,  of  Ireland,  and  his  Descendants         .        .  67 

William  Doggett,  of  Dublin,  Ireland,  and  his  Descendants,  68 


John    Doggett,    of    Martha's     Vineyard,    Mass.,    and    his 

Descendants 70 

Thomas  Doggett,  of  Marshfield,  Mass.,  and  his  Descend- 
ants         325 

William  Daggett,  of  Saco,  Me.,  and  his  Descendants     .        .  565 

Rev.     Benjamin    Doggett,    of     Lancaster,     Va.,     and     his 

Descendants 606 

Gleanings  in  America 658 

Doggett-Daggett  Index 666 

General  Index 675 


DOGGETT-DaGGETT  Arms Frontispiece 

Church  at  Boxford,  Suffolk,  Eng 13 

Rubbing    of   Inscription    on   Tomb    of   William    Doggett   in 

Boxford  Church 14 


Rubbings  of  the  Four  Brasses,  Tomb  of  William  Doggett 

Church  at  Groton,  Suffolk,  Eng 

Doggett  House  at  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds. 
William  Henrt  Doggett,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.     . 
Edward  Greenfield  Doggett,  of  Bristol,  Eng. 
Thomas  Doggett  dancing  the  "Cheshire  Rounds"   . 
Tracing  from  Original  Records  at  Rehoboth   . 

Henry  Daggett,  of  New  Haven,  Conn 

Elisabeth  (Prescott)  Daggett,  wife  of  Henry  Daggett 
Hon.  David  Daggett,  LL.D.,  of  New  Haven,  Conn.  . 
Autograph  Hon.  John  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  Mass. 
Tracing  Name  of  Thomas  Doget  from  Weymouth  Records 
Tracing  Name  of  Thomas  Dogget  from  Weymouth  Records 
Tracings    from    Original    Will    op     Thomas    Doggett,    of 

Marshfield 339-340 

Tracing  Autograph  John  Doggett,  of  Marshfield  .        .        .    344 
Tracing  Autograph  Samuel  Doggett,  of  Marshfield 
Tracing   Autograph    Samuel   Doggett,    of    Marshfield    and 


House  of  Capt.  Ebenezer  Doggett,  Plymouth   . 

House  of  Capt.  Noah  Doggett,  Sea  Street,  Boston 

Tracing  Autograph  Capt.  Noah  Doggett,  of  Boston 

Tracing  Autograph  Samuel  Doggett,  of  Coventry,  Conn.      .    392 

Tracing  Autograph  William  Doggett,  of  Boston     .        .        .    402 



Tkacing  Autograph  Henry  Doggett,  of  South  Carolina        .  405 

Noah  Doggett,  of  Boston 405 

Doggett  Homestead,  Hollis,  cor.  Tremont  Street,  Boston     .  407 

Tracing  Autograph  John  Daggett,  of  Erie  County,  Pa.         .  412 

Lieut.  Samuel  Doggett,  of  Dedham 414 

Elizabeth  (Badlam)  Doggett,  wife  of  Samuel  Doggett         .  414 

Nathaniel  Bradlee  Doggett,  of  Boston 429 

Noah  Allbste  Doggett,  of  Boston 430 

John  Doggett,  of  Boston 437 

Samuel  Doggett,  of  Boston 439 

Lois  (Currier)  Doggett,  wife  op  Samuel  Doggett   .        .        .  439 

Dr.  Perez  Fobes  Doggett,  of  Wareham,  Mass 450 

Samuel  Bradlee  Doggett,  of  Boston 468 

Daggett  Reunion  at  Fairview,  Pa.,  1888 526 

Gen.  Aaron  Simon  Daggett,  of  Maine 583 

Capt.  Thomas  Daggett,  of  Boston 699 

Christ  Church,  Lancaster  County,  Va 606 

Bishop  David  Seth  Doggett,  of  Richmond,  Va.        .        .        .616 

F-tone  engravings  made  and  printed  by  Lux  Engraving  Company,  Boston. 



The  name  "  Doggett  "  seems  quite  distinct  from  "Duekett"  and 
"  although  possibly  all  may  be  from  the  same  root, 
and  Duekett  were  often  applied  at  different  periods  to  the 
same  individual  in  early  times,  and  the  name  "Doggett"  has  been 
changed  and  continued  as  "Daggett"  by  people  of  the  present  day. 
The  larger  part  of  the  family  in  America,  whether  Doggett  or  Daggett, 
must  look  for  their  ancestors  to  the  Doggett  family  of  England. 

The  name  "Doggett"  is  one  of  the  oldest  surnames.  It  seems  to 
be  a  surname  pure  and  simple.  We  do  not  find  "  de  "  prefixed  to  it 
from  which  to  conclude  it  to  be  a  name  derived  from  the  name  of  a 
place,  as  is  so  often  the  case  with  other  surnames.  Sir  Walter  Scott 
thought  it  a  fit  name  for  a  Saxon,  for  he  makes  a  Norman  noble  say : 
''Here  thou  Dogget- warder  son  of  a  Saxon  wolf-hound"  [The  Be- 
trothed]. Many  expressions  of  opinion  have  been  made  as  to  the 
derivation  of  the  name. 

Lower,  in  his  "  Dictionary  of  Names,"  London,  1860,  says  : 
"Doggett  is  an  old  London  name  probably  corrupted  from  'Dow- 
gate,'  one  of  the  Roman  gatewaj's  of  the  city.  Ferguson  makes  it  a 
diminutive  of  the  Icelandic  '  Doggr '  and  the  English  '  Dog,'  but  no 
such  diminutive  is  found." 

Robert  Ferguson,  in  his  "  Teutonic  Name  System  applied  to  Fam- 
ily Names,"  London,  1.S64,  under  the  heading  "The  Brute  and  its 
Attributes,"  says:  "There  are  few  names  derived  from  the  dog. 
Doggett,  which  I  before  classed  under  this  head,  I  must  now  with- 
draw, as  I  think  it  belongs  to  the  roots  of  Anglo-Saxon  dugan,  to  be 
of  use  or  value." 

As  derived  from  the  "  Inner  Man  "  we  have  from  the  Anglo-Saxon 
dugan  ;  Old  High  German  ttigan,  to  be  virtuous,  good,  honorable ; 
Anglo-Saxon  thraw;  Old  High  German  dau,  morals,  behavior, — 
probably  the  following: 


Simple  forms  —  English,  "Tuggy,"  "Tuck,"  "Duck,"  etc. 
Diminutives  — English,  "  Duckling." 
Compounds  —  English,  "Duckett,"  "  Doggett." 
Compouuds  —  French,     "  Duquet,"    "  Douet,"     "  Tugot,"    and 
many  others. 

Many  ancient  endings,  as  "and"  or  "  ead,"  prosperity,  had 
"war,"  "hait,"  "hood,"  converge  in  modern  names  into  "et." 

Prof.  John  Marshall  Doggett,  of  Eichmoud,  Va.,  formerly  pro- 
fessor of  languages  in  Vanderbilt  University,  has  made  a  special  study 
of  the  subject,  and  has  announced  his  opinion  that  the  name  "Dog- 
gett" is  derived  from  the  Aryan  word  "Dok"  or  "Dog,"'  meaning 
point  or  cut. 

From  this  word  comes,  1st,  the  Greek  "Ady-siA  "  (dogma,  that  is 
a  point  out  "  doctrine  ")  ;  2d,  Doc-eo  (originally  pronounced  hard 
Dok-eo) ,  that  is,  point  out,  show,  teach ;  Doc-umentum  ;  Duc-o  dux 
(leader,  guide,  shower),  from  which  is  derived  Doge  (possibly  Due- 
quet)  ;  3d,  Dig  (that  is,  to  cut  in),  from  which  comes  Duglas,  possibly 
Dagger  and  Dock  (that  is,  cut,  hence  Docket),  "dock-taUed,"  pos- 
sibly Dog;  "Docket"  Gallicized  to  Docquet;  4th,  Dogger  (or  sharp 
cut-nosed  fish). 

Hence,  "' Dogget,"  equal  or  derived  from  docket  (or  dock-hand, 
that  is,  Docker)." 

Sir  George  Duckett,,  in  his  "Memoirs  of  the  Family  of 
Duket,"  called  "  Duehetiaua,"  published  in  Loudon,  1874,  says: 
"The  family  of  Ducket  derives  clearly  from  that  of  '  Duchet,' 
seated  at  the  time  of  the  Euglish  Conquest  in  the  Duchy  of  Burgundy. 
The  surname  of  Duchet  (Duket)  is  recorded  in  two  of  the  Battle 
Abbey  Rolls." 

The  name  is  also  found  in  the  tenth  year  of  the  Conquest ;  agaiu 
(as  Duchet)  iu  the  oldest  roll  uow  extant  next  to  Domesday,  the 
great  Roll  of  the  Exchequer,  60  or  70  years  after  the  Conquest,  com- 
monly called  the  Great  Roll,  1131 ;  and  it  is  recorded  iu  a  very  re- 
markable manner  in  the  "Chronicles  of  the  Abbey  of  St.  Albans," 
A.D.  1119. 

A  copious  account  of  the  Norman  family  of  Duc6  is  to  be  seen  in 
the  "  Annales  CivUes  et  Militaires  du  Pays  d'Avranches." 

The  name  "  Duc6  "  is  found  as  witness  to  two  grants  to  Clerkenwell 
Nunnery,  founded  by  Henry  I.,  A.D.  1100;  but  that  of  Duchet  is 
seen  equally  early,  and  the  orthography  of  the  name  inclines  us  to 
accept  this  as  most  probably  the  original  name. 

If  at  this  early  date,  however,  the  Saxon  pronunciation  had  not 
affected  the  oi-thography  of  the  name,  as  clearly  as  in  after  times 
happened  in  the  instances  of  Doket,  Doget,  Douket,  Dokkyt,  no  better 


proof  could  be  adduced  that  Duket  was  oot  the  original  name, 
than,  perhaps,  the  earliest  authentic  meutiou  we  find  of  it  in  the  person 
of  one  Herbert  Duchet  (or  Ducket,  as  he  is  styled  in  the  entry).  The 
Herbert  in  question  was  living  in  1119,  and  iu  consequence  of  the  in- 
cident recorded  in  the  "  Gesta  Ahbatum  S.  Albani,"  he  obtained  the 
cognomen  of  Duket  as  an  alterative  of  his  previous  name.  From  the 
tmie  of  the  Conqueror  to  the  reign  of  Henry  VII.,  and  from  that 
again  to  the  reign  of  Elizabeth,  the  name  is  found  varied  in  different 
ways  according  as  the  Saxon  pronunciation  came  iu  time  to  prevail 
over  the  Norman  and  to  reappear  as  the  common  language  of  the 

Dutschet       Tuchet  Tuschet 

Duquet         Duket  Dukett 

Doket  Doget  Doggette 

Dowket         Doucket 











Such  appear  at  different  epochs,  the  orthography  of  the  name  giving 
apparently  twenty-two  variations. 

At  one  period  the  name  appears  as  "  Doget."  Under  this  last  mode 
of  spelling  the  name  is  found  in  Lincolnshire,  Norfolk,  and  else- 
where, but  (as  also  in  the  case  of  "  Tuchet ")  only  a  few  and  excep- 
tional instances. 

Sir  D.  Hardy,  on  the  orthographical  variations  of  proper  names  of 
persons  and  the  arbitrary  mode  of  spelling  iu  ancient  times,  often 
regulated  by  etymology,  sound,  or  abbreviations,  remarks  that  names 
were  Latinized  or  Gallicized,  whenever  it  was  possible  to  do  so,  ac- 
cording to  the  fancy  of  the  scribe,  one  document  frequently  exhibit- 
ing material  variations  in  the  spelling  of  the  same  name,  and  to  such  a 
degree  that  a  person  would  scarcely  be  able  to  recognize  the  modern 
name.  The  conclusion,  therefore,  is  that  the  fault  rested  with  the 
scribe  alone,  whether  writing  from  oral  instruction  or  copying  from 
the  original  writ. 

Nichols,  in  reviewing  "  Duchetiana,"  says  the  name  was  evidently 
personal,  not  local,  and  that  it  is  derived  from  a  race  named  Duchet 
(French),  seated  before  the  Norman  Conquest  in  the  Duchy  of 

Even  as  lately  as  1601  there  appears  to  be  some  confusion  as 
regards  "Dogett"  and  "Ducket,"  for  in  Samuel  Toddes'  "Pedi- 
grees of  English  Families  "  of  that  date,  wherein  what  are  evidently 
the  arms  of  the  early  Duckett  family,  he  gives  the  name  of  Dogett, 
and  all  thi-ough  the  pedigree  he  continues  this  style.  There  is  noth- 
ing, however,  elsewhere  to  support  the  idea  that  any  other  of  the 
Dogett  family  bore  such  arms  or  married  into  the  families  mentioned 


in  the  pedigree.  Moreover,  Sir  George  Duckett  shows  that  the  arms 
were  borne  by  the  Duckett  family,  and  accounts  for  Mr.  Toddes' 
reading  by  the  many  forms  of  orthography. 

William  Daggett,  Esq,,  of  Newcastle-on-Tyne,  writing  of  the  deri- 
vation of  the  name  of  Daggett,  says,  his  father  "  seemed  to  think  it 
meant  '  a  little  Dagger,'  but  ou  the  other  hand  I  have  been  told  it  is  a 
Scandinavian  (Danish)  word  meaning  'the  dawn  of  day.'  Lower 
says  Dagger  is  a  Scottish  surname,  and  it  may  be  that  Daggett  is  a 
diminutive  derived  therefrom.  I  cannot,  however,  trace  any  part  of 
my  family  to  North  Britain." 


The  system  of  Heraldry  can  be  traced  to  the  beginning  of  the  thir- 
teenth century.  The  first  assumer  or  grantee  of  a  coat  of  arms  took 
that  as  his  own  distinguishing  mark.  It  became  hereditary  in  his 
own  fjimUy,  and  whoever  afterward  uses  it  proclaims  himself  a  lineal 
descendant  from  the  person  who  first  assumed  it. 

In  the  middle  of  the  reign  of  Queen  Elizabeth  [1558-1603]  the 
only  arms  for  the  family  are  reported  as  those  used  by  a  family  of 
the  name  "Dogget"  or  "Doggett;"  also  spelled  "Dogate"  and 

"It  is  a  maxim  with  the  heralds  that  the  more  simple  a  coat  of 
arms,  the  more  ancient  it  is,"  and  it  is  a  maxim  that  eminently  applies 
to  the  arms  of  Doggett. 

1.  Dogate  —  Erm.    on   a  bend  sa. — three   leopards'  heads,  ar- 


2.  Doget  [Kent]  — Erm.  —  on  a  bend  sa.  —  three  talbots'  heads, 

erased  or  [another  ar.]. 
Crest  —  on  a  chapeau  a  bull  collared  and  thereto  a 
bell  pendant,  proper. 

3.  Doget   [John  Doget,  merchant,   Loudon]  —  Two  greyhounds 

combatant,  or,  collared  ar.,  bell  pendant. 
Crest  —  Unicorn's  head,  or. 
•t.     Dogget  [Honing,  Serborue,  and  "Wronger  —  Co.  Norfolk]  — 
Gu  —  two   greyhounds   salient,  combatant,   or  — 
collared  sa. 
Crest  —  a  lion's  head  gorged  with  a  mural  coronet, 
6.     Doggett  [Norfolk]  — Gules  —  two  greyhounds  combatant,  ar- 
gent, collared  or. 

THE    FAMILY    COATS    OF    ARMS.  5 

6.  DoGGETT  —  Sable  —  two  greyhounds  combatant,  or. 

7.  DoGGETT  —  Same  as  Doget,  first  named. 

8.  Daggett  —  Ar.  —  two   greyhounds  in  full  course,  gules,  col- 

lared, or. 

9.  Daggett  —  Or  —  on  a  chief  azure,  three  crescents  of  the  first. 

Crest  —  an  eagle  displayed  charged  with  a  bezant, 

10.  Daggett    [Roxby  &  Pickhill  —  Yorkshire] — Or — on  a  chief 

aziu'e,  three  crescents. 

1 1 .  Daggett  [Edinburgh]  —  Same  as  last. 

Crest  —  a  demi-talbot,  sable-collared. 

The  "  Duckett "  coat  of  arms  and  crests  are  all  entu-ely  different 
from  that  of  Doggett  of  Norfolk  or  Kent. 

The  greyhound  which  figures  so  prominently  on  the  arms  of  ' '  Dog- 
gett "  is  an  animal  which  was  not  allowed  to  be  possessed  by  any  save 
the  princes  and  nobles  until  only  within  a  few  years,  comparatively 
speaking.  Upon  the  smooth  surface  of  the  monuments  that  adorn 
the  broad  plains  of  Egypt,  erected  1200  B.C.,  we  find  chiselled  by  the 
side  of  his  royal  master  the  form  of  the  greyhound,  which  from  that 
time  to  this  the  sportsmen  of  the  world  have  associated  with  them  in 
the  pursuit  of  game.  The  term  "greyhound"  is  a  corruption  of  the 
word  "gazehound,"  signifying  that  it  pm-sues  its  game  by  sight  and 
not  by  scent.  In  ancient  Greece  and  Rome  he  was  the  companion  of 
the  nobles,  and  no  household  was  considered  complete  in  all  its 
appointments  without  him. 

In  such  high  esteem  was  this  dog  held  by  the  nobles  that  the  kill- 
ing or  even  maiming  of  one  was  felony  punishable  with  death. 

The  use  of  the  greyhound  is  coursing.  The  great  event  in  cours- 
ing circles  in  England  is  the  "Waterloo  Cup,"  valued  at  £500,  which 
is  run  for  at  Altcar,  near  Liverpool,  annually. 

Thomas,  Duke  of  Norfolk,  in  Queen  Elizabeth's  reign,  was  the  first 
to  compUe  a  set  of  rules  governing  coursing,  whereby  points  of  merit 
earned  in  the  race  could  be  properly  awarded.  Coursing  has  made 
the  greyhound  <7te  dog  of  the  "British  Isles."  The  greyhound  signi- 
fies swiftness,  vigilance,  fidelity. 

A  talbot  is  a  kind  of  hound  with  a  large  snout  and  large,  thick, 
hanging  ears. 

The  crescent  is  frequently  used  to  distinguish  the  coat  armor  of  a 
second  brother  or  junior  family  from  that  of  the  principal  branch. 



12.  John  Doget,'  boru  Looclou(?),  Euglaud,  about  1240;  mar- 
ried Agnes. 

Issue : 
13*.  i.  Thomas  Doget,"  born  England,  about  1270. 

The  following  item,  probably  relating  to  the  John  Doget  above 
mentioned,  is  copied  from  the  City  Press,  London,  November  14, 
1868,  under  the  heading  "  Crimes  of  Old  London,"  signed  "  Alept :  " 

"December  6,  1276.  Edward  I.  Dispute  between  Symon  de 
Winton  and  his  servant  called  Roger  de  Westminster  was  terminated 
by  the  latter  killing  his  master.  Roger  opens  the  shop  as  usual  until 
the  third  day  after,  when  he  decamps  with  plunder. 

"The  house  remains  closed  until  January  1,  1277,  when  John 
Doget,  a  taverner,  came  to  recover  a  debt  due  him  from  Symon, 
when  the  murder  and  robbery  is  discovered." 

13.  Thomas  Doget °  (John^),  born  England,  about  1270;  buried 
probably  St.  Leonard's,  Eastcheap,  London,  as  a  tomb  to  Thomas 
and  wife  Letitia  was  once  there ;  married  Letice. 

Issue : 

14.  i.  Walter  Doget,'  born  England,  about  1310. 

14.  Walter  Doget ^  (TJiomas,^  John^),  born  England,  about 
1310;  died  London,  England,  between  July  16  and  August  31,  1387  ; 
married  Alice  ;  living  July  16,  1387. 

Issue : 

15.  i.  John  Doget,''  born  England,  about  1350. 

"  November  11,  1364.  A  seller  of  unsoured  wines  punished  by 
being  made  to  drink  it.  John  Righwys  and  John  Penrose  were  at- 
tached for  trespass  because  in  the  tavern  of  Walter  Doget,  in  the 
parish  of  Eastchepe,  there  they  sold  red  w'ine  to  all  comers  unsoured 
and  unwholesome  for  man  to  the  grevious  damage  of  the  commonalty. 

"  Acquitting  John  Righwys  they  said  that  John  Penrose  was  guilty 
and  they  wished  him  to  be  imprisoned  for  a  year  and  a  day,"  etc 
"Alept."     [City  Press,  September  5,  1868,  Wines  of  Old  London.] 

1380  and  1381,  Walter  Doget  was  sheriff  of  London. 

*A  number  placed  before  a  name  distinguishea  that  particular  person.  Anything  further 
relating  to  that  person  will  be  found  with  the  same  number. 

JOHN    DOGET,    OF    LONDON.  7 

The  will  of  Walter  Doget  is  in  Register  Courtney,  folio  223,  at  the 
Lambeth  Library. 

"  1387,  July  16.  '  Ego  Waltus  Doget,  cinis  &  Tinetar  london.'  To  be  buried 
'  in  aruu  in  Cancello  ecctie  sci  Leonard!  de  Estcliepe  London  iux"  ymagine  pdci 
Leonardi  vsus  ptem  boriatem.' 

'Tor  his  burial  there  and  that  of  Alice  his  wife  if  she  should  please  to  be 
there  buried  £20. 

"  To  the  rector  of  that  church  for  tithes,  &c.  £10. 

"  To  each  chaplain  to  celebrate  there  and  pray  for  my  soul  xl"*. 

"  To  six  other  chaplains  celebrating  there  on  the  day  of  my  burial  xij'*  each. 

' '  To  the  principal  clerk  '  maiori  clico  '  of  the  same  church  xW.  To  the  under 
clerk  xx'i. 

"For  1,000  masses  for  my  soul  and  the  souls  of  Thomas,  my  father,  Letice, 
my  mother,  John  de  Croiden,  Christiana,  his  wife,  John  Doget,  my  grandfather, 
and  Agnes,  wife  of  same  John  Doget,  and  of  all  the  faithful  dead  £10.  Of  which 
1,000  masses,  the  Preaching  Friars  of  London  are  to  celebrate  100  and  to  have  xx" 
of  the  aforesaid  £10 ;  the  Carmelite  Friars  of  London  to  celebrate  100  and  to  hare 
xx^  The  Friars  Minors  of  London  to  celebrate  100  and  to  have  xx^.  The  Augus- 
tinian  Friars  of  London  to  celebrate  100  and  to  have  xx*.  The  Friars  of  the  Holy 
Cross  of  London  to  celebrate  100  and  to  hare  xx".  To  the  hospital  of  the  blessed 
Mary  without  Byssbopus-gate,  London ;  to  that  of  S'.  Bartholomew ;  of  the 
blessed  Mary  of  Elsyng  Spitell ;  of  S'.  Giles  of  Holbourne ;  of  S'.  James  with- 
out Westminster;  and  of  S'.  Thomas  of  Suthwerk;  namely,  to  each  hospital  20 
shillings  for  100  masses. 

"  I  bequeath  5  marks  to  have  celebrated  for  my  soul  and  the  souls  aforesaid,  in 
the  first  year  after  my  decease,  10  triginals  of  masses  in  the  feasts  of  Pentecost, 
of  the  Holy  Trinity,  of  the  Assumption  of  the  blessed  Mary,  of  her  Nativity,  of 
the  Epiphany  of  the  Lord,  of  the  Purification  and  Annunciation  of  the  blessed 
Mary,  of  the  Kesurrection  and  Ascension  of  the  Lord,  and  in  the  octaves  of  the 
same  feasts  in  places  where  it  shall  seem  best  to  my  executors  to  arrange. 

"  For  expences  at  my  burial  &c.  £40.  And  if  there  be  any  surplus  it  shall  be 
disposed  of  for  the  good  of  my  soul  and  the  souls  for  whom  I  am  bound  [to 
pray]  among  the  poor,  the  sick  in  the  aforenamed  hospitals,  and  the  lepers  about 
the  city  of  London  '  in  Crastino  Mens  obit  mei.'  To  each  order  of  Friars,  viz.  : 
the  said  Preachers,  Minors,  Carmelites,  Augustinians  and  Holy  Cross  vj'  viij''. 

"  To  each  house  of  lepers  at  Lok  Hakeney,  in  S'.  Giles's  hospital  and  in  the 
hospital  of  S'.  James  by  Westminster  vjs  viij"*. 

"  For  the  infirm  and  sick  of  the  house  of  Bethlehem  vjs  viij''. 

"  To  the  prisoners  of  Newgate  100  shillings  to  be  equally  divided. 

"  To  Christiana  Cokke  of  Eltham  if  she  shall  be  living  at  the  time  of  my 
death  xl^ 

"For  mending  the  common  way  which  leads  to  the  Chantry  between  the 
church  of  S'.  George  Southwerk  and  the  Loke  100  shillings. 

"  To  the  more  needy  poor  within  the  isle  of  Hertye  in  the  county  of  Lancas- 
ter xlK 

"  To  John  Kirkeby  my  servant  100  shillings. 

"  I  will  that  my  executors  remit  to  John  Shirbourne  my  servant  50  of  those 
100  marks,  '  inqui  bz  michi  tenet"  p  tram  suam  obligator'  provided  that  the  said 
John  shall  pay  the  remaining  50  marks  within  one  year  after  my  death  and  con- 
ducts himself  kindly  towards  Alice  my  wife. 

"  To  Geoffrey  Hakes  my  servant  xl*. 

"  To  Alice  Ful  of  Mary  xx^ 

"  To  each  other  of  my  servants  vj*  viij''. 

"All  my  linen  and  woollen  garments  to  be  parted  among  my  servants  except 
2  of  my  better  cloaks  [clocis]. 

"Three  fit  chaplains  to  celebrate  for  my  soul  and  the  aforenamed  souls  for  2 
years  in  the  aforesaid  S'.  Leonard's  church  and  to  have  £40. 

"I  bequeath  £20  for  the  painting  of  the  altar  in  the  chapel  of  the  blessed 
Mary  in  that  church,  also  for  the  painting  of  the  image  of  the  blessed  Mary  in 
the  afores"*  chapel  &c.  And  if  there  be  any  surplus  it  is  to  be  applied  to  tlic  use 
of  the  said  church  for  mending  the  sepulchre  of  our  Lord  there. 


"To  John  Doget  my  son  £100  together  with  £200  received  before  for  his 

"  Residue  of  goods  to  my  wife  Alice ;  she  and  my  son  John  and  W™  Spauld- 
yng  '  sassorem'  and  Sir  Ralph  Lude  my  chaplain,  to  be  executors  and  each  to 
have  £10.  Overseers  to  be  Henry  Vanner  and  W"  Gresewvli,  to  each  of  whom 
100  shillings." 

Proved  31  August,  1387. 

15.     John  Doget"   {Waltei-,^  Thomas,"   John^),   bom  England, 
about  1350;  died  London,  before  1456;  married,  before  1387,  Alice. 
Issue : 

16.   (Possibly)  Walter  Doget,'  wlio  was  buried,  St.  Leonard,  Easteheap,  1480. 

"S'.  Leonard's,  Eastclieap,  Rectory.  In  this  church  were  monu- 
ments of  the  Doggets,  one  of  which,  namely,  John  Doggett,  Vintner, 
who  with  Alice,  his  wife,  were  about  1456  buried  here ;  he  gave  lands 
to  this  church.  The  church  was  burnt  down  by  the  Great  Fire  of 
London."  [Ecclesiastical  Parochial  History  of  the  Diocese  of  Lon- 
don, by  Richard  Newcourt,  Loudon,  1708.] 


Arms:  Quarterly,  1  aud  4  —  Gules,  2  dogs  salient,  combatant,  or, 
collared  sa.,  Doggett. 
2  and  3  —  Argent,    a   chevron    between    3  sea- 
mows,  sa.,  Norman. 
Impaling  sa.,   a  chevi-on   embattled  between  3 
cinquefoils,  argent.     Smalpece. 
"  In  the  old  hall  and  other  rooms  of   'Lewes  Priory  Manor'  are 
these  following  arms,  painted  on  glass :    Gules,  2  greyhounds  com- 
batant, or.  —  Dogget  —  impaled  argent,  a  chevi-on   between  3  sea- 
mow's  heads,  sable  —  Norman  —  with  the  quarterings  of  Sherbourn 
and  others."     [Blomefield's  Hist.,  Norfolk.] 

17.  John  Doggett,'  was  of  St.  Faith,  in  Co.  Norfolk,  Gent. ; 
married  Joane  Risley,  daughter  of  John  Risley,  of  Kimberley,  Nor- 
folk, Gent. 

Issue : 
IS.  i.  William  Doggett,-  born  St.  Faith,  Norfolk. 

18.  William  Doggett'  (.jo/ui  '),  born  St.  Faith,  Norfolk;  mar- 
ried Joane  Norman,  daughter  and  heir  of  Johu  aud  Emma  [Morley] 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    ST.    FAITH.  9 

Norman,  of  Honingham,  Norfolk ;  buried,  Black  Friar's  Church,  Nor- 
wich (by  St.  Barbara's  Altar),  1518. 
Issue : 

19.  i.    Edmund  Doggett,'  born  Honingham,  Norfolk. 

20.  ii.  Elizabeth  Doggett,^  married  William  Hamshill,  of  London,  Gentleman. 

Huuiugham  Hall  or  Ciu-son's  Manor  belonged  to  Sir  Robert  de 
Tafeshale  and  Mary  de  Navile  in  1279. 

It  came  afterward  to  the  Cnrsons,  in  1345,  who  held  it  of  the  heirs 
of  Robert  de  Tateshale. 

Job  Curson  died  intestate  in  1401,  and  it  was  held  in  trust  for  Kat- 
erine,  daughter  of  John  Curson,  then  wife  of  Nicholas  Norman,  of 

In  1442,  the  said  Kateriue  settled  "Cursons"  on  her  sou,  John 

In  1465,  Johu  married  Emma,  daughter  of  Robert  Morley,  Esq., 
upon  whom  he  settled  this  Manor.  His  seal  is  his  Arms,  with  an  an- 
nulet, viz. :  Argent,  a  chev.  between  three  martlets,  sable.  Hers  is 
Morley's  arms,  but  the  Lyon  hath  no  crown. 

They  left  one  daughter,  Jane,  who  married  William  Doggett,  of  St. 
Faith's,  Gentleman. 

[Blomesfield's  Hist.  Co.  Norfolk,  1739.] 

19.  Edmund  Doggett^  (William,"  John^),  born  Honingham, 
Norfolk;  married  Elizabeth  Sherborne,  sister  to  Sir  Henry  Sher- 
borne and  daughter  of  John  Sherborne,  who  died  1487. 

Issue  : 

21.  i.     Anthony  Doggett.^ 

22.  ii.    Edmcmd  Doggett.^ 

23.  iii.  John  Doggett.* 

24.  iv.  Margaret  Doggett,*  married  Roger  Butler,  of  Weston,  Esq. 

In  1547,  Edmund  Doggett  and  Anthony,  his  son,  sold  "  Huniug- 
ham  Hall "  to  Richard  Catlyne,  Esq. 

21.  Anthony  Doggett"  (Edmund,^  William,^  John^),  of  Sher- 
born  and  Honingham ;  married  Anne  (or  Agnes)  Smalpece,  daugh- 
ter of  Humphrey  Smalpece,  of  Hocking,  Norfolk,  Geutlemau. 

Issue  :  sou  aud  three  daughters  ;  all  died  youug. 

25.  i.  Hugh  Doggett,^  died  young. 

22.  Edmdnd  Doggett''  {Edmimd,^  William,-  John'),  was  of 
Wormegay,  Norfolk  ;  married  Elizabeth  Hertley,  of  Herts. 

Issue : 

26.  i.     Thomas  Doggett.* 

27.  ii.    Anthony  Doggett.* 

28.  iii.  Edmund  Doggett.* 

29.  iv.  Bltthe  Doggett.* 



Arms :  Three  crescents  or,  chief  azure,  field  argent. 
Crest :  An  eagle  displayed  gules,  charged  with  a  bezant. 
Motto:  Na  Desperandum.     [Granted  1730.] 

"  These  arms  were  granted  to  our  ancestor  in  the  twelfth  century. 
He  was  in  the  wars  of  the  Crusades,  and  in  one  engagement  captured 
a  prince  of  the  Royal  House  opposed  to  him. 

"This  prince  was  ransomed  for  money,  which  is  signified  by  the 
Eagle  beiog  displayed  and  having  the  '  bezant '  on  its  heart.  The 
Eagle  is  the  Royal  sign;  the  bezant  on  the  heart  means  his  life 
redeemed  for  gold.  (The  bezant  was  the  gold  coin  of  Byzantium, 
now  Constantinople.) 

"  The  three  crescents  denote  three  engagements  during  the  wars. 
These  crescents  are  on  a  pale  blue  engrailed  ground,  the  shield  is 
white,  the  motto  '  Nil  Desperandum,'  or  '  Never  despair.'  No  family 
in  England  has  a  more  honorable  or  ancient  origin."  [Letter  of 
William  C.  Daggett  to  Thomas  Daggett,  dated  December  8,  1880.] 

"From  the  earliest  time  to  which  I  have  been  able  to  trace  them 
(this  branch),  they  have  been  a  purely  Yorkshu-e  Family,  and  their 
name  has  been  spelt  either  Daggett  or  Dagget,  the  former  almost 
universally.  T  do  not  think  they  were  akin  to  the  Doggetts  of  East 
Anglia."     [William  Daggett,  Esq.,  of  Newcastle-upon-Tyne.] 

30.  John  Daggett,'  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  April  15,  1608; 

Issue : 
31.  i.  William  Daggett,''  born  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  1557-8  or  9. 

A  famUy  of  "Daggett,"  apparently  small  yeomen,  were  settled 
for  several  generations  at  Pickhill  or  Pickhall,  in  the  North  Riding  of 
York,  about  six  miles  from  the  market  town  of  Thu-sk. 

The  earliest  of  the  family  of  whom  any  record  has  been  traced  is 
John  Daggett,  and  the  only  information  is  contained  in  a  Deed  Roll 
dated  20  October,  1.580  [22  Elizabeth],  in  which  he  conveyed  certain 
of  his  real  and  personal  estate  to  his  eldest  son,  William. 

31.  William  Daggett  ■  {Jolm  ') ,  born  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  1557-8 
or  9,  called  "senior;"  died  Pickhill,  Yorkshu'e,  December,  1638; 
married,  November  5,  1580,  Isabella  Kay. 


Issue : 

32.  i.  William  Daggett,^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  about  1588. 

33.  William  Daggett'  (  William,^  John}),  bapt.  Pickhill,  York- 
shire, about  1588;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshii-e,  April  15,  1G51 ;  mar- 
ried, July,  1632,  Ann  Winde. 

Issue : 

33.  1.  William  Daggett,^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  March  26,  1636. 

William  Daggett  was  nicknamed  "Magnus"  and  "Magog."  He 
left  a  will  by  which  he  desired  that  his  eldest  son  should  not  enter 
upon  his  lands  until  he  should  attain  the  age  of  28.  This  will  was 
proved  in  16.51  by  his  widow  before  the  "Keepers  of  the  liberties  of 

33.  William  Daggett  "*  (  William,^  WiUiam,'-  John  ' ) ,  bapt.  Pick- 
hiU,  Yorkshire,  March  26,  1636;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  Decem- 
ber 13,  1687;  married  Margaret;  buried  Kirkby  Wiske,  March  24, 

Issue  : 
31.  i.  William  Daggett, ^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  April  8,  1688. 

William  Daggett,  the  eldest  son  of  "  Magnus,"  was  himself  com- 
monly called  "  Longus." 

The  full  maiden  name  of  his  wife  has  not  been  ascertained  or  the 
date  of  her  marriage. 

After  the  death  of  her  husband  she  married  a  second  time,  one 
Christopher  Dickson. 

34.  WiLLiAJi  Daggett^  {William,*  William,^  William,-  John'), 
bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshii-e,  April  8,  1688;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire, 
October  31,  1749;  married,  in  or  previous  to  1713,  Margaret 

Issue : 
85.  i.  William  Daggett,^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  April  7,  1711. 

William  Daggett  was  an  only  son,  and  was  commonly  called 
"William  Daggett,  of  Roxby,  senior"  (Roxby  being  a  township  in 
the  Parish  of  Pickhill) . 

He  died  intestate,  and  administration  of  his  personal  estate  was 
granted  in  the  year  1751  to  his  eldest  son  William  by  the  Arch- 
deaconry Court  of  Richmond. 

35.  William  Daggett '  {William,'  William,*  William,^  William,^ 
John '),  baptized  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  April  7,  1714;  buried  Pickhill, 


Yorkshire,  October  18,  1763;  married,  Novembers,  1744,  Margaret 
Daggett,  of  Kirkby  Wiske,  boru  1718;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire, 
September  8,   1811. 
Issue : 

36.  i.  William  Daggett,'  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  October  18,  1745. 

36.  William  Daggett  '  (  William,^  William,'^  William,"  William,^ 
William,^  John^),  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshii-e,  October  18,  1745;  died 

Pickhill,    Yorkshire,   May    12,   1781;    married,    Jammry    10,    1770, 
Elizabeth  Huuton ;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshu-e. 
Issue  :   "A  large  family." 

37.  WiLMAM  Daggett,^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  February  3,  1774. 

37.  William  Daggett'  {William,''  William,''  William,'  William," 
Willia^n,^  William,-  John'),  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  February  3, 
1774;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshii-e,  September  21,  1812;  married,  April 
18,  1799,  Elizabeth  Pybus  ;  bom  1778;  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire, 
July  3,   1805. 

Issue : 

38.  Jane  Daggett,^  bapt.  Pickhill,  Yorkshire,  August  18,  1802. 

38.  Jane  Daggett^  {William,'*  William,'  William,^  William,^ 
WilUavi,"    William,^    William,-   John'),  bapt.  PickhOl,  Yorkshire, 

August  18,  1802;   buried  PickhDl,  Yorkshire,  December  10,   1849; 
married,  January  6,  1824,  Heury  Ingiedew,  of  Newcastle-upou-Tyne, 
solicitor ;    died  Neweastle-upon-Tyue,  May  24,  1882. 
Issue :  Eight  children. 

39.  1.    Ann  I'Anson  Ingledew  ;'"  living  [1888]  ;  married,  and  has  a  large  family. 

40.  ii.  'William   Daggett   Ingledew,"  bapt.  Newcastle-upoa-Tyne,  February 

18,   1826. 

4:0.  William  Daggett  Ingledew  '"  (Jane  Daggett,^  William," 
William,''  William,'^  William,^  William,"  William,''  William,-  John'), 
bapt.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  February  18,  1826.  In  1851  dropped 
the  surname  of  Ingledew,  and  since  known  and  called  William  Daggett, 
"solicitor;"  resides  1  Victoria  Square,  Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  Eng- 
land (1888)  ;  married,  1853  ;  wife  died  Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  March 
17,  1877. 

Issue :  Eight  children. 

41.  William  Daggett,"    born    Newcastle-upon-Tyne,    December   20,    1856; 

"  solicitor;  "  resides  Newcastle-upon-Tyne  (1888). 



42.  John  Doggett,'  buried  Harleston,  Norfolk,  May  12,  1607; 
married  Joan;  buried  Harleston,  Norfolk,  February  28,  1G13; 
administration  granted  on  her  estate  bj'  Consistory  Court  of  Norwich, 
28  February,  1613. 

Issue : 

43.  i.     Francis  Doggett,^  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  December  7,  1561. 

44.  ii.    Rebecca  Doggett,-  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  July  25,  1566. 

45.  iii.  Gertis  Doggett,-  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  December  26,  1570. 

46.  iv.  Ambrose  Doggett,-  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  Mareb  9,  1571. 

46.     Ajibrose  Doggett  ^  {John  ' ) ,  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  March 
9,  1571  ;  married  Margaret. 
Issue : 

47.  i.     Francis  Doggett,^  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  February  24,  1604. 

48.  ii.    John  Doggett,^  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  November  30,  1606. 

49.  iii.  Joan  Doggett,^  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  September  21,  1609. 

50.  iv.  Richard  Doggett,^  bapt.  Harleston,  Norfolk,  August  18,  1611. 


51.  William  Doggett,'  born  1557;  died  October  10,  1610; 
married  Boxford,  Suffolk,  June  I,  1591,  Avis  Lappadge,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Lappadge,  of  Boxford,  Suffolk ;  living  September  23,  1650. 

Issue : 

52.  i.       Anne  Doggett,^  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  May  11,  1592. 

53.  ii.      Thomas  Doggett,^  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  December  30.  1594. 

54.  iii.     Sdsan  Doggett,-  bapt,  Boxford,  Suffolk,  January  25,  1595. 

55.  iv.     Avis  Doggett,-  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  February  27,  1598;   married, 

Boxford,    Suffolk,    July    23,    1620,   John   Bond;    buried    Boxford, 
Suffolk,  1625. 

56.  V.      William  Doggett,"  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  February  27,  1599 ;    men- 

tioned in   will   of  John   Brand,    of   Sherbourne,    Suffolk,   dated  31 
January,   1641. 

57.  vi.     Alice  Doggett, '•'  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  May  14,  1601. 

58.  vii.    John  Doggett,- bapt.  Boxford,  Suft'olk,  November  4,   1602;  possibly 

John,  of  Marth,a's  Vineyard,  Mass.     (No.  679.) 

59.  viii.  Bridget  Doggett,^  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  May  10,  1604. 

60.  ix.     Dorothy  Doggett,-  bapt.  Boxford,  Suft'olk,  November  28,  1605;  men- 

tioned in   will   of  John   Brand,   of   Sherbourne,   Suffolk,   dated  31 
January,   1641. 

61.  X.      Lappadge  Doggett,'''  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  February  12,  1606. 

62.  xi.     Richard  Doggett,''  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  December  1,   1608 ;  men- 

tioned in  will  of  John  Brand,    of   Sherbourne,    Suffolk,   dated  31 
January,  1641. 

63.  -xii.    Son, Doggett.^ 


Oue  of  the  daughters  married  Mr.  Rowarth,  and  had  sou  John, 
mentioned  in  will  of  John  Brand,  of  Sherbourue. 

In  the  will  of  Alice  Edgar,  1595  [p.  .341,  Ipswich  Probate],  is 
mentioned  "my  cosine  Avis  Dogett  fortye  shillgs,"  etc.,  also  "her 
hnsband  my  cousine  William  Dogett,  one  gold  ring  with  a  black 

The  will  of  Thomas  Lappage,  of  Boxford,  Suffolk,  dated  29 
January,  IGll,  mentions  all  goods  and  chattels  in  the  house  of  Avis 
Doggett  my  daughter  and  her  children,  also  children  of  Susan  Brand 
my  daughter  and  my  godson  John  Dogget.  [Somerset  House  Lawes, 
fo.  34.]' 

In  1884  a  pew  was  moved  in  the  Boxford  Church  to  find  the  stone 
of  "William  Doggett.  It  was  found  to  be  an  altar  tomb,  having  the 
inscription  on  a  handsome  black  marble  slab  with  four  brasses  en- 
graved ^ath  arms  on  the  four  corners.     The  Inscription  : 

"  Here  lyeth  Willia'  Doggett  marchant  advgterer  citizen  and  mercer  of  Lon- 
don and  free  of  tUe  East  India  Company  who  tooke  to  wife  Avis  Lappadge  ye 
daught  of  Thomas  Lappadge  of  Boxford  wh  who  he  lyved  19  yeares  and  had 
issue  by  her  6  soues  &  6  daughters  ye  said  Will'  depted  this  life  ye  10"^  of 
Octob'  1610  beinge  of  the  age  of  53  yeares." 

The  arms  at  the  four  corners  are  :  1st,  City  of  London  ;  2d,  Mercers' 
Company  ;  3d,  Merchant  Adventurers  ;  4th,  East  India  Company. 

On  the  Dole  Board  in  the  Boxford  Church  the  following  words 
occur  without  date:  "William  Doggett  gave  4  acres  near  Slades 
Green  Edwardestou  held  by  Mr  John  Gosling  at  9£  per  annum,  giveu 
away  in  bread"  Boxford  Charities  "  Plumbs  &  Doggetts  Charities 
vent  £16  per  annum,  to  the  poor."  [Page's  Supplement  to  Davy's 
Suffolk  Collections,  Ipswich,  1843.] 

53.  Thomas  Doggett''  {William'),  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  De- 
cember 30,  1594;  married  Grotou,  Suffolk,  April  22,  1617,  by  Mr. 
Bird,  to  Margaret  Clopton,  daughter  of  William  and  Margaret  ( Walde- 
grave)  Clopton,  of  Castleins.  _ 

Issue : 
64.  i.  William  Doggett,^  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  .January  5,   1618;   mentioned 
in  will  of  John  Brand,  of  Sherbourne,  Suffolk,  dated  31  .Tanuiiry,  1641, 
as  his  godson. 

Thomas  Doggett  was  married  to  Margaret  Clopton,  who  was  of  that 
famous  family  of  Cloptons  which  Sir  Simouds  D'Ewes,  having  married 
one  of  them  himself,  has  thus  celebrated  in  his  Autobiography : 
"  There  is  scarce  a  second  private  family  of  nobility  or  gentry,  either 
in  England  or  in  Christendom,  that  can  show  so  many  goodly  monu- 
ments of  itself  in  any  one  church,  cathedral  or  parochial,  as  remains 
of  the  Cloptons  in  that  of  Melford  in  Suffollv  [1C38]." 

S  ?"^  '■'-    ■''■',   ifiS    "Tj 

-i  >fSL^-^ 


Tomb  of  William  Doggett  in   Boxford  Churcli 


In  the  "  Life  aud  Letters  of  .Tolm  Wiuthrop,"  Boston,  1864,  is  the 
account  of  the  death-bed  of  Thomasiue  Cloptou,  wife  of  John  Wiu- 
throp and  sister  of  Margaret  Cloptou,  who  married  Thomas  Doggett. 
"It  may  help  to  fix  in  our  mind  the  exact  period  at  which  it  was 
written  if  we  remember  that  Shakspeare  died  the  same  year  [1616] 
at  Stratford-upon-Avon,  where  he  had  lived  in  a  house  [New  Place] 
which  had  been  built  by  Sir  Hugh  Clopton."  In  this  account,  as  she 
feels  she  is  approaching  the  end  she  calls  for  her  sisters  :  "Then  she 
called  for  her  sister  Margerye  whom  she  exhorted  to  serve  God  and 
take  heede  of  pride  and  to  have  care  in  hir  matchinge  that  she  looked 
not  at  riches  and  worldly  respects  but  at  the  feare  of  God  for  that 
would  bringe  hir  comfort  at  hir  death  although  she  should  meet  with 
many  afflictions." 

In  the  Collections  of  the  Mass.  Hist.  Society,  vol.  1,  page  179,  is  a 
letter  of  Thomas  Dogett  to  John  Winthrop  : 

"  To  the  Right  Wor"  and  his  very  loving  brother  Mr.  John  Wintlirop,  Esq.,  at 
his  house  in  Groton.    dd 

"  Sr  —  I  liuinblie  thanke  you  f or  yo'  loue  towards  me  in  all  things,  but  es- 
pecially in  this,  that  you  desire  to  helpe  me  w"'  a  chapman  for  my  house  and 
land,  V''  if  you  shall  effecte  for  me  [the  case  standing  w'l'  me  as  it  doth]  I  shall 
be  bound  to  pray  for  you  and  shall  en'  thinke  myselfe  beholding  vnto  yo'  worpp. 
I  am  to  goe  [God  willing]  w'li  my  vnckle  Brand  to  London  vppon  Monday  morn- 
ing, likewise  to  parley  about  the  sale  of  it  w*  one  or  2  gent  but  it  is  as  yet  free 
for  any  man  and  there  is  no  incumbrance  uppon  it  but  only  a  statute  w''^  my 
vnckle  Brand  have,  for  monyes,  w<:i"  he  hath  disbursed  for  me  w=''  he  will  very 
willingly  release  vppon  the  repaying  of  that  niony  w'^"  is  due  to  him ;  my  evi- 
dence are  all  at  London  where  I  have  also  a  plott  of  all  my  lands  in  pticular  and 
how  many  acres  euery  pticular  field  and  close  coteyne  w"^''  you  shall  there  haue 
[if  you  please]. 

"I  have  been  bidden  1800  ''  for  it  by  2  or  3,  but  my  vnckle  thinks  it  to  be 
to  littell  and  therefore  he  doth  [I  thanke  him]  f orbeare  me  the  longer  that  I  might 
take  my  best  chapman.  I  would  willingly  haue  1900  "  for  it  but  vse  moSy  and 
chardges  runn  on  and  therefore  rather  than  faile  I  will  take  1800  '•  for  it. 

"And  thus  w""  my  loue  remembred  to  yo'' worpp  wishing  all  happiness  to 
yo'selfe  and  youres,  I  humbly  take  my  leave,  resting  Eu'' 

"  Yo'  worpps  poore  neighbor  and  freind  to  comand. 


"Oct.  6,  1627. 

"  My  price  is  1800  "  if  I  may  have  a  lease  of  it  agayne  at  a  C  ''  p  annii ;  other- 
wise if  a  gent  will  buye  it  to  dwell  in  my  prise  is  twoe  thousand  pound." 

57.  Alice  Doggett^  ( TTOZiam'),  bapt.  Boxford,  Suffolk,  May 
14,  1601;  married,  Boxford,  Suffolk,  July  14,  1624,  Christopher 
Scarlet;  he  died  Hayland,  Suffolk,  1650. 

The  will  of  Christopher  Scarlett,  of  Hayland,  Suffolk,  dated  Sep- 
tember 23,  1650,  mentions  "  my  mother  in  law  Mrs  Avis  Doggett." 
[Grey,  99,  Somerset  House.] 



Arms :  Two  greyhounds  combataut,  or ;  collared  ar. ;  bell  peudaut. 

Cr'est:  Unicorn's  bead,  or. 

Arms  of  John  Doget,  Merchant,  Loudon  [Groton,  Suffolk].  Har- 
leian  MSS.,  British  Museum,  fo.  216,  No.  1086,  London  Visitation, 

65.  John  Dogett,'  buried  Grotou,  Suffolk,  May  29,  1619;  mar- 
ried Dorothy;  buried  Groton,  Suffolk,  March  4,  1605. 

Issue : 
6C.  i.       John  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  July  24,  1582. 

67.  ii.      SnsAN  Dogett,-  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  May  9,  158.5;  buried  Groton, 

Suffolk,  July  28,  1585. 

68.  iii.     Bridget  Dogett,''  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  August  21,  1586. 

69.  iv.     Susan  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,   September  3,   1588;  married 

Groton,  Suffolk,  December  10,  1611,  Louis  Kedbye. 

70.  V.       Elizabeth  Dogett,'' bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  November  9,   1589;  mar- 

ried Groton,  Suffolk,  April  7,  1618,  George  Ward. 

71.  vi.     William  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,   Suffolk,  January   17,  1590;   buried 

Groton,  Suffolk,  January  27,  1590. 

72.  vii.    William  Dogett,- bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  September  20,  1592;  buried 
Groton,  Suffolk,  October  24,  1592. 

Maktha  Dogett,"  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  October  16,  1593. 
Joseph  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  October  20,  1595. 
Anne  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  June  16,  1597. 
Benjamin  Dogett,-  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  November  19,  1598. 
Abraham  Dogett,-  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  December  8,  1601. 
Mary  Dogett,^  bapt.  Groton,    Suffolk,    February   20,    1602;    buried 
Groton,  Suffolk,  March  14,  1602. 

From  the  Diary  of  Adam  Winthrop,  father  of  Gov.  John  Winthrop, 
is  the  following  regarding  John  Dogett : 

"July  25,  1603  Rob'  Surrey  was  maried  to  John  Dogetts  maide 
Thomasin  Hubbard. 

"  1604  the  xij*  of  Aprill  Mr  Clop  ton  and  Mr  Dogett  made  an 
awarde  between  me  and  Adam  Wyuthrop  my  nephew. 

"  1606  The  second  of  March  being  Sunday  about  vij  of  the  clocke 
in  the  evenyuge  the  goodwyfe  Dogett  died. 

"  1609  The  first  day  of  Novembre  John  Rawlinge  kept  a  feast  at 
his  nue  house  where  Mr  Thoms  Tilney  Mr  Dogett  and  diu''  others 

That  John  Doget  was  a  tenant  of  the  Manor  of  Groton  appears  in 
the  assignment  of  the  Lordship  to  John  Winthrop  by  Adam,  his  father. 

Groton:  Memorandum  that  the  14*  daie  of  November  Anno  Domini 
millessimo  sex  centessimo  decimo  octavo  [1618]  et  domini  Jacobi  regis  Angliae 
&c  decimo  sexto.     Johannes  Nutton  senr  came  before  John  Winthrop  Esq  lorde 














of  the  manor  of  Groton  and  out  of  the  Court  of  the  said  manor  in  the  presence 
of  Adam  Winthrop,  gent,  John  Doget  and  Steven  Gostlin,  two  customary 
tenantes  of  the  said  manor  did  surrender  into  the  hands  of  the  said  John 
Winthrop  all  that  his  moitie  and  portion  of  the  customary  lands  which  lie  holdeth 
of  the  said  John  Winthrop  as  of  the  manor  aforesaid  to  the  use  of  the  said  John 
Winthrop  and  his  heirs  and  the  said  John  Winthrop  being  so  seized  of  the 
moitie  aforesaid  did  presently  in  the  presence  of  the  said  Adam  Winthrop  John 
Doget  and  Steven  Goslin  deliver  out  of  his  hands  all  that  moitie  and  portion  of 
the  said  customary  lands  unto  the  said  John  Nutton  for  the  use  of  the  said  John 
Nutton  and  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever  under  these  conditions  here  expressed 
that  is  to  say,  that  if  the  said  John  Nutton  his  heirs  or  assigns  doe  not  yearly 
pay  or  cause  to  be  paid  unto  Anne  Gale  the  daughter  of  William  Gale  or  her 
assigns  during  her  life  three  pounds  four  shillings  of  lawful  money  of  England 
by  sixteen  shillings  every  quarter  of  the  year  the  first  payment  thereof  to  be  at 
the  feast  of  the  nativity  of  our  Lord  God  next  coming  after  the  date  hereof  and 
so  forth  every  quarter  previous  or  within  fourteen  days  next  after  every  of  the 
said  days  of  payment  at  or  within  the  church  porch  of  the  parish  church  of 
Groton  aforesaid  that  then  this  estate  shall  be  void  and  that  the  said  John  Win- 
throp or  his  heirs  shall  be  seized  of  and  in  the  said  moitie  and  portion  of  land  to 
the  only  use  and  behalfe  of  the  above  named  Anne  Gale  her  heirs  and  assigns 
to  be  holden  of  the  said  John  Winthrop  his  heirs  or  assigns  of  the  manor  afore- 
said by  the  rent  customs  and  services  before  due  and  accustomed 

By  me 


Adam  Winthkop 

John  Doget 

Steven  Gostlinge. 

The  will  of  John  Doggett  is  of  unusual  length.  It  is  dated  1619. 
He  remembers  sis  Puritan  preachers  in  his  immediate  neighborhood. 

The  testator  by  his  wUl  founded  two  charities,  both  of  which  are 
still  in  existence.  He  makes  his  son  John  one  of  the  executors,  and 
goes  on  :  "  But  because  my  soune  John  his  abode  is  beyond  the  Sea 
soe  that  he  cannot  suddenly  loke  to  the  p'formance  of  this  busyues  ;  " 
and  goes  on  to  make  provision  to  meet  the  case  untU  his  son  could 

"  One  of  the  charities  was  £10  bequeathed  for  the  poor  which  was 
conveyed  to  Trustees  1"  Charles  I.  [1625]."  [Page's  Supplement  to 
Davy's  Suffolk,  vol.  5,  page  942,  Ipswich,  1843.] 

66.  John  Doggett  ^  {John ' ) ,  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  July  24, 
1582;  died  Hamburg,  Germany,  between  1632  and  1653;  married, 
England,  Elizabeth  Bladwell;  died  Hamburg,  Germany,  1653. 

Issue : 

79.  1.     John  Doggett,^  born  Hamburg,  Germany. 

80.  ii.    Richard  Doggett.^ 

81.  iii.  Thomas  Doggett.^ 

82.  iv.  Elizabeth  Doggett.' 

83.  v.    Anne  Doggett.' 

John  Doggett,  in  1632,  was  a  merchant  at  Hamburg,  Germany,  as 
appears  from  the  f oUowing : 

"Will  of  Thomas  Bladwell  of  London,  merchant,  dated  29  Nov. 
1632,  proved  1632,  mentions  Brother  in  law  John  Doggett,  merchant. 


at  present  residing  at  Hambro,  beyond  tlie  seas,  and  his  wife  Eliza- 
beth Doggett  and  children  of  said  John  and  Elizabeth,  viz  :  John, 
Richard,  Thomas,  Elizabeth,  Anne."  [Somerset  House,  Audley, 

"  WUl  of  Elizabeth  Doggett  widow  of  the  late  John  Dogett,  mer- 
chant in  Hamburgh.  Proved  at  Westminster  17  Jan.  1654,  signed 
at  Hamburgh  10  October,  1653,  mentions  therein,  John  Doggett, 
England,  her  son  and  sole  executor."  [Somerset  House,  Alchin, 

73.  Martha  Dogett  -  (.7o7hi'),  bapt.  Groton,  Suffolk,  October 
16,  1593;  removed  to  America  with  Winthrop,  1630,  died,  Bos- 
ton (?);  married  Giles  Firmiu ;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  September, 

Issue  : 

84.  1.  Giles  Firmin.^ 

Giles  Firmiu  removed  from  Sudbury,  Suffolk,  to  America  in  1630. 
He  probably  came  in  the  fleet  with  Winthrop,  and  first  settled  at 
Watertown,  from  whence  he  removed  in  two  years  to  Boston. 

Here  he  was  chosen  deacon  in  1633;  was  also  a  selectman.  Was 
made  freeman  4  March,  1634. 

79.  John  Doggett^  (JoJui,^  John^),  born  Hamburg,  Germany ; 
died  London,  England,  1680;  married  Alice  (Smith?)  ;  died  London, 
England,  1703. 

Issue : 

85.  i.     John  Doggett.'' 

86.  ii.    Benjamin  Doggett.'' 

87.  iii.  Alice  Doggett,''  married  David  Debary. 

88.  It.  Elizabeth  Doggett/  liorn  about  1651. 

89.  V.    Doggett.'' 

1652-3.     John  Dogett,  merchant  and  others. 

1665-6.  Contract  for  navy  stores.  [Calendar  of  State  Papers, 
British  Museum,  Vol.  34,  p.  218.] 

20  December,  1671,  of  St.  Andrew  Undershaft,  Esq.  [Mar.  Hist, 
of  Dean  Ely.] 

Abstract  of  the  will  of  John  Dogett : 

"  I  John  Dogett  of  London,  Esquire  being  sane  and  of  sound  and  disposing 
memory,  .  .  .  and  my  body  to  be  buried  in  a  decent  manner  at  the  discretion 
of  my  Executrix  ...  to  my  beloved  wife  Alice  Dogett  whome  I  nominate 
and  appoint  to  be  my  sole  Executrix  ...  To  my  3  children  unmarried, 
Jn"  and  Benjamine  Dogett  my  two  children  '  each  £1000  viz  at  24  years 
£500  and  at  28  years  £500  and  for  my  daughter  Alice  att  the  age  of  Twenty 
one  yeares  or  day  of  marriage  £1,500  ...  to  my  daughter  Elizabeth  Otgher 
and  to  her  children  .  .  .  and  to  John  Otgher  her  Sonne  at  21  years,  '  Item 
I    give   to   the   poore   of   the   church    of   Christ    whereof    I   am    att   Present 


related  as  a  member  thereof  £30  '  to  the  Reverend  Pastor  of  the  said  Churnh 
of  Christ  unto  which  I  stand  related  £20'  to  Tenii  poor  Ministers  of  the 
Gospell  of  Christ  £50  viz  to  each  of  them  £5  ...  to  ray  cozen  Thomas  Kelt 
(Scott?)  £5  and  to  hi.s  (Uui<:liter  Elizabeth  daughter  to  his  former  wife  Francis 
...  to  my  Three  iieises  daughters  of  my  sister  Watson  deceased  vigt  Esther 
now  wife  of  Hugh  Norris    .    .    .    and  to  Margaret  and  Katherine  Watson. 

"To  Christ  lluspital  £50. 

"  Item  :  I  give  to  the  Poore  orphants  house  at  Hambrowe  the  place  of  my 
nativity,  called  '  I)at  Wesenhus  '  Fifty  Rix  lony  50  KLx  doller  att  Hab'  by  the 
appointment  of  my  executrix  in  12  moneths  after  my  decease  ...  to  my 
Apprentices  that  shall  be  in  actuall  service  att  my  decease  Five  pounds  ...  I 
doe  hereby  desire  and  request  my  loveing  Brother  in  Law  Mr.  John  Smith  and 
my  loveing  sonne  in  Lawe  Justus  Otgher  to  be  supervisors  and  assistants  to  my 
wife  and  Executrix." 

Residue  to  wife  .  .  .  dated  26  December,  1679.  Signed  in  the 
presence  of  Jolm  Pauton,  Aba  Otgher,  Thomas  Grosvenor. 

Proved  6  April,  16.S0,  bj^  Alice  Dogett,  relict  of  said  deceased  and 

[P.C.C.     46  Bath.] 

Probate  account  book,  6  April,  1680,  was  proved  the  will  of  John 
Dogett,  late  of  the  Parish  of  St.  Laurence  Pountney,  London,  Esqr., 
deceased,  by  Alice  Dogett,  relict  and  Executrix. 

The  will  of  Alice  Dogett  is  recorded  P.C.C.  127  Degg.  "  28  Augt 
169!)  — 11"' W"  S'-''." 

"  I  Alice  Doggett  widdow  late  the  wife  of  John  Dogett  of  London,  Esq' 
deceased  being  at  present  in  good  health  .  .  .  and  my  body  I  coraitt  to  the 
earth  to  be  decently  buryed  according  to  the  discreccon  of  ray  Executor  .  .  . 
to  my  Loveing  son  in  Law  M'  Justus  Otgher  ...  to  my  daughter  Alice 
Debary  .  .  .  unto  ray  sister  Mrs  Mary  Woolsey  for  moiirninL;  Ten  Pounds  and 
Five  pounds  to  Mrs  Angell  and  to  my  son  John  Dogett  ami  his  wit'e  Twenty 
pounds  for  mourning  and  to  my  son  Benjamin  Dogett  Twenty  pounds  for 
mourning  ...  I  have  given  my  son  Justus  Otgher  towards  the  advancing  of 
his  Daughter  Katherine  which  sume  time  since  marryed  unto  Mr  David 
Longuemantle  and  shall  pay  the  residue  and  Interest  and'  Proffitts  thereof  and 
the  rest  and  residue  of  the  said  Two  Fifths  parts  to  such  other  Children  which 
he  had  by  my  said  Daughter  Elizabeth  .  .  .  my  said  Daughter  Alice  the  wife 
of  David  Debary  ...  to  my  son  John  Dogett  deducting  thereout  Four 
hundred  and  Sixty  pounds  formerly  given  him  to  buy  a  place  and  one  hundred 
pounds  since  lent  hira  for  the  better  carrying  on  his  trade  of  a  Woodmonger  and 
the  sume  of  Threescore  Pounds  lately  paid  his  Creditors  by  his  direccon  .  .  . 
to  my  Sou  Benjamin  Dogett  He  first  deducting  thereout  Two  Hundred  pounds 
which  I  have  formerly  given  him  And  one  Hundred  pounds  since  Lent  him  to 
carry  on  his  Trade  of  Woodmonger  and  the  sume  of  Threescore  pounds  paid  to 
his  Creditors  by  his  Order  .  .  .  my  Loveing  Son  in  Law  Justus  Otgher  to  be 
my  Full  and  Sole  Executor  .  .  .  Alice  Dogett  ...  in  the  presence  of  Sarah 
Hawkins,  her  marke,  Anne  Day,  James  Peters." 

Proved  5  May,  1703,  by  Justus  Otgher,  the  executor. 

Probate  account  to  above  will  from  the  "  Pfobate  Act  Book,"  "  5 
May,  1703,  was  proved  the  will  of  Alice  Doggett,  late  of  the  Parish 
of  S'.  Andrew,  Holbourue,  Co.  Middx,  widow  dec'd,  by  Justus 
Otgher,  Exec." 


82.  Elizabeth  Doggett'^  {John,-  John  '),  iiifirvied  Mr.  Taylor. 
Issue : 

90.  i.    John  Taylor,''  not  yet  21  in  October,  1G53. 

91.  ii.  Francis  Taylor,''  not  yet  21  in  October,  1653. 

83.  Anne   Doggett^    {John,^  John'),   died  Loudon  (?),  Eug. 
before  26  December,  1670  ;  married  George  Watsou. 

Issue : 

AVatson,''  married  Hugh  Norris  before  26  December,  1G79. 

93.  ii.    Margaret  Watson,''  not  married  1679. 

94.  iii.  Katherine  Watson,''  not  married  1679. 

84.  Giles  Firmin  '  {Martha  Dogett,^  John'),  died  Ridgewell, 
England,  April,  1697  ;  married,  Massachusetts,  Susan  Ward,  daugh- 
ter of  Rev.  Nathaniel  Ward. 

Giles  Firmin  settled  in  Boston  previous  to  his  father;  he  then 
removed  to  Ipswich,  Mass.  Was  afterward  at  Haverhill,  Mass. 
Made  freeman  22  May,  1639.  He  was  educated  at  the  University  of 
Cambridge,  and  in  1644,  or  soon  after,  went  to  England,  where  he 
preached  with  good  effect.  Was  settled  as  rector  at  Shalford,  in 

In  a  sermon  before  Parliament  and  the  Westminster  Assembly  he 
said  that  "  in  our  country  in  seven  years  I  never  heard  one  profane 
oath,  and  all  that  time  never  did  see  a  man  drunk,"  which  is  better 
proof  of  his  keeping  good  company  than  of  searching  for  opportunity. 

85.  John  Doggett'  {John, ^  John, ^  John'),  wife  and  children  at 
Carolina,  America  (1706). 

"John  Dogett  living  and  not  aged  24  years,  26  December,  1679, 
living  anil  married  28  August,  1699,  and  a  'wood  monger'  by  trade, 
£60  paid  his  creditors.  [See  his  mother's  will.]  Per  will  of  brother 
Benjamin  14  March,  1706,  it  appears  from  will  of  Benjamin  that  his 
brother  John  '  lodgeth  in  the  Fleet,'  and  that  said  John  done  '  very 
ill '  to  come  from  his  wife  and  children  at  Carolina  to  serve  the 
Coll:  who  is  but  in  bad  circumstances  himself." 

86.  Benjamin  Doggett^  {John,^  John,"  John'),  died  Kingston, 
Jamaica,  between  1703  and  1706. 

Benjamin  Doggett  living  and  not  aged  24,  26  December,  1679, 
living  28  August.  1699,  and  "wood  monger"  by  trade,  £60  paid  to 
his  creditors.      [See  mother's  wUl.] 

His  will  is  really  a  letter  from  Benjamin  Doggett  to  his  brother 
John  Doggett,  and  is  dated  Kingston,  Jamaica,  8  July,  1703,  and  in 
which  he  mentions  sister  De  Bary.  Brother  Otgher  (recites  a  letter 
from  him   {i.e.,  Otgher),  in  which  it   is  stated  that  John  Doggett 


"lodgeth  in  the  Fleet")  mother  deceased.  "  Siuce  we  are  all 
mortall  and  a  like  I  have  to  expect,  I  here  tell  you  I  make  you  my 
sole  Executor  in  case  of  mortality,  desigueing  to  make  my  will  at 
first  and  leave  you  all  I  have  or  can  lay  claime  to."  Brother 
Otgher  also  mentions  in  Ms  letter  to  Benjamin  Doggett,  that  John 
Doggett  had  "done  very  ill  to  come  from  his  wife  and  children  at 
Carolina  to  serve  the  Coll :  who  is  but  in  bad  circumstances  himself." 

Benjamin  Doggett's  will  {i.e.,  the  letter),  sworn  to  by  Anthony 
Grindall,  of  the  Parish  of  St.  Bridgett,  also  St.  Brides,  London, 
Esqr.,  aged  above  30  years,  and  John  Seymour,  of  the  Parish  of  St. 
Buttolph,  without  Aldgate,  Co.  Middx,  distiller,  aged  30  years, 
who  deposed  they  knew  Benjamin  Dogett,  late  of  London,  mer- 
chant, "but  dyeing,  as  these  deponents  believe,  at  Jamaica." 

Called  in  the  sentence  "Benjamin  Dogett  late  at  Kingston  in  the 
Island  of  Jamaica,  Bachelor,  deceased."  Proved  14  November,  1706, 
by  John  Dogett,  brother  of  deceased,  aud  executor.  [Commissary 
Court  of  London.] 

88.  Elizabeth  Doggett''  {John,^  John,-  Jahn'),  born  about 
1651;  married,  Loudon,  Eng.,  license  dated  20  December,  1671,  at 
St.  Helen,  Bishopgate,  or  St.  James,  Duks  Place,  to  Justus  Otgher, 
of  St.  Mary  Hill,  London,  merchant;  born  about  1646. 

Issue : 

95.  i.    Katherine  Otgher,'  living  and  married  David  Longuemantlu  (1699). 

96.  ii.  John  Otgher, °  living,  under  age,  26  December,  1679. 

Issue : 

97.  i.     Richard  Doggett,'  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  1605. 

98.  ii.    Ralph  Doggett.' 

99.  iii.  Francis  Doggett,' married  and  bad  daughter  Elizabeth  Doggett;  he 

died  before  1679. 

100.  iv.  Lawrence  Doggett,'  married  and  had  Edward  Doggett,  who  married 

and  bad  Richard  Doggett. 

97.  Richard  Doggett,'  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  1605; 
died  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  July  13,  1682;  married  Elizabeth 
Turney;  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  1609;  died  Leighton  Buz- 
zard, Beds.,  November  12,  1689. 

Issue : 

101.  i.     Thomas  Doggett.-  • 

102.  ii.    Deborah  Doggett.^ 

103.  iii.  Judith  Doggett.' 


Richard  Doggett,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  died  1682,  leaving 
a  will  dated  1679,  in  which  he  makes  a  bequest  to  the  town  of 
Leighton,  and  besides  the  relatives  mentioned  in  the  pedigree  speaks 
of  cousins  Anne  Edwards ;  Elizabeth  Shephearth,  of  Shefford ; 
Thomas  Harwood,  alias  Smith ;  Sarah  Stevens,  of  Aston ;  Richard 
Jenkins ;  Sarah  Brown ;  Thomas  Doggett,  of  Standbridge,  near 
Leighton;  Robert  Turney;  Robert  Parrott. 

Speaks  of  property  at  Steeple  Claydon,  Bucks ;  at  Bittou  parish, 
Fowdingbridge ;  Co.  Southton,  and  at  Eluig,  Southtou,  where  lived 
Mr.  Pawlett,  Senr. 

Funeral  expenses  to  be  £100;  £20  to  be  paid  for  a  monument 
over  grave.      [Somerset  House,  Cottle,  96.] 

The  wiU  of  Elizabeth  Doggett,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds., 
widow : 

"  I  give  to  the  poor  of  Leighton  the  sum  of  50  shillings. 

"To  Matthew  Disney  of  Bradwell,  Bucks,  clerk  William  Lea  of  Lillingston 
Dayrill,  Bucks  clerk  John  Truelove  of  Leighton  Buzzanl,  all  my  Estate,  Title, 
&,  Interest  ground  &c  at  Steeple  Claydon,  Bucks,  upon  special  trust  &  confidence 
for  ray  grandchild  Martha  Pawlett  the  now  wife  of  William  Pawlett  of  Bitton, 
Southampton,  her  heirs  failing  which,  I  give  the  same  to  Matthew  Disney  & 
Sarah  his  wife. 

"  To  Judith  &  Rebecca  Turney  the  daughters  of  my  Brother  Edward  Turney 
of  Hemel  Hempstead  £20  between  thcni. 

"  Edward  Turney  son  of  Brother  Edward. 

"  Thomas  Turney    "     "         "  " 

"  Grandchild  Richard  Pawlett  my  house  where  I  now  dwell." 

Dated  18  May,  1687. 

Codicil  20  June,  1688  (no  different  names).     Probate,  1689. 

[Somerset  House,  Ent.  173.] 

98.     Ralph  Doggett,'  died  before  1679  ;  married. 
Issue : 

104.  i.    Ralph  Doggett.' 

105.  ii.  Thomas  Doggett.^ 

103.     Debok.\h  Doggett-  (RicJianV),  married  Mr.  Pawlett. 
Issue  : 
10(>.  i.    William  Pawlett,^  married  Martha  Fronside  (?)  before  1687. 

107.  ii.  Richard  Pawlktt,^  living  May  IS,  1G87. 

103.     Judith  Doggett"    (i?ic/ta?-d '),  married  Mr.  Fronside. 
Issue : 

108.  i.    Sara.h  Fronside,'  married  Mathew  Disney(?)  before  1687. 

109.  ii.  Martha  Fronside,'  married  William  Pawlett  (?)  before  1687. 

105.  Thomas  Doggett"  {Ralph'),  married  March  7,  1653;  by 
Samuel  Bedford,  Esq.,  to  Elizabeth  Edwards,  of  Biggleswade,  the 
daughter  of  Thomas  Edwards,  of  Langford,  Co.  Bedford. 

Issue:  Children  mentioned  in  will  of  Richard  Doggett,  1679. 

DoGGETT  House  at  Leighton  Buzzard. 

The  residence  of  some  of  the  earliest  members  of  the  Leighton  Buzzard  branch  of  the 

Mr.  William  H.  Dogciett  of  Leighton  Buzzard  had  the  above  copy  made  from  a 
painting  of  the  house  which  has  been  in  his  family  for  many  generations. 


JOHN  doCtGet,  of  REIGATE,  SUEEEY, 

110.     John  Dogget,'  married  Alice. 
Issue : 

111.  i.      Alice  Douget,'-' bapt.  Reigate,  Co.  Surrey,  June  2,  1644. 

112.  ii.     John  Dogget,^  bapt.  Reigate,  Co.  Surrey,  May  8,  1647. 

113.  iii.    Mary  Dogget,-  bapt.  Reigate,  Co.  Surrey,  July  10,  1651. 

114.  iv.    Anna  Dogget,^  bapt.  Reigate,  Co.  Surrey,  August  20,  1655. 

115.  T.     Dogget,-  buried  Reigate,  Co.  Surrey,  July  17,  1657. 

116.  vi.    John  Dogget,^  born  Mitcbam,  Co.  Surrey,  August  30,  1660. 

117.  Tii.  Benjamin  Dogget,^  died  Mitcham,  Surrey,  May  9,  1661. 


118.  William  Doggett,'  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  1681 ; 
died  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.,  August  12,  1760;  married  1st;  mar- 
ried 2d,  1722,  Anne;  born  1698;  died  Leighton  Buzzard,  July  19, 

Issue : 

119.  i.     William  Doggett.'' 

120.  ii.    John  Doggett.^ 

121.  iii.  Thomas  Doggett,^  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  1723. 

122.  IT.  Richard   Doggett,^    born    Leighton   Buzzard,    1730;   died    Leighton 

Buzzard,  NoTember  16,  1776. 

123.  V.    Ann  Doggett,-  born  Leighton  Buzzard;  married  1st,  William  Gresham, 

2d,  John  Pancross,  3d,  John  Millard;   no  issue;  she  died  Leighton 
Buzzard,  December  13,  1795. 

121.  Thomas  Doggett-  {WiUimn'),  boru  Leighton  Buzzard, 
1723;  died  Leighton  Buzzard,  July  25,  1792;  married  Elizabeth 
Bullen;  born  1737;  died  Leighton  Buzzard,  March  16,  1799. 

Issue : 

124.  i.     William  Doggett,^  born  Leigliton  Buzzard,  1768  ;  died  Leighton  Buz- 

zard, January  14,  1772. 

125.  ii.    Ann   Doggett,^  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  December  5,  1769;   married 

Joseph  Simons;  no  issue;  died  November  28,  1825. 

126.  iii.  Mart   Doggett,^   born    Leighton  Buzzard,  February  11,  1771;    died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  February  14,   1846. 

127.  iv.  Thomas  Doggett,^  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  May  5,  1772. 

128.  V.    Elizabeth  Doggett,^  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  October  20,  1773;  died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  June  5,  1802. 


127.  Ti-iOiiAS  DoGGETT  ^  {Thomas,-  William^),  bom  Leighton 
Buzzard,  May  5,  1772;  died  April  15,  1851;  married  Caroline 
Williams;  born  Brixton(?),  August  15,  1780;  died  Leighton  Buz- 
zard, AprU  12,  1851. 

Issue : 

129.  i.        Thomas    Doggett/   born    Leighton    Buzzard,    April    9,    1799;    died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  October  28,   1828. 

130.  ii.      Richard  Doggett,^  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  Marcli  31,  1801 ;  married 

1st,  Elizabeth  Wallher;  married  2d,  Sophia  Hayward ;  no  issue;  he 
died  Leighton  Buzzard,  November  15,  1865. 

131.  iii.     Francis  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  October  8,   1802;   died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  March  22,   1806. 

132.  iv.     Elizabeth  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  March  20,  1804 ;  died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  October  20,  1807. 

133.  v.      William  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  March  23,  1806. 

134.  vi.     Edward  Bo'wers  Doggett,"  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  3,  1808. 

135.  vii.    Francis  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  September  5,  1809;  died 

Leighton  Buzzard,  November  20,  1828. 

136.  viii.  Charles  Doggett,'' born  Leighton  Buzzard,  September  27,  1811;  died 

December  14,  1851. 

137.  ix.     Caroline  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  August  18,  1813;  mar- 

ried Henry  John  Robinson. 
138.x.      Anne  Doggett,'' born  Leighton  Buzzard,  October  17,  1815;  married 
Thomas  Price. 

139.  xi.     George  Henry  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  18,  1818 ; 

died  November  19,  1839. 

140.  xli.    Mart  Doggett,''  born  Leighton  Buzzard,   January    17,    1820;   died 

May,  1857. 

141.  xiii.  Martha  Doggett,"  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  April  25,  1821;  married 

Edward  D.  Lines. 

142.  xiv.  Sophia  Doggett,'' born  Leighton  Buzzard,  September  3,  1824;  mar- 

ried D.  J.  McLauchlan. 

133.  William  Doggett^  {Thomas,^  Thomas,"  William'),  born 
Leighton  Buzzard,  March  23,  1806  ;  died  October  24,  1873  ;  married 
Louisa  Robinson. 

Issue : 

143.  i.      Louisa  Caroline  Doggett,*  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  March  18,  1836; 

married  Charles  White;  resides  Leighton  Buzzard  (1879). 

144.  ii.     Sophia  Anne    Doggett,*  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January   1,    1838; 

married  Charles  Claudge ;  resides  Leighton  Buzzard  (1879). 

145.  iii.    Elizabeth  Georgia  Doggett,*  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  February  19, 

1840 ;  married  George  Bush. 

146.  iv.    Martha  Robinson   Doggett,*    born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  31, 


147.  V.     William  Henry  Doggett,*  horn  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  22,  1845. 

148.  vi.    Ltdia  Fanny  Doggett,*   born    Leighton  Buzzard,   March    1,    1847; 

married  George  Saunders. 

149.  vii.  Gertrude  Mart  Doggett,*  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  April  1,   1849 ; 

died  Leighton  Buzzard,  April  29,   1852. 

134.  Ed-ward  Bo-wers  Doggett  ■•  ( Thomas,^  Thomas,'-  William  ') , 
born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  3,  1808  ;  died  July  29,  1854  ;  married 

Issue  :  Two  sons  and  three  daughters.    One  of  the  sons  died  young. 

150.  i.  Thomas  Doggett,*  born  1839;  of  "  H.M.  Bengal  Service;"   died  Cal- 

cutta, India,  March  10,  1883;  married  and  had  two  daughters. 


14-7.  William  Henry  Doggett  *  (  WilliMii,'  Thomas,'  Tlioinas,'^ 
William'),  born  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  22,  1845;  resides 
Netherleigh,  28  Osborne  Eoad,  Finsbury  Park,  London,  N.  (1893)  ; 
married,  Leighton  Buzzard,  January  5,  1887,  by  Rev.  W.  H. 
Ciiambers,  to  Ann  Louisa  Parsons,  daugtiter  of  Jonathan  Parsons. 

Mr.  William  H.  Doggett,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  at  present  residing 
in  London,  has  supplied  many  facts  for  the  family  history.  He  very 
kindly  assisted  by  searching  among  the  wills  at  Somerset  House,  and 
making  extracts  at  the  British  Museum. 


151.     William  Doggett,'  died  1739;  married,  Walton,  Somerset, 
April  6,  1703,  Mary  Stafford. 
Issue : 

152.  i.     William  Doggett,"  bapt.  Walton,  August  26,  1705. 

153.  ii.    Edward  Doggett,-  bapt.  Walton,  October  2(j,  1707. 
15i.  iii.   Maky  Doggett, =  bapt.  Walton,  October  26,  1707. 

155.  iv.  James  Doggett,  bapt.  Walton,  April  9,  1710. 

The  registers  at  Walton  do  not  go  back  further  than  1667,  from 
jvhich  date  to  1810  search  was  made  for  entries  relative  to  the  family 
of  Doggett. 

155.  James  Doggett'  {William'),  bapt.  Walton,  Somerset, 
April  9,  1710;  buried  Clevedou,  Somerset,  October  21,  1746;  married 
Rachel;  buried  Clevedon,  Somerset,  November  10,  1776. 

Issue : 

156.  i.    William  Doggett,'  bapt.  August  29,  1742. 

157.  ii.  Hannah  Doggett,^  bapt.  May  18,  1746. 

156.  William  Doggett^  (James,-  William'),  bapt.  August  29, 
1742;  died  July  16,  1771. 

William  Doggett  lies  bui-ied  in  the  old  churchyard  at  Clevedon, 
where  is  the  following  inscription : 

"  In  memory  of  William  Doggett  of  Pill,  of  the  Parish  of  S'.  George,  who 
died  the  16">  of  July,  1771,  aged  28  years." 

"  Forbear  dear  wife  and  child  to  weep  " 

Tho'  I  was  swallow'd  in  the  deep, 
"  Tho'  Neptuous  waves  besett  rae  round 

I  hope  that  I  have  mercy  found." 



158.     Thomas  Dogget,'  of  Waltham,  Holy  Cross. 
Issue : 

159.  i.     Joseph  Dogget,"  bapt.  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,   September  12,   1711; 

buried,  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  Decembers,  1718. 

160.  ii.    Lydia  Dogget, =  bapt.  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  Novembers,  1713. 

161.  iii.  Sarah  Dogget, =  bapt.  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  October  3,  1715;  buried 

Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  December  14,  1718. 

162.  iv.  Er.izABETii  Dogget,"  bapt.  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  September  21,  1719; 

buried  Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  April  18,  1720. 


163.  Edward  Doggett,'  born  1713;  died  Clevedon,  Somerset, 
Eng.,  April  12,  1779;  married  Martha;  born  1716;  died  Clevedon, 
Somerset,  May  2,   1765. 

Issue : 
164.1.     Edwakd  Doggett,' bapt.  Clevedon,  Somerset,  July  17,  1737;  buried 
March  12,  173%. 

165.  ii.    Edward  Doggett,'  bapt.  Clevedon,  Somerset,  May  I,  1743. 

166.  iii.  Charles  Doggett,' bapt.  Clevedon,  Somerset,  March  10,  174</5;  died 

Clevedon,  Somerset,  May  24,  1762. 

167.  iv.  William  Doggett,'  died  unmarried. 

168.  V.    Henry  Doggett,' bapt.  Clevedon,  Somerset,  January  14,  17073';  died 

Clevedon,  Somerset,  June  8,  1762. 

169.  vi.  Nancy-  Doggett.' 

165.  Edward  Doggett'  (EdwanV),  bapt.  Clevedon,  Somerset, 
May  1,  1743;  died  Clevedon,  Somerset,  November  18,  1811;  mar- 
ried 1st;  married  2d,  1771,  Sarah  Greenfield,  daughter  of  Hugh 
Greenfield,  of  NaUsea;  born  1749;  died  Clevedon,  Somerset,  March 
16,  1792. 

Issue : 

170.  i.       Martha  Doggett,^  married  Thomas  Hunt. 

171.  ii.      Nancy  Doggett,  married  Benjamin  Godwin. 

172.  iii.     Elizabeth  Doggett,^  born  September  20,  1772 ;  married  Clevedon, 

Somerset,  April  9, 1796,  Richard  Hayman ;  she  died  Bristol,  England, 
January  12,   1847. 

173.  iv.     Hester  Doggett,^  born  February  14,  1774;  married  Clevedon,  Somer- 

set, April  18,  1812,  Samuel  Alvis;  issue,  one  child,  who  died  aged 
10  or  12  years ;  she  was  buried  Wraxall,  Somerset. 

174.  V.       Edward  Doggett,'  born  August  2,  1775;  married  a  widow,  Baker; 

no  issue;  buried  Wraxall. 


175.  vi.  Doggktt,^  born  May   11,  1777;   married  Hannah;  she  born 

1780;  rlied  January  12,  1851 ;  he  died  Clevedon,  Somerset,  February 
19,  1855. 

176.  vii.    William   Doogett,^   born   Cleve<lon,    Somerset,   January   24,    1779; 

married    Elizabeth    Wedmore,    dausihter   of   Thomas  Wedmore,   of 
Nailsra:   died   ln.twi'cn    1S4'.)  and    1S52. 

177.  Tiii.  Saiiaii    l)<]i.i.i:Tr, '  Imuii  (i'lcvnlon.  Somerset,  January  25,  1781;  mar- 

ried   Cl.vidun,    SoniLiset,   Xovi'iiiber  19,   1810,  John   Manning,  of 
Bariinytoii ;   diril  about   1,S4.S ;   buried  at  Yatton. 

178.  ix.     Hannah  ])ch;i:ett,^  born  Clevedon,  Somerset,  May  16,  1783;  married 

William  dram;  ilied  1850  or  1851. 

179.  X.       Mauv   DoiiiiETT,"  born  Clevedon,  Somerset,  March  25,  1785;   married 

Kichard  Bishop;  no  issue;  died  Yatton,  Somerset,  April  1,  1854. 

180.  xi.      Henry  Doggett,^  born  Clevedon,  Somerset,  July  21,  1787. 

181.  xii.    Sophia  Doggett,''  born  Clevedon,  Somerset,  August  17,   178'J;  mar- 

ried Mark  Mav,  of  Puxton  ;  issue,  three  sons  and  five  daughters; 
died  I'uxton,  Somerset,  July  30,   1869. 

182.  xiii.   Harkiet  Dogi.ktt,^    born    Clevedqn,    Somerset,    February    2,    1792; 

married    George    Wyatt,    of    Kingston,  Seymour,   Somerset;  issue, 
four  sons  and  five  daughters ;  died  Somerset,  January  8,   1854. 

Edward  Doggett  was  buried  at  Clevedou,  with  the  following  inscrip- 
tion over  his  grave : 

'  Affliction  sore  long  time  hi 
Physicians  were  in  vain 



Sarah  Doggett  was  also  buried  at  Clevedon,  where  on  her  foot^ 
stone  is  the  following: 

"  My  husba'nd  kind  and  children  dear 
Grieve  not  for  me  in  vain 
For  here  I  rest  in  hopes  to  r.aise 
Salvation  to  obtain." 

169.     Nancy  Doiigett"  (Srfioaj-rf '),  married  William  Frappell. 
Issue : 

183.  i.     William  Fkappell,^  died  Bedminster,  leaving  issue. 

184.  ii.    Henry  Frappell,^  died  Suttonwick;  no  issue. 

185.  iii.  Ph(Ebe  Frappell,^  died  young. 

186.  iv.  Nancy  Frappell,^  married  William  Oldfield,  of  Bedminster;  had  1  son 

and  3  daughters. 

180.  Hekry  Doggett^  {Edivard,"  EdwarcV),  born  Clevedon, 
Somerset,  July  21,  1787;  died  Nailsea,  Somerset,  December  13, 
1859  ;  married,  Nailsea,  Somerset,  June  7,  1812,  Elizabeth  Coombs, 
daughter  of  John  and  Hannah  Coombs,  of  Nailsea ;  born  September 
23,  1783;  died  Nailsea,  Somerset,  January  25,  1869. 

Issue : 

187.  i.     Henry  Doggett,'' born  Somerset,  August  2,  1813;  died  N,ailsea,  Som- 

erset, June  17,  1841. 

188.  ii.    Hannah  Wedmoke  Duggett,*  born  Somerset,  August  10,   1815;  mar- 

ried, Severn,  niostcrsliire,  Robert  Willcox,  of  Oldbury ;  no  issue. 

189.  iii.  Edward  Gricem  ii.ij.   l)n.,,,i:TT,-' born  Somerset,  May  25,  1817. 

190.  iv.   Esther  Doggett,'  diiil  Sta\i'rton  or  Darlington,  Devon. 

191.  V.    Charles    Cooiiiss    Doggett,-'    born    Devon,    January    2,    1822;    died 

February  14,  1840. 


189.  Edward  Greenfield  Doggett^  {Henry,^  Edioard,"  Ed- 
ward'), bom  Somerset,  May  -25,  1817;  died  Clifton,  Bristol,  Feb- 
ruary 18,  1887;  married  1st,  West  Hackney,  Middlesex,  June  22, 
1847,  Mary  Evans  Browett,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Mary  Browett, 
born  Northampton,  November  20,  1824;  died  Somerset,  February 
21,  1856;  married  2d,  Maria  Robinson,  of  Coventry;  married  3d, 
Sarah  Ann  Salmond,  of  Bristol. 

Issue : 

192.  i.  Hugh  Greenfield  Dogcett,^  born  Upper  Montpelier,  Bristol,  August 
25,  1853. 

Mr.  Edward  G.  Doggett  was  much  interested  in  the  family  history, 
and  kindly  added  to  the  collection  the  points  he  had  gathered  regard- 
ing his  own  branch  and  the  family  in  early  times. 

192.  Hugh  Greenfield  Doggett*  {Edward  O.,*  Henry,^  Ed- 
wai-d,''  Edward'),  born  Upper  Montpelier,  Bristol,  August  25,  1853, 
"solicitor,"  resides  31  Richmond  Terrace,  Clifton,  Bristol  (1888); 
married,  Hull,  Yorkshire,  August  1,  1878,  Rachel  Sibree  Bremner, 
daughter  of  James  and  Sarah  Adams  (Sibree)  Bremner,  of  Bristol ; 
born  Bristol,  February  15,  1853. 

Issue:.  2  daughters  (1883). 


193.  Thomas  Doggett,'  married. 
Issue : 

194.  i.  George  Doggett,'''  born  Siloe,  Bedfordshire. 

195.  ii.  JoHx  Doggett,'  died. 

196.  iii.  Elizabeth  Doggett,'-  married  Richard  Welch. 

197.  iv.  Mary  Doggett,"  married  1st,  Robert  Field;  2d,  Mr.  Arnold. 

194.  George  Doggett"  (Thomas'),   born  Siloe,  Bedfordshire; 

Issue : 

198.  1.  John  Doggett.^ 

198.     John  Doggett^  (George,"  Tltomas'),  married. 
Issue : 

199.  i.       George  Doggett  "  was  a  commercial   traveller  for  a  jewelry  firm ; 

married  and  had  2  sons  and  1  daughter;  one  of  the  sons  moved 
to  America,  1877;  a  daughter  also  moved  to  America,  but  returned 
after  a  time. 

200.  ii.      'Vincent  Doggett,''  born  1810. 

201.  iii.     William  Doggett,''  married  and  had  3  sons  and  3  daughters. 

202.  iv.     John  Doggett,''  Inland  Revenue  oifieer;  married  and  had  4  sons  and 

1  daughter. 

JOHN  DOGGETT,  OF  LONDON.         29 

203.  T.      Lucy  Doggett,"  married  Mr.  Ward;  has  3  sons,  1  daughter. 

204.  yi.     Mary  Doggett/  married  Mr.  Barnard.     No  issue. 

205.  vii.    Benjamin  Doggett,*  died  aged  8  years. 

206.  Till.  Frederick  Doggett,''   "  Somerset  House  officer,"   married  and  had 

2  sons  and  1  daughter. 

207.  ix.     Thomas  Doggett,*  died. 

200.     Vincent  Doggett^  {John,"^  George,'^  Thomaa'),  boru  1810; 
"marketgardeuer;"  resides  Clophill,  Ampthill,  Beds.  (1880)  ;  married. 
Issue  :  5  sons,  8  daughters. 

208.  5th  son  Doggett,'  born  1854,  came  to  .\meriea  1870;  died'  Cleveland,  O., 


JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    LONDON,    AND    fflS 

209.  John    Doggett,'    born    about   1725;    died   near    London, 
Eng. ;  married  near  London,  Eng. 

Issue : 

210.  i.  Henry  Doggett,''  born  London,  Eng. 

210.  Henry   Doggett  '    {John ' ) ,    born   Loudon,    Eng. ;    died 
London,  Eng.  ;  married  London,  Eng. 

Issue : 

211.  i.  Henry  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng. 

211.  Henet  Doggett^   {Henry,-  John''),  bom  London,   Eng.; 
married  Corn-wall. 

Issue : 

212.  i.    Henry  Doggett,''  born  Cornwall. 

213.  ii.    Thomas  Doggett.'' 

214.  iii.  Benjamin  Doggett,*'  served  on  board  H.M.  ships. 

212.  Henet  Doggett''    (Henry,^    Henry,'^  John'),    born   Corn- 
wall; married  London,  Eng. 

Issue : 

215.  i.  Samuel  Tonkin  Doggett,"  born  London,  Eng.,  May,  1828;  office-stool 

and  chair  maker,  29  Mansell  Street,  Aldgate,  London,  E.  (1880). 

216.     John  Doggett,'  mairied  Mary. 
Issue : 

217.  1.     Rdth  Doggett,''  born  and  christened  St.  James,  Clerkenwell,  London, 

March  15,  1730. 

218.  ii.    Elizabeth  Doggett,^  born  and   christened   St.   James,   Clerkenwell, 

London,  February  12,  1732. 

219.  iii.  Mart  Doggett,^  born  and  christened  St.  James,  Clerkenwell,  London, 

September  9,  1734. 

220.  iv.  Susannah  Doggett,''   born   and   christened   St.   James,   Clerkenwell, 

London,  October  31,  1735. 

221.  V.    John  James  Doggett,^  born  and  christened  St.  James,  Clerkenwell, 

London,  December  21,  1737. 

222.  vi.  Ann  Doggett,-   boru  April   15;    christened   St.  James,   Clerkenwell, 

London,  April  IG,   1741. 



223.  DoGGETT.' 

Issue : 

224.  i.    Daniel  Docgett,-  born  Winfartliing,  Norfolk,  175i5. 

225.  ii.  Jeremiah  Doggett,"  born  1761. 

224.  D.\NiEL  Doggett,^  bom  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  1756; 
buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  December  29,  1840;  married  Arabella 
Betts,  born  1764;  died  Bramfleld,  Suffolk;  buried  Winfarthing, 
February  17,  1849. 

Issue : 

226.  i.        Sophia  Doggett,^   bapt.  Winfarthing,   Norfolk,  Maj-  3,  1789 ;  mar- 

ried Robert  Howard,  of  BramfieUi,  Suffolk,  October  6,  1812. 

227.  ii.      William  Doggett,^  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  July  25,  1790. 

228.  iii.     Hakkiet  Doggett,'  buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  October  5,  1791. 

229.  iv.     Edwaki)  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  1791 ;  died  Shelford, 

Cambridge;  buried  Winfarthing,  June  16,  1849. 
2.S0.  V.      Caroline  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  April  27,  1794. 

231.  vi.     George  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  June  14,  1795. 

232.  vii.    Henry  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  December  18,  1796. 

233.  viii.   Philip  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk;  buried  Winfarthing, 

Norfolk,  August  4,  1799. 

234.  ix.     Harriet  Doggett,'  bapt.   1801 ;    buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  De- 

cember 13,  1809. 

235.  X.      Francis  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  December  2,  1804 ; 

removed  lo  United  States,  1849 ;  died  United  States  America,  1870. 

236.  xi.     Emily  Doggett,'  bapt.   Winf.arthing,  Norfolk;  married  Mr.  Cowell, 

of  Ipswich,  Suffolk,  where  she  lives  (1880). 

The  Winfartliing  oak  stands  on  the  estate  of  the  Right  Honorable 
the  Earl  of  Albemarle,  in  the  midst  of  what  was  formerly  "  Winfarth- 
ing Great  Park,"  anciently  a  royal  demesne  belonging  to  the  adjacent 
Palace  of  Kenninghall  Place,  from  which  Mary  of  unhappy  memory 
was  called  to  the  throne  in  l.'iSS.  It  is  conjectured  that  this  tree 
must  have  been  in  existence  before  the  Christian  era.  The  oak  in 
1820  was  seventy  feet  in  circumference  at  the  extremity  of  the  roots. 
The  trunk  is  completely  hollow,  and  the  inside  presenting  an  appear- 
auce  resembling  the  rugged  masonry  befitting  a  Druidical  temple. 

Over  the  doorway  entrance  is  placed  by  the  late  Mr.  Doggett, 
many  years  the  respected  tenant  of  the  surrounding  farm,  a  brass 
plate  with  an  inscription  soliciting  from  visitors  to  the  oak  douations 
for  the  Bible  Society  : 


'Ye  who  this  renerable  Oak  survey, 

Which  still  survives  through  many  a  stormy  day, 
Deposit  here  your  mite  with  willing  hands, 

To  spread  in  foreign  climes,  through  foreign  lands, 
The  Sacred  Volume  so  divinely  given 

Whose  pages  teach  the  narrow  way  to  Heaven." 


"  May  every  subject  in  my  dominions  po 

225.  Jeremiah  Doggett,-  abode  "Little  Park,"  a  "  church- 
wardeu;  "  born  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  1761  ;  buried  Wmfarthing,  Nor- 
folk, June  16,  1813;  married,  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  Mary  Crowe ; 
born  1763;  bni'ied  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  June  11,  1818. 

Issue : 

237.  i.       Davey  Doggett,^  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  Aprils,  178S;  buried 

Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  October  2,  1802. 

238.  ii.      John  Doggett,^  born  Winfarthin;j,  Norfolk,  February  22,  1789. 

239.  iii.     Ann  Doggett,^  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk.  October  23,  1792;  buried 

Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  March  I'G,  l":!'-.;. 

240.  iv.     Jerejiiah  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  1794. 

241.  V.      Richard  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  July  3,  1796. 

242.  vi.     Thomas  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing.  Norfolk,  July  20,  1798;  died 

London;  buried  Winfarthing,  December  17,  1818. 

243.  vii.    Calver  Doggett,'  bapt.   Winfarthing,  Norfolk,   February  10,  1799 ; 

buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  Febru.ary  17,  1799. 

244.  viii.   Esther  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing-.  Norfolk,  September  18,  1803. 

245.  ix.     Robert  Daniel  Doggett,'  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  May  13,  1807. 

227.  William  Doggett' (Dcnn'rf-),  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk, 
July  25, 1790;  died  Newnham,  Herts.,  August,  1859,  where  is  a  stained- 
glass  window  to  his  memory;  married;  slie  died  Newnham,  Herts. 

Issue : 

246.  i.     Thomas  William  Doggett.^ 

247.  ii.    John  Doggett.'' 

248.  iii.  Arthur  Doggett,'' married  1865;  resides  (1880)  Newnham,  Herts. 

240.     Jeremiah  Doggett 3  {Jeremiah^),  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Nor- 
folk, 1794;  died  Thetford,  Norfolk,  February  25,  1885;  married. 
Issue : 

249.  i.     Russell  Doggett,"  born  1831 ;  died  Holkham,  Norfolk,  July  9,  1888. 

250.  ii.    Richard  Doggett.'' 

251.  iii.  Mary  Doggett,''  died  Wells  next  the  Sea,  England,  April  16,  1888. 

2'il.     Richard  Doggett'  (./(^remja/; '-),  bapt.   Winfarthing,  Nor- 
folk, July  3,  1796;  man-ied  Sarah  Chapman. 
Issue : 

252.  i.     James  Richard  Doggett,''  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  August  13,  1826. 

253.  ii.     Sarah  Doggett, ■■  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  May  28,  1828. 

254.  iii.  Maria  Doggett,''  bapt.  Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  August  29,  1829;  buried 

Winfarthing,  Norfolk,  1829. 


246.  Thomas  William  Doggett  ^  {William.^  DanieP),  resides 
Sandon  Bm-y,  Royston,  Herts.     (1880)  ;  married  1857. 

Issue : 

255.  i.     William  Harold  Doggett,°  born  1859. 

256.  ii.    Frank  Foster  Doggett,*  born  1863. 

257.  iii.  Arthdr  Henry  Doggett,"  liorn  1865. 

258.  iv.  Florence  Emilt  Doggett,^  born  1867. 

259.  V.    Ella  Mart  Doggett,^  born  1872. 

260.  vi.  Rosa  Ethel  Doggett,^  born  1878. 

247.  John  Doggett''  {William,^  DanieP),  born  England;  re- 
moved to  the  United  States;  resides  Kansas  City,  Mo.  (1892); 

Issue : 

261.  i.     Arthdr  Doggett.* 

262.  ii.    Herbert  L.  Doggett.* 

263.  iii.  Isabel  Doggett.* 

Mr.  Doggett  is  one  of  the  most  prominent  men  of  Kansas  City, 
and  is  president  of  the  Doggett  Dry  Goods  Company. 

263.  Isabel  Doggett*  (John,*  WilUam,^  Daniel^),  marriedKan- 
sas  City,  Mo.,  June  6,  1888,  by  Rev.  C.  L.  Thompson,  to  Arthur 
Chandler  Coates,  son  of  Kersey  Coates. 


264.     Thomas  Doggett,'  of  Stoke  Newington,  Middlesex,  married 
Elizabeth  Bouts. 
Issue : 

265.  i.     James  Doggett,"  died  single. 

266.  ii.    Thomas  Doggett,'-'  born  July  13,  1770. 

267.  iii.  Elizabeth  Doggett,^  niiirried  Edward  WooUams. 

268.  iv.  Sarah  Doggett,^  died  young. 

269.  V.    Frederick  Doggett,^  born  August  3,  1772. 

270.  vi.  Ann  Doggett,''  died  single. 

266.     Thomas    Doggett"     {Thomas'),    boru     July    13,     1770; 

271.  i.     Thomas  Doggett,^  born  August  1,  1800;  married. 

272.  ii.    Mary  Doggett,^  born  July  23,  1805;  living  (1884). 

273.  iii.  James  Doggett,^  born  May  15,  1806 ;  married  and  bad  daughter  who 

married  Mr.  Ward;  she  lives   (1884)   Montreal,  Canada. 


269.  Fkedeeick  Doggett-  (T/;om((.s- '),  born  August  3,  1772; 
died  February  10,  1852;  married  October  28,  1798,  Ann  Dawborne ; 
born  February  28,  1775  ;  died  November  29,  1853. 

Issue : 

274.  i.       Elizabeth  Barton  Doggett,' horn  August  25,  1799. 

275.  ii.      Sarah  Doggett,'  born  May  13,  1801;  married  November  2,   1824, 

William  Chaldecott;  died  May  27,  1883. 

276.  iii.     Mart   Doggett,^  born  March  23,    1803 ;   married    December,    1827, 

Thomas  Watts  Chaldecott;  died  December  1,  1880. 

277.  iv.     Charles  Doggett,^  born  August  16,  1804;  died  September  25,  1804. 

278.  T.      Charles   Cooper    Doggett,^    born   December  11,    1805;    "poet;" 

died  December  10,  1846. 

279.  vi.     Martha  Doggett,^  born  August  26,   1807;    married  October,   1828, 

James  Goddard  Chaldecott;  died  October  21,   1874. 

280.  vii.    Ann  Doggett,^  born  July  30,   1809;  married  May  25,  1848,  Samuel 


281.  viii.  Jane  Barton  Doggett,^  born  March  31,  1811 ;  died  July  24,  1871. 

282.  ix.     Frederick  William  Doggett,^  born  February  10,  1813. 

283.x.      Phebe  Dawborne   Doggett,^  born   March  3,    1815;  died   July  26, 

284.  xi.     Caroline  Bouts  Doggett,^  born  July  9,  1818. 

282.     Frederick  William  Doggett  ^  {Frederick,^  Thomas ' ) ,  born 
February    10,   1813 ;    died   August    16,    1871  ;    married,    St.  Jolins, 
Hackney,  May  16,   1842,  Lydia  Jane  Thompson. 
Issue : 
i.       Ada  Doggett,''  born  April  12,  1844;  died  June  21,  1848. 
ii.      Arthur  Doggett,''  born  October  10,  1845 ;  died  October  18,  1845. 
iii.     Frederick  Ernest  Doggett,'' born  October  2,   1846;   resides  Pock- 
thorp,  Norwich  (1883). 
iv.     Charles  Alfred  Doggett,''  born  February  9,  1848 ;  resides  21  Lord- 
ship Park,  Stoke  Newington  (1883). 
V.      Florence  Maud  Doggett,''  born  April  23,  1849. 
vi.     William  Leonard    Doggett,''    born    March    25,    1851 ;    resides   42 

Kyverdale  Road,  Stoke  Newington  (1883). 
vii.    Evelyn  Ltdia  Doggett,''  born  July  7,  1853. 

viii.  Henry  Edgar  Doggett,''  born  September  1,   1854;  resides  Leyton- 
stone,  Essex  (1883). 

284.  Caroline  Bouts  Doggett^  {Frederick,'  Thomas'),  born 
July  9,  1818;  resides  "  The  Cottage,"  Holmwood,  Dorking,  Surrey 

Miss  Doggett  is  the  author  of  many  instructive  tales.  She  was 
assisted  by  her  sister,  Phebe  D.  Doggett,  who  passed  away  in  1882. 
Among  their  works  are  "  Brookleigh  Manor,"  "  Seedtime  and  Har- 
vest," "My  Garden  Party,"  "  Nellie  Graham,"  "  The  Light  ou  the 
Beacon  Rock,"  "Minnie  and  Mopsey,"  "The  Two  Houses,  and 
Lost  and  Found,"  "The  Autobiography  of  Trusty." 



Arms:  Gules,   two    greyhounds,   salient,  combatant,   argent,  col- 
lared, sa. 
Crest :  A  lion's  head,  erased  or,  gorged  with  a  mural  coronet  sable. 
Motto:  "In  collo  guies." 

293.  Thomas  Doggett,'  born  Huntingdon  (?);  died  (buried 
Upwell  Churchyard)  1793  or  1794;  married  Miss  Phillips. 

Issue : 
29-t.  i.     William  Doggett,-  born  Upwell,  Cambridgeshire,  April  23,  1787. 
205.  ii.    Thomas  Doggett,-  born  Upwell,  Cambridgeshire,  June  17,  1789;  died 

East  Indies,  August  7,  1812. 
29G.  iii.  John  Doggett,'' born  Upwell,  Cambridgeshire,  March  20,  1791. 

The  Christian  name  of  the  first  known  ancestor  of  this  branch  is 
supposed  to  be  Thomas,  although  not  positively  known.  He  came 
from  Huntingdon  in  1760.  At  one  time  he  enlisted  as  a  soldier,  but 
whether  before  or  after  marriage  is  uuknown.  He  deserted  and  came 
to  live  at  Upwell,  Cambridgeshire. 

His  wife,  who  was  Miss  Phillips,  had  a  brother  who  lived  in  Old 
Charge  City. 

Mrs.  Doggett  married,  2d,  Samuel  Beckett,  by  whom  she  had 
children  Samuel  and  Ann. 

A  brother  of  Thomas  was  head  gardener  at  one  of  the  colleges  at 
Cambridge  University,  and  had  a  daughter  or  daughters  who  went  to 
St.  Ives,  Herts. 

394:.  William  Doggett^  {Thomas'),  born  Upwell,  Cambridge- 
shire, April  -23,  1787  ;  died  May  8,  1833  ;  married  March  6,  1810,  Ann 

Issue : 

297.  i.       Mart  Ann  Doggett,^  born  London,  England,  November  lf>,  1811. 

298.  ii.      Thomas  Isaac  Doggett,^  born  September  25, 1813  ;  died  May  3, 1817. 

299.  iii.     Susan  Doggett,^  born  November  6,  1815;  died  March  27,  1818. 

300.  iv.     John  Doggett,'  born  September  3,  1817;  died  1820. 

301.  V.      Sarah  Doggett,'  born  April  19,  1820;  died  January  31,  1849. 

302.  vi.     William  Doggett,'  born  August  13,  1822;  died  October  1,  1877. 

303.  vii.    Thomas  Doggett,'  born  October  19,  1824;  married;  several  children. 

304.  viii.  Dinah  Doggett,'  born  October  23,  1826. 

305.  ix.     Rebecca  Doggett,'  born  March  19,  1829. 

306.  X.      Jabez  Doggett,'  born  October  10,  1832. 

William  Doggett  came  to  London  from  Cambridgeshire,  and  was 
employed  by  a  wholesale  tea-dealer  as  warehouseman. 


296.     John  Doggett^  (Thomas^),  born  Upwell,  Cambridgeshire, 
March  20,  1791;  died  London,  1825;  married,  1812,  Hannah  Prior. 
Issue  : 

307.  i.     Hannah  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  1813. 

308.  ii.    William  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  1818;  died  1819. 

309.  ill.  Eliza  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eug.,  1820;  died  1844. 

310.  iv.   John  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  1822. 

311.  V.    Martha  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  1824. 

John  Doggett  came  to  London,  and  was  employed  as  a  warehouse- 
man at  a  wholesale  tea-dealer's. 

310.     John  Doggett'    (John,^    TJiomas^),  born  London,   Eng., 
1822  ;  married. 
Issue : 

312.  i.       John  Thomas  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  1849;  resides  3  Chep- 

stow terrace,  Malfort  road,  Denmark  Parlj,  London,  S.E.  (1880). 

313.  ii.      George  Doggett,''  born  1851 ;  married. 

314.  iii.     Emily  Doggett,''  born  1853;  married. 

315.  iv.     James  Doggett,^  born  1855;  died  in  infancy. 

316.  V.      Alfred  Doggett,''  born  1856. 

317.  vi.     William  Charles  Doggett,*  born  1858. 

318.  vii.    Frederick  James  Doggett,''  born  1861. 

319.  viii.  Clara  Elizabeth  Doggett,''  born  1863. 


320.  Joseph  Doggett'  was  of  the  firm  "Taylor  &  Doggett," 
boot  and  shoe  makers  to  His  Royal  Highness  the  Duke  of  Glouces- 
ter, Davies  street,  Berkeley  square,  London,  Eng. 

Issue : 

321.  i.      Joseph  Doggett.'' 

322.  ii.     William  Doggett,''  born  London,  Eng.,  1810. 

323.  iii.    Martin  Doggett.*' 

324.  iv.    Jane  Doggett.'' 

325.  V.     Emily  Doggett."  a    a  £»0'^'^*^ 

326.  Ti.    Fanny  Doggett.''  XXOr<li  fit 

327.  vii.  KosA  Doggett." 

322.  William  Doggett"  {Joseph'),  born  London,  Eug.,  1810; 
removed  to  America  1835;  killed  in  a  railroad  accident  July  27, 
1879;  married  New  York,  1838,  Matilda  Davis;  born  N.S.,  1821; 
died  Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  January  24,  1878. 

Issue : 

328.  i.     Joseph  Doggett,"  born  New  Yorlj,  January  29,  1839. 

329.  ii.    Maria  Doggett,"  born    1842;    married  Peter  Folk,    "sash  and  blind 

maker ;  "  issue :   Peter  Augustus   Folk  and   William   Folk ;   resides 
Brooklyn,  N.Y.  (1883). 

330.  iii.  ScsAN  Doggett,"  died  in  infancy. 

331.  iv.  Emily  Doggett,"  died  in  infancy. 

332.  V.    LuciNDA   Doggett,"  married,  1st,   Leander  Woodhull ;    married,  2d, 

Levere  Clark ;  issue  :  Josie  Woodhull. 


William  Doggett,  wheu  a  boj',  was  indentured  to  a  "currier"  to 
learn  the  trade. 

328.  Joseph  Doggett'  {William,^  Joseph^),  born  New  York, 
January  29,  1839  ;  resides  181  N.  Seventh  street,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 
(1883);  married  August  14,  1864,  Sarah  Jane  DeWolf;  born 
August  16,  1848. 

Issue : 
333.  i.       William  Benjamin  Doggett,''   born   October  22,   1865;  resides  741 
Dorchester  avenue,  Boston  (1892). 
ii.      Joseph  Doggett,''  born  September  14,  1867;  died  February  19,  1875. 
iii.      Sarah  Makia  Doggett,''  born  Marcti  31,  1869  ;  died  August  31,  1870. 
iv.     Oliver  Hoyt  Doggett,''  born  December  19,    1870;  died   December 

22,   1871. 
V.      Edgar  Doggett,*  born  August  29,  1872;  died  June  25,  1873. 
vi.     Charles  Henry  Doggett,''  born  February  6,  1875. 
vii.    George  Hollis  Doggett,''  born  August  1,  1879. 
viii.  Seaman  Garfield  Doggett,'' born  August  15,  1881. 
ix.     Martha  Washington  Doggett,''  born  February  22,  1883  ;  died  Feb- 
ruary 28,  1883. 


Issue : 

342.  i.     William   Doggett,'    head   park    ranger  to    Lord   Clarendon,    Grove 

Parli,  Watford,  Herts. ;  died  1815. 

343.  ii.    Daniel  Doggett.' 
844.  iii.  RnBEN  Doggett.' 

345.  iv.  Jonathan  Doggett.' 

346.  V.    John  Doggett'  left  England  for  Salt  Lake  City,  U.S.     No  further  re- 


347.  vi.  Thomas  Abendigo  Doggett,'  born  Penmans  Green,  Herts.,  1795. 

347.     Thomas  Abendigo  Doggett,'  born  Penmans  Green,  Herts., 
1795  ;  died  1869  ;  married. 
Issue  :  3  sons,  2  daughters. 

348.  i.     William  Doggett.' 

349.  il.    Frederick  Doggett,-  manager   of  the  leather  manufactory    of  Mr. 

Margetson,  of  Berraondsey. 

350.  iii.  Montague  Doggett.' 

351.  iv.  Doggett,'  born  Rickemansworth ;  one  daughter  lives  there. 

352.  V.    Daughter Doggett,'  died. 

Thomas  A.  Doggett  was  first  dog-boy  to  Lord  Essex,  Cassiobury 
Park,  Herts.,  from  whence  he  was  employed  under  his  brother  "William, 
who  was  head  park  ranger  to  Lord  Clarendon,  Grove  Park,  Watford. 
Here  he  remained  until  he  was  fourteen  years  old,  when  he  was  ap- 
prenticed to  a  carpenter  and  joiner,  with  whom  he  remained  six 


At  this  time,  1815,  he  became  head  park  ranger  to  Lord  Claren- 
don, taking  the  position  made  vacant  by  the  death  of  his  elder  brother. 

On  the  death  of  Lord  Clarendon  he  resigned  his  position,  and  fol- 
lowed his  trade  as  carpenter  to  Lord  Ebery,  Moor  Park,  Rickemans- 
worth,  Herts.,  in  which  occupation  he  remained  until  his  death  in  1869. 

348.     William  Doggett  '  {TJio^nas  A.^)  resides  London;  married. 
Issue : 

353.  i.  Frederick  William  Doggett.' 

354.  ii.  George  Woodbkidge  Doggett.' 

355.  iii.  William  Harry  Doggett.' 

356.  It.  Montague  Doggett.' 

357.  T.  Daughter Doggett.^ 

358.  vi.  Daughter Doggett.' 

William  Doggett  began  his  life  as  dog-boy  under  his  father,  and 
then  went  into  the  stables  of  Mr.  Peter  Chutterbuck,  New  House, 

On  June  20,  1842,  he  walked  to  London  and  engaged  himself  as 
groom  to  the  family  of  Mrs.  Margetson,  of  Peckham  Rye. 

From  there  he  soon  went  into  the  sei"vice  of  her  son,  a  Bermondsey 
leather  manufacturer,  and  at  his  suggestion,  in  1850,  Mr.  Doggett 
established  himself  as  a  leather  stripper  and  manufacturer  on 
Baalzephon,  now  Weston  street. 

The  great  success  which  has  attended  his  efforts  and  the  respect  in 
which  he  is  held  may  be  seen  by  an  article  which  appeared  in  the 
"  Leather  Trades  Review  "  regarding  the  completion  of  his  new  ware- 
house, in  1878. 

As  an  illustration  of  the  manner  in  which  individual  energy  and 
enterprise  may  affect  the  character  and  prospects  of  an  entire  industry, 
•the  business  of  Mr.  Doggett  is  referred  to,  as  almost  wholly 
monopolizing  the  business  of  stripping,  which  formerly  occupied 
several  small  establishments.  Mr.  Doggett  is  mentioned  as  one  of 
the  best  known  and  respected  members  of  the  metropolitan  leather 

The  success  achieved  by  him  is  the  more  remarkable  and  en- 
couraging by  reason  of  the  same  having  been  self -acquired.  Nothing 
is  impossible  to  those  who  possess  strong  wills. 

The  building  just  completed  (1878)  stands  as  a  monument  to  his 
indomitable  skill  and  energy. 



359.  John  Doggett,'  bora  (Hertfordshire?);  "Builder  of  St. 
Albans,  Herts.  ;"  married. 

Issue  : 

360.  i.     Thomas  Doggett. = 

361.  ii.    Ann  Doggett.- 

362.  iii.  John  Doggett.' 

363.  iv.   Joseph  Doggett. - 

360.  Thomas  Doggett-  (John^). 
Issue : 

364.  i.  Joseph  Robert  Doggett,^  born  London,  Eng.,  April,  1817. 

364.     Joseph  Robert  Doggett^  {Thomas, *  John  '),  born  London, 
Eng.,  April,  1817  ;  married  London,  Eng.,  1836,  Amy  Dennett. 
Issue : 

365.  i.       Dinah  Mart   Ann    Doggett,*  born  London,   Eng.,    1836;    married 

London,  Eng.,  James  Wealleans ;  issue,  10  children;   resides   New 
Zealand  (1884). 

366.  ii.      Robert  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1838;  died  1841. 

367.  iii.     YoDNG  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1840. 

368.  ir.     Elizabeth  Caroline  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1843;  married 

London,  Henry  Cook ;  issue,  4  children ;  resides  Leddescomb,  Sussex. 

369.  V.      Thomas  James  Doggett,*    born  London,  Eng.,    1846;    "Tin   Plate 

Worker,"  4  Church  lane,  Islington,  London  (1884). 

370.  vl.     Robert  Joseph  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1848 ;   died  London, 

Eng.,  1852. 

371.  vii.    Harry  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1852. 

372.  viii.  Amy  Doggett,*  born  London,  Eng.,  1853. 

367.  Young  Doggett*  (Joseph  Bobert,^  Thomas,^  John  ^),  born 
London,  Eng.,  1840;  man-ied  London,  Eng.,  Rosa  May;  she  died 
before  1884. 

Issue : 

373.  i.    Ajiy  Doggett.* 

374.  ii.  Rosa  Doggett.* 

371.  Habry  Doggett*  (Joseph  Robert,'  Thomas,"  John^),  born 
London,  Eng.,  1852;  married  London,  Eng.,  EmOy  Basset. 

372.     Ainr  Doggett*   (Joseph  Bobert,'   Thomas,^    John^),  born 
London,  Eng.,  1853  ;  married  London,  Eng.,  Edwin  Mackenzie. 

Issue  : 
377.  i.  Edwin  Mackenzie.* 



Issue : 

378.  i.    George  Doggett.' 

379.  ii.  Edgar  Doggett  •  was  librarian  and  secretary  to  Lord  Holland,  Holland 

House,  Kensington,  Eng. 

378.     George  Doggett.' 
Issue : 

380.  i.  Frederick  E.  Doggett.- 

380.  Frederick  E.  Doggett"  {George'),  removed  to  America 
between  1872  and  1874  ;  resides  New  York  city  ;  married  Liverpool, 
Eng.,  May  10,  1857,  Sarah  Anu  Hilton;  resides  1311  Castle  avenue, 
Philadelphia,  Pa.  (1887). 

Issue : 

381.  i.       Frederick  "William  Ernest  Doggett,^  born  Great  Malvern,  Worces- 

tershire, Eng.,  March  11,  1858;  of  Doggett  Bros.,  New  York;  re- 
sides Brooklyn,  N.Y.  (1889). 

382.  ii.      Madeline  Jane  Doggett,^  born  Dublin,  Ire.,  July  22,  1859;  resides 

Philadelphia,  Pa.  (1889). 

383.  iii.     Sidney  Herbert  Doggett,^  born  St.  Pancras,  London,  Eng.,  Sep- 

tember 20,  1861. 

384.  iv.     Amy  Elizabeth   Doggett,^   born   Hammersmith,   Middlesex,   Eng., 

November  19,  1863. 

385.  V.      Hilton  John  Doggett,^  born  Hammersmith,  Middlesex,  Eng.,  De- 

cember 14,  1865;  of  Doggett  Bros.,  New  York;  resides  Brooklyn, 
N.Y.  (1889). 

386.  vi.     Evelyn  Doggett,^  born  Hammersmith,  Middlesex,  Eng.,  January  4, 


387.  vii.    Stanley  Doggett,^  born  Hammersmith,  Middlesex,  Eng.,  January  24, 


388.  viii.  Gertrude  Octavia  Doggett,^  born  Hammersmith,  Middlesex,  Eng., 

April  13,  1872. 

389.  ix.     Reginald  Louis   Scott   Doggett,^   born   Hoboken,  N.J.,   June  14, 


390.  X.      George  Henry  Doggett,^  born  Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  July  25,  1877. 

384.  Amy  Elizabeth  Doggett^  (Frederick  E.,"  George'),  born 
Hammersmith,  Middlesex,  Eng.,  November  19,  1863;  resides 
1618  So.  Carlisle  sti-eet,  Philadelphia,  Pa.  (1889)  ;  married  Phila- 
delphia, Pa.,  September  18,  1888,  by  Rev.  Henry  R.  Percival,  to  J. 
Frank  Peterson,  son  of  John  Henry  and  Mary  Nixon  [Cline]  Peter- 
son, born  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  June  15,  1866. 



391.     William  Daggett,'  man-ied  in  Higtoashire  a  daughter  of 
Capt.  John  Gumming,  of  the  Eoyal  Navy. 
Issue : 

392.  i.    Robert  Daggatt.- 

393.  ii.  George  Daggatt,' born  1809;  "  minister." 

William  Daggett,  who  also  called  his  name  Daggatt,  was  a  lieutenant 
iu  the  navy.  He  w:is  on  board  the  "Royal  George,"  Admiral  Kem- 
penfeldt  being  iirst  cousin  to  his  father,  and  while  he  was  sent  on 
shore  to  the  library,  the  ship  was  lost,  and  about  eight  hundred  persons 
drowned.  His  likeness  set  in  gold  is  in  the  possession  of  his  descend- 

On  his  return  from  the  West  Indies  he  found  his  effects  had  been 
administered  upon,  as  his  mother  had  heard  that  he  had  died  there  of 
yellow  fever. 

On  his  marriage  he  left  the  navy,  and  commenced  cotton  spinning, 
at  Manchester,  in  1810. 

He  had  two  half-sisters,  one  of  whom  married  a  Powell.  About 
1800  this  lamily  of  Powell  took  the  name  of  Daggett,  and  went  to 
America  —  New  York,  it  is  reported. 

It  is  said  that  William  Daggett  changed  the  spelling  of  his  name  to 
Daggatt,  because  it  rhymed : 

"  Two  A's,  two  T's,  two  G's^  and  a  D, 
Put  them  together  and  spell  them  for  me." 

393.     Robert  Daggatt'  (William'),  educated  as  a  minister  in 
the  Scottish  church ;  died  Hulme,  Manchester,  Eng. ;  married. 
Issue : 

394.  i.    William  Gumming  Daggatt^  called  his  name  Daggett;  married  and 

died  before  1885. 

395.  ii.  Charles   Henry  Douglas  Daggatt,^   captain  and  quartermaster  Her 

Majesty's  Auxiliary  Forces,  Old  Trafford,  Manchester  (1885). 

396.     George  Daggitt;'  married. 
Issue : 

397.  i.    George  Daggitt,"  born  Whitcorab,  Yorkshire,  Eng. 

398.  ii.  John  Daggitt,'-'  born  Whitcomb,  Yorlishire,  Eng. 


397.  George  Daggitt-  (George^),  born  WMtcomb,  Yorkshire, 
England;  came  to  America  1815  ;  died  New  York  city,  1840;  mar- 
ried England,  Elizabeth  Moody ;  born  Nottingham,  Eng. ;  died  New 
York  city,  September  19,  1860. 

Issue :  Seven  children. 

399.  i.    Sarah  Eltzabeth  Daggitt,^  married  Samuel  Burhaus,  Jr.,  37  Maiden 

lane.N.Y.  (1883). 

400.  ii.  Son  Daggitt,    married  and  liad  John  Daggitt,  who  resides  Bay 

Sliore,  L.r.  (1883). 

George  Daggitt  and  his  wife  and  brother  John  Daggitt  arrived  in 
America  from  England  in  1815. 

The  vessel  they  sailed  in,  was  wrecked  in  the  Bay  of  Fundy,  and 
they  were  taken  fi-om  the  wreck  and  brought  to  New  York  city. 

398.  John  Daggitt-  (George^),  born  Whitcomb,  Yorkshire, 
Eng.;  came  to  America  1815;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died  New 
Jersey;  married. 

John  Daggett,  after  residing  many  years  in  New  York,  retii-ed  from 
business  and  bought  a  farm  in  New  Jersey. 


401.  William  Doggett,' lived  in  Long  Stanton;  married. 
Issue : 

402.  i.    William  Doggett. " 

403.  ii.  John  Doggett,^  married  and  had  two  sons. 

402.  William  Doggett"  (Willkmi^),  married. 
Issue : 

404.  i.     John  W.  Doggett,^  born  Long    Stanton;  "farmer,"  Grange   Farm, 

near  Cambridge,  also  one  at  Lolworth. 

405.  ii.    Son Doggett,^  resides  Long  Stanton  (18S0). 

406.  iii.  Daughter Doggett,'  died  1880. 



407.     1076,  Raymond  Ddket. 

■408.     1119,  Herbert  Ddchet,  or  Doket,  St.  Albans  Abbey. 

409.  1200,  The  Dogets  were  vintuers  down  to  the  early  part  of 
the  thii'teenth  century.  (City  Press,  July  11,  1868.)  The  Doggetts 
seem  to  have  been  opulent  vintners  in  Loudon.  (London  and  Lon- 
don Life,  1276-1419.) 

410.  1206,  Amecia  Ducet. 

411.  1219,  John  Doget,  of  Hutton.  (In  the  Dodswork  MS., 
27,  the  same  name  appears  as  Doliet,  Doget,  Duket,  Docket.  In 
MS.  112  Dod.  (copies  of  tlie  Testa  de  Nevil),  the  same  orthography 
is  repeated. 

412.  1228,  Robert  Dogget  granted  lands  by  fine  to  the  prior  of 
Westacre  in  Appleton. 

413.  1250,  John,  son  of  Reginald  de  Inglose,  quitclaimed  land 
in  Lodne,  formerly  Dogget's,  to  the  Abbot  of  Langley. 

414.  1278,  Richard  Doget,  of  Lineohishire. 

415.  1281-~^  Nicholas  Duchet,  of  Hainston,  Lincolnshire,  under 
1311,  >■      the  orthography  of  Tuchet  or  Tuschet,  was  siim- 

3      moned  9  Edw"  1*'  to  answer  certain  questions. 

416.  1283,  Simon  Doget,  also  Dokett. 

417.  1288,  Petr'  Doget,  de  corf  pro  Priore  de  Warham  "Whyte 
veye  terr'  &e.  16  Edw"  1='  Dorset  (Calendarium  Inquisition  Post 
Mortem  sive  Escaetarum,  Vol.  I.,  No.  46,  page  97). 

418.  1291,  John  Doget,  of  East  Barnet,  Herts.,  an  inhabitant 
with  small  assessment. 

419.  1291,  Peter  Doget  and  wife  Margery,  land  in  Sussex. 

420.  1294,  Adam  Doget  had  a  house  at  Winchester. 

421.  1295,  John  Doget. 

422.  1296,  RoGERUs  Doget,  24  Edward  1",  Hildresham,  maner 


extent,  Cantabri,  Boterwyk,    maner  extent,   Lincoln ;    Estboterwyk, 
extent  teiT.  and  Lincoln.     [Cal.  Inq.,  No.  43,  page  128.] 

423.  1297,  RoBERTDS  DoGET  e<  Alicia.  [Vol.  1,  F  18,  p.  49, 
Harleiau  Charters,  MS.  B.M.] 

424.  1297,  Robert  Doget,  a  baker,  of  Walliugford,  assessed  to 
taxes  there. 

435.  130.5,  Robert  Dogett,  and  Alice,  his  wife,  held  here  (Roch- 
ford  Hundred  Essex)  1  messuage  and  26  acres  of  arable  land,  pur- 
chased by  (426)  Beatrix  Dogett,  and  60  acres  purchased  by  John 
Rocheford.     [Hist,  and  Antiquities  of  Essex,  1768.] 

427.  1305,  RoBERTUs  Doget  ef  Alicia,  uxor  ejus  Rocheford  unum 
messuag'  &  iiij-xx  acrterr  &  20  territm  de  Reileghbaronia,  Essex,  33 
Edward  1='.     [Cal.  Inq.,  No.  199,  page  203.] 

428.  1305,  Doggett  or  Doccet  is  a  reputed  manor,  and  was 
holden  by  an  ancient  family  of  that  name  in  1305 ;  belonged  to  the 
Earl  of  Warwick  in  1619  ;  belongs  now  to  Hon.  W.  T.  S.  P.  Welles- 
ley.     [Hist.  Essex,  London,  1836,  page  593,  Vol.  II.] 

429.  1307,  Robert  Doket,  held  land  at  Ampthill,  Beds. 

430.  1313,  I  Richard  Dogget,  vicar  of  Hardley,  Norfollt.     [25 
1370,  I      Edward  III.] 

431.  1321,  William  Doget. 

432.  1334,  Robert  Dagget,  rector  of  Gillingham,  was  presented 
to  the  living,  by  Thomas  de  Brotherton,  Earl  of  Norfolk. 

433.  1340,  Adam  Doget  held  land  in  Essex. 

434.  1342,  William  Doget  [16  Edward  III.]. 

435.  1346,  Galfrus  Doget  [19  Edward  III.],  Bulenore  in  Insula 
Vectis  60  acr'terr,  &c.,  ut  de  honore  castri  de  Caresbrok,  Southton. 
(Cal.  Inq.,  No.  12,  page  122,  Vol.  II.) 

436.  1354,  Margareta  fil  et  heres  Galfridi  Doget  (437) 
Bolenore  40  acr'terr,  &c.,  ut  de  honore  castri  de  Caresbrok,  Southton. 
27  Edward  III.     [Cal.  Inq.,  No.  42,  page  182,  Vol.  II.] 

438.  1357,  Stephans  Doget  [30  Edward  III.]. 

439.  1358,  Eddo  Doget,  de  Cumberworth,  31  Edward  III.,  Cum- 
berworth  3  acr'terr,  &c.,  Lincoln.  [Cal.  Inq.,  No.  20,  page  202, 
Vol.  II.] 

440.  1370,  Su-  John  Doget  changed  lauds  in  Morniugthorp 
with  John  Martyn,  for  Hoxne. 

441.  1371,  Richard  Dcket,  of  Norfolk. 

442.  1372,  Richard  Doget,  late  Vicar  of  Hardale,  patron  of 

443.  1392,  John  Doget,  on  inquisition  mentioned  as  holding 
land  at  Herts. 

444.  1395,  John  Doget,  of  Dover,  grants  lands  at  Hythe  to  St. 
Bartholomew  Hospital,  London. 


445.  1399,  John  Doget,  his  heirs  aud  assigns,  is  granted  mes- 
sauges  at  Snettesham  by  Sir  William  Flete,  Knight,  on  Wednesday 
after  Feast  of  St.  Peter. 

446.  1399,  William  Ducket. 

447.  1400,  Makjiadcke  Duket. 

448.  1400,  Thomas  Dogget,  Eector,  Lawford  Rectory. 

449.  1406,  Rad  Doget,  7  Henry  IV. 

450.  1417,  RiCHABD  Ddket. 

451.  1417,  Richard  Doket,  Norfolk. 

453.     1428,  Richard  Doket,  named  in  Close  Rolls. 

453.  1429,  Richard  Doket. 

454.  1430,  Richard  Doget,  8  Henry  VI. 

455.  1433,  May  9,  will  of  John  Doget,  of  Coddicott,  Herts., 
wife  Joan,  son  (456)  John,  no  probate  (Stoneham  Arch,  St. 
Albans,  24). 

457.  1450,  Alice  Dogett. 

458.  1450,  February  22,  Richard  Doket,  28  Henry  VI. 

459.  1453,  Richard  Doget,  31  Henry  VI. 

460.  1459,  Richard  Doket. 

461.  1459,  Henry  Duket. 

462.  1464,  John  Doggett,  of  AshUl. 

463.  1467,  July  22,  Andrew  Dokett,  A.M.,  collated  in  Lich- 
field. 1470,  exchanged  it  for  the  chancellorship.  [Brown  Willis, 
Survey  of  Cathedrals,  1742,  Vol.  I.,  page  457.] 

464.  1469,  Henry  Doget.  [Harleian  Charters,  MS.  B.  M., 
Vol.  III.,  p.  233.] 

465.  1469,  John  Dockett. 

466.  1470,  Andrew  Doket  or  Dricket,  first  master  of  Queen's 
College,  Cambridge ;  was  admitted  about  1470 ;  chancellor  of  Lich- 
field, and  resigned  July  6,  1476.  [Brown  Willis,  Survey  of  Cathe- 
drals, 1742,  Vol.  I.,  page  437.] 

467.  1488,  John  Dokett. 

468.  1492,  I  William  Dogett,  Mayor  of  Bristol,  Eng.     (Entry 
1494,  3      from  account  book  of  Co.  of  Tuckers.) 

469.  1496,  Thomas  Dogget,  Rector  of  Burnham,  buried  in 
Norwich  Cathedral. 

470.  1509,  John  Doget,  Sheriff  of  London.  (Allen's  Hist. 
London,  Vol.  II.,  page  265.)  Was  also  alderman  of  London,  and 
owned  a  tomb  [1509]  in  the  church  of  St.  John  the  Evangelist. 

471.  1511,  r  John  Doggett,  Senr. 

472.  1515,  ■<  John    Doggett,    Jr.       [Somerset    House,    "  Fcti- 

L     place."] 

473.  1515,  Margery  Dogget,  widow,  tombstone  in  Norwich 


474.  1515,  John  Dogget,  buried  by  St.  Barbara's  Altar,  Nor- 
wich Cathedral, 

475.  1522,  1  Joan  DoGGETT.     [Somerset  House,  "Bodfelde."] 
1524,  j 

476.  1521,  I  Thomas  Doggett,  vicar,  Claeton  Magua. 

477.  1528,  Ralph  Ducket. 

478.  1529,  Richard  Doggett,  East  Winch,  will  [Norwich]. 

479.  1532,  Anthony  Dogett,  vicar  of  Totham  Magna. 

480.  1535,  William  Ddckett. 

481.  1545.  May  30,  Thomas  Dyrgatt,  buried,  St.  Diouis  Back- 
church,  London. 

482.  1555,  Margaret  Doggett,  Horning,  widow,  will.  [Consist- 
ory of  Norwich.] 

483.  1556,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  Wormegay,  widow,  will.  [Con- 
sistory of  Norwich.] 

484.  1556,  Hakewell  Docettes,  alias  Dogettys. 

485.  1557,  j  July  26,  Jaiviys  Docket,  son  of  Dr.    Peter  Docket, 

486.  1      christened   at  St.  Dionis  Backchurch. 

487.  1558,  Robert  Doggett,  held  lauds  at  Albany,  Herts. 

488.  1559,  Edmund  Doggett,  Wormegay,  will.  [Consistory  of 

489.  1561,  Doggett  married  a  Wade,  of  Bildeston  (about  then). 

490.  "  "  Goswold 

491.  "  "  Stubbey 

492.  1561,  Robert  Gosnell,  of  Otley,  Esq.,  married,  2d,  Anne 
Bacon,  daughter  of  Richard  Doggett,  and  had  no  issue.  [Visitation 
of  Suffolk,  Harleiau  Col.] 

493.  1561,  July  9,  William  Doggett,  of  Moruingthorpe,  adm., 
granted  on  his  estate  to  Rose  Doggett  the  relict.  [Cousis.  Court  of 

494.  1564,  Thomas  Doggett  married  Joan  Hext,  daughter  of 
John  and  Elizabeth,  and  hen-  of  P.  Colswell,  of  Exeter.  [Visitation 
of  Devonshire,  Guildhall  Library.] 

495.  1572,  February  22,  John  Doggett,  sou  of  Thomas,  bapt. 
Harleston,  Norfollc. 

496.  1573,  January  27,  John  Doggett,  of  Strattou,  Strawless, 
adm.,  granted  to  Alice  Doggett,  relict.     [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 

497.  1574,  July  4,  Christopher  Docket  and  Esbell  Flecher, 
widow,  married  Waltham,  Holy  Cross. 

498.  1576,  March  17,  Thomas  Doggett,  son  of  Richard,  bapt. 
Harleston,  Norfolk. 

499.  1576,  September  4,  Marie  Doget  and  Edwarde  Lewes 
married  at  St.  Mary's,  Aldermay,  London.     [Harleian  Society.] 


500.  1576,   June   18,   Anna  Dogett    married    Simoud  Pollinge, 
bachelor,  Grotou,  Suffolk. 

501.  157|,  February    19,  William  Docet,  of  Crichurch,  married 
Joane  Eeade,  of  paiisli  of  St.  Diouis  Baekchurch. 

502.  1579,  June  7,  Robert  Doggett,  sou  of  Richard,  bapt.  Har- 
leston,  Norfolk. 

503.  1583,  April  28,  Francis  Doggett,  sou  of  Bryan,  bapt.  Har 
lestou,  Norfolk. 

504.  1585,  January  2,  William  Doggett,  son  of  Richard,  bapt. 
Harlestou,  Norfolk. 

505.  1585,  October  10,  William  Doggett,  son  of  Bryan,  bapt. 
Harleston,  Norfolk. 

506.  1587,  John  Ducket. 

507.  1588,  James  Duckett. 

508.  1588,    February  9,  John  Doggett,    sou   of   Bryan,    bapt. 
Harleston,  Norfolk. 

509.  1590,  John  Doggett,  of  Albany,  Herts.,  held  lands  there, 
next  to  those  of  (510)  William  Doggett. 

511.  1600  (about),  William  Doggett,  of  Ipswich,  married  Aune, 
daughter  of  Geoffrey  and  Anne  Langley,  of  Colchester. 

512.  1603,  December  15,  Francis  Doggett,  buried    Harleston, 

513.  1604,  Francis  Doggett,    Harleston,    will.     [Consistory  of 

514.  1613,    John    Doggett,    Harlestou,    will.      [Consistory   of 

515.  1615,  April  24,  Bridget  Doggett,  of  St.  Duustau,  West 

London,  daughter  of  Doggett,  deceased,  and  Nathaniel  Court, 

of  same,  cloth  worker,  at  St.  Dunstau,  aforesaid.     [Loudon  Marriage 

516.  1617,  August  24,  William  Doggett,  buried  Bungay,  Suf- 

517.  1621,  Andrew  Doggett,  East  Dereham,  will.     [Consistory 
of  Norfolk.] 

518.  1625,  Assessed  to  the  Subsidy  in  Hadleigh,  22  James  I., 
AvicE  Dogett,  for  Lauds  inj'  xoj,  Woodkeeke  St. 

519.  1626,  Thomas  Doggett,  gent.,  lauds  Woodkeeke  St.  iij  xij. 
[Davy's  Suff.  Coll.,  Vol.  51.] 

520.  1631,  September  4,  Richard  Doggett  married  Auue  Dod- 
soune,  Bungay,  Suffolk. 

521.  1632,  November   11,  Anne  Doggett,  daughter  of  Richard 
&  Anne,  bapt.  Bungay,  Suffolk. 

522.  1638,  John  Doggett,  of  Herts.,  deceased,  adm.  granted  to 
Susanna  Doggett,  his  wife. 


523.  1640,  August  7,  Maeie  Doggett,  daughter  of  Eichard  & 
Anne,  bapt.  Bungay,  Suffolk. 

524.  1640,  I  William  Doggett,  of  Claptonswick,  Somerset,  At- 
1641,  j  taehment  degree.    [Calendar  of  State  Papers  B.M.] 

525.  1652,  December  6,  Joseph,  sou  of  Thomas  Doggett,  and 
Anne  his  wife,  christened  at  St.  Michael's,  Cornhill,  London.  [Harleian 

526.  1657,  November  10,  Asce  Doged,  spinster,  of  St.  Peters, 
Cornhill,  London,  married  Beiamen  Spooner,  butcher,  of  Dedford. 
[Harleian  Society.] 

527.  1658,  John  Doggett,  Registrar  of  Sudbury,  Suffolk. 

528.  1662,  August  18,  Avis  Doggett,  spinster,  19,  daughter  of 
William  Doggett,  of  St.  Mary,  Whitechapel,  Middlesex,  gent.,  who 
consents  at  Stepney,  and  John  Williams  of  Stepney,  Middlesex, 
bachelor,  22.     [London  Marriage  Licenses,  1521-1869.] 

529.  1662,  September  24,  Susan  Doggett,  spinster,  23,  daughter 
of  William  Doggett,  of  St.  Mary,  Whitechapel,  gent.,  who  consents  at 
Stepney  or  Whitechapel,  aforesaid,  and  John  Spering,  of  Stepney, 
Middlesex,  bachelor,  24.     [London  Marriage  Licenses.] 

530.  1665,  I  Nathaniel  Doggett,  of  the  Reserve,  begs  payment 
1666,  J  of  freight  money.    [Calendar  of  State  Papers  B.M.] 

531.  1666,  October  25,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  of  St.  Giles,  Crip- 
plegate,  spinster,  about  25,  her  parents  dead,  and  Robert  Smith,  of 
WooUidge,  Kent.,  gent,  bachelor,  about  30  years,  at  St.  Giles, 
Cripplegate,  All  Hallows  in  the  wall  or  St.  Clement  Danes.  [London 
Marriage  Licenses.] 

532.  1670,  Katherine  Doggett,  Redeuhall,  will.  (Consistory 
of  Norwich.) 

533.  1672,  April  16,  Richard  Dogett,  bachelor,  and  Judith 
Roberts,  maiden,  marriage  license  at  Worcester,  to  be  married  at 

534.  1677,  John  Doggett,  merchant  of  London,  Pountuey  Hill. 
[1st  London  Dii-ectory  of  Merchants.] 

535.  1679,  Hester  Doggett,  Harleston,  will.  (Consistory  of 

536.  1679,  Alice  Doggett,  Harleston,  will.  (Consistory  of 

537.  1679,  November  27,  Joseph  Doggett,  University  College, 
M.A.     [Oxford  Graduates.] 

Was  sou  of  Thomas,  of  Leighton  Buzzard,  Beds.  Matriculated 
5  May,  1673,  aged  18.  B.A.  15  February,  1676-7.  Vicar  of  Wol- 
verton  Berks,  1684. 

538.  1679,  John  Dogatt,  of  Clapton,  will  proved  at  Wells. 
[Epis.  Consistory  Coui-t.] 


539.  1686,  John  Dogatt,  of  Clevedou,  Tvill  proved  at  Wells. 
[Epis.  Consistory  Court.] 

54:0.  1687,  EicHAKD  DoGGETT,  Harlestou,  ^ill.  [Cousistor}'  of 

541.  1689,  Elizabetha  Doggett,  of  Bedford.  [Drs.  Commons, 

542.  1695,  John  Doggett,  of  Loudon.     [Adms.  Drs.  Commons.] 

543.  1695,  June  12,  Robert  Doggett,  of  Hockliffe,  Bedford, 
bachelor,  deceased.     [Adms.  Drs.  Commons.] 

544.  1695,  June  12,  John  Doggett,  of  Hockliffe,  Bedford, 
bachelor,  deceased,  adm.  granted  to  brother  (545)  Thomas  Doggett. 
[Adms.  Drs.  Commons,  London.] 

546.  1700,  Bridgett  Dogett,  of  Clevedou,  will  proved  at  Wells. 
[Epis.  Consistory  Com-t.] 

547.  1702,  William  Doggett,  Sudbury.     [Suffolk  Poll.] 

548.  1710,  August  6,  Robert  Dogitt,  Hu-iugham,  Suffolk, 
yeoman  and  ^vidower,  and  Elizabeth  Nicolls,  of  Brandish,  widow, 
marriage  license  to  be  married  at  Stradbroke  ;  Robert  Norman,  bonds- 

549.  1714,  May  24,  Anne  Doggett,  buried  Bungay,  Suffolk. 

550.  1716,  December  27,  Margaret  Doggett,  of  Stoke  Ash, 
single,  age  21,  and  Hem-y  Houchiu,  yeomau,  Gislingham,  aged  22, 
license  to  be  married  at  Stoke  Ash  or  Gislingham;  Benjamin 
Doggett,  of  Gislingham,  bondsman. 

551.  1720,  December  30,  Ann  Doggett,  of  ye  towue,  spinster, 
buried  Waltham,  Holy  Cross. 

552.  1720,  Richard  Doggett,  Albui-gh,  wUl.  [Consistory  of 

553.  1727,  Elizabeth  Dagget,  single,  aud  Edward  Dove, 
bachelor,  both  of  St.  Margaret's,  Westminster,  married.  [Harleian 

554.  1730,  August  17,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  bui'ied  Waltham, 
Holy  Cross. 

555.  1731,  Jvdy  14,  Ltdia,  daughter  of  Thomas  Doggett,  bapt. 
at  Waltham,  Holy  Cross. 

556.  1734,  December  19,  William  Dogget,  of  Waltham,  Holy 
Cross,  bui-ied. 

557.  1734,  December  22,  Thomas,  sou  of  Thomas  Dogget,  of 
Waltham,  Holy  Cross,  buried. 

558.  1737,  July  17,  Hannah  Doggett  buried  at  Clevedou. 

559.  1737,  September  23,  Mr.  Dogget,  Senior,  of  Waltham 
Cross,  buried. 

560.  1740,  October  14,  Hannah  Doggett,  of  Bedingham,  Nor- 
folk, single,  married  there  to  Samuel  Crisp,  of  Frossington,  Suffolk. 


561.  174|^,  February  22,  Mart  Doggett,  buried  at  Clevedou. 

562.  1753,  Thojias  Doggett,  Buuwell,  will.  [Cousistory  of 

563.  1764,  Thomas  Doggett,  Roydon,  will.  [Consistorj^  of 

564.  1768,  I  Benjamin    Doggett,    of    Battersea.     [Poll   of   the 
1776,  J      livery  of  the  City  of  London  for  four  citizens  to 

represent  the  city  in  Parliament.] 

565.  1772,  April  10,  James  Doggett  and  Mary  Miriam  Dean 
married  at  Clevedou. 

566.  1775,  August  21,  Ann  Dogget  and  Thomas  Howcroft. 
License  at  St.  George,  Hanover  square,  London.  [Harleian 

567.  1776,  June  19,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  married  Winfarthiug, 
Norfolk,  to  Arch.  Rowing,  of  Tibenham. 

568.  1779,  October  26,  Deborah  Doggett,  married  Winfarth- 
iug, Norfolk,  to  W.  Betts,  of  Old  Buckenham. 

569.  1784,  James  Doggett,  of  Walcot.  [Adms.  Wells,  Epis. 
Consis.  Ct.] 

570.  1785,  June  3,  Hannah,  wife  of  J.  Doggett,  buried  Win- 
farthing,  Norfolk. 

571.  1792,  April  25,  Sakah  Doggett,  married  Winfarthing,  Nor- 
folk, to  Anthony  Freestone  of  St.  Margaret,  S.  Elmham. 

572.  1795,  April  10,  Richard  Doggett,  of  Diss,  married  man, 
buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk. 

573.  1798,  November  17,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  of  Diss,  widow, 
buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk. 

574:.     1802,  January  24,  Miriam  Doggett,  buried  at  Clevedon. 

575.  1803,  March  20,  Thomas  Daggett,  of  Hunton,  died,  aged 
50  years,  buried  Pickhill,  Yorkshire. 

576.  1807,  April  28,  William  Doggett,  buried  at  Clevedou. 

577.  1811,  October  24,  William  Doggett,  from  Tickerham, 
buried  at  Clevedou. 

578.  1819,  June  2,  John  Doggett,  gent.,  of  Meudham,  Suffolk, 
died.     [Davy's  Suf.  Collections.] 

579.  1822,  August  27,  Elizabeth  Doggett,  of  Winfarthing 
Park,  age  32  years,  buried  Winfarthing,  Norfolk. 

580.  1857,  June  10,  Thomas  Doggett,  died,  aged  69. 

581.  1873,  May  16,  Ann  Doggett,  died.  [Buried  in  Highgate 
Cem.,  London,  lot  of  George  Hindes  Smith,  Ave.  House,  Stamford 
Hill,  London.] 

582.  The  Staffordshu-e  Assize  Roll  of  56  Henry  III.  (1272)  is 
beaded  "Placita   de   juratis  et   assisis  apud  Lichefeld  in  Comitatu 


Stafford  in  Crastino  Sauctae  Triuitatis,  coram  R.  de  Hengham  et 
sociis  suis  Justiciariis  auno  regui  Regis  Henrici  filii  Regis  Johauuis 
L.  Sexto." 

The  borough  of  Stafford  came  by  12  jiu-ymeu  and  stated  that: 
"Respecting  prises  (de  prisis)  they  say  that  Roger  Doget,  the  con- 
stable of  Certesleye  (Chartley)  took  a  doleum  of  wine  from  Richard 
Gilbert  who  was  carting  wine  from  the  cellars  of  St.  Botolph  and 
forced  him  to  carry  it  to  the  castle  of  Certesleye  to  his  own  use  and 
the  value  of  it  was  5  mark  of  which  he  paid  nothing  and  they  say  the 
same  Roger  takes  Prises  in  the  vill  of  Stafford  of  bread,  meat,  fish 
and  other  things  against  the  will  of  those  to  whom  the  things  belong 
and  pays  nothing  for  them.  The  sheriff  is  ordered  to  produce  him 
before  the  court."  [Coll.  for  a  Hist,  of  Staflordshne,  Eug.,  by  Wm. 
Salt,  1883.] 

583.  1358  [32  Edward  3d]  Carta  qua  Joannes  Ponlyn  de  Whyt- 
toue,  concedit  Johanni  Doget  peciam  prati  in  Whytton.  Test  "Walton 
AVeyland,  wid  Ringedale,  Joh  die  Halle,  et  alus.  Dat  die  Merc  in 
festo  S.  Marci  Evangel  (seal  of  was  attached).  [Additional  Char- 
ters, Vol.  IV.,  Ext.  No.  100-10  B.M.] 

584.  John  Doggett,  born  at  Sherborne,  Dorset,  1425 ;  was  a 
nephew  of  Cardinal  Bountner. 

Elected  from  Eaton  to  King's  College,  Cambridge,  1451.  1459, 
September  22,  being  then  M.A.  and  fellow  of  King's,  ordained 
acolyte  and  sub-deacon,  by  Gray,  Bishop  of  Ely. 

1460,  priest. 

1473,  January  22,  prebendary  of  Roxcombe,  in  church  of  Sarum. 

1476,  prebendary  of  Bitten  in  church  of  Sarum. 

1479,  one  of  the  ambassadors  to  the  Pope. 

1480,  in  commission  to  king  of  Denmark. 
1483,  chaplain  to  Richard  III. 

1494,  master  of  Trinity  College,  Arundel. 

1499,  provost  of  King's  College,  Cambridge. 

1501,  died;  buried  in  Salisbury  Cathedral. 

[Cooper's  Athenae  Cantabrigiensis,  Vol.  I.,  4,  520.] 

He  was  archdeacon  of  Chester,  an  author,  an  early  Greek  scholar. 

1488,  February  13,  chancellor  of  Lichfield.  John  Doggett,  LL.D., 
died  about  April,  1501,  and  was  buried  in  Salisbury  Cathedral,  of 
which  he  was  canon,  as  also  prebendary  of  Lincoln,  and  treasurer 
of  Chichester.  [Brown  Willis,  Survey  of  Cathedrals,  1742,  Vol.  I., 
page  407.] 

585.  The  will  of  Richard  Dogett,  of  Mendham  :  To  be  buried 
in    the    cemetery    of    All    Saints    church    in    Mendham ;     to   high 


altar  of  same  church  6s  8d ;  to  the  Prior  of  Meudham  6s.  8d. ; 
to  the  Sub  Prior  of  do.  20d;  to  Domiuus  Johu  Cryston  20d;  to 
each  of  the  leper  houses  of  Duuwich,  4d ;  of  Beccles  4d ;  of 
Norwich  4d ;  of  Eye  4d. ;  to  making  new  candelabra  in  Mend- 
ham  church  40s. ;  each  godchild  12d ;  Katherine  Dogett,  wife, 
Thomas  Dogett,  son,  Bobert  Dogett,  sou,  executors  and  residuary 
legatees.  Dated  G  March,  1451.  Proved  11  March,  1451.  [Nor- 
wich Consistory  Registry,  "  Aleyu,"  fo.  109.] 

586.  May  24,  1469  [9  Edw.  IV.] .  Carta  qua  Reginaldus  Grey, 
Domiuus  de  Wilton  super  "Wyam  in  com  Hereford  et  Tacina  unor  sua 
per  consensum  Joauuis  Grey,  filue  sui,  couceduut  Rogero  Hebbes  de 
Feny  Stratford  [Bucks].  Joanni  Doget  de  Etoue,  "William  Danyelle 
et  Alianore,  uxori  ejus  messuagium  et  twra  in  Vill''  de  Etoue  [Co 
Hereford]  reddend,  ude  annuatine  sexdecim  sol.  Test  Edw*  Grey, 
Arm,  Rog  Etone,  Clerico,  Will  Jakeman  et  alus  (three  seals  of 
wax  attached).      [Additional  Charters,  Vol.  IV.,  Ext.  8128  B.M.] 

587.  The  will  of  Robert  Dogget,  of  Beccles :  To  be  buried 
in  church  of  S'.  Michael  the  Archangel  of  Beccles ;  to  high 
altar  there  3s.  4d. ;  to  chapel  of  S'.  Peter  of  Beccles  12d;  to 
repair-  of  the  great  bridge  there  3s  4d ;  to  guild  of  S*.  Michael 
of  Beccles  6s  Sd;  Agnes  Dogget,  wife;  John  Ablerd,  Webster, 
Roger  Boton,  Beccles,  Executors;  a  ti-entall  of  St.  Gregory  to  be 
sung  for  his  soul;  messuage  in  Northgate  mentioned;  Guild  of 
S'.  Peter  of  Beccles ;  repair  of  the  church  at  Beccles  ;  to  the  poor  of 
Beccles ;  John  Dogget,  son ;  messuages  in  Gelyngham  &  Whetacre- 
biu'gh ;  Emma,  servant ;  Richard  Cidenier  &  Isabel  his  wife ;  Johu 
Dogget,  my  brother.  Dated  20  Nov.,  1473.  Proved  9  Dec,  1473. 
[Consistory  Registry,  Norwich,  "Hubert,"  23.] 

588.  The  will  of  John  Dokett,  of  Aspall :  To  be  buried  in 
church  of  Aspall;  high  altar  of  Aspall  20d ;  of  Werlynworth  12d; 
of  Abynton  8d;  of  Debenham  12d;  a  torch  for  AspaU  3s  4d; 
a  trentall  to  be  sung  at  Aspall  church  10s ;  wife  £8  and  the  tene- 
ment that  was  hers  before  marriage;  my  five  children  40s  each; 
son  Robert;  child  my  wife  is  with;  Chrystyou,  daughter;  John, 
the  elder,  my  sou ;  John,  the  younger,  my  sou ;  Agues,  daughter ; 
Robert  Colman  &  John,  the  elder,  my  son.  Executors.  Dated  15 
Oct.,  1492.  Proved  1  July,  1493.  [Consistory  Registry,  Norwich, 
"Woolmau,"  168.] 

589.  The  will  of  John  Doggett,  of  Beccles :  Soul  to  Almighty 
God,  and  our  lady  Saint  Mary,  and  all  the  saints  of  heaven  ;  body  to 
be  luiried  in  chm-chyard  of  Burgh,  in  Norfolk,  "  by  syde ' 


to  high  Alter  xii'' ;  to  Repaeons  of  sd  church  xii" ;  I  will  have  Saiut 
Gregory's  Treutall  sung  for  me  as  shortly  as  may  be ;  to  Elyn,  my 
wieffe,  my  place  at  Beccles,  and  my  place  at  Burgh,  aud  all  house- 
hold StufEe,  and  she  to  be  Executrix.  (No  other  names  mentioned  of 
children  or  relations.)  Dated  10  Marcl),  1499.  Proved  at  Beccles, 
22  April,  1501.      [Ipswich  Probate.] 

590.  The  will  of  Robekt  Doget,  of  Wynfield :  To  be  buried  in 
churchyard  of  St.  Andrew,  in  "\Yynfield ;  to  high  altar  20d ;  Robert 
Gierke,  my  godson,  my  tenement.  Executor ;  said  Robert  to  sing  two 
trentalls,  iu  Wynfield  church ;  to  the  Grey  Friars  of  Donwiche ;  legacy 
towards  making  an  image  of  S'.  Margaret,  a  yard  long.  At  the  south 
end  of  St.  John's  aisle  an  "  yeryn  candlestyk;  "  my  yerthday  to  be 
kept.  Sii"  Robert  Bryche,  of  Winfield,  Lewys  Bradley,  Sir  Richard 
Fresynfeld,  &  others,  witnesses.  Dated  January,  1500.  Proved  2 
March,  1500.     [Consistory  Registry,  Norwich,  "  Cage,"  228.] 

591.  The  will  of  Robert  Dokett,  of  Wavlyngworth  (Doggett 
iu  Index)  :  Soul  to  God,  &c. ;  body  to  be  buried  in  Church  of  our 
Lady,  at  Warlynworth,  before  the  "  perelos  "  of  theTriuite;  I  be- 
queath my  best  beeste  for  my  mortuarye ;  to  High  Altar  of  sd  church 
for  tythes,  forgotten  or  not  trulie  payd,  iii'iiij'';  to  High  Altar  of 
Church  of  St.  Peter,  of  Alyugtou,  iii'  iiij'^ ;  to  the  mother  Church  of 
Norwich  iii'  iiij"^ ;  to  the  Guild  of  the  Trinite,  in  Warlyngworth,  v 
marks ;  to  Repaeons  of  said  Church  of  Warlyngworth  vi'  viij"* ;  to 
Elizabeth,  my  oldest  daughter,  to  hir  mariage  s" ;  to  Anne,  my  Second 
daughter,  to  hir  marriage  x" ;  to  Margarett,  my  youngest  daughter,  to 
hir  mariage  x" ;  to  Alys,  my  wife,  her  jointure  ;  also,  Alyngton  Close 
for  her  life ;  Thomas,  my  eldest  sou,  to  have  other  houses  aud  lands, 
plows,  cart  horses,  &  harness ;  if  Thomas  die  without  issue,  all  to 
go  to  daughters  and  their  heires ;  Alys,  wife,  &  Thomas,  sou.  Execu- 
tors. Dated  15  August,  1503.  Proved  Saxfield,  27  August,  1503. 
[Ipswich  Probate.] 

592.  The  will  of  Robert  Dogett,  of  Leiston,  and  late  of  Theber- 
ton :  To  be  buried  in  the  churchyard  of  Leiston ;  to  high  altar  there 
12d. ;  to  light  before  our  Lady  of  Pity  12d. ;  to  high  altar  of  Theber- 
ton  12d. ;  to  repair  of  Theberton  church,  2  bushels  of  wheat  aud  3  of 
malt ;  a  dirge  aud  mass  to  be  sung  for  his  soul  iu  Leiston  church ;  "  a 
drynkyng  "  to  be  kept  ou  his  burial  at  Leistou,  to  comfort  the  "  poure 
people  as  much  as  may  be  borne  of  my  goodes  ;  "  mentions  his  father's 
will ;  soul  of  my  wife  to  be  sung  for.  Convent  of  Austiu  Friars,  iu 
Orford,  lands  in  Theberton  aud  Westiltou  ;  Margaret  Doget,  daughter ; 
my  sister  Margaret  Leeff ;  Richard  Gararde  of  Theberton  &  Thos. 


Walpole  of  Yoxforth,  Executors.     Dated  28  Oct.,  1513.     Proved  25 
Sept.,   1526.     [Consistory  of  Norwich,  "  Griudesburgh,"  188.] 

593.  The  will  of  Thomas  Dogett,  of  Stradbroke :  Soul  to  God, 
&c. ;  body  to  be  buried  iu  Church  yard  of  Stradbroke ;  to  High  Altar 
for  tythes  and  oblacous  negligently  forgoteu  or  w'holdeu  xij";  to 
Johan,  wife,  houses  «fc  lauds  for  natural  life ;  after  her  death  to  Eobert, 
son;  to  William,  son,  lands  at  [Stubaoste?]  ;  Johau  all  household 
Stuffe  &  moveables;  she  Executrix.  Dated  29  Aug.,  1517.  Proved 
Sti-adbroke,  16  Sept.,  1517.     [Ipswich  Probate.] 

594.  The  will  of  John  Doggett,  of  "Wingfield,  Suffolk :  All  his 
property  to  Mary,  his  wife,  who  was  sole  executrix.  Dated  22  June, 
1526.     Proved  3  July,  1526.      [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 

595.  The  will  of  Robert  Dogett,  of  Norwich,  "tailor":  To 
be  buried  iu  churchyard  of  S'.  Peter,  Mancroft,  iu  Alley  ou  North 
side  of  the  church  near  the  body  of  Anne,  my  wife ;  high  altar  there 
6s.  8d. ;  to  a  mass  of  Jesus  to  be  celebrated  and  sung  13s.  4d. ;  to 
the  light  in  the  lamp  hanging  before  the  crucifix  in  the  church  there 
3s.  4d. ;  to  the  sepulchre  there  a  taper  of  wax  of  6  lb.  ;  30s.  in  charity 
to  be  given  at  my  burial;  Margaret  Dogett,  my  daughter;  Maude,  my 
maid;  each  godchild,  12s.;  Beatrice,  my  uow  wife,  sole  executrix; 
Thomas  Conye  of  Norwich,  grocer,  supervisor ;  witnesses :  Thomas 
Cappe,  vicar  of  S'.  Stephens,  "William  Newman,  John  Gryme,  Clerk, 
Robert  Roberts,  Clerk,  John  Sewall.  Dated  10  Nov.,  1541.  Proved 
1543  (no  day  given).     [Consistory  of  Norwich,  "  Cooke,"  232.] 

596.  The  will  of  Johx  Doggett,  of  East  "Winch,  Norfolk :  John 
Doggett,  son.  Executor;  "William  Doggett,  son;  Robert  Doggett, 
son;  left  small  sums  "  to  repair  of  church  there;"  to  be  buried  in 
churchyard  there.  Dated  20  Dec,  1545.  Proved  20  Dec,  1545. 
[Norwich  Archdeaconry.] 

597.  Will  of  Robert  Ashefield,  of  Glovalangloste,  Suffolk,  A.D. 
1550,  mentions  my  brother  John  Dogett,  and  two  sons  of  said  John 
Dogett  which  he  had  by  Martha,  my  sister.  [Somerset  House, 
Coode,  12.] 

598.  The  will  of  John  Doggett,  of  Hingham,  Norfolk,  leaves 
bequests  to  the  high  altar  there,  the  poor  there,  and  to  the  repau-  of 
the  church ;  Thomasiue,  his  wife.  Sole  Executrix ;  Dorothy  Doggett, 
alias  Adkok;  William  Doggett,  alias  Adkok,  "  my  bowe  and  shafts" 
when  20  years  of  age ;  leaves  his  wife  his  house  which  he  bought  of 
Parson  Fox.  Dated  17  July,  3d  year  of  Edward  VI.  [1550].  Proved 
23  Oct.,  1550.     [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 


599.  The  will  of  Thomas  Doggett,  of  Worliugwortb,  Gentlemau  : 
To  be  buried  iu  the  church  there ;  sous :  John  Doggett,  Thomas 
Doggett,  Robert  Doggett ;  daughters :  Elizabeth,  Thomasiu  ;  Jolm 
Harrison,  clerk,  Elizabeth  Burrough,  daughter,  Thomas  Watliug, 
Executors  &  residuary  Legatees.  Dated  13  Oct.,  6th  year  of  Edward 
VL  [1653].     Proved  13  April,  1554.     [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 

600.  The  will  of  Robert  Dogget,  of  Stradbroke :  Soul  to  God, 
&c. ;  body  to  church  yard  of  Stradbroke ;  to  Katheryn,  wife,  lands, 
&c.,  in  Stradbroke  for  natural  life;  then  to  Arthur,  sou,  on  condition 
that  he  pays  to  my  other  children  such  sums  of  money  as  follows : 
to  Thomas,  son,  V£ ;  to  Margaret,  daughter,  20s.  ;  to  Johan,  daughter, 
20s. ;  to  Dorathye,  daughter,  20s. ;  to  Katheryn,  daughter,  40s. ; 
to  Agues,  daughter,  20s  ;  after  death  of  wife,  daughter  Margaret  to 
have  house  in  which  Margery  Pecke,  widow,  now  dwells.  Wife  and 
John  Godbold,  Executors.  Dated  10  April,  1558.  Proved  at  Strad- 
broke 20  March,  1558.      [Ipswich  Probate.] 

601.  "Will  of  Thomas  Malby,  citizen  and  alderman  of  Norwich, 
dated  20  Oct.,  1558,  mentions  Margaret,  my  wife,  &  Katherine 
Dogett,  my  sister,  dwelling  in  Shathbroke.  [Somerset  House, 
Welles,  11.] 

602.  Will  of  William  More,  of  Groton,  Suffolk,  dated  1  Octo- 
ber, 1565.  8th  Elizabeth  R.  mentions  Thomas  Lappage  my  son  iu 
law,  to  whom  he  gives  laud  at  Boxf ord ;  Alice  my  wife ;  and  John 
Dogat,  Anne  Dogat ;  if  the  former  attains  21  years  to  have  £5,  to  latter 
when  she  marries  40'.  Bed  and  Bedding  to  Wm  Dogatte  the  younger 
&  £5  if  he  attains  21  years.  My  son  in  law  Thos  Lappage  after 
death  of  his  mother  to  have  the  order  and  execution  of  last  will 
and  Testament  of  my  brother  John  Dogete  to  whom  I  was  executor 
and  trustee  to  children  of  John  Dogete.   [Somerset  House,  Stonerd,  9.] 

603.  The  will  of  Robert  Dogget,  of  Mendham,  butcher:  Soul 
to  God,  &c. ;  body  to  Church  yard  at  Mendham  ;  to  poor  of  jMendham 
20";  to  poor  of  Harleston  20'';  Johan,  wife,  tenement  lands, 
meadows,  Pastures  &c  at  Mendham  for  natural  life,  after  death  to 
Thomas,  son,  on  couditiou  he  gives  to  Cycelie  &  Marie,  my  daugiiters, 
xx"  apiece  ;  to  Robert  Doggett,  my  father,  20' ;  residue  not  mentioued 
to  Johan  wife  towards  bringing  up  of  children ;  to  Stephen  Warde  my 
wife's  father  my  newe  frieze  gowne;  Johan,  wife,  &  Thomas  Doggett, 
brother,  executors.  Dated  8  Nov.,  1580.  Proved  at  Mendham  23 
Dec,   1580.      [Ipswich  Probate.] 


604.  The  will  of  Bryan  Doggett,  the  elder,  of  Hardwiek : 
Eobert,  eldest  sou ;  Bryau,  "William,  John,  nij^  three  other  sous ; 
Bryau  to  have  all  his  Carpeuters  tools ;  legacies  to  be  paid  at  the 
house  of  his  brother  in  law  Nicholas  Cooke,  who  was  to  be  Super- 
■visor ;  Margaret  Doggett  his  wife  Executrix ;  Thomas  Doggett, 
Butcher,  brother;  witnesses  Richard  Person,  George  Smith.  Dated 
16  Jan.,  1008.     Proved  28  May,   1610.      [Norfolk  Archdeaconry.] 

605.  Administration  was  granted  on  the  estate  of  Christopher 
Doggett,  of  Caister,  St.  Edmund,  18  Dec,  1608,  to  Edmund  Reimes, 
grandfather  on  the  mother's  side,  during  minority  of  Susan,  Edmund, 
Grace,  and  Magaret  Doggett,  chiltli'en  of  deceased.  [Cousistorj'  of 

606.  Will  of  Alice  Wade,  widow,  of  Bildestou,  Suffolk,  dated 
19  May,  1610:  Buried  at  Bildestou  by  side  of  husbaud.  House  &c 
in  occupation  of  son  in  law  Edmonde  Doggett,  I  give  to  Johu, 
Edmund,  Nathaniel  and  Alice  Doggett  or  of  them  that  are  21  years 
of  age  at  time  of  my  death.  Also  William,  Samuel,  Edmonde  and 
Millos  Markes  children  of  my  late  daughter  Alice  Doggett  by  her  late 
husband  Edmonde  Markes.     [Somerset  House,  Weldou,  5.] 

607.  The  wOl  of  Thojias  Doggett,  of  Meudham,  County  Suf- 
folk, made  12  May,  1612  (cordyner)  :  Leaves  to  Johan  his  wife  all 
lands  and  goods  in  Mendham  and  makes  her  sole  executrix.  She  to 
bring  up  aud  educate  his  childreu,  noue  of  whose  names  are  men- 
tioned. Witnesses  of  will,  Johu  Skillet,  Christopher  Burly,  Johu 
Westgate.     Proved  at  Ipswich  10  June,  1612.     [Ipswich  Probate.] 

608.  The  uuncupative  will  of  John  Doggett,  of  Mendham, 
yeoman  :  Leaves  all  he  possessed  to  Susan,  his  wife ;  mentions  no 
other  relatives  ;  witnessed  by  Johu  Sowthes,  George  Smith,  Nat.  Gray- 
goose.  Dated  7  April,  1613.  Proved  30  April,  1613.  [Consistory 
of  Norwich.]  Johu  Doggett  was  liuried  Harleston,  Norfolk,  April 
15,  1613. 

609.  The  will  of  John  Doggett,  of  Oxteed  (or  Orheed) ,  County 
Surrey,  13  Feb.,  1617,  proved  1618,  wills  that  he  be  buried  at 
Oxheed,  and  mentions  brother  Nicholas ;  Johu,  sou  of  Nicholas  (above 
named)  ;  sister  Johane,  also  sister  of  Nicholas ;  Mary  Cooper, 
daughter  of  sister  Johane ;  children  of  brother  Thomas ;  James 
Doggett  my  brother  to  be  executor  and  residuary  legatee.  [Somer- 
set House,  Meade,  32.] 

610.  Will  of  Thomas  Dogget,  of  Howmouden,  Kent,  mentions 
my  son  Thomas  Doggett ;  Elizabeth  Willard  my  grandchild ;  Mary 


Willard  my  gi-aDclehild ;  my  daughter  Mary,  uot  21  j'ears  of  age; 
Isabel,  my  wife;  Wm  Willard,  my  sou  in  law.  Dated  2  May,  1621. 
Proved  1621.     [Somerset  House,  Dale,   6-i.] 

611.  Will  of  IsACK  DoGGATT,  of  Buthiugtoii,  County  Kent,  yeo- 
man, 14  Feb.  [1623],  twentieth  year  James  I.,  mentions  my  brother 
Thomas  Prowde  of  Nottington  Kent  and  my  sister  Mary  Prowde, 
his  wife  ;  Thomas  Prowde,  son  of  my  said  brother  Thomas  ;  John 
Prowde,  son  of  my  said  brother  Thomas ;  Isack  Prowde,  son  of  my 
said  brother  Thomas,  and  other  sons  whose  names  I  know  not ;  my 
sister  Francis  Doggat.     [Somerset  House,  Swan,  17.] 

612.  The  will  of  Egbert  Doggett,  of  Brokedish  (Broekdish), 
Norfolk:  His  tenements  in  Brokedish  to  William  Smart  and  Joan, 
wife  of  said  William;  William  Smart  executor.  Dated  19  April, 
1627.     Proved  13  Sept.,  163.5.      [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 

613.  The  will  of  Mart  Doggett,  of  Hockering,  single  woman, 
is  a  declaration  before  Mr.  Robert  Wickes,  Richard  Brackenbury, 
and  Mary  Lion,  that  she  desired  her  property  to  go  to  Philip  Sam- 
mon  aud  Elinor  Sammon,  of  Hockering,  her  "cozens,"  and  to  John 
Scammou,  of  Hockering,  her  uncle.  Dated  20  July,  1634.  Proved 
4  Aug.,  1634.     [Norfolk  Archdeaconry.] 

614.  The  will  of  Thomas  Doggett,  of  Bungay,  County  Suffolk, 
made  29  December,  1637  (Butcher)  :  To  Margarie  his  wife  all  his 
goods  and  sole  executrix.  No  other  name  mentioned  in  will  or 
whether  there  were  children  or  not.  Witnesses,  John  Skeltou, 
Richard  Doggett.  Proved  at  Bungay  10  Jan.,  1637.  [Ipswich 

Thomas  Doggett  had  a  daughter,  Anne  Doggett,  buried  Bungay, 
Suffolk,  June  20,   1628. 

615.  Will  of  Richard  Mouxgngs,  of  Stoke,  next  Hayland, 
Suffolk,  date  1638,  mentions  Susan,  my  daughter,  wife  of  Benjamin 
Doggett.     Proved  1639.     [Somerset  House,  Harvey,  48.] 

616.  Will  of  Elizabeth  LeGkis,  of  Weston,  Suffolk,  dated  17 
August,  1642 :  I  give  to  Sarah  my  daughter  wife  of  Richard  Dogget 
of  Hadleigh  Suffolk,  my  house  lands  &c.  situate  at  Boxford ;  three 
children  of  Richard  and  Sarah  Dogget  viz. :  Richard,  Auig  &  Eliza- 
beth not  21  years  old ;  Mary  Palmer  &  Anne  Gaunt  my  daughters : 
Sarah  Dogget  Executrix.     [Somerset  House,  Fines,  4.] 

617.  Will  of  Francis  Doggett,  of  Eaton,  County  Bedfordshire, 
yeoman,  dated  22  January,  1653,  proved  8  May,  1654  :  Desires  to  be 


buried  at  Eatou ;  mentions  legacies  of  £5  each,  to  brother  Thomas 
Doggett  aud  sister  Mary,  wife  of  Eichard  Beamout,  Brother  William, 
of  Southmius,  Co.  Middlesex,  Brother  John  Doggett  and  sister 
Elizabeth,  wife  of  William  Doggett,  of  Whipsnade,  Co.  Beds. 
Residue  to  Margaret,  my  wife,  whom  he  makes  sole  executrix. 
[Somerset  House,  Alchiu,  198.] 

618.  Will  of  Edmoxd  Doggett,  proved  27  Juue,  1653  (no  date  or 
place  mentioned)  :  To  my  sister  Adrey  Doggett,  the  wife  of  Bar- 
uaby  Sydey,  I  give  20  ...  of  gold ;  my  plate  &  compasses  and 
fowe  staffe  &  Quadraute  to  Arthur  Bartlett ;  one  half  of  Red  Cloth  to 
my  mate  Henry  Oake  the  other  half  to  Mr.  Lambert,  the  surgeon ; 
10  lbs  of  East  India  stuff e  in  my  chest  where  it  once  belonged  to 
Mr.  Henry  "Wafdalle ;  all  the  other  to  my  sister  Adrey ;  my  suit  of 
best  clothes  to  Walter  Elton ;  my  West  India  Hammack  to  gunner 
Thomas  Clarke.  To  John  Tribbett  a  pair  compasses  plans  &  sea 
Books.  My  clothes  and  all  wages  due  to  me  to  my  sister  Adrey  or  if 
deceased  to  her  son  Barnaby  Sydey.  Adm.  granted  to  Barnaby 
Sydey,  husband  of  A.  Doggett,  the  nat'  &  lawful  daughter  of  Ed- 
mond  Doggett  deceased.     [Somerset  House,  Brent,  245.] 

619.  Will  of  Feanx'is  Doggett,  of  Chesham,  County  Bucks,  yeo- 
man, signed  24  December,  1653,  proved  1  May,  1654  :  Wishes  to  be 
buried  at  Chesham,  mentions  my  wife  Mary  Doggett,  to  whom  he 
gives  messuage  land  and  tenement  in  Chesham,  wherein  William  Par- 
ratt  doth  live,  also  house  &  premises  wherein  I  now  dwell  in  Ches- 
ham, to  hold  the  same  until  my  son  Francis  Doggett  shall  reach  21 
years,  also  to  my  son  Francis  lands  lying  at  George  Doll's  close  on 
the  Latimer  Road.  Mary  his  wife  sole  executrix  &  residuary  legatee. 
[Somei-set  House,  Alchin,  397.] 

620.  The  wOl  of  Joun  Doggett,  of  Eedenhall,  butcher :  John 
Doggett,  son  ;  Alice  Doggett,  wife,  sole  executi-ix  ;  Elizabeth  Daugh- 
ter ;  Alice  Daughter  not  21  years  old;  Hanna  Daughter  not  21 
years  old  ;  Sarah  Daughter  not  21  years  old  ;  Esther  Daughter  not 
21  years  old.  His  wife  was  to  enter  into  a  bond  to  Mr.  Robert 
Bransby,  of  Redenhall,  for  the  due  performance  of  the  will.  Wit- 
nesses, Henry  Tubbye,  John  Matthewes.  Dated  21  May,  1665. 
Proved  26  May,  1665.      [Consistory  of  Norwich.] 

621.  9  November,  1676,  adm.  to  Mary  Dogget,  relict  of  John 
Dogget,  late  of  Walton,  within  the  Parish  of  Aylesbury,  County 
Bucks,  dee'd.  4  Oct  1683,  adm.  to  Rich''  Haywood,  Thomas  Barnaby 
and  William  Rice,  guardians  during  the  minority  of  John  and  Mary 
Dogget,  children  of  John  Dogget,  late  of  Walton  in  the  Parish  of 


AOesbury,  Co.  Bucks.  Mary  Dogget,  widow  and  relict,  having  de- 
ceased without  fully  admiuisteriug.  4  July  1693.  Adm.  to  John 
Doggett,  sou  of  Johu  Dogget,  late  of  Walton  within  the  Parish  of 
Aj'lesbury  Co.  Bucks,  dec'd,  Mary  Doggett,  widow  and  relict  of 
said  deceased,  having  died  without  fully  admiuisteriug.  [Adm. 

622.  Will  of  Thomas  Dogget,  of  Hocklifee,  in  the  County  of 
Bedford,  10  December,  1684.  Proved  November,  1685:  I  be- 
queath to  Joseph  Doggett  my  eldest  son  £20 ;  to  my  daughter 
Eebecca,  the  daughter  of  Mary,  my  late  wife,  who  was  the  daughter 
of  Eobert  Burthuon  of  Bathsdon,  Co.  Bedford,  yeoman  deceased, 
£50  ;  to  Thomas  Doggett  my  son  by  my  wife  Mary  all  that  my  mas- 
suage  in  Hockliffe  now  in  my  occupation  with  all  my  pastures,  grounds 
&  meadows  iu  Hocklife.  All  that  my  halfe  acre  of  arrable  land  in 
Ridgeway  furlong  in  Eggiuton  Fields  purchased  of  Edward  Clarke, 
also  my  Rood  or  more  of  meadow  ground  purchased  of  John  Man  of 
Eggintou ;  to  Robert  Doggett  my  son  by  Mary ;  Richard  Doggett, 
my  son,  Sarah  Doggett,  my  daughter,  Rebecca  Doggett,  my  daughter, 
sole  executors.  Thomas  Joyce,  my  brother  in  law,  who  married  my 
wife's  sister,  and  Sarah  his  wife,  I  appoint  trustees  and  guardian  of 
my  children.     Dated  18  Aug.,  1684.       [Somerset  House,  Cam,  133.] 

623.  18  April,  1696,  8  William  III.  "  I,  John  Doggett  Citizen 
and  Goldsmith  of  London  being  at  the  present  time  something  iudis- 
posed  as  to  my  bodily  health  but  of  sound  and  perfect  mind  and 
memory."  To  be  buried  at  discretion  of  executors.  "  I  give  and 
devise  unto  my  nephew  John  Randolph  (my  sister's  sonne) ,  his  heirs 
and  assigns  forever,"  lands,  &c.,  in  the  parish  of  Walton,  Co. 
Bucks;  "unto  my  brother-in-law,  John  Randolph  and  my  sister 
Mary  his  wife;"  "to  Thomas  Barnaby,  Senr.  (my  Uncle);"  "to 
Thomas  Barnaby,  Junr.  (my  cousin);"  "to  my  cousin  William 
Barnaby ;  "  "to  my  cousin  Martha  Worcester ;  "  "to  the  children  of 
my  cozen  John  Hey  wood ;  "  "to  the  children  of  my  cozen  Henry 
Bell;  "  "to  my  cousin  Joseph  Hey  wood  and  to  his  children;  "  "to 
my  cousin  Mrs.  Moore,  my  cousins  John  Fells,  John  Mills  and 
Ralph  White;"  poor  of  Waltou,  £10;  poor  of  Aylesbury,  Co. 
Bucks,  £10  ;  residue  of  estate  to  sister  Mary  Randolph  and  her  son, 
my  nephew  John  Randolph,  and  appoints  them  joint  executor  and 
Executrix.  Signed  "  Jxo :  Doggett."  Proved  P.C.C.  28  March, 
1700,  by  Mary  Randolph.  Power  reserved  to  John  Randolph. 
[Somerset  House,  46,  Noel.] 

624.  The  will  of  M.4ey  Doggett,  of  Leightou  Buzzard,  widdow, 
dated  1698,  mentions  therein,  my  neice  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Thomas 


Allin  of  Buckiugham,  inalster,  £20 ;  my  ueice  Frances  Wowsley, 
spinster,  daughter  of  my  sister  Jaue  Wowsley,  £20 ;  uephew  John 
Stuthbury,  sou  of  my  brother  Audrew  Stuthbury,  40s.  ;  Elizabeth 
Stuthbury,  widdow,  late  wife  of  my  nephew  Christopher  Stuthbury 
&  children  of  same  mentioned  ;  neice  Mary  Squire  &  Joana  Sholton, 
daughters  of  my  lirother  Andrew  Stuthbury ;  residue  to  my  loving 
nephew  John  Wowsley  of  "SViuslow,  Co.  Bucks,  &  William  Sholton 
of  Winslow  and  Oliver  Maine  of  Winslow  and  John  Wowsley  [if  he 
does  not  marry  Eebeca  Hunt]  my  executors.  [Somerset  House, 
Noel,  97.] 

625.  The  will  of  Johannis  (John)  Doggett  :  All  wages,  bounty 
prize  money  due  to  me  in  His  Majestys  service  and  other  lands 
Tenements  goods  &c.  to  wife  Rebecca  Doggett,  sole  Executrix. 
Signed  10  March,  170f,  12  William.  Proved  1703.  [Somerset 
House,  Degg,  4.] 

626.  John  Doggett  of  his  Ship  the  Biddiford,  Capt.  Searls, 
leaves  all  to  his  friend  Richard  Roberts.  Date  2  June,  11  William  III., 
1701.     [Somerset  House,  Dyer,  137.] 

627.  The  will  of  Richard  Doggett,  of  Middlesex,  schoolmaster  : 
Buried  at  Parish  Church,  Hendon,  at  which  place  I  live  now.  I 
give  to  my  Brother  Thomas  all  pieces  and  parcels  of  Laud  at  Eggiu- 
ton  Leighton  Buzzard,  known  as  Ardells ;  an  annuity  to  my  sister 
Rebekah  Palmer.  Sister  Sarah  Babham  to  have  above  land  in  the 
event  of  Thomas  leaving  no  heir-  male,  for  the  term  of  her  life  and  to 
her  heirs  male  in  default  of  which  it  is  to  go  to  my  sister  Rebeckah 
and  after  to  her  heirs  male  of  her  body  and  in  want  of  such  heirs  to 
the  female  heu-s  of  brother  Thomas  or  wanting  such  to  female  heu-s 
of  Sarah  Palmer  in  want  of  which  I  leave  to  my  cousin  Thomas  Dog- 
gett of  the  parish  of  Hockly  (Hockliffe)  Co.  Beds,  and  his  heirs  for- 
ever ;  Sarah  my  sister,  wife  of  William  Babham  of  Wendover 
Bucks. ;  Thomas  Palmer  my  Godson ;  residue  to  my  brother  Thomas, 
my  sole  executor.  Dated  19  Jan.,  170|.  Proved  1706.  [Somerset 
House,  Pedes,  10.5.] 

628.  The  will  of  Nathaniel  Doggett,  now  residing  at  Hamp- 
stead,  Co.  Middlesex,  gentleman :  I  give  unto  my  grandchild  Cos 
Thathe  £300 ;  my  grandchildren  John  Thathe  &  Rachel  Thathe  £250 
each;  to  my  friends  Thomas  Haynes  &  Anthony  Neale  £10  each; 
all  the  remainder  of  my  monies,  Stocks,  Bonds,  debts  &c  to  my 
daughter  Lucretia  Thathe,  now  living  in  Jamaica.  Dated  24  May, 
1715.     Codicil  of  "same  date:  To  my  cousin  Augustin  Bedford  40s. 


per  anuum  for  5  years  to  be  paid  to  widow  Tliathe  witli  whom  my 
said  kiusmau  lives.  Proved  June,  1715.  [Somerset  House,  Fagg, 

629.  The  will  of  Francis  Daggett,  made  July  1,  1715,  proved 
1718,  of  the  parish  of  St.  Leonards,  Shoreditch,  Loudou,  mentions 
therein  Anne,  his  late  wife ;  sou  George ;  grandson  David  Daggett, 
second  son  of  sou  George ;  graudson  George  Daggett,  eldest  sou  of 
George ;  grandson  Ralph  Daggett,  third  sou  of  George ;  daughter 
Mary  Daggett ;  daughter  Anne  Daggett.  From  codicil :  Sarah,  wife 
of  son  George ;  Thomas  Hardwick,  husband  of  Anue.  [Somerset 
House,  Tennisou,  57.] 

630.  Will  of  George  Daggett,  of  Maryleboue,  Middlesex,  men- 
tions Brother-in-law  Thomas  Harwood,  of  Hackney,  Middlesex; 
James  Harwood,  of  St.  Leonards,  Shoreditch ;  my  daughter  Sarah 
Daggett ;  sons  Ealph  &  George ;  my  brother  iu  law  to  be  guardian 
of  children  uutil  21  years  of  age.  Dated  31  Oct.,  1727.  Proved 
1727.     [Somerset  House,  Farrant,  292.] 

631.  The  will  of  Elizabeth  Doggett,  of  College  Hill: 

I,  Elizabeth  Dogett  of  College  Hill  in  the  City  of  London,  Spinster  .  .  . 
and  first  my  will  and  desire  is  that  my  Body  be  decently  Buried  at  the  discretion 
of  my  Executor  .  .  .  unto  my  very  worthy  Friend  Alexander  Broughton  of 
South  Carolina,  Esquire,  one  Gold  King  as  a  small  mite  or  Humble  token  of  my 
Good  will  and  gratitude  for  the  favors  I  have  received  .  .  .  unto  my  loving 
Sister  Ann  Dogett  and  Mary  Lewin  one  Gold  Ring  to  each  as  a  token  of  my 
love  .  .  .  unto  my  loving  Brother  Benjamin  Dogett  of  the  Parish  of  Battersea 
in  the  County  of  Surry,  Gentleman,  All  and  every  of  my  Estate  and  Estates 
Real  and  Personal,  Bonds,  Bills,  Notes,  Securities,  Papers,  Writings,  Goods, 
Chattels  and  Effects  of  any  kind,  name,  nature,  or  denomination  whatsoever 
whether  in  Great  Britain,  Carolina  America  or  in  any  other  part  of  the  World 
.  .  .  and  appoint  my  said  dearly  beloved  Brother  Benjamin  Dogett,  my  Uni- 
versal Heir  and  Sole  Executor    9  June  1765  E.  DOGETT  (l.s.) 

Witnesses  hereunto,  Ann  Harding,  Elizabeth  Harding,  Elizabeth  Brown. 

Proved  1"  Feb.  1775,  by  Beujamiu  Dogett  the  Brother  of  the  dec'd 
and  sole  exec. 

Probate  Act  to  above  will  from  the  "  Probate  Act  Book,"  1775, 
Feb  1 :  The  will  of  Elizabeth  Dogett  fornierly  of  South  Carolina  in 
America  but  late  of  Battersea  Co.  Surry,  Spinster,  dec'd,  was  proved 
by  Benjamin  Dogett  the  Brother  and  sole  exec.  [Somerset  House, 
46  Alexander.] 

633.  Great  Gaddeston,  Herts.  Doggatt  appears  often  iu  early 
parochial  registers. 

633.  Sarratt  Eickmausworth,  Herts.  Doggett  appears  ofteu  iu 


634.  St.  Michael's,  St.  Albans,  Herts.     Dogget  frequently  men- 
tioned in  registers. 

635.  "  Doggett's  Path,"  Leightou  Buzzard,  Beds. 

636.  "Doggett's  Pightle,"  Hundred  of  Hosue,  Suff.,  mentioned 
in  1667. 


637.  Thomas  Doggett,  born  Dublin,  Ireland;'  died  Eltham, 
Kent,  England,  September  •22,  1721  ;  married,  first,  before  1682, 
Mar}';  she  died  1712;  married,  second,  -. 

Thomas  Doggett  was  born  in  Castle  street,  Dublin,  Ireland,  and 
made  his  first  theatrical  attempt  on  the  stage  of  that  metropolis,  but 
does  not  appear  to  have  achieved  any  great  success  there. 

He  strolled  the  provinces  before  his  talents  procured  him  a  fore- 
most position  upon  the  London  stage,  where  he  made  his  appearance 
in  1691. 

He  has  been  described  as  a' "little  lively  sprack  man"  who 
"  dressed  neat  and  something  fine,  in  a  plain  cloth  coat  and  a  bro- 
caded waistcoat." 

His  name  has  been  traced  into  the  thirteenth  century,  when  one 
Gilbertus  Dogget  is  mentioned  in  connection  with  an  unpublished 
"Pipe  Roll"  of  the  year  1261.  (Search  has  been  made  in  London 
for  this  roll,  but  without  success.) 

Anthony  Aston  says  he  "  was  the  most  faithful  and  pleasing  actor 
that  ever  was,"  and  "  the  best  face-painter  and  gesticulator." 

"  He  was  the  most  original  observer  of  nature  of  all  his  contempo- 
raries," says  Gibber. 

He  could  paint  his  face  to  represent  seventy,  eighty,  or  ninety 
years  of  age.  Sir  Godfrey  Kneller  told  him  one  day  that  he  excelled 
him  in  painting ;  for  that  he  could  only  copy  nature  from  the  original 
before  him,  but  that  he  (Doggett)  could  vary  them  at  jjleasure  and 
yet  keep  a  close  likeness. 

Aston  says:  "In  behavior  he  was  modest,  cheerful,  and  complai- 
sant; he  sang  in  company  very  agreeably,  and  in  public  very  comi- 
cally, and  he  danced  the  Cheshire  Round  full  as  well  as  the  fam'd 
Captain  George,  but  with  much  more  nature  and  nimbleness." 

The  same  old  writer  says:  "I  have  had  the  pleasure  of  his  con- 
versation for  one  year,  when  I  travelled  with  him  in  his  strolling 
company,  and  found  him  a  man  of  very  good  sense,  but  illiterate ; 


for  he  wrote  me  word  thus  :  '  Sii',  I  will  give  you  a  hole  iustead  of  half 
share.'  While  I  ti-avelled  with  hmi  each  sharer  kept  his  horse  and 
was  everywhere  respected  as  a  gentleman." 

Dogget  made  his  first  appearance  in  London,  after  his  prosperous 
career  as  a  stroller,  in  Bartholomew  Fair ;  and  we  append  a  copy  of 
the  bill  announcing  it : 

At  Parke's  and  Dogget's  Booth, 

near  Hosier  Lane  End,  during  the  time  of 


Will  be  presented  a  new  Droll,  called 

Fryar  Bacon  :   or  the  Couxtry  Justice^ 

With  the  Humours  of  Toll  Free,  the  Miller  and  his  son  Ralph 

acted  by  Mr.  Dogget. 

With  variety  of   Scenes,  Machinery,  Songs  and  Dances. 

ViVAT  Rex  ICOl. 

In  the  year  following  he  made  a  great  hit  as  Solon  in  D'Urfey's 
comedy  of  the  "  Marriage  Hater  Matched."  The  "  Spectator,"  in  a 
paper  which  denounces  ' '  the  intolerable  folly  and  confidence  of 
players"  in  "  putting  in  words  of  their  own,"  calls  them  "  savages, 
who  want  all  manner  of  regard  and  deference  to  the  rest  of  man- 
kind, come  only  to  show  themselves,  without  any  other  purpose  than 
that  of  letting  us  know  they  despise  us,"  and  speaks  of  the  acting  of 
Doggett,  who  scorned  "gagging,"  in  the  highest  terms,  saying: 
"There  is  something  so  miraculously  pleasant  in  Doggett's  acting, 
the  awkward  triumph  and  comic  sorrow  of  Hob  in  different  cii-cum- 
stances,  that  I  shall  not  be  able  to  stay  away  whenever  it  is  acted." 

The  writer,  Sir  Kichard  Steel,  adds  his  regret  that  the  audience 
do  not  recognize  the  refiued  subtilty  of  the  actor's  execution  and  con- 
ception, but  merely  the  coarse  horse-play  of  his  part. 

His  manuer,  though  borrowed  from  none,  frequently  served  as 
model  to  many ;  and  he  possessed  that  peculiar  art  which  so  very  few 
performers  are  masters  of,  namely,  the  arriving  at  the  perfectly 
ridiculous  without  stepping  into  the  least  impropriety  to  attain  it. 

As  a  writer  Mr.  Dogget  has  left  behind  him  only  one  comedy, 
which  has  not  been  performed  in  its  original  state  for  many  years, 
entitled  "The  Country  Wake"  (1696).  It  has  been  altered,  how- 
ever, into  a  ballad  farce,  which  has  frequently  made  its  appearance 
under  the  title  of  "  Flora  "  or  "  Hob  in  the  Well." 

Dogget  was  joint  manager  of  Druiy  Lane  Theatre,  in  conjunction 
with  Colley  Gibber  and  Robert  Wilks.  In  1697  Dogget,  having  some 
cause  of  complaint  against  the  patentee  of  Drury  Lane  Theatre, 
threw  up  his  engagement  and  went  to  Norwich. 

In  those  days  the  power  of  the  Lord  Chamberlain  over  theatres  and 
actors  was  without  limit,  as  may  be  gleaned  from  the  following  story : 


Powell,  the  actor,  beiug  discontented  with  his  position  at  Drury  Lane, 
accepted  an  engagement  at  the  Duke's  Theatre,  in  Lincoln's-Inn 
Fields,  where  Betterton  was  one  of  his  lordship's  personal  friends  and 
favorites.  Shortly  after,  he  determined  to  return  to  his  old  post  at 
Drury  Lane,  and  did  so,  when  the  Lord  Chamberlain  sent  a 
"  messenger  "  to  seize  and  convey  him  to  prison ;  and  he  was  confined 
for  two  days  in  the  Porter's  Lodge.  As  with  Powell  so  with  Dogget. 
The  patentee  complained  and  a  messenger  was  despatched  to  Nor- 
wich, who  there  seized  Dogget  and  brought  him  to  London.  The 
actor,  proud  to  suffer  in  the  cause  of  liberty,  was  not  at  all  intimi- 
dated, but  went»>cheerfiilly  with  the  officer ;  and  finding  his  expenses 
were  to  be  paid  took  care  to  live  well  on  the  road,  calling  for  the  best 
at  every  inn  they  alighted  at.  Arriving  in  town  he  appealed  from 
the  Chamberlain  to  the  Lord  Chief  Justice  for  his  habeas  corpus ; 
and,  aided  by  clever  legal  advice,  fought  the  cause  of  the  players 
against  the  Lord  Chamberlain  with  such  effect,  that  he  not  only 
secm-ed  his  own  liberty,  but  brought  censure  down  upon  the  head  of 
the  capricious  tyrant  by  whom  both  he  and  Powell  were  oppressed. 

Dogget  played  Shylock  to  the  great  Bettertou's  Bassauio.  He 
always  acted  Shylock  as  a  ferociously  comic  character. 

It  may  be  remembered  that  Dogget  was  manager  when,  Colley 
Cibber  ha\'iug  given  him  offence,  he  fined  him  five  shillings,  and  ou 
being  informed  by  the  treasurer  that  Colley  was  but  an  apprentice,  not 
yet  in  receipt  of  a  salary,  he  replied,  ' '  Then  put  him  down  for  ten 
shillings  a  week  and  forfeit  him  five,"  —  an  arrangement  which  gave 
young  Colley  no  small  satisfaction  and  delight. 

Congreve  discerned  Dogget's  talents,  and  wrote  for  him  Fondle- 
wife  in  the  "Old  Bachelor,"  Sii-  Paul  Pliant  in  the  "Double 
Dealer,"  and  the  very  different  part  of  Ben  in  "Love  for  Love." 

He  continued  a  joint  manager  with  WOks  &  Cibber  of  the  Drury 
Lane  Theatre  until  1712,  when  he,  being  disgusted  at  Mr.  Booth's 
being  forced  on  them  as  a  sharer  in  the  management,  threw  up  his 
part  in  the  property  of  the  theatre,  though  it  was  looked  on  to  have 
been  worth  a  thousand  pounds  per  annum. 

His  great  passion  was  stock-jobbing,  and  no  man  was  better  known 
upon  "'Change,"  for  every  moment  he  could  spare  from  his  pro- 
fessional duties  was  passed  there.  He  was  obstinate  and  testy,  and 
impatient  of  crosses  and  contradiction. 

Dogget  succeeded  in  saving  a  fortune  sufficient  to  make  him  in  easy 
cii'cumstances,  and  after  the  death  of  his  first  wife  he  married  a  lady 
with  a  well-stocked  purse.  He  then  devoted  himself  to  politics,  and 
became  a  "  Whig." 

He  was  a  great  friend  of  Steel  and  of  Addison,  and  frequented  the 
great  coffee-houses  of  that  day. 


He  became  a  member  of  the  Fishmongers'  Company,  and  iu  loyalty 
and  gratitude,  being  a  "Whig  up  to  the  head  and  ears,"  he  gave  a 
waterman's  coat  and  silver  badge  to  be  rowed  for,  in  honor  and  com- 
memoration of  the  accession  of  King  George  I.  to  the  thi-one. 
The  date  of  this  first  contest  was  1715. 

As  a  lasting  compliment  to  royalty  as  exemplified  iu  the  Han- 
overian succession,  he  made  arrangements  in  his  will  for  a  continuance 
forever  of  this  annual  contest.  ' '  Ten  pounds  to  be  laid  out  pro- 
viding a  waterman's  coat  of  cloth  (orange  color)  of  the  value  of 
eighteen  shillings,  with  a  silver  badge  of  the  value  of  five  pounds, 
upon  which  shall  be  the  impress  of  a  white  horse  in  such  manner  as 
was  used  by  Mr.  Dogget  in  his  lifetime,  round  the  plate  there  shall 
be,  in  fau-  letters,  these  words,  '  The  gift  of  Thomas  Dogget,  the 
famous  comedian.'  "  The  prize  was  to  be  contested  for  by  six  young 
watermen,  who  were  not  to  have  exceeded  the  time  of  their  ap- 
prenticeship by  twelve  mouths,  and  the  claimants  were  to  start  off 
upon  a  given  signal  at  the  time  of  the  tide,  when  the  cuiTeut  was 
strongest  against  them,  over  a  com-se  of  about  five  miles  in  distance 
from  the  Old  Swan  at  Loudon  Bridge  to  the  White  Swan  at  Chelsea. 
The  Fishmonger  Company's  barge-master,  resplendent  iu  a  cocked 
hat  and  the  livery  of  the  company,  officiated  as  umpu-e,  aud  was 
shown  up  in  a  cutter  mauned  by  watermen,  the  majority  of  whom 
were  coat-aud-badge  winners  of  previous  years. 

The  following  is  the  present  [1879]  value  of  the  prizes  for  Dog- 
gett's  coat  and  badge  : 

£    s.  d. 

1st  man,  G     6     0  with  coat  and  badge. 

2d      "      5     5     0 

3d     "      3     3     0 

4th   "220 

Sth   "      1  11     C 

6th    "       1     G     0 

On  a  glass  window  iu  Lambeth,  on  August  1,  1736,  some  one  wrote 
as  follows  : 

"  Tom  Dogget,  the  greatest  sly  drole  in  his  parts 
In  acting  was  certain  a  master  of  arts, 
A  monument  left  —  no  herald  is  fuller,  — 
His  praise  is  sung  yearly  by  many  a- sculler. 
Ten  thousand  years  hence,  if  the  world  lasts  so  long, 
Tom  Dogget  must  still  be  tlie  theme  of  their  song." 

Motto  for  Thomas  Dogget  dancing  the  Cheshire  rounds  : 

Ne  sutor  ultra  crepidam. 

Charles  Dibdiu  was  so  amused  with  the  sight  of  the  contest  for 
Dogget's  prize  that  in  1774  he  brought  out  at  the  Haymarket  Theatre 


a  ballad  opera  entitled  "The  Watermau;  or,  The  First  of  August," 
the  hero  of  which  is  Tom  Tug,  who  sings  the  songs  commeueiug, 
"  And  did  you  never  hear  tell  of  a  jolly  j'ouug  watermau,"  and 
"Then  farewell,  my  trim-built  wherry." 

A  waterman  who  was  inclined  to  be  poetical  wrote  regarding  the 

"  Let  your  oars  like  lightning  flog  it, 
Up  tlie  Tliames  as  swiftly  jog  it, 
An  you'd  win  thie  prize  of  Doggett 
The  Glory  of  the  river. 

"Benilin!  bowing;  strainin;  rowin ; 
Perhaps  the  wind  in  fury  blowin  ; 
Or  tlie  tide  again  you  flowin ; 
The  Coat  .*!;  Badge  for  ever." 

The  race,  of  course,  is  an  historical  one,  and,  to  a  certain  degree, 
is  but  second  to  the  Oxford  and  Cambridge  contest  for  supremacy. 
The  men,  we  need  scarcely  add,  are  socially  wide  apart. 

An  interesting  reminder  of  the  first  wife  of  the  comedian  is  a  very 
curious  quarto  book  MS.  (British  Museum.  Add  MS.  27,466-203- 
613),  the  title-page  of  which  is  as  follows:  "Mary  Doggett.  Her 
Book  of  Receits,  1682."  The  greater  part  is  very  beautifully 

This  is  the  last  Will  and  Testament  of  me  Thomas  Doggett  of  the  Parish  of 
S'  Paul's  Covent  Garden  in  the  County  of  Middlesex,  Gentleman,  made  this 
Tenth  day  of  September  Anno  Domini  One  Thousand  seven  Hundred  Twenty 
and  one. 

Imprimis.  I  give  and  bequeath  the  Sum  of  One  Thousand  pounds  unto 
Twenty  poor  men  (to  be  chosen  by  my  Executors  herein  after  named)  who  are 
ffreemen  of  and  are  or  have  been  Shop  keepers  in  the  City  of  London  and  who 
were  never  respectively  worth  ffifty  pounds  in  the  Stock  of  their  severall  Trades 
that  is  to  say  to  each  one  of  the  said  twenty  poor  Men  ffifty  pounds. 

Item.  I  give  unto  my  Kinsman  Captain  Jacob  Hallister  of  Bristol  the  Sume 
of  Two  Hundred  pounds  and  my  Gold  Watch. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Mrs.  Mary  Peck  of  Eltham  in  Kent  Widow  the  Sume  of 
One  Hundred  pounds. 

Item.  In  case  my  Neice  Mary  Young  continues  alive  and  in  Ireland  at  my 
Death  Then  I  give  to  her  the  Sume  of  Two  Hundred  pounds. 

Item.  I  give  to  my  Servant  Ann  Gibbons  the  Sume  of  Thirty  Pounds  per 
annum  during  her  natural  Life  to  be  paid  Quarterly  at  the  four  usual  Quarter 
days  in  the  year  the  flSrst  payment  to  be  made  on  such  of  the  said  Quarter  days 
as  shall  happen  next  after  my  decease;  I  further  give  unto  the  said  Ann 
Gibbons  the  Sume  of  Twenty  pounds  for  Mourning' and  all  my  Cloaths  and 
wearing  Apparel,  Linnen  and  Wollen  and  my  Household  ft'urniture. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Catherine  Gibbons  Sister  of  the  said  Anne  the  sume  of 
Ten  pounds. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Mrs  Mary  Reynolds,  wife  of  Thomas  Reynolds  Esq'  one 
of  my  Executors  herein  after  appointed  my  best  Diamond  King. 

Item.  It  is  my  Will  and  I  do  hereby  direct  that  my  Executors  shall  forthwith 
by  and  out  of  my  personal  Estate  purchase  ffreehold  Lands  of  Inheritance  to 
the  value  of  Ten  pounds  per  Annum  and  to  cause  such  Lands  when  purchased  to 
be    conveyed  unto   Edward    Burt   of  the    Admiralty  office  Esq'  bis  Heirs  and 


assignes  subject  to  and  charged  and  for  ever  Cliargeable  with  the  hiying  out 
ffurnishing  ami  procuring  yearly  on  the  (first  day  of  August  for  ever  the  follow- 
ing particulars  that  is  to  say,  ffive  pounds  for  a  Cadge  of  Silver  weighing  about 
t\velve  ounces  and  representing  Liberty  to  be  given  to  be  rowed  for  by  Six  young 
Watermen  according  to  my  Custom,  Eighteen  Shillings  for  Cloath  fur  a  Livery 
whereon  the  said  Badge  is  to  be  put,  one  pound  one  shilling  for  making  up  the 
said  Livery  and  Buttons  and  Appurtenances  to  it  and  Thirty  Shillings  to  the 
Clerk  of  Watermens  Hall  All  which  I  would  have  to  be  continued  for  ever 
yearly  in  Comemoration  of  his  Majesty  King  Georges  happy  Accession  to  the 
Brittish  Throne.  The  Remainder  of  the  Rents  and  profitts  of  the  said  Lands 
when  purchased  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  the  said  Edward  Burt  his  Heirs  and 
Assignes  for  ever. 

And  in  the  meantime  until  such  purchase  I  direct  my  Executors  to  ffurnish 
the  said  Badge  Livery  and  other  things  in  manner  aforesaid  upon  every  fBrst 
day  of  August  that  shall  happen. 

I  desire  that  my  Body  may  be  decently  buried  in  like  manner  as  my  late  Wife 
was,  both  as  to  privacy  ami  KxiXMicr. 

Item.  I  give  devise  ami  lnquratli  unto  my  very  good  ffriends  Sir  George 
Markham  of  the  Temph-  Uaronitt  and  Tlionias  Reynolds  of  South  Minis  in  the 
County  of  Middlesex.  IC-^q'.  All  my  Soutli  Sea  Stock,  Subscripcons  and  Bonds 
.AH  my  Cash.  Jewells  plate.  Goods  and  Effects  wh.atsoever  not  hereinbefore 
disposeil  of.  And  all  the  rest  ami  residue  of  all  my  Estate  reall  and  personal  of 
what  nature  or  kind  soever  and  wheresoever  to  the  proper  use  and  benefit  of 
them  the  said  Sir  George  Markham  and  Thomas  Reynolds  Executors  of  this 
my  Will'  And  I  hereby  revoke  and  declare  void  all  former  and  other  Wills  or 
Testaments  by  me  at  any  time  heretofore  made  And  do  declare  this  present 
Writing  to  be  my  last  Will  and  Testaniertt. 

In  Witness  whereof  I  have  hereunto  Sett  ray  hand  and  Seal  the  Tenth  day  of 
September  Anno  Domini  One  Thousand  Seven  humlred  Twenty  and  one  above 


Signed  sealed  published  and  declared  by  the  before  named  Tliomas  Doggett 
for  and  as  his  last  Will  and  Testament  in  the  presence  of  us  who  liave  hereunto 
Subscribed  our  names  as  Witnesses  in  his  presence 

John  Bilton,  fferdn  John  Paris. 

Proved  2  October,  1721.     [Somerset  House,  "  Buckingham,"  177.] 


638.  Thomas  Daggett     married    Elizabeth;  she  born    Ireland, 
1799;  died  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Feb.  27,  1855. 

Issue : 
G39.  i.  Thomas  Daggett,'  born  Ireland,  1830. 

639.  Thomas  Daggett  -  ( Thomas^),  born  Ireland,  1830  ;  "  labor- 
er," "  shovel  welder,"  resided  Boston,  Mass.  (1858) ;  married  Boston, 

>  In  the  maraiD  opposite  to  this  part  the  following  words  aie  written  :  "  the  said  Sr  George 
Markham  and  Thomas  Iteynolds  their  Heirs  Executors  Administrators  and  assigns  for  ever, 
they  lirst  paying  all  my  Debts  Legacys  and  ffuneral  Expences,  I  do  hereby, 


Mass.,  May  2,    1858,   by  Rev.   Thomas  McNulty,   to  Susan  Hart, 
daughter  of  Dauiel  and  Jane  Hart;  born  Ireland,  1835. 
Issue : 

640.  i.    James  H.  Daggett,^  born  Boston,  Mass.,  May  7,  1858;  diet!  Boston, 

Mass.,  September  11,  1858. 

641.  ii.  THOiMAs  William  Daggett,^  born  "West  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  Marcli  6, 

1861;  died  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  June  18,  1862. 


642.     Charles  Doggett,'  born  Ireland;  married  Catherine. 
Issue  : 

643.  i.    Catherine   Doggett,"  born   Ireland,    1814;    married   Boston,   Mass., 

April  4,  1837,  by  Rev.  Michael  Healy,  to  Daniel  Slattery ;  she  died 
Dedham,  Mass.,  October  23,  1849. 

644.  ii.  John  Doggett,^  born  Ireland,  November  27,  1824. 

64-4.  John  Doggett^  (Charles'),  born  Ireland,  November  27, 
1824;  "  farmer ;"  died  Dedham,  Mass.,  August  16,  1880;  married 
1st,  Mary  Holland,  daughter  of  Patrick  and  Catharine  Holland ;  born 
Ireland;  died  Dedham,  Mass.,  February  24,  1861  ;  married  2d,  Rox- 
bury,  Mass.,  November  26,  1861,  by  Rev.  P.  O'Beirne,  to  Mrs.  Mar- 
garet Typhens,  daughter  of  John  and  Margaret  Lyman;  born  Ireland, 

Issue : 

645.  i.       James  Doggett,' born  Dedham,  Mass.,  1848. 

646.  ii.       Catherine  Ann  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  February  21,  1850; 

married    Blackstone,  Mass.,    November    27,    1878,  William    Henry 

647.  iii.     John  A.  Doggett,'  born  Dedliara,  Mass.,  September  14,  1851;  died 

Dedham,  Mass.,  November  14,  1855. 

648.  iv.     Margaret  Jane  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  Januarys,  1852; 

died  Dedham,  Mass.,  April  19,  1857. 

649.  V.      Ellen  M.  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  May  3,  1855;  died  Ded- 

ham, Mass.,  November  15,  1855. 

650.  vi.     Mary  E.  Doggett,'  born  Dtdham,  Mass.,  May  3,  1855;  died  Ded- 

ham, Mass.,  November  28,  1855. 

651.  vii.    Mary  J.  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  July  5,  1859. 

652.  viii.  John  Francis  Doggett,' born  Dedham,  Mass.,  February  24,  1861. 

653.  ix.     Thomas  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  September  1,  1862. 

654.  X.      Margaret  M.  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  July  3,  1864 ;  died 

Dedham,  Mass.,  September  13,  1884. 

655.  xi.     William  H.  Doggett,'  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  March  10,  1870. 

645.  James  Doggett'  (John,-  C7tarfes '),  born  Dedham,  Mass., 
1848;  "  shoemaker ;"  resides  Dedham,  Mass.  (1878);  married  Bos- 
ton, Mass.,  April  28,  1872,  by  Rev.  James  A.  Healey,  to  Mrs.  Mary 


Isabella  Rogers,  daughter  of  Patrick  ami  Mary  Cohen ;  boru  Ireland, 

C56.  i.      James  Doggett,''  born  Declhani,  Mass.,  February  5,  1875;  died  Ded- 

bam,  Mass.,  February  6,  1875. 
fi57.  ii.    Jame.s  Henry  Doggett,''  bora  Dedham,  Mass.,  October  19,  1876. 

658.  iii-   Kittie  V.  Doggett,*  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  December  1  +  ,  1878. 

651.  Mary  J.  Doggett^  {John,^  Charles'),  born  Dedham, 
Mass.,  July  5,  1859;  married  Boston,  Mass.,  March  Ifi,  1883,  by 
Rev.  Robert  G.  Seymour,  to  George  F.  Arnold,  son  of  Daniel  and 
Amy  [Eldredge]  Arnold;  "  R.R.  Engineer;"  boru  Pnn-idenee, 
R.I.,   1850. 

652.  John  Francis  Doggett'  {John,^  Ckurles'),  boru  Dedham, 
Mass.,  February  24,  1861;  "  farmer ;"  resides  Canton,  Mass. 
(1885);  married  Canton,  Mass.,  June  5,  1881,  by  Rev.  M.  F. 
Delaney,  to  Catherine  Sullivan;  born  Stoughtou,  Mass.,  1857. 

Issue : 

659.  i.     John  Francls  Doggett,''  born  Canton.  Mass.,  August  14,  1881. 

660.  ii.    James  H.  Doggett,''  born  Canton,  Mass.,  June  29,  1883. 

661.  iii.  Mart  J.  Doggett,''  born  Canton,  Mass.,  November  17,  1885. 


662.  William  Doggett,'  born  (in  or  near)  Dublin,  Ireland, 
1806;  removed  to  America  1836;  died  Salem,  Mass.,  June  10,  li>72; 
married  Garristovvn,  County  Dublin,  Ireland,  1826,  Katherine  Roony  ; 
she  resides  Salem,  Mass.  (1884). 

Issue : 
f.63.  i.       John  Doggett,"  born  Dublin.  Ireland,  1829. 
6H4.  ii.       La'wrence  Doggett,'-  born  Salem,  Mass.,  1838. 

665.  iii.     Christopher  Doggett,"  born  Salem,  Mass.,  1840. 

666.  iv.     William  Doggett,"  born  Salem,  Mass.,  August  24,  1842;  died  Salem, 

Mass.,  Septembers,  1842. 

667.  V.      Jane  Doggett,'-'  born  Salem,  Mass.,  February,  1847. 

668.  vi.     SnsAN  Doggett,"  born  Salem,  Mass.,  November,  1847. 

669.  vii.    Catherine  Doggett,"  born  Salem,  Mass.,  October  9,  1849. 

670.  viii.  Kate  Doggett,"  born  Salem,  Mass.,  1851. 

671.  ix.     James    Doggett,'-    born    Salem,   Mass.,   May  5,    1854;    died    Salem, 

Mass.,  August  13,  1885. 

663.  John  Doggett"  {William'),  boru  Dublin,  Irelaud,  1829; 
"spiuner;"  resided  Lawrence,  Mass.  (1851);  maia-ied  1st,  Law- 
rence, Mass.,  November  22,  1851,  by  Rev.  James  O'Donnell,  to 
Elizabeth  Riley,  daughter  of  Peter  and  Ann  Riley;  born  Ireland, 
1832;  married,  2d  Lawrence,  Mas,s.,  May   14,  1866,  by  Rev.  L.  M. 


Edge,  to  Elizabeth  Rooney,  widow,  daughter  of  John  aud  Wiunie 
Rudden;  bom  1834. 
Issue : 

672.  i.     William  Doggett,^  born  Lawrence,  Mass.,  December  3,  1852. 

673.  ii.    Mary  Ann  Doggett,^  born  Lawrence,  Mass.,  July  11,  185i. 

674.  iii.  John  Doggett,^  born  Lawrence,  Mass.,  July  11,  1856. 

675.  iv.  Matilda  Doggett,^  born  Salem,  Mass.,  1859. 

665.     Christophee  Doggett^    {William^),  born  Salem,  Mass., 
1840;   "currier;"  married  Hanuah  Kenuey ;  born   Ireland. 
Issue : 

676.  i.     Maky  J.  Doggett,^  born  Salem,  Mass.,  March  1,  1871;  died  Salem, 

Mass.,  June  16,  1873. 

677.  ii.    John  Doggett,^  born  Salem,  Mass.,  May  2,  1873. 

(!78.  iii.  Hannah  Doggett,^  born  Salem,  Mass.,  September  1,  1875. 

673.  Mary  Ann  Doggett^  {./oJni,-  William^),  born  Lawrence, 
Mass.,  July  11,  1854;  "operative;"  resided  Templeton,  Mass. 
(1874)  ;  married  Templeton,  Mass.,  July  12,  1874,  by  Rev.  Joseph 
Coyne,  to  Francis  Roark,  son  of  Michael  and  Mary  Roark ;  born 
Lowell,  Mass.,  1844. 

675.  Matild.a.  Doggett^  {John,"  WiUiam '),  horn  Ssilem,Msiss., 
18.59;  married  Ware,  Mass.,  June  30,  1879,  by  Rev.  Charles 
Boucher,  to  John  McBride,  son  of  Thomas  and  Catherine  McBride ; 
born  Millbury,  Mass.,  1858. 




679.  John  Doggett  '  (sometimes  spelled  with  one  "  t,"  also  at 
times  one  "g");  bom  England;  removed  to  New  England  with 
Governor  Winthrop,  1630;  died  Plymouth,  Mass.,  May  (between 
17th  and  26th),  1673;  married  1st  (date,  place,  and  to  whom  not 
found)  ;  married  2d,  Plymouth,  Mass.,  August  29,  1667,  Bathsheba 
Pratt,  widow. 

Issue : 

680.  i.     John  Doggett,-  born  Euglan.l  (?),  about  1626. 

i;81.  ii.    Thomas  Doggett,^  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1630. 

682.  iii.  Joseph  Doggett,'  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1634. 

683.  iv.  Elizabeth  Doggett,-  l)orn  Watertown,  Mass.  (?)  about  1638;    married 

Jeremiah  Wliitton.     Mr.  Whitton  bought  land  in  Tisbury  of  Joseph 
Daggett,  .Jan.  28,  1701.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-193.] 
6S4.    V.  Hepzibah  Doggett,'  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?),  1643. 

Of  the  parentage  and  date  of  birth  of  John  Doggett  no  positive 
proof  has  been  found. 

The  fact  that  he  came  to  America  with  Wiuthrop,  and  that  Dog- 
getts  resided  at  Groton,  from  whence  Wiuthrop  came,  would  naturally 
lead  us  to  follow  out  the  history  of  the  family  there  to  see  if  John 
Doggett  might  not  be  one  of  tliem.  In  this. search  Martha  Doggett 
(No.  73),  of  Groton,  who  married  Giles  Fu'min,  is  found  to  have 
come  to  America  with  Winthrop,  while  in  the  adjoining  parish  of 
Boxford  the  Doggetts  and  Winthrops  were  connected  by  the  marriage 
of  Thomas  Doggett  and  Margaret  Clopton. 

Of  the  Groton  Doggetts  named  John,  those  of  suitable  age  to  have 
come  to  America  in  1630  can  all  be  placed,  but  not  so  with  the  Box- 


ford  Doggetts  ;  for  among  them  we  have  John,  baptized  November  4, 
1602  (No.  58),  of  whom  the  parish  records  give  no  further  information, 
and  it  is  possible  that  he  is  the  one  who  joined  in  the  "  Great  Emi- 
gration "  in  1630.  To  describe  this  emigration,  it  is  necessary  to 
have  a  general  idea  of  the  movements  which  led  to  the  planting  of  the 
Colony  of  Massachusetts  Bay,  in  which  John  Doggett  was  one  of  the 

In  March,  1628,  the  Plymouth  Company  sold  to  a  company  of  six 
gentlemen  in  England  the  territory  extending  from  a  line  three  mOes 
north  of  Merrimae  river  to  one  three  miles  south  of  Charles  river, 
and  from  the  Atlantic  to  the  Pacific  ocean.  These  gentlemen,  with 
others  who  became  associated  with  them,  obtained  a  charter  for 
their-  company,  which  was  called  the  "  Massachusetts  Bay  Company," 
and  in  June,  1628,  sent  over  a  company  of  emigrants,  who  landed  at 
Salem,  and  commenced  the  settlement  of  that  ancient  town. 

In  July,  1620,  it  was  proposed  to  transfer  the  government  of  the 
plantation  from  England  to  the  colony,  ' '  to  those  that  shall  inhabit 

On  August  29  it  was  determined  by  a  vote  that  the  "  government 
patent  should  be  settled  in  New  England,"  and  on  the  19th  of 
October  John  Winthrop  was  chosen  governor  for  New  England. 
John  Winthrop  was  then  in  his  forty-first  year,  having  been  born  in 
Edwardston,  near  Groton,  in  Suffolk,  on  the  12th  day  of  January, 

The  considerations  which  induced  Winthrop  and  the  others  to 
come  over  to  New  England  were  of  no  mere  private  or  personal 
character.  They  had  relation  to  the  condition  of  England  at  that 
day,  its  social,  moral,  religious,  and  political  condition. 

The  spreading  of  the  gospel  and  the  conversion  of  the  heathen 
were  foremost  in  the  contemplation  of  the  New  England  fathers. 

Seventeen  emigrant  ships  left  England  in  the  year  1630,  of  which 
fourteen  saUed  before  the  1st  of  June.  On  the  8th  of  April  four 
ships,  the  "  Arbella,"  the  "Jewell,"  the  "Ambrose,"  and  the 
"Talbot,"  sailed  from  the  Isle  of  AVight,  bringing  the  governor 
and  others  who  afterward  held  prominent  places  in  the  early  his- 
tory of  the  colony. 

The  passengers  who  arrived  in  these  ships  were  not  satisfied  with 
Salem,  and  soon  after  landing  went,  on  the  17th  of  June,  to  select 
a  place  for  settlement.  Having  selected  the  peninsula  of  Charles- 
town  for  that  purpose,  they  returned  to  Salem,  and  as  soon  as 
preparations  could  be  made  the  fleet  proceeded  from  Salem  to 

Soon  after  the  removal  of  the  emigrants  from  Salem  to  Charles- 
town,  a  large  portion  of  them,  with  Sir  Richard  Saltoustall  as  their 


leader,  accompauied  by  Eev.  George  Phillips  as  their  pastor,  pro- 
ceeded about  four  miles  up  Charles  river  and  commenced  a  settle- 
ment, at  first  sometimes  called  Sir  Eichard  Saltoustall's  plantation, 
but  soon  after  by  the  court  named  Watertown.  The  exact  date  of 
the  settlement  of  Watertown  is  not  known,  but  it  was  probably 
befoi-e  the  middle  of  July,  1630. 

Bond,  in  his  history  of  Watertown,  says  "that  it  is  almost  cer- 
tain that  for  the  first  four  years  Watertown  was  the  most  populous 
town  in  the  colony,  and  it  is  not  improbable  that  it  continued  so  for 
fifteen  or  twenty  years." 

As  a  full  list  of  those  who  made  up  the  "  Great  Emigration,"  or  of 
those  who  accompauied  Sir  Richard  Saltonstall  to  Watertown,  is  not 
known,  we  must  infer  from  the  records  still  in  existence  as  to  who 
took  part  in  these  movements.  From  such  evidence  Savage  and 
other  well-known  antiquarians  all  agree  that  John  Doggett  came  in 
the  same  fleet  with  Winthrop,  arriving  in  Salem  sometime  between 
June  12  and  July  2,  1630,  according  to  which  of  the  four  vessels 
brought  him  to  New  England.  He  removed  with  Sir  Richard  Salton- 
staU,  and  was  one  of  the  earliest  settlers  of  Watertown. 

Watertown  was  more  remote  from  the  bay  than  either  of  the  other 
plantations  begun  that  year,  and  was  the  first  of  the  inland  towns. 
It  was,  however,  upon  the  tide-water  of  Charles  river,  which  was 
there  navigable  for  only  small  vessels.  As  the  company  of  planters 
who  first  went  there  was  large,  and  as  they  were  not  compacted  into  a 
village  or  dense  population,  like  other  early  plantations,  they  must 
have  been  scattered  over  a  very  considerable  extent  of   territory. 

The  homestall  of  Su-  Richard  was  situated  on  Charles  river,  within 
that  strip  of  territory  which  was  taken  from  Watertown  and  annexed 
to  Cambridge  in  1754,  and  was  about  a  mile  from  the  site  of  Harvard 
College.  Between  the  homestall  of  Sir  Richard  and  the  New  Town 
(Cambridge)  line  there  was  only  one  intervening  lot,  which  belonged 
to  John  Doggett  and  contained  thirteen  acres.  This  lot  he  sold  to 
Thomas  Brigham  in  1637,  and  it  may  have  been  his  homestall  from 
his  settlement  there  in  1630  to  1637,  although  I  am  inclined  to  think 
his  "  homestall "  during  his  residence  in  Watertown  was  the  fifteen- 
acre  lot  bounded  north  and  west  by  the  (Fresh)  pond  and  Nicholas 
Busby,  south  by  highway,  east  by  W.  Paine,  and  probably  embracing 
the  lot  of  the  Fresh  Pond  Hotel. 

The  records  of  Watertown  do  not  show  that  John  Doggett  took  any 
prominent  part  in  the  affairs  of  the  town  during  the  time  he  made  it 
his  residence,  as  his  name  does  not  occur  on  the  town  records  which 
have  been  preserved. 

October  19,  1630,  John  Doggett  applied  to  be  made  "  freeman,"  and 
on  May  18,  1631,  he  took  the  oath.     [Col.  Records,  Vol.  1,  pp.  62-3.] 


In  order  for  such  admission,  it  was  necessary  to  be  a  church  mem- 
ber, and  for  this  reason  there  were  some  men  holding  respectable 
social  positions  who  never  were  thus  admitted,  or  not  until  advanced 
age.  It  was  not  necessary,  however,  to  be  a  church  member  or  a 
freeman  in  order  to  hold  office  in  the  town,  or  appointments  from  the 
court.     This  could  be  done  by  taking  the  oath  of  fidelity. 

The  first  church  of  Watertown  was  organized  July  28,  1630,  and 
next  after  that  of  Salem  is  the  oldest  in  the  Colony  of  Massachusetts 
Bay.  Rev.  George  Phillips  was  the  pastor  until  his  death,  which 
occurred  July  1',  1644. 

After  the  small  lots,  the  earliest  grants  by  the  freemen,  July  25, 
1636,  were  called  the  Great  Dividend,  and  the  fourth  Great  Dividend 
began  at  the  small  lots  and  was  bounded  north  by  Cambridge  line. 
Of  these.  No.  12  fell  to  John  Doggett  and  contained  thii'ty  acres, 
which  was  afterward  bought  by  Richard  Wait. 

Another  grant  made  163f  shows  among  those  who  received  land 
in  the  Further  Plain  (in  later  times  called  Waltham  Plain) ,  bounded 
south  by  Charles  river,  north  by  the  Great  Dividends,  the  name  John 
Doggett,  six  acres,  which  was  afterward  bought  by  R.  Wait. 

In  a  volume  of  the  Town  Record,  containing  the  schedule  of 
possessions,  is  a  list  of  grantees  of  the  town  plot,  of  which  John 
Doggett  had  six  acres,  recorded  in  the  division  dated  April  9,  1638. 
Pequusset  Meadow  was  di\dded  into  numerous  small  lots,  of  which 
J.  Doggett  had  two  acres,  which  was  afterward  bought  by  John 

Thus  during  his  residence  in  Watertown  John  Doggett  gradually 
increased  his  landed  possessions,  and  was  doubtless  busily  engaged 
in  agricultural  pursuits. 

Among  his  fellow-townsmen  with  whom  he  became  associated  was 
Mr.  Thomas  Mayhew,  who  probably  arrived  in  1631.  For  the  en- 
suing thirteen  years,  it  appears  by  the  Colonial  Records  that  few,  if 
any,  other  persons  so  often  received  important  appointments  from 
the  General  Court  as  Thomas  Mayhew. 

He  built  the  first  bridge  over  Charles  river ;  was  temporarily  pro- 
prietor of  the  mill,  of  the  fishing-weu-s,  of  the  Oldham  farm,  and  of 
the  Bradstreet  farm,  in  Cambridge  Village  (now  Newton). 

October  10,  1641,  James  Forett,  agent  of  the  Earl  of  Sterling, 
granted  to  Thomas  Mayhew,  of  Watertown,  merchant,  and  to 
Thomas  Mayhew,  his  son,  Nantucket  and  two  small  islands  adjacent ; 
and  on  the  23d  of  the  same  month  he  granted  to  them  Martha's 
Vineyard  and  the  Elizabeth  Islands. 

The  Government  Mayhew  shall  set  up  shall  be  such  as  is  now  established  in 
the  Massachusetts,  aforesaiil  and  to  enjoy  as  much  privilege  touching  their 
plantg  inhabiting  and  enjoying  of  all  and  every  part  of  the  premises,  as  by  the 
patent  to  the  patentees  of  Massachusetts. 


The  Mayhews  having  received  grants  of  these  ishinds  proceeded  to 
arrange  for  their  settlement,  by  sharing  with  several  others  the 
privileges  granted  to  them.  Among  theii-  fellow-townsmen  of 
Watertown  who  became  interested  in  the  project  was  John  Doggett, 
as  appears  in  the  following  record : 

Whereas  Thomas  Mayhew  sen  and  Thomas  Mayhew  Jr,  have  granted  to 
them  by  James  Forett  Marthas  Vineyard  and  Elizabeth  Isles, 

This  is  to  certify,  that  we,  Thomas  and  Thomas  2"'',  do  hereby  grant  unto 
Jolin  Doggett,  Daniel  Pierce,  and  Richard  Beers  and  John  SmUh  and  Francis 
Smith,  with  ourselves,  to  make  choice  for  the  Present  of  a  large  Town,  upon  the 
same  terms  with  us  and  equal  possession  administration  of  all  that  shall  present 
themselves  to  come  to  live  upon  any  part  of  the  whole  grant  of  all  the  Islands 
and  we  grant  also  to  them  and  their  associates  with  us,  to  receive  another  town- 
ship for  posterity  upon  the  same  terms  as  we  have  from  the  Grantees. 

Tawanquatick  March  16,  1641  Isaac  Robinson 

Chappaquiddick  Thomas  Trapp 

Nicholas  Horton 
John  Pease 
Thomas  Bayly 
Thomas  Bdkchard 
John  Bolles 
Thomas  Bdtler 
Joseph  Norton 
Isaac  Norton 

The  Vineyard,  called  in  early  records  Martin's  ^'iueyard,  is  nine- 
teen miles  long  and,  upon  an  average,  five  miles  broad.  It  is  gen- 
erally level,  though  in  the  northern  and  western  parts  the  land  rises 
into  hills  of  two  hundred  and  fifty  feet  above  the  adjacent  country. 
There  is  a  plain  in  the  southern  part,  upon  which  Edgartown  is 
situated,  eight  miles  in  length  and  five  or  six  in  breadth,  and  it  is  the 
site  selected  "  for  the  Present  of  a  large  Town,"  to  which  was  given 
the  name  of  Edgartown.  The  point  of  the  Vineyard  nearest  Boston 
is  but  little  over  eighty  miles. 

Dr.  Freeman,  when  writing  of  the  Vineyard,  says  that  "  Not  less 
than  three  thousand  Indians,  it  has  been  generally  estimated,  were 
on  the  island  when  it  was  entered  by  Mayhew."  "  Like  the  other 
savages  of  New  England,  they  were  in  a  low  state  of  civilization ; 
and  they  had  attained  few  of  the  arts  which  contribute  to  tlie  com- 
fort of  human  life."  They  were,  however,  a  hospitable  and  tractable 
people,  and  among  them  the  younger  Mr.  Mayhew  attempted  to  intro- 
duce the  gospel.  Several  English  families  began  a  settlement  and 
gathered  a  church  as  early  as  1641,  of  which  Thomas  Mayhew,  Jr., 
was  pastor. 

"  The  savages  received  Mr.  Mayhew  with  kindness,  and  with 
readiness  listened  to  his  exhortations.  The  wonderful  progress  which 
the  Christian  religion,  through  the  zeal  of  this  eminent  evangelist  ;iiul 
his  worthy  successors,  made  in  Martha's  Vineyard  surprised  and 
delighted  the  pious  of   that  age."     "The  Indians  were  converted  to 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.         75 

the  Christian  faith,  and  attempts  were  made  to  reduce  them  to  a  state 
of  civilization." 

Thomas  Mayhew,  Sr.,  and  John  Doggett  still  continued  to  reside 
at  Watertown,  while  the  younger  Mr.  Mayhew  began  his  work  and 
the  settlement  of  the  island  in  1641.  The  following  year  (1642) 
John  Doggett  takes  the  next  step  toward  removing  to  the  island,  as 
appears  in  the  following  grant: 

We  do  hereby  grant,  unto  .JoHX  Dogget  of  Watertown  and  to  his  heirs  and 
assigns  forever,  twi-nty  acres  of  land  upon  the  point  beginning  at  the  great 
stone  next  to  ray  lot  and  twenty  acres  of  meadow  and  also  Five  hundred  acres 
of  land  for  a  farm  he  have  liberty  to  take  up,  wherever  he  the  said  John  Dogget 
wishes  only  provided  lie  take  not  up  his  farm  -within  three  miles  of  the  spring 
that  is  by  the  harbor  in  my  lot  aforesaid  before  I,  that  is  Thomas  Mayhew,  the 
elder,  have  made  choice  of  twenty  acres  of  meadow  and  a  farm  of  Five  hundred 
acres  for  myself,  the  which  first  choice  not  being  made  within  one  year,  ensuing 
the  date  hereof,  then  the  said  John  Dogget  have  liberty  to  choose  for  himself. 
Witness  hereunto  our  hands 

Thomas  Mathevs' 
Thomas  Mayhew 
John  Smith. 
Dec.  1,  1642 

[Dukes  Deeds,  1-189.] 

It  does  not  appear  that  John  Doggett  moved  directly  to  the  Vine- 
yard, but  instead  made  his  home  for  a  time  at  the  new  settlement  at 

John  Doggett,  husbandman,  was  one  of  the  earliest  settlers  of 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  which  comprised  in  its  greatest  extent  the  present 
town,  together  with  Seekonk,  Pawtucket,  Attleboro',  Cumberland, 
R.I.,  and  that  part  of  Swansea  and  Barrington  which  was  called  by 
the  Indians  Wannamoiset.  It  does  not  appear  that  any  general  or 
permanent  settlement  was  made  here  earlier  than  about  the  year 
1643  ;  and  it  was  after  this  that  John  Doggett  joined  the  settlement, 
at  the  time  of  removal  from  Watertown,  possibly  as  a  step  toward 
his  settlement  at  Martha's  Vineyard.  The  first  notice  that  we  find  of 
him  in  Rehoboth  is  : 

The  8"!  of  the  S""  mo.  1646  at  a  general  meeting  of  the  town  upon  public 
notice  given,  it  was  agreed  that  John  Doget  shall  have  all  the  lands  that  were  laid 
out  for  John  Megges  and  because  there  was  no  lot  laid  out  for  him  upon  the  great 
plain,  it  was  agreed  upon  that  he  shall  have  both  his  allotments  according  to 
the  estate  upon  the  great  plain  and  to  begin  upon  the  south  side. 

The  9th  of  the  12th  mo.,  1G46,  at  a  meeting  of  the  townsmen, 
John  Dogget  and  others  were  made  choice  of  "to  view  the  fence  of 
the  town  lots." 

The  same  day  it  was  agreed  that  Edward  Sale,  John  Dogget, 
William  Sabin,  John  Peram,  and  William  Thayer  shall  have  leave  to 
set  up  a  "  weier"  upon  the  cove  before  William  Devill's  house,  and 
one  upon  Pawtucket  river. 


It  is  also  of  interest  to  read  that  by  this  agreement  "  they  shall  sell 
their  alwives  at  2s.  a  thousand,  and  their  other  fish  at  reasonable 

The  18th  of  the  12th  mo.,  1646,  at  a  meeting  of  the  town,  it  was 
agreed  to  draw  lots  for  the  new  meadow,  and  John  Dogget  drew 
No.  40. 

The  12th  of  the  2d  mo.,  1648,  at  a  general  meeting  of  the  town, 
upon  public  notice  given,  John  Oogget  and  Robert  Titus  were  chosen 
deputies  for  the  towne.      [Bliss  Hist.  Rehoboth.] 

The  records  at  Plymouth,  dated  June  7,  1648,  give  the  committee 
for  the  court  for  Eehoboth  as  Robert  Titus,  John  Dogged.  [Court 
Orders,  2-164.] 

June  7,  1648,  at  Plymouth,  among  the  names  of  those  who  were 
propounded  for  freemen,  was  John  Dogged.      [Court  Orders,  2-167.] 

The  same  day  his  name  is  recorded  among  those  that  were  to  take 
the  oath.      [Court  Orders,  2-166.] 

Again,  on  the  same  day,  he  was  appointed  surveyor  of  the  high- 
ways for  Eehoboth,  and  during  that  year  he  was  also  an  exciseman. 

The  same  date,  it  is  recorded  that : 

Whereas  it  doth  apeer,  yt  ther  is  a  debt  of  five  pound  and  eight  shillings 
apertaining  unto  Georg.  Wright  in  the  hands  of  John  Dogged  of  Rehoboth  the 
Court  have  ordered  yt  the  said  debt  remayne  atached  in  the  hands  of  John 
Dogged  aforesaid  for  the  use  of  Leiftenant  Nash  and  Sergeant  Church  in  con- 
sideration of  the  damage  befaling  them  by  the  above  said  Georg  Wright,  the 
breaking  of  his  bonds  for  the  good  behavior. 

It  would  seem  that  leaving  his  son  John  at  Rehoboth,  he  removed, 
about  this  time,  to  the  Vineyard,  where  it  is  possible  his  son  Thomas 
had  already  settled. 

The  early  records  on  the  Vineyard  are  quite  imperfect,  and,  aside 
from  the  wills  and  deeds,  those  that  have  been  preserved  are  mostly 
in  the  collection  of  the  late  Hon.  Richard  L.  Pease,  of  Edgartown, 

It  is  probable,  after  his  arrival  here,  John  Doggett  was  occupied 
much  the  same  as  at  Watertown,  in  agricultural  pm'suits,  and  in 
making  his  home  in  the  new  town,  which  they  laid  out  and  called 

March  29,  1651,  the  town  chose  him  corporal. 

1652.  "Ordered  that  Mr.  Mayhew,  ye  dder,  and  John  Doggett, 
shall  lay  out  all  highways  belonging  to  this  town." 

October  31,  1654,  vote  regarding  John  Doggett's  ram. 

June  5,  1655,  he  was  chosen  assistant  for  the  year. 

John  Doggett  went  from  Martha's  Vineyard  to  Nantucket  in  1659, 
for  the  purpose  of  gunning,  where  he  lived  as  boarder  with  Thomas 
Macy,  the  first  English  settler  on  Nantucket. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.         77 

March  3,  1660,  he  buys  "Farm  Neck"  of  Wampauog,  alias 
Samuel,  Sachem  of  Sanchacantackett,  or  Farm  Neck.  [Dukes  Deeds, 

Edgartown  Town  meeting  17  Dee  1660  These  are  to  warne  you  by  ye 
authority  of  ye  town  to  levy  upon  ye  estate  of  John  Doggett,  ye  elder,  upon 
Marthas  Vineyard,  ye  sum  of  five  thousand,  upon  ye  breach  of  order  in  pur- 
chasing lands.  To  William  Weeks  constable.  Voted  by  the  town  this  17  Dec 
1660.     This  is  by  ye  authority  of  ye  town. 

Thomas  Mathew. 

2  Oct  1662  At  this  court  [Plymouth]  John  Doged  of  the  Island  called 
Martins  Vineyard  complained  against  the  towne  of  the  said  Vineyard  in  an  action 
of  the  case  for  the  title  of  a  certain  peell  of  land  granted  unto  the  said  John 
Dogged  by  Mr.  Thomas  Mayhew  .  .  .  which  the  said  inhabitants  doe  un- 
justly and  illegally  disturbe  him  in  his  quiet  enjoyment  of  tlie  same  which  said 
case  is  by  joynt  consent  on  both  ptyes  refered  to  the  determination  of  the  court. 
The  Jury  find  for  the  plantiff  the  full  title  granted  him  by  Mr  Thomas  Mayhew, 
Senr.     [Rec.  of  Mass.  Bay  in  N.E.,  Vol.  VII.,  p.  lO-l.] 

Jan.  29,  1665  There  was  a  purchase  of  commonage  of  grass  also  ^K  of  the  i; 
of  lot  next  the  sea  that  faleth  to  the  town  upon  the  Island  called  Martins  Vine- 
yard these  several  things  being  purchased  by  Jolin  Doggett  the  Elder  from 
Towanicut  the  sachem  thereof  and  delv'd  the  same  over  into  the  hands  of  the 
Townsmen.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-354.] 

These  few  facts  are  all  that  have  been  found  relating  to  his  resi- 
dence on  the  Vineyard.  It  is  probable  that  his  wife  died  and  was 
buried  here,  but  there  are  no  records  found  of  the  date  or  place. 

He  was  married  again  at  Plymouth,  Mass.,  August  29,  1667,  and 
was  then  called  "  John  Doged  of  Martins  Vineyard," 

After  his  marriage  to  Bathsheba  Pratt,  he  probably  resided  most 
of  the  time  at  Plymouth,  and  the  records  there  under  date  1670,  May 
29,  mention  him  as  John  Doggett,  Senior,  of  Plymouth,  transcribed 
on  the  list  of  "  freemen." 

In  the  Dukes  County  Deeds,  1-321,  is  "  The  record  of  John 
Dagget  sen'r  will." 

Plymouth  May  17,  1673 

I  John  Doggett  finding  the  symptoms  of  Death  upon  me  do  make  this  my 
last  will  and  testament  liereby  Revoking  all  former  wills.  I  give  to  my  Beloved 
wife  all  my  househould  goods  and  all  my  wearing  cloaths  and  all  my  debts  in 
any  part  of  Plymouth  Collonie  :  also  I  give  her  one  ox  at  Sacconesit  in  the  hands 
of  William  Week  Jr  :  also  I  give  my  said  wife  that  five  pounds  in  goods  wliich  I 
was  to  receive  of  John  Edy  as  part  of  pay  for  the  two  oxen  of  mine  he  sold  for 
10  pounds  :  also  I  give  her  the  hide  and  Tallow  of  an  ox  that  is  at  the  Vineyard 
to  be  sent  to  Boston,  and  the  four  quarters  of  tlie  ox  I  give  equally  to  my  sons 
and  daughters  at  the  Vineyard. 

My  lands  at  Marthas  Vineyard  undivided  and  their  priviledges  which  are  part 
of  the  twenty  seventh  part  of  that  Township  called  now  Edgartown,  I  give  to  my 
two  sons  John  and  Joseph  to  be  equally  divided  betwixt  them  and  to  remain  to 
their  heirs  forever. 

My  twenty  akers  of  meadow  given  me  upon  the  same  tearm,  my  farme  upon 
the  said  Island  was  granted  to  me  which  is  not  yet  laid  out  to  me,  I  give  10  akers 
of  it  to  my  son  Thomas,  5  akers  to  my  son  John,  5  akers  to  my  son  Joseph. 

A  small  parcell  of  meadow  I  have  at  Chappaquiddick  Joining  to  my  son 
Thomas,  his  meadow  there ;  I  give  it  to  my  son  Thomas. 

fourty  akers  of  upland  and  two  akers  of  meadow  that  ly  at  one  of  Elyzabeth 
Islands  namely  that  Island  which  Mr  Peleg  Sanford  Bought  wliich  upland  and 


meaJow  I  bought  of  Francis  Vssleton  who  had  the  said  land  of  aged  Mr  Mayhew, 
this  said  upland  and  meadow  I  give  to  my  son  Thomas. 

My  whole  farm  I  have  already  equally  divided  betwixt  my  three  sons. 
My  ten  akre  lot  uppon  the  line  now  where  John  Gee  dwelt  I  give  equally  to  be 
divided  between  my  two  sons  John  and  Joseph. 

My  land  at  Aquampache  and  at  Felix  neck  and  at  Konomache  and  a  piece  of 
meadow  at  Sangekantackett  and  any  other  portion  of  land  I  have  not  before 
named  I  give  to  be  equally  divided  betwixt  ray  two  Daughters  Elizabeth  and 

AH  my  cattle  and  horse  kind  at  Marth.TS  Vineyard  I  give  to  be  equally  divided 
between  my  two  daughters. 

My  will  is  that  my  son  John  send  my  wife  two  payer  of  shoes  and  then  to 
discharge  him  of  all  further  debt. 

With  Reference  to  my  estate  at  the  Islands  above  mentioned  I  desire  my 
loving  friends  Isaac  Robinson  and  John  Edy  my  son  in  law  to  be  overseers  of  this 
my  will  and  to  see  that  it  be  performed  and  concerning  my  estate  in  this  Collonie, 
my  desire  is  that  Lieutenant  Morton  and  Andrew  Ring  be  overseers  of  this  will 
and  that  they  take  care  to  se  it  performed. 

The    1  Marke  of 
John  J  Daggett  senr 
The  said  John  Doggelt  sen'  did  attest  the  above  written  to  be  his  last  will  and 
Testament  before  us,  he  being  then  of  sound  mind  and  understanding : 

John  Cotton. 
John  Atwood. 
Andrew  Ring. 

This  will  is  legally  and  orderly  proved  and  Recorded  at  the  Court  of  his 
majesties  holden  at  Plymouth  the  4"'  of  June  1673  as  attesteth  Nathaniel  Morton 
Secretary  to  the  Court  for  the  Jurisdiction  of  New  Plymouth. 

This  will  is  by  the  court  held  at  Edgartown  upon  Mart.  Vineyard  Oct.  1,  1673 
accepted  and  approved  as  legall  with  this  proviso  only,  that  the  farm  is  to  con- 
tain 500  akers  of  upland  and  20  akers  of  meadow  and  no  more  and  so  ordered 
to  be  recorded,  as  attest. 

Matt.  Mayhew,  Secretary. 

Inventory  of  John  Doged  of  Plymouth  on  oath  of  Bathsheba  Doged,  widow, 
26  May  1673,  at  court  i  June  1673," amts  to 

£        s        d 
16      18       9 
also  due  16      4  Ephk.  Norton 

due  funeral  19       4  Andrew  Ringe 

Whereas  there  hath  been  some  controversie  concerning  some  particulars  in 
the  Will  and  Testament  of  John  Dogget  sen'  on  the  other  side  Recorded,  it  is 
agreed  and  concluded  as  foUoweth,  viz. 

That  whereas  it  is  said  in  the  said  will  that  land  undivided  and  their  privi- 
leges are  given  to  his  sons  John  and  Joseph :  yet  notwithstanding  in  the  subse- 
quent of  the  said  will  a  certain  parcell  of  land  called  Aquompache  undivided  is 
otherwise  disposed  of  viz :  to  his  two  daughters  :  The  said  John  and  Joseph  do 
hereby  wholly  relinquish  any  right,  Tythe,  or  interest  which  they  might  claim  by 
virtue  of  any  clause  in  the  said  will  unto  the  said  land  at  Aquompache  to  be  held 
as  in  the  subsequent  part  of  the  will  is  declared  to  be  given  and  for  confirmation 
thereof  we  have  desired  this  our  account  to  be  recorded  in  his  Majesties  Court  of 
Records  at  Marthas  Vineyard  and  have  hereunto  in  witness  thereof  subscribed 
with  our  hands  in  this  publique  Record,  May  29,  In  the  27"'  year  of  his  Majesties 
Reign  A.D.  1675.  John  Dogget 

Joseph  Dogget. 

Recorded  this  29  May  1675  pr  Matt  Mayhew  Secretary 

[Dukes  Deeds,  1-3-22.] 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.         79 

John  Edy  aud  Jeremiah  Whitton,  the  husbands  of  said  Elizabeth 
and  Hephziba,  relinquish  any  right  which  they  might  claim  to 
land  near  the  Neck,  to  his  sou  Joseph  Dagget,  May  29,  1675. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  1-322.] 

Whereas  there  is  a  certain  tract  of  laud  in  the  town  of  Eilgartown  commonly 
called  a  Dividend  near  a  neck  called  Felix  his  neck  which  belonged  to  John 
Dogget  sen''  of  Marthas  Vineyard  lately  deceased  but  before  his  death  given  to 
his  son  Joseph  Dagget  but  not  recorded,  therefore  Jolin  Dagget  son  and  heir 
to  John  Dagget  releases  any  right  he  might  have  May  29,  1675  before  Thomas 
Mayhew,  Gov. 

signed  John  Dogget 

[Dukes  Deeds,  1-280.] 

Sept  15,  1677.  Know  all  men  whom  it  may  concern  that  we  whose  names  are 
underwritten  have  agreed  to  divide  the  farm  our  father  gave  us  [then  follows 
division]  signed  John  Doggett 

Thomas  Daggett 
Joseph  Doggett 
Acknowledged  before  me   by  the   three  brethren   above  written  by  Thomas 
Mayhew,  Gov. 

[Dukes  Deeds,  1-1.5.] 



680.  John  Doggett^  {John'),  born  England  (?),  about  1626; 
died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  9,  1707;  married  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  23,  9  mo.,  1651,  Anne  Sutton. 

Issue : 

685.1.  Anna  Doggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  middle  of  August,  1653; 
married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  12,  1684,  Joseph,  son  of  Sampson 
Mason;  he  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  6,  1663. 

686.  ii.   John  Doggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  8,  1655;  died  Reho- 

both, Mass.,  last  of  March,  1662. 

687.  iii.  .Joseph  Doggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  middle  of  November,  1657. 

688.  Iv.  Nathaniel  Doggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  middle  of  August,  1661. 

689.  V.    Elizabeth  Doggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  23,  1666. 

John  Doggett  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Rehoboth.  The 
record  of  his  family  may  still  be  seen  in  the  town  book,  and  the 
following  is  a  tracing  from  the  original  entry : 



He  does  not  appear,  from  the  rpcords  exjimined,  to  have  taken  any 
part  ill  public  affairs  until  June  1  1658,  when  he  was  "  on  the  grand 
enquest."     This  year  (1658)  he  took  the  oath  of  fidelity  in  Reheboth. 

"June  22,  1658.  At  a  town  meeting  lawfully  warned,  lots  were 
drawn  for  the  meadows  that  lie  on  the  north  side  of  the  town  (now 
in  Attleboro'),  and  lot  No.  34  fell  to  John  Dogget."  [Bliss,  Reho- 


"June  1,  1663.  John  Doged  of  Rehobotb  being  by  Capt  Willett 
convicted  of  '2  lyes,  is  fined  20  shillings."     [Court  Orders,  4-48.] 

In  1666  a  purchase  of  lands  in  the  north  side  of  Rehoboth  (became 
afterward  Attleboro')  was  first  called  the  North  Purchase,  and  of  the 
seventy-nine  shares  in  the  land  John  Doggett  had  one  share. 

Oct  16,  1666.  John  Doggett,  John  Woodcock  and  John  Titus  were  chosen 
by  the  town  to  see  what  timber  trees  are  fallen  on  the  late  purchased  lands  on 
the  north  side  of  our  town  and  they  shall  have  the  forfeiture  for  their  pains  and 
the  trees  to  those  that  the  land  shall  fall  to. 

May  26,  1668.  John  Doggett  drew  a  lot  in  the  meadow  lands  in 
the  North  Pui-chase. 

July  7,  1668.  John  Doged  begins  suit  against  George  Robinson, 
for  slander,  and  George  Robinson  makes  acknowledgment  to  the 
court : 

I  George  Robinson  acknowledge  I  have  done  John  Doged  wronge,  in  speaking 
words  that  tend  to  his  defamation,  for  which  I  am  sorry,  and  I  had  not  ground 
so  to  report  him  in  the  case  now  depending  in  the  court  and  therefore  desire  him 
to  passe  it  by.     [Mass.  Col.  Rec,  Vol.  VIII.,  p.  147.] 

"March  2,  166f.  Cap'  Thomas  Willet  complained  against  Mr. 
John  Doged  and  John  Miller,  in  an  action  of  trespas,  on  the  case  to 
the  damage  of  five  pounds,  for  making  and  carrying  away  a  p'cell  of 
hay  from  lower  Skesett  the  last  hay  season  without  his  leave  and 
order."     Marked  in  margin,  "  This  action  was  withdrawn." 

Among  the  names  of  those  who  drew  for  a  division  on  the  North 
Purchase,  March  18,  166|,  was  John  Doggett.  [Daggetts,  Attle- 

June  4,  1669.  A  writing  of  the  lands  of  John  Doged,  of  Reho- 
both.    [Court  Orders,  3-140.] 

January  9,  167f.  John  Dogget  had  liberty  granted  him  to  build 
a  warehouse  and  wharf  at  the  water  side. 

June  5,  1672.     He  was  surveyor  of  highways. 

June  3,  1674.     Was  sworn  as  constable. 

During  King  Philip's  war  Rehoboth  was  much  distui-bed,  and 
mauy  of  her  residents  killed,  and  their  houses  burned  by  the  Indians. 
At  one  period  of  the  war  advances  of  money  were  made,  and  John 
Dogget  contributed  £11  Is.  3Jd. 

At  the  death  of  his  father  John  Dogget  came  into  possession  of 
land  on  Martha's  Vineyard,  and  the  records  on  the  Vineyard  speak 
of  him  sometimes  as  Doggett  and  others  as  Daggett,  the  first  indica- 
tions of  such  change  in  spelling  being  found  on  those  records. 

May  29,  1676.  He  sells  Joseph  Daggett  land  at  Edgartown. 
[Dukes  Deeds,   1-280.] 

This  tendency  on  the  Vineyard   to  change  in  spelling  is  perhaps 


better  illustrated  by  an  exchange  of   lands    between    him   and   his 
brother,  October  9,  1677,  when: 

John  Dogget  of  Eehoboth  sells  land  at  Rehoboth  22  acres,  to  his  brother 
Thomas  Dogget  of  Edgartown  on  Marthas  Vineyard,  his  brother  to  take  choice 
of  one  of  3  lots,  signed  by  John  and  Anne  Dogget  (Bristol  Deeds,  1-22),  and 
Thomas  Daggett,  of  Edgartown,  sells  land  on  the  Vineyard,  late  belonging  "  to 
my  father  John  Doggett  deceased  with  the  bounds  as  made  lately  between  my 
brother  John  myself  and  my  brother  Joseph  Daggett  to  my  brother  John 
Daggett,"  Thomas  Doggett  releasing  all  rights.  Signed  Thomas  and  Hannah 
Daggett.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-323.] 

2  June,  1686,  John  Dogget  was  surveyor  at  Rehoboth. 

In  a  list  of  the  inhabitants  of  Rehoboth,  holding  land  under  a  cer- 
tain grant,  February  7, 1689,  his  name  is  mentioned  as  John  Daggett, 
and  afterward  so  spelled  on  the  records  at  Rehoboth.  A  point  of 
land  between  Ten-mile  river  and  the  Pawtucket,  upeu  the  north  side 
of  the  former,  is  mentioned  by  Bliss  as  the  probable  location  of  a 
point  called  "  Daggett's  Point." 

August  5,  1G92,  John  Daggett  of  Rehoboth,  in  the  Province  of  Mass.  Bay  in 
N.E.  for  85£  paid  by  James  AUin  of  the  town  of  Chilmark,  on  Marthas  Vine- 
yard, land  in  the  township  of  Edgartown  330  acres  near  farm  pond.  [Dukes 
Deeds,  1-151.] 

This  is  probably  his  portion  in  his  father's  estate,  together  with 
the  portion  he  bought  of  his  brother,  October  9,  1677. 

Eeb.  1,  170f.  Sells  John  Dagget  of  Chilmark  on  Marthas  Vineyard,  25  acres 
land  in  Attleboro.     [Bristol  Deeds,  5-246.] 

In  the  Bristol  probate  records,  October  1,  1707,  Nathaniel  Dag- 
gett, son  and  executor  of  John  Daggett,  late  of  Rehoboth,  deceased. 
Inventory  amounts  to  £39  12s.  lOd. 

681.  Thomas  Doggett-  {John^),  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?), 
about  1630 ;  called  his  name  Daggett ;  died  Edgartown,, Mass.  (  ?) ,  be- 
tween March  18  and  September  15,  1691 ;  married,  about  16.57, 
Hanuah  Mayhew,  daughter  of  Gov.  Thomas  and  Jane  Mayhew, 
of  Edgartown,  Mass.;  born  Watertown,  Mass.,  15,  4th  mo.,  16.35; 
died  Edgartown,  Mass.,   1722. 

690.  i.     Thomas  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  about  1658. 

691.  li.    Samuel  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  about  1660;  died  Edgar- 

town, Mass.,  February  26,  17|^. 

692.  iii.  John  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1662. 

693.  It.  Joshua  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  MassI,  about  1664. 

694.  V.    Israel  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  about  1672. 

695.  vi.  Mercy  Doggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass. 

Thomas  Doggett  married  the  eldest  daughter  of  Governor  Mayhew. 

The  Mayhew  family  were  prominent  in  the  management  of  affairs 
on  the  island,  and  most  of  the  early  records  now  existiug  are  in  the 
handwriting  of  members  of  that  family. 


These  records  are  the  first  showing  a  teudeucy  to  spell  the  name 
"Daggett,"  but  for  several  years  both  spellings  are  used. 

Long  after  the  name  was  spelled  Daggett  on  the  Vineyard  (in  the 
Registry  of  Deeds),  the  son  Thomas  was  called  Doggett  in  the 
Bristol  county  records,  and  I  should  therefore  be  inclined  to 
the  opinion  that  the  Thomas  Doggett  who  married  Hannah  Mayhew 
may  not  have  himself  called  his  name  Daggett  until  near  the  close  of 
his  life. 

November  11,  1652.  He  and  William  Weeks  are  voted  whale 
cutters  for  the  year. 

In  1652  he  was  li^ang  in  Edgartown,  as  at  that  time  "  Richard 
Arey  hath  given  him,  a  house  lott  between  Jlr  Burehard  and  Thomas 
Daggett's."     [Hon.  R.  L.  Pease.] 

August  3,  1670.  Thomas  Doged  was  clarke  to  the  court  at  the 
Vineyard.      [Plymouth  Records.] 

June  20,  1679,  he  promises  whatever  Thomas  Mayhew  shall  give 
to  his  daughter  Hannah  (his  wife) ,  she  shall  be  at  liberty  to  dispose 
of  as  she  likes.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-322.] 

The  Dukes  and  Bristol  county  deeds  contain  many  transfers  of 
land  made  by  both  Thomas  and  Hannah  Daggett. 

Thomas  Daggett  is  said  to  have  been  at  one  time  magistrate  of  the 

March  18,  1691.  Hannah  Daggett,  wife  of  Thomas  Daggett,  of  Edgartown. 
for  30£,  paid  by  son  Thomas  Daggett,  late  of  the  town  of  Bristol,  in  N.E.  |  of 
J  of  all  the  lands  given  me  by  the  Worshipfull  Thdraas  Mayhew  Esq  late  of 
Marthas  Vineyard  dec'd,  Tlie  whole  1|  mile  by  the  sea  side,  and  about  2  miles 
inland,  called  Chickomo.     [Dukes  Deeds,  5-84.] 

Thomas  Daggett  died  between  March  18  and  September  15,  1691, 
probably  at  Edgartown,  but  there  are  no  records  there  to  show  the 
exact  date. 

Even  the  probate  records  do  not  assist,  as  they  are  very  imperfect, 
and  contain  no  mention  of  the  settlement  of  his  estate. 

That  he  left  no  will  is  shown  by  a  record  in  the  Registry  of  Deeds, 
1-221,  where  his  son  Thomas  gives  Israel,  his  brother,  land, 
regarding  which  he  says: 

Lands  which  came  to  me  the  said  Thomas,  as  heir  to  said  Thomas  Daggett, 
as  well  from  the  knowledge  of  tlie  intent  of  my  said  fatlier,  had  Providence 
allowed  him  making  a  will. 

Dated  September  15,  1691. 

Between  September  12,  1695,  and  1705,  Mrs.  Daggett  man-ied 
Capt.  Samuel  Smith,  of  Edgartown,  and  died  in  Edgartown,  1722. 

"  The  last  will  and  testament  of  Hannah  Smith  of  ye  town  of  Edgartown  in 
Dukes  County  in  Province  of  ye  Massachusetts  Bay,  in  New  England,  being  in 


sound  mind  and  understanding,  doth  make  this  my  last  will  and  testament,  here- 
tofore by  me  made,  done  or  supposed  to  be  made,"  gives  natural  son,  Israel  Dag- 
gett, land  at  Edgartown,  and  Chappaquiddick,  until  his  eldest  son  Samuel 
Daggett  be  21  years,  then  to  him  and  his  heirs  forever.  Her  two  sons,  Joshua 
and  Israel,  land  at  Edgartown.  The  same  her  executors.  Dated  Aug.  22,  1710. 
Proved  Feb.  7, 172|.     [Dukes  Probate,  1-145.] 

682.  Joseph  Doggett''  (Jb/m'),  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?), 
about  1634  ;  called  his  name  Daggett;  married  an  Indian  of  Martha's 

Issue : 

696.  i.     Joseph  Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,  Mass.  (?) 

697.  ii.    Ellis  (Alice)  Daggett,-'  died  between  March  19  and  May  11,  1711. 

698.  iii.  Esther   Daggett,-'   married   Edward   Cottle,   and   had   issue,   Esther 


Joseph  Doggett  probably  removed  from  Watertowu  to  the  Vine- 
yard at  an  early  age.  The  only  information  regarding  him  is  found 
on  the  records  at  the  Vineyard,  and  in  the  majority  of  cases  his  name 
is  spelled  Daggett. 

One  instance,  however,  in  the  deeds,  1-322,  May  29,  1675,  is 
marked  in  the  margin  in  pencil,  "apparently  original  signatui'es," 
and  in  that  case  his  name  is  spelled  "-  Dogget."  In  all  other  cases 
the  name  is  in  the  handwriting  of  the  one  who  made  the  record,  and 
is  sometimes  spelled  one  way,  and  at  other  times  the  other. 

I  should  be  inclined  to  the  opinion  that  in  this  case,  as  with  his 
brother  Thomas,  he  may  not  have  himself  called  his  name  Daggett; 
but  if  so,  not  until  near  the  close  of  his  life. 

The  name  of  his  wife  does  not  appear,  but  the  following  deed  to 
his  two  daughters  would  indicate  that  his  wife  may  have  been  an 
Indian : 

Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  I,  Puttuspagun,  of  Sanchacantackett,  do 
freely  give  unto  my  cousins  Hester  and  Ellis  Daggett,  a  certain  tract  of  meadow 
lying  and  being  on  the  north  side  of  Ohkeshkepe  Neck,  lying  between  Quaniamo 
and  the  western  end  of  Asanostackitt  Pond.  I  say,  I  do  freely  and  firmly  give, 
all  the  meadow  with  all  the  nookesand  coves  lying  between  the  mentioned  bounds, 
to  my  abovementioned  cousins,  their  heirs  and  assigns,  to  have  and  to  hold,  for- 
ever free  from  me,  my  heirs  or  assigns,  and  this  I  do  and  have  done  for  the 
natural  love  and  affection  to  them,  being  of  my  near  kindred,  always  to  be 
understood  that  if  they  cannot  enjoy  the  said  meadow  by  reason  of  the  English 
claim,  that  then  it  shall  return  to  me  or  my  heirs.  And  in  witness,  and  in  con- 
firmation of  the  premises,  I  have  hereunto  subscribed  with  my  hand  and  put  to 
my  seal  this  five  and  twentieth  day  of  March  and  in  the  year  of  our  Lord,  one 
thousand  six  hundred  eighty  and  five. 

The  mark  of  Pottuspagun 

Samuel  Tilton 
Samuel :  C : 

Acknowledged  before  Thomas  Mayhew,  Justice  of  Peace,  and  before  Matt 
Mayhew,  Chief  Magistrate,  by  Mr  Sara,  alias  Wabamuck,  Sachim  of  Sancha- 
cantackett, that  the  above  was  by  his  knowledge  and  free  approbation. 

Entered  April  22,  1685.     [Vol.  I.,  p.  251,  Land  Records.] 


May  29,  1675.  A  tract  of  land  in  Edgartown,  near  a  neck  called  Felix,  his 
neck,  which  belonged  to  John  Dogget,  Senr.,  of  Martha's  Vineyard,  lately  de- 
ceased, but  before  his  death  giren  to  his  son  Joseph  Daggett,  but  not  recorded, 
therefor  John  Dagget,  son  and  heir  to  John  Dagget,  releases  any  right  he  might 
have.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-280.] 

Sept.  15,  1677.  The  undersigned  agree  to  divide  the  farm  our  father  gave 
us.  John  Dogget,  Thomas  Daggett,  Joseph  Doggett.  Acknowledged  before  me 
by  the  three  brethren  above  named  by  Thomas  Mayhew  Gov.     [D.D.,  1-15.] 

Many  transfers  of  land  are  recorded  in  the  name  of  Joseph  Dag- 
gett, and  he  is  mentioned  as  wheelwright,  yeoman,  husbandman,  and 

Judge  Sewall,  in  his  Diary,  under  date  of  Monday,  April  6,  1702, 
says  :  "  Refresh  at  Chases,  from  thence  ride  to  Tisbui-y,  first  man  I 
speak  with  is  Joseph  Dogget.  He  tells  me  Mr.  Kithcart  keeps  an 

He  seems  to  have  lived  in  Tisbury  until  sometime  between  Sep- 
tember 11,  1711,  and  June  24,  171.5,  when  he  is  called  of  Edgartown. 
The  last  record  of  him  that  has  been  found  is  March  5,  1720,  when 
he  is  called  one  of  the  proprietors  of  Tisbury  land.      [D.  D.,  5-210.] 

684-.  Hepzibah  Doggett''  (Jo/m'),  born  Watertown,  Mass.  (?), 
1643  ;  died  May  3,  1726  ;  married  John  Eddy;  he  died  Tisbury  (?), 
Mass.,  previous  to  December  24,  1717. 

Issue : 
699.  i.  Benjamin  Eddt  (?). 

John  Eddy  was  one  of  the  overseers  of  John  Doggett's  will.  May, 
1673.     He  resided  in  Tisbury. 



687.  Dr.  Joseph  Doggett^  (John,^  John^),  born  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  middle  of  November,  1657;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  1727;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
February  14,  168f,  Mary  Palmer,  daughter  of  Jonah  Palmer,  of 
Rehoboth,  Mass.;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  23,  1663;  died 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  15,  1757. 

Issue : 

700.  i.      John  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  168/,,-. 

701.  ii.     Mary  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  30,  1692. 

702.  iii.   Hannah  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  20,  1695;  died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  9,  1715. 

703.  iv.    Joseph  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  13,  1699. 

704.  V.     Hepsibah  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  29,  1701. 

705.  vi.    Martha  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  29,  1701. 

706.  vii.  Israel  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  20,  170J. 


Dr.  Joseph  Doggett  resided  iu  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  where  he  appears 
to  have  practised  medicine,  and  also  to  have  been  wheelwright  and 

Among  the  Rehoboth  soldiers  who  served  in  King  Philip's  war 
was  Joseph  Doggett,  who  was  engaged  in  the  Narragansett  expedi- 
tion in  1676.     [Bliss,  Rehoboth.] 

Oct.  27,  1686,  he  buys  with  his  brother  Nathaniel,  and  Thomas  Daggett,  Esq., 
of  Edgartown,  50  acres  of  land,  on  both  sides  of  the  Ten  Mile  river,  at  the  falls, 
in  the  North  Purchase.     [Bristol  Deeds,  5-84.] 

This  was  the  laud  immediately  around  the  falls,  iucludiug  the 

"  The  first  mill  built  at  the  falls  was  a  corn  mill,  owned  and  occu- 
pied by  Joseph  Daggett.  This  was  doubtless  the  first  mill  in  town." 
[Daggett's  Hist.  Attleboro'.] 

February  7,  1689.  Joseph  Daggett  is  named  in  a  list  of  inhabi- 
tants and  proprietors  of  Rehoboth  holding  land  under  a  grant  from 
William  Bradford.     In  1690  he  killed  a  wolf. 

Gay  Head,  on  Martha's  Vineyard,  with  its  high-colored  and  varie- 
gated earth,  suggested  at  an  early  day  the  existence  of  minerals. 

August  17,  1692,  Joseph  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  and  Samuel  Gaskell,  of  Boston, 
buy  of  Thomas  Harlock  and  Hannah  Daggett,  the  right  to  search  for  mines  or 
minerals,  precious  stones,  &c.,  at  Gayhead.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-184.] 

"March  30,  1703,  the  town  [Attleboro']  voted  that  Joseph  Daggett, 
of  Rehoboth,  have  the  privilege  that  the  stream  at  the  Ten  Mile  river 
falls  shall  go  free  of  all  sorts  of  taxes  until  a  corn  mill  has  the  con- 
stant custom  of  threescore  families."     [Hist.  Attleboro.] 

The  will  of  Dr.  Joseph  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  is  dated  December 
23,  1726,  and  was  proved  March  21,  172f. 

In  it  he  mentions  his  wife  and  children,  and  appoints  his  wife  Mary 
Daggett  executrix.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

688.  Nathaniel  Doggett'  {John,-  John'),  born  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  middle  of  August,  1661;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died 
Rehoboth,  Mass.  (?),  1708;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  24, 
1686,  Rebecca  MUler,  daughter  of  John  Miller,  of  Rehoboth,  Mass. ; 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  middle  of  November,  1661;  died  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  AprU  9,  1711. 

707.  i.       Nathaniel  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  11,  1688;  died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  22,  1688. 

708.  ii.      Rebecca  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  8,  1689. 

709.  iii.     Elizabeth   Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,   Norember   14,  1691; 

died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  11,  169^. 

710.  iv.     Jemima  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  12,  1692. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYAED.         87 

711.  y.      Nathaniel  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  3,  1695. 

712.  vi.     John  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  16,  169f. 

713.  vii.    Abigail  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  19,  170f. 

714.  viii.  Amos  Daggett,"*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  18,  170f. 
Nathaniel  Doggett,  wheelwright  aud  weaver,  resided  in  Rehoboth. 
"February  7,  1689,  Nathaniel  Daggett  mentioned  in  a  list  of  the 

names  of  the  inhabitants  and  proprietors  of  Rehoboth  holding  land 
under  a  grant  to  William  Bradford."     [Bliss,  Rehoboth.] 

In  a  purchase  of  land  at  Rehoboth  in  1694,  he  is  called  Dogget, 
while  in  another  purchase  in  1695  his  name  is  spelled  Daggett. 

In  the  Bristol  probate  files  are  several  papers  relating  to  the  settle- 
ment of  the  estate  of  Nathaniel  Daggett  : 

His  will,  dated  Feb.  5,  1708,  in  ivhich  his  wife  is  named  executrix. 
An  inventory  of  tlie  estate  of  Nathaniel  Daggett,  left  him  by  his  father  John 
Daggett,  in  reversion,  after  his  mother's  decease.     Dated  Dec.  30,  1708. 

Rebecca  Daggett,  his  widow,  did  not  long  survive  him,  and  in  the 
Bristol  Probate  is  an 

Inventory  of  the  estate  of  widow  Rebecca  Daggett,  late  of  Rehoboth, 
amounting  to  £121  2s.  15d.,  and  dated  April  27,  1711. 

An  account  of  George  Wood,  of  Rehoboth,  administrator  of  the  estate  of 
Rebecca  Daggett,  widow,  May  12,  1713. 

690.  Capt.  Thomas  Doggett'  {Thomas,-  John'),  born  Edgar- 
town,  Mass.,  about  1658;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  August  23,  1726  ;  married,  about  1685,  Elizabeth  Hawes  ;  she 
died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  between  December  25,  1732,  and  February 
15,  1733. 

Issue : 

715.  1.'  Samuel  Doggett,''  bapt.  Bristol,  Mass.  (now  R.I.),  July  22,  1688. 

716.  ii.  Hannah  Doggett,^  bapt.  Bristol,  Mass.  (now  R.I.),  July  22,  1688. 

717.  ill.  Timothy  Daggett,"'  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  1690. 

718.  Iv.  Elizabeth  Daggett,''  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1690;  married 

Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  16,   1708,  by  Mr.  Donham,  to   John 
Butler,  Jr. 

719.  V.      Benjamin  Daggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1691. 

720.  vi.     Thomas  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1692. 

721.  vii.    Thankful  Daggett,"*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?). 

722.  viii.  Mart  Daggett,''  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  8,  1698. 

723.  ix.     Jemima  Daggett,""  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?). 

724.  X.      Desire  Daggett, "*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?) ;  died  between  July  8, 

1726,  and  December  25,  1732. 

Captain  Thomas  Daggett,  caipenter,  gentleman,  seems  to  have 
been  called,  like  others  of  his  family,  both  "Doggett"  and  "Dag- 
gett." The  existing  records  at  Bristol  speak  of  him  as  the  first,  and 
those  at  Edgartown  always  as  the  last. 

The  records  of  the  Chiu-ch  of  Christ  at  Bristol,  R.I.  (formerly 
Mass.),  mention,  July  22,  1688,  the  baptism,  by  Rev.  Samuel  Lee, 
of  Samuel  and  Hannah  Doggett,  children  of  Thomas  Doggett.  [Gen. 
Register,  Vol.  34,  p.  132.] 


The  exact  date  of  his  settlement  at  Bristol  has  not  been  found,  but 
is  supposed  to  have  been  about  1685.  Possibly  he  was  previously 
at  Eehoboth,  and  the  Thomas  who  was  constable  there,  June  3,  1684. 

February  11,  168|.  Among  the  list  of  families  in  New  Bristol, 
copied  from  original  records  of  the  "  Church  of  Christ  in  Bristol,"  is 
Thomas  Doggett,  his  wife,  two  children,  and  two  sei-vants.  [Gen. 
Register,  Vol.  34,  p.  405.] 

Dec  30,  1689.  Thomas  Doggett  of  Bristol,  county  Bristol,  in  New  Eng- 
land, carpenter,  and  Elizabeth  his  now  wife,  for  16£  paid  by  Thomas  Walker  of 
Bristol,  Tanner,  land  in  Bristol  at  the  south  end  of  the  town,  bounded  west  by 
the  street,  being  an  estate  of  inheritance,  recorded  May  16,  1695.  [Bristol 
Deeds,  2-150.] 

He  removed  from  Bristol  to  Edgartown  between  December  30, 
1689,  and  March  18,   1691,  or  just  before  the  death  of  his  father. 

March  18,  1691.  Samuel  Daggett  of  Marthas  Vineyard,  for  20£  paid  by  his 
brother  Thomas  Daggett,  late  of  the  town  of  Bristol,  in  New  England,  sells  all 
his  rights  at  Chicomo.     [Dukes  Deeds,  5-8-t.] 

Oct.  29,  1692.  Thomas  Daget,  now  or  late  of  Bristol,  carpenter,  and  Eliza- 
beth, his  now  wife,  for  42£  paid  by  William  Stone,  of  Bristol,  mariner,  one 
house  lot,  and  land  containing  2  acres,  in  Bristol,  bounded  north  by  Corn  Street, 
east  by  High  St.  South  by  land  of  Samuel  Gallop,  west  by  land  of  Benj.  Ingles, 
and  Jos.  Baston,  16  X  20  rods,  also  xio"'  part  of  600  acres  land  laid  out  for 
common.     Recorded  Aug  11,  1713.     [Bristol  Deeds,  7-650.] 

Among  the  many  transfers  of  land  in  which  he  was  one  of  the 
parties  he  is  mentioned  as  Lieutenant  Daggett  until  1697,  and  then  as 
Captain  Daggett,  beginning  with  a  deed  in  1705. 

The  only  information  that  has  been  found  regarding  the  life  of 
Captain  Daggett  is  what  may  be  gathered  from  the  deeds,  with  the 
single  exception  of  a  memorandum  of  him,  which  is  found  in  the 
Diary  of  Rev.  William  Homes,  of  Chilmark:  "Aug  28,  1726,  On 
Thursday  night  last  Capt  Thomas  Daggett  of  oldtown  [Edgartown] 
departed  this  life.  He  had  been  ill  several  weeks.  He  was  a  peace- 
able man  and  well  inclined,  and  of  good  understanding." 

The  will  of  Captain  Daggett  is  dated  July  8,  1726,  and  by  it  he  gives  son 
Samuel's  children,  he  being  deceased,^  the  land  that  was  his  fathers  homestead; 
son  Thomas  Daggett  the  other  half  of  the  homestead ;  son  Timothy  Daggett  land 
at  Edgartown;  son  Benjamin  Daggett  land  at  Edgartown;  loving  wife  Elizabeth; 
six  daughters  Hannah,  Elizabeth,  Thankful,  Mary,  Jemina,  Desire,  gives  them 
^  the  stock,  cattle,  sheep  and  horses ;  3  living  sons  Executors.  Proved  Oct. 
1726.     [Dukes  Probate,  1-14,  15.] 

Inventory  recorded  May  12,  1727;  real  estate  valued  at  £1393. 
Elizabeth  did  not  long  sur^^ve  her  husband,  and  at  her  decease  left 
a  will,  an  extract  of  which  follows  : 

Dec  25,  1732.  Will  of  Elizabeth  Daggett  of  Edgartown,  gentlewoman:  loving 
sou  Benjamin;  daughters.  Thankful,  Mary  Norton,  Jemima  Butler,  Hannah, 
Elizabeth  ;  daughter  in  law  Mary ;  sons  Timothy,  Thomas,  Benjamin ;  grandson 
Samuel  Daggett;  grandchildren,  Seth,  Solomon,  Silvanus,  Betty  alias  Elizabeth 
Daggett ;  granddaughter  Lydia  Norton ;  son  Timothy  sole  executor.  Proved 
Feb  15,  173j.     [Dukes  Probate,  1-79.] 


693.  Deacon  John  Doggett^  {Thomas,^  John''),  born  Edgar- 
town,  Mass.,  1662  ;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
September  7,  1724;  married,  about  168.5,  Sarah  Norton  (?). 

Issue : 

725.  i.  Mayhew  Daggett,''  born  about  1686. 

726.  ii.  Ebe.nezer  Daggett,''  bora  Martha's  Vineyard,  August  29,  1690. 

727.  iii.  Thomas  Daggett.'' 

728.  iv.  Napthali  Daggett,''  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  6,  171J. 

729.  V.  Abigail  Daggett,''  born  1701. 

730.  vi.  Jane  Daggett.'' 

731.  vii.  ZiLPHA  Daggett.^ 

732.  viii.  Patience  Daggett,''  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  1705. 

733.  ix.  Mart  Daggett.'' 

Deacon  John  Daggett,  yeoman,  tanner,  and  innholder,  was  prob- 
ably born  in  Edgartown,  Mass.  He  resided  there  until  sometime 
previous  to  February  8,  1683,  when 

"  John  Daggett  late  of  Edgartown  on  Marthas  Vineyard  "  sells  "  10  acres  of 
land  which  the  town  of  Edgartown  gave  me,"  to  "my  father  Thomas  Daggett  of 
Edgartown."     [Dukes  Deeds,  5-72.] 

February  20,  169|.  John  Daggett  releases  any  claim  he  might 
have  to  estate  of  his  mother,  Hannah  Daggett,  "  located  near  the 
Gurnet."     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-104.] 

March  17,  1693.  John  Daggett  of  Prudence,  on  Marthas  Vineyard,  buys  14 
acres  land  on  road  from  Tisbury  to  Holmes  Hole,  from  his  brother  Joshua 
Daggett.     [Dulses  Deeds,  1-225.] 

March  17,  1693.  John  Daggett  of  Prudence,  on  Marthas  Vineyard,  buys  80 
acres  land  of  his  brother  Joshua  Daggett.     [Dukes  Deeds,  1-315] 

Prudence,  which  is  here  named  as  his  residence,  was  a  portion  of 
Tisbury,  and  the  records  speak  of  "  the  manuour  of  Tisbury,  com- 
monly called  Chilmark,"  so  that  although  each  of  these  places  is 
named  at  different  times  as  his  residence,  it  is  probable  that  after 
lea-ving  Edgartown  he  resided  during  his  residence  on  the  island  in 
what  is  now  called  Tisbury. 

Sept.  12,  1695.  Hannah  Daggett,  widow  of  Cap'  Thomas  Daggett,  late  of 
Edgartown,  on  Marthas  Vineyard,  in  consideration  of  lore,  and  natural  affection, 
for  her  son  John  Daggett,  of  Marthas  Vineyard,  gives  him  land  at  the  Vineyard. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  1-889.] 

The  following  deeds  are  of  the  first  piu'chases  of  laud  made  by 
him  in  Attleboro' : 

Not  12,  1701  Israel  Daggett,  of  Marthas  Vineyard,  for  40£,  paid  by  John 
Daggett  of  Marthas  Vineyard,  his  brother,  land  in  Attleboro,  25  acres  at  the 
falls.     [Bristol  Deeds,  15-505.] 

Feb.  1,  170j.  John  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  sells  25  acres  land  in  Attleboro,  to 
John  Daggett,  of  Chilmark,^ on  Marthas  Vineyard.     [Bristol  Deeds,  5-246.] 

July  28,  1704.  Thomas  Butler,  of  Chilmark,  sells  John  Daggett  of  same 
lands  and  meadow  in  Rehoboth,  and  Attleboro,  County  Bristol,  formerly  in  tenure 


of  Thomas  Doggett,  Esq:  late  deceased,  and  Israel  Daggett,  his  son,  excepting 
only  those  lands  and  marshes,  which  were  sold  by  Israel  Daggett,  or  Thomas 
Butler.     [Bristol  Deeds,  4-304.] 

June  10,  1711.  John  Daggett,  of  Chilmark,  yeoman,  and  Mayhew  Daggett, 
of  Attleboro,  County  Bristol,  yeoman,  bind  themselves  to  John  Devotion,  of 
Attleboro,  in  the  sum  of  200£.     [Bristol  Deeds,  7-267.] 

Mayhew  Daggett,  as  seen  in  above,  having  preceded  his  father  in 
the  removal  to  Attleboro',  may  have  been  an  inducement  to  hasten 
the  removal  of  the  family  there. 

The  purchase  of  the  farm  to  which  the  family  removed  was  on 
July  10,  1711,  "  when  John  Devotion,  of  Attleboro',  for  400£,  con- 
veys farm  in  Attleboro  containing  280  acres,  bounded  by  Wrentham 
line,  to  John  Daggett,  of  Chilmark,  Marthas  Vineyard,  with  25  acres 
on  10  mile  river,  except  2  acres,  the  barn,  and  orchard,  now  in  pos- 
session of  Penticost  Blackinton ;  also  whole  share  in  the  undivided 
lands  in  Attleboro."     [Bristol  Deeds,  7-27.] 

John  Daggett  and  family  removed  from  Martha's  Vineyard  to  Attle- 
boro' between  October  17,  1711,  and  December  24,  1712. 

After  the  purchase  of  the  farm  at  Attleboro'  he  sells  much  of  his 
land  at  the  Vineyard. 

Having  removed  to  Attleboro',  it  would  seem  that  he  at  once  became 
an  innkeeper,  and  soon  became  interested  in  town  and  church  affairs. 
His  house  is  reported  as  being  used  as  a  garrison  house. 

His  lands  being  located  on  the  road  from  Boston  to  Rhode  Island, 
and  his  tavern  a  convenient  stopping-place  en  route,  he  soon  became 
well  known,  not  only  to  the  people  of  Attleboro',  but  to  all  travellers 
between  Boston  and  Rhode  Island. 

"  In  1720  Deacon  John  Daggett  was  representative  of  the  town  of 
Attleboro."     [Hist.  Attleboro'.] 

April  16,  1722.  John  Daggett  of  Attleboro,  yeoman,  for  550£  sells,  Alex- 
ander Maxey  of  Gloucester,  County  Essex,  yeoman,  homestead  farm  in  Attle- 
boro, at  a  place  called  Ten  Mile  River,  to  a  place  called  M'  Hope  hill,  170  acres, 
excepting  a  small  piece  of  ground  6  rods  square,  where  the  burying  place  now  is, 
which  I,  the  said  Daggett,  reserved  for  my  own  use  and  the  use  of  my  neighbors. 
[Bristol  Deeds,  15-8.5.] 

April  6,  1724,  he  sells  103  acres,  on  Ten  Mile  river,  at  the  falls,  to  son  May- 
hew Daggett.     [Bristol  Deeds,  15-504.] 

Deacon  John  Daggett  died  September  7,  1724,  leaving  a  will 
dated  April  13,  1724,  in  which  he  leaves  his 'property  to  his  wife  and 
children.     This  will  was  proved  October  20,  1724. 

The  inventory,  dated  September  28,  1724,  amounts  to  £525  4s.  Id., 
and  mentions  land  at  Martha's  Vineyard  and  at  Mansfield,  Conn. 
[Bristol  Probate.] 

In  what  was,  apparently,  originally  the  centre  of  the  old  Hatch 
burying-ground  in  Attleboro',  there  stands  erect,  in  a  good  state  of 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.         91 

preservation,  a  stone,  with  cherub  at  the  top  and  ornaments  at  the 
sides,  with  the  following  inscription  : 

Here  lies  Interred 
Ye  Body  of  Dea- 
con John  Daggett 
DeC  Sepf  ye  7"^ 
1724  in  ye  63^ 
year  of  his  age 

Among  the  family  papers  of  an  old  Boston  family  was  found  the 
following  epitaph,  which  has  been  sent  the  writer,  and  is  supposed  to 
refer  to  Deacon  John  Daggett,  and  shows  the  retention  of  the  original 
spelling : 


Innbolder  at  Attleborough. 

If  ever  dram  to  thee  was  dear, 
Drop  on  John  Doggett's  grave  a  Tear ; 

Who  when  alive  so  well  did  tend, 
The  Rich,  the  Poor,  the  Foe,  the  Friend; 

To  every  knock,  and  every  call. 
He  said  I'm  coming  unto  all; 

At  length  Death  knocks  !  poor  Doggett  cry'd, 
And  said  "I'm  coming  Sir!  and  Dy'd. 

After  the  death  of  her  husband,  Mrs.  Daggett  authorizes  her  son 
to  sell  lands  on  the  Vineyard : 

Aug.  27,  1733.  widow  of  John  Daggett,  of  Attleboro,  appoints  Ebenezer 
Daggett,  her  son,  of  Attleboro,  Innkeeper,  her  agent,  to  sell  all  lands  on  Mar- 
thas Vineyard,  by  her  own  and  her  husbands  right.     [Dukes  Deeds,  5-383.] 

Sept.  3,  1733.  Ebenezer  Daggett,  of  Attleboro,  Innbolder,  by  above  right, 
sells  30  acres  of  land,  at  Holmes  Hole,  in  Edgartown,  being  that  tract  his 
father,  John  Daggett,  bought  of  Thomas  West,  late  of  Holmes  Hole  Dec  18, 
1699.     (Dukes  Deeds,  5-385.) 

Mrs.  Sarah  Daggett,  widow  of  Deacon  John  Daggett,  married 
Banfield  Capron,  December  16,  1735.  She  was  his  third  wife.  He 
died  August  20,  1752,  aged  ninety-two  years.  When  she  died  or 
where  she  is  buried  the  descendants  cannot  tell. 

693.  Joshua  Doggett'  {Thomas,^  John'),  born  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  about  1664,  called  his  name  Daggett;  died  Edgartown,  Mass., 
between  September  10,  1737,  and  February  14,  1738;  married,  about 
1686,  Hannah  Norton,  daughter  of  Isaac  and  Ruth  (Bayes)  Norton. 

Issue : 

734.  i.     Brothekton  Daggett,''  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1687. 

735.  ii.    Martha  Daggett,''  born  Prudence,  Mass.,  about  1688;  married  (inten- 

tion August  4,  1709)  Nicholas  Norton,  son  of  Benjamin  Norton. 

736.  iii.  Jacob  Daggett,''  born  Prudence,  Mass.,  about  1690. 

737.  iv.  Hepsieah  Daggett,''  born  Prudence,  Mass.,  about  1692;  married  Ed- 

gartown, Mass.,  between  January  and  June  10,  1716,  by  Mr.  Samuel 
Wiswall,  to  Jatjez  Trapp. 

738.  v.     Deborah  Daggett, "i  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  about  1694;  married  Ed- 

gartown,  Mass.,  May  9,    1717,  by  Enoch  Coffin,  to  John  Isham,  of 
Barnstable,  Mass. 


Joshua  Daggett,  yeoman,  resided  at  Prudence  and  Edgartown, 
Martha's  Vineyard. 

The  records  contain  many  deeds  to  and  from  him,  and  among  them 
one,  July  26,  .1717,  where  he  sells  land  in  Edgartown  to  John  Isham, 
late  of  Barnstable,  now  of  Edgartown,  and  another  in  which  he  cpu- 
veys  to  Brotherton  Daggett  the  west  part  of  his  house  and  land,  De- 
cember 27,  1718. 

The  will  of  Joshua  Daggett,  of  Edgartown,  yeoman,  is  dated  Sep- 
tember 10,  1737,  and  was  proved  February  14,  173|.  In  it  he  men- 
tions :  loving  wife  Hannah  Daggett ;  son  Brotherton  Daggett ;  son- 
in-law  John  Isham ;  son  Jacob  Daggett ;  daughters  Martha,  Hep- 
zibah,  and  Deborah.  Wife  Hannah  and  sou  Brotherton  named  as 
executors.     [Dukes  Probate,  1-86.] 

July  29,  1743.  Hannah  Daggett,  widow  of  Joshua  Daggett,  sells  land  in  Ed- 
gartown, to  Jabez  Tripp,  of  Edgartown,  and  John  Isham  of  Windsor,  Conn. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  7-275.] 

694.  Israel  Doggett''  {Thomas,"  John.'),  born  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  about  1672;  called  his  name  Daggett;  married  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  January  31,  1701,  by  Mr.  Donham,  to  Ruth  Norton,  daughter 
of  Nicholas  ( ?)  Norton. 

739.1.      Samuel  Daggett,''  born   Edgartown,  Mass.,   January   7,    1702;   died 
Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  13,  1717. 

740.  ii.    Mart  Daggett,''  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  29,  1704. 

741.  ill.  Sakah  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  2,  1706. 

742.  It.  Joshua  Daggett,''  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  4,  1709. 

743.  T.    Jane  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  22,  1711 ;  married 

Temple  Philip  Cooke. 

Israel  Daggett,  husbandman,  mason,  resided  in  Edgartown,  Mass. 

Sept  15,  1691  Thomas  Daggett  of  Edgartown,  upon  Marthas  Vineyard,  in 
the  Province  of  New  York,  whereas,  my  father  Thomas  Daggett,  late  deceased, 
dyed  seized  of  lands,  lying,  situate,  and  being,  in  the  town  of  Rehoboth,  in  the 
county  of  New  Bristol,  in  the  Colony  of  New  Plymouth,  in  America,  being  a 
house  lot,  and  divers  other  parcels  of  land,  in  said  Township,  which  lands  came 
to  me,  the  said  Thomas,  as  heir  to  said  Thomas  Daggett,  as  well  from  the  knowl- 
edge cf  the  intent  of  my  said  father,  had  Providence  allowed  him  making  a  will, 
as  also  in  consideration  of  the  love,  good  will,  and  natural  affection,  which  I 
bear  to  my  youngest  brother,  Israel  Daggett  .  .  .  gives  him  the  lands,  pro- 
vided he  live  to  21  years,  or  commit  lawful  matrimony,  and  until  he  does  one,  or 
the  other,  gives  the  lands  to  the  care  of  William  Carpenter.  [Dukes  Deeds, 

May,  13,  1701.  Indenture  between  Israel  Dogget,  of  Edgartown,  in  Dukes 
County,  and  Thomas  Butler,  of  the  same.  Por  80£,  Israel  Dogget,  sells  land  in 
Rehoboth,  being  land  laid  out  to  Thomas  Doggett,  Esq.,  deceased,  father  of 
Israel.     [Bristol  Deeds,  3-255.] 

This  last  deed  shows  the  retention  of  the  original  spelling. 
He  sells   many  different  pieces  of  land  on  the  Vineyard  and   at 


One  deed,  March  6,  173|,  in  which  he  calls  himself  mason,  and 
sells  house  and  land  in  Edgartown,  near  "  the  Clay  Pitts,"  to  Enoch 
Coffin.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-180.] 

Israel  Daggett  was  a  member  of  the  church  in  Edgartown. 

696.  Joseph  Daggett''  {Joseph,''  JoJm'),  born  Tisbury, 
Mass.  (?)  ;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),1718;  married  Tisbui-y, 
Mass.  (?),  about  1693,  Amy  Mantor  (?). 

Issue : 

744.  i.     John  Daggett,'  born  about  1694. 

745.  ii.    Amy  Daggett,''  born  about  1696. 

746.  iii.  Joseph  Daggett,''  born  about  1698  ;  October  21,  1718,  has  James  Allen 

appointeil  his  guardian. 

747.  iv.    Temperance  Daggett,''  born  about  1701 ;  October  21,  1718,  has  cousin 

Samuel  Mantor  appointed  her  guardian  ;  released  July  28,  1719. 

748.  V.    Elizabeth  Daggett,"  born  about  1704;  August  3,  1719,  receives  her 

share  in  her  father's  estate. 

749.  tI.  Hepsiba  Daggett,''  born  about  1706. 

Joseph  Daggett,  of  Tisbury,  left  a  will  dated  October  11,  1704, 
and  proved  August  12,  1718. 

He  mentions  his  wife.  Amy  Daggett,  as  executrix ;  son  John  Dag- 
gett, land  in  Edgartown ;  sou  Joseph  Daggett,  land  in  Tisbury ; 
mentions  daughters  Amy,  Temperance,  and  Elizabeth  Daggett  • 
[Dukes  Probate,  1-60.] 



700.  Lieut.  John  Daggett^  (Joseph,^  John,"  John^),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  1689-90;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
January  8,  1772;  married  Elizabeth  Dorman,  daughter  of  Timothy 
and  Elizabeth  (Knowltou)  Dorman,  of  Boxford,  Mass. ;  born  Box- 
ford,  Mass.,  December  7,  1691;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  7, 

Issue : 

750.1.     John  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  2,    1723;  died  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  August  22,  1723. 

751.  ii.    Makv    Daggett,"   born    Rehoboth,   Mass.,    December  21,    1727;   died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  21,   1741. 

752.  iii.  John  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  30,  1780;  died  Rehoboth, 

Mass.,  June  30,  1732. 

753.  ir.  John  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  27,  1732;  died  Rehoboth, 

Mass.,  previous  to  1767. 


Lieut.    Johu  Daggett,  housewright,  was  a  resident  of  Rehobotb, 


Feb.  12,  172f,  he  purchased  land  adjoining  his  house.  [Bristol  Deeds, 

Nov.  25,  1728,  and  Dec.  +,  1730,  he  male  other  purchases  of  land  in  Rehoboth. 
[Bristol  Deeds,  19-36,  and  482.] 

The  will  of  Johu  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  is  dated  September  10, 
1767,  and  was  proved  January  27,   1772. 

lu  it  he  gives  his  uephew,  William  Daggett,  son  of  his  brother 
Israel  Daggett,  land  in  Cumberland  which  belonged  to  his  grand- 
father, John  Daggett,  aud  called  "  the  Miue  Lot." 

Daniel  Daggett,  son  of  his  brother  Israel  Daggett,  land  in 

Mentions  also  John,  son  of  abovesaid  Daniel  Daggett.  Daniel 
Daggett  executor.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

701.  Mary  Daggett"  {Joseph,^  John,-  John^),  born  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  August  30,  1692;  married,  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  20, 
1716,  Timothy  Ide,  sou  of  Timothy  and  Elizabeth  Ide;  born  Re- 
hoboth, Mass.,  October  1,   1688. 

Issue : 

754.  i.     IcHAEOD  Ide,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  31,  1717. 

755.  ii.    Timothy  Ide,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  31,  1719. 

756.  iii.  John  Ide,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  27,  1728. 

757.  It.  Peleg  Ide,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  27,  173k 

703.  Joseph  Daggett"  (Joseph,^  John,^  John'),  born  Re- 
hoboth, Mass.,  June  13,  1699;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  16, 
173|;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  29,  172-,  by  Rev.  Johu 
Greenwood,  to  Margaret  PuUen,  of  Bristol,  R.I. 

Issue : 

758.1.    Simeon  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  14,  1723;   died  be- 
tween 1746  and  1758. 
759.  ii.  Hannah  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  21,  172-. 

Joseph  Daggett,  wheelwright,  of  Rehoboth,  was  baptized  in  1699, 
at  the  Rehoboth  church. 

Not  13,  1725  and  Feb  23  172f  he  makes  transfers  of  real  estate.  [Bristol 
Deeds,  17-404  and  156.] 

An  inventory  of  the  estate  of  Joseph  Daggett  was  talven  March 
10,  173f. 

Margaret  Daggett,  widow,  was  appointed  administratrix  of  the 
estate  of  Joseph  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  May  20,   173.5. 

Account  of  Margaret  Tree,  late  widow  of  Joseph  Daggett,  late  of 
Attleboro'.     [Bristol  Probate.] 


Richard  Tree  and  Margaret  Daggett  were  married  in  Attleboro' 
April  27,  1736,  and  had: 

Eunice  Tree,  born  Attleboro',  January  30,  173f. 

Levina  Tree,  born  Attleboro',  January  13,  1741;  died  Attleboro',  January 
13,  1741. 

The  records  of  the  Massachusetts  House  of  Representatives, 
March,  1745,  contain  the 

Petition  of  Richard  Tree  of  Rehoboth  and  others,  heirs  of  Joseph  Dogget, 
late  of  Attleboro,  deceased,  showing  that  the  real  estate  of  said  deceased  was 
distributed  to  Margaret,  Hannah,  the  petitioners,  and  Simeon,  his  only  son, 
agreeable  to  Law,  th;it  the  said  Simeon  Dagget  (being  then  a  minor)  had  his 
uncle  Israel  Dagget,  of  Rehoboth,  duly  appointed  his  Guardian,  who  accepted 
that  trust ;  that  about  5  years  since  the  said  Simeon  went  abroad  and  has  never 
been  heard  of  since  and  is  probably  dead,  yet  the  guardian  so  appointed  refuses 
(though  the  said  Simeon  if  living  is  22  years  of  age)  to  deliver  up  the  said 
estate,  or  income  thereof,  to  the  petitioners,  the  true  heirs,  but  converts  it  to 
his  own  use.  They  therefore  pray  that  said  guardian  be  ordered  to  deliver  pos- 

March  15,  1745.     Ordered  that  the  estate  be  distributed. 

This  petition  and  order  was  evidently  premature,  as  the  will  of 
Simeon  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  dated  August  20,  1746,  calls  himself 
"mariner,"  mentions  his  sister  Hannah  and  uncle  Israel,  and  this 
instrument  was  proved  April  5,  1758,  showing  that  he  had  returned 
after  the  above  order  was  passed. 

The  Bristol  probate  records  also  disclose  the  fact  that  Simeon 
Daggett's  mother,  while  a  widow,  gave  him  to  his  uncle  John  Dag- 
gett, of  Rehoboth,  after  which  she  married  Richard  Tree,  and  then 
wanted  him,  to  which  he  objected,  August  25,  1736. 

704.  Hepsibah  Daggett^  {Joseph,^  John,-  John'),  born  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  September  29,  1701 ;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  AugTist 
12,  1736;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  16,  1725,  by  Rev. 
John  Greenwood,  to  Noah  Chaffee,  son  of  Nathaniel  and  Experience 
Chaffee,  of  Rehoboth;  bom  Relioboth,  Mass.,  December  17,  1692; 
died  previous  to  1736. 

Issue : 

760.  i.     Isaiah  Chaffee,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  i,  1727. 

761.  ii.    SHnBAEL  Chaffee,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  23,  172^,7. 

762.  iii.  Christopher  Chaffee,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  7,  1731. 

705.  Martha  Daggett*  {Joseph,^  John,'  John'),  born  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  September  29,  1701;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August 
23,  1720,  Nathaniel  Cooper,  son  of  Thomas  and  Susanna  Cooper,  of 
Rehoboth;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  9,  1694. 

Issue : 

7G3.  i.     Judith  Cooper,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  8,  1726. 

764.  ii.    Hepsibeth  Cooper,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  8,  1729. 

765.  iii.  Martha  Cooper,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  8,  1729;  died  Reho- 

both, Mass.,  December  2,  1729. 


706.  Israel  Daggett*  {Jose2}h,^  John,^  John  ^),  horn  Rehohoth, 
Mass.,  March  20,  170|;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  1777;  married,  1st, 
Boxford,  Mass.,  April  15,  1724,  Hannah  Dormau,  daughter  of 
Timothy  and  Elizabeth  (Knowitou)  Dormau,  of  Boxford;  born 
Boxford,  Mass.,  December  22,   1698;  married,  2d,  Lydia. 

Issue : 

766.1.       Timothy    Daggett,*   born    Rehoboth,   Mass.,    June    9,    1725;    died 
Kehoboth,  Mass.,  February  20,  1726. 

767.  ii.      Joseph  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,   December  2,   1726;  died 

Rehoboth,   Mass.,  February  24,  1727. 

768.  iii.     Hepsaeeth  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  7,  1728;  died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  27,  1728. 

769.  iv.     William  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  1,  1729. 

770.  V.      Daniel  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  16,  1731. 

771.  vi.     Hannah  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  9,  173-1. 

772.  vii.   Israel  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  28,  1737. 

773.  viii.  Lydia  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  15,  1739. 

774.  ix.     Sarah  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  23,  1742. 

775.  X.      Martha  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  31,  174|. 

Israel  Daggett  was  baptized  in  the  Eehoboth  church,  April  30, 

A  negro,  called  "Prince,"  is  mentioned  as  his  mau  servant  in  1772. 

The  will  of  Israel  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  is  dated  January  12,  1767, 
and  was  proved  June  24,  1777.  In  it  he  mentions  beloved  wife 
Lydia  Daggett ;  sons  WUliam,  Israel,  and  Daniel ;  daughters  Lydia, 
Sarah,  and  Martha.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

708.  Rebecca  Daggett''  {Nathaniel,^  John,''  Johri'),  born  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  October  8,  1689  ;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  AprU  30, 
1710,  George  Wood,  son  of  Thomas  and  Rebecca  Wood,  of  Swansea, 
Mass. ;  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  July  30,  1679. 

776.  i.     THANKFnL  Wood,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  January  16,  1721. 

777.  ii.    Lydia  Wood,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  May  6,  1726. 

778.  iii.  James  Wood,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  May  6,  1729. 

711.  Nathaniel  Daggett^  {Nathaniel,'  John,^  John''),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  3,  1695  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  30, 
1724,  Lydia  Tiffany. 

Issue : 

779.  i.       Lydia  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  2,  1727;  married  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  August  13,  1748,  John  Crane,  of  Raynham,  Mass. 

780.  ii.       Bethiah  Daggett,*  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  17,  1729. 

781.  iii.     Nathaniel  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  19,  1731. 

782.  iv.     Reuben  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  31,  1733. 

783.  V.      Amos  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  5,  1735. 

784.  vi.     Joseph  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  14,  1737. 

785.  vii.    Amy  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1744. 

786.  viii.  Nathaniel  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  29,  1747. 


Nathaniel  Daggett,  "  cooper,"  "  husbaudmau,"  resifled  iiiRehoboth, 
aud  afterward  in  Attleboro',  Mass. 

April  11,  1719  he  sold  land  in  Rehoboth  [Bristol  Deeds,  13-187]  and  May 
2,  1719  bought  107i  acres  '-upland,  swamp,  anil  meadow"  in  Attleboro. 
[Bristol  Deeds,  13-114.] 

May  12,  1729  Nathaniel  Daggett  of  Attleboro  sells  land  there  to  John  Titus 
of  Rehoboth.     [Bristol  Deeds,  19-513.] 

Possibly  Mrs.  Daggett  may  have  married,  2d,  at  Rehoboth,  by 
Thomas  Brown,  to  John  "Wood,  of  Newport. 

712.  John  Daggett  ■*  {Nathaniel,^  John,-  John ') ,  born  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  March  16,  169f;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  (?),  1738; 
married  Swansea,  Mass.,  June  1.5,  1721,  Hopestill  "Wood,  daughter 
of  John  and  Bethia  (Mason)  Wood,  of  Swansea,  Mass. ;  born 
Swansea,  Mass.,  February  20,  169f. 

Issue : 

787.  i.       Rebecca  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  2,  1722. 

788.  ii.      John  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  6,  1723. 

789.  iii.     Hopestill  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  9,  1725. 

790.  It.     Sarah  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  26,  172^;  married 

Mr.  Pain. 

791.  V.      Abigail  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  1723"if. 

792.  vi.     James  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  2,  173^. 

793.  vii.    Nathan  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass..  December  24,  1733. 

794.  viii.  Joshua  Daggett,*  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  25,  1735. 

The  inventory  of  the  estate  of  John  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  was 
taken  July  14,  1738,  aud  amounted  to  £1401  10s.  lid. 

Hope  Daggett,  widow,  was  appoiuted  administratrix  of  the  estate 
September  19,  1738. 

November  10,  1744,  Rebecca  Daggett,  daughtei'  of  John,  wishes  a 
division  of  her  father's  estate. 

Hope  Brown,  late  widow  and  administratrix  of  the  estate  of  John 
Daggett,  wishes  a  division,  November  12,  1744. 

December  10,  1744,  Aaron  "Wheeler,  husband  of  Hopestill, 
daughter  of  John  Daggett,  wishes  a  division. 

The  estate  was  divided  March  18,  1744,  among  Hope,  late  widow 
of  deceased,  now  wife  of  Joseph  Brown ;  sous  John,  James,  Nathan, 
and  Joshua  Daggett ;  and  daughters  Rebecca  Brown,  Hope  "Wheeler, 
Sarah  Pain,  and  Abigail  Daggett.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

714.  Amos  Daggett"  (Nathaniel,'^  JoJin,^  John'),  born  Re- 
hoboth, Mass.,  January  18,  170|;  died  Swansea,  Mass.,  1771  ;  mar- 
ried, Swansea,  Mass.,  July  3,  1733,  Mary  Sisson. 

Issue : 

795.  i.     Mary  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  April  2,  1734;  died  Swansea, 


796.  ii.    Mart  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  April  2,  1735. 

797.  iii.  Elizabeth  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,    April  24,  1740;  married 

Swansea,  Mass.,  March  16,  1769,  William  Salisbury,  of  "Warren,  R.I. 

798.  iv.  Job  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  March  2,  1746. 


Amos  Daggett  was  a  "  husbandraau"  of  Swansea. 

April  6,  1709,  Moses  Reed  was  appointed  his  guardian,  and  he 
was  called  "  aged  about  6  years,  son  of  Nathaniel  Daggett,  late  of 
Eehoboth."     [Bristol  Probate.] 

Nov.  13,  172.5,  he  calls  himself  of  Swansea,  in  a  deed  of  land  in 
Rehoboth.     [Bristol  Deeds,  17-404.] 

The  will  of  Amos  Daggett,  of  Swansea,  is  dated  June  25,  1770, 
and  was  proved  November  11,   1771. 

He  gives  to  his  daughters,  Mary  Daggett  and  Elizabeth  Salisbury, 
each  ten  silver  dollars. 

To  his  beloved  son  .Job  Daggett  he  gives  all  the  rest  of  his  estate. 
[Bristol  Probate.] 

715.  Samuel  Doggett  "  {Thomas,"  Thomas,"  John'),  bapt. 
Bristol,  Mass.,  July  22,  1688;  called  his  name  Daggett;  died  before 
1726;  married,  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  11,  1705,  by  Benjamin 
Skiffe,  Esq.,  to  Mary  Pease,  daughter  of  Sergeant  Thomas  and 
Bathsheba  Pease,  of  Edgartown;  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February 
17,  1685. 

Issue  : 

799.  i.     Samuel  Daggett, °  born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  about  170G. 

800.  ii.    Seth  Daggett,^  born  February  5,  1713. 

801.  iii.  Solomon  Daggett.^ 

802.  iv.  Stlvands  Daggett.^ 

803.  V.    Love  Daggett,^  married  Rev.  ,Tohn  Lischer.    Issue  ;  i.  Lewis  Liscber;° 

ii.  William  Liscber.^ 

804.  vi.  Elizabeth  Daggett.^ 

July  22,  1688,  Samuel,  sou  of  Thomas  Doggett,  was  baptized  by 
Rev.  Samuel  Lee,  pastor  of  the  Church  of  Christ  at  Bristol,  R.I. 
(formerly  Mass.).     This  church  was  organized  May  3,  1687. 

The  name  in  this  baptismal  record  is  spelled  with  an  "  o,"  but  as  the 
family  soon  returned  to  the  Vineyard  the  only  records  extaut  con- 
form to  the  changed  spelling,  and  we  afterward  find  him  referred  to 
as  Daggett. 

Married  when  quite  young,  he  doubtless  made  his  home  in  Tisbury. 

717.  Capt.  Timothy  Daggett^  (TJiomas,^  Thomas,-  John'), 
born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  1690;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  Septem- 
ber 17,  1775;  married  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  6,  1717,  by  Enoch 
Coffin,  Esq.,  to  Mary  Smith,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Smith,  of  Edgar- 
town;  born  1694;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  October  2,  1781. 

Capt.  Timothy  Daggett,  gentleman,  resided  in  Edgartown,  Mass. 

Feb.  2,  172j,  his  father  gave  him  2  acres  of  land  in  Edg.artown.  [Dukes 
Deeds,  3-528.] 


He  (with  his  two  brothers)  was  executor  of  his  father's  estate  in 
1726,  and  in  1733  the  sole  executor  of  his  mother's  estate. 

The  will  of  Benjamin  Smith,  of  Edgartown,  14  February,  1719, 
mentions  his  daughter  Mary  Daggett. 

The  lands  which  thus  came  to  them  by  inheritance  were  increased 
between  this  time  and  January  23,  1759,  by  the  purchase  of  six 
other  estates,  all  located  in  the  town  of  Edgartown. 

His  name  also  occurs  in  the  Dukes  Deeds,  between  January  13, 
172|,  and  January  13,  1773,  as  making  eighteen  different  sales  of 
land  in  Edgartown,  at  Cape  Poeg,  at  Chappaquiddick,  and  at  Farm 

Sept  26,  1737,  Timothy  Daggett  of  Edgartown  Gentleman,  exchanges  lands  in 
Edgartown  for  others  at  Chappaquiddick.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-304-,  6,  10.] 

Feb  16,  1740  he  is  appointed  Attorney  for  Sylvanus  Daggett  of  Providence 
[Dukes  Deeds,  7-130],  and  in  March  1743  is  acting  as  guardian  of  John  Worth. 

There  are  but  seventy-three  stones  remaining  in  the  first  burial 
place  in  Edgartown,  and  of  this  number  three  are  for  Daggetts.  Of 
these  are : 

"Cap'.  Timothy  Daggett  died  Sept  17,  1775  aged  85  yrs."  and  "  Mary  Dag- 
gett wife  of  Cap'  Timothy  died  Oct.  2,  1781,  aged  87  years." 

719.  Deacon  Benjamin  Daggett  ^  (TAonias,'  Thomas,-  John'), 
born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (  ?),  about  1691  ;  died  Fox  Island,  Me.,  1783  ; 
married,  1734,  Margery  Homes,  daughter  of  Rev.  William  and  Cath- 
erine (Craighead)  Homes,  of  Chilmark;  died  (buried  Edgartown) 
May  3,  1783. 

Issue : 

805.  i.       Elizabeth  Daggett,^  bapt.   Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  20,  1735;  mar- 

ried Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  3,  1757,  Samuel  Whelden. 

806.  ii.      Catherine  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1736;  unmarried,  Feb- 

ruary 7,  1762. 

807.  iii.     William  Daggett,*   born   Edgartown,   Mass.,   November   18,   1738; 

died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  14,  1740. 

808.  iv.      Timotht  Daggett,'  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  31,  174:^;'  died 

Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  3,  174-/2. 

809.  V.       Benjamin  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  1,  1742. 

810.  vi.     John  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  4,  1744. 

811.  vii.    Hannah  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  28,  1748;   mar- 

ried Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  21,  1769,  Thomas  Stewart. 

812.  viii.  Mart  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  5,  1751. 

Deacon  Benjamin  Daggett,  yeoman,  seems  to  have  lived  in  Edgar- 
town, afterward  at  Chilmai-k,  and  toward  'the  close  of  his  life  at 

He  held  the  office  of  deacon  in  the  church  for  forty  years.  Benja- 
min Daggett  was  admitted  to  the  church  in  Edgartown,  April  20, 

Dukes  Deeds  contain  15  different  transfers  of  real  estate  in  which  he  was 
either  buying  or  selling  land  in  Edgartown,  at  Cape  Poeg,  at  Farm  neck  and  at 


720.  Thomas  Daggett''  {Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John^),  horn  Edgar- 
town,  Mass.  (?),  about  1G92;  inamecl  Love  Coffin,  daughter  of 
Enoch  and  Beulah  (Eddy)  Coffin,  of  Martha's  Vineyard;  born  1702. 

Thomas  Daggett,  yeoman,  gentleman,  resided  in  Edgartown,  Mass. 
He  appears  from  the  Eegistry  of  Deeds  to  have  bought  or  sold  eight 
different  pieces  of  land  in  Edgartown,  between  1727  and  1746. 

Love  Daggett,  his  wife,  owned  the  covenant,  and  was  baptized  in 
the  church  in  Edgartown,  October  10,  1742;  admitted  to  the  church, 
August  3,  1746. 

Thomas  Daggett  was  admitted  to  full  communion  at  the  church  iu 
Edgartown  in  1748. 

Between  this  time  and  1769  he  makes  seven  more  transfers  of  real 
estate,  and  on  the  last-named  year  sells  one-half  pew  in  Edgartown. 
No  fui-ther  records  regarding  him  have  been  found. 

723.  Mart  Daggett*  (Thomas,^  Thomas,'  Join i^),  born  Edgar- 
town, Mass.,  August  8,  1698;  married,  1722,  Matthew  Norton,  son 
of  Benjamin  Norton;  born  April  12,  1696. 

Issue : 

813.  i.       John  Norton,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  25,  1723. 

814.  u.      Matthew  Norton,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  18,  172,5. 

815.  iii.     Elizabeth  Norton,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  March  23,  1724. 

816.  iy.      HuLDAH  Norton,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  10,  1731. 

817.  V.       Beriah  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  12,  173if. 

818.  vi.     Jerusha  Norton,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  8,  173G. 

819.  vii.    Lois  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  20,  1789. 

723.     Jemima  Daggett"    {Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),    married 
Thomas  Butler,  son  of  John  and  Mary  Butler. 
Issue : 

820.  i.     David  Bctler,  married  December  2,  1725,  Anna   Hatch,  daughter  of 

Samuel  and  Lydia  Hatch,  of  Chilmark. 

725.  Capt.  Mathew  Daggett""  {John,"  Thomas,"  John'),  born 
about  1686;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  17,  1752;  married  Attle- 
boro',  Mass.,  October  11,  1709,  Joanna  Biven,  of  Deerfield,  Mass. 

Issue : 

821.  i.     Blihu  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  6,  1710. 

822.  ii.    Sarah  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  17,  1715. 

823.  iii.  Beulah  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  17,  1719. 

824.  iv.  ZiLPUA  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  28,  1726. 

825.  T.    Anna  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  18,  1728;  married  Carrol 


Capt.  Mayhew  Daggett,  also  called  deacon,  was  of  Attleboro', 
yeoman,  June  10,  1711.     [Bristol  Deeds,  7-267.] 

How  long  before  1709  (the  date  of  his  marriage)  he  had  resided  in 

Attleboro'  does  not  appear. 

He  bought  land  there  Au?  2,  1715.  [B.D.,  13-33]  July  26,  1722  [B.D., 
U-541]  Not  22,  1725  [B.D.,  17-157]  and  Feb  23,  172f  [B.D.,  17-156]. 


Among  several  other  transactions  in  real  estate  was  a  sale  of  land 
in  Attleboro',  December  19,  1724  [B.D.,  17-128],  and  laud  at  a 
place  between  Mt.  Hope  and  the  fall  on  Ten-mile  river,  November 
18,  1725.     [B.D.,  17-155.] 

Capt.  Mayhew  Daggett  appears  to  have  been  prominent  in  the 
affairs  of  the  town,  of  which  he  was  the  representative,  1736,  1737, 
1741,  1742,  1744,  and  1746. 

Captain  Daggett  died  in  1752,  and  his  estate  was  settled  by  his 
wife,  Joanna  Daggett. 

The  probate  papers  mention  the  children  as  Elihu  Daggett,  Jedu- 
thau  Fuller,  Sarah  Fuller,  Abiah  Fuller,  Beulah  Fuller,  Zilpha 
Daggett,  Anna  Marten,  and  Carrol  Marten.     [Bristol  Pi-obate.] 

726.  Ebenezer  Daggett^  (JoJm,'  Thomas,"  Jolin^),  bom 
Martha's  Vineyard,  August  29,  1690;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August 
30,  1740;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  9,  1721,  Mary 
Blackinton,  daughter  of  Penticost  Blackinton ;  born  Marblehead, 
Mass.,  November  25,  1698;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  1, 

Issue : 

826.  i.       Bathsheba  Daggett,°  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  22,  1722. 

827.  11.      John  Daggett,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  2,  1724. 

828.  iii.     Naphtali  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  8,  1727. 

829.  iv.     Samuel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  3,  1735*. 

830.  T.      Ebenezer  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  15,  1732. 

831.  vi.     Mart  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  21,  1735;  married  Mr. 


832.  vii.    MicAjAH  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  8,  173|;  Novem- 

ber 13,  1752,  Mary  Daggett  appointed  his  guardian. 

833.  yiii.  Philip  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  11,  1739. 

Ebenezer  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  was  "  husbandman,"  "  tanner," 
and  "innholder." 

Sept  19,  1720  he  bought  32  acres  of  land  in  Attleboro  [B.D.,  17-63]  and  Oct 
26,  1723  land  on  the  W  side  of  the  B  road  which  goes  from  Kehoboth  to  Boston. 
[B.D.,  16-246.] 

Jan  10,  1727  [B.D.,  19-321]  and  March  19,  1729  [B.D.,  20-273]  he  buys 
additional  land. 

In  a  pui'chase  made  March  31,  1731  [B.D.,  20-7],  he  is  called  inn- 
keeper, and  his  occupation  the  same  in  succeeding  deeds. 

He  makes  further  purchases  Oct.  13,  1731  [B.D.,  21-250]  and  March  21,  1732. 
[B.D.,  21-503.] 

August  27,  1733,  he  is  appointed  by  his  mother  as  her  agent  to  sell 
lands  on  Martha's  Vineyard  [Dukes  Deeds,  5-383],  and  September  3, 
1733,  he  sells  land  there.  [Dukes  Deeds,  5-385.]  He  died  in 
Attleboro',  and  a  stone  in  the  cemetery  there  marks  his  grave. 


November  23,  1752,  Mary  Daggett,  widow,  is  appoiuted  admiuis- 
ti-atrix  of  the  estate  of  Ebenezer  Daggett,  deceased ;  Jobu  Daggett, 
eldest  son.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

727.  Thomas  Daggett^  {John,^  Thomas,"  John '^),  married  1st, 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  21,  172f,  Sarah  Stanley;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  August  31,  1728;  married  2d,  Wrentham,  Mass.,  January 
29,  172f,  by  Mr.  Henry  Messinger,  to  Elizabeth  Blake. 

Issue : 

834.  i.       Naphtali  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass  ,  January  6,  J72f;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  14,  1724. 

835.  ii.      Abigail  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  11,  1726. 

836.  iii.     IcHABOD  Daggett,*  born   Attleboro',   Mass.,   March  22,   172|;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  May,  172f. 

837.  iv.     Samuel  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  22,  1728;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  July  25,  1728. 

838.  V.      Mayhew  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  10,  1729. 

839.  vi.     Thomas  Daggett,*  born  Providence,  R.I.,  September  25.  1731. 

840.  Tii.    Content  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  15,  1733;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  12,  1734. 

841.  viii.  Content  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  11,  1735. 

842.  ix.     Brotherton  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  13,  173". 

843.  X.      Naomi  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  16,  174^. 

739.  Abigail  Daggett'  {John,^  Thomas,^  Mm'),  born  1701; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  20,  1798;  married  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  October  12,  1714,  Ebenezer  Guild,  sou  of  Samuel  and  Mary 
(Woodcock)  Guild,  of  Dedham,  Mass.;  born  Dedham,  Mass.,  July 
23,  1692;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  8,  1774. 

Issue  : 

844.  i.     Joseph  Guild,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  22,  1716. 

845.  ii.   Benjamin  Guild,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1718. 

846.  iii.  Naphtali  Guild,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  3,  1719. 

847.  iv.  Ebenezer  Guild,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  29,  1722. 

730.     Jane  Daggett''  {John,^  Thomas,-  Jb/«« '),  married  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  November  9,   1721,  Caleb  Hall. 
Issue : 

848.  i.       Christopher  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  17,  1723. 

849.  ii.      Caleb  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  16,  1724;  died  Attleboro', 

Mass.,  April  1,  1740. 

850.  iii.     John  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  14,  1726;  died  Attleboro', 

Mass.,  December  24,  1726. 

851.  iv.     John  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  19,  1727. 

852.  V.      Reuben  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  14,  172-3^. 

853.  vi.     Eve  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  4,  173j. 

854.  vii.    Leaben  Hall,*   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,  November   13,    1734;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1738. 

855.  viii.  Dan  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  6,  1736. 

856.  ix.     Adam  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  25,  1738. 

857.  X.       Hannah  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  20,  174J. 

858.  xi.     Caleb  Hall,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  28,  1743. 


731.     ZiLPiiA  Daggett^  (John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  mamed  Attle- 
boro',  Mass.,  July  18,  1721,  Nathauiel  Robinson. 

i.  Nathan  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mi^ss.,  April  21,  1722. 

ii.  Nathaniel  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  4,  1724. 

iii.  Geoege  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  23,  1726. 

iv.  ZiLPUA  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  9,  1728. 

V.  Elizabeth  Kobinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  4,  173f. 

Ti.  Elihu  Robinson.*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1733. 

vii.  Amos  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  7,  1735. 

Tiii.  Abigail  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  15,  1737. 

ix.  Mabgret  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  8,  173;^o. 

732.  Patiekce  Daggett"  (John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  bom 
Martha's  Vineyard,  1705;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  27, 
1793;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  4,  1723,  Lieut.  Noah 
Robinson;  born  1702;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  7,  1788. 

Issue : 

868.  i.  Laphaniah  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  29,  1723. 

869.  ii.  Mart  RobinsoJj,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  20,  1725. 

870.  iii.  Elijah  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  3,  1728. 

871.  iv.  William   Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  2.5,  1732. 

872.  V.  HuLDA  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  10,   1735;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  5,  1735. 

873.  ri.    Enoch  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  4,  1738. 

874.  vii.  Comfort  Robinson,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  7,  1740. 

733.  Mart  Daggett"  ( Jo/mi, ^  Thomas,^  John'),  married  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  January  18,  172|,  John  Titus. 

Issue : 

875.  1.  Lydia  Titus,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  19,  1728. 

876.  ii.  Abigail  Titus,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  16,  1731. 

877.  iii.  Samuel  Titus,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  13,  173|. 
iv.  John  Titus,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  26,  1739. 
V.  MoLi.Y  TiTDS,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  U,  1737. 
vi.  Simeon  Titus,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,  1741. 
vii.  RoDAN  Titos,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  8,  1743. 
viii.  Cornelius  Titus,*  born  .\ttleboro',  Mass.,  March  4,  174|;  died  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  July  3,  1768. 

734.  Brotherton  Daggett"  {Joshua,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born 
Edgartowu,  Mass.,  1687;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  March  5,  1740; 
married,  about  1724,  Thaukfull ,  widow. 

Issue : 

883.  i.      Beotherton  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  7,  1725. 

884.  ii.     Thankfdll    Daggett,*   bapt.    Edgartown,    Mass.,    March    12,   1727; 

married  Cornelius  Marchant,  Jr. 

885.  iii.    Thomas  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  10,  1728. 

886.  iv.    Timothy  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  28,  1731. 

887.  V.     Elijah  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  21,  i734. 

888.  vi.    Jethro  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  23,  1736. 

889.  vii.  Ebbnezee  Daggett,*  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  26,  1739;  died 

Union,  Me.,  April  29,  1816. 


Brothertou  Daggett,  yeoman,  husbandman,  resided  in  Edgartown, 


Not  17,  1712  he  bought  land  in  Edgartown,  of  his  parents  [Dukes  Deods,  2- 
347-349]  and  Dec  27,  1718  he  buys  of  his  father,  the  W  part  of  his  fathers 
house,  in  Edgartown.     [D.D.,  3-190.] 

Oct.  15,  1720  [D.D.,  4-252]  Dec  10,  1734  [D.D.,  6-104]  and  Sept  10,  1737 
[D.D.,  fi-209]  he  buys  land  in  Edgartown  and  Chapp.aquiddick. 

March  22,  173^  he  and  Nicholas  Norton,  hire  land  in  Edgartown,  on  a  lease. 
[D.D.,  6-409.] 

Brotherton  Daggett  attended  the  First  Church  in  Edgartown,  and 
the  records  of  the  church  contain  the  following  :  "  Brotherton  Dag- 
gett, being  an  adult  Person  ;  was  baptised  March  12,   1727." 

One  of  the  three  stones  to  the  memory  of  the  Daggetts  which  yet 
remain  in  the  old  burial  ground  in  Edgartown  is  for 

Brotherton  Daggett  died  March  5,  1740  aged  53  years. 

June  16,  1741.     Thanltfiil  Daggett   was  appointed  administratrix 
of  Brotherton  Daggett,  husbandman,  deceased. 
Inventory  taken,  July  8,  1741.      [Dukes  Probate.] 

736.  Jacob  Daggett''  {Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Pru- 
dence, Mass.,  about  1690;  died  Sherborn,  Nantucket,  March,  1760; 
married  Nantucket,  Mass.,  October  24,  1714,  by  William  Worth, 
J.P.,  to  Hannah  Skiffe,  daughter  of  James  and  Saiah  Skiffe ;  born 
1687;  living  1773. 

Issue : 

890.  i.  Aaron  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  4,  4  mo.,  1715;  died  previous 
to  February  7,  1761. 

ii.     Hepzibah  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  1717. 

lii.  Stephen  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  May  19,  1721 ;  died  previ- 
ous to  February  7,  1761. 

iv.    Nathan  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  December  21,  1723. 

V.  Hdldah  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  June  12,  1726;  married 
Nantucket,  Mass.,  February  1,  1749,  by  Josiah  Coffin,  .J. P.,  to 
Thomas,  son  of  David  Gwinn;  she  died  previous  to  1761. 

vi.    Joseph  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  September  17,  1728. 

vii.  Benjamin  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  April  21,  1731. 

Jacob  Daggett  removed  to  Sherborn,  Nantucket. 

Oct.  26,  1730  his  father  gives  him  land  in  Edgartown  near  Mattiikase  pond,  on 
account  of  love  he  has  for  him.     [Dukes  Deeds,  5-38.] 

Jacob  Daggett  of  Nantucket  sells  land,  in  Edgartown,  Oct  28,  1754,  Nov 
1756  and  Nov  3,  1757.     [Dukes  Deeds,  8-311-401-454.] 

Hannah  Daggett  appointed  administratrix  of  the  estate  of  her  hus- 
band, Jacob  Daggett,  late  of  Sherborn,  AprU  5,  1760.  [Nantucket 
Probate,  2-382.]^" 

The  inventory  of  his  estate,  May  12,  1760,  mentions  dwelling- 
house,  £11.  His  estate  was  valued,  real  estate,  £84  16s.  Od. ;  per- 
sonal, £34  17s.  23d. 


744.  John  Daggett''  {Joseph,^  Joseph,"  John^),  born  about 
1694;  died  Edgartowo,  Mass.  (?),  about  1739;  married  before  Sep- 

.tember  23,  1720,  Sarah . 

Issue : 

897.  i.     Joseph  (?)  Daggett,'  born  1721  (?). 

898.  ii.    Prince  (?)  Daggett,'   born  1723;    bapt.    December  9,   1794,   age  71 

years;  then  dangerously  sick;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  179-t  (?). 

899.  iii.  Ebenezer  (?)  Daggett.' 

900.  iv.  Amey  ?)  Daggett.' 

901.  V.    John  (?)  Daggett.^ 

John  Daggett,  laborer,  husbandman,  yeoman,  resided  in  Edgar- 
town,  Mass. 

His  father  left  him  land  in  Edgartown,  portions  of  which  he  sells 
from  time  to  time. 

Sept  23,  1720  [Dukes  Deeds,  4-123]  he  makes  the  first  sale,  and  in  the  fol- 
lowing October,  buys  his  sister  Elizabeth's  portion,  in  their  father's  estate. 
[D.D.,  4-184.] 

Aug  10,  1725,  he  sells  land,  in  Edgartown  [D.D.,  4-103],  and  July  22,  1726 
land  at  a  place  commonly  called  "  Daggetts  farm."     [D.D.,  4-186.] 

A  sale  made  Oct.  14,  1726  is  to  Joseph  Potompson,an  Indian.     [D.D.,  7-106.] 

Other  sales  are  made,  Aug  6,  1729,  land  at  "  Squash  meadow"  [D.D.,  5-153], 
June  24,  1734  to  John  Tolman,  Indian  husbandman  [D.D.,  5-405],  and  Aug  17, 
1736.     [D.D.,  6-267.] 

October  1,  1739,  Sarah  Daggett  appointed  administratrix  of  John 
Daggett,  of  Edgartown,  husbandman.     [Dukes  Probate.] 

745.  Amy  Daggett^  {Joseph,^  Joseph,^  John^),  born  about 
1696;  married  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  22,  1715,  by  Pain 
Mayhew,  Esq.,  to  Thomas  Martin. 

Thomas  and  Amy  Martin  receipt  to  John  Daggett,  of  Edgartown, 
for  their  portion  in  the  estate  of  "  our  honored  father  Joseph  Dag- 
gett," August  3,  1719.      [Dukes  Probate.] 

Thomas  Martin  was  of  Edgartown,  "  cordwainer,"  September  23, 
1720.      [Dukes  Deeds,  4-123.] 

749.  Hepsiba  Daggett^  {Josej^h,^  Joseph,'  John^),  born  about 
1706;  married  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  17,  1725,  Enoch 

Issue : 

902.  i.     Temperance  Norton,'  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  Octobers,  1726. 

903.  ii.    Abigail  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  10,  172f. 

904.  iii.  Cornelius  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  13,  173f . 

905.  iv.  Hepsiba  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  26,  1734. 

906.  V.    Amy  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  7,  173f. 

907.  vi.  Elizabeth  Norton,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  23,  1739. 

October  21,  1718,  Thomas  Martin  was  appointed  guardian  of 
Hepziba  Daggett.     [Dukes  Probate.] 

August  3,  1719,  Mr.  Martin  received  Hepziba  Daggett's  share  in 
her  father's  estate. 




759.  Hannah  Daggett*  (Joseph,^  Josejyh,^  JoJin,^  JoJm '),  horn 
Attleboi'o',  Mass.,  Jan.  21,  172- ;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  6, 
1749,  by  Rev.  John  Greenwood,  to  Simeon  Cole,  sou  of  John  and 
Mercy  Cole,  of  Rehoboth,  Mass. ;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  17, 

Issue  : 

908.  i.        Keziah  Cole,**  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  9,  17452j. 

909.  ii.      Margaret  Cole,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  11,  1752. 

910.  iii.     Simeon  Cole,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  19,  1754. 

911.  iv.     Eunice  Cole,**  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  22,  1757. 

912.  V.      Cynthia  Cole,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  11,  1761. 

913.  vi.     Hannah  Patience  Cole,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  15,  1768; 

married  Frederick  Bliss  of  Calais,  Vt.,  April  27,   1785 ;  died  Wor- 
cester, Mass.,  December  3,  1851. 

769.  "William  Daggett*  (Israel,*  Joseph,^  JoJm,^  John'),  horn 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  1,  1729  ;  died  Seekouk,  Mass.,  between 
August,  1813,  and  April,  1819;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November 
4,  1760,  by  Rev.  Robert  Rogerson,  to  Hannah  Braily. 

Issue : 

914.  i.       William  Daggett,"  born  Seeltonli,  Mass.  ;  died  No.  Providence,  R.I., 


915.  ii.      John  Daggett,"  bora  Seekonli,  Mass. 

916.  iii.     Abel  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass. ;  died  Pawtucket,  Mass.,  1843. 

917.  iv.     Jesse  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass. 

918.  V.      Simeon  Daggett,"  born   Seekonk,  Mass.,   September  13,  1768 ;  mill- 

wright; married;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  13,  1850. 

919.  vi.     Israel  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass. 

920.  vii.   Lemuel  Daggett,"  born  Seekonlc,  Mass.,  November  25,  1775;  farmer; 

married;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  February  25,  1850. 

921.  viii.  Amet  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass. ;  died  Pawtucket,  Mass.,  1855. 

William  Daggett  received  by  the  will  of  his  uncle,  John  Daggett, 
land  in  Cumberland,  called  "the  Mine  lot."  The  will  was  dated 
September  10,  1767,  and  proved  January  27,  1772.  [Bristol 

770.  Daniel  Daggett  ^  {Is7-ael,*  Joseph,"^  John ^'  John  '),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  16,  1731;  died  between  July  22  and 
October  24,  1799;  married,  Providence,  R.I.,  July  10,  1759,  by 
Jabez  Bowen,  to  Bebe  Perry,  of  Attleboro',  Mass. 

Issue : 

922. .i.  John  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  4,  1760  ;  died  Seekonk, 
Mass.,  June  4,  1814. 

923.  ii.  Mart  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  3,  1762;  married,  Will- 
iam Daggett.     See  986. 


924.  iii.     Jacob  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  12,  1765. 

925.  iv.     Elizabeth  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  11, 17G7;  married 

Robert  Daggett.     See  97-t. 

The  will  of  Daniel  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  was  dated  July  22, 
1799,  and  proved  November  5,  1799.  He  mentions  beloved  wife 
Bebe  Daggett;  son  John  Daggett;  Nathan  Daggett,  son  of  my 
daughter  Mary  Daggett;  son  Jacob  Daggett;  daughter  Elizabeth 
Daggett;  residue  to  son  Jacob,  who  is  also  executor.  [Bristol 

772.  Israel  Daggett*  {Israel,"  Joseph,'  John,-  John'),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  28,  1737;  died  between  1769  and  1777; 
married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  15,  1763,  by  Thomas  Bowen,  to 
Frances  Bowen,  widow. 

Issue : 

926.  i.     Joseph  Daggett,''  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  4,  1764;  June  24,  1777, 

William  Daggett  appointed  his  guardian. 

927.  ii.    Martha  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  6,  1765;  June  24, 

1777,  Daniel  Daggett  appointed  her  guardian. 

928.  iii.  Ltdia  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  6,  1769;  June  24, 

1777,  William  Daggett  appointed  her  guardian. 

August,  1784.  Israel  Daggett,  having  deceased,  property  left 
him  is  set  off  to  eldest  daughter,  Martha  Daggett ;  only  son,  Joseph 
Daggett ;  youngest  daughter,  Lydia  Daggett.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

782.  Reuben  Daggett*  (Nathaniel,''  Nathaniel,'  Johri,"  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  31,  1733;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
November  21,  1754,  by  Elder  Nathan  Pearce,  to  Isabel  Round,  of 
Rehoboth,  Mass. 

Issue : 

929.  i.     Reuben  Daggett,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  NoTember  11,  1755. 

930.  ii.    Simon  Daggett,^   born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   December   4,    1758;    died 

possibly,  Cattaraugus  county,  N.Y. 

931.  iii.  DARIU.S  Daggett,"   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,  July   17,    1760;    married 

Westmoreland,  N.H.,   by  Rev.  Eben.   Bailey,   to  Hepsebah  Dean, 
July  18,   1781;   he  died  Vermont. 

932.  iv.  Daniel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  27,  1762. 

933.  V.    Isabel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  17,  1764. 

April  27,  1778.  Reuben  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  buys  land  in 
Marlboro'  of  Benoni  Wilmarth.     [Bristol  Deeds,  58-259.] 

783.  Amos  Daggett*  (Nathaniel,'  Nathaniel,'  John,"  Johi'), 
bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  5,  1735;  married  Hannah 

Issue  : 

934.  i.  Amos  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  9,  176-. 
ii.  Samdel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  24,  17-. 
iii.  James  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  2,  17-. 
iv.  Naomi  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  27,  17-. 
V.  Hannah  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  21,  1771. 
vi.  Rachel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  21,  1773. 


786.  Nathaniel  Daggett"  (Nathaniel,*  Nathaniel,^  John,'' 
John^),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  29,  1747;  married  Beulah 

Issue : 

940.  i.     .ToHN  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  24,  1771. 

941.  ii.    Nancy  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  10,  1773. 

942.  iii.  Lydia  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1775. 

787.  Rebecca  Daggett*  {John,"  Nathaniel,^  John,^  John'), 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  2,  1722;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
November  22,  1744,  by  Thomas  Bowen,  Esq.,  to  Caleb  Brown,  son 
of  Joseph  and  Elizabeth  Brown,  of  Rehoboth ;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
June  30,  1720. 

Issue : 

943.  i.       Ann  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Miiss.,  September  24,  1745. 

944.  ii.      Amy  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  24,  1747. 

945.  iii.     Saeah  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  20,  1749. 

946.  iv.     Bethiaii  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  12,  1752. 

947.  T.      Caleb  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  2,  1754. 

948.  vi.     Levi  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  2G,  1756. 

949.  vii.   Rebecca  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  4,  1758. 

950.  viii.  Elizabeth  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  13,  1760. 

951.  ix.     Chloe  Brown,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  5,  1763. 

788.  John  Daggett*  {John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,''  John'),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  6,  1723;  died  between  August  7  and 
September  1,  1789  ;  married  Swansea,  Mass.,  April  4,  1752,  Penelope 
Wood,  daughter  of  John  and  Charity  [Millerd  (Thurber)]  Wood,  of 
Swansea;  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  May  23,  1722. 

Issue : 

952.  i.      John  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  27,  1754. 

953.  ii.    Mary   Daggett,"  born    Rehoboth,   Mass.,   March    16,   1755;    married 

Rehoboth,    Mass.,   May   16,   1779,  by    Wm.   Cole,   J. P.,  to   Squier 

954.  iii.  Joshua  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  8,  1757. 

955.  iv.   Levi  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  12,  1761. 

956.  v.     Hope  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  16,  1762. 

The  will  of  John  Daggett,  of  Rehoboth,  dated  August  7,  1789,  was 
proved  September  1,  1789.  Mentions  wife  Penelope;  daughter 
Molle  Monrow,  wife  of  Squier  Monrow ;  daughter  Hopestill  Davis, 
wife  of  John  Davis ;  son  Levi  Daggett ;  grandson  Joshua  Davis ; 
son  Levi,  executor.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

789.  Hopestill  Daggett*  {John,"  Nathaniel,'  John,"  John'), 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  9,  1725;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
December  9,  1742,  by  Thomas  Bowen,  Esq.,  to  Aaron  Wheeler,  son 
of  Philip  and  Martha  Wheeler,  of  Rehoboth;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
January  17,  1722. 

Issue : 

957.  i.      Hopestill  Wheeler,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  17,  174f. 

958.  ii.     MoLLT  Wheeler,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  5,  1749. 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MAETHA'S    VINEYARD.     109 

959.  iii.   Chloe  Wheeler,'"'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  2,  1750. 

960.  iv.    Aaron  Wheeler,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  29,  1752. 

961.  T.     Mehitable  Wheeler,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  25,  1754. 

962.  vi.    Nathan  Wheeler,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  11,  1755. 

963.  vii.   .4m\'  Wheeler,"  bora  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  21,  1757. 

791.  Abigail  Daggett"  {John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,''  John^), 
bom  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  172^^^  ;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
January  1,  1746,  by  Thomas  Boweu,  Esq.,  to  Joseph  Franklin. 

Issue  : 
964:.  i.       Hopestill  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  NoTember  2,  1747. 

965.  ii.      Ltdia  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  17,  1749. 

966.  iii.     WiLLSON  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  10,  1752. 

967.  iv.     Abel  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  15,  1754. 

968.  V.      Joseph  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  23,  1757. 

969.  vi.     John  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  17,  1760. 

970.  vii.    Benjamin  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  10,  1762. 

971.  viii.  Thomas  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  31,  1766. 

972.  ix.     Esther  Franklin,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  1,  1768. 

792.  James  Daggett  °  (John,*  Nathaniel,^  John, ^  John  ^),  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  2,  173J;  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  24, 
1806;  married  Rebecca .     She  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  about  1827. 

Issue : 

973.  i.       James  Daggett,"  born  Relioboth,  Mass.,  June  25,  1761;  died  Reho- 

both, Mass.,  1830,  before  April  5. 

974.  ii.       Robert  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  1,  1763. 

975.  iii.      Gilbert  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  24,  1765. 

976.  iv.     Bette  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  21,  1767;  died  Reho- 

both, Mass.,  August  29,  1778. 

977.  V.      Samdel  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  27,  1769;  married 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  3,  1805,  by  J.  Hills,  to  Martha  Carpen- 

978.  vi.     Rebecca  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  22,  1770;  mar- 

ried Rehoboth,  Mass.,  between  April,  1795,  and  April,  1796,  by  John 
Ellis,  to  Dr.  Haze  Humphrey.  She  died  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February 
10,  1798. 

979.  vii.    Ltdia  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,   October  14,  1772;  married 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  29,  1791,  by  J.  Ellis,  to  Ezra  Ide. 

980.  viii.  Sdsanna  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  25,   1774;   died 

after  1830. 

981.  ix.     Eunice  Daggett,"  born   Rehoboth,   Mass.,   October  31,    1776;    died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  26,  1778. 
982.x.       Ti.motht  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  Decembers,  1778;   died 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  6,  1799. 

983.  xi.     Henry  Daggett,"  born  Rehobotli,  Mass.,  April  14,  1781. 

984.  xii.    Edward  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  14,  1781  ;  "asailor;" 

died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  August  2,  1850. 

James  Daggett,  yeoman,  of  Rehoboth,  also  probably  innholder,  as 
one  James  Daggett  is  licensed,  March  23,  1758,  to  be  an  innholder 
there.  February  11,  1714,  John  Wood  was  appointed  his  guardian. 
[Bristol  Probate.] 

May  20,  1763,  he  became  a  member  of  the  First  Parish  Church  in 


James  Daggett  died  intestate  in  1806,  and  July  1,  1806,  Robert 
and  Samuel  Daggett  were  appointed  administrators  of  liis  estate, 
which  amounted  to  $5,202.75. 

A  division  was  made  September  6,  1808,  between  the  widow, 
Eebecca,  and  children,  James,  Robert,  Samuel,  Lydia  Ide,  p]dward, 
Susanna,  and  Henry.      [Bristol  Probate.] 

Rebecca  Daggett,  of  Seekonk,  where  her  will  was  dated  October 
27,  1818,  and  proved  January  4,  1828. 

She  mentions  sous  James,  Samuel,  Henry,  Edward,  and  Robert,  and 
daughters  Lydia  Ide,  widow  of  Ezra  Ide,  and  Susanna  Daggett. 
[Bristol  Probate.] 

793.  Major  Nathan  Daggett*  {John,"  Nathaniel,^  John,^ 
John^),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  24,  1733;  died  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  April  18,  1778;  married  1st,  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  Novembers, 
1755,  by  Rev.  John  Greenwood,  to  Abigail  Carijenter,  widow;  died 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  29,  1760;  married  2d,  Rehoboth,  Mass., 
September  25,  1760,  by  Rev.  John  Carnes,  to  Martha  Read,  of  Reho- 
both; died  after  1813. 

Issue : 

985.  i.        Sakah  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  27,  1756;   married 

Mr.  Brayton. 

986.  U.      William  Daggett,^  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  26,  1758. 

987.  iii.     Abigail  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  16,  1760. 

988.  iv.     Lucy  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  4,   1761;   married, 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  12,  1780,  by  Rev.  E.  Hyde,  to  Moses  Read, 
3d,  of  Sharon,  Mass. 

989.  T.      George   Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October   11,    1763;   died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  18,  1778. 

990.  vi.     Nathan    Daggett,"   born   Rehoboth,    Mass.,     March    5,    1766;    died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  (?),  1798. 

991.  vii.    Anne  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  4,  1708;  married  Mr. 


992.  viii.  Benjamin  Daggett,"  bora  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  15,  1770. 

993.  ix.     Russell  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  29,  1772;  married, 

Providence,  R.I.,  July  25,  1799,  Polly  Ormsbee. 

994.x.  John  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  2,  1774;  died  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  September  14,  1775. 

995.  xi.  Martha  Daggett,"  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  28,  1776;  died  See- 
konk, Mass.,  November  11,  1861. 

Major  Nathan  Daggett  was  one  of  the  patriots  of  Rehoboth 
during  the  stii-ring  times  of  the  Revolution. 

"In  1773  a  letter  full  of  fire  and  patriotism  was  addressed  to  the 
representative  of  Rehoboth  by  the  Committee  of  Correspondence, 
which  was  composed  of  six  men,  of  which  one  was  Nathan  Daggett. 

"Nov.  6,  1775.  The  towu  voted  to  borrow  foiir  pieces  of  cannon 
of  Capt.  John  Lyou  and  Maj.  Nathan  Daggett."  [Bliss  Hist,  of 

May  20,  1763.  Nathan  Daggett  was  a  member  of  the  First  Parish 
Church  in  Rehoboth. 


On  the  decease  of  Maj.  Nathan  Daggett,  his  widow,  Martha,  was 
appointed  the  guardian  of  Nathan,  Lucy,  Martha,  Anna,  Russell, 
and  Benjamin  Daggett,  August  4,  1778.      [Bristol  Probate.] 

The  estate  of  Maj.  Nathan  Daggett  amounted  to  £522  10s.  Od., 
and  a  division  was  ordered  December  7,  1779,  among  the  widow, 
Martha,  and  childi'en,  William,  Nathan,  Benjamin,  Russell,  Sarah 
Brayton,  Abigail,  Lucy,  Nancy,  and  Martha. 

Martha  Daggett,  widow  of  Maj.  Nathan  Daggett,  married,  by  Rev. 
E.  Hyde,  to  Capt.  John  Bishop,  January  25,   1781. 

The  estate  of  Maj.  Nathan  Daggett  does  not  appear  to  have  been 
divided  in  the  first  instance,  as  under  date  of  Seekonk,  December  28, 
1813,  the  estate  is  mentioned  as  divided  among  widow  Martha;  "Will- 
iam, Nathan,  Benjamin,  and  Russell  Daggett,  the  sons;  and  Sally 
Brayton,  Abigail  Read,  Lucy  Read,  Nancy  Bucklen,  and  Martha 
Daggett,  the  daughters.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

798.  Job  Daggett  °  (Amos,"  Nathaniel,^  John,^  John'),  born 
Swansea,  Mass.,  March  2,  1746;  married  Swansea,  Mass.,  June  11, 
1778,  Phffibe  Sisson. 

Issue  : 

996.  i.     Caleb  Daggett,^  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  March  29,  1779. 

997.  ii.    Abigail  Daggett,"  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  August  17,  1781. 

998.  iii.  Patience  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  June  12,  1784. 

999.  iv.  EzEKiEL  Daggett,*  born  Swansea,  Mass.,  June  3,  1788. 

799.  Sajitjel  Daggett"  {Samuel,''  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'), 
born  Edgartown,  Mass.  (?),  about  1706;  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
November  8,  1733,  Sarah  Chase,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Jane 
Chase,  of  Tisbury,  Mass. 

Issue : 

1000.  i.     Timothy  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  16,  1734. 

1001.  ii.    Isaac  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  26,  1737. 

1002.  iii.  Jane  Daggett,*   born   Tisbury,    Mass.;    married    Jonathan    Merry; 

issue:  Sarah    Noyes  Merry,  married  December  3,  1770,  Jonathan 

January  13,  172|.  Samuel  Daggett,  of  Edgartowu,  "  cordwaiuer," 
grandson  of  Capt.  Thomas  Daggett,  sells  rights  in  Cape  Poeg. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  4-321.] 

Samuel  Daggett  seems  to  have  removed  to  Tisburj'  at  the  time  of  his 
marriage,  and  November  6,  1735,  calls  himself  of  Tisbury,  "  cord- 
wainer,"  at  which  time  he  and  his  wife  Sarah  mention  "  rights  in 
Holmes  Hole  neck,  which  belonged  to  our  father  Thomas  Chase." 
[Dukes  Deeds,  6-90  and  93.] 

Jan.  14,  173|.     Samuel  Daggett,  of  Holmes  hole,  in  Constablerick  of  Tis- 
bury, Cordwainer,  sells  rights  to  his  brother  Seth.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-105.] 
Jan.   14,   1737     Samuel  Daggett,  of  Tisbury,  Cordwainer,  as  Atty  to  Pasco 


Hadlock  and  Elizabeth  his  wife,  of  Lebanon,  Conn.,  sell  land  at  Chappaquiddick. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  6-207.] 

Sept.  27,  1737  he  and  others,  sell  land  in  Edgartown,  and  on  Chappaquiddick. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  6-331.] 

Jan.  12,  173f ,  Samuel  Daggett,  cordwainer,  of  Holmes  hole,  and  his  brother 
Seth,  sell  land  in  Edgartown.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-431.] 

Feb.  15,  1740,  he  buys  land.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-388.] 

May  28,  1741.  Sarah  Daggett,  sells  land  at  Holmes  hole  Tisbury,  to  Abra- 
ham Chase.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-454.] 

800.  Seth  Daggett^  {Samuel,'^  TJiomati,^  Thomas,"  John^), 
bom  February  5,  1713;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  14,  1779;  mar- 
ried Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  23,  1734.  Elizabeth  West,  daughter 
of  Abuer  and  Jean  (Cottle)  West;  bom  July  18,  1720  ;  died  July  18, 

Issue : 

1003.  i.       William  Daggett.* 

1004.  ii.      Petek  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  4,  1738. 

1005.  iii.     Samuel  P.  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  4,  1738. 

1006.  iv.     Samdel  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  9,  1745. 

1007.  T.      Nathan  Daggett.* 

1008.  vi.     Seth  Daggett,*  born  1755;  died  1761. 

1009.  Tii.    Silas  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  14,  1757. 

1010.  viii.  Mary  Daggett,*  bapt.  1760. 

1011.  ix.     West  Daggett,*  bapt.  1764;  died  "  from  a  fall  at  sea,"  1779. 

1012.  X.      Jane  Daggett,*  bapt.  1765. 

Seth  Daggett  is  said  to  have  resided  at  Tashmoo  (Lake?). 

Teu  transfers  of  land  are  made  in  his  name,  and  in  them  he  is 
called  "  carpenter  "  aud  "  housewright,"  of  Holmes  Hole  in  Tisbury. 

"AbnerWest  father  of  Elizabeth  the  wife  of  Seth  Daggett  was 
the  son  of  Thomas  West  and  grandson  of  Francis  West  who  settled 
in  Vii'ginia  in  1607.  He  was  Rear  Admiral  in  the  British  Army 
under  the  title  of  Sir  Francis.  His  son  Thomas  came  to  Marthas 
Vineyard,  from  Plymouth,  in  1675,  and  settled  in  Chilmark." 

801.  Solomon  Daggett  '  {Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'}  ^ 
married  Jane  Hillman  (?). 

Solomon  Daggett,  laborer,  of  Edgartown,  sells  land  there,  and  also 
at  Chappaquiddick  and  Chilmark,  between  1737  and  1763. 

802.  Stlvanus  Daggett*  {Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,''  John'), 
married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  2,  17.56,  Alice  Stuart. 

Issue : 

1013.  i.  Solo.mon  Daggett,*  died  in  the  "  Gen.  Arnold,"  December  25,  1798. 

1014.  ii.  Samuel  Daggett,*  died  at  sea. 

1015.  iii.  Stlvanus  Daggett,*  died  at  sea,  December  25,  17118. 

1016.  It.  Timothy  Daggett,*  died  at  sea,  December  25,  1798. 

1017.  T.  Michael  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  14,  1770. 

1018.  vi.  Freeman  Daggett,*  born  November,  1772. 

1019.  vii.  Hepzibah  Daggett,*  married  Shubael  Butler. 


Sylvanus  Daggett,  mariner,  resided  in  Edgartown,  in  Newport,  aud 
in  Providence,  as  appears  from  the  following  deeds : 

Sept  26,  1737  Silvanus  Daggett,  "seafaring  man"  of  Edgartown.  [Dukes 
Deeds,  6-304.] 

July  21,  1738  Silvanus  Daggett  now  resident  in  Newport  "  Mariner"  appoints 
his  brotiier  Samuel  as  his  attorney.    [Dukes  Deeds,  6-311.] 

Feb  14,  1740  Silvanus  Daggett  of  Newport  sells  land  in  Edgartown  to  Thomas 
Daggett.     [Dukes  Deeds,  6-437.] 

Feb  16,  174?  Silvanus  Daggett  of  Rhode  Island,  Providence  Plantation  in 
New  England  sells  rights  in  undivided  lands  in  Edgartown.     [Dukes  Deeds,  7-10.] 

Feb  16,  174f  Silvanus  Daggett  of  Providence  R.I.  "mariner"  appoints  his 
uncle  Timothy  Daggett  of  Edgartown,  his  attorney.     [Dukes  Deeds,  7-130.] 

Nov  12,  1764  he  aud  Alice  his  wife  sell  land  in  Chilmark  to  Cornelius  Bassett. 
[Dukes  Deeds,  9-419.] 

804.     Elizabeth  Daggett^  {Samuel,*  Thoinas,'  Thomas,"  John'), 
married  Lebanon,  Conn.,  November  1,  1736,  Pasco  Hadlock. 
Issue : 

1020.  i.       John  Hadlock,^  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  January  24,  1738. 

1021.  ii.      Sarah  Hadlock,''  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  June  15,  1739. 

1022.  iii.     Samuel  Hadlock,^  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  February  16,  1741. 

1023.  iv.     Jonathan  Hadlock,"  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  September  19,  1742. 

1024.  V.      James  Hadlock,*  born  Lebanon,  Coun.,  April  17,  1744. 

1025.  vi.     Elizabeth  Hadlock,"  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  October  11,  1747. 

1026.  vii.    Solomon  Hadlock,"  born  Lebanon,  Conn.,  May  5,  1748. 

809.  Benjamin  Daggett^  (Benjamin,*  Thomas,^  TJiomas," 
John^),  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  December  1,  1742;  died  Dix- 
mont,  Maine,  1802  ;  married  Dartmouth,  Mass.  (intention  November 
6,  1766),  Elizabeth  Hathaway;  born  Dartmouth,  Mass. 

Issue : 

1027.  i.       Desiah  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  29,  1768;  married 

Thomaston  or  Warren,  Me.,  1794,  Alexander,  son  of  Deacon  John 
and  Sarah  Crawford;  born  1762;  issue:  one  son,  three  daughters; 
lived  in  Northport,  Me. 

1028.  ii.      Betsey  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  October  27,  1769 ;  married 

Elijah  Toothacre;  issue:  nine  children;  one  son  married  and 
died  ;  widow  lived  in  Belfast,  Me. 

1029.  iii.     Huldah    Daggett,"   born  Edgartown,   Mass.,   February  18,    1771; 

married  William  Spring,  of  Camden,  Me. ;  issue  :  three  sons,  three 

1030.  iv.     Thomas  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  4,  1774. 

1031.  V.     Love  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1776. 

1032.  vi.     Phcebe  Daggett,"  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  June  7,  1778;  married 

Jeremiah  McRusick,  of  Dixmont,  Me. ;  issue :  one  son,  three 

1033.  vii.    Diana    Daggett,"   bapt.  Edgartown,   Mass.,    December  31,    1780; 

married  Nathaniel  Beverage ;  issue:  one  son,  three  daughters. 

1034.  viii.  Richmond  Daggett,"  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  13,  1782. 

1035.  ix.     Richmond  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  15,  1783. 

1036.  X.      Catherine   Daggett,"   married  1st,  Nathaniel  Toothacre ;    married 

2d,  Thomas  Butler,  of  Union,  Me.;  he  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July 
15,  1769;  issue:  three  children. 

1037.  xi.     Abigail  Daggett,"  born  Vinal  Haven,  Mass.,  October  24,  1785. 

Benjamin  Daggett,  Jr.,  aud  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  were  received  to  full 
communion,  aud  baptized  in  the  church  in  Edgartown  in  August,  1774. 


They  resided  in  Edgartown  until  between  1783  and  1787,  when  they 
removed  to  Fox  Island,  Maine. 

Oct,  24,  1787,  Beajamiu  Daggett,  of  Fox  Island',  Maine,  sells  land  In  Edgar- 
town,  to  John  Daggett  .Jr  and  Ishmael  Lobb.     [Dukes  Deeds,  12-389.] 

Nov.  14,  ISOl,  Benjamin  Daggett,  of  New  Canaan  plantation,  for  Si200,  sells 
100  acres  of  land,  in  New  Canaan,  to  Henry  Knox  of  Thomaston.  [Lincoln 
Deeds,  48-93.] 

812.  Mary  Daggett"  (Benjamin,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John'), 
bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  5,  1751 ;  married  Edgartown,  Mass., 
October  8,  1775,  Benjamin  Davis,  son  of  Melatiah  and  Jemima  (Dun- 
ham) Davis;  born  1752;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  23,  1838. 

Issue : 

1038.  i.      Henry  Davis, °  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  20,  1778;  married 

December  12,  1805,  Betsey  Athearn,  of  Tisbury,  Mass. 

1039.  ii.    Zadoc  Davis, °  born  Edgartown,  Mass.;  married  Elizabeth  Bassett; 

settled  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

1040.  iii.  Sally  Davis,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.;  married  Argalis  Pease. 

1041.  iv.  Polly  D.   Davis,"  born   Edgartown,   Mass.,   July  3,   1795;    married 

Charles  Smith,  of  Edgartown. 

1042.  V.    Benjamin  Davis,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  2,  1805  ;  married 

Almira  Newcomb,  of  Edgartown. 

Benjamin  Davis,  farmer,  resided  in  Edgartown.  He  married  2d, 
Miriam,  daughter  of  Ephraim  Hunt,  of  Middleboro'. 

821.  Elder  Elihu  Daggett*  {Mayhew,'  John,^  Thomas,- 
Jb/m'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  6,  1710;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  August  29,  1769  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  6,  1734, 
Eebecca  Stanley,  daughter  of  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Guild)  Stanley, 
of  Attleboro',  Mass. ;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  28,  1715;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  20,  1799. 

Issue : 

1043.  i.  Mayhew  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  28,  1735. 

1044.  ii.  IcHABOD  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  7,  173G. 

1045.  iii.  Daniel  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  1,  1738. 

1046.  iv.  Henry  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  9,  1741. 

1047.  v.  Desire  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  3,  1743. 

1048.  vi.  Elihu  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  4,  1745. 

1049.  vii.  Jacob  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  16,  1748. 

1050.  viii.  Anna  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  2,  1750. 

1051.  ix.  Enoch  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  18, 1753  ;  died  before 


1052.  X.      Elijah  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  14,  1754. 

1053.  xi.     Joseph  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  14,  1758. 

Elder  Elihu  Daggett  was  elder  and  first  preacher  for  the  South 
Baptist  Society  of  Attleboro',  which  was  established  in  1760.  It  is 
believed  that  he  was  never  regularly  settled  here.  He  occasionally 
preached  at  the  North  Baptist  Church.  His  sons,  Mayhew  and 
lehabod,  having  entered  the  army,  and  not  being  heard  from,  he 
became  anxious,  and  shouldering  his  musket  started  to  seek  them. 


Reaching  the  seat  of  war  he  found  a  battle  raging  and  entered  the 
action.  After  the  fight  was  ended,  he  found  his  two  sons  unharmed 
on  the  field.  The  powder-horn  which  the  elder  wore  in  this  battle  is 
now  (1893)  in  possession  of  Miss  C.  L.  R.  Daggett,  Attleboro' 
Falls,  Mass.  He  had  a  captain's  commission  in  the  provincial  army. 
He  was  interred  in  the  North  Burying-ground,  and  on  his  grave- 
stone is  the  following  inscription: 

Sacred  to  the  memory  of 

Elder  Elihu  Daggett, 

who  died  Aug  29,   1769, 

In  the  60"'  year  of  his  age. 

Sacred  to  the  memory  of 

Mrs  Reeeccah  Daggett, 

(his  widow)  who  died  Sept  20,  1799 

in  the  85"'  year  of  her  age. 

What  we  left  behind  others  possess, 

What  we  gave  to  the  poor,  we  carried  with  us. 

The  will  of  Elihu  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  was  dated  January  6, 
1769,  and  proved  October  2,  1769.  In  it  he  mentions  wife  Rebecca, 
sons  Mayhew,  Ichabod,  Daniel,  Henry,  Jacob,  Elijah,  Elihu,  Joseph, 
and  daughters  Desire  and  Anna.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

822.  Sakah  Daggett^  {Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,''  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  17,  1715;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
March  10,  173f,  Jeduthan  Fuller. 

Issue : 

1054.  i.       Joanna  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  6,  1737. 

1055.  ii.      Amos  Edller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  4,  1739. 

1056.  iii.     Sarah  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  June  22,  1741;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  February  26,   174i. 

1057.  ir.     Sarah  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  8,  174f. 

1058.  T.      ZiLPHA  Fuller,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  5,   1745;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  June,  1751. 

1059.  vi.     Abiall  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  5,  1747. 

1060.  vii.    Jonathan  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June,  1749. 

1061.  viii.  IN  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  16,  1751. 

1062.  ix.     ZiLPHA  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',    Mass.,   November  5,    1753 ;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  12,   1753. 
10G3.  X.      LP  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  5,  1755. 

1064.  xi.     Margaret  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  8,  1757. 

823.  Beulah  Daggett"  {Mayheio,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  17,  1719;  married  Abiall  Fuller. 

Issue : 

1065.  i.  Nathan  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  1,  1739. 

1066.  ii.  Jabez  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  27,  1741. 

1067.  Ui.  Eusha  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  25,  1748. 

1068.  iv.  Micaijah  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  2,  174f . 
10611.  V.  Isaac  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  August  26,  1748. 
1070.  vi.  Simon  Fuller,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  15,  1751. 


1071.  vii.    Beulah  Fuller.^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  4,  1753. 

1072.  viii.  ZiLPHA  Fuller,^   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,   January   21,    1755;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  26,   1755. 

1073.  ix.     Anna  Fcller,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1757. 

824.  ZiLPHA  Daggett °  {Mayhem,*  Jolin,^  Thomas,"  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  23,  172f ;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
October  19,  1807;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  6,  1752, 
William  Stanley;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  5,  1726;  died  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  January  27,  1806. 

Issue : 

1074.  i.     Abigail  Stanley, «  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  28,  1753;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  September  26,   1754. 

1075.  li.    Abigail  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Not.  12,  1754. 

1076.  iii.  Phceee  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  20,  1756 

1077.  iv.  William  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  29,  1759. 

826.  Bathsheba  Daggett  ^  {Ebenezer,"  John,"  Thomas,"  John  ' ), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass..  August  22,  1722;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
December  29,  1808 ;  married  Capt.  Heury  Sweet. 

Issue : 

1078.  i.        Henry  Sweet,"  born  .Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,  1761. 

1079.  ii.       Hannah  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November   14,1763;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  31,  1784. 

1080.  iii.     Batiisheda  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  21,  1767. 

827.  Col.  John  Daggett^  {Ebenezer,"  John,"  Thomas,"  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  2,  1724;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
January  20, 1803  ;  married  1  st,  Wrentham,  Mass.,  November  19,  1751, 
by  Eev.  Jos.  Bean,  to  Mercy  Shepard,  daughter  of  John  Shepard,  of 
Wrentham,  Mass.;  born  Wrentham,  Mass.  (?);  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  February  3,  1783;  married  2d,  Mass.,  August  5,  1784,  Mary 
Tucker,  widow,  daughter  of  Mr.  Brintnall ;  died  about  1813. 

Issue : 

1081.  i.       John  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  1,  1752. 

1082.  il.      JoAB  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  19,  1754. 

1083.  iii.     Jesse  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  6,  1757. 

1084.  iv.     Bathsheba  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  28, 1759  ;  married 

Zenas  Cutting. 

1085.  V.      Marcy  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  2,  1761. 

1086.  vi.     Ebenezer  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  16,  1763. 

1087.  vii.   Levi  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro",   Mass.,  April  4,  1766;  died  before 


1088.  viii.  Hannah  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  19,  1768. 

1089.  ix.     Huldah  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27,  1771. 

Col.  John  Daggett  was  one  of  the  principal  public  characters  and 
leading  men  of  Attleboro',  especially  during  the  trying  period  of  the 

He  and  Colonel  May  were  the  two  on  whom  the  towu  placed  the 
utmost  reliance. 


Decembei'  9,  1763,  he  was  chosen  clerk  of  the  Propriety.  He  was 
possessed  of  a  strong  and  sound  mind,  and  was  marked  by  a  resolute 
and  decided  character. 

He  was  a  Puritan  in  the  plainness  and  simplicity  of  his  manners, 
and  was  a  firm  friend  to  the  civil  institutions  and  republican  customs 
of  New  England. 

September  12,  1774,  he  was  chosen  on  the  Committee  of  Safety  by 
the  town,  and  on  the  29th  of  the  same  month  was  chosen  representa- 
tive to  the  General  Court  at  Salem. 

December  6,  1774,  the  town  established  a  Superior  and  an  Inferior 
Court  to  hear  and  determine  controversies  that  have  arisen  or  may 
arise.  Of  the  five  men  who  were  chosen  superior  judges.  Colonel 
Daggett  was  chosen  second  justice. 

He  took  an  early  and  decided  stand  in  the  commencement  of  those 
proceedings  which  produced  the  Revolution. 

One  of  the  incidents  in  which  he  figured  took  place  in  December, 

1774,  when  the  Committee  of  Safety  gave  notice  that  one  Aldrich,  a 
Tory,  who  lived  in  Franklin,  Mass. ,  was  selling  British  goods  contrary 
to  the  resolutions  of  the  General  Court.  Colonel  Daggett  issued 
orders  to  the  several  companies  of  the  town  to  furnish  a  certain  num- 
ber of  men,  who,  being  collected,  marched  on  a  bitter  cold  night  for 
the  place  of  Aldrich's  residence,  to  put  a  stop  to  the  business.  They 
arrived  late  at  night,  and,  surrounding  his  house,  oi'dered  him  out. 
After  threatening  to  fire  on  each  other,  Aldrich  at  last  came  out,  and, 
after  engaging  not  to  vend  any  more  British  goods  during  the  con- 
troversy, was  released. 

On  the  9th  of  April,  1775,  occurred  another  expedition,  which  Col- 
onel Daggett  undertook  for  the  purpose  of  seizing  a  deposit  of  arms 
and  ammunition,  at  Assonett  Village  (Freetown),  which  the  Commit- 
tee of  Safety  understood  was  collected  there  for  the  use  of  the 

They  discovered  forty  stands  of  arms  and  equipments  in  possession 
of  the  Tories,  together  with  a  large  quantity  of  ammunition,  the  whole 
of  which  was  taken  by  the  patriots. 

January  2,  1775,  the  town  chose  Col.  John  Daggett  "  to  represent 
us  at  the  Congress  to  be  holden  at  Cambridge  on  the  1st  of  Feb. 
next  and  to  serve  in  that  capacity  until  the  month  of  May  next 
or  until  the  time  fixed  for  the  dissolution  of  said  Congress." 

He  was  representative,  1768,  1769,  1770,  1771,   1772,   1773,  1774, 

1775,  1781. 

May  21,  1777,  Colonel  Daggett  was  on  a  committee  appointed  to 
make  a  report  relative  to  the  new  Constitution  of  the  United  States, 
and  on  the  following  day  was  one  of  a  committee  to  prepare  instruc- 
tions for  the  representative. 


August  2,  1779,  he  was  one  of  a  committee  of  three,  sent  by  the 
town,  to  attend  a  convention  at  Cambridge,  on  the  first  of  September 
following,  at  which  time  was  formed  the  present  Constitution  of 

He  was  generally  called  to  serve  on  the  most  important  committees 
which  were  raised  in  town  meeting,  to  consider  the  many  difficult  sub- 
jects which  were  then  brought  before  the  people  during  and  subsequent 
to  the  Revolution. 

August  18,  1778,  General  Sullivan,  during  his  expedition  to  Rhode 
Island,  requested  the  government  of  Massachusetts  to  send  him  reen- 

In  compliance  with  this  request,  the  orders  were  issued  by  the 
council  of  the  State,  directing  Colonel  Daggett,  of  the  Fourth  Regiment 
(including  as  now  Attleboro',  Mansfield,  Norton,  andEaston),  to 
take  charge  of  the  detachment.  In  obedience  to  these  orders,  a 
regiment,  consisting  of  nine  hundred  men,  was  formed  out  of  the  sev- 
eral regiments,  which  repaued  to  Rhode  Island  and  served  under  the 
command  of  Colonel  Daggett  during  the  remainder  of  the  campaign. 
Colonel  Daggett  also  commanded  the  regiment  from  Bristol  county, 
in  Spencer's  expedition.  At  home  he  was  extensively  employed  as  a 
surveyor,  and  was  engaged  in  various  other  kinds  of  public  business, 
such  as  the  ordinary  transactions  of  life  require  between  citizens. 
[Daggett's  Hist.  Attleboro'.] 

The  wUl  of  John  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  was  dated  January  7, 
1793,  and  proved  February  1,  1803. 

Mentions  wife  Mary ;  sons  John,  Joab,  and  Jesse ;  daughters 
Bathsheba  Cutting,  wife  of  Zenas  Cutting,  Mercy  Bolcom,  wife  of 
Elijah  Bolcom,  Hannah  Ide,  wife  of  Nathaniel  Ide,  Jr.,  Huldah 
Hodges,  wife  of  Elijah  Hodges ;  son  Ebenezer,  rest  of  estate ;  also 
makes  him  executor.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

Mary,  the  widow  of  John  Daggett,  Esq.,  made  a  will,  dated 
December  3,  1806,  and  proved  1813. 

Mentions  her  brothers  Nathaniel  and  Job  Brintnall,  also  Lydia 
Maxcy  Daggett,  the  daughter  of  Ebenezer  Daggett.  [Bristol  Pro- 

828.  Rev.  Naphtali  Daggett,  D.D.°  {Ebenezer,"  John,' 
TJiomas,''John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  8,  1727;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  25,  1780;  married  Smithtown,  L.I., 
N.Y.,  December  19,  1753,  by  Rev.  Ebenezer  Prime,  to  Mrs.  Sarah 

Issue : 

1090.  i.        Henri-  Daggett,"  born  Smithtown,  L.I.,  N.Y.,  October  14,  1754; 

died  Smithtown,  L.I.,  N.Y.,  May  8,  1755. 

1091.  ii.       Sakah  Dagi;ett,*  born  Smithtown,  L.I.,  N.Y.,  April  17,  1756;  mar- 

ried Dr.  Solomon  Meers  ;  she  died  St.  Marys,  Geo.,  October  3,  1808. 


1092.  iii.     Henry  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  27,  1758. 

1093.  iv.     Ebenezer  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  21,  1760; 

died  before  April  5,  1785,  when  bro.  Henry  appointed  adm. 

1094.  V.      John  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,   Conn.,   March  1,  1763;   possibly 

Jolin  who  died  Lewiston,  Vt.,  about  1804. 

1095.  vi.     Ezra  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  18,  1765. 

1096.  vii.    Mary  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,   Conn.,  April  16,  1767;   married 

Robert  Platts,  Esq. ;  she  died  Plattsburg,  N.Y.,  February  20,  1853. 

1097.  viii.  Elizabeth  Daggett,^  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  9,  1769. 

Rev.  Naphtali  Daggett,  D.D.,  President  of  Yale  College,  was  the 
second  son  among  eight  children. 

His  father  dying  while  he  was  yet  young,  he  was  left  under  the 
direction  of  a  mother,  who  was,  however,  in  every  respect  peculiarly 
qualified  to  discharge  the  duties  which  devolved  upon  her. 

He  soon  after  commenced  studies  preparatory  to  college.  He 
entered  Yale  College  in  1744,  and  graduated  in  1748,  at  the  age  of 

He  was  distinguished  during  his  college  life  for  industry  and  close 

He  was  settled  as  minister  of  Smithtown,  on  Long  Island,  in  1751. 
In  September,  1755,  he  was  elected  the  first  professor  of  divinity  in 
Yale  College,  which  appointment  he  accepted,  and  removed  to  New 
Haven,  and  was  inducted  into  office  on  March  4  following.  This 
office  he  held  during  his  life.  After  the  resignation  of  Mr.  Clap, 
September  10,  1766,  he  officiated  as  president  till  April  1,  1777, 
when  he  resigned  the  office,  but  still  continued  to  hold  that  of  pro- 
fessor of  divinity.  The  learned  Dr.  Stiles  was  his  successor  in  the 

During  the  barbarous  attack  on  New  Haven  by  the  British  army,  in 
July,  1779,  he  took  an  active  part  in  the  defence  of  the  country,  and 
was  distinguished  for  his  resolution  and  inti'epidity. 

He  made  himself  obnoxious  by  his  open  and  active  opposition  to 
the  British  cause. 

He  had  often  inculcated  upon  the  students  under  his  charge,  in 
the  pulpit  and  in  the  lecture-room,  the  duty  of  resistance  to  British 
oppression.  He  had,  therefore,  incurred  the  special  displeasure  of 
the  invaders. 

He  had  openly  preached  and  prayed  against  the  success  of  their 

He  knew  no  difference  between  preaching  and  practising,  and  when 
the  crisis  came,  he  carried  his  own  principles  into  action. 

He  shouldered  his  musket  and  went  into  the  field  with  the  rest,  to 
repel  the  invaders. 

He  was  taken  prisoner  by  the  enemy.  They  beat  and  bruised  him, 
and  offered  him  every  indignity  in  their  power.  His  clerical  charac- 
ter, in  their  eyes,  was  no  exemption  from  the  most  outrageous  abuses. 


They  demauded  of  Mm  who  he  was  ;  he  imhesitatiugly  replied  :  "  My 
uame  is  Naphtali  Daggett.  I  am  one  of  the  officers  of  Yale  College. 
I  require  you  to  release  me." —  "  But  we  understand  you  have  been  in 
the  habit  of  praying  against  our  cause."  —  "  Yes,  and  I  never  made 
more  sincere  prayers  in  my  life."  He  was  at  first  left  for  dead  on  the 
ground.  He  was  saved  by  the  intrepidity  of  the  lady  into  whose 
house  he  had  been  conveyed.  After  the  British  had  retired,  an  offi- 
cer and  a  file  of  soldiers  were  sent  back  to  convey  him  a  prisoner  on 
board  then-  transports.  They  came  to  the  house  and  inquired  for 
him,  and  were  answered  by  the  lady,  who  appeared  at  the  door  and 
resolutely  refused  to  admit  them,  that  he  was  so  badly  wounded  it 
would  be  impossible  to  convey  him  on  board  alive.  "  My  orders," 
said  the  oflicer,  "are  positive  to  take  him  with  me."  —  "But  you 
would  not  surely  carry  away  a  dying  man  ;  he  is  now  in  the  agonies 
of  death." 

After  repeated  demands  and  refusals,  the  officer  finally  determined 
to  return  and  report  the  case  to  his  superior,  and  ask  for  further 
orders,  but  he  never  came  back  after  his  prisoner.  He  was  taken 
prisoner,  and  came  near  losing  his  life. 

Dr.  Daggett  died  in  consequence  of  the  wounds  he  had  received 
on  that  occasion,  November  2.5,  1780,  at  the  age  of  fifty-three.  He 
presided  over  the  university  about  eleven  years,  and  held  the  office 
of  professor  of  divinity  twenty-five  years. 

Possessed  of  a  strong,  clear,  and  comprehensive  mind,  he  applied 
himself  with  assiduity  and  success  to  the  various  branches  of  knowl- 
edge, particularly  to  the  learned  languages  and  divinity. 

Dr.  Holmes,  in  his  life  of  President  Stiles,  says :  "He  was  a  good 
classical  scholar,  well  versed  in  moral  philosophy,  and  a  learned 
divine."  Clearness  of  understanding  and  accuracy  of  thought  were 
characteristics  of  his  mind. 

He  received  the  honorary  degree  of  Doctor  in  Divinity  from  Yale 
College,  and  also  from  Princeton.  He  published  a  sermon  on  the 
death  of  President  Clap,  1767  ;  another  delivered  at  the  ordination  of 
Rev.  Ebenezer  Baldwin,  1770  ;  and  a  third  delivered  at  the  ordination 
of  Rev.  J.  Howe,  1773.     [Daggett's  Hist.  Attleboro'.] 

Alden  Bradford,  in  his  notices  of  distinguished  men  in  New  Eng- 
land, says  of  Dr.  Daggett  that  "  he  was  respectable  as  a  theologian 
and  a  general  scholar.  "While  he  acted  as  president  of  the  college, 
it  was  in  a  prosperous  state,  and  several  of  the  alumni,  distinguished 
afterwards  in  public  life,  were  educated  whUe  he  was  at  the  head  of 
that  seminary.  In  his  character  as  a  scholar,  we  find  indications  and 
traits  rather  of  solid  and  useful  learning  than  of  brilliancy,  or  of 
original  genius.  In  that  generation  of  men,  there  was  more  of  a 
desire  to  be  useful  than  to  excite  admiration." 


December  25,  1780,  administration  was  granted  to  Henry  Daggett, 
and  Henry  Daggett,  Jr.,  on  the  estate  of  Dr.  Naphtali  Daggett. 
[New  Haven  Probate,  12-43.5.] 

Feb  7,  1781  Inventory  was  presented  in  which  moveables  amounted  to 
£293  17s  id.  Among  the  items  are:  6  acres  land  on  S.E.  side  of  the  road 
leading  into  the  2nd  quarter;  4  acres  land  lying  in  the  Commons  E.  of  Carmel 
road;  ^  acre  lying  in  the  town  plot  opposite  Prof,  of  Divinitys  House;  10  acres 
woodland  in  Westfield;  2  acres  in  Yorlishire  quarter;  V  acre  in  Yorl^shire 
quarter ;  ir  Right  of  land  in  Ludlow  Vt ;  1  Right  of  land  in  Wells  Vt ;  1  Right  of 
land  in  Windhall  Vt.     [New  Haven  Probate,  12-144.] 

Nov  26,  1783.  A  further  account  of  adm.  on  the  Estate  shows:  moveables 
£232  14s  5d ;  lands  £204-15-4 ;  to  be  divided  among  the  7  children  of  said  de- 
ceased.    [14-210.] 

Dee  15,  1788  The  estate  was  distributed  and  among  the  items  :  Henry  Dag- 
gett, eldest  son  land  in  Ludlow  and  Windhall  Vt,  1  Pinclibeck  watch,  a 
negro  woman  named  Sue.  To  legal  representative  of  Ebenezer  Daggett,  Right 
of  land  in  Wells  and  Ludlow  Vt;  to  John  Daggett,  4  acres  land  in  Commons  E. 
of  Carmel  Road,  2  acres  in  Yorljshire  quarter,  5  acres  in  Westfield,  and  land  in 
Windhall  Vt ;  To  Ezra  Daggett,  ^  acre  land  in  town  plot,  opposite  Professor's 
House,  land  in  Ludlow  Vt;  To  Sally  Meers,  Negro  girl  named  Olive,  silver  por- 
ringer, 2  Table  Spoons.— 4  tea  spoons;  To  Polly  Daggett,  1  i- acres  land,  and  land 
in  Windhall  Vt;  To  Betsey  Daggett,  land  in  Windhall  Vt.     [14-224.] 

839.  Samuel  Daggett^  {Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,''  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  3,  173^;  died  Schiiylei-ville,  N.Y., 
August,  1806;  married  Needham,  Mass.,  March  6,  174^,  Abial 
Kingsbury,  daughter  of  Nathaniel  (?)  Kingsbury. 

Issue : 

1098.  i.       Moses  Daggett,^  born  Needham,  Mass.,  May  4,  17.50. 

1099.  ii.      Elizabeth  Daggett, "^  born  Needham,  Mass.,  September  28,  1752; 

married  Needham,  Mass.,  November  9,  1775,  John  Mcintosh,  of 

1100.  iii.     Samdel  Daggett,^  born  1754. 

1101.  iv.     Ebenezer   Daggett,''  born  Needham,  Mass.,  June  11,   1757;  died 

Needham,  Mass.,  July  21,  1761. 

1102.  v.      Asa  Daggett,"  born  Needham,  Mass.,  October  22,  1759;  died  Need- 

ham, Mass.,  July  16,  17C1. 
1108.  vi.     Ebenezer  Daggett,"  born  Needham,  Mass.,  May  16,  1762. 

1104.  vii.   Polly  Daggett,"  born  Needham,  Mass.,  April  26,  1763. 

1105.  viii.  Asa  Daggett,"  born  Needham,  Mass.,  December  17,  1765. 

1106.  ix.     Levi  Daggett,"  born  Needham,  Mass.,  March  4,  1768. 

1107.x.      Juliet  Daggett,"  born   Needham,  Mass.,  October  24,   1770;    died 

Belchertown,  Mass.,  January  16,  1850. 
1108.  xi.     MicAJAH  Daggett;  "  no  further  reported. 

Samuel  Daggett,  gentleman,  yeoman,    settled   first  in   Needham, 

March  13,  1767.     Nathaniel  Kingsbury  sells  40  acres  of  land  to  him,  near  the 

meeting-house  in  Needham.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  110-69.] 

Dec.  28,  1787,  he  deeds  land,  to  his  son  Moses  Daggett.     [Suffolk  Deeds, 


March  5,  1788,  he  sells  land,  to  Timotliy  Daniels.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  162-151.] 
Jan.  12,  1789.     Sells  50  acres,  to  Daniel  Ware.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  164-90.] 
July  8,  1789,  sells  laud  in  the  West  Parish,  in  Needham.     [Suffolk  Deeds. 



830.  Dr.  Ebenezer  Daggett  *  {Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,^ 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  15,  1732;  died  Wrenthara, 
Mass.,  February  26,  1782  ;  married  Wrentham,  Mass.,  May  25,  1758, 
Susanna  Metcalf,  daughter  of  Timothy  and  Mary  Metcalf,  of 
Wrentham;  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  February  2,  -1731;  died 
Wrentham,  Mass.,  November  17,   1797. 

Issue : 

1109.  i.     Susanna  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  May  13,  1759. 

1110.  li.   Eunice  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,   December   10,   1760;  died 

Wrentham,  Mass.,  September  18,  1788. 
nil.  iii.  Ebenezer  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  September  30,  1762. 

1112.  It.  Olive  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  February  10,  1765. 

1113.  V.    Herman  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  September  11,  1766. 

IIU.  vi.  Pliny  Daggett,*  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  July  5,  1770;  "  housewright;  " 
died  at  sea.  May,  1797. 

Dr.  Ebenezer  Daggett,  physician,  settled  first  in  Walpole,  Mass., 
where  he  purchased,  October  14,  1757,  a  farm  with  dwelling-house 
and  barn,  for  which  he  paid  Solomon  BuUard  £48  13s.  4d.  [Suffolk 
Deeds,  95-214.]     He  followed  this  purchase  by  others,  as  follows: 

Dec.  8,  1759,  3  acres  in  Walpole.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  95-215.] 

Feb  20,  1762,  ^  of  a  meadow  in  Dedham.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  100-196.] 

March  1,  1762,  17  acres  with  house  and  barn  in  Walpole  near  the  Neponset 

River.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  97-168.] 

Sept  13,  1763,  dwelling  house  &  land  in  Stoughton.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  100- 


July  22,  1766,  an  agreement  was  made  between  a  number  of  people,  among 

whom  was  Ebenezer  Daggett,  of  Walpole,  to  build  a  furnace  on  a  parcel  of  land 

in  Stoughton,  to  cast  hollow  ware.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  109-24.] 

May  10,  1771,  he  sells  ^  meadow  in  Dedham.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  150-4.]     Aug. 

2,  1771,  sells  land  in  Walpole.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  119-215.] 

Between  this  time  and  October  20,  1772,  he  removed  from  Walpole 
to  Wrentham,  Mass.,  at  which  last  date  he  is  called  of  Wrentham, 
physician,  and  buys  167  acres  of  land  there  for  £400.  [Suffolk 
Deeds,  134-217.] 

Dr.  Daggett  was  one  of  those  interested  in  the  measures  which  led 
to  the  Revolution,  and  at  the  meeting  in  Franklin,  Mass.,  January  4, 
1775,  was  appointed  one  of  a  committee  of  fifteen  inspectors  to  see 
to  the  execution  of  the  advice  of  the  Continental  and  Provincial 
Congresses.      [Hist.  Franklin.] 

Dr.  Daggett  acquu-ed  an  extensive  practice,  and  was  considered  an 
excellent  physician. 

April  2,  1782.  Susanna  Daggett,  of  Wrentham,  was  appointed 
administratrix  of  the  estate  of  her  husband,  Ebenezer  Daggett,  late 
of  Wrentham,  physician,  deceased,  intestate.  [Suffolk  Probate, 

An  inventory  of  the  estate  of  Dr.  Ebenezer  Daggett,  late  of 
Wrentham,  deceased,  taken  April  29,   1782: 


Cash  on  hand       ..... 
Armor  Books  and  Apparel 
Clock,  Watch,  Silver  buckles  &c. 
Surgeon  Instruments  &  medicinal  drugs 
6  beds  and  beding,  house  linen  &  cloth 
Desk,  draws,  chests,  tables,  &  chairs 
Pewter,  glass  and  Earthen  ware 
Brass,  iron,  tin  and  wooden  ware 
Chaise,  horse,  furniture,  husbandry  tools 
Yarn,  flax  and  sundry  indoor  moveables 
Sundrys  of  old  lumber 
Sundrys  of  Provision 

Stock  of  cattle 

Lands  &  buildings       .... 

657     14     11 
[Suffolk  Probate,  81-220.] 

June  5,  1787,  Susanna  Daggett  presented  her  account  of  her 
administration,  which  includes  among  the  receipts  amounts  from  over 
one  hundred  people,  residents  of  the  locality  where  he  lived,  and 
probably  are  in  payment  for  professional  services  rendered.  [Suffolk 
Probate,  86-308.] 

June  0,  1787,  the  personal  property  is  distributed  among  the  chil- 
dren [Suffolk  Probate,  86-311],  and  the  real  estate  is  ordered  to  be 
distributed.     [Suffolk  Probate,  86-417.] 

August  7,  1787,  occurs  the  division  of  the  real  estate  between  the 
widow  and  children,  the  portion  for  the  children  being  purchased  by 
the  eldest  son,  Ebenezer  Daggett,  by  paying  each  of  his  brothers  and 
sisters  £30.     [Suffolk  Probate,  86,  417-418.] 

Oct  8,  1795  Susanna  Daggett,  widow,  and  others,  of  Wrentham,  sell  land  on 
Scottows  Creek,  Boston.     [Suffolk  Deeds,  181-269.] 

833.  Philip  Daggett'*  (Ebenezer,*  John,^  Tlwmas,^  John^), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  11,  1739;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  December  13,  1783;  married  Bede  Mansfield,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Mansfield ;  born  North  Haven,  Conn.,  November  21,  1746; 
died  after  November  6,  1810. 

Issue : 

1115.  i.      Samuel  Daggett,*  born  1768;  died  September  Vi,  1772. 

1116.  ii.    William    Daggett,"   married   Volly;    resided    College    street,    New 

Haven;  will  dated  November  6,  1810;  inventory,  .34,663.95. 

1117.  iii.  Amelia  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  1780. 

1118.  iv.  Chaunct  Daggett,"  born  about  1781;  Mr.  Cooper,  of  North  Haven, 

his  guardian,  appointed  October  31,  1796. 

November  13,  1752,  Mary  Daggett  was  appointed  guardian  of 
Philip  Daggett,  "under  fourteen  years."     [Bristol  Probate.] 

Philip  Daggett  graduated  at  Yale  College,  1762.  He  settled  and 
died  in  New  Haven,  Conn. 

February  2,  1784.     Administration  was  granted  on  the  estate  of 


Philip  Daggett  to  Beede  Daggett,  widow,  on  bond  of  £300.  [New 
Haven  Probate,  14-237.] 

May  10,  1784.  Walter  Munson  and  Beede  Daggett,  administrators 
on  estate  of  Philip  Daggett,  return  inventory,  of  which  the  movable 
estate  was  £47  10s.  7d.     [14-283.] 

A  farther  account  of  the  settlement  mentions  youngest  child  not 
four  years  old.      [14-315.] 

Mrs.  Bede  Daggett  married,  October  24,  1785,  Ensign  Thomas 

838.  Mayhew  Daggett*  {Thomas,"  John,"  Thomas,-  John^) 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  10,  1729;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
May  7,  1775  ;  married  Martha  Newell;  she  died  after  1777. 

Issue  : 

1119.1.     Nancy    Daggett,^  born   Attleboro',   Mass.,  October   28,   1767;    died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  12,  1768. 

1120.  ii.    Chloe  Daggett ,«  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  15,  1769. 

1121.  iii    Patte  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  2,  1771. 

1122.  iv.  Ltdia    Daggett, *    born    Attleboro',    Mass.,     April     14,    1773;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  31,  1775. 

1123.  v.    Desire  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  2,  1775. 

May  29,  1775,  Martha  Daggett  was  appointed  administrator  of  the 
estate  of  Mayhew  Daggett,  of  Attleboro'. 

839.  Thomas  Daggett"  {Thomas,"  John,''  Thomas,^  John'), 
born  Providence,  R.I.,  September  25,  1731;  died  Providence,  R.I., 
August  19,  1807;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  21,  1754, 
Sibulah  Stanley. 

Issue : 

1124.  i.       Abner  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  8,  1755. 

1125.  ii.      Naphtali  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  18,  1757;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  13,  1769. 

1126.  iii.     Melletier  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  13,  1759. 

1127.  iv.     Lucy  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  15,  1760. 

1128.  V.      Leonard  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  13,  1763. 

1129.  vi.     David  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1764. 

1130.  vii.    Dexter  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  15,  1767. 

1131.  viii.  Daughter  ,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10,  1769. 

1132.  is.     Naphtali  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  19,  1771. 

Thomas  Daggett  was  of  Attleboro',  "  innholder,"  on  May  29, 1777, 
at  which  time  he  made  purchase  of  land  and  buildings  in  Attleboro'. 

He  was  interested  in  several  transfers  of  real  estate  there  during  his 

He  was  a  man  of  vigorous  intellect,  strong  common  sense,  and 
decided  and  earnest  religious  character. 

His  sou.  Judge  David  Daggett,  speaks  of  his  father's  strong  sym- 
pathy with  the  friends  of  the  "  Great  Awakening,"  which  occurred  in 
the  earlier  part  of  his  manhood,  under  the  preaching  of  Whitefield, 


Edwards,  Bellamy,  aud  the  Temieuts.  In  the  controversy  which,  in 
subsequent  years,  grew  out  of  that  awakening,  he  was  earnest  on  the 
side  of  its  frieuds;  so  much  so  that  he  had  a  partiality  for  the 
"  Separates  "  of  that  day,  though  he  never  united  himself  with  them. 
He  was  a  Baptist  in  sentiment. 

843.  Naomi  Daggett  '  (Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John^),  bom 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  16,  174|;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  22, 
1776  ;  married  Ebenezer  Sweet. 

Issue : 

1133.  i.  Calvin  Sweet,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  11,  1765. 

1134.  ii.  Arnold  Sweet,'*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  3,  1767. 

1135.  iii.  Elizabeth  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  2,  1768. 
113C.  ir.  Elles  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  20,  1770. 

1137.  V.     Abeh  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  20,  1772. 

1138.  vi.    Ebenezer  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  20,  1774;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  January  3,  1785. 

1139.  vii.  Naomi  Sweet,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  4, 1776  ;  died  Attleboro', 

Mass.,  June  5,  1776. 

844.  Joseph  Guild  *  (Abigail  Daggett,'^  John,''  Thomas,"  John  '), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  22,  1716  ;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Sep- 
tember 18,  1792  ;  married  1st,  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  11,  1741, 
Hannah  White,  daughter  of  Rev.  Ebenezer  White,  of  Attleboro' ;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  16,  1764;  married  2d,  1775,  Elizabeth 

Issue : 

1140.1.      Abigail    Guild,"    born    Attleboro',    Mass.,    1743;    married    Daniel 

1141.  ii.     Hannah  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  23,  1747;  married 

Penticost  Walcott. 

1142.  iii.    Joseph  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  5,  1751 ;  married  May 

21,  1778,  Sarah  Woodcock,  who  died  May,  1843;  he  died  1829. 

1143.  iv.    Elizabeth    Guild,"    born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   September    23,    1753; 

married  Mr.  PuUen,  of  Maine. 

1144.  v.     Samuel  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  22,  1755;   married 

Mittie  Parmenter. 

1145.  vi.    Lydia   Guild,"  born   .\ttleboro',  Mass.,  October   19,   1777;    died   in 


1146.  vii.  Nathan    Guild,"  born    Attleboro',   Mass.,    April    22,    1782;    died   in 

Gibson,  Pa. 

845.  Benjamin  Guild'*  (Abigail  Daggett,"  John,'  Thomas," 
John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1718 ;  died  November  2, 
1802;  married  Jemima  Morse ;  died  May  7,  1782. 

Issue : 

1147.  i.     Eunice  Guild,"  born ;  married  Nathan  Mann,  of  Franklin,  Mass. 

1148.  ii.    Elias  Guild,"  born  August,  1760;  married  Mary  White. 

1149.  iii.   Naamah  Guild,"  born  ;   married  James  Daniels,  of  Foxboro'. 

Benjamin  Guild    moved   to  Wreutham,   where  he  was    selectman, 


1766-7.     In  1778,  he  was  directed  to  call  the  first  towu-meeting  of 

846.  Naphtali  Guild  °  {Abigail  Daggett,"  John,'^  Thomas,^ 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  3,  1719  ;  married  Joanna  ;  boru 
1721 ;  died  September  22,  1786. 

Issue : 

1150.  i.     Naphtali  Guild,*  born  about  1755;  married  and  had  three  children. 

1151.  ii.    Hakeiet  Gdild.* 

1152.  iii.  John  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  28,  1763;  married  Margaret 

Daggett.     See  No.  1333. 

1153.  iv.    Eunice    Guild,*    married    1st,   Hidden;    2d,   Cooper;    died    Lansing- 

burg,  N.Y. 

1154.  T.     LuCT  Guild,*  married  Wilmarth;  died  Ira,  Vt. 

1155.  vi.   Abigail  Guild,*  married,  1788,  Ira  Barrus;  eight  children. 

847.  Ebenezer  Guild  '  {Abigail  Daggett,"  John,^  Thomas," 
Jo?tm'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  29,  1722;  died  Wrentham, 
Mass. ;  maiTied  Phebe  Day,  of  Wrentham. 

Issue : 

1156.  i.       Phebe  Guild,*  born  September  24,  1753;  married  Mr.   Cheever,  of 


1157.  ii.      Mary  Guild,*  born  June  8,  1755;  died  February  27,  1760. 

1158.  iii.     Ebenezer  Guild,*  born  March  1,  1759;  married  Mary  Lane. 

1159.  iv.     Mary  Guild,*   born   November   4,    1761;     died   Wrentham,   Mass.. 

December  20,  1832. 

1160.  V.      David  Guild,*  born  September  17,   1764;   married  1st,  Olive  Day; 

2d,  Pliebe  Puffer. 

1161.  vi.     .Judith  Guild,*  born  February  20,  1767;  married  George  Blackinton. 

1162.  vii.   Susanna   Guild,*  born  September  21,  1769;   married  John  Wilkin- 

son, of  Wrentham  ;  no  issue. 

883.  Brothekton  Daggett  ^  {Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,^ 
John'),  baptized  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  7,  1725;  married 
Boston,  Mass.,  November  7,  1751,  by  Rev.  Samuel  Cooper,  to  Mary 
Tucker;  possibly  married  second,  Edgartown,  Mass.,  June  9,  1782, 
Mrs.  Jerusha  Bunker. 

1163.  i.  Brotherton  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  16,  1752. 

1164.  ii.  Henry  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  2,  1755. 

1165.  iii.  Molly  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  8,  1757. 

1166.  iv.  Thankfull  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  16,  1760. 

1167.  v.  Jethro  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  October  21,  1762. 

1168.  vi.  Sarah  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  October  29,  1764. 

1169.  vii.  Susa  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  23,  1767. 

1170.  viii.  Timothy  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  March  23,  1768. 

1171.  ix.  Isaac  Daggett,*  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  26,  1770. 

October  9,  1763,  Mary,  wife  of  Brotherton  Daggett,  was  admitted 
to  full  communion  in  the  church  in  Edgartown. 

885.     Thomas  Daggett  ^  {Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John  ') , 
baptized  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  10,  1728;  died  Union,  Me., 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.       127 

May  15,  1806;  married  Rebecca  Athearn ;  died  Union,  Me.,  August 
3,  1805. 
Issue : 

1172.  i.  Samuel  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  19,  1753. 

1173.  ii.  Thomas  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1755. 

1174.  iii.  Hannah  Daggett;"  married  Mr.  Norton. 

1175.  iv.  Aaron  Daggett," 

1176.  T.  Rebecca  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1765;   married  Matthew 

Daggett.     See  No.  1182. 

1177.  vi.     Andrew  Daggett." 

Thomas  Daggett  probably  removed  to  Tisbury  about  the  time  of 
his  marriage. 

Dukes  Deeds  show  the  following  sales  of  real  estate,  which  he 
made  from  time  to  time,  having  doubtless  in  view  his  removal  from 
the  Island : 

Feb.  19,  1765  he  and  wife  Rebecca  to  Lemuel  Butler  and  Hannah  his  wife 
land  in  Chilmark.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-444.] 

April  5,  1765  land  in  Tisbury  to  Robert  Manter.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-433.] 
April  5,  1765  land  in  Tisbury  to  Samuel  Cobb.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-553.] 
July  8,  1765  land  in  Chilmark  to  Moses  Lumbert.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-466.] 
Oct.  31,  1765  land  in  Tisbury  to  Thos.  Walrod.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-483.] 
April  11,  1769  he  &  others  divide  land  in  Tisbury.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-648.] 
Feb.  12,  1772  land  in  Tisbury  to  Lemuel  Butler.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-818.] 

Brotherton  Daggett  says  :  "The  Daggetts  being  strongly  inclined 
to  move  from  Martha's  Vineyard  sent  Thomas  Daggett,  Jr.,  to 
Albany  and  the  vicinity  in  New  York  to  look  up  a  farm.  He  was 
not  a  judge  of  land,  and  returned  without  finding  one  to  suit  him. 

"Thomas  Daggett,  Senr.,  came  along  the  coast,  went  back  from 
Camden  into  the  woods,  and  with  some  others  was  about  to  purchase 
the  whole  of  Appleton  Ridge,  except  the  proprietors'  reserved  lots. 

"  On  going  to  the  rear  of  the  Ridge  and  seeing  the  Cedar  Swamp, 
his  courage  failed  him,  and  he  went  home  without  concluding  a 

"  A  year  or  two  afterward  Thomas  Daggett,  Jr.,  and  Aaron  Dag- 
gett came  to  Union. 

"  They  purchased  the  place  since  owned  by  Olney  Titus,  cleared  a 
piece,  and  sowed  rye. 

"  In  the  fall  they  took  as  a  specimen  a  box  of  soil  from  the  land 
now  owned  by  Nahum  Thurston,  returned  to  Martha's  Vineyard,  and 
spent  the  winter. 

"  Their  father,  Thomas  Daggett,  Senr.,  was  prevailed  ou  to  accom- 
pany them  to  Union  in  the  following  May." 

He  bought  May  29,  1789  —  700  acres  of  land  in  Union  of  Mason  Wheaton 
of  Thomaston  for245£  and  called  himself  of  Tisbury.     [Lincoln  Deeds,  23-185.] 

July  14,  1789  he  and  his  wife  Rebecca  of  Union  sell  90  acres  land  in  Union 
to  Samuel  Daggett  of  Tisbury  "  cordwainer."     [Lincoln  Deeds,  25-111.] 

Tlie  same  date  he  of  Union,  gentleman,  sells  100  acres  in  Union  to  Aaron 
Daggett,  of  Union.      [Lincoln  Deeds,  26-164.] 


Thomas  Daggett  came  with  his  family  to  Union  between  May  29 
and  July  14,  1789. 

"He  landed  at  Warren.  Everything  seemed  different  from  what 
it  was  in  May. 

"He  was  a  nervous  man,  and  finding  himself  here  for  life  he  ex- 
claimed, '  I  am  completely  undone.'  The  forests  looked  formidable. 
It  was  too  woody  for  him.  The  family  came  to  Union  from  Warren 
in  boats."     [Sibley's  Hist,  of  Union,  Me.] 

April  5,  1790,  Thomas  Daggett  was  one  of  a  committee  to  hire 
preaching,  and  served  again  on  a  similar  coYnmittee  March  7,  1796. 

March  7,  1791,  he  was  on  a  committee  to  receive  and  price  lumber 
for  use  in  building  a  meeting-house. 

May  7,  1792,  one  of  the  town's  committee  to  make  choice  of  a  spot 
for  a  meeting-house. 

In  1798  he  was  "  tithingman,"  and  had  pew  No.  14,  for  which  he 
paid  $20.50. 

As  regards  the  habits  of  the  people  at  the  church,  Thomas  Daggett, 
Senr.,  Capt.  Nicholson,  and  Ebenezer  Daggett,  consulting  their  own 
convenience  and  comfort,  were  in  the  habit,  even  in  meeting,  of 
wearing  cotton  caps  which  rivalled  the  snow  iu  whiteness. 

March  7,  1803,  he  with  others,  including  the  selectmen,  were  a 
committee  to  confer  with  Mr.  Gushee,  respecting  his  settling  there  as 
a  minister. 

When  the  Congregational  church  was  organized,  March  3,  1803,  the 
articles  and  covenant  were  signed  by  Thomas  Daggett,  Mrs.  Rebecca 
Daggett,  and  others. 

Jifne  24,  1806,  Samuel  Daggett  was  appointed  administrator  of 
Thomas  Daggett,  late  of  Union,  deceased,  intestate.  [Lincoln  Pro- 
bate, 9-102.] 

Inventory  amounted  to  $592.64.     [Lincoln  Probate,  12-255.] 

June  29,  1813,  Samuel  Daggett  renders  his  account,  from  which  it 
appears  there  were  five  heii-s  to  the  estate.  [Lincoln  Probate,  17- 

886.  Timothy  Daggett*  {Brotherton,*  Joshua,"  Thomas,' 
John^),  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  28,  1731;  married 
Taunton,  Mass.  (?),  Sibbel  Smith,  daughter  of  Ebenezer  Smith,  of 
Taunton,  Mass. 

Issue : 

1178.  i.    SiBELL  Daggett,"^  born  Dighton,  Mass.,  January  30,  175G. 

1179.  ii.  Timothy  Daggett, "^  born  Dighton,  Mass.,  April  8,  1762. 

July  13,  1765,  Timothy  Daggett,  of  Dighton,  and  Sybil  his  wife, 
sell  land   in  Edgartown   to   Brotherton    Daggett.     [Dukes   Deeds, 


JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYAED.     129 

887.  Elijah  Daggett  °  {Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,'  John  ^), 
bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  21,  1734;  "shipwright;  "  died  Nan- 
tucket, Mass.,  previous  to  June  7,  1771;  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
November  9,  1757,  Jedidah  Chase,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Eliza- 
beth .(Athearn)  Chase;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  14,  1736; 
died  New  Vineyard,  Me. 

Issue : 

1180.  i.     Tkisteam  Daggett,"  born  August  22,  1758. 

1181.  ii.    Elijah  Daggett.'^ 

1182.  iii.  Matthew  Daggett,''  born  1764. 

1183.  iv.  Abigail  Daggett,"  born  17G6;  married  Capt.  Samuel  Daggett.     See 

No.  1006. 

1184.  V.    Mart  Daggett,"  married  Mr.  Long. 

1185.  yl.  Nathan  Daggett,"  said  to  have  been  pilot  to  the  French  fleet  while  in 

American  waters  during  the  Revolution. 

Mrs.  Daggett  married  2d,  Mr.  Kimblen,  and  spent  the  last  of  her 
days  with  her  son-in-law  Capt.  Samuel  Daggett. 

Not.  16,  1757  Elijah  Daggett,  sells  land  in  Tisbury.     [Dukes  Deeds,  8-650.] 
May  8,  1766  Elijah  Daggett,  of  Nantucket,  and  Jedidah  his  wife,  sell  land  in 
Edgartown.     [Dukes  Deeds,  9-533.] 

Christopher  Starbuck  appointed  administi-ator  of  the  estate  of 
Elijah  Daggett,  of  Sherboi-n,  shipwright,  deceased,  June  7,  1771. 
[Nantucket  Probate,  3-149.] 

Inventory  of  estate  of  Elijah,  August  3,  1771  :  Dwelling-house, 
£360;  twelve  rods  of  land,  at  £10  per  rod;  whole  estate,  old  tenor, 
£525  4s.  Od.     [N.P.,  3-166.] 

January  3,  1772.     The  estate  was  rendered  insolvent. 

June  4,  1773.  Order  of  court  to  set  off  to  Jedidah,  widow  of 
Elijah,  her  dower: 

^  of  Dwelling  house  to  Jedidah,  and  land  it  stands  on ;  whole  of  the  kitchen 
and  the  whole  of  the  bedroom,  in  south  end  of  said  kitchen,  except  such  part 
of  said  kitchen  as  is  included  by  a  line  drawn  from  the  outward  part  of  the  south 
jamb  in  the  kitchen,  to  the  bedroom  partition  which  is  allowed  for  a  stairway  to 
the  other  j.     15  June  1773.     [N.P.,  3-212.] 

December  3,  1773.  The  widow's  portion  to  be  divided  among  the 
creditors  after  her  decease.      [N.P.,  3-215.] 

888.  Jethko  Daggett  °  {Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,' John^) , 
bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  23,  1736;  died  Newport,  R.I.  (?), 
previous  to  Nov.  2,  1784;  married  Hannah  (?). 

Issue : 
118G.  i.  James  Daggett,"  born  Newport,  R.I.,  1770. 

891.  Hepzibah  Daggett"  (Jacob,''  Joshua,"  Thomas,^  John^), 
born    Nantucket,    Mass.,    1717;    married     1st,    Nantucket,    Mass., 


August  15,  1738,  by  John  Coffin,  J. P.,  to  John  Jones;  he  died  pre- 
vious to  1761  ;   married  2d,  Mr.  Butler. 
Issue : 

1187. 1.    Hepzibah  Jones,^  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  January  4,  173f. 

1188.  ii.  John  Jones,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  May   1,  1741. 

893.  Nathan  Daggett*  {Jacoh,'^  Joshua,"  Thomas,'  John^), 
born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  December  21,  1723;  died  previous  to 
November  12,  1760;  married  Nantucket,  Mass.,  December  21,  1743, 
by  John  Coffin,  J. P.,  to  Margaret  Gardner,  daughter  of  Ebenezer 
and  Eunice  Gardner. 

Issue : 

1189.  i.     Stephen  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  1744. 

1190.11.  Hepsabeth  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  1748;  married  Nan- 
tucket, Mass.,  July  17,  17G6,  by  Eben  Calef,  J.P.,  to  William  Tucker- 
man.     (In  New  Bedford,  1835.) 

1191.  iii.  Timothy  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  17.51;  died  single. 

1192.  iv.  Ltdia  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  9,  1,  1758. 

Nathan  Daggett,  mariner,  having  deceased,  his  children  appoint 
their  uncle,  Uriah  Gardner,  as  their  guardian,  February  10,  1761. 

Mrs.  Margaret  (Gardner)  Daggett  married,  at  Nantucket,  Mass., 
Novenfber  12,  1760,  by  Grafton  Gardner,  J. P.,  to  Isaac  Mayo. 

896.  Benjamin  Daggett*  (Jacob,'  Joshua,^  Thomas,'  John^), 
born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  April  21,  1731;  died  previous  to  February 
6,  1761 ;  married. 

Issue : 

1193.  i.     Hdldah  Daggett,*  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  1751. 

899.  Ebenezer  Daggett*  {John,*  Joseph,^  Josepli,^  John  ^)  (?) , 
"  weaver ;  "  died  (probably  in  New  Vineyard,  Me.)  ;  married  Edgar- 
town,  Mass.,  March  6,  1759,  Jedidah  Vinson,  daughter  of  Nathaniel 
and  Deborah  (Stuart)  Vinson ;  died  Industry,  Me. 

Issue : 

1194.  i.       Peter  Daggett,*  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  January  17,  1770. 

1195.  ii.      Aaron  Daggett,*  born  Martha's  Vineyard. 

1196.  iii.     Betsey    Daggett,*    born    Martha's   Vineyard.     Received  by  letter 

from  Tisbury  Baptist  Church  at  the  Industry  Baptist  Church,  Oc- 
tober 21,  1810.     Probably  returned  to  Martha's  Vineyard. 

1197.  iv.     Hannah  Daggett,*  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  September  21,  1776. 

Ebenezer  Daggett,  weaver,  of  Tisbui-y,  Mass.,  bought,  in  company 
with  Peter,  lot  No.  18,  second  range  of  lots  in  New  Vineyard,  Febru- 
ary 25,  1793.  March  11,  1796,  he  sells  his  interest  to  liis  son 

Owing  to  imperfect  record.*,  and  the  frequent  repetition  of  the  same 
name  in  different  families,  doubt  exists  as  to  the  ancestry  of  Ebene- 
zer Daggett.     Mrs.  A.  C.  Pratt,  of  Chelsea,  Mass.,  who  has  made  a 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYAED.     131 

study  of  Martha's  Vineyard  families,  and  who  succeeded  to  the  col- 
lections of  the  late  Hon.  R.  L.  Pease,  of  Edgartown,  sets  up  as 
a  hypothetical  line  the  one  adopted  above.  This  is  adopted,  and 
should  be  accepted  only  as  a  possible  solution  of  the  question.  The 
future  may  prove  or  disprove  it,  but  at  present  it  seems  the  most 
likely  of  any  possible  line. 

901.  John  Daggett '^  {John,*  Joseph,'^  Jose^yli,' John  ^)  (?),  died 
New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1794-.5;  man-ied  Ist,  Rachel  Coffin;  died  soon 
after  marriage;  married  2d,  Edgartown,  Mass.,  June  11,  1761, 
Thankful  Vinson,  daughter  of  Nathaniel  and  Deborah  (Stuart)  Vin- 
son ;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  at  an  advanced  age. 

Issue : 

1198.  i.       John  Daggett,^  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  1758. 

1199.  ii.      Rachel  Daggett,^  school-teacher  on  Martha's  Vineyard.     Died  of 

consumption  soon  after  the  family  removed  to  Maine. 

1200.  iii.     Thankful  Daggett,''  died  unmarried,  aged  62  years. 

1201.  iv.     Deborah  Daggett,*  married  March   22,   1795,   Willard   Spaulding; 

had  son,  John  D.  Spaulding. 

John  Daggett,  prior  to  his  removal  to  Maine,  resided  in  Edgartown. 
He  was  a  "  miller,"  and  tradition  says  he  operated  a  windmill  on  the 
island.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  He  bought, 
February  11,  1793,  lot  No.  2  in  the  second  range  of  lots  in  New 
Vineyard  Township,  aud  probably  began  a  clearing  the  same  year. 
He  received  injuries  while  piling  his  chopping,  from  which  he  never 
recovered,  and  died  soon  after  his  removal  from  the  Vineyard. 

Dr.  Hatch  suggests,  in  his  History  of  Industry,  that  John  may 
have  been  a  brother  of  Ebenezer. 

Owing  to  imperfect  records,  the  placing  of  this  John  as  the  John,* 
son  of  John,''  is  only  hypothetical,  and  should  not  be  accepted,  except 
as  a  theory,  which  may  be  proved  right  or  wrong  in  the  future. 



915.  John  Daggett  °  (  William,'  Israel,*  Joseph,^  John,^  John ' ) , 
born  Seekonk,  Mass.;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March,  1846;  married 
Hannah  Barnes,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Hannah  Barnes  ;  born  Bar- 
rington,  R.I.,  1782;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  1,  1858. 

Issue : 
1202.  i.  William  Daggett.' 


919.  Israel  Daggett"  {William,^  Israel,"  Joseph,^  John," 
John  '),  bom  Seekonk,  Mass. ;  died  Pawtucket,  Mass.,  March,  1842  ; 
married  Lucy  Bicknell. 

Issue : 
1203.  i.  Hannah  Dorman  Daggett,'  born  Relioboth,  Mass.,  April  23,  1805; 
married  Jefferson  Daggett.     See  No.  1208. 

924.  Jacob  Daggett^  {Daniel,^  Israel,*  Joseph,'  John,"  John  '), 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  12,  1765;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  July 
18,  1814;  married  Lydia  Slack,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Ruth 
(Stearns)  Slack;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  20,  1771 ;  died  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  May  6,  1815. 

Issue : 
1204.1.       John    Sterns    Daggett,'   born   Rehoboth,    Mass.,   June   2G,  1793; 
"blacksmith;"  married;  no  issue;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  January 
1,   1864. 

1205.  ii.      Mary  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  26,   1795;  died  See- 

konk, Mass.,  December  6,  1866. 

1206.  iii.     Sidney  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  Mav  3,  1797;  "  farmer;  " 

died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  February  6,  1883. 

1207.  iv.     Adah  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  25,  1799;  died  See- 

konk, Mass.,  February  22,  1874. 

1208.  V.      Jefferson  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  Norember  30,  1800. 

1209.  vi.     Ltdia  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  10,  1802;  resides 

Seekonk,  Mass.  (1892). 

1210.  vii.    Cynthia  Daggett,' born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  2,  1806;  died 

Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  4,  1876. 

1211.  Tui.  Jacob  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  28,  1807. 

1212.  ix.     Samuel  Slack  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  July  9,  1809. 

1213.  X.      Nancy  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  September  2, 1811;  married 

Bridgman;  had  sou  Brainard ;  resided  at  Denver,  Col.,  at  one  time; 
she  died  August  25,  1876. 

1214.  xi.     Emma  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  August  2,  1813;  died  See- 

konk, Mass.,  September  16,  1846. 

The  estate  of  Jacob  Daggett,  of  Seekonk,  was  administered  on  by 
his  son  John  S.  Daggett. 

939.  Reuben  Dxggktt:^  {Reuben,^  Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,'  John," 
John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  11,  1755;  died  Daggett's 
Mills,  Pa.,  Fetruary  8,  1835;  married  1st,  Westmoreland,  N.H., 
December  11,  1777,  by  Rev.  Ebenezer  Bailey,  to  Esther  Cobb;  born 
1750;  died  Paris,  N.Y.,  December  2,  1798;  married  2d,  near  Utica, 
N.Y.,  December  9,  1800,  Kesiah  Darby;  born  1753;  died  Jackson, 
Pa.,  March  15,  1827;  married  3d,  Jackson,  Pa  ,  May  31,  1827, 
Abigail  Woodward. 

Issue : 

1215.  i.       Reuben  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  February  19,  1781. 

1216.  ii.      Chloe  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  .July  20,  1783. 

1217.  iii.     Esther  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.II..  December  26,  1785. 

1218.  iv.     Rhoda  Daggett,' born  Westmoreland,  N.H  ,  MHrch  8, 1788  ;  married 

Moses  Bennett ;  died  Vermont. 

1219.  V.      Seth  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  July  3,  1790. 


1220.  vi.     Saloma  Daggett,'  born  Westmorelanri,  N.H.,  Jnly  3,  1790. 

1221.  vii.    RuFDS  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  DecfUiber  3,  1792. 

1222.  Tiii.  Belinda  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,.Tuly  9,  1795;  married 

James  Cooper;   issue:   four  children;  removed  to  Illinois  about 

1223.  ix.     Ltdia  Daggett,'  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  October  16,  1797. 

Reuben  Daggett  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  He  resided  in 
Westmoreland,  N.H.,  until  1797,  when  he  removed  to  Paris  Furnace, 
eight  miles  from  Utica,  N.Y.,  then  ten  years  later  to  Daggett's 
Mills,  Tioga  county,  Pa.  Daggett's  Mills  Post-offlce  originated  from 
the  building  of  grist  and  saw  mills  in  that  place  by  the  sons  of  Reuben 

They  were  the  first  settlers  in  the  locality. 

932.  Daniel  Daggett  *  (Reuben,^  Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,'  John,- 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  27,  1762;  died  Glocester, 
R.I.,  AprU  12,  1825;  married  November  11,  1783,  Sarah  Ball;  born 
Taunton,  Mass.,  1763  (living,  1843,  age  eighty  years). 

Issue : 

1224.  i.       Daniel  Daggett.' 

1225.  ii.      Rnrus  Daggett,'  born  1793. 

1226.  iii.     Reuben  Daggett.' 

1227.  IT.     George  Daggett.' 

1228.  T.      Joel  Daggett.' 

1229.  vi.     Charles  Daggett.' 

1230.  Tii.    Nancy  Daggett.' 

1231.  Tiii.  Reanet  Daggett.' 

1232.  ix.     Serel  N.  Daggett,'  born  Burrillville,  R.I.,  1812. 

Daniel  Daggett,  a  nailer  by  trade,  lived  for  several  years  after  his 
marriage  in  Attleboro',  then  removed  to  Rhode  Island.  He  resided 
in  North  Providence  in  1818,  and  in  1821  was  in  Glocester,  R.I. 
In  the  Revolution,  be  enlisted  in  June,  1777,  before,  he  was  fifteen 
years  old,  and  served  for  nearly  a  year  as  waiter  to  Colonel  Daggett. 

In  1778  he  engaged  as  a  private  for  three  years  with  Captain  Cole, 
in  the  Massachusetts  regiment  commanded  by  Col.  Henry  Jackson, 
and  was  in  1778  in  Rhode  Island  during  General  Sullivan's  cam- 

955.  Levi  Daggett  "  {John, °  John,"  Nathaniel,'  John,''  John'), 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  12,  1761 ;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  Decem- 
ber, 1823 ;  married  Keziah  Peck,  daughter  of  Comfort  and  Keziah 
(Peck)  Peck,  of  Seekonk,  Mass. ;  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  January  2, 
1764;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  April  4,  1836. 

Issue : 

1233.  1.       Mart  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  5,  1788;  died  E.  Provi- 

dence, R.I.,  December  19,  1874. 

1234.  ii.      Keziah  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  16,  1790. 

1235.  iii.     John  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  20,  1792. 


1236.  iv.     Levi  Daggett,' born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  29,  1794;   died  See- 

konk,  Mass.,  March  31,  1855. 

1237.  V.      Hannah  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  1796. 

1238.  vi.     Betsey  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,    1796;   died 

Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  26,  1824. 

1239.  vii.   Fanny  Daggett,' born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  14,  1798;  died  See- 

konk, Mass.,  March,  1829. 

1240.  viii.  Lydia  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  10,  1801. 

956.  Hope  Daggett'  {John, ^  John  *  Nathaniel,^  John^  John^), 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  December  16,  1762;  married  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  December  20,  1781,  by  Rev.  E.  Hyde,  to  John  Davis. 

Issue : 

1241.  i.  Joshda  Davis.' 

974.  Robert  Daggett  '  {James,''  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,' 
John'),  bom  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  1,  1763;  died  after  1830;  mar- 
ried Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  23,  1784,  by  Rev.  Robert  Rogerson, 
to  Elizabeth  Daggett,  daughter  of  Dauiel  and  Bebe  (Perry)  Daggett, 
(No.  925)  ;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  11,  1767. 

Issue : 

1242.  i.       Preston  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  27,  1784. 

1243.  ii.      Bebe  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  17,  1786;  married 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  7,  1805,  by  John  Hills,  to  George  Bishop. 

1244.  iii.     Betsey  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  10,  1788. 

1245.  iv.     Gilbert  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March  21,  1791;  married 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  21,  1811,  Eliza  Pearce ;  removed  to  Provi- 
dence, R.I. 

1246.  V.      Robert  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  13,  1793. 

1247.  vl.     Rebecca  Humphrey  Daggett,'  born   Rehoboth,   Mass.,  December 

31,  1797. 

1248.  vii.   Daniel  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  10,  1799. 

1249.  viii.  Timothy  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  25,  1800;   died 

March,  1828. 

1250.  ii.     Mary  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  12,  1803 

1251.x.  George  Hammond  Daggett,' born  Rehohoth,  Mass.,  June  27,  1805  ; 
married  Seekonk,  Mass.,  April  1,  1832,  by  Rev.  James  0.  Barney, 
to  Mrs.  Hannah  Mercy. 

983.  Henry  Daggett'  {James,^  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,' 
John'),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  14,  1781;  died  Seekonk, 
Mass.,  1839;  married  Belinda  Webster  (?)  ;  died  Seekonk,  Mass., 

Issue : 

1252.  i.    James  Henry  Daggett,'  born  1828;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  1857. 

1253.  ii.  Ellen  V.  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  1843. 

986.  William  Daggett  °  {Nathan,^  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,' 
John'),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  26,  1758;  married  Reho- 
both, Mass.,  October  22,  1778,  by  Rev.  E.  Hyde,  to  Mary  Daggett, 
daughter  of  Daniel  and  Bebe  (Perry)  Daggett  (No.  923)  ;  born  Re- 
hoboth, Mass.,  April  3,  1762. 


987.  Abigail  Daggett^  (Nathan,'  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,"^ 
John^),  bom  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  AprO  16,  1760;  died  Swanzey, 
N.H.,  183|;  married  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  25,  1781,  by  Rev. 
E.  Hyde,  to  David  Read,  son  of  Nathan  and  Dorothy  (Titus) 
Read;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  3,  1756;  died  Swanzey,  N.H., 

Issue : 

1254.  i.  William  Read,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  July  31,  1783. 

1255.  ii.  David  Read,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  29,  1784. 

1256.  iii.  Obadiah  Read.' 

1257.  iv.  Aaron  Read.' 

1258.  V.  Lewis  Read,'  died  January  6,  1823. 

1259.  vi.  Nathan  Daggett  Read,'  born  October  7,  1800. 

1260.  vii.  Abigail  Read.' 

1261.  viii.  Sally  Read.' 

1262.  ix.  Makt  Read.' 

1001.  Isaac  Daggett^  (Samuel,'  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,^ 
John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  26,  1737;  died  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  October  26,  1805;  married  1st,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January 
17,  1759,  Abigail  West,  daughter  of  Dr.  Elisha  and  Abigail 
(Gibbs)  West;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  26,  1742;  died  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  July  22,  1772;  married  2d,  Falmouth,  Mass.,  August  4, 
1772,  Mrs.  Rebecca  Tobey,  widow  of  Samuel  Tobey,  daughter  of 
Mr.  Hatch;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  23,   1823. 

Issue : 

1263.  i.      Abigail  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  4,  1759. 

1264.  ii.     Son Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  8,  1762  ;  died  Tis- 

bury, Mass.,  January  8,  1762. 

1265.  iii.    Son Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,   Mass.,  December  7,   1762;   died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  7,  1762. 

1266.  iv.     Son Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,   June  7,  1764;  died  Tis- 

bury, Mass.,  June  7,  1764. 

1267.  V.      Daughter  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,    Mass.,    August  26,    1765; 

died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  26,  1765. 

1268.  vi.     Sakah  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,   Mass.,    August   6,    1769;  married 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  4,  1788,  Peter  West,  Jr. 

1269.  vii.    Rebecca  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  16,  1773;  married 

Samuel  Daggett.     See  No.  1284. 

1270.  viii.  Mart  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  80,  1775. 
1271.12.     Hannah  Daggett,'   born   Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  3,  1777;  died  Tis- 
bury, Mass.,  July   13,   1777. 

1272.x.      Jane  Daggett,' born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  6,  1778;  married  William 
Daggett.     See  No.  1273. 

1003.  William  Daggett  ^  (Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,'^  Thomas,- 
John'),  married  Mary  Stuart. 

1273.  i.      William  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August,  1773. 

1274.  ii.     Seth  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  7,  1780. 

1275.  iii.    Peter  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1780. 


1276.  iv.    Mart  Daggett,'   married   Tisbury,   Mass.,    March    17,   1795,   Capt. 

William  Cottle;  issue:  William  Cottle,^  who  married  Jane  Manter, 
and  had  issue  Mary  Cottle.' 

1277.  v.     Jane  Daggett,'  married   1st,    Tisbury,  Mass.,  November   24,  1792, 

Paschal  Paoli  Bartlett;  married  2d,  Mr.  Arnold. 

1278.  vi.    Abigail  Daggett.' 

1279.  vii.  Sylvands  Daggett.' 

1004.  Peter  Daggett  "  {Seth,''  Samuel,'  Thomas,^  Thomas,^ 
John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  4,  1738;  died  at  sea;  married 
Harwich,  Mass.  (intention,  Nov.  24,  1756),  Deliverance  Caliooo. 

1280.  i.     BET.SET  Daggett,'  born  1758. 

1281.  11.    Nathan  Daggett.' 

1282.  iii.  Isaac  Daggett.' 

1283.  iv.  DiLLiE   Daggett,'   married   a   Philadelphia   lawyer,   and    had    issue 

Sarah,^  EUza.» 

1006.  Capt.  Samuel  Daggett^  {Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,''  John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  9.  1745;  died  New 
Vineyard,  Me.,  May  30,  1835;  married  1st,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  Sarah 
Butler,  born  August  23,  1744;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  March  27,  1789; 
married  2d,  Holmes  Hole,  Mass.,  Abigail  Daggett,  daughter  of 
Elijah  and  Jedidah  (Chase)  Daggett  (No.  1183);  born  1766; 
died  Farmington,  Me.,  September  30,   1846. 

Issue : 

1284.  i.  Samuel  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  11,  1764. 

Capt.  Samuel  Daggett,  accompanied  by  his  son  Samuel,  moved 
from  Martha's  Vineyard  to  the  district  of  Maine,  then  a  part  of 
Massachusetts,  in  1794,  and  settled  in  what  was  afterwards  New 
Vineyard,  now  a  part  of  Industry.  Sarah  Butler,  the  first  wife  of 
Capt.  Daggett,  died  in  Boston,  Mass.,  aud  was  buried  in  the  Granary 
Burial-ground,  where  a  stone  stands  to  her  memory,  inscribed  as 
follows : 

In  memory  of 

Mrs  Sarah  Daggett 

the  amiable  consort  of 

Capt  SAUinEL  Daggett 

died  March  27,   1789 

aged  44  yrs  7  mos  &  4  days. 

A  kind  companion  &  tender  Parent 

Captain  Daggett  is  mentioned  as  a  of  some  property,  careful 
and  methodical  in  business  transactions,  precise  in  his  use  of  language, 
and  a  moral,  upright  man.  In  1781  was  probably  in  command  of  the 
ship  "Mars,"  six  guns,  twenty  men. 


1007.  Nathan  Daggett  °  (Seth,'  Samuel,^  Thomas,^  TJiomas,' 
John  '),  died  New  Vineyard,  Me. ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  14, 
1773,  Ann  Wilkins. 

Issne : 

1285.  i.       West  Daggett.' 

1286.  ii.      Betsey  Daggett,'  married  Richard  Pomeroy;  went  West. 

1287.  iii.     Catherine  Daggett,'  married  Johin  Gray,  of  Embden. 

1288.  iv.     Nancy  Daggett,'  married  Eben  Colby,  of  New  Vineyard  ;  went  West 

with  Mrs.  Pomeroy. 

1289.  V.      Lydia  Daggett,'  married  1st,  April  28,  1817,  John  Elliott,  of  New 

Portland;  married  2d,  Moses  Wescott;  went  West. 

1290.  vi.     Thomas  West  Daggett,'  married  (published  July  20,  1819)  Hannah 

Merrill,  of  New  Portland  ;  lived  in  Madison  ;  probably  died  there. 

1291.  rii.    Jesse  Daggett,'   married   (published   November   15,    1821)  Sophia 

Lovejoy,  sister  of  Thomas  and  Loyal  Lovejoy;  went  West. 

1292.  viii.  Daggett,'  married  February  5,  1815,  Polly  Elliott,  of  New 

Portland,  sister  of  John  Elliott. 

Nathan  Daggett  removed  to  Industry  about  1793. 

1009.  Capt.  Silas  Daggett  ^  {Seth,'  Samuel,"  Thomas,'^  Tliomas,' 
John  '),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  14,  1757  ;  died  Farmiugton,  Me., 
September  12,  1847;  married  December  17,  1778,  Deborah  Butler, 
daughter  of  Elijah  and  Thankful  (Smith)  Butler;  born  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  November  13,  1759. 

Issue : 

1293.  i.       Maky  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  17,  1778. 

1294.  ii.      West  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  26,  1780. 

1295.  iii.     Silas  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  9,  1782. 

1296.  iv.     Deborah  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  5,  1785. 

1297.  v.      Sarah  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  6,  1787. 

1298.  t1.     Joseph  Bassett  Daggett,' born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  14,  1790. 

1299.  vii.    Elizabeth  West  Daggett,'  born   Tisbury,    Mass.,  September   24, 

1793;  married  August  25,  1812,  Bartlett  Luce,  of  Farmiugton,  Me., 
son  of  Alsbury  and  Sarah  (Burgess)  Luce. 

1300.  viii.  Sophronia  Daggett,' born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  31,  1796;  married 

1815,  William  Donham;  she  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  11,  1871; 
he  died  before  1871. 

Capt.  Silas  Daggett  settled  in  Industry,  Me.,  as  early  as  1806. 
He  was  town  clerk  iu  Indiisti^,  Me.,  in  1809  ;  also  town  treasurer  for 
the  same  year. 

Concerning  the  last-mentioned  office,  William  Allen,  in  his  History 
of  Industry,  relates  the  following  : 

The  next  year  the  captain  brought  in  his  account  entered  in  a  treasury  book, 
and  declined  a  reelection,  because  his  book  would  not  tell  the  truth ;  that  he  had 
cliarged  all  bills  paid,  and  entered  all  the  orders  he  had  drawn  on  collectors  to 
pay  bills  with ;  that  he  had  done  all  the  business  by  orders  and  bills ;  had  not 
received  or  paid  a  dollar  iu  money  on  the  town's  account;  but  his  book  showed 
a  considerable  balance  due  to  him,  which  he  knew  was  not  the  case. 

Captain  Daggett  lived  in  the  town  a  few  years,  and  then  returned 
to  Martha's  Vineyard. 


He  was  a  sailor,  and  also  a  commander  of  vessels. 
Capt.  Silas  Daggett  composed  the  following  : 

Sister  Jedidah  doth  believe, 

The  electing  plan  she  well  doth  know ; 
And  out  of  a  thousand  more  than  one 

To  Heaven,  she's  sure,  there  cannot  go. 
A  young  man  heard  her,  then  with  ease 

(You  know  him  well,  'twas  Wm.  Downs) 
Said,  "Tell,  Miss  Dida,  if  you  please. 

Who  is  to  go  from  these  three  towns?  " 
"  La!  Mr.  Wm.,  so  I  can ! 

My  good  old  mother  she  must  go, 
And  Ebenezer,  that  good  man, 

'Twas  fore-ordained  it  must  be  so. 
And  sister  Betsy  is  all  devotion. 

And"  —  "Stop!  stop !"  says  Bill,  "you  can't  have  more, 
Our  island  has  its  full  proportion." 

1010.  Mart  Daggett  °  (Seth,^  Samuel,"  TJiomas,^  Thomas,' 
John^),  bapt.  1760;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  13,  1779,  Peleg 

In  "  Romance  of  the  Revolution,"  by  Oliver  Bruce,  is  the  story  of 
the  blowing  up  of  the  liberty  pole  at  Vineyard  Haven,  then  Holmes 
Hole,  by  three  young  ladies. 

One -of  the  three  was  Mary  Daggett,  who  afterward  married  Mr. 
HUlmau.  She  is  said  to  have  been  a  woman  of  superior  mental 

1017.  Michael  Daggett"  {Sylvanus,^  Samuel,"  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,^  Jolm'),  horn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  14,1770;  died 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  28,  1852 ;  married  1st,  Tisbury,  Mass., 
March  30,  1795,  Elizabeth  Butler,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Abigail 
(West)  Butler;  died  July  20,  1803;  married  2d,  March  27,  1804, 
Remembrance  Nye,  daughter  of  John  and  Tamar  Nye,  of  Chilmark, 
Mass.;  married  3d,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  28,  1813,  Mercy  Look, 
daughter  of  Samuel  and  Margaret  Look. 

Issue : 

1301.  i.     Abigail  West  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  5,  1798;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  14,  1878. 

1302.  ii.    Peter  Butler  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  16,  1801. 

1303.  ui.  Augusta  Nye  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  27,  1806. 

1304.  iv.  Timothy  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  5,  1807. 

1305.  V.    Charles  Nye 'Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1810. 

1018.  Feeeman  Daggett  °  (Sylvanu's,^  Samuel,"  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,^  John^),  born  November,  1772;  died  at  sea,  November, 
1809;  married  Rhoda  Chase  ;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1779;  died  Tis- 
bury, Mass.,  September  21,  1850. 

Issue : 

1306.  i.     Rhoda  Daggett,' married  Grafton  Luce;  resides  San  Francisco,  Cal. 



1307.  ii.    Hepsie  Daggett.' 

1308.  iii.  Franklin  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  26,  1804. 

1309.  iv.  Freeman  Daggett.' 

Freeman  Daggett  was  lost  at  sea  while  ou  a  pilot  trip. 

1030.  Thomas  Daggett^  (Benjamin,^  Benjamin,^  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  4,  1774;  died 
Palmyra,  Me.,  March  26,  1845;  married  January  1,  1796,  Abigail 
Mills,  daughter  of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  (Loker)  Mills;  born  Tewksbury, 
Mass.,  Decembers,  1774;  died  Palmyra,  Me.,  Oct.  19,  1840. 

Issue : 

1310.  i.  Benjamin  Daggett,'  born  Fox  Island,  Me.,  October  4,  1796. 

1311.  ii.  ELinn  Daggett,'  born  Northport,  Me.,  July  6,  1798. 

1312.  iii.  Darius  Daggett.'  born  Lineolnville,  Me.,  February  17,  1801. 

1313.  iv.  Jonas  Daggett,'  born  Lincolnrille,  Me.,  May  16,  1803. 

1314.  T.  S.iLLT  Daggett,'  born  Montville,  Me.,  June  26,  1805. 

1315.  Ti.  Zenas  Daggett,'  born  October  13,  1807. 

1316.  vii.    Catharine  Daggett,'  born  Hope,  Me.,  Augusts,  1811;  died   Hope, 

Me.,  June  10,  1821. 

1317.  Tiii.  Moses  L.  Daggett,'  born  Hope,  Me.,  January  13,  1819. 

1031.  Love  Daggett*  (Benjamin,^  Benjamin,*  Thomas,'  Tliomas," 
John  '),  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1776;  married  Elijah  Luce. 

Issue :  three  boys. 

1318.  i.      Freeman  Ldce,'  resides  Herman,  Me.  (1892). 

1319.  ii.     Oliver  Luce,' resides  Herman,  Me.  (1892). 

1035.  EicHMOND  Daggett"  {Benjamin,^  Benjam,in,*  Thomas,' 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  Edgai-town,  Mass.,  July  15,  1783;  died 
Bangor,  Me.,  December  12,  1833;  married  November  19,  1806, 
Kezia  Baker. 

Issue : 

1320.  1.     Samuel  Baker  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  September  6,  1807. 

1321.  ii.    Henry  Mardin  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January  23,  1809. 

1322.  iii.  Martha  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January  10,  1811. 

1323.  iv.   Elizabeth  Daggett,'  born    Palmyra,   Me.,  October  23,  1812;  mar- 

ried March  29,  1832,  John  Hellier,  of  Bangor,  Me. 

1324.  V.    Mart  Daggett,' born  Palmyra,   Me.,  November  28,    1817;   married 

April  18,  1837,  Rev.  Joseph  Aspenwall;  died  February  7,  1839. 

1325.  vi.  Catharine  Daggett,' born  Palmyra,  Me.,  August  10,    1821;  resides 

Bangor,  Me.  (1883). 

Richmond  Daggett  moved  from  Lincol^^^le  to  Palmyra,  where  he 
lived  about  eighteen  years. 

He  was  agent  for  the  town  of  Pittsfield,  and  also  a  farmer.  Moved 
to  Bangor,  Me.,  in  1827,  where  he  kept  a  hotel.  "Was  the  first  man 
in  Bangor  to  pull  down  the  "  strong  drink"  sign  and  put  up  a  "  tem- 
perance "  sign. 

1037.  Abigail  Daggett  "  {Benjamin,'  Benjamin,*  Thomas,' 
Thomas,'  John  '),  born  Vinal  Haven,  Mass.,  October  24,  1785  ;  mar- 


ried  October   1,    1818,  Timothy  Stewart;  born  Edgartown,  Mass., 
August  27,  1770;  died  Union,  Me.,  March  29,  1844. 
Issue : 

1326.  i.     0.  O.  Stewart,'  married  Miss  Robbins ;  resides  Union,  Me.  (1892). 

1043.  Mayhew  Daggett*  (Elihu,^  Mayhem,*  John,^  Thomas,^ 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  28,  1735;  died  Pittstown, 
N.Y.  (?);  married  1st  (place,  date,  and  to  whom  not  found); 
married  2d,  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  5,  1789,  Lucy  Daggett,  widow 
of  Ichabod  Daggett,  and  daughter  of  Mr.  Hadden ;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  January  21,  1798. 

Entered  the  army,  and  was  with  his  brother  Ichabod  under  Colonel 
Bradstreet  when  Fort  Frontenac  was  taken. 

1044.  Ichabod  Daggett*  {Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,'  Thomas," 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  7,  1736;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  September  3,  1781 ;  married  Eehoboth,  Mass.,  June  15, 1769, 
by  Rev.  Samuel  Peck,  to  Lucy  Hadden,  of  Rehoboth ;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  January  21,  1798. 

Issue : 

1327.  i.     Ichabod  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  20,  1771. 

1328.  ii.    David  Daggett,'  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  10,  1773;  died 

Stockholm,  N.Y. 

1329.  iii.  Lucy   Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October   6,   1775;    married 

.Joab  Fuller,  and   removed  to  New  York   or  Pennsylvania;    issue: 
Eunice  Fuller,'  who  married  Levi  P.  Daggett  (No.  1831). 

1330.  iv.  Henry  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  29,  1778. 

Entered  the  army,  and  was  with  Colonel  Bradstreet  when  Fort 
Frontenac  was  taken. 

1045.  Lieut.  Daniel  Daggett*  {Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,' 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  1,  1738;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  3,  1796;  married  Margaret  Woodcock  ; 
born  1742;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  11,  1829. 

Issue : 

Benjamin  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  16,  1763. 
Mary  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  21,  1766. 
Margaret  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass  ,  July  27,  1768. 
Abigail  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1770. 
Sarah    Daggktt,'    born    Attleboro',   Mass.,    November    25,    1772; 

married  Attleboro',  Mass,,  June  19,  1796,  Edward  Price. 
Daniel  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1775. 
Betsey  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  5,  1777. 
1338.  viii.  Olive  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1785. 

Daniel  Daggett  served  as  sergeant  in  Capt.  Jabez  Ellis's  company 
of  minute-men  that  were  called  out  January  5,  1776,  and  marched 
thirty-five  miles. 














///■:. VKV     JIAGGETT. 


From  August  23  to  September  2,  1778,  he  served  as  private  iu 
Capt.  Elisha  May's  company.  March  6  to  14,  1781,  was  private 
in  Capt.  Sam.  Robinson's  company,  in  Colonel  Deane's  regiment,  in 
Rhode  Island. 

Was  lieutenant  in  Capt.  P'noch  Robinson's  company,  July  31  to 
August  8,  1780.  They  seem  to  have  marched  on  the  alarm  to 

Also  under  Capt.  Moses  WUmarth's  company  from  sometime  in 
March  to  July  31  or  August  7,  1781.  [Revolutionary  Rolls,  State 
House,  Boston.] 

The  will  of  Lieut.  Daniel  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  gentleman,  is 
dated  October  17,  1796,  and  was  proved  January  17,  1797.  [Bristol 

Lieut.  Daniel  Daggett  and  his  wife  were  both  buried  in  the  burying- 
ground  at  Attleboro'  Falls,  where  are  stones  erected  to  their  memory. 

1046.  Henry  Daggett  "  {EUhu,^  MayJiew,"  John,^  Thomas,' 
Jo/tH '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  9,  1741;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  September  24,  1830;  married  1st,  New  Haven,  Conn., 
November  26,  1771,  Elisabeth  Prescott,  daughter  of  Benjamin  and 
Rebecca  (Minot)  Prescott,  of  Danvers,  Mass. ;  born  Danvers, 
Mass.,  December  1,  1752;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  11,  1813; 
married  2d,  Danbury,  Conn.,  May  24,  1814,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Taylor, 
of  Danbury,  Conn.,  widow  of  Col.  Timothy  Taylor,  and  daughter  of 
Hon.  Joseph  Piatt  and  Sophia  (Benedict)  Cook;  born  Danbury, 
Conn.,  July  23,  1764;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  20,  1834. 

Issue : 

1339.  i.       Elisabeth  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  14,  1772; 

died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  19,   1772. 

1340.  ii.      Rebecca  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  30,  1773;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  16,  1773. 

1341.  iii.     Elihb  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  1,  1775;  died  New 

Haven,  Conn.,  May  17,   1775. 

1342.  iv.     Henrt  Daggett,'  born   New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  19,   177G;  died 

New  Haven,   Conn.,  January  21,  1777. 

1343.  V.      Elisabeth  Daggett,'    born    New   Haven,   Conn.,  Marcb   21,    1778; 

died  New  Haven,   Conn.,  June  1,  1778. 

1344.  vi.     Amelia  Martha  Daggett,'   born  New  Haven,    Conn.,    August   25, 


1345.  vii.    EuHU  Daggett,' born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  28,  1781 ;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  21,  1813. 
1340.  viii.  Henry  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  10,   1784;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  3,  1784. 

1347.  ix.     Elisabeth  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  5,  1786. 

1348.  X.      Mary  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  5,  1792. 

Henry  Daggett  graduated  at  Yale  College  1771.  He  lived  on  the 
corner  of  High  and  Chapel  streets,  New  Haven.  The  estate  is  now 
owned  by  Yale  College.     He  was  a  merchant,  magistrate,  and  alder- 


mau.  The  will  of  Henry  Daggett  is  dated  November  30,  1827,  and 
it  names  Edward  Hooker  as  executor.  The  inventory  amounted  to 

1048.  Adj.  Elihu  Daggett"  (Elihu,^  Mayhew,'  John,^  TJiomas,^ 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  4,  1745;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  June  14,  1833;  married  Norton,  Mass.,  December  9,  1773, 
by  Rev.  Peter  Thatcher,  to  Charity  Galieucia,  of  Norton;  born 
Massachusetts,  October  14,  174C;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  16, 

Issue : 

1349.  1.      George  Daggett,'  bora  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  29,  1774. 

1350.  ii.     Rosamond  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  6,  1777. 

1351.  iil.    Becca  Daggett,'   born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   January   25,   1779;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  19,  1860. 

1352.  iv.    Mathew  Daggett,'  born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   July   24,    1781;    lived 

South ;  came   North  in   1810,  after  which  he  returned ;  not  since 
heard  from. 

1353.  T.     Eeihu  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  24,  1785. 

1354.  vi.    Jacob  Daggett,'  born  Mansfield,  Mass.,  April  20,  1787. 

1355.  vii.  TiiiRZA  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  11,  1789;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  October  13,  1813. 

1049.  Jacob  Daggett"  {Elihu,'  Mayhew,^  Johyr,^  Tlwmas,^ 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  IG,  1748;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  February  6,  1796;  married  December  26,  1774,  Rhoda 
Humiston,  daughter  of  David  and  Ruth  (Bassett)  Humiston,  of 
Plymouth,  Conn.;  born  1751;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August 
31,   1831. 

Issue : 

1356.  i.     Sarah  Daggett,'  born  January  5,  1776. 

1357.  ii.    Chauncy  Daggett,'  born  June  7,  1779. 

1358.  iii.  Rebecca  Daggett,'  born  December  14,  1781;  married  Naphtali  Dag- 

gett; born  1769;  died  April  4,  1813;  she  died  March  26,  1813. 

1359.  iv.  Nancy  Daggett,'  born  May  27,  1784;  married  1841,  Bennett  Bron- 

son;  he  born   Waterbury,    Conn.,   November   14,    1775;    she    died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  14,  1867. 

Henry  Daggett,  Jr.,  was  appointed  administrator  of  estate  of 
Jacob  Daggett,  February  26,   1796. 

1050.  Anna  Daggett"  {EUJiu,^  Mayheiv,"  John,^  TJiomas,^ 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  2,  1750;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  November  11,  1784;  married  Daniel  Stanley,  Jr.  ;  born  1748; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  9,  1798. 

Issue : 

1360.  i.      Cyril  Stasley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1772. 

1361.  ii.     Sylvester  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1774. 

1362.  iii.    Daniel  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  4,  1777. 

1363.  iv.    Esther    Stanley,'   born  Attleboro',    Mass.,    August   1,    1779;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  12,  1784. 


1364.  v.     Joe  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  22,  1782;  died  Attle- 

boro',  Mass.,  July  19,  1784. 

1365.  vi.    Anna  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  12,  1784. 

1366.  vii.  William    Stanley,'    perhaps    born    1770,    who   went   to    Maine  with 

George  Daggett,  resided  Sidney,  Kennebec  county.  Me.;  married 
Polly  Stone,  and  had  three  sons  and  one  daughter;  one  son, 
William  S.,  married  Charity  G.  Daggett  (No.  1889). 

1052.  Capt.  Elijah  Daggett"  (EUhu,^  Mayheiv,'  John," 
Thomas,"  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  14,  1754;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  August,  1825;  married  Esther  Orue,  daughter 
of  Lieut.  James  and  Esther  (Everett)  Orne;  born  North  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  March  31,  1763;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  4, 

Issue : 

1367.  i.       Gardner   Daggett,'  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  20,  1782; 

graduated  Brown  University,  1802;  lived  in  ProTidence;  lawyer; 
died  Providence,  R.l. ;  unmarried. 

1368.  ii.      Clarisa  Daggett,'   born    Attleboro',    Mass.,    November   28,    1784; 

married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  11,  1810,  Bant  Brondson,  of 
Boston;  she  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June,  1816. 

1369.  iii.     Charlotte  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1786; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  27,  1796. 

1370.  iv.     Lyman  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  February  12,   1789;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  25,  1808. 

1371.  V.      James  Manning  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  30,  1791; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  9,  1791. 

1372.  vi.     Milton  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  15,  1792. 

1373.  vii.    Marietta  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  4,  1795. 

1374.  viii.  Charlotte  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  25,  1797;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  June,  1816. 

1375.  ix.     Maria  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  9,  1799. 

1376.  X.      Manus  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  18,  1801. 

1377.  xi.     James  Henry  Daggett,' born  Attleboro', Mass.,  November  12,  1804; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May,  1825. 

1378.  xii.    Charles  Foster  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 5,   1806; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  15,  1806. 

Captain  Daggett  is  reported  as  serving  in  the  Revolution. 

He  was  an  innkeeper  on  Dock  square,  Boston,  in  1805,  1806, 

Captain  Daggett  and  wife,  with  some  of  theLr  children,  are  buried  in 
Plainville,  Mass.     On  the  stone  is  this  inscription  : 

"  Blessed  are  the  dead  that  die  in  the  Lord." 

On  the  stone  erected  to  the  memory  of  their  sou  Lyman  Daggett 
is  the  following : 

A  nit's  a  feather  and  a  chief's  a  rod 

An  honest  man's  the  noblest  work  of  God. 

1053.  Joseph  Daggett*  {EUhu,^  Mayhew,"  John,^  Thomas,^ 
John  ' ) ,  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  14, 1758  ;  died  Cattaraugus 


couuty,  N.Y.,   1856;    married  May  11,   1780,  Melitiah  Clark;  died 
August  22,  1830. 
Issue : 

1379.  i.       Fanny  Daggett,'  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,   1781;   married 

Seth  H.  Cutler;  resided,  18-48,  Pembrolse,  N.Y. 

1380.  ii.      Nanct  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  18,  1783;  died  an 

infant  (?). 

1381.  iii.     Nancy  Daggett,' born  March  6,  1785;  married  Abel  Goodnow ;  re- 

sided (1848)  Leicester,  Vt. 

1382.  It.     Clark  Daggett,'  born  October  14,  1787. 

1383.  V.      Joseph  Daggett,'  born  September  19,  1790;  not  married;  resided 

(1848)  Pittsford,  Vt. 

1384.  vi.     Rebecca  Daggett,'  born  February  2,  1793;  married  Azel  Kelley, 

1814;  resided  (1848)  Danby,  Vt. ;  removed  to  Cattaraugus  county, 

1385.  vii.    Chloe  Daggett,'  born  Jun-e  12,  1795;  not  married  (1848). 

1386.  viii.  Manning    Daggett,'   born    October    10,    1802 ;    married   Elizabeth 

Seelye;  resided  (1848)  Leicester,  Vt. 

1081.  John  Daggett'*  {John,^  Ebenezer,^  John,^  Thomas," 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  1,  17.52;  died  Leicester, 
Vt.,  December  13,  1781 ;  married  Judith  Capron,  daughter  of  Joseph 
and  Sarah  (Robeson)  Capron;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8, 
1754 ;  died  1838. 

Issue  (all  probably  removed  to  Maloue,  N.Y.,  after  1781)  : 

1387.  i.     John  Daggett,'  born  Leicester,  Vt. 

1388.  ii.    Pliny  Daggett.' 

1389.  iii.  Ebenezer  Daggett.' 

1390.  JT.  Mercy  Daggett.' 

1082.  JoabDaggett"  ( John, ^ Ebenezer,*  John, ^  TJiomas,^  John'), 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  19,  1754;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
March  7,  1816;  manied  Chloe  Blackinton,  daughter  of  John  Black- 
inton;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  24,  1764;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  February  16,  1853. 

Issue : 

1391.  i.        Otis  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Oct.  4,  1785. 

1392.  ii.       Ir.v  D.vggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  27,  1787. 
13VI3.  iii.     Levi  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  12,  1789. 

1394.  iv.     JoAB  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,     October    1,    1791;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.  (before  September  2),  1828. 

1395.  V.      Marcus  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  21,  1793. 

1396.  vi.     LncAS  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  6,  1795. 

1397.  vii.    Chloe  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   February  28,   1798;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  28,  1803. 

1398.  viii.  Pliny  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass:,  May  16,  1800;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  September  21,  1803. 

1399.  ix.      Paul  Daggett,'  born   Attleboro',   Mass.,    August   22,    1802 ;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  29,  1803. 

1400.  X.       Pliny  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  20,  1804. 

1401.  xi.      Chloe  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  8,  1807  ;   mar- 

ried Mr.  Carpenter;  living  (1853). 

1402.  xii.     Nancy  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  26,  1810. 

The  will  of  Joab  Dagoett,  of  Attleboro',  is  dated  March  6,  1816. 


He  mentioES  his  wife  Cliloe ;  his  sou  Otis ;  gives  Ira  and  Joab  all  his 
lands  in  Surry,  N.H. ;  his  son  Levi  all  his  lands  in  Troy,  N.H. 
Also  mentions  Marcus,  Lucas's  family  iu  Wrentham,  Pliny,  Chloe, 
and  gives  Nancy  land  in  Foxboro'.  Proved  April  2,  1816.  [Bris- 
tol Probate.] 

1083.  Jesse  Daggett"  {John,^  Ebenezer,"  JoJm,^  TJiomas,'John^), 
bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  6,  1757  ;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  Septem- 
ber 7,  1831  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  6,  1792,  Lois  Robin- 
son; born  1764;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  January  13,  1837. 

Issue  : 

1403.  i.  Lois  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  M.ass.,  November  28,  1797. 

The  will  of  Jesse  Daggett  is  recorded  in  Suffolk  Probate,  130'- 
184.  It  is  dated  October  19,  1830,  and  in  it  he  calls  himself  Jesse 
Daggett,  of  Boston,  yeoman.  He  gives  to  his  wife  all  of  his  estate 
that  may  be  requii-ed  for  her  support,  and  the  remainder,  if  any,  that 
may  be  left  at  her  decease  he  gives  to  liis  daughter  Lois  Bates. 

Ebeuezer  Daggett,  Esq.,  is  uanied  as  sole  executor.  The  will 
was  allowed,  Feb.  13,  1832. 

The  inventory,  dated  May  14,  1832,  mentions  :  "  Lot  of  land  con- 
taining 10  acres  with  the  old  mansion  house  and  outhouses  thereon, 
situate  iu  Attleboro,  Bristol  Co." 

1085.  Marcy  Daggeti'"  (John,''  Ebenezer,"  John,''  Thomas,' 
John'),  bornAttleboro',  Mass.,  July2,  1761 ;  married  Elijah  Bolkcom. 

Issue : 

1404.  i.  Olive  Bolkcom,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  29,  1787. 

1405.  ii.  MiLLA  Bolkcom,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  25,  1788. 

1406.  iii.  Ebenezer  Bolkcom,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  29,  1790. 

1407.  iv.  Eli.iah  Bolkcom,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  30,  1791. 

1408.  V.  Dexter  Bolkcom,'  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  April  27,  1793. 

1409.  vi.  Stephen  Bolkcom,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  2,  1794. 

1086.  Hon.  Ebenezer  Daggett"  {John,''  Ebenezer,*  John,'' 
Thomas,''  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  16,  1763;  died  Bos- 
ton, Mass.,  March  4,  1832;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  3, 
1797,  Sally  Maxcy,  daughter  of  Lieut.  Benjamin  and  Amy  (Ide) 
Maxcy;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  20,  1778;  died  Saunders- 
ville,  Mass.,  April  30,  1867. 

Issue : 

1410.  i.     John  Daggett,'   born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September   9,  1800;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  .July  5,  1803. 

1411.  ii.      Lydia  Maxov  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  16,  1802. 

1412.  iii.     John  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  10,  1805. 

1413.  iv.     Ebenezer  Daggett,'  born    Attleboro',   Mass.,  May   14,   1807;  died 

at  sea,  November  17,  1831. 

1414.  V.      Harvey  Maxcy  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Jane  10,  1809. 

14(3  doggp:tt-daggett  family. 

1415.  Yi.     Ajia  Ide  Daggett,'  boru  Attlcboro',  Mass.,  November  24,  1811. 

1416.  vil.    Marcy  Siiepard  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Jan.  14,  1814. 

1417.  viii.  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  5,  1818 ;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  June  6,  1818. 

1418.  ix.     Handel    Naphtali  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27, 


1419.  X.      Homer  Micajah  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27,  1821. 

Hon.  Ebeuezer  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  held  a  commissiou  of 
Justice  of  the  Peace  for  nearly  thirty  years,  and  honorably  discharged 
its  most  important  duties.  He  served  the  town  at  various  times  in 
the  capacity  of  Selectman,  and  was  Town  Cleric  for  upwards  of  twenty 

He  represented  the  town  several  years  in  the  General  Court.  A 
large  part  of  the  last  thii-ty  years  of  his  life  was  occupied  in  some 
public  employment.  In  various  ways  he  reudered  himself  sei-viceable 
to  his  fellow-citizeus. 

In  the  spring  of  1831  he  was  elected  a  member  of  the  Senate  for 
this  disti'ict.  At  the  succeeding  November  election  he  was  rechoseu 
to  the  same  office,  and  while  in  the  discharge  of  the  honorable  and 
responsible  duties  of  this  station  he  was  called  by  the  order  of  Provi- 
dence to  close  his  life  at  Boston,  in  the  sixty-ninth  year  of  his  age. 

Possessed  of  natural  abilities  above  mediocrity,  which  he  had 
improved  by  self-education,  he  always  directed  them  to  useful  pur- 
poses. Plain  and  unassuming  in  his  manners,  mild  and  uniform  in 
his  disposition,  he  had  won  the  confidence  of  his  fellow-citizens,  but 
never  sought  after  the  honors  which  were  bestowed  upon  him. 

Guided  by  fixed  and  pure  principles,  he  was  upright  and  honorable 
in  all  his  dealings  with  his  fellow-men,  and  preserved  a  character  of 
unsullied  integrity  through  a  long  and  active  life.  He  was  regarded 
by  his  neighbors  as  then-  father  and  adviser.  If  they  were  in  diffi- 
culty or  doubt,  they  came  to  him  for  counsel  and  assistance,  and  both 
were  freely  offered.  So  great  was  their  confidence  in  his  integrity 
and  judgmeut,  that  he  was  genei-ally  the  chosen  umpire  in  cases  of 
controversies  between  his  fellow-citizens. 

He  was  in  fine,  in  the  true  and  enlarged  seuse  of  the  word,  a  useful 
man.  His  life  affords  an  encouraging  example  of  the  truth  that 
respectable  talents,  united  with  integrity  and  industry,  will  raise  a 
man  to  honor  and  usefuluess.      [Daggett's  Hist.  Attleboro'.] 

John  Daggett,  of  Attleboro',  was  administrator  of  his  father's  estate. 

1088.  Hannah  Daggett"  {John,''  Ehenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,- 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  19,  17G8;  married  Na- 
thaniel Ide,  Jr. 

Issue : 

1420.  1.      Ltnda  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  10,  1793. 

1421.  ii.     Eeenezer  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  2G,  1795.  , 


1422.  iii.  Maxcy  Shepaed  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  22,  1797. 

1423.  It.  Holman  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  17,  1800. 

1424.  T.  Hanlinds  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  0,  1801. 

1425.  vi.  Theron  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  26,  1803. 

1426.  Tu.  Ltdia  Emaline  Ide,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  15,  1812. 

1089.  HoLDAH  Daggett"  (John,^  Ebenezer,"  JoJm,^  TJiomas,' 
John'),  horn  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27,  1771;  married  (pub- 
lished Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  10,  1788)  Elisha  Hodges,  sou  of 
Job  and  Ruth  (Andrews)  Hodges,  of  Norton  (now  Mansfield)  ; 
born  Norton,  Mass. ;  bapt.  October  19,  1760;  died  Mansfield,  Mass., 
April  10,  1824. 

Issue : 

1427.  i.       Milton  Hodges,'  resided  Mansfield,  Mass. 

1428.  ii.      Ebenezer  Hodges.' 

1429.  iii.     Elisiia  Hodges,'  resided  Mansfield,  Mass.  ' 

1430.  iv.     Jesse  Hodges,'  resided  Mansfield,  Mass.  * 

1431.  V.      Nancy  Hodges.' 

1432.  vi.     Alona  Hodges.' 

1433.  Tii.    Ruth  Hodges,'  married  Stephen  Smith,  and  died  Mansfield,  Decem- 

ber 20,  1828. 

1434.  viii.  Mekct  Hodges.' 

1092.  Lieut.  Henry  Daggett"  {Naplitali,^  Ebenezer,*  John,' 
Thomas,'^  ,/o7m'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  27,  1758; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  20,  1843;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  July  7,  1784,  Anna  Ball,  daughter  of  Stephen  and  Abigail 
(Atwater)  Ball;  bom  New  Haven,  Couu.,  March  28,  1764;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  .January  20,   1844. 

Issue : 

1435.  i.       Harriet  Daggett,'  born  January  26,  1783 ;  married  Frederick  Hunt, 

son  of  Frederick  and  Eliz,abeth  Hunt;  he  died  before   1849;  she 
died  January  11,   1849. 

1436.  ii.      Ebenezeu  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  1,  1787;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  10,   1825. 

1437.  iii.     Grace  Ann  Daggett,'  born  1788. 

1438.  iv.     Henry  Daggett,'  died  probably  1831. 

1439.  V.      Stephen  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  1,  1798. 

1440.  vi.     Mary  Daggett.' 

1441.  vii.   Horace  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  26,  1801. 

1442.  viii.  Eliza  Daggett.' 

1443.  ix.     John  Daggett,'  died  soon  after  1844. 

Henry  Daggett  graduated  from  Yale  College,  1776 ;  a  merchant 
and  an  officer  of  the  army  of  the  Revolution,  sei-ving  seven  years. 
There  were  in  New  Haven  three  other  persons  bearing  the  same 
name,  and  for  many  years  he  added  "Jr."  to  his  name  to  designate 
himself  from  the  others. 

He  enlisted  in  May,  1777,  under  Captain  Stevens,  in  Col.  Heman 
Swift's  Connecticut  regiment.  He  was  an  unusually  good  penman, 
and  was  taken  into  Colonel  Swift's  family,  and  was  recommended  by 
him  to  General  Huntington  for  appointment  as  quartermaster  to  the 


reoiment,  October  31,  1777.  He  was  commissioned  as  ensign,  then  as 
second  lieutenant,  to  rank  from  April  24,  1778,  both  signed  by  Jolin 
Jay,  President  of  Congress,  and  as  first  lieutenant,  to  rank  from 
April  11,  1780,  signed  by  Samuel  Huntington,  President  of  Con- 
gress.    He  was  discharged  at  tlie  close  of  the  war. 

1095.  Ezra  Daggett"  {NajyJttaU,^  Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,' 
John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  18,  176.5;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  March  18,  1844;  married  1st,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  20, 
1790,  Eunice  Tuttle,  daughter  of  Ebenezer  and  Eunice  (Moss) 
Tuttle;  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  12,  1769  ;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  July  24,  1826;  married  2d,  New  Haven,  Coun.,  October  1.5, 
1826,  by  Benjamin  M.  Hill,  to  Mrs.  Desire  DeAVolfe ;  born  1777; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  16,  1846. 

Issue : 

1444.  i.       Elizabeth  Daggett,'  horn  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  26,  1791. 

1445.  ii.      Smith  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  13,  1793. 

1440.  iii.     Jiii.iA  Daggett,'  horn  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Decemher  27,  1794;  tlied 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  23,  1874. 

1447.  iv.      Ezra   Daggett,'   horn   New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  29,   1797;  ilieil 

.Vpril  2:'..  1.852. 

1448.  T.      At.i  Hi.i.   l)\.;,:i.TT,"  ImiM  Xrw  H:n-en,  Conn.,  September  30,  1799. 

1449.  vi.      Will  I  Ml    livK..i;n,"  iM.iii  X,.u   lluven.  Conn.,  December  12,  1801. 

1450.  vii.    Mau',    1)\....i.i  i  ,'  luirn  Xcw  llnvcn.  Conn.,  November  29,  1803. 

1451.  viii.  Fkii.i  Ki.'K   llA.,ni:TT,'  horn   New  Haven.   Conn.,  October  23,  1805; 

dieil  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  G,  180G. 

1452.  ix.     Sarah  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  7,  1807. 

14.")3.  X.      Fredeuick  Daggett,'  horn  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  28,  1809. 

1454.  xi.     Harriet  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  15,  1811  ; 

died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  3,  1833. 

1097.  Elizabeth  Daggett''  {yaiMali,^  Ebenezer,'  John,' 
Thomas,-  John^),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  9,  1769;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  20,  1790;  married  New  Haven,  Conn., 
February  4,  1789,  Jeremiah  M.  Atwater,  son  of  Jeremiah  Atwater ; 
born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  15,  1707;  died  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  February  27,   1832. 

No  issue. 

1100.  Samuel  Daggett"  {Samuel,'  Ebenezer,"  John,'  T/ionias," 
John^),  born  1754;  died  New.ark,  N.Y.,  1826;  married  1st,  Need- 
ham,  Mass.,  March  2,  1775,  Hannah  Mclntier,  of  Needham ;  mar- 
ried 2d,  Albany,  N.Y.,  Hannah  Murphy;  died  Newark,  N.Y.,  1850. 

Issue : 

1455.  i.       Silence  Daggett,'  born,  M-iss.,  June  9,  1775  ;  died  Need- 

ham,  Mass.,  June  9,  1775. 

1456.  ii.      Hannah  Daggett,'  horn  Needbam,  Mass.,  April  24,  1778. 

1457.  iii.     Mart    Daggett,'   born   Needham,  Mass.,  February  9,  1780;    died 

Needham,  Mass.,  September  15,  1781. 

1458.  iv.     Michael   Daggett,'   born  Needham,  Mass.,  August  3,  1781;  died 

Needham,  Mass.,  August  27,  1781. 


1459.  V.      Levi  Daggett,'  born  Albauy,  N.Y.,  April  29,  1788. 

1460.  vi.     John  Daggett.' 

1461.  vii.    Elisha  Daggett.' 

1462.  viii.  Pkiscilla  Daggett,'  born  near  Albany,  N.Y.,  June,  1790. 

1463.  ix.     Polly  Daggett.' 

1464.  X.      Samuel  Daggett,'  born  May  31,  1797. 

1465.  xi.     Margaret  Daggett,'  born  May  31,  1797. 

1466.  xii.    Sally  Daggett,'  born  near  Albany,  N.Y.,  April  4,  1799. 

1467.  xiii.  Betsey  Daggett,'  married  Nathan  Strong,  of  Sodus,  N.Y. 
1408.  xiv.  Ph<ebe  Daggett,'  married  Willis  Sage,  of  Rochester,  N.Y. 

1469.  XV.    Lois  Daggett.' 

Mr.  Daggett  by  his  second  marriage  had  eleven  children.  The 
family  lived  then  about  eight  mUes  from  Albany,  N.Y. ,  working  at 
the  glass-works  in  the  mill,  sawing  lumber  for  glass  boxes. 

Then  they  were  at  Guilford,  N.Y.,  afterward  at  Newark,  N.Y. 

1103.  Ebenezer  Daggett  "  (Samuel,'  Ebenezei");*  John,^  Thomas,^ 
Johii^),  born  Needham,  Mass.,  May  16,  1762;  "  blacksmith ;"  died 
Jordan,  N.Y.,  184.5;  married  Jeuuett  Patterson,  daughter  of  David 
and  Lydia  (Brattau)  Patterson;  born  Eufield,  Mass.,  AprU  24,  1767; 
died  Jordan,  N.Y.,  May  13,  1848. 

Issue  : 

1470.  i.     Herman  Daggett,' born  Eufield,  Mass.,  September  30,  1790. 

1471.  ii.    Moses  Daggett,' born  Enfield,  Mass.,  April  7,  1706. 

1472.  iii.  Ebenezer  Daggett,'  born  Enfield,  Mass.,  June  16,  1708. 

1473.  iv.  Lvdia  Daggett,'  born  1800. 

1474.  V.    Jennette  Daggett,'  married  Mr.  Case;  died  Jordan,  N.Y. 

1475.  vi.  Priscilla  Daggett,'  born  1803. 

1476.  vii.  Mary  Daggett,'  born  Enfield,  Mass. ;  died  Springfield,  Mass. 

1104.  Polly  Daggett"  (Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas," 
John'),  born  Needham,  Mass.,  AprU  26,  1763;  married  Needham, 
Mass.,  February  28,  1787,  Elisha  Hunttington;  resided  western  New 

Issue : 

1477.  i.  Polly  Hunttington,'  married  Mr.  Rich,  of  Batavia,  N.Y. 

1105.  Asa  Daggett''  (Samuel,'  Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,^ 
John'),  born  Needham,  Mass.,  December  17,  176.5;  died  Needham, 
Mass.,  October  28,  1806 ;  married  Needham,  Mass.,  November  12, 
1787,  Lydia  Kingsbury. 

Issue : 

1478.  i.    Jabez  Daggett,'  bapt.  First  Church,  Needham,  September  12,  1790. 

1479.  ii.    Mary    Daggett,'    bapt.    as  above;    married   Needham,   Mass.,    No- 

vember 11,  1810,  by  Rev.  Stephen  Palmer,  to  Asa  Reed,  of  Boston. 

1106.  Levi  Daggett"  (Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,' 
John  '),  bom  Needham,  Mass.,  March  4,  1768  ;  died  Palmyra,  N.Y., 
May  12,  1835;  married  October  17,  17'Ja,  Lydia  Patterson,  daughter  ■ 


of  David  aud  Lydia  jflSrattan)   Patterson;  bom  Maich  4,  1773  ;  died 
Auiora,  N.Y.,  Jauuary  29,  1853.  " 
Issue : 

1480.  i.       Levi  Daggett,'  born  Schuylerville,  N.Y.,  November  23,  179G. 

1481.  ii.      David  Patterson  Daggett,' born  Schuylerville,  N.Y.,  July  3, 1799. 

1482.  iii.     Sarah  Daggett,'  born  May  18,  1803. 

1483.  iv.     Lydia  Daggett,'  born  September  21,  1805. 

1484.  V.      AcGDSTns  K.  Daggett,'  born  March  26,  1808. 

1485.  vi.     Julia  Jeannette  Daggett,'  born  May  14,  1810. 
148G.  vii.    Elizabeth  Daggett,'  born  May  5,  1811. 

1487.  viii.  Terbessa  Daggett,' born  Saratoga,  N.Y.,  September  9,  1812. 

1488.  ix.-    Maky  DAGGETT,''born  Brutus,  N.Y.,  April  23,  1816. 

Levi  Daggett  was  bom  in  Massachusetts.  He  moved  to  Saratoga, 
N.Y.,  thence  to  Palmyra,  N.Y.  He  was  a  manufacturer  and  ma- 

1 109.  Susanna  Daggett "  {Ebenezer,^  Ebenezer,'  John,^  Thomas," 
John  '),  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  May  13,  1759  ;  died  Walpole,  Mass., 
April  13,  1788;  married  Dedham,  Mass.,  May  30,  1782,  by  Rev. 
Mr.  Cliickering,  to  Ichabod  Clap,  of  Walpole,  son  of  Thomas  and 
Susanna  Clap;  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  February  24,  1750;  died 
Walpole,  Mass.,  January  5,   1832. 

Issue : 

1489.  i.    Nancy  Clap,'  born  Maroli  13,  1783;  died  January  23,  1867. 

1490.  ii.  Metcalf  Clap,'  born  March  4,  1786  ;  married  and  had  issue  :  Ebenezer 

D.  Clap,«  born  March  11,  1813.     Metcalf  Clap  died  July  28,  1828. 

1111.  Ebenezer  Daggett"  {Ebenezer,'  Ebenezer,^  John,' 
Thomas,"  John'),  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  September  30,  1762;  died 
Dorchester,  Mass.,  September  11,  1812;  married  Dedham,  Mass., 
March  6,  1793,  by  Eev.  Jason  Haven,  to  Alice  Draper,  daughter 
of  Abijah  and  Alice  (Eaton?)  Draper;  born  Ainil  13,  1771;  died 
New  Boston,  N.H.,  June  27,  1852. 

Issue : 

1491.  i.     Caklos  Daggett.'  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  December  2,  1793. 

1492.  ii.    Sarah  Daggett,'  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  May  8,  1797;  died  Wren- 

tham, Mass.,  January  11,  1800. 

1493.  iii.  Herman  Daggett,'  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  March  27,  1800. 

1494.  iv.  Albert  Pliny  Daggett,'  born  Dorchester,  Mass.,  October  13,  1805 ; 

died  at  sea,  October  15,  1827. 

1495.  V.    Susannah  Alice  Daggett,'  born  Dorchester,    Mass.,   February  16, 

1809;  died  November  17,   1825. 

Ebenezer  Daggett,  of  Dorchester,  "gentleman,"  did  not  leave  a 
will.  Application  for  administration  was  made  October  6,  1812. 
[Norfolk  Probate.] 

Alice  Daggett,  widow,  was  made  guardian  of  the  minor  children, 
February  6,  1816. 

1112.  Olive  Daggett"  {Ebenezer,^  Ebenezer,''  John,'  Thomas,' 
John'),  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  February  10,    1765;    died   Franklin, 


Mass.,  July  21,  1788;  married  Wrenthani,  Mass.,  July  .5,  1786,  by 
Eev.  David  Avery,  to  Ward  Adams,  of  Frankliu,  son  of  Peter 
Adams;  boru  Franklin,  Mass.,  November  28,  1762;  died  Franklin, 
Mass.,  October  25,   17112. 

Issue : 
1496.  i.  Ebenezer  Ward  Adams,' boru  Franklin,  Mass.,  July  23,  1787;   mar- 
ried Minna  Adams,  daughter  of  Joel   Adams;  born  June  22,  1791; 
removed  to  Union,  Me. 

1113.  Rev.  Herman  Daggett''  {Ehenezer,^  Ebenezer,*  JoJin,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  boru  Walpole,  Mass.,  September  11,  1766;  died 
May  19,  1832;  married  Providence,  R.I.,  Septembers,  1792,  Sarah 
Matthewsou,  daughter  of  Col.  John  Matthewson,  of  Providence; 
born  Gloeester,  R.I.  (?),  May  24,  1762;  died  November  20,  1843. 

No  issue. 

Rev.  Herman  Daggett  was  at  his  father's  decease  between  fifteen 
aud.  sixteen  years  of  age.  Quickened  in  his  efforts  by  his  zeal  for 
knowledge  he  passed  rapidly  aud  successfully  through  his  course  pre- 
paratory to  college,  and  became  a  member  of  Brown  University  in 
1784.  His  standing  there  as  a  scholar  was  highly  respectable,  and 
he  graduated  in  1788.  In  the  second  year  of  his  college  course  his 
mind,  which  had  before  been  seriously  directed  by  the  influence  of  a 
Christian  education,  became  deeply  impressed  with  the  subject  of 
religion  as  a  practical  concern,  and  it  was  to  this  period  that  he  re- 
ferred the  commencement  of  his  religious  life.  His  ardor  in  literary 
pursuits  seems  not  to  have  been  at  all  repressed  by  the  change  in  his 
moral  feelings,  though  all  his  faculties  and  attainments  were  from 
this  time  evidently  consecrated  to  the  glory  of  God  and  the  benefit  of 
his  fellow-creatures. 

After  graduation  he  placed  himself  as  a  theological  student  under 
•Dr.  Emmons.  After  spending  a  year  in  his  preparatory  studies,  he 
was  licensed  to  preach  by  the  association  holding  its  session  at  North- 
bridge,  October,  1789. 

Within  a  short  time  after  he  was  licensed,  he  visited  Long  Island 
with  a  view  of  being  engaged  as  a  preacher,  thinking  that  the  climate 
would  prove  more  congenial  to  his  health  than  that  of  New  England. 
For  a  year  he  supplied  the  Presbyterian  congregation  at  Southold, 
and  though  they  gave  him  a  unanimous  call,  yet,  being  unwUling 
to  pi'actise  on  the  "Half-way  Covenant,"  he  felt  constrained  to 
decline  it.  Thence  he  was  called  to  preach  at  Southampton,  where 
also  he  was  unanimously  invited  to  the  pastorship.  He  was  set  apart, 
by  the  Presbytery,  to  the  pastoral  office,  April  12,  1792.  Almost 
immediately  after  his  settlement,  a  difficulty  arose  on  the  subject  of 
the  "Half-way  Covenant,"  and  throughout  the  whole  controversy 
which  followed  he  behaved  with  great  moderation  and  dignity,  and 

i:>2  DOGGETT-DAGap:TT    FA>riLY. 

bis  character  for  discretion  was  never  impugned.  Tliis  controversy 
was  the  principal,  if  not  the  entire,  c:mse  of  his  resigning  iiis  charge. 
It  was  siiflicient  evidence  that  he  came  out  of  this  controversy 
unscathed,  tliat  almost  immediately  after  he  was  at  liberty  he  was 
called  to  the  pastoral  care  of  the  church  at  West  Hampton,  a  village 
in  the  immediate  neighborhood  of  the  one  he  had  left.  Here  he  con- 
tinued greatly  beloved  and  respected  by  his  people  from  September, 
171)7,  to  September,  1801. 

In  October,  1801,  he  was  installed  pastor  of  the  church  at  Fire 
I'lace  and  Jliddle  Island,  in  the  town  of  Hrookhaven,  and  preached 
alternately  to  the  two  congregations  till  April,  1807,  when  his  health 
had  become  so  far  reduced  that  he  resigned  his  charge. 

He  was  greatly  esteemed,  especially  by  his  brethren  in  the  ministry, 
for  the  wisdom  of  his  counsels,  not  less  than  for  the  consistency  of 
his  general  deportment. 

After  leaving  Long  Island  his  health  improved,  and  for  a  year 
he  preached  and  taught  school  at  Cairo,  N.Y.  For  some  time  he 
preached  also  at  Patterson,  Putnam  county,  and  for  two  years  he 
preached  and  taught  an  academy  at  North  Salem ;  thence  he  went  to 
New  Canaan,  Conn.,  where  he  took  charge  of  an  academy.  AVhen 
the  Foreign  Mission  School  was  established  by  the  American  Board 
at  Cornwall,  Coun.,  Jlr.  Daggett  was  placed  at  the  head  of  it,  May 
G,  1818.  Here  he  labored  with  success  for  nearly  six  years,  until 
1824,  when  he  retired.     [Early  History  of  Southampton,  I.. I.,  186fi.] 

1117.  Amelia  I)a(;<;ktt'  (PJiilij),'  Eheiiczcr;'  Join,,'  Tlionins,- 
John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  1780;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 
June  1,  1860;  married  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  21,  1805, 
Joshua  Barnes,  son  of  Joshua  and  Mercy  (Tuttle)  Barnes;  born  New 
Haven,  Conn.,  December  27,  178)  ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  No- 
vember 25,  1847. 

Issue : 

1497.  i.     CiiAiiNCKY  M.  Barnes,' went  to  California,  1849;  dieil  there. 

1498.  ii.     Caroline  Bausks,'  married  Beri  Todd. 

1499.  iii.    .\\ri  I  I  \  T.  m:m  s.'  married  Sidney  Boardman,  of  Dalton,  Mass. 

1500.  iv.    ,Ti  ANN  I  I  I  I    r,  \i:ni;s,'  died  aged  eighteen  years. 

1501.  V.     Ji  I  n    Ann    T.  u:nes,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May,    181C;   married 

,lar.-.l  c'hilMv,  of  Branford,  Ct.;  resides  New  Haven  (1883). 
15(12.  vi.    William  .Tosiua  Barnes,'  married  Mary  Page. 
1503.  vii.  Daggett  Barnes.' 

1120.  Chloe  Daguett*  {Mayhem,^  Thomas,'  JuJin,^  Thomas,' 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  15,  1769;  died  Union,  Me., 
May  13,  1793;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  5,  1789,  Josiah 
Maxcy,  sou  of  Lieut.  Benjamin  and  Sarah  (Fuller)  Maxcy;  born 
July  25,   1766. 

HO.y.  DA]-[n    DAGGETT.     L.  L.D. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.       153 

112-1:.  Abnei;  Daggett"  (Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John,'  Thomas,- 
John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  8,  1755;  died  Providence, 
R.I.,  August  25,  1832;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  20,  1779, 
by  Rev.  Habijah  Weld,  to  Mary  Holmes;  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
July  6,  1757;  died  Providence,  R.I.,  October  2,  1842. 

Issue : 

1504.  i.     Ann  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  24,  1780;  died  Boston, 

Mass.,  October  2fi,  1876. 

1505.  ii.    Lewis  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',    Mass.,  January  14,    1782;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  Ifi,  1791. 
150C.   iii.  CiiAKLOTTE    Daggett,'  born   Walpole,   Mass.,    May    14,   1784;    died 
Providence,  R.I.  (?),  April  13,  1799. 

1507.  iv.   Maky  Daggett,'  born  Walpole,  Mass.,  March  23,  178(!. 

1508.  V.     Harriet  Lewls  Daggett,'  born  Providence,  R.I.  (?),  April  23,  1797; 

died  Providence,  R.I.,  February  12,  1863. 

Abner  Daggett  eulisted  at  Attleboro',  Mass.,  in  April,  177.3,  under 
Capt.  Caleb  Fish,  in  the  regiment  commanded  by  Col.  Timothy 
Walker,  and  marched  to  participate  in  the  siege  of  Boston. 

At  different  periods  during  the  Revolution  he  was  stationed  at 
Roxbury,  Dorchester,  and  as  guard  at  Preston's  Point  in  the  harbor, 
opposite  the  castle,  until  December,  1775,  when  he  was  discharged. 
About  January  1,  1776,  he  again  eulisted  in  the  same  company  and 
regiment,  as  a  bombadier,  commanded  by  Colonel  Crane  of  the 
artillery,  for  one  year,  and  was  in  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 
27,  1776,  and  witnessed  the  capture  of  Lord  Sterling,  of  New  Jersey. 
After  the  evacuation  of  New  York  city,  September  15,  1776,  he  fol- 
lowed the  army  on  its  retreat  to  White  Plains,  his  route  being  a 
fatiguing  march  through  swamjjs  and  marshes. 

A  few  years  after  he  left  the  army  he  lived  in  Walpole,  Mass.,  and 
about  1708  he  settled  in  Providence,  R.I. 

John  Howlaud,  of  Providence,  in  August,  1838,  said  that  "Abner 
Daggett  was  a  person  of  great  respectability,  and  for  several  years 
was  a  member  of  the  town  council,  before  Providence  was  incorpo- 
rated as  a  city,  and  died  after  a  long  illness." 

His  will,  dated  January  4,  1816,  was  proved  September  18,  1832. 
He  calls  himself  "Merchant,"  and  mentions,  besides  his  children,  his 
"dutiful  grandson,  George  Edwin  Mouson." 

1129.  Hon.  David  Daggett,  LL.D.**  {TJiomas,'  Thomas,-'  John,^ 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1764;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  12,  1851 ;  married  1st,  New  Haven,  Conn., 
September  10,  1786,  by  Rev.  Chauucey  Whittlesey,  to  Wealthy  Ann 
Munson,  daughter  of  Dr.  Munsou,  of  New  Haven,  Conn. ; 
born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  3,  1767;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 
July  9,  1839 ;  married  second,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  4,  1840,  by 
Rev.  S.  W.  S.  Dutton,  to  Mary  Lines,  daughter  of  Major  and  Susanna 


(Mausfielcl)  Liues,  of  New  Haven;  bora  New  llaveu,  Conu.,  March 
31,  1788;  died  New  Haveu,  Conn.,  December  20,  1854. 
Issue : 

1509.  i.       Maria  Daggett,'  born  New  Haveu,  Conn.,  June  IS,  1787;  died  New 

Haven,  Conn.,  June  13,  1787. 

1510.  ii.      Susan  Edmards  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  30,  1788. 

1511.  iii.     Leonard  Augustus  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  30, 


1512.  iv.      David   Lewis   Daggett,'  born  New   Haven,   Conn.,   February   8, 

1792 ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  2,  1810. 

1513.  V.       Eneas  Munson  Daggett,' born  New  Haven,   Conn.,  February  10, 

1795;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  29,  1803. 
loH.  vi.      Wealthy  Ann  Daggett,'  born   New  Haven  Conn.,  November  29, 

1515.  vii.    George  Washington  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February 

11,  1800;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  12,  1803. 

1516.  viii.  Frances  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,   November  5,   1801; 

died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  6,  ISOl. 

1517.  ix.     Jane  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  27,  1802;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  28,  1802. 

1518.  X.       Jane  Clarinda  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Novembers, 

1803;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  28,  1801. 

1519.  xi.     Frances  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  19,  1805;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  8,  1805. 

1520.  xii.    Edward  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  19,  ISOfi ;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  3,  1806. 

1521.  xiii.  Oliver  Ellsworth   Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January 

14,  1810. 

1522.  xiv.   Makv  Wooster  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  4, 

1811 ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  14,  1815. 
Five  children  died  at  birth ;  not  named. 

Hon.  David  Daggett  resided  iu  his  native  town  until  the  fall  of 
1779.  In  1781  he  went  to  New  Haven  and  entered  the  junior  class 
in  Yale  College  two  years  in  advance.  He  graduated  iu  1783  with 
high  honor.  When  he  took  his  second  or  master's  degree,  he  spoke 
an  oration  of  such  marked  excellence  that  it  received  the  honor,  quite 
unusual  in  that  day,  of  publication. 

Having  a  strong  preference  for  the  profession  of  the  law,  he  com- 
menced, soon  after  leaving  college,  the  study  preparatory  to  that 
profession,  with  Charles  Chauncey,  Esq.,  of  New  Haven,  and  con- 
tinued till  January,  1786,  when  he  was  admitted  to  the  bar  of  New 
Haven  county,  at  the  age  of  twenty-one,  and  immediately  entered 
upon  practice  iu  the  town.  While  pursuing  his  legal  studies  under 
Judge  Chauncey,  he  supported  himself  by  performing  the  duties  of 
butler  in  college,  and  of  preceptor  in  the  Hopkins  Grammar  School. 

A  few  months  after  he  was  admitted  to  the  bar,  he  was  chosen  to 
the  office  of  tutor  iu  Yale  College,  which  he  declined,  being  eager  to 
pui'sue  the  practice  of  the  profession  which  he  had  chosen. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  early  called  into  political  service. 

In  1701  he  was  chosen  to  represent  the  town  of  New  Haveu  in  the 
General  Assembly,  and  was  annually  reelected  for  six  years  till  1797, 


when  he  was  cboseu  a  member  of  the  Couucil,  or  Upper  House. 
Though  oue  of  the  youugest  members  of  the  House  of  Representatives, 
he  soon  became  one  of  the  most  influential,  and  in  1794  he  was 
chosen  to  preside  over  it  as  its  speaker,  at  the  early  age  of  tweuty- 

To  this  office  he  was  elected  year  after  year  until  he  was  chosen  to 
the  Council. 

Mr.  Daggett  retained  his  seat  in  the  Council  for  seven  years,  until 
he  resigned  in  1804. 

In  1805  he  was  again  a  member  of  the  House  of  Representatives. 
In  1801)  he  was  again  chosen  a  member  of  the  Upper  House,  and  con- 
tinued to  hold  a  place  in  that  body  till  May,  1813,  when  he  was  chosen 
a  senator  in  the  Congress  of  the  United  States  for  six  years  from  the 
preceding  fourth  of  March.  In  1811  (June)  he  was  appointed  State's 
attorney  for  the  county  of  New  Haven,  and  continued  in  that  office 
till  he  resigned  it  when  chosen  senator  in  1813. 

At  the  close  of  his  senatorial  term  in  1819,  he  returned  to  his 
extensive  practice  of  law,  which  conduced  much  more  to  his  private 
interest  than  had  the  public  service  of  the  State. 

In  November,  1824,  he  became  an  associate  instructor  of  the  Law 
School  iu  New  Haven,  and  in  1826  he  was  appointed  Kent  professor 
of  law  in  Yale  College. 

In  these  positions  he  continued  until,  at  a  very  advanced  age,  his 
infirmities  induced  him  to  resign  them.  In  the  autumn  of  1826  he 
received  from  the  corporation  of  Yale  College  the  honorary  degree  of 
LL.D.  In  May,  1826,  he  was  chosen  an  associate  judge  of  the 
Superior  Court  of  the  State  of  Connecticut.  To  this  office  he  was 
appointed  by  a  Legislatm-e  iu  which  a  decided  majority  were  opposed 
to  him  in  political  principles  and  preferences.  This  fact  is  worthy  of 
remark  on  account  of  its  strong  testimony  to  his  preeminent  fitness, 
at  that  time,  for  that  high  office,  and  also  on  account  of  the  honorable 
testimony  which  it  gives  respecting  his  political  opponents,  —  whom 
he  never  courted,  and  iu  political  conflict  never  spared,  —  that  in  the 
election  to  an  office  so  resppnsible,  so  remote  from  political  interests 
and  strifes  as  that  of  a  judge  of  the  Supreme  Court,  they  were  willing 
to  lay  aside  pai-tisan  partialities,  and  to  be  controlled  by  a  regard  to 
superior  intellectual,  legal,  and  moral  qualifications.  During  the 
years  1828  and  1829  he  was  mayor  of  the  city  of  New  Haven. 

In  May,  1832,  he  was  made  chief  justice  of  the  Supreme  Court. 
Here,  again,  was  singular  testimony  to  his  preeminently  judicial  qualifi- 
cations ;  for,  contrary  to  the  usual  custom,  he  was  appointed  to  that 
chief  place  notwithstanding  the  fact  that  he  was  not  the  senior  in 
office  among  the  judges  on  the  bench. 

Judge  Daggett  continued  to  perform  the  duties  of  that  station  until 


December  31,  1834,  when  be  reached  seventy  years  of  age,  the  limit 
which  the  Connecticut  State  Constitution  assigns  to  the  judicial 

The  eminence  of  Judge  Daggett  in  his  profession,  and  among  the 
public  men  of  the  State,  is  suflieiently  attested  by  the  many  positions 
of  high  responsibility  and  trust  in  which  he  was  placed  by  the 
guardians  of  Yale  College,  and  by  the  people  of  New  Haven  and 
the  State ;  especially  when  we  remember  that  the  political  party  to 
which  he  belonged,  which  was  dominant  in  the  State  tOl  he  was  past 
middle  life,  and  gave  him  the  most  of  his  honors,  emlu'aced,  con- 
fessedly, many  of  the  most  powerful  and  brilliant  minds  of  the  State ; . 
and  if  we  remember  also  that  some  of  the  highest  of  these  trusts  were 
devolved  upon  him  when  his  political  opponents  had  come  into  power 
and  his  own  party  had  passed  into  a  minority. 

-  The  features  of  Judge  Daggett's  intellectual  character,  his  quick 
and  thorough  insight,  his  well-balanced  judgment  and  strong  common 
sense,  his  quick  and  ready  perception  of  fitness,  his  wit  and  humor, 
his  power  of  varied  and  felicitous  illustration,  his  ready  memory,  his 
energy  of  feeling,  his  concentration,  his  clear  and  nervous  language, 
his  practical  knowledge  of  law,  —  these,  joined  to  his  qualities  of 
person  and  manner,  his  tall  and  commanding  form,  always  dressed 
carefully,  richly,  and  in  perfect  taste,  rising  and  dilating  as  he 
warmed  with  his  subject,  his  large  and  piercing  eye,  his  expressive 
brow,  his  strong-featured  Roman  face,  his  powerful  voice  rangmg 
through  the  whole  scale,  from  a  subdued  yet  distinct  whisper  till  it 
sounded  like  a  trumpet  call,  his  utterance  varying  from  solemn  delib- 
eration to  the  vehemence  of  a  torrent,  —  these  qualities  of  mind, 
person,  and  manner  made  him  an  advocate  who,  in  his  best  days, 
had,  on  the  whole,  no  superior,  if  he  had  an  equal,  at  the  bar  of 

He  was  a  true  and  accomplished  gentleman.  He  was  in  a  very 
extraordinary  degree  polished  in  his  manners,  gracefully  and 
scrupulously  observant  of  all  civilities.  His  courtesy  was  remark- 

The  religious  life  of  Judge  Daggett  began  with  the  thorough  train- 
ing which  he  received  in  his  childhood  and  youth.  This  "  nurture 
and  admonition  of  the  Lord,"  under  the  parental  roof,  and  the 
memories  and  records  of  his  pious  ancestry,  had  a  strong  influence 
upon  him.  He  commenced  his  active  life  with  great  respect  for  re- 
ligion and  its  ordinances.  [Extract,  Address  Rev.  S.  W.  S.  Dutton, 
New  Haven,  1851.] 

1130.  Dexter  Dagcett"  {Thoma.!^,'  Thomas,'  John,'  Thoiuas,- 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  lo,   17G7;  died  Providence, 


R.I.  [Inventory,  April  20,  1808]  ;  married  February  20,  1795,  Han- 
nah Richards;  born  November  29,  1767;  died  September  20,  1822. 
Issue : 

1523.  i.  Thomas  R.   Dagiiktt,"  born  .Tuly  2,  1798;  ilioil  young. 

1524.  il.  Eliza  Daggett,'  born  April  27,  ISOO;  diid  young. 

1525.  iii.  George  W.   Daggktt,' born  August  14,  1S03 ;  Jied  young. 
152C.  iv.  .Julia  A.  Daggett,' born  November  28,  1805. 

1167.  Capt.  Jetiiro  Daggett"  (Brotherton,'' Brotherloi) ,'  Josliiia,^ 
Tliomrts,^  JnJm'),  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  October  21,  17(12;  mar- 
ried Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  8,  1796,  Hannah  Cottle. 

Issue : 

1527.  i.  Susan  Daggett,  bapt.  Edgartoivn,  Mass.,  September  27,  1829. 

1170.  Hon.  Timothy  Daggett"  {Brotherton,'  Brntherton,* 
Josliua,'  Thoni'is,-  John'), hora  Edgartown,  Mass.,  March  23,  1768; 
"  mariner;  "  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  April  26,  1847;  married  Edgar- 
town, Mass.,  February  9,  1797,  Sally  Jernigau. 

Issue : 

1528.  i.     Isaac  Daggett,'  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  June  25,  1798. 

1529.  ii.    Lloyd  Daggett,'  born   Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  14,  1801;   "  bl.ack- 

sniith;  "  married;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  November  17,  1869. 
1530    iii.  Charles  Daggett,'  bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass..  September  25,  1805. 

1531.  iv.  William  Franklin  Daggett,' bapt.  Edgartown,  Mass,,  July  10,  1808. 

1173.  Samuel  Daggett"  {Thomas,'"  Brotherton,^  Joshua,' 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  19,  1753;  died  Union, 
Me.,  October  2,  1835;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  13,  1777, 
Jedidah  Butler;  died  Union,  Me.,  February  21,  1830. 

Issue  : 

1532.  i.       Brotherton  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  4,  177S. 
lo3:;.  ii.      James  Daggett,' born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  9,  1779. 

1534.  iii.     Polly  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  12,  1781 ;  married  Union, 

Me.,  September  5,  1799,  Thomas  Mitchell;  she  died  Union,  Me., 

1535.  iv.     Jonathan  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  20,  1783. 

1536.  V.      William  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  9,  1785. 

1537.  vi.     Samuel  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  October  15,  1792. 

1538.  vii.   Ebenezkr  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  August  2,  1797. 

1539.  viii.  Daniel  Weston  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  May  19,  1800. 

Samuel  Daggett  was  selectman  of  the  town  of  Union,  Me.,  in  1791, 
1803,  1804,  1805,  1807.     He  was  tithmgman  in  1808. 

April  2,  1792,  he  was  one  of  a  committee  to  make  choice  of  a  spot 
for  a  meeting-house;  April  2,  1804,  one  of  a  ministerial  committee; 
and  April  1,  1805,  on  a  committee  to  hu'e  a  candidate  to  preach. 
May  7,  1821,  the  selectmen  were  authorized  to  purchase  a  piece  of 
land  of  Samuel  Daggett,  provided  they  could  obtain  a  sufficient 
quantity  for  a  burying-ground  for  twenty-five  dollars. 

During  the  Revolutionary  war  Samuel  Daggett  was   captured  on 


board  a  privateer  aucl  confined  four  months  in  the  Jersey  prison-ship 
at  New  Yorlv.  Of  ninety  who  went  on  board  with  him,  all  died  but 
himself  and  eight  more.  November  8,  1790,  he  was  on  a  committee 
to  look  after  the  collection  of  taxes.  In  1798  he  was  on  the  school 

1173.  TnoiMAS  Daggett"  {Thomas,^  Swtherton,*  Joshua,^ 
TJiomas,-  JoJin^),  born  Tisbiiry,  Mass.,  1755;  died  Union,  Me., 
January  13,  1822;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  31,  1782, 
Rebecca  Luce;  died  Union,  Me.,  February  6,  1832. 

Issue : 

1540.  i.      Hannah  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,   Mass.  (?),  April  14,  1783;   died 

Union,  Mc,  April  23,  182G. 

1541.  ii.     Berintha  Daggett,'  born  September  11,  178G;  married  Union,  Me., 

April  23,  1809,  John    Chapman   Robbins ;    she   died   Union,   Me., 
July  5,   1839. 

1542.  iii.    Thomas  Daggett,'  born  June  4,  1788. 

1543.  iv.    Sally  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,   May  G,   1790;    married  Union, 

Me,,  September  20,  1818,  Samuel  Goodwin,  of  Searsmont,  Me. 

1544.  V.     Edmund  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  August  28,  1792. 

1545.  vi.    Henry  Daggett,'  born  Union,   Me.,  August  3,  1794;  married  Sep- 

tember 26,  1816,  Meribah  Jackson,  of  Belmont;  moved  to  Wiscon- 

1546.  vii.  Matthew  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  October  1,  1798;  died  Union, 

Me.,  December  10,  1798. 

Thomas  Daggett,  of  Union,  Me.,  was  made  deacon  of  the  Baptist 
church  in  Warren,  April  30,  1808.  His  will,  dated  December  20, 
1821,  was  proved  May  13,  1822.. 

1175.  Aaron  Daggett"  (Tlwmas,^  Brotherton" ,  Joshxa,^ 
TJiovias,'  John^),  "mariner;"  died  probably  1813,  as  his  wife 
applied  for  administration  June  29,  1813  ;  married  Rebecca  Peabody, 
daughter  of  Stephen  Peabody,  of  "Warren,  Me. 

Issue  : 

1547.  1.       EuTH  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  January  1,  1792. 

1548.  ii.      Olive  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  February  2,  1794. 

1549.  iii.     Margaret  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  July  17,  1796. 

1550.  iv.     Polly  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  February  23,  1798;  died  Union, 

Me.,  1802. 

1551.  V.      Aaron  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  April  7,  1800;  died  Union,  Me., 


1552.  vl.     Lucy  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  November  10,  1802. 

1553.  vii.    Elijah  A.  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  March  2,  1806. 

1554.  viii.  Aaron  Athearn  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  December  17,  1808. 

1179.  Timothy  Daggett"  (Timothy,^  Bvotherton,"  JosJuia,^ 
TJiomas,^  JoJm^),  born  Dighton,  Mass.,  April  8,  1762;  married 

Issue : 

1555.  i.  James  Godfrey   Daggett,'   born   Dighton,   Mass.,  March   13,    1800; 

"carpenter;"  died  Providence,  R.I.,  August  19,  1866. 


1180.  Tpjstram  Daggett"  {ElijaJi,^  Brotherton,'*  Joshua,' 
Thomas,'  John''),  born  August  -I'l,  1758;  died  Parkman,  Me.,  1848; 
married  1st,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  11,  1785,  Jane  Merry;  born 
November,  1761 ;  married  2d,  Industry,  Me.  (published  October  23, 
1830),  Naucy  Norton,  widow  of  Sprowell  Norton,  aud  daughter  of 
James  and  Betsey  (Williams)  Eveleth;  born  Salem,  Mass.,  January 
14,  1783;  died  Industry,  Me.,  April  18,  1846. 

Issue : 

1556.  i.       Elijah  Daggett,'  born  June,  1786;  died  young. 

1557.  ii.     Henky  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  27,  1789. 

1558.  iii.    SffSAN  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  25,  1791;  died  Industry, 

Me.,  August  1808. 

1559.  iv.     Abigaii,  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  22,  1793. 

1500.  T.      Jane  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  12,  1796;  died  Industry, 
Me.,  April  27,  1861. 

1561.  vi.     Mathew  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  9,   1797;  mjirried  a 

Cleveland  ;  be  and  his  wife  died  fall  of  1835. 

1562.  Tii.    Tristram  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  8,  1799. 

1563.  Tui.  Timothy  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  26,  1802. 

1564.  ix.     Isaac  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  13, 1805  ;  died  Industry, 

Me.,  September,  1808. 

Tristram  Daggett,  in  early  life,  was  a  sailor. 

He  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier  under  Washington.  He  endured 
much  suffering,  and  received  an  honorable  discharge  as  follows  : 

By  his  Excellency  George  Washington  Esq  General  and  Commander  in  Chief 
of  the  forces  of  the  United  States  of  America. 

These  certify  that  the  bearer  hereof  Tristram  Daggett  soldier  in  the  Serenth 
Massacliusetts  Regiment  having  faithfully  served  the  United  States  and  being 
enlisted  for  the  war  only  is  hereby  discharged  from  the  American  Army. 

Given  at  Head  Quarters  the  eightli  day  of  ,lune  1783. 

G.  Washington. 

By  his  Excellencys  Command,  J.  Trumbull,  Jr. 

Registered  in  the  Books  of  the  Regiment.  The  above  Tristram  Daggett, 
soldier  has  been  honored  with  a  badge  of  merit  for  5  yrs.  faithful  service. 

J.  Brooks,  L'  Col.  Com.  7"'  Mass.  Regt. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  one  of  the  original  purchasers  of  the  towuship  of 
New  Vineyard,  Me.,  and  drew  his  one  hundred  acres  east  of  the  New 
Vineyard  mountains,  in  the  first  range  adjoining  the  Lowell  sti-ip,  and 
was  the  first  to  commence  operations  for  a  settlement  in  that  quarter. 

In  June,  1791,  he  procured  a  back- load  of  provisions  at  the  settle- 
ment at  the  river,  now  Farmington,  and  went  to  the  gore  by  the 
path,  where  he  got  Mr.  Collins  to  pilot  him  up  the  mountain  to  the 
town  line,  which  had  then  been  newly  marked  by  spotted  trees,  with 
the  corners  of  the  lots  marked,  and  numbered  on  the  line. 

Thence  he  proceeded  afoot  and  alone,  with  his  pack  on  his  back 
and  his  axe  in  his  hand,  noticing  the  numbers  of  the  lots  until  he 
came  to  his  lot,  where  he  made  a  temporary  camp  near  a  spring,  and 
commenced  cutting  down  the  trees  to  make  a  farm.     He  often  said 


he  uever  eujoyed  himself  better  iu  )iis  life  thau  when  thus  employed. 
Mr.  Daggett  built  a  log  house,  into  which  he  moved  the  next  year, 
and  remained  there  three  years,  when  he  sold  his  new  farm  to  Charles 
Luce,  and  moved  on  the  Lowell  strip,  now  Industry,  IMe. 

He  was  an  honest,  well-meaning  man,  and  worked  hard  as  loug  as 
he  was  able. 

He  sold  the  farm  which  he  made  on  the  Lowell  strip  to  David 
Luce,  settled  on  a  lot  near  bj',  and  then  on  a  small  lot  near  West's 
Mills.  In  his  old  age,  he  moved  to  the  town  of  Parkman,  where  he 

1181.  JiLiJAH  Daggett  "  {Elijah,"^  Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,'^ 
John  '),  "mariner;"  died  either  at  sea  or  Martha's  Vineyard  ;  married 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  4,  1787,  Peggy  Smith,  daughter  of  Captain 
Smith;  died  about  August  1,   1812. 

Issue : 

1565.  i.      LovK  Daggett,'  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass.;  married  May  14, 

1812,  Samuel  C.  Leeman,  sou  of  Jacob  and  Keziah  (Chapman)  Lee- 
mau,  of  Stark,  Me. 

1566.  ii.     LuoiNDA  Daggett,'  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass. 

1567.  iii.    Elijah  Daggett,' born  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass.;  married  and  re- 

sided New  York  city ;    mariner  on  packet  between  New  York  and 

1568.  iv.    Sarau  Daggett,'  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass.,  December  7,  1792. 
1509.  V.     Matthew  Daggett,'  enlisted  in  1813  for  remainder  of  war;  died  un- 
married, Lake  Ontario,  about  1814. 

1570.  vi.    Margaket  Daggett,'  born  Martha's  Vineyard;  married  Mr.  Tucker 

from  Virginia ;  resided  Falmouth,  Mass. ;  died  young;  one  child. 

1571.  vii.  Samuel  S.  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1799. 

Mrs.  Daggett  married,  April  16,  1812,  Deacon  Levi  Greenleaf,  of 

1183.  Capt.  JIatthew  Daggett"  {Elijah,^  Brotherton,^  Joshua,^ 
TJwmas,'  John'),  horn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1764;  died  Warren,  Me., 
October  15,  1831 ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  28,  1788,  Rebecca 
Daggett,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Rebecca  (Athearn)  Daggett  (No. 
1176)  ;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1765;  died  Warren,  Me.,  October  16, 

1572.  i.     Matthew  Daggett,'  born  December  16,  1789. 

1573.  ii.    Thomas  Daggett,'  born  June,  1791. 

1674.  iii.  Sebastian  C.  Daggett,'  born  December,  1792. 

1575.  iv.  Fhederick  Daggett,'  born  Warren,  Me.,  December  21,  1794;  died 

at  sea;  "  unmarried." 

1576.  V.    Nanct  Atheakn  Daggett,'  born  Warren,  Me.,  December  1,  1799. 

Captain  Daggett  went  to  Warren,  Me.,  about  1798,  and  pui-chased 
an  estate.  He  was  employed  as  master  of  various  vessels  in  the 
coasting  and  foreign  trade  till  his  death  in  1831. 


1186.  James  Daggett"  (Jethro,^  Brother  ion,"  Joshua,^  Thomas," 
Jiihn^),  bom  Newport,  R.I.,  1770;  married  Dightou,  Mass.,  Juue 
21, 1792,  by  Ezra  Richmoud,  J. P.,  to  Sibble  Babcock ;  born  Swansea, 

Issue : 

1577.  i.     Timothy  Daggett,'  born  Dighton,  Mass.,  March  31,  1793. 

1578.  ii.    Thomas  Gilbert  Daggett,'  boru  Dighton,  Mass.,  March  2,  1795. 

1579.  iii.  Ebenezer  Daggett,' born  Dighton,  Mass.,  November  11,  1798;  died 

Rehoboth,  Mass.,  May  6,  1877. 

1580.  iv.  Jetheo  Davis  Daggett,'  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  27,  1802. 

November  2,  1784,  John  Whitmarsh  appointed  guardian  of  James 
Daggett,  son  of  Jethro  Daggett,  late  of  Newport,  R.I.  [Bristol 

April  17,  1792,  Timothy  Daggett,  for  James  Daggett,  requests  the 
judge  of  probate  to  allow  the  account  of  John  Whitmarsh,  of 
Dightou.     [Bristol  Probate.] 

1193.  Lydia  Daggett"  {Nathan,^  Jacob,"  Joshua,^  Thomas," 
John'),  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  9-1-1758;  married  Nantucket, 
Mass.,  July  8,  1773,  by  Rev.  B.  Shaw,  to  John  House,  from  New- 
foundland;  boru  8-6-1747;  died  Nantucket,  Mass.,  5-30-181G. 

Issue  : 

1581.  i.       William    Daggett   House,'   born    Nantucket,    Mass.,   2-28-1779; 

married  Janet  Coleman,  daughter  of  Solomon  and  Mehitable  Cole- 

1582.  ii.      Betsey  House,'  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  12-24-1785;  married  1st, 

Gotham  Alloy;  2.1,  Willium  Archer;  od,  George  Manter. 

1583.  iii.     Timothy  D.\(;.a-.TT  Hoi  si:,'  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  9-28-1788. 

1584.  iv.     Lydia  House,'   born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  3-12-1792;  married    David 

Ellis,  son  of  Simeon  and  Charity  Ellis. 

1585.  V.      Polly  House,'  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  7-12-1794;  married  Shubael 

Swain,  son  of  Joshua  Swain. 

1586.  vi.     Sally  House,'  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  12-3-1798;  married  Stephen 

Rice,  son  of  Stephen  Rice. 

1587.  vii.    Peggy  House.' 

1588.  viii.  Hepsaeeth  House.' 

1191.  Peter  Daggett"  (Ebenezer,^  [John,"  Joseph,'  Joseph,^ 
John ']{':!)),  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  January  17,  1770;  died  In- 
dustry, Me.,  November  5,  1833;  married  let,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  De- 
cember 1,  1791,  Damaris  Luce,  daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Urana 
(Luce)  Luce;  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  October  30,  1764;  died 
Industry,  Me.,  August  3,  1810;  married  2d  (published  February  27, 
1811),  Hannah  Snow,  widow  of  Ezekiel  Snow,  and  daughter  of  Paul 
and  Jael  (Bennett)  Pratt;  born  1775;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
December  14,  1862. 

Issue : 

1589.  i.       Wllliam  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  S,  1792. 

1590.  ii.      Plamentin  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  5,  1795. 


1591.  iii.  Jonathan  LncE  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Mo.,  October  11,  1797. 

1592.  iv.  Leander  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  15,  1799. 

1593.  T.  Albert  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  8,  1801. 

1594.  vi.  Betsey  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  February  7,  1804;  married 

1st,  April  13,  1826,  Samuel  Green,  of  Wilton;  married  2d,  Mr. 
Govver;  issue:  Augustus  Green;  "  resides  Elkader,  Kansas  (1893). 

1595.  Tii.    Peter  Daggett,'  born   Industry,   Me.,    1807;  <lied   Industry,    Me., 

November  23,   1810. 

1596.  viii.  Lavina  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  Mareb  23,  1812. 

Mr.  Daggett  came  from  New  Viucyard  to  Industry  ahout  1798,  aud 
settled  ou  the  "Lowell  Strip."  He  was  a  member  of  the  Methodist 
church,  and  the  leader  of  the  class  in  his  ueigliborhood  for  many 
years.  He  built  on  his  lot  the  first  frame  house  erected  in  Industry 
Plantation,  aud  became  in  time  a  well-to-do  farmer. 

1195.  Aauon  Daggett"  {Ebmezer,"  IJnJin,'  Joseph,^  Jost'i>h,- 
./o//7i '](?)),  settled  in  Hallowell,  Me.;  married  March  2,  170G, 
Susanna  Hillman,  of  New  Vineyard. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  in  trade  in  Industry,  1810-12. 

1197.  Hannah  Daggett"  {Ehenezcr,^  \_John,'  Joseph,"  Joaepli,- 
Jokn ']{?)),  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  September  21,  1776;  died 
Industry,  Me.,  May  4,  1807;  married  Farmington,  Me.,  June  21, 
1796,  Rowland  Luce,  sou  of  Daniel  aud  Elizabeth  (Merry)  Luce, 
"farmer;"  born  Sharou,  Conn.,  March  13,  1776;  died  Industry, 
Me.,  December  22,  1862. 

Issue : 

1597.  i.     Jonathan  Ldce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  December  12,  1797. 

1598.  ii.    Leonard  Luce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  November  17,  1799. 
1.599.  iii.  Eliza  Luce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  November  30,  1801. 

1000.  iv.  Hannah  Luce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  22,  1804. 

1198.  John  Daggett"  {John,'  IJohn,*  Joseph,''  Josej^h," 
John']{'^)),  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  1758;  died  New  Vineyard, 
Me.,  October  26,  1840;  married  (published  October  25,  1814)  Love 
Benson,  widow  of  Charles  Benson  and  daughter  of  Sanniol  aud 
Sarah   (Chesley)  Piukham. 

Issue : 

1001.  i.       John  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me. ;  died  in  inf.ancy. 

1602.  ii.      Sarah  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January  5,  1816. 

1603.  iii.     John  Atwell  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  24,  1819. 

1604.  iv.      Deborah  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  29,  1822  ;  mar- 

ried April  9,  1844,  Josiab  Tinkbara,  son  of  Ariel  and  Susan  (Bray) 
Tinkbam,  of  Anson.  Mr.  Tinkham  is  a  farmer,  and  resides  Anson, 
Me.  (1S92). 

1605.  v.       Love  Daggktt';  married  Capt.  Clias.  H.  Beck,  of  Augusta,  Me. 

1606.  vi.      William  Riley  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me. 

1607.  vii.    Warken  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  May  1,  1829. 

1608.  viii.  Ann  Cordelia  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  Marcb  0,  1838. 

John  Daggett  was  a  sailor  prior  to  his  marriage  ;  afterward  a  farmer. 




1208.  Jefferson  Daggett'  {Jacob,^  Daniel,^  Israel,^  Joseph,' 
John,-  John^),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  30,  1800 ;  "  farmer ;" 
died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  Jauuary,  1870;  married  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March 
14,  1827,  by  Rev.  B.  Pearse,  to  Hauuah  Dorman  Daggett,  daughter 
of  Israel  and  Lucy  (Bicknell)  Daggett  (No.  1203)  ;  born  Rehoboth, 
Mass.,  April  23,  1805  ;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  April  2,  1892. 

Issue  : 

1G09.  i.       Elisabeth  Frances  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  January  9, 

1828;  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892). 
IGIO.  ii.      Edwin  Oscar  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  5,  1829. 

1611.  iii.     Anna  .Judson  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  12,  1830. 

1612.  iv.     LncT  Bicknell  Daggett,"  born  P.awtucket,  R.I.,  August  4,  1831; 

died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  9,  1831. 

1613.  V.       Albert  Augdstus  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  Il.I.,  December  27, 

1832 ;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  September  12,  1833. 

1614.  vi.     Israel  Albkrt  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  February  5,  1834; 

died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  June  20,  1837. 

1615.  vii.    Mart  Knowlton  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  April  29,  1837. 
161(1.  viii.  Israel  R.   Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,   R.I.,  June   24,   1838;    died 

Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  8,  1838. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  well  known  in  Pawtucket.  For  years  he  lived  on 
what  is  known  as  the  "Daggett  farm,"  near  the  Ten-mile  river,  and 
his  widow  had  resided  there  since  his  death. 

She  was  wont  to  say  that  she  had  "  lived  in  three  towns  and  two 
States,  and  not  moved  from  the  house." 

The  farm  was  originally  in  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  but  when  that  town 
was  divided,  this  portion  of  the  town  became  Seekonk.  Later 
Seekonk  was  divided,  and  this  portion  became  the  old  town  of  Paw- 
tucket, in  Massachusetts.  In  18G3,  when  the  boundary  line  between 
Rhode  Island  and  Massachusetts  was  adjusted,  Pawtucket  was  set  off 
to  Rhode  Island,  and  thus  she  moved  into  another  State.  Since 
then  she  had  seen  the  old  town  of  Pawtucket  annexed  to  a  portion  of 
North  Providence,  and  became  the  new  town  of  Pawtucket,  and  then 
the  town  made  a  city.  Mrs.  Daggett  was  a  life-long  member  of  the 
Pawtucket  Congregational  church. 

1211.  Jacob  Daggett'  (Jacob,"  Daniel,^  Israel,*  Joseph,'  JoJin,^ 
John'),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  28,  1807;  "house  car- 
penter;" died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  August  29,  1890;  married  Paw- 
tucket,  R.I.,  February  2,   1834,  Juliana  Ide,  daughter  of  Edward 


and  Betsy  (Carpenter)  Ide ;  born  Seekouk,  Mass.,  August  13,  1809  ; 
died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  Maj'  12,  1892. 

Issue : 
1G17.  i.      Jacob  Theodore  Daggett,^   born   Pawtucket,   R.I.,   April  C,  18.37 

died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  19,  1838. 
1618.  li.     Ellen  Elizabeth  Daggett,"  born   Pawtucket,  R.I.,  .luly  5,   1839 

died  Pawtucket,  K.I.,  Augusts,  1889. 
1519.  ill.    Albert  Beidgman  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  June  13,  1812 

idea  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  23,  1843. 

1620.  iv.    Josephine  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,   R.I.,   December    14,    1844 

resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892). 

1621.  T.     Ann  Elizabeth  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  2,  1840. 

1622.  vi.    Herbert  Sidney  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  3,  1849. 

1623.  vii.  Adah  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  March  16,  1856;  died   See- 

konk, Mass.,  November  7,  1881. 

1312.  Samtjel  Slack  Daggett'  (Jarob,^  Daniel,'^  Israel,"  Joseph ,-^ 
JoJin,'  John'),  born  Seekonk,  Mass  ,  July  9,  1809  ;  died  Pawtucket, 
R.I.,  April  29,  1887;  married  East  Greenwich,  R.I.,  June  8,  1845, 
by  Rev.  Jolin  H.  Baker,  to  Matilda  Cochie  Sheldon,  daughter  of 
William  James  and  Sarah  (Tillinghast)  Sheldon ;  born  West  Green- 
wich, R.I.,  September  2,  1817. 

Issue : 

1624.  i.     Samuel  Sheldon  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  May  23,  1848. 

1625.  ii.    William  James  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  January  9,  1S51. 

1626.  Hi.  Sarah  Matilda  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  August  2.5,  1853. 

1215.  Recben  Daggett'  {Reuben,^  Reuben,''  NathanicJ,*  Na- 
thaniel," John,'  John'),  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  February  19, 
1781  ;  removed  to  Cattaraugus  county,  N.Y. ;  married  Westmoreland, 
N.H.,  March  3,  1800,  by  Rev.  Allen  Pratt,  to  Jennie  Briggs. 

Issue : 
1C27.  i.     LoREN  Daggett,''  lived  in  Cattaraugus  county,  N.Y. 

1628.  ii.    Nelson  Daggett.' 

1629.  iii.  Reuben  Daggett.' 

1216.  CiiLOE  Daggett'  {Reuben,'-  Renbm,''  NaihanieJ,*  Na- 
thaniel,'' John,"  John'),  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  July  20,  1783; 
died  Juue,   1842;  married  Miller  Vaughn;  died  June,  1842. 

Issue :  five  children. 

1630.  i.   Mary  Vaughn,'  married  Mr.  Gifford ;  resides  Wellsboro',  Pa.  (1892). 

1217.  Esther  Daggett'  {Reiiben,"  Reuben,''  Nathaniel,"  Na- 
thaniel,' John,'  John'),  bom  AVestraoreJaud,  N.H.,  December  26, 
1785;  died  Cooper's  Plains,  N.Y.,  about  1852;  married  John 

Issue  : 

1631.  i.    RuFUS  Franklin,'  resides  Cooper's  Plains,  N.Y.  (1892). 

1632.  ii.   Kesiah  Franklin,'  married  Mr.  Bidler;  resides  Caton,  Steuben  county, 

N.Y.  (1892). 

1633.  i 


163+.  ii. 


lK3o.  iii. 


163G.  iv. 


1637.  V. 


1638.  vi. 


JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINFA'ARD.       16') 

1219.  Seth  Daggett  '  {lieiiben,"  Reuben,^  Nathaniel,''  Nathaniel,^ 
John,-  John'),  bom  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  July  3,  1790;  died  Tioga, 
Tioga  county.  Pa.,  January  "2,  1874;  married  near  Utiea,  N.Y., 
October  10,  1810,  Kunice  Allen,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Eunice 
(Kingsley)  Allen;  born  Barustable,  Mass.,  March  15,  17i)0;  died 
Tioga,  Pa.,  March  22,   1864. 

Issue : 

llAccn.ri'.'^  liorn  Jackson,  Tioga  county,  Pa.,  October  6,  1811. 
i:    l>v..,,Li  I,"  horn  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  30,  1813. 
1)  ■,.,..!  11."  Iinni  .l.icksnn,  Pa.,  May  5,  1816. 
Ni    i;.    I>\..(,i  I  I,'  liiirn  .Tackson,  Pa.,  Marcli  16,  1818. 
\  \    II  v.;i,i;iT,"  1m>iii  Jackson,  Pa.,  May  10,  1822. 
;.v  DAiiiiUTT,'*  lioni  Jack.son,  Pa.,  March  2,  1824. 
1G39.  vii.    Richard  Daocett,^  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  June  28,  1827;   died  Tioga, 
Pa.,  February  11,  1846. 

1640.  viii.  Marv  Ann  D.\G<iETr,»  burn  Tioga,  Pa.,  September  11,  182'J. 

1641.  ix.     Charlotte  Daggett,"  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  8,  1831 ;  died  Tioga, 

Pa.,  December  10,  1849. 

Major  Seth  Daggett  married  Eunice  Allen,  a  niece  of  Sanmel 
Allen,  who  was  defeated  on  the  Democratic  ticket  for  governor  of 
Massachusetts.  Soon  after  their  marriage  they  removed  to  Tioga 
county,  where  Jlajor  Daggett  became  widely  known  and  much 

He  was  made  major  of  militia,  and  served  one  or  two  terms  as 
sheriff  of  the  county. 

He  engaged  extensively  in  lumbering,  and  at  one  time  owned  large 
tracts  of  land. 

The  family  lived  in  Jackson  township,  Tioga  county,  Daggett's 
Mills  Post-offlce. 

1220.  Saloma  Daggett'  {Reuben,^  Reuben,^  Nathaniel,'  Na- 
thanid,'  John,-  John'),  born  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  July  3,  1790; 
died  Rutland,  Pa.,  spring  of  1855;  married  1st,  near  Elmira,  N.Y., 
1809,  William  Keyes,  son  of  Peabody  and  Persia  (Brook)  Keyes; 
born  Princeton,  Mass.;  died  Wells,  Pa.,  June,  1813;  married  2d, 
Jackson,  Pa.,  1815,.  Alexander  Harris,  and  moved  to  Vermont. 

Issue : 

1642.  1.     Seth  Q.  Keyes,^  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  3,  1810. 

1643.  ii.    William  B.  Keyks,'*  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  March  16,  1812. 

1644.  iii.  Abel  Harris,"  resides  Plainfield,  Wis.  (1892). 

1645.  iv.  Diadaura  Harris,"  married  Mr.  Soper;  resides  Rutland,  Pa.  (1892). 

1646.  V.    Polly  Harris,^  married  Mr.  Baker;  resides  Jackson,  Pa.  (1892). 

1647.  vi.  Saloma  Harris,"  married  Mr.  Resell. 

And  three  other  children. 

1221.     RuFus   Daggett'    {Reuben,'^    Reuben,'    Nathaniel,*    Na- 
thaniel,^ John,-   John'),   born  Westmoreland,    N.II.,   December  3, 


1792;  died  Jauuary  31,    1835;    married  January  <S,    1817,   Hauuah 
Sharp;  bom  1796;  died  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa.,  February  26,  1883. 

1G48.  i.        William  Daggett,^  born  Ponnsylvania,  December  211,  1817. 

1649.  ii.       KuFus  Daggett,^  boni  Pennsylvania,  February  25,  1819. 

1650.  Lii.     Hannah  Daggett,^  born  Pennsylvania,  November  21,  1821;  married 

March  18,  1841,  Runalds  Sixbee. 

1651.  iv.     Lucinda  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania,  December  28,  1823;  married 

September  10,  1840,  Charles  Lefler. 

1652.  V.      CuoNELUs  C.  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylv.ania,  5,  1825. 

1653.  vi.     Sally  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania,  April  25,  1S27;  married  No- 

vember, 1849,  Samuel  Crip. 

1654.  vii.    Laney  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania,  November  30,  1828 ;  married 

September  18,  1850,  Lyman  i?urton. 

1655.  viii.  Maranda  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania,  November  18,  1833  ;  married 

February  12,  1854,  Furnam  Lucas. 

1223.  Lydia  D.iGGETi'  {Reuben/  Reuben,'  Nallianiel,*  Na- 
thaniel,^ John,-  Jolin^),  boru  Westmoreland,  N.H.,  October  16, 
1797;  died  Jackson,  Pa.,  November  20,  1843;  married  Jackson, 
Pa.,  1817,  John  Conable,  sou  of  John  and  Lydia  (Stebbins)  Con- 
able;  born  Leydeu,  Mass.,  April  19,  1797;  died  Jackson,  Pa., 
August  5,  1839. 

Issue : 

1656.  1.      Emily  Belinda  Conable,'  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  January  24,  1818. 

1657.  ii.     Squire  Maxwell   Conable,'   born   Litchfield,    N.Y.,    February   24, 

1820;  married   1st,    Sarah   Sophronia  Stowell ;  married   2d,    Sabina 
Ann  Crippen;  resides  Pike,  Pa.  (1892). 

1658.  iii.   Lydia  Sophronia  Conable,'  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  29,  1822;  mar- 

ried John  W.  Joslin,  M.D. 

1659.  iv.    Clarinda  Conable,'  born  Friendship,  N.Y.,  July  5,   1824;  married 

Jackson,  Pa.,   December   25,   1842,   Daniel    Cormvell;   he   resides 
Plainfield,  Wis.  (1886)  ;  she  died  Pine  Grove,  Wis.,  May  15,  1860. 

1660.  V.     Elmira  Matilda   Conable,'   born   Fredonia,   N.Y.,    September   14, 

1826;   "teacher;"  died  Jackson,  Pa.,  November  11,  1852. 

1661.  vi.    Julia  Conable,'  born  Jackson,  Pa.,   August   10,  1828;  "teacher;" 

died  Jackson,  Pa.,  December  14,  1851. 

1662.  vii.  Seth  Conable,'   born   Jackson,    Pa.,    September  21,  1835;  married 

Sarah  Ann  Burrows. 

Mr.  Conable  removed  with  his  parents,  when  he  was  about  thir- 
teen years  old,  to  Litchfield,  Herkimer  county,  N.Y.  He  enlisted  in 
the  war  of  1812,  at  or  near  Litchfield,  about  October  1,  1814,  under 
Captain  Bellinger,  in  Colonel  Myers's  regiment  of  New  York  militia, 
and  was  discharged  at  Sackett's  Harbor,  N.Y.,  in  the  following 

1325.  RuFus  Daggett'  {Daniel,^  Reuben,^  NathmiM,*  Na- 
thaniel," John,"  John'),  boru  1793;  died  New  York,  1842;  married 
Esther  Dexter;   born  1796. 

Issue : 


lfi65.  iii.  Rupns  Daggktt/' 

166G.  iv.  Susan  Uaggett,"  married  Mr.  Perkins;  resides  Unadilla  Forks,  N.Y. 

1233.  Serel  N.  Daggett'  {Daniel,^  Reuben,^  Nathaniel,*  Na- 
thaniel,^ John,-  John'),  born  Burrillville,  R.I.,  1812;  "laborer;" 
resided  Glocester,  R.I.  (183;));  married  Glocester,  R.I.,  October 
2,  1831,  by  Elder  Andrew  Stoue,  to  Susau  Logee,  daughter  of  Elisha 
and  Jerusha  Logee,  of  Burrillville,  R.I. ;  born  Burrillville,  R.I., 
December  4,  1814. 

Issue : 
1()(J7.  i.  Thomas  \V.  Dokr  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  January  5,  1849. 

1234.  Keziah  Daggett  '  {Levi,^  John,^  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John," 
John'),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  16,  1790;  married  See- 
konk, Mass.,  March  1,  1818,  by  Rev.  John  Pitman,  to  Alfred 
Barnes,  of  Barrington,  son  of  Samuel  and  Hannah  (Peck)  Barnes; 
born  Barrington,  R.I. ;  died  Barrington,  R.I. 

Issue : 
1668.  i.  Thomas  Barnes, ^  resides  California  (1802). 

1235.  John  Daggett'  {Levi,"  John,"  John.,*  Nathaniel,^  John," 
John^),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  20,  1702;  "farmer;"  died 
Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  11,  1857;  married  1st,  Seelcouk,  Mass., 
September  3,  1823,  by  Bartlett  Pearse,  to  Amey  Cole,  daughter  of 
Joseph  and  Rachel  (Braley)  Cole;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  March 
16,  1792;  died  Seelvonk,  Mass.,  August  3,  1826;  married  2d,  Bar- 
rington, R.I.,  September  3,  1827,  Hannah  Barnes,  daughter  of 
Samuel  and  Hannah  (Peck)  Barnes;  born  Barrington,  R.I.,  March 
22,   1782;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  December  1,   1860. 

Issue : 
166'J.  i.  William  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  June  19,  1824. 

1237.  Hannah  Daggett  '  (Levi,"  John,'  John,*  Nathaniel,^  John,- 
Juha  '),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  January  19,  1796;  died  Providence, 
R.I.,  1871  ;  married  1st,  Joseph  Cole,  son  of  Joseph  and  Rachel 
(Braley)  Cole ;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass. ;  died  Seekonk,  Mass. ;  married 
2d,  Thomas  Cole,  son  of  Joseph  and  Rachel  (Braley)  Cole;  born 
Rehoboth,  Mass. ;  died  Seekonk,  Mass. 

Issue : 

Thomas  Cole." 


1670.  1. 

Thomas  Cole." 

1671.  ii. 

Rachel  Cole,»  born  March, 

1819;  married  Wliitins  Baker 

WestDedham,  Mass.  (1892 

) ;   lias  son  Edwin  W.  Baker." 

1672.  iu. 

Allen  Cole." 

1673.  iv. 

Joseph  Cole.« 

1674.  T. 


1675.  vi. 

Levi  Cole.' 

1676.  vii. 

Betsey  Cole.' 

doggett-daggp:tt  family. 

1677.  viii.  Amey  Cole." 

1678.  ix.     Benjamin  Cole.' 

1679.  X.       Francis  Cole, ^  living  (1892). 

1680.  xi.     Cole,*  died  in  infancy. 

1681.  xii.    Cole,'  died  in  infancy. 

1240.  Lydia  Daggett'  {Levi,"  John,^  JoJiv,"  NaiJianiel,^  John,- 
JoJm'),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  April  10,  1801;  died  Barrington, 
R.I.,  1874;  married  Alfred  Barnes,  of  Barrington,  son  of  Samuel 
and  Hannah  (Peck)  Barnes;  born  Barrington,  R.I.  ;  died  Barring- 
ton,  R.I. 

Issue : 

1682.  i.       John  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  K.I.  ;  resides  there  (1892). 

1683.  ii.  Keziah  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  K.I. 
1C84.  iii.  Lydia  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  R.I. 
1K85.  iv.     Samoel  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  R.I. 

1686.  V.      Alfred  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  R.I. 

1687.  vi.     Hannah  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  R.I. 

1688.  vii.    Levi  D.  Barnes,"  born  Barrington,  R.I. ;  resides  Providence,  R.I. 


1689.  viii.  Millie  Barnes,^  born  Barrington,  R.I. 

1242.  Pke.ston  Daggett'  {Robert,"  James,''  John,*  Nathaniel,^ 
John,-  John  '),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  27,  1784;  mai-ried 
Rehoboth,  Mass.,  February  '23,  180G,  by  J.  Hills,  to  Nancy  Read. 

Issue : 

carpenter;"  died  Providence,  R.I. , 

1246.  ROBEKT  Daggett'  {Robert,"  James,''  John,*  Nathaniel," 
John,-  John^),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  September  13,  17'J3;  died 
Seekonlv,  Mass.,  March,  1831 ;  married  Seekonk,  Mass.,  February 
17,  1814,  by  Rev.  John  Mills,  to  Mary  Bottou ;  born  Connecticut, 
December  8,   1791  ;  died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  February  8,  1850. 

Issue : 

1691.  i.     Fanny  Maria   Daggett,"  married  Seekonk,  Mass.,  April   15,  1858, 

James  Bicknell,  son  of  Joshua  Bicknell. 

1692.  ii.    David  Aldrich  Daggett,"  possibly  died  before  1831. 

1693.  iii.  Louisa  Daggett." 

1694.  iv.  Abby  Daggett." 

1695.  V.    Phila  Aldrich  Daggett." 

1696.  vi.  Caroline   Amelia   Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  1826;    married 

Seekonk,  Mass.,  September  14,  1848,  by  Rev.  James  A.  Barney,  to 
John  A.  Woodworth,  of  Fall  River,  "  laborer." 

1253.  Ellen  V.  Daggett'  {Henry,"  James,"  John,*  Nathaniel," 
JoJm,-  John'),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  1843  ;  resides  Rehoboth,  Mass. 
(1876)  ;  married  2d,  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  November  16,  1876,  by  Samuel 
Farley,  to  Thomas  Parker,  son  of  Adam  and  Lydia  Parker; 
"farmer;"  born  North  Providence,  R.I.,  1841. 

Issue : 

1697.  i.  Daughter ,  born  Berkley,  Mass.,  December  2,  1869. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OP^   MAETHA'S   VINEYARD.       169 

1273.  Capt.  WiLi-iAJi  Daggett'  {WilUam,'^  Seth,''  Samuel," 
Thomas,"  TJiomas,-  John'),  boru  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August,  1773; 
"mariner;"  died  Tisbiu-y,  Mass.,  June  17,  1858;  married  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  February  11,  1796,  Jane  Daggett,  daughter  of  Isaac  and 
Rebecca  (Tobey)  Daggett  (No.  1272)  ;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June 
n,  1778. 

Issue  : 
ICO.S.  i.        William  Daggett,*'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  20,  1797. 
l(;n;).  il.      Jane  Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  12,  1799. 

1700.  iii.     Isaac  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  7,  1801;   "  farmer;  " 

married  Abigail  Robinson;  no  issue;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March 
10,  1876. 

1701.  iv.     DoLLT  Bacon  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  12,  1803. 

1702.  T.      Heney  Bacon  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  22,  1807 ; 

died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  30,  1807. 
170M.  vi.      Abigail  Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  30,  1808. 
170+.  vii.    Henry  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  8,  ISll. 
1705.  viii.  Ariadne  Daggett.* 
1701).  ix.     Edward  Daggett." 

1707.  X.      Emily  Brcsh  Daggett." 

1374,  Capt.  Seth  Daggett  '  (  William,"  Seth,°  Samuel,''  Thomas,'^ 
Thomas,- John'),  horn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  7,  1780;  "pilot;" 
died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  7,  1867;  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
February  28,  1799,  Mary  Dunham,  daughter  of  David  and  Content 
(Luce)  Dunham ;  died  before  1867. 

Issue : 

1708.  i.       Leander  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  Januarys,  1800;    "cap- 

tain ;  "  married  1821  (intention  September  9),  Almira  Luce,  of  New 
Sharon,  Me. 

1709.  ii.      Edwin  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  3,  1802;  died  1821. 

1710.  iii.     Aogdstds  Frederick  Daggett,"  born  1804. 

1711.  iv.     Augustus  Chandler  Ludlow  Daggett,"  born  1806. 

1712.  V.      Mary  Daggett,"  born   Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  8,  1808;  married  De- 

cember 10,  1827,  Edward  Hatch. 

1713.  vi.     Alonzo  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  19,  1810. 

1714.  vii.    Alphonso  Seth  Daggett." 

1715.  viii.  Alphonso  Seth  Daggett." 

1716.  ix.     Oscar  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October,  1815. 

1717.  X.      Caroline  West  Daggett,"  born  December  15,  1818. 

1718.  xi.     Georgiana  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  7,  1827. 

1275.  Peter  Daggett'  {WilUa^n,"  Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,'' 
Thomas,^  John'), horn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1780;  "pilot;"  died  Tis- 
bury, Mass.,  May  4,  1854;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  18, 
1803,  Martha  Luce,  daughter  of  Timothy  Luce. 

Issue : 

1719.  i.      Mary  Daggett,"  married  Thomas  Dunham. 

1720.  ii.     Elenora  Daggett,"  married  James  S.  West. 

1721.  iii.    Patty  Daggett." 

1722.  iv.   Albima  Daggett,"  married  Joseph  C.  Fish. 

1723.  V.     Martha  Daggett,"   born   Tisbury,   Mass.,   1825;    married   William 

Sprague;  she  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  21,   1870. 

1724.  vi.    Philander  Daggett,"  married  Sophia  Jane  Cook. 

1725.  vU.  Habmonla  Daggett,"  married  Robert  Lewin. 


1279.  Sylvands  DAfiGETT'  {William,^  Setk,^  Scimuel,'  Thomas,'' 
Thomas,-  John  '),  married  Mary  Luce,  daughter  of  Abijah  Luce. 

Issue : 

1726.  i.  John  Luce  Daggett,^  born  Holmes  Hole,  Mass.,  April  27,  1809;  died 

Boston,  Mass.,  May  8,  1871. 

1280.  Betsey  Daggett'  (Peter,"  Selh,^  Samuel,^  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,"  John'),  born  1758;  died  Harwich,  Mass.,  May  19,  1833; 
married  Harwich,  Mass.,  April  8,  1775,  William  Eldridge,  Esq.,  of 

Issue : 

1727.  i.    Petek  Daggett  Eldkidge." 

1728.  ii.  Daughter Eldridge,*  born  1788. 

1282.  Isaac  Daggett'  (Peter,"  Seth,'  Samuel,'  Thomas,^ 
Tliomas,-  John'),  married  Jane  West. 

Issue  :  five  sons,  three  daughters. 

Isaac  Daggett  is  said  to  have  been  quite  original,  and  his  branch 
have  quoted  for  the  writer  some  of  his  impromptu  verse,  of  whicli  is 
the  following : 

Amidst  the  wood  bold  Isaac  stood. 

And  gave  his  axe  a  wheel ; 
The  boughs  did  bend,  and  the  trees  did  rend, 

And  off  the  bark  would  peel; 
The  messmates  gone,  and  the  wheel  went  round, 

And  you  are  left  to  keep  the  ground, 
And  those  lofty  hills  which  we  do  spy. 
Are  made  to  please  the  Almighty's  eye  : 
On  us  for  sin  to  cast  a  stain. 
Go  up  the  hill  against  the  grain. 
Get  up  old  Hoss. 

Jane  West  my  true  and  loving  wife. 
The  joy  and  comfort  of  my  life; 
I  have  by  you  and  you  by  me. 
Five  pretty  sons  and  daughters  three ; 
Likewise  in  wealth  we  have  our  share, 
As  well  in  health  as  others  are ; 
Beef,  Pork,  and  Mutton  is  our  meat, 
Sometimes  roast  turkeys  we  can  eat. 
Pumpkin  for  sauce,  and  if  that  won't  do. 
Use  Turnips  and  Potatoes  too. 

1281.  Capt.  Samuel  Daggett'  {Samuel,"  Seth,'  Samuel," 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  horn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  11,  1764; 
died .Tisbm-y,  Mass.,  September  23,  1860;  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
October  3,  1790,  Rebecca  Daggett,  daughter  of  Isaac  and  Rebecca 
(Tobey)  Daggett  (No.  1269)  ;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  16,  1773; 
died  Hobnes  Hole,  Mass.,  September  23,  1832. 

Issue : 

1729.  i.       Sarah  Daggett,*  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  December  29,  1791. 

1730.  ii.      Isaac  Daggett,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  5,  1794. 


1731.  iii.     Rebecca  Daogktt,' born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  November  25,  1796; 

married  William  Daggett  (see  No.  1698). 

1732.  iv.     Samuel  Daccett,^  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  24,  1798. 

1733.  V.      Abigail  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  May  25,   1800;  died 

New  Vineyard,  Me.,  November,  1800. 

1734.  vi.     Abigail  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  November  16,  1802; 

died  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  October  27,  1827. 

1735.  vii.    Maky  Mekry  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,   Me.,   May  7,   1805; 

died  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  January  28,  1821. 

1736.  viii.  John  Tobey  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  September   29, 


1737.  ix.     Bradford  Brush  Daggett,'  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  April  15, 

1812;  "whaleman;"  sailed  from  New  York,  Octobers,  1846;  not 
since  heard  from. 
1738.x.      Amanda  Malvina  Daggett,'  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  August 
4,  1815. 

Captain  Samuel  Daggett  went  to  New  Vineyard,  now  a  part  of  In- 
dustry, Me.,  in  1794,  and  settled  there  with  his  father.  Fourteen 
years  afterward  he  returned  to  Martha's  Vineyard,  and  resumed  his 
former  occupation,  a  pilot,  at  Holmes  Hole.  He  was  a  Revolutionary 
pensioner.  Was  chairman  of  the  Board  of  Selectmen  in  New  Vine- 
yard in  1803. 

Capt.  Samuel  Daggett,  in  his  ninety-sixth  year,  composed  the  fol- 
lowing : 

Univebsalist  Creed. 
Upright  in  heart,  in  all  our  dealings  just, 
In  God's  free  grace  we  put  our  only  trust ; 
And  in  his  boundless,  universal  love. 
We  place  our  hope  of  Heaven  and  bliss  above ; 
And  when  life's  scene  is  drawing  to  a  close. 
Calmly  we  sink  into  our  last  repose ; 
And  as  in  Adam  death  o'er  all  doth  reign. 
Even  so  in  Christ  shall  all  be  raised  again. 

1285.  West  Daggett'  {NatJian,"  Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas," 
Thomas,-  John'),  died  in  a  Western  State;  married  Farmington, 
Me.,  Betsey  Talcott,  widow  of  William  Talcott,  and  daughter  of 
Ezra  and  Elizabeth  (Benson)  Thomas,  of  Farmington,  Me. ;  born 
New  Bedford,  Mass.,  September  28,  1789;  died  Anson,  Me.,  De- 
cember 24,   1878. 

Issue : 

1739.  i.    Nathan  Daggett,'  died  in  the  Civil  War. 

1740.  ii.  West  Daggett,'  died  in  the  Civil  War. 

1295.  Silas  Daggett'  (Silas,''  Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas," 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  9,  1782;  died  at 
sea ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  2,  1802,  Margaret  Cleveland, 
daughter  of  Zebdial  and  Abigail  (Luce)  Cleveland ;  born  Tisbiu'y, 
Mass.,  September  13,  1781  ;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  28, 

Issue : 

1741.  i.       Lendal  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  14,  1804. 

1742.  ii.      Abigail  Cleveland  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  16,  1807. 


1743.  iii.     West   Dagcett,'   born    Maine,    1808;    married   (piiblishpcl   June    7, 

1837),  Ann   Ricker,  of  New  Vineyard,  Me.;  resided  Solon,  Me., 
then  went  to  Iowa ;  seven  sons. 

1744.  iv.     HiK.vM  D.4(;gett.* 

1745.  V.       Joseph  DA(;(,ETr,-  born  Farmingtoii,  Me.,  May  15,  1814. 

1746.  vi.     Isaac  Cii  v.i:  D  \....i  i  r,>*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February  G,  1S16. 

1747.  vii.    Deboi;  Mi    I  >  \>.'.i  i  i  ."  Iiorn  Tisburv,  Mass.,  July,  1818. 

1748.  viii.  Mauv    l)^>,^  im.-  In.rn  Maine. 

1749.  ix.      Silas  1)  \..i.i;  i  i  ,"   born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass. ;  removed  to  Maine  ; 


Silas  Daggett  removed  from  Tisbiny  to  Industry,  Ble.,  and  after- 
wards went  back  to  Tislniry  with  Ills  family,  excepting  Lis  oldest 
son,  who  remahied  in  Industry;  was   "fanner"  and  "  mariner." 

1297.  Sakah  Daggett'  {Silafi,''  Seth,"  Samuel,*  Thoinux,^ 
Thomas,"  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  6,  1787;  died 
November  17,  1860;  married  (published  May  31,  1809)  Joseph 
Johnsou,  son  of  Thomas  and  Thankful  (Smith)  Johnson ;  born 
Edgartown,  Mass.,  March  31,  1786;  died  Eeedsburg,  Wis.,  March 
18,   1867. 

Issue : 

1750.  i.       Marv  West  Johnson,"  born  Farmingtoii,  Me.,  December  11,  1809. 

1751.  ii.     Joseph  Sjiith  Johnson,'  born  Farmington,  Me.,  June  15,  1811;  re- 

sides Minneapolis,  Minn.  (1885). 

1752.  iii.    Charles  Edwin  Johnson,'*  born  Farmington,  Me.,  July  25,  1814. 

1753.  iv.   Abigail  Daggett  Johnson,'*   born   Farmington,   Me.,  February  10, 


1754.  V.     Silas  Daggett  Johnson,'*  born  Farmington,  Me.,  July,  1821 ;  resides 

Reedsburg  Wis.,  (1885). 

1755.  vi.    Charlotte  Johnson,'  born  Farmington,  Me.,  December  21,  1823. 

1756.  vli.  AuGUSTHS  Johnson,'  born  Farmington,  Me.,  May  22,  1828;  resides 

Pittsburgh,  Pa.  (1885). 

Mr.  Johnson  first  settled  in  Industry,  Me.,  but  soon  moved  to 
Farmington,  Me.,  where  he  became  one  of  the  leading  business  men: 
drover,  merchant,  lumberman,  and  innholder  in  the  old  Baclvus  House 
in  Farmington  Centre  village;  postmaster,  sheriff,  representative 
State  Legislatiu-e,  member  Governor's  Council,  etc. 

1303.  Adgusta  Nye  Daggett'  (Mc/toeZ,"  Sylvanus,^  Samuel,* 
Thomas,'  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  27,  1806; 
died  December  15,  1890;  married  March  14^  1828,  Joseph  Claghorn. 

Issue : 

1757.  i.      Sarah  Jane  Claghorn,^  born  Marph  13,  1829 ;  married  Mr.  Lewis ; 


1758.  ii.     Petek  Daggett  Claghorn,'  born  January  2,  1832. 

1759.  iii.    Meeot  Ann  Claghorn,'  born  July  16,  1833 ;  died  November  4,  1847. 

1760.  iv.    Hannah  Wilson  Claghorn,'  born   February  10,    1837 ;  died  June, 


1761.  V.     Ethelinda  Thaxter  Claghorn,'  born  December  20,  1839. 

1762.  vi.    James  Paxton  Claghorn,'  born   September  2,  1844;  died  April  6, 


1763.  vii.  James  Paxton  Claghorn,'  born  April  6,  1847. 


1304.  Timothy  Daggett'  (Micliael,'^  Sylvamis,^  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  TJwvias,"  John''),  boru  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  5, 
1807;  "pilot;"  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  19,  1874;  married 
Billingsgate  Island,  October  20,  1833,  Tabitlia  Mayo  Gill,  daughter 
of  Abijah  and  Tabitha  (Mayo)  GO! ;  born  Eastbam,  December  19, 

Issue : 

17G4.  i.     SiLVANns   Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,   Mass.,  February  7,   1836;  died 
August  14,  1855. 

1765.  ii.    Elizabeth  Botler  Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  10,  1837; 

resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892). 

1766.  iii.  Augusta  Nye  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  11,  1843;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  24,  1847. 

1767.  iv.  Henkt  Walker  Daggett,^  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  14,  1853. 

1305.  Charles  Nye  Daggett'  {Michael,'^  Sylvanus,''  Samuel," 
Thomas,^  r/toma.f,- Jb/oi '),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1810;  "mariner;" 
died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  20,  1857;  married  Betsey . 

Issue : 

1768.  i.    Charles  Nye  Daggett,^  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  Decemlier  24,  1843. 

1769.  ii.  Daughter Daggett,*  born  TisJjury,  Mass.,  November  8,  1847. 

1307.  Hepsie  Daggett  '  {Freeman,^  Sylvanus,'  Samuel," 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  resides  San  Francisco,  Cal.  (1892); 
married  1st,  William  Andrews;  married  2d,  Pro\adeuce,  R.I.,  Feb- 
ruary 27,  1850,  by  Rev.  J.  P.  Cleveland,  to  Franklin  D.  Cottle,  sou 
of  James  aud  Jane  (Daggett)  Cottle. 

1308.  Feanklin  Daggett'  {Freeman,'^  Sijlva7ius,'^  Samuel," 
jTJiomas,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  26, 
1804;  "mariner;"  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  15,  1854;  married 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  7,  1830,  Serena  Mauter,  daughter  of 
Thomas  and  Hannah  (Luce)  Manter;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August 
15,  1808;  resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892). 

Issue  : 

1770.  i.       Charles  Dias  DAtiGETT,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1840;  died  at  sea, 

February  14,  1861. 

1771.  ii.      John  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  1,  1843;  died  Tisbury, 

Mass.,  October  13,   1843. 

1772.  iii.     Son Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  2,  1844  ;  died  an 


1773.  iv.     Daughter Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  2,   1844; 

died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  9,  184.5. 

1774.  V.       Son  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  5,  1846;  died  Tis- 

bury, Mass.,  July,  1846. 

1775.  vi.     Freeman  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,   January  14,   1848;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  2,  1848. 

1776.  vii.    Son Daggett,*  boru  Tisbury,   Mass.,  November  13,  1849;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  13,  1849. 

1777.  viii.  Serena  Daggett,*  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  13,  1849. 


1778.  ix.     LovETA  Lambert  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  18,  1852  ; 

resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892). 
1779.x.      Franklin   Daggett,"  married;   issue:   Leander   Bradley   Daggett," 

born  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  July  27,  1874. 

1309.  Freeman  Daggett'  {Freeman,'^  Sylvanus,^  Samuel,* 
Tliomas,^  Thomas,'  John'),  died  at  sea,  1843;  married  February 
26,  1828,  Mary  Ferguson,  daughter  of  "William  and  Mary  (Luce) 
Fergusou;  born  Cliilmark,  Mass.,  April  3,  1804;  died  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  February  12,   1876. 

Issue : 

1780.  i.     Grafton  Luce  Daggett, '  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  24,  1829. 

1781.  ii.    Martha  Ferguson   Daggett,^  born   Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  22, 


1782.  iii.  Caroline  Frances  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  24,  1840; 

died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  G,  1862. 

Freeman  Daggett  was  flrst  officer  of  the  ship  "  Addison  "  at  the 
time  of  his  death. 

1310.  Benjamin  Daggett'  {Tliomas,^  Benjamin,^  Benjamin,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John  '),  born  Fox  Island,  Me.,  October  4,  1796; 
died  St.  Albans,  Me.,  December  27, 1888;  married  Lincolnville,  Me., 
December  25,  1820,  Mehetable  Neal;  died  Palmyra,  Me.,  September 
17,  1851. 

Issue  : 

1783.  i.     Kesiaii  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  Febru.ary  20,  1822;  died  Pal- 

myra, Me.,  Marcb  15,  1881. 

1784.  ii.    Betsey  .Jane  Daggett,*  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  February  26,  1827. 

1785.  iii.  Henrietta  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January  19,  1829. 

1786.  iv.  Mary  Lauretta  Daggett,'  born   Palmyra,  Me.,  October  30,  1830; 

married  Palmyra,  Me.,  July  4,  1876,  William  Benjamin  Cookson ; 
divorced ;  no  issue ;  address  M.  L.  Daggett,  Bangor  House,  Bangor, 
Me.  (1892). 

1787.  V.    Adam  Clark  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  May  8,  1834;  died  Pal- 

myra, Me.,  November  7,  1858. 

1788.  vi.  Caroline  Daggett,'  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  December  30,  1839. 

1311.  Elihd  Daggett'  {Thomas,"  Benjamin,'^  Benjamin,* 
Thomas,''  Thomas,'  Jb/m'),  born  Northport,  Me.,  July  6,  1798; 
died  Searsmout,  Me.,  November  17,  1872;  married  1st,  Warren, 
Me.,  April  4,  1722,  Catherine  Mathews,  daughter  of  Deacon  James 
and  Mary  (Elwell)  Mathews;  died  Hope,  Me.,  June,  1834;  mar- 
ried 2d,  Esther  Sweatland  ;  died  Searsmout,  Me. 

Issue : 

1789.  i.     Catherine  Daggett,'  married  Artist  Pease  ;  resides  Appleton,  Me. 

1790.  ii.    Jame.s  Daggett,'  married;  moved  to  Aroostook,  Me.,  wbere  he  died. 

1791.  iii.  Silas  Daggett,' married  1st,  a  sister  of  James's  wife;  married   2d, 

;  resides  Lincolnrille  or  Searsmont,  Me.  (1892). 

1312.  Darius  Daggett'  {Thomas,'^  Benjamin,^  Benjamin,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John^),  born  Lincolnville,  Me.,   February  17, 


1801;  died  Madisou,  Wis.,  Septembers,  1892;  married  Searsmont, 
Me.,  October  1,   1826,  Mary  Hemeuway,   daughter  of  Joshua    and 
Polly  (Blake)  Hemenway;   born  Union,  Me.,  August  15,  1806;  died 
Madisou,  Wis.,  December  30,  1883. 
Issue : 

1792.  i.     AuiGAiL  Daggett,®  born  Searsmont,  Me.,  January  30,  1829. 

1793.  ii.    Hakriet   Looisa  Daggett,^   born   Vassalboro',    Me.,    Febrnary    8, 


1794.  iii.  George  Anson  Daggett,®  born  St.   Stephens,  N.B.,  July  3,   1839; 

died  Bangor,  Me.,  January  15,  1847. 

Darius  Daggett  was  at  one  time  couuty  treasurer  for  Aroostook 
county,  Me. 

1313.  Jonas  Daggett'  {Tliomaa,'^  Benjamin,^  Benjamhi,'' 
Thomas,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Lincolnville,  Me.,  May  16,  1803; 
died  Illinois,  January  14,  18,')0;  married . 

Issue  : 

179.->.  i.    Moses   Daggett,®  married ;  died  al)out  1883. 

171H1.  ii.   Aritv   Daggett,®  married  Mr.  TlKiyer  (?). 

Mrs.  Jonas  Daggett  married 'id,  Mr.  St.  Clair;  resides  Alton,  111. 

1314.  Sally  Daggett'  {Thomas,"  Benjamin,-'  Benjamin,' 
Thomas,"  Thoma»,^  John'),  bom  Moutville,  Me.,  June  26,  180.5; 
died  Clarion,  Iowa,  November  8,  1891;  married  November  9,  1826, 
Joseph  Pitcher;  married  2d,  Palmyra,  Me.,  December  17,  1831,  Pas- 
chal Pecla  Nichols;  born  Febrnary  2,  1801;  died  April  12,  1849; 
married  3d,  Moses  Jenkins  ;  married  4th,  David  Jewett. 

Issue : 

1797.  i.     Josephine  Pitcher,®  born  August  24,  1829. 

1798.  ii.    Frances  A.  Nichols,®  born  August  4,  1835. 

1799.  iii.  Edwin  R.  Nichols,®  born  January  5,  1837. 

1800.  iv.  Thomas  Owen  Nichols,®  born  Detroit,  Mich.,  June  14,  1845;  resides 

Clarion,  Iowa  (1892). 

1315.  Zenas  Daggett'  {Thomas,'^  Benjamin,^  Benjamin,' 
Thomas,"  Thomas,"  John  '),  boru  October  13,  1807  ;  died  Placerville, 
Cal.,  1878;  married. 

Issue:  three  children. 

1801.  i.  Frank  Daggett,®  resided  in  Stockton,  Me.,  a  few  years  ago  (1892). 

1317.  Moses  L.  Daggett'  (Thomas,"  Benjamin,^  Benjamin,* 
Thomas,"  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Hope,  Me.,  January  13,  1819  ;  died 
Madisou,  Wis.,  March  24,  1881 ;  married  Palmyra,  Me.,  April  29, 
1841,  Tamson  Hutchinson;  born  August  11,  1821. 

Issue : 
KS02.  i.     Zeuulan  Manter   Daggett,®  born    Palmyra,    Me.,    November    14, 
1842;  "a  soldier;"  died  Reaves  Station,  Mo.,  April  25,  1862. 


1803.  ii.    AsBURT  Moses  Daggett,''  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  Decemlicr  1,  18-16. 

1804.  lii.  Floeence  Augusta  Daggett,*  born  Madison,  Wis.,  May  li),  1859; 

died  Madison,  Wis.,  October  25,  1875. 

1320.  Samuel  Baker  Daggett'  {Richmond,^  Benjamin,^  Ben- 
jamin,* Thomas,^  Thomas,-  JoJm'),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  September 
6,  1807;  died  Shasta,  Cal.,  August  10,  1852;  married  Holdeu,  Me., 
February  5,  1835,  Almira  Jones,  daughter  of  Luther  and  Lucy  (Nye) 
Jones;  born  Holden,  Me.,  October  26,  1813;  died  Bangor,  Me., 
AprU  12,  1880. 

Issue : 

1805.  i.      Aleekt  Wesley  Daggett,**  born  Bangor,   Me.,  Mav   10,  1836;  died 

Bangor,  Me.,  July  30,  1837. 

1806.  ii.     Almira  Jane  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  June  G,  1839. 

1807.  iii.    Samuel  Wesley  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,  December  1,  1810. 

1808.  iv.    Susan  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  July  30,  1842. 

1809.  V.     Ellen  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  May  30,  1844;  resides  Bangor, 

Me.  (1892). 

1810.  vi.    Lucy  Maria  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  March  12,  1846. 

1811.  vii.  Albert  Henry  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,   Me.,   September  17,1849; 

died  Bangor,  Me.,  September  17,  1850. 

Samuel  B.  Daggett  went  to  California  in  1850,  and  opened  a  hotel 
in  Shasta  —  the  only  temperance  hotel  at  that  time  in  the  town. 

1331.  Henry  Mardin  Daggett'  {Richmond,^  Benjamin,^  Benja- 
min,* Thomas,^  Thomas,"  Jb/m'),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January  23, 
1809;  died  ^Bangor,  Me.,  May  15,  1850;  married  Skowhegan,  Me., 
March  13,  1833,  Catharine  Robinson  Malbon,  daughter  of  Nathaniel 
and  Mary  (Robinson)  Malbon ;  born  Cornville,  Me. ;  died  Bangor, 
Me.,  January  23,  1871. 

Issue : 

1812.  i.     Henry  Richmond  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,   October  17,   1835; 

m.arried;  resides  Petoskey,  Mich.  (1892). 

1813.  ii.    Harriet  Ann  Daggett,"    born    Bangor,   Me.,   May    5,    1836;    died 

Bangor,  Me.,  October  14,  1852. 

1814.  iii.  James  Milton  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  February  7,  1840. 

1815.  iv.  Augustus  Morrill  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  June  1,  1842;  re- 

sides Petoskey,  Mich.  (1892). 

1816.  V.    Charles  Hayward  Daggett,"  born  Bangor,  Me.,  May  1,  1847;  died 

Washington,  D.C.,  June  30,  1863. 

1322.  Martha  Daggett'  {Richmond,^  Benjamin,^  Benjamin,* 
Thomas,'  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January  10,  1811; 
died  Saco,  Me.,  October  31,  1891;  married  Bangor.  Me.,  November 
11,  1832,  Calvin  Osgood. 

Issue : 

1817.  i.       Calvin  Richmond  Osgood,"  born  Bangor,  Me. 

1818.  ii.      Martha  Francis  Osgood,"  born  Bangor,  Me. 

1819.  iii.     Wesley  Almond  Osgood,"  born  Bangor,  Me.  (?). 

1820.  iv.     Henry  Augustus  Osgood,"  born  Garland,  Me. 

1821.  V.       Samuel  Daggett  Osgood,"  born  Garland,  Me. 


1822.  Ti.     Benjamin  Franklin  Osgood,®  born  Garland,  Me. ;  resides  39  Acorn 

street,  Maiden,  Mass.  (1892). 

1823.  vii.    Charles  Frederic  Osgood, *  born  Garland,  Me. ;  resides  Everett, 

Mass.  (1892). 

1824.  vili.  Anna   Augusta   Osgood,®   born   Garland,   Me. ;    resides  Saco,   Me. 


1825.  ix.     George  Washington  Osgood,®  born  Garland,  Me. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Osgood  removed  from  Bangor  to  Garland,  Me.,  iii 

1327.  ICHABOD  Daggett'  {Ichabod,"  Elihu,'  Mayhem^*  John,' 
TJiomas.^  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  20,  1771 ;  died 
Thetford,  Vt. ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  4,  1796,  Hannah 
Whiting,  daughter  of  David  and  Hannah  (Walcott)  "Whiting ;  boru 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  14,  1772. 

Issue : 

1826.  i.  Manning  Daggett,®  resides  Whiting,  Vt.  (1883). 

1330.  Henry  Daggett'  {Ichabod,"  Elihu,'  Mayheiv,*  John,'' 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  29,  1778; 
died  Parishville,  N.Y.,  July  7,  1862;  married  July  2,  1800,  Pamelia 
Tamebling;  boru  January  19,  1781  ;  died  Stoelvholm,  N.Y.,  August 
6,  1850. 

Issue : 

1827.  i.      Polly  Daggett,®  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  April  15,  1802. 

1828.  ii.     Stephen  Abbot  Daggett,®  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  June  19,  1804. 

1829.  iii.    Emila  Daggett,®  boru  Cornwall,  Vt.,  March  2,  1806;  died  Parish- 

Tille,  N.Y.,  October  31,  1882. 

1830.  iv.    David  Daggett,®  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  August  9.  1809. 

1831.  V.     Levi  Parsons  Daggett,®  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  July  5,  1811. 

1832.  vi.    Orpha  Manell.a  Daggett,®  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  May  23,  1816. 

1833.  vii.  Lucy  Elmira  Daggett,®  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  August  26,  1818. 

Henry  Daggett  went  to  Cornwall,  Vt.,  and  in  1817  removed  to 
Stockholm,  N.Y. 

1331.  Benjamin  Daggett'  {Daniel,'^  Elihu,''  Maylieiv,"  John,' 
Thomas,''  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  16,  1763; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  11,  1807;  married  Wrentham, 
Mass.,  October  2,  1792,  by  Rev.  David  Avery,  to  Polly  Guild ;  born 
1764;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  10,  1820. 

Issue : 

1834.  i.     John  Dickinson  Daggett,®  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  4,  1793; 

removed  to  Missouri. 

1835.  ii.    Maria  Daggett,®    born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   August    16,    1795;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  25,   1800. 
183G.  iii.  Daniel  Guild  Daggett,®  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  1,  1798. 

1837.  iv.  James  Hervt  Daggett,®  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  27,  1800. 

1838.  V.    Eliza  Maria  Daggett,®  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  3,  1804. 

Benjamin  Daggett,  trader,  of  Attleboro';  his  wife  appointed 
administrator  of  his  estate,  October  6,  1807.     [Bristol  Probate.] 


1333.  Mart  Daggett  '  {Daniel,^  Elihu,^  Mayheiv,*  John,^ 
TJiomas,"  John  '),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  21,  1766  ;  died  Attle- 
boro',  Mass.,  June  28,  1829;  married  1st,  Oliver  Blackintou,  son  of 
Oliver  and  Mary  Blackinton;  born  1760;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
April  3,  1810;  married  2d,  Josiah  Draper. 

Issue : 

1839.  i.       Catherine  Blackinton,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  22,  1785. 

1840.  ii.      Levi  Blakinton,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  2,  1788. 

1841.  iii.     Nancy  Blackinton,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  23,  1790. 

1842.  iv.     Mary  Blakinton,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,  1793. 

1843.  V.      Olive  D.  Blackinton,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  7,  1795. 

1844.  Ti.     Azuea  Blackinton,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  15,  1797. 

1845.  vii.    Oliver  Blackinton,"  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  August  6,  1800. 

1846.  viii.  Aakon  Blackinton,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  8,  1803. 

1847.  ii.     Chloe  Blackinton,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  13,  1805. 

1333.  Margaeet  Daggett'  (Daniel,^  Elihu,^  3Iayhew,*  John,^ 
Thomas,'  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  27,  1768;  died 
Pawlet,  Vt.,  August  8,  1830;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  5, 
1788,  John  Guild,  son  of  Naphtali  and  Joanna  Guild  (see  No.  1152)  ; 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  28,  1763 ;  died  Pawlet,  Vt.,  September 
20,  1850. 

Issue : 

1848.  i.     Chauncy    Guild,"    born  Attleboro',    M.iss.,   July    3,    1789;    married 

Celinda  Bourn. 

1849.  ii.    Plyne  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  19,  1792;  died  July  19, 


1850.  iii.  Milton  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  1,  1795;  married  at 

an  advanced  age  ;  no  issue. 

1851.  iv.  Eunice  Guild,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  24,   1799;    married 

April  19,  1818,  Milton  Brown. 

1852.  V.    Lucy  Guild,"  born  Pawlet,  Vt.,  March  7,  1804;  married  May,  1829, 

Charles  Wilgus,  of  West  Troy  ;  three  children. 

1853.  vi.  Abigail  Guild,"  born  Pawlet,  Vt.,  December  12,  1806;  married  De- 

cember 8,  1833,  Dr.  David  E.  Barrus;  she  died  December  16,  1884. 

John  Guild  moved  to  Pawlet,  Vt.,  in  1802 ;  erected  the  first  cotton 
factory  in  that  State,  and  had  the  management  of  it  for  several  years. 
He  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier.  He  married  2d,  November  16,  1831, 
Martha  Coolr. 

1334.  Abigail  Daggett  '  {Daniel,^  Elihu,'  Mayheiv,"  John' 
Tlwmas,-  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1770;  married 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  22,  1793,  James  Hodges,  Jr.,  of  Norton, 
son  of  James  and  Mary  (Briggs)  Hodges;  born  Norton,  Mass., 
August  23,   1767;   perished  at  sea;  date  unljnowu. 

Issue : 

1854.  i.  Harland   Hodges,"   married   February  1,    1818,   at  Norton,   to  Polly 

Bates,  of  Norton. 

1336.  Daniel  Daggett  '  {Daniel,''  Elihu,^  3Iayhew,'  John,' 
Thomas,-  John*),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1775;  died 


Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  19,  1838;  married  1st,  Attleboro',  Mass., 
November  20,  1794,  Hannah  Everet;  born  1774;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  October  11,  1800;  married  2d,  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Marcli  20, 
1803,  Margaret  Briggs,  daughter  of  Rufus  and  Margaret  Briggs ; 
born  1775;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  5,  1828. 
Issue : 

1855.  i.  Abigail  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8,  1795. 

1856.  ii.  Rhoda  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  25,  1797. 

1857.  iii.  Daniel  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  31,  1804. 

1858.  iv.  Makgaret  Daggktt,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  16,  1806;  died 

Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  December  14,  1886. 

1859.  V.      Hannah  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  1,  1810. 

1860.  Ti.     Samuel  Slater  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  19,  1812. 

1861.  vii.    Minerva    Daggett,"   born  Attleboro',  Mass.,    April  3,  1814;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,   September  1,   1850. 

1862.  viii.  Mina  Briggs  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  7,  1817. 

1337.  Betsey  Daggett'  {Daniel,^  EliJiu,'  Mayhew,''  JoJm,^ 
Thomas,-  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Septembers,  1777;  died 
Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  May  22,  1859  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
November  24,  179-,  Artemas  Stanley,  son  of  Deacon  Jonathan  and 
Martha  (Pond)  Stanley;  born  1775;  died  November  7,  1856. 

Issue : 

1863.  i.       Fanny  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  13,  1797;  married 

Silas  Tyler;  issue:   (1)  Silas,'  married  Maria  Tifft;  (2)  Artemas,^ 
resides  Lowell,  Mass.  (1893). 

1864.  ii.      Sylvan  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  7,  1798. 

1865.  iii.     Olivia  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  8,  1800;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  November  10,  1861. 

1866.  iv.     Vernal  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  30,  1802. 

1867.  V.      Chloe  Read  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  25,  1805. 

1868.  vi.     Otis  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  9,  1807. 

1869.  vii.    Betsey  Shepard  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  24, 


1870.  viii.  Milton  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  15,  1810. 

1871.  ix.     Jonathan  Harvey  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  6,  1812. 

1872.  X.      H.1KRIET  E.MiLy  Stanley,"  born  Dracut,  Mass.,  May  17,  1815. 

1338.  Olive  Daggett'  (Daniel,^  MiJm,^  llayJiew,"  John,^ 
TJiomas,'  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1785;  died  Pawtucket, 
R.I. ;  married  1st,  Mr.  Thatcher;  married  2d,  Attleboro',  Mass., 
July  14,  1816,  Charles  O.  Cheney;  died  Attleboro',  Mass. 

Issue : 

1873.  i.    Adaline  Thatcher,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  12,  1805;  dieil 

North  Attleboro',  Mass. 

1874.  ii.   Harriette  Cheney,"  married  James  Davis  ;  issue,  two  daughters  ;  died 

Pawtucket,  R.I. 

1344.  Amelia  Martha  Daggett'  {Henry, ^  Elihu,^  Mayheio,* 
John,^  Tliomas,"  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  25,  1779; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  24,  1807;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  June  13,  1802,  Captain  John  Bulkley,  son  of  John  and  Sarah 


(Wright)   Bulkley;  bom  Wethersfield,  C'ouii.,  1777;  died  New  York 
city,  October,  1852. 
Issue : 

1875.  i.    Henkt  Daggett  Bulkley,'*  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  20,  1803. 

1876.  ii.  Amelia  Martha  Bulkley,^  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  13,  1806. 

Capt.  John  Bulkley  was  a  merchant  iu  New  York  aud  descended 
from  Rev.  Peter  Bulkley,  one  of  the  earliest  immigrants,  and  one  of 
the  founders  of  Concord,  Mass.  After  the  death  of  Amelia  Martha 
Bulkley,  he  married  2d,  1808,  Mrs.  Priscilla  Sturges,  daughter  of 
Mr.  Burr,  of  Fairfield,  Conn. 

1347.  Elisabeth  Daggett'  {Henry,^  EliJni,^  May/ieu;"  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  5,  1786;  died 
Hartford,  Conn.,  August  2,  1869;  married  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May 
24,  1812,  Edward  Hooker,  Esq.,  son  of  Col.  Noadiah  and  Eebekah 
(Griswold)  Hooker,  of  Farmington,  Conn.  ;  born  Farmiugton,  Conn., 
AprU  27,  1785;  died  Farmington,  Conn.,  Maj'  5,  1846. 

Issue : 

1877.  i.     Ellsabeth  Daggett  Hooker,'  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  May  1,  1813. 

1878.  ii.    John  Hooker,'  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  April  19,  1816. 

1879.  iii.  Edward  Hooker,'  born  Farmiugton,  Conn.,  December  30,  1819;  died 

Farmington,  Conn.,  May  20,  1821. 

1880.  iv.  Edward  Hooker,'  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  December  25,  1822. 

1881.  V.    Mary  Hooker,' born  Farmington,  Conn.,  May  3,   1825;  died  Farm- 

ington, Conn.,  October  1,  1826. 

1348.  Mary  Daggett'  {Henry,'^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,' 
Thomas,^  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  5,  1702;  died 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  14,  1875;  married  New  Haven,  Conn., 
June  5,  1821,  Rev.  Samuel  Rogers  Andrew,  sou  of  Samuel  and  Char- 
lotte (Rogers)  Andrew,  of  Milford,  Conn.  ;  born  Milford,  Conn., 
May  6,  1787;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  26,  1858. 

Issue : 

1882.  i.     Samuel  Worcester  Andrew,'  born  Woodbury,  Conn.,  June  8,  1822. 

1883.  ii.    Henry  Daggett  Andrew,'  born  Woodbury,  Conn.,   April  21,  1824; 

died  New  York  city,  April  19,  1890. 

1884.  iii.  Mary  Elizabeth  Andrew,'   born  Woodbury,  Conn.,  November  13, 

1825;  married  April  2,  1851,  Rev.  William  Atchison;  she  died 
Fitchville,  Conn.,  January  12,  1853. 

1885.  iv.  Charlotte  Rogers  Andrew,'   born  Woodbury,  Conn.,  October  26, 

1828;  married  Rev.  James  Gallup;-  resides  Madison,  Conn. 

1886.  V.    Edward   Hooker    Andrew,'   born   Woodbury,    Conn.,    October   14, 

1841;  married  1st,  October  14,  1858,  Amelia  Hubbell,  of  New 
Haven ;  she  died  November  17,  1859 ;  married  2d,  December  25, 
1867,  Mrs.  Louisa  Crane,  of  New  York;  no  issue;  he  diml  New 
York  city,  January  5,  1876. 

Rev.  Samuel  R.  Andrew  descended  from  Rev.  Samuel  Andrew, 
Harvard  College,  1656.     He  was  settled  at  "Woodbury,  Conn.,  where 


he  contiuued  imtil  184G,  when  he  was  dismissed  at  his  own  request 
oil  account  of  failing  health,  and  removed  to  New  Haven.  The  last 
years  of  his  life  he  was  trustee  of  Yale  College  and  secretary  of  the 

1349.  George  Daggett'  [EUhu,^  Elihu,'  Mayheiv,'  John,^ 
Thomas,^  JoJm^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  29,  1774;  died 
Atkinson,  Me.,  November  18,  1845;  married  Dresden,  Me.,  Novem- 
ber, 1797,  by  Rev.  Mephibosheth  Cain,  to  Mary  Bodfish,  daughter  of 
Nimphus  and  Mercy  (Goodwin)  Bodfish;  born  Dresden,  Me.,  Sep- 
tember 3,  1782;  died  Atkinson,  Me.,  March  25,  1873. 

Issue : 

1887.  i.       Daughter  Daggett,'  born  Fairiield,  Me.,  August  or  September, 

1798  ;  died  soon  after  birth. 

1888.  ii.      Daughter  •  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me,  August  or  September, 

1798;  died  soon  after  birth. 

1889.  iii.     Charity  GiLiEnciA  Daggett,*  born  FairBeld,  Me.,  September  16, 


1890.  IT.     Lydia  Toycross  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  January  8,  1805. 

1891.  T.      E-MiLY  Appleton  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  March  22,  1807. 

1892.  Ti.     George  Ranbolph  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,   Me.,   November  IS, 


1893.  vii.    Mary  Ann  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  October  7,  1811. 

1894.  viii.  Earl  Percy  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  May  30,  1820. 

1895.  ix.     Albion  K.  Paris  Daggett,*  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  February  20,  1822. 

George  Daggett  was  a  school  teacher  and  farmer.  He  belonged  to 
a  company  of  militia  during  the  war  of  1812,  and  was  clerk  of  the 
company.  They  were  called  out  and  stationed  to  guard  some  prop- 
erty, for  which  ser^^ce  his  widow  received  a  laud  warrant  for  one 
hundred  and  sixty  acres  of  land,  about  1853. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  a  man  of  the  highest  moral  character ;  a  man 
who  read,  and  was  gifted  in  conversation  and  writing.  He  was  some- 
thing of  a  poet,  but  none  of  his  compositions  are  known  to  be 

He  moved  from  Fairfield  to  Atkinson,  Me.,  about  1831. 

1350.  Rosamond  Daggett'  (Elihu,''  Elihu,'  JUayheiv,"  John,^ 
ThomaK,^  /o7iw'),boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  6,  1777;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  28,  1851 ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
January  3,  1818,  Thomas  Cobb  Martin;  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
August  6,   1776;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  28,   1857. 

No  issue : 

1353.  Capt.  Elihu  Daggett'  {Elihu,^  Elihu,"  Mayhew,*  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  24,  1785;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  25,  1871 ;  married  Pembroke,  Mass., 
November  28,  1810,  Luciuda  White,  daughter  of  Capt.  William  and 


Hannah  [Stetson  (Gushing)]  White;  born  Pembroke,   Mass.,   Sep- 
tember 22,   1788;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  1,  1847. 
Issue : 

1896.  i.     Lyman  White  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  28,  1812. 

1897.  ii.    Ann  Janette   Stanley  Daggett,"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  October 

13,  181-1;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  20,  1838. 

1898.  iii.  Corissande  La  Roche  Daggett,"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  February 

7,  1819;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  16,  1837. 

1899.  iv.    Statiea  Archademia  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September 

15,  1821;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  28,  1821. 

1354.  Jacob  Daggett'  (Elihu,^  Eliliu,^  Mai/heiv,'  John,'' 
Thomas,'^  John^),  born  Mansfield,  Mass.,  April  20,  1787;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  2,  1869;  married  Mansfield,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber, 1808,  Nancy  Fisher,  daughter  of  Samuel  Fisher;  born  Mans- 
field, Mass.,  May  12,  1786;  died  Wrentham,  Mass.,  May  12,  1854. 

Issue : 

1900.  i.     James  Madison  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10,  1809. 

1901.  ii.    Henry  Lefkelet  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  10,  1812. 

1902.  iii.  Mathew  Fisher   Daggett,"   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,   December   4, 


1903.  iv.  Thirza  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  8,  1816;  married 

"William  Clark;  resides  Troy,  N.Y.  (1892). 

1904.  V.    Willard  Elihu  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  8,  1818. 

Jacob  Daggett  was  a  jeweller,  and  resided  in  Wrentham,  ]\Iass. 

1356.  Sarah  Daggett'  {Jacob,"  Elihn,^  ^lauheic,''  Johii,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  January  5,  1776;  died  MUford,  Conn.  (?), 
November  9,  1852 ;  married  Kev.  Sherman  Johnson,  of  Milford, 
Conn.;  died  180G. 

Issue : 

1905.1.  Roger  Sherman  Johnson,"  born  1805;  died  January,  1849;   married 
Catherine  Woodman;  issue:   (1)   Sherman  Johnson ;  '    (2)   Sarah  C. 
married  Stuart  Barnes. 

Rev.  Sherman  Johnson  graduated  from  Yale  in  1802.  He  was  the 
fourth  pastor  of  the  Second  Congregational  Church  in  Milford,  Conn. 

1357.  Chauncy  Daggett'  {Jacoh,'^  Elihu,'  Mcvihew,^  John,'' 
Thomas,'  John'),  born  June  7,  1779;  married  Mehitable  Mulford, 
daughter  of  Barnabas  and  Mehitable  (Gorham)  Mulford;  born  New 
Haven,  Conn.,  January  25,  1780;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Septem- 
ber 8,  1854. 

Issue : 

1906.  i.  Baknabas  M.  Daggett,"  married,  November  30,  1830,  Charity,  widow 
of  Leonard  Tift,  of  Attleboro',  and  daughter  of  Gardner  and  Jemima 
(Rice)  Wright,  of  Sutton;  she  born  June  3,  1804;  died  February  21, 
1841 ;  he  died  NoTember  10,  1839. 


1372.  Milton  Daggett'  {Elijah,^  Elihu,'  31ayhew,'  JoJin,^ 
Thomas,'  John^),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  15,  1792;  died 
Charlestown,  Mass.,  May  25,  1872;  married  (intention  March  5, 
1816)  Nancy  Smith,  daughter  of  Jacob  Smith,  of  Worcester;  born 
Worcester,  Mass.,  March  20,  1794;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  October  7, 


1907.  i.     Milton  Oene  Daggett,*  died  young. 

1908.  ii.    Caroline  P.  Daggett,"  born  Lincoln,  Mass.,  1820. 

1909.  iii.  Lyman  Daggett,"  born  Lincoln,  Mass.,  January  16,  1821. 

1373.  Marietta  Daggett'  (Elijah,"  Elihu,'  Mayhetp,''  John,^ 
Thomas,-  John '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  4,  1795  ;  died  North 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1846;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
May  19,  1814,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Read,  to  Abraham  Hayward,  son  of 
Abraham  and  Sarah  [Brewer  (Lowd)]  Hayward;  born  Boston, 
Mass.,  May  10,  1790;  died  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  11, 

Issue : 

1910.  i.      Ann  Maria  Hayward,'  born   North   Attleboro',   Mass.,  March  22, 

1815;  married  Mr.  Chapin;  living  (1892). 

1911.  ii.     Marietta  Hayward,"   born    North    Attleboro',    Mass.,    March    31, 

1817;  died  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  28,  1849, 

1912.  iii.    Gardner  Daggett  HArwARD,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June 

30,  1820;  living  (1892). 

1913.  iv.    William  Abraham  H.^yward,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April 

29,  1822;  died  December  23,  1870. 

1914.  T.     Charles  Edward  Hayward,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August 

28,  1824 ;  died  May  4,  188G. 

1915.  vi.    Sarah  E.  Hayward,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  21,  1827; 

married  Jonathan  A.  Briggs ;  died  March  14,  1852. 

1916.  vii.  Henry  Lincoln  Hayward,"  born  North  Attleboro',   Mass.,  Novem- 

ber 18,  1832 ;  resides  there  (.1892)  ;  has  son,  AValter  E.  Hayward,"  of 
Hayward  &  Sweet,  jewelry. 

1375.  Mauia  Daggett'  {Elijah,"  Elihu,'"  Mayhew,'  John,' 
T/iomas,- Jb/t)i'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  9,  1799;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  17,  1890;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  be- 
tween June  and  November  12,   1825,  William  Earl. 

Issue : 

1917.  1.    Thomas  Earl,"  resides  Springfield,  Mass.  (1892). 

1918.  ii.  William  D.  Earl." 

1383.  Clark  Daggett'  {Joseph,"  Elihu,'  Mayheiv,'  John,' 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  October  14,  1787  ;  died  Trumansbarg,  N.Y., 
June,  1875;  married,  Vermont,  Anna  Perrigo ;  died  1875. 

Issue : 

1919.  i.     Truman  G.  Daggett,"  resides  Trumansburg,  Tompkins  county,  N.Y. 



1920.  ii.    Lucius  T.  Daguktt,'  resides  Dodge  Citv,  Minn.  (1882). 

1921.  iii.   D.  Daggett,^  born  1830;  resides  Oswego,  N.Y.  (1882);  married  and 

has  C.  L.  Daggett.' 

1391.  Otis  Daggett'  {Joab,"  John,^  Ebenezer,'  Juhn,^  Tho^nas,^ 
John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  4, '1785  ;  died  Surr}',  N.H.  ; 
married  1st,  Cumberland,  E.I.,  November  12, 1809,  by  Elder  Stephen 
Place,  to  Content  Smith,  daughter  of  Aria  Smith ;  maiTied  2d,  Surry, 
N.H.,  October  2,  1828,  by  Erastus  Otis,  Esq.,  to  Lydia  Sargeant,  of 
Rindge,  N.H.,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Mary  (Darling)  Sargeant; 
born  February  11,   1794. 

Issue : 

1922.  1.       Susan  .Content  Daggett,"*  born  Cumberland,  R.I.,  March  7,  1810; 

married  Harvey  M.  Daggett  (see  No.  1414). 

1923.  ii.      George  Washington  Daggett,'  born  Surry,  N.H.,  May  1,  1812; 

married  Westport,  Mo. ;  died  Westport,  Mo. ;  issue:  one  daughter. 

1924.  iii.     Mart  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Surry,  N.H.,  September  18,  1813. 

1925.  ir.     John  Oilman  Daggett,*  born  Surry,  N.H.,  June  21,  1816. 

1926.  T.      Angelina   Daggett,'   born  Surry,  N.H.,   May   30,    1819;    married 

fiomer  M.  Daggett  (see  No.  1419). 

1927.  vi.     Otis  Smith  Daggett,'  born  Surry,  N.H.,  March  23,  1821;  "chair 

manufacturer;"  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  9,  1852. 

1928.  vii.    Nancv  Makia  Daggett,'  born   Surry,   N.H.,  April   4,    1823;    died 

Concord,  N.H.,  May,  1875. 

1929.  viii.  Amelia    Sophia   Daggett,'  born  Surry,  N.H.,  July  11,  1829;  died 

Surry,  N.H.,  in  childhood. 

1930.  ix.     Ltdia   Eliza   Daggett,'   born   Surry,   N.H.,  July   22,    1832;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass. 

1931.  X.      Martha  Jane  Daggett,'  born  Surry,  N.H.,  February  1,  1836. 

Mrs.  Lydia  (Sargeant)  Daggett  married  2d,  Isaiah  Wilder. 

1393.  Levi  Daggett  '  (Joab,^  JoJm,^  Ehenezer,*  John,^  Thomas," 
John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  12,  1789 ;  died  Eindge,  N.H., 
September  20,  1860;  married  Troy,  N.H.,  April  15,  1818,  Abigail 
Butler,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Parnae  (Temple)  Butler;  born 
Bolton,  Mass.,  June  3,  1798;  died  Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  March 
27,  1870. 

1932.  i.      Abigail  Daggett,'  born  Troy,  N.H.,  February  11,  1819. 

1933.  ii.     Leti  Daggett,'  born  Troy,  N.H.,  July  3,  1820. 

1934.  iii.   JoAB  Daggett,'  born  Troy,  N.H.,  August  7,  1822. 

1935.  iy.    Emeline  Daggett,"  born  Marlborough,  N.H. ,  September  23,  1824; 

died  Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  January  6,  1879. 

1936.  v.     Cordelia    Daggett,'   born  Attleboro',  Mass.,   May   15,   1830;    died 

Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  October  31,  1876. 

1937.  Ti.    Caroline   Daggett,'   born   Attleboro',,    Mass.,   November   2,    1832; 

married  Jaffrey,  N.H.,  August  17,  1853,  Henry  John  Blodgett;  she 
died  Gardner,  Mass.,  May  18,  1868;  he  resided  Chelsea,  Mass. 

1938.  vii.  Harrison  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  4,  1840;  died  Attle- 

boro', Mass.,  August  10,  1843. 

1395.-   Maecus     Daggett'     (Joab,"    John,^    Ebenezer,'    John,'^ 
Thomas,"  John^),  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  21,   1793;    resides 


Fisherville,  N.H.  (1881)  ;   married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  15, 
1817,  Martha  Nye,  of  Falmouth,  Mass. ;  died  March  21,  1861. 

Issue : 
1939.  i.      Martha   Ann  Daggett,"  born   Marlborough,  N.H.,  November   29, 

1818;  married  David  A.  Brown. 
igiO.  ii.     Marcus  Lafayette  Daggett,"  born   Marlborough,  N.H.,  June  15, 


1941.  iii.    Fanny  B.  Daggett,"  born  Marlborough,  N.H.,  June  2,  1822;  resides 

Fisherville,  N.H.  (1881). 

1942.  iv.    Eliza  M.  Daggett,"  born  Marlborough,  N.H.,  January  14,  1825;  re- 

sides Attleboro',  Mass.  (1881). 

1943.  v.     Joseph  M.  Daggett,"  born  November  14,  1828;   resides  California 


1944.  vi.    Ebenezer  Daggett,"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  14,   1832;    died 


1945.  vii.  Ellen  A.  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  1,  1835;    resided 

Boston,  Mass.  (1881). 

Marcus  Daggett  went  to  Marlborough,  N.H.,  in  1818,  and  located 
on  the  farm  since  owned  by  Noah  Porter.  After  residing  here  eight 
years,  he  removed  to  Rindge,  N.H.,  where  he  remained  one  year,  and 
then  returned  to  his  native  town. 

1396.  Lucas  Daggett  '  {Joah,^  John,^  Ebenezer,^  John,^ 
Thomas,-  John  ^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  6,  1795;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  18,  1864;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
February  23,  1824,  Nancy  Capron,  daughter  of  Otis  and  Rachel 
fSweet)  Capron;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  29,  1796. 

1400.  Pliny  Daggett  '  {Joab,'^  John,'"  Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,- 
John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  20,  1804;  "farmer;" 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8,  1865;  married  Troy,  N.H.,  March 
22,  1825,  Anne  Lawrence,  daughter  of  John  and  Irene  (Newell) 
Lawrence,  of  Troy,  N.H. ;  born  Troy,  N.H.,  November  24,  1809  ; 
died  Berlin,  Wis.,  March  14,  1880. 

Issue : 

1946.  i.       Elizabeth  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Troy,  N.H.,  March  21,  1826. 

1947.  ii.      Alonzo  Daggett,"  born  Troy,  N.H.,  April  20,  1828. 

1948.  iii.     Lorenzo   Daggett,"  born  Troy,   N.H.,  February  14,   1830;    sailed 

from  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  October  3,  1849,  on  whale-ship  "Her- 
cules ;  "  put  ashore  sicli  at  Valparaiso,  Chili,  from  where  he  wrote, 
1850,  that  he  was  about  to  embarli  on  an  Austrian  bark;  not  since 
heard  from. 

1949.  iv.     Mary  Jane  Daggett,"  born  Troy,  N.H.,  February  7,  1832. 

1950.  V.      Nancy  Maria  Daggett,"  born  Troy,  N.H.,  March  19,   1834;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  10,  1836. 

1951.  vi.     Ferdinand  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  26,  1836. 

1952.  vii.    Pliny  Augustus   Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   January  29, 


1953.  vUi.  Homer  Daggett,"   born   Attleboro',  Mass.,   August  2,    1840;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  6,  1841. 

1954.  ix.     Eugene  Clarence  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October   23, 

1842;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1844. 


1955.  X.       Ella  Josephine  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  29,  1845; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  18,  1845. 

1956.  xi.     Eugene  Herbert  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  12, 

1848;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  7,  1848. 

1957.  xii.    Clara  Louise  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  JSIass.,  January  8,  1852. 

1403.  Nancy  Daggett'  {Joah,^  John,'  Ebenezer,'  John," 
Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  26,  1810;  married 
1st,  Mr.  Mason;  married  2d,  Mr.   Caprou. 

Issue  : 

1958.  1.  Joseph  Mason,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.;  died  Fortress  Monroe,  Va. 

1403.  Lois  Daggett  '  {Jesse,"  John,'  Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,^ 
John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  28,  1797;  resided  Attle- 
boro', Mass.  (1853)  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  G,  1821, 
Ezekiel  Bates,  of  Boston,  "  house wright,"  son  of  Gamaliel  and  Mary 
(Cai-ver)  Bates  ;  born  November  5,  1795. 

Issue : 

1959.  i.     Jesse  D.  Bates,"  born  July  31,  1823;  married  Mary  E.  Fowle,  July 

9,  1845;  had  Lois  D.  Bates;'  born  September  1,  1850. 

1960.  ii.    John  T.  Bates,*  born  November  25,  1831. 

1961.  iii.  Mary  A.  Bates,"  born  September  3,  1836. 

1411.  Ltdia  Maxcy  Daggett  '  {Ebenezer,"  John,^  Ebenezer,' 
John,'^  TJiomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  16,  1802; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  2,  1882  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
June  21,  1824,  by  Hon.  Ebenezer  Daggett,  to  Capron  Peck,  son  of 
Jonatban  and  Sabra  (Capron)  Peck;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Feb- 
ruary 4,  1797;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  7,  1874. 

Issue : 

1962.  i.        Saera  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  4,  1825;  resides  there 


1963.  ii.      Sally  Maxcy  Peck,"   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,    October   12,   1826; 

resides  there  (1892)- 

1964.  iii.     Joseph  Capron  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  12,  1828;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  3,  1829. 

1965.  iv.     Jonathan    Maxcy    Peck,"   born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  Noyember   25, 


1966.  T.      LiDiA  Daggett  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  2,  1833; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  23,  1834. 

1967.  Ti.      Son Peck,"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  17,  1834;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  17,  1834. 

1968.  Tii.    Ebenezer  Daggett  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  22,  1835; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  26,  1841. 

1969.  viii.  John  McClellan  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  28,  1837;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  14,  1838'. 

1970.  ix.     John  Daggett  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  12,  1838;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  2,  1839. 

1971.  X.       George  Capron  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  21,  1840; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  21,  1841. 

1972.  xi.     Mary  Isadora  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  15,  1842;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10,  1852. 

1973.  xii.    Ltdia  Daggett  Peck,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  3,  1844; 

resides  there  (1892). 


1412.  Hou.  John  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,"  John,'  Ehenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,''  John'),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  10,  180.5; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  13,  1885;  married  Sutton,  Mass., 
June    18,    1840,  by  Rev.    Job 

B.  Boomer,  to  Nancy  McClel-  jf^-r^      '^  ^  ^      ^-/y      ^ 

Ian  Boomer,  daughteV  of  Rev.     ^^^^T^^^^^^^-^/^^^^^T^ 
Job   Borden  and  Nancy    (Mc- 

Clellan)  Boomer,  of  Sutton,  Mass. ;  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  September 
29,  1819  ;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  22,  1886. 

Issue : 

197-t.  i.      Mary  Boomer  Daggett,*  born   Attleboro',   Mass.,  June    17,    1842; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  9,  1842. 

1975.  ii.     Marcia  McClellan  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  26, 

1843;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  19,  1854. 

1976.  iii.    John    Mayhew    Daggett,"   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,   November    16, 


1977.  iv.    Charles  Shepard  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  5,  1848; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  27,  1855. 

1978.  V.     Amelia  Maxoy  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  23,  1850. 

1979.  vi.    Henry  Herman  Daggett,*   born  Attleboro',    Mass.,   September   10, 

1852;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  13,  1854. 

1980.  vii.  Herman  Shepard  Daggett,*  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  September  6, 

1855;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  9,  1858. 

Hon.  John  Daggett  was  fitted  for  college  at  Wrentham  Academy 
and  entered  Brown  University  in  1822,  graduating  in  course  in  1826. 
His  law  studies  occupied  three  years :  one  year  with  Joseph  L.  Til- 
linghast,  of  Providence ;  one  year  with  J.  J.  Fiske,  of  Wrentham ; 
and  one  with  Judge  Theron  Metcalf,  of  Dedham.  He  was  admitted 
to  the  bar  in  Dedham  in  December,  1829,  and  immediately  com- 
menced the  practice  of  law  in  Attleboro',  where  he  remained  till  his 
death.  Without  abandoning  his  profession,  he  filled  various  offices 
during  his  long  life.  For  two  years,  1833  and  1834,  he  was  editor  of 
the  "  Dedham  Patriot."  Mr.  Daggett  was  a  member  of  the  Massa- 
chusetts House  of  Representatives  for  four  years,  1836-1839  inclu- 
sive, and  was  again  a  member  in  1866.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Senate  in  18.i0.  He  filled  the  office  of  register  of  probate  of  the 
county  of  Bristol  eleven  years,  from  1850  to  1862,  and  he  was  also 
for  many  years  chairman  of  the  School  Conmiittee  in  Attleboro'.  He 
also  found  time  for  literary  and  historical  studies.  He  published  a 
little  book  called  "  Parris's  Remains,"  which  contained  a  memoir,  to- 
gether with  selections  from  the  writings,  of  Samuel  Parris,  INI.D. 
[B.U.,  1821]. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  one  of  the  constituent  members  of  the  Old  Colony 
Historical  Society,  and  for  many  years  was  its  president.  He  was 
also  a  member  of  the  New  England  Genealogical  Society.  His  in- 
terest in  inquu-ies  and  studies  pertaining  to  the  objects  of  these 
societies  induced  him  to  write  and  publish  the  history  of  his  native 


town,  "  Attleboio',"  a  task  which  he  so  worthily  discharged  as  to  win 
for  him,  with  the  respect  and  love  of  his  townsmen,  the  name  and 
influence  of  an  authority  in  all  that  pertained  to  the  annals  of  their 
town.  It  is  a  fact  worthy  of  record  and  remembrance  that  from 
the  year  he  entered  college  to  the  year  of  his  death  he  was  present 
at  every  commencement,  attending  thus  sixty-three  successive  com- 
mencements. The  "Bristol  County  Republican,"  under  date  of 
December  18,   1885,  says  of  him : 

On  the  10th  of  February  last,  there  was  a  large  gathering  of  relatives  and 
friends  to  greet  him  on  the  advent  of  his  octogenarian  birthday,  a  day  of  con- 
gratulation to  him  and  his  esteemed  wife.  His  gentle  kindliness,  courtesy,  and 
integrity  of  character  as  a  counsellor  and  friend  —  always  to  say  a  kind  word, 
never  a  hard  one  —  secured  for  him  the  title  of  honest  John  Daggett,  which  he 
Avore  with  his  modest  grace  and  merit  from  his  college  days,  during  these  sixty 
years,  to  the  time  when  death  claimed  him  as  a  shining  mark.  He  has  passed 
away,  J)ut  his  life-long  deeds  of  kindness  will  live  after  him,  and  his  memory  as 
the  Christian  gentleman  will  ever  be  cherished. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  much  interested  in  the  Doggett-Daggett  geneal- 
ogy, and  during  his  life  made  several  collections  of  material  to  aid 
in  such  a  work,  and,  together  with  Mr.  Wm.  E.  Deane,  tried  to  solve 
some  of  the  obscure  points  in  the  early  history  of  the  family. 

1414.  Harvey  Maxcy  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,"  Jolm,'"  Ebeneser,* 
John,^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  10,  1S09  ; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  28,  1886;  married  1st,  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  June  28,  1836,  Susan  Content  Daggett,  daughter  of  Otis  and 
Content  (Smith)  Daggett  (No.  1922)  ;  born  Cumberland,  R.I.,  March 
7,  1810;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  29,  1846;  married  2d, 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  14,  1850,  by  Rev.  N.  G.  Lovell,  to  Nancy 
Jane  Bates,  daughter  of  Dexter  and  Bethiah  (Wilmarth)  Bates  ;  born 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  24,  1817;  resides  North  Attleboro', 
Mass.  (1892),  "  on  the  old  homestead." 

Issue  : 

1981.  i.     Sarah    Maxcv    Daggett,*   born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   April  29,  1837; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  26,  1850. 

1982.  ii.    Ebenezer  Daggett,®  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   August  5,*1839;  died 

Attleboro",  Mass.,  January  13,  1842. 

1983.  iii.  Hakvey  Bates  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  16,  1851; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  11,  1882. 

1984.  iv.  Nakcy  Ella  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8,  1853. 

Harvey  INIaxcy  Daggett  was  a  farmer  on  the  old  homestead. 

1415.  Ama  Ide  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,^  John,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  24,  1811 ;  resides 
22  Harrington  avenue,  Worcester,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  October  14,   1834,  by  Rev.  Jonathan  E.  Forbush,  to  John 


McClellan,  of   Suttou,   Mass.,   son  of   James  and  Beulah  (Bacon) 
McClellaii;  bora  Suttou,  Mass.,  December  13,  1806;  died  Grafton, 
Mass.,  March  21,  1886. 
Issue : 

1985.  i.       Jamks  E.  McClellan,"  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  June  16,  1838. 

1986.  ii.      Emma  C.  McClellan,*'  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  January  21,   1841;  re- 

sides 22  Harrington  avenue,   Worcester,  Mass.   (1892). 

1987.  iii.     Sakah  J.  McClellan,^  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  April  14,  1843;  resides 

Worcester,  Mass.  (1892). 

1988.  iv.     Marcy  T.    McClellan,"  born   Sutton,  Mass.,  July  22,  1845;    died 

Sutton,  Mass.,  August  27,  1848. 

1989.  V.      John  E.  McClellan,'  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  September  5,  1847. 

1990.  vi.     Akthur  D.  McClellan,"  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  May  21,  1850;  married 

New  York  city,  October  9,  1882,  Mrs.  Mary  A.  Hartwell ;  address, 
82  Devonshire  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1892). 

1991.  tU.    Leila  A.  McClellan,"  born  Sutton,  Mass.,  February  23,  1852:  died 

Grafton,  Mass.,  July  29,  1875. 

1992.  viii.  Francis   A.  McClellan,'  born  Sutton,   Mass.,  December  24,  1854; 

married  New  York  city,  October  9,  1888,  Ella  A.  Armsby;  she  re- 
sides Worcester,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  he  died  Boston,  Mass.,  January  18, 

1993.  ix.     Jennie  I.  McClellan,"  born  Grafton,  Mass.,  July  7,  1857;  resides 

Worcester,  Mass.  (1892). 

John  McClellan,  when  a  young  man,  was  major  of  the  State  militia, 
and  was  called  by  this  title  to  some  extent  through  his  life.  While 
still  young,  he  was  made  deacon  of  the  Baptist  church  in  Grafton, 
and  served  in  that  capacity  until  his  death. 

He  filled  the  various  offices  of  trust  aud  honor  which  could  be 
bestowed  by  his  townsmeu,  being  especially  active  during  the  civil 
war.     He  represented  his  district  in  the  State  Legislature  in  1867. 

1416.  Makct  Shepakd  Daggett  '  {Ebeiiezer,^  John,''  Ebeiiezer,'' 
John,"  Tliomns,-  JoJm'),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1814; 
died  Boston,  Mass.,  November  23,  1843;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
December  3,  1835,  by  Rev.  Jonathan  E.  Forbush,  to  Erastus  David 
Everett,  of  Boston,  sou  of  Deacon  Silas  and  Tryphena  (Shepard) 
Everett;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  23,  1810;  died  Falls 
Church,  Va.,  February  28,   1881. 

Issue : 

1994.  i.      Ellen  Louisa  Everett,"  born  August  31,   1836;  resides  Attleboro', 

Mass.  (1892). 

1995.  ii.    Edward  Maxct  Everett,"  born  August  4,  1838;  died  September  3, 


1996.  iii.  Ch.4kles  Ebenezer  Everett,"  born  July  27,  1840;   died  September 

20,  1840. 

1997.  iv.  Shepakd  Silas  Everett,"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  27,  1841. 

1418.  Handel  Naphtali  D.\ggett  '  (Ebenezer,"  John,^  Eben- 
ezer,* John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27, 
1821 ;  resides  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Wreu- 
tham,   Mass.,   June    20,    1844,  by  Rev.  Reuben   Morey,  to  Eunice 


Whipple  Shephard,  daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Jemima  Shephard,  of 
Wrentham;  bom  Wrentham,  Mass.,  April  29,  1823  ;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  January  22,  1848;  married  2d,  Livonia,  N.Y.,  December  20, 
1848,  by  Kev.  Mr.  Kiley,  to  Jane  Amelia  Adams,  of  Livonia,  X.Y., 
daughter  of  Ephraim  and  Lavinia  (]\Iorey)  Adams ;  born  Richmond, 
N.Y.,  December  22,  1825;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  4,  1854; 
married  3d,  Livonia,  N.Y.,  June  19,  1855,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Fowler,  to 
Lucy  Frost  Adams,  daughter  of  Ephraim  and  Lavinia  (Morey) 
Adams;  born  Richmond,  N.Y.,  March  13,  1828;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  May  23,  1870;  married  4th,  Boston,  Mass.,  November  10, 
1875,  by  Rev.  W.  Burnet  Wright,  to  Mrs.  Annie  Parsons  Furbish, 
of  Boston,  whose  maiden  name  was  Annie  Merritt  Parsons,  daughter 
of  Fidelio  and  Rachel  Anne  (Bowker)  Parsons;  born  Bangor,  Me., 
August  31,  1842. 
Issue : 

1998.  i.       Josephine  Shepiiaku  Daggett,^  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  June   21, 


1999.  li.      Francis  Whipple  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  30, 

1847;  filed  Livonia,  N.Y.,  August  19,  183-1. 

2000.  iii.     Eunice  Eudora  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   May  21,   1851 ; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  16,  1852. 

2001.  It.     Flora  Edgenia   Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  21, 

1853;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Marcb  4,  1857. 

2002.  V.      Daughter  Daggett,'   born    Attleboro',     Mass.,    February    11, 

185C;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1856. 
2003   tI.     Florence  Jane  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  25, 

2004.  vii.    Frances    Adams    Daggett,'   born   Attleboro',   Mass.,  January  16, 


2005.  viii.  Blanche  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  il.arch  8,  1879. 

Handel  Naphtali  Daggett  is  a  manufacturer.  Has  been  selectman 
and  representative. 

His  home  is  an  elegant  estate  at  Attleboro'  Falls,  which  was  for- 
merly the  homestead  of  Deacon  Mayhew,  the  three  Elihus,  and  Rev. 
Lyman  W.  Daggett. 

1419.  Hon.  Homer  Micajah  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,^  John,' 
Ebenezer,*  John,^  Tfiomas,^  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Janu- 
ary 27,  1821;  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  May  28,  1843,  by  Rev.  Reuben  Morey,  to  Angelina  Daggett, 
of  Surry,  N.H.,  daughter  of  Otis  and  Content  (Smith)  Daggett 
(No.  1926);  born  Surry,  N.H.,  May  30',  1819;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  October  9,  1885. 

Issue : 
2006.1.      Alice  Angelina  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  10,   1846; 
resides  there  (1892). 

2007.  11.     Homer  Micajah  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  22,  1848. 

2008.  iii.    Jesse  Taylor  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  8,  1850; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  3,  1853. 


2009.  iv.    Sanford  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mnss.,  October  14,  1852. 

2010.  T.     Jenny   Daggett,*  boru   .-Vttleboro',   Mass.,   September   1,  1854;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  5,  1854. 

2011.  Ti.    Son Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  3,  1858;  died 

Attleboro",  Mass.,  February  3,  1858. 

2012.  vii.  Fkederic  Eugene  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  December  3, 

1860;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  9,   18G4. 

Hon.  Homer  Micajah  Daggett  is  a  banker ;  was  senator  from  his 

1437.  Grace  Ann  Dacjgett  '  {Henry,"  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer* 
John,''  Thomas,-  John'),  born  1788;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 
November  16,  1880. 

Grace  Ann  Daggett  was  a  communicant  of  the  Centre  Church, 
New  Haven,  for  sixty-nine  years. 

On  the  evening  of  July  4,  1879,  she  was  serenaded  by  the  "  Howe 
Band,"  in  commemoration  of  the  prominent  part  taken  by  her  grand- 
father. Rev.  Naphtali  Daggett,  in  defence  of  New  Haven  a  century 

1439.  Stephen  Daggett  '  {Henry,"  Naphtali,'  Ebenezer,"  John,^ 
Thomas,'  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  1,  1798  ;  died  Pon- 
totoc, Miss.,  September  15,  1880;  married  Cotton  Gin,  Miss., 
February  28,  1828,  by  Thomas  C.  Stewart,  to  Sarah  Walton,  daugh- 
ter of  Jesse  and  Joanna  (Walton)  Walton;  born  Richmond,  Va., 
July  2,   1808;  died  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  May  18,  1889. 

Issue : 

2013.  i.     Grace  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  September  28,  1842. 

2014.  ii.    Harriet   Hunt  Daggett,"  born  I'ontotoc,  Miss.,  August  15,  1844. 
2(115.  iii.  Julia  Driter  Daggett,"  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  January  30,  1847. 

2016.  iv.  Mary  Walton  Daggett,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  June  3,  1850;  died 

in  infancy. 

2017.  V.    Sarah  Hopkins  Daggett,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  March  13,  1853. 

2018.  vi.  Charles   Walton   Daggett,"   born  Pontotoc,    Miss.,   September  9, 


Stephen  Daggett  was  a  "  civil  engineer."  He  was  sent  by  gov- 
ernment to  make  survey  of  the  land  purchased  from  the  Chickasaw 
Indians.  He  was  afterward  appointed  land  agent,  and  had  charge 
of  the  government  land-office  at  Pontotoc. 

1441.  Horace  Daggett'  {Henry,"  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,*  John,' 
Tliomas,-  Johii^),  boi-n  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  26,  1801; 
"merchant;"  died  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  June  23,  1867;  married  1st, 
October  22,  1832,  Jane  Hawley ;  born  Plattsburg,  N.Y. ;  died  Cotton 
Gin,  Miss.,  September  10,  1836;  married  2d,  York,  Ohio,  July  26, 
1840,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Grawville,  to  Lydia  Beckwith  Root,  widow  of 
Samuel  M.   Root,   and  daughter  of  Reynold  and  Martha    (Butler) 


Beckwith;  bom  Pittsfiekl,  Mass.,  January  20,  1813;  died  near  Oak- 
land, Miss.,  June  26,  1872. 
Issue  : 

2019.  i.     Henry  Daggett,"  born  Mobile,  Ala.,  April  11,  1842;  diedluka.  Miss. 

(U.S.  Hospital),  June  23,  1862. 

2020.  ii.    Feed  Hunt  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  2,  1844. 

2021.  iii.  Jane  Hawley  Daggett,'  born  Mobile,  Ala.,  September  22,  1846. 

2022.  iv.  Martha  Moseley  Daggett,'   born    Pontotoc,    Miss.,    December   4, 

1850;  died  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  January  10,  1851. 
20'-'3.  V.    Ida  Huntington  Daggett,"  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  October  15,  1854. 

1442.  Eliza  Daggett'  {Henry,^  Ncqyhtali,'  Ebenezer,"  John,' 
Thomas,^  John  '),  lived  in  Waterville,  Lucas  Co.,  Ohio;  married  Mr. 

Issue : 

2024.  i.     .Alfred  Isham." 

2025.  ii.    William  F.   Isham.' 

2026.  iii.  Henry  S.  Ishaji.' 

2027.  iv.  Sarah  Isham.' 

2028.  V.    Caroline  E.  Isham.' 

1444.  Elizabeth  Daggett'  {Ezra,^  Naphtali,'  Ebe)iezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  26,  1791 ;  died 
July,  1876;  married  May  9,  1813,  Thomas  Kensett;  born  Hampton 
Court,  Middlesex,  Eng.,  August  6,  1786  ;  died  June  16,  1829. 

Issue : 

2029.  i.     Thomas    Kensett,"   born    February    12,    1814  ;     married    1st,   Eliza 

Wheeler;  married  2d,  Eliza  Ann  Wheeler;  married  3(1,  Gertrude  W. 
Brown  ;  was  a  dealer  in  canned  goods,  Baltimore,  Md. ;  died  August 
5,  1877. 

2030.  ii.    John  Frederick  Kensett,'  born  Cheshire,  Conn.,  March  22,  1816. 

2031.  iii.   Elizabeth  Daggett  Kensett,'  born  August  11,  1817. 

2032.  iv.  Frederick    Newbury    Kensett,'    born    December    27,    1819;    died 

Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  August  27,   1881. 

2033.  V.    Ezra  Daggett  Kensett,'  born  August  19,  1821 ;  died  July  26,  1822. 

2034.  vi.  Sarah  Marshall  Kensett,' born  December  2,  1822;  married  Noah 

J.  Kellogg;  resides  668  Nostrand  avenue,  Brooklyn,  N.Y.  (1892). 

Thomas  Kensett  was  an  engraver,  and  published,  about  1806,  the 
map  of  New  Haven,  drawn  by  General  Wadsworth  iu  1748.  This 
was  the  first  map  of  New  Haven  published,  although  an  earlier  one 
was  drawn  in  1724,  by  Joseph  Brown. 

1445.  Smith  Daggett'  {Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,"  John,' 
Thomas,-  John  ^),  hova  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  13,  1793;  died 
March  13,  1840;  married,  April  12,  1818,  Sarah  Godfrey;  born 
1800;  died  November  6,   1840. 

Issue : 

2035.  i.       Eliza  Daggett,'  born  January  28,  1821;  died  October  2,  1821. 

2036.  ii.      Eliza  Daggett,' born  January  24,    1824;   married  John  Y.    Isham; 

she  died  January  27,  1848. 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OP    MARTHA'S    VINEYARD.     193 

2037.  ili.     Alfred  Daggett,' born  March  13,  182fi. 

2038.  iv.     Harriet  Daggett,'  born  November  17,  1828;  died  October  12,  1832. 

2039.  V.      William  Feed  Daggett,'   born    May    24,    1830;    married    Alvira 


2040.  tI.     Henkt  S.  Daggett,'  born  February  20,  1832 ;  resides  Lafayette,  Ind. 

2041.  vii.    George  W.  Daggett,'  born  March   12,  1834;  died  September  10, 


2042.  viii.  Sarah  F.  Daggett,' born  January  11,  1836;  resides  Lake  Odessa, 

Mich-.  (1892). 

2043.  ix.     Caroline  E.  Daggett,'  born  March  4,  1840;  married  Henry  Short. 

1448.  Alfred  Daggett'  (Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ehenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,"  John^),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  30,  1799; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  27,  1872;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  November  26,  1829,  by  Rev.  James  Young,  to  Laura  Gilbert, 
daughter  of  Elias  and  Phebe  (Benedict)  Gilbert,  of  New  Haven; 
born  Torriugford,  Conn.,  June  2,  1812;  resides  San  Diego,  Cal. 

Issue : 

2044.  i.      Phebe  Anne  Daggett,'  born  New  Haren,  Conn.,  March  5,  1831 ;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  31,  1832. 

2045.  ii.     Cornelia  Gilbert  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November 

26,  1832;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  4,  1852. 

2046.  iii.   Virginia  Benedict  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  29, 

1835  ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  5,  1848. 

2047.  iv.    Alfred  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  23,  1837. 

2048.  V.     Laura  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  8,  1839. 

2049.  vi.    Henry  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  12,  1841. 

2050.  vii.  Charles  Daggett,'  born  New     Haven,   Conn.,   January  22,  1845; 

died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  25,  1849. 

Alfred  Daggett  was  a  bank-note  engraver,  and  tauglit  the  art  to 
his  nephew,  John  F.  Kensett.  He  was  first  selectman  for  the  town 
of  New  Haven  for  several  years. 

He  was,  about  1846-7,  chief  engineer  of  the  New  Haven  Fii'e  De- 
partment, and  was  afterward  an  officer  of  the  Customs. 

1449.  William  Daggett'  {Ezra,"  NapMali,^  Ebenezer,*  John,'' 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  12,  1801; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  3,  1884;  married  St.  Albans, 
Vt.,  November  26,  1828,  Ursula  Hunt,  daughter  of  Elijah  and 
Abigail  (Gibbs)  Hunt,  of  St.  Albans,  Vt. ;  born  St.  Albans,  Vt. , 
AprU  23,  1809  ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  30,  1878. 

Issue : 

2051.  i.     Eliza  Hitnt  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  30,  1829; 

resides  1172  Chapel  street,  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1892). 

2052.  ii.   William  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  3,  1831. 

2053.  iii.  Sarah  Cornelia  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,   October   12, 

1834;  resides  1172  Chapel  street,  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1892). 

2054.  iv.  Robert  Platt  Daggett,^  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  January  13,  1847. 

1450.  Mary  Daggett'  {Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ehenezer,'  John,' 
Thomas,^  John'),  horn  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  29,  1803; 


died  March  15,1850;  married    May  7,    1831,  Amos  Bradley;  born 
August  21,  1799;  died  September  4,  1860. 
Issue : 

2055.  i.     Silas  Amos  Bradley,^  born  March  9,  1832;  died  1892. 

2056.  ii.    Frederick  Daggett  Bradley,'  born  November  22,  1833. 

2057.  iii.  John  Thomas  Bradley,^  born  August  31,  1835. 

2058.  iv.  Harriet  Elizabeth  Bradley,*  born  August  22,  16138. 

2059.  V.    Julia  Ann  Bradley,"  born  January  23,  1841 ;  died  August  29,  1841. 

2060.  vi.  Marv  Jane  Bradley,'  born  July  24,  1846;  died  August  14,  1846. 

1452.  Sarah  Daggett'  (Ezra,^  Naplitali,^  Ebenezer,*  John,' 
Thomas,-  John'),  bom  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  7,  1807;  mar- 
ried April  25,  1832,  John  C.  Mersick. 

Issue : 

2061.  i.    Edwin  Francis  Mersick,' born  January  8,  1838. 

2062.  ii.  Charles  Smith  Mersick,'  born  December  13,  1840;  married  October 

10,  1865,  Ellen  Louisa  English;  issue:  May  English  Mersick,'  born 
May  6,  1868. 

1453.  Frederick  Daggett '' {Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,"  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  28,  1809; 
"cabinet-maker;"  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  23,  1854;  mar- 
ried 1st,  1836,  Susan  A.  Hall;  born  Hamden,  Conn.,  1818;  died 
New  Haven,  Couu.,  October  23,  1851;  married  2d,  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  April  9,  1854,  by  Rev.  John  S.  Mitchell,  to  Mrs.  Frances  J. 
Bailey;  born  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  1818. 

Issue : 

2063.  i.     Nelson  Daggett,^  born   New  Haven,  Conn.,    September   7,    1837; 

died  New  Haren,  Conn.,  March  15,  1861. 

2064.  ii.    Frederick  Daggett,'  born  May  24,  1841 ;  died  March,  1879. 

2065.  iii.  Dwight  E.  Daggett,'  born  May  18,  1845;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 

July  29,  1864. 

2066.  iv.  Ezra  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  9,  1847. 

2067.  V.    Mary  A.  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  23,  1850. 

1459.  Levi  Daggett'  (Samuel,''  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Albany,  N.Y.,  April  29,  1788;  died  Penfield, 
N.Y.,  June  4,  1865;  married  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  March  20,  1819, 
Fannie  Larribee ;  born  Brattleboro',  Vt.,  December  10,  1795;  died 
Penfleld,  N.Y.,  January  21,  1872. 

Issue  : 

2068.  i.       Catherine  Daggett,'  born  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  May  2l',  1820. 

2069.  ii.      George  Daggett,'  born  Arcada,  N.Y.,  June  27,  1821. 

2070.  iii.     Caroline  Daggett,'  born  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  April  13,  1824. 

2071.  iv.     Hannah  Daggett,'  born  Campbelltown,  N.Y.,  September  7,  1826. 

2072.  V.      Betsy  Daggett,'  born  Campbelltown,  N.Y.,  April  12,  1828;   died 

April  20,  1832. 

2073.  vi.     Sally  Daggett,'   born   Campbelltown,   N.Y.,   May  18,    1830;   died 

May  16,  1831. 

2074.  vii.    Mary  Daggett,'  born  Bath,  N.Y.,  May  12,   1832;  died  November 


2076.  TJii.  John  Daggett,'   born   Addison,    N.Y.,    May    2,    1S31;    "soldier;" 

died  Salsbury  Prison,  February  14,  1865. 
2076.  ix.     Maktin  Van   Buren  Daggett,"  born  Caneadea,  N.Y.,  .Vugust  30, 

2077.x.      Horace  Daggett,"  born  Caneadea,  N.Y. ,  March  10,  1841;  2d  lieut. 

8th  N.Y.  Cavalry ;  died  in  battle,  April  10,  18G5. 

1460.  John  Daggett'  (Saynuel,^  Samuel,^  Ehenezer,^  John,' 
Thomas,-  John  '),  bom  Flatbush,  N.Y. ;  married  Eliza  Cooper;  lived 
iu  Newark,  N.Y. 

Issue : 

2078.  i.       David  Daggett." 

2079.  ii.      Samuel  Daggett.' 

2080.  iii.     John  Daggett,"  born  Newark,  N.Y.,  May  9,  1833. 

2081.  iv.     William  Daggett." 

2082.  V.       Benjamin  Daggett." 

2083.  vi.     LnciNDA  Daggett." 

2084.  vii.    Ophelia  Daggett." 

2085.  viii.  Emily  Daggett." 

2086.  ix.     Susan  Daggett  " 

2087.  X.      Eliza  Daggett." 

2088.  xi.     Mart  Daggett." 

2089.  xii.    Alice  Daggett." 

2090.  xiii.  Hattie  Daggett." 

2091.  xiv.  Libeie  Daggett." 

2092.  XV.     Katie  Daggett." 

Johu  Daggett  moved  first  to  Baiubridge,  N.Y.,  and  about  1824  to 
Newark,  N.Y. 

Here  he  was  proprietor  of  au  extensive  manufactory  of  woollen 

1461.  Elisha  Daggett'  (Samuel,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,' 
Tliomas,^  John'),  lived  and  died  Colesville,  N.Y. ;  married  Tabitha 

Issue : 

2093.  i.  Lafayette  Daggett." 

2094.  ii.  Everett  Daggett." 

2095.  iii.  Elliot  Daggett." 

2096.  iv.  Antoinette  Daggett." 

2097.  V.  Henrietta  Daggett." 

1463.  Priscilla  Daggett'  {Samuel,"  Samuel,'  Ehenezer,^  John,' 
Tltomas,^  John  '),  born  near  Albany,  N.Y.,  June,  1790  ;  died  Lowell, 
Mich.,  August  8,  1864;  married  Newark,  N.Y.,  by  Rev.  Peter 
Sabins,  to  Roswell  Jennings  ;  born  1778;  "  farmer ;"  lived  and  died 
Walworth,  N.Y.,  March  3,  1847. 

Issue : 

2098.  i.    Elisha  Jennings,"  born  Walworth,  N.Y.,  July  31,  1S25. 

2099.  ii.  Sarah  Jennings,"  born  Walworth,   N.Y.,  June  24,  1827;  unmarried; 

resides  Lowell,  Mich.  (1884). 


1463.  Polly  Daggett  '  {Samuel,'^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  Jolm,^ 
Thomas,  "  John  '),  married  Jacob  Force;  resided  Newark,  N.Y. 

Issue : 

2100.  1.  John  Force. « 

2101.  ii.  Levi  Fokce.** 

2102.  iii.  Orson  Force,"  died  about  1849. 

2103.  iv.  Augustus  Force.' 

2104.  V.  Henky  Force." 
105.  vi.  Maky  Jane  Force." 

Several  others  died  young  of  small-pox. 

1464.  Samuel  Daggett'  (Samuel,"  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,"  John,' 
Thomas,'^  John'),  bom  May  31,  1797;  died  April  3,1871;  married 
September  5,  1833,  Lydia  Willett ;  born  May  6,  181 1  ;  lived  iu 
Newark,  N.Y. ;    died  December  30,   1871. 

Issue : 

2106.  1.       Hannah  Daggett,"  born  August  20,  1834;  died  June  6,  1847. 

2107.  ii.      Stephen  Daggett,"  born  February  22,  1836;  married  December  5, 

1803,  Mary  Lyons  ;  he  died  January  22,  1865. 

2108.  iii.    John  Daggett,"  born  March  26,  1838;  died  April  12,  1862. 

2109.  iv.     LuciNDA  Daggett,'  born  March  28,  1841;  died  June  fi,  1847. 

2110.  V.      Amelia  Daggett," born  November  8,  1843;  married  January  1,  18C3, 

Henry  Buennemann. 

2111.  vi.     Julia  A.  Daggett,'*  born  October  22,  1846;  married  March  22,  1873, 

John  Coy;  resides  Yankee  Springs,  Mich.  (1884). 

2112.  vii.   Josephine  P.  Daggett,"  born  March  10,  1850;  married  Mr.  Valen- 

tine; resides  Yanltee  Springs,  Mich.  (1884). 
2118.  viii.  EoTAL  A.  Daggett,"  born  May  26,   1853;  resides  Yanliee  Springs, 
Mich.  (1884). 

2114.  ix.     Eliza  Daggett,"  born  March  1,  1855;  died  October  16,  1856. 

1465.  Margaret  Daggett'  {Samuel,'^  Sa7nnd,^  Ebenpzer," 
John,^  Tliomas,'^  John'),  l3oru  May  31,  1797;  married  Constant 
Weaver;  resided  Newark,  N.Y. 

Issue : 

2115.  i.  Hester  Ann  Weaver,"  married  David  Jennings,  son  of  Roswell  and 

(Aldrich)  Jennings;  address,  Palo,  Mich.,  box  140. 

1466.  Sally  Daggett'  (Samuel,^  Samuel,^  JEbenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  near  Albany,  N.Y.,  April  4,  1799;  died, 
"Walworth,  N.Y.,  August  31,  1874;  married  Ist,  Newark,  N.Y., 
Michael  Lusk,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Elizabeth  Lusk;  "farmer;" 
born  near  Newark,  N.Y.,  July  8,  1796;  died  Walworth,  N.Y.,  April 
4,  1835 ;  married  2d,  Newark,  N.Y.,  James  Whittletou,  son  of  Ed- 
mund Whittletou ;  "farmer;"  born  England,  April  6,  1802;  died 
Walworth,  N.Y.,  September  11,  1883. 

Issue : 

2116.  i.    Elizabeth    Lusk,"   born  Walworth,    N.Y.,   July   26,    1831;    married 

Walworth,  N.Y.,  spring  of  1871,  William  Hall;  she  died  November 

2117.  ii.  Jeremiah  Lusk,"  born  Walworth,  N.Y.,  January  2,  1834. 


1469.  Lois  Daggett  '  (Samuel,'^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,'^  John,^ 
Thomas,^  JoJm'),  resides  Oaks  Corners,  Ontario  county,  N.Y. 
(1885)  ;  married  Heman  Bostwick,  of  Newark,  N.Y. 

Issue : 

2118.  i.     George  W.  Bostwick,^  resides  Geneva,  N.Y.  (1885). 

2119.  ii.    I.  Benson  Bostwick,"  resides  Rochester,  N.Y.  (1885). 

2120.  iii.  Nellie   Bo.stwick,'    married   Mr.    Henderson;    resides   Tiffin,    Ohio 


1470.  Herman  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,"  Samuel,' Ebenezer,'' Jolin,^ 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Enfield,  Mass.,  September  30,  1790;  "  hotel- 
keeper;"  died  Jordan,  N.Y.,  February  27,  1832;  married  Brutus, 

Issue : 

2121.  i.    Robert  P.  Daggett,^  born  1820;  resides  Jordan,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2122.  ii.  Burton  Daggett,'  born  1844. 

1471.  Moses  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,^  Samuel,'  Ebenezei;'  John,' 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  Enfield,  Mass.,  April  7,  1796;  "  blacksmitli ;  " 
died  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  18,  1876;  married  1st,  Lovica  Finney, 
daughter  of  Joel  Finney ;  born  Somers,  Conn.,  1800;  died  Spring- 
field, Mass.,  March  6,  1857;  married  2d,  Springfield,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 30,  1859,  by  Rev.  Geo.  DeF.  Folsom,  to  Miranda  Burnham, 
daughter  of  Eleazer  and  Wealthy  Ann  Burnham;  born  Rockville, 
Conn.,  1816;  died  Springfield,  Mass.,  January  21,  1876. 

Issue : 

2123.  i.       Mariette  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  June  30,   1827;  died 

Springfield,  Mass.,  August  4,  1844. 

2124.  ii.      Harriet  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  October  21,  1829. 

2125.  iii.    Francis  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  16,  1832. 

2126.  iv.     LovisA   Daggett,'   born   Springfield,    Mass.,   June   17,    1834;    died 

Springfield,  Mass.,  October  17,  1848. 

2127.  V.      Albert  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  May  12,  1836. 

2128.  vi.     Sarah  Elizabeth   Daggett,'   born   Springfield,  Mass.,  March  14, 


2129.  vii.    Daughter  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  17,  1845; 

died  without  name. 

2130.  viii.  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass. ;  died  without  name. 

1472.  Ebenezee  Daggett  '  {Ebenezer,^  Samuel,'"  Ebenezer,* 
John,'  Thomas,'^  John^),  born  Enfield,  Mass.,  June  16,  1798;  "car- 
penter and  builder;  "  died  Jordan,  N.Y.,  December  26,  1859  ;  married 
November  18,  1823,  Mary  Pope  Kennedy,  daughter  of  Lemuel  and 
Rebecca  (Pope)  Kennedy;  born  October  22,  1801;  died  Ottumwa, 
Iowa,  November  22,  1862. 

Issue : 

2131.  i.       Henry  Bingham  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  May  28,  1825. 

2132.  ii.      Rebecca  Jennett  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  October  20,  1827. 

2133.  iii.     William  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  March  12,  1830. 

2134.  iv.     Calvin  Foote  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  January  24,  1832. 


2135.  Y.       Helen  M.  Daggett,"  born  Jordan,    N.Y.,    January    12,    1834;  died 

Jordan,  N.Y.,  November  12,  1834. 

2136.  vi.      Sakah  E.  Daggett,' born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  August  7,   1835;  died  Jor- 

dan, N.Y.,  November  19,  18(51. 

2137.  vii.    Mary  L.  Daggett,"  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,   April  14,    1838;  died  Jor- 

dan, N.Y.,  December  7,  1841. 

2138.  viii.  Edward  H.  Daggett,"  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  September  18,  1840;  died 

Jordan,  N.Y.,  June  30,  1842. 

2139.  ix.     Emma  M.  Daggett,"  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  June  1,  1842;  died  Jordan, 

N.Y.,  June  21,  1842. 

2140.  X.       Edgar  Daggett,"  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  October  9,  1844. 

1473.  Lydia  Daggett  '  {Ebenezer,'''  Samuel,'"  Ebenezer,''  JoJm,^ 
Thomas,"  John'),  born  1800;  died  Jordan,^ N.Y.,  March,  1862; 
married  Enfield,  Mass.,  Alonzo  Case;  born  Connecticut,  1800;  died 
Jordan,  N.Y.,  1864. 

Issue :  two  children. 

1475.  Priscilla  Daggett'  {Ebenezer,'^  Samuel,'  Ebenezer,* 
John,^  Thomas,''  John^),  born  1803  ;  died  Jordan,  N.Y.,  August  24, 
1845;  married  Enfield,  Mass.,  Silas  Hull. 

Issue : 

2141. 1.     Rosamond  Hdll.* 

2142.  ii.    Rnrus  Hull.* 

2143.  ili.  Charles  Hull.' 

1480.  Levi  Daggett'  {Levi,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,'  John'),  born  Schuylerville,  N.Y.,  November  23,  1796; 
died  1874;  married  Matsy  Sanford,  of  Palmyra,  N.Y. ;  born  1805; 
died  1881. 

Issue  :  two  daughters,  five  sons. 

2144.  i.    J.  R.  R.  Daggett,^  born  Arcadia,  N.Y.,  1835;  resides  Quincy,  Mich. 


2145.  ii.  Maky  Daggett,"  married  L.  B.  King;  resides  Quincy,  (111.  1883). 

1481.  David  Patterson  Daggett'  {Levi,^  Samuel,''  Ebenezer,* 
John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  SchuylervOle,  N.Y.,  July  3,  1799; 
died  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  September  6,  1861 ;  married  1st,  Arcadia,  N.Y., 
May  6,  1821,  Ruth  Hildreth,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Phoebe  (Cooper) 
HUdreth;  born  Red  Creek,  L.I.,  N.Y.,  June  27,  1803;  died  Pal- 
myra, N.Y.,  AprU  11,  1847;  married  2d,  South  Hampton,  L.I., 
N.Y.,  September  19,  1848,  Haunah  Hildreth,  daughter  of  Samuel 
and  Phcebe  (Cooper)  HUdreth;  born  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  January  6, 
1814;  died  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  December  l4,  1855;  married  3d,  Jordan, 
N.Y.,  October  1,  1856,  Caroline  Knowlton,  daughter  of  Joseph  and 
Priscilla  (Howe)  Knowlton;  born  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  April  20, 
1803;  died  Jordan,  N.Y.,  March  3,   1883. 

Issue : 

2146.  i.     Philip  D.  Daggett,"  born   Palmyra,  N.Y.,  July  3,  1822;  died  Pal- 

myra, N.Y.,  July  31,  1822. 


2147.  ii.    Deborah  Daggett,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  September  16,  1823;  died 

Palmyra,  N.Y.,  May  23,  1845. 

2148.  ill.  Lydia  Amanda  Daggett,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  Blav  31,  1827;  died 

Palmyra,  N.Y.,  April  28,  1845. 

2149.  iv.  Roth  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  July  3,  1849;  died  Pal- 

myra, N.Y.,  February  9,  1855. 

2150.  V.    Ltdia  Jeannette  Daggett,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  May  9,  1852;   "a 

teacher;"    address,  care  E.   A.    Bell,   430  Delaware  ave.,  Buffalo, 
N.Y.  (1892). 

David  P.  Daggett  resided  iu  Palmyra,  N.Y. ;  was  a  manufacturer 
and  inventor  of  agricultural  implements.  The  Daggett  plows  and 
cultivators  were  unrivalled,  and  showed  him  to  be  a  man  of  uo 
ordinary  genius.  Deacon  Daggett  held  a  prominent  position  in  the 
Presbyterian  church,  and  is  still  remembered  in  Palmyra. 

1482.  Sarah  Daggett'  (Levi,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,'  John,'' 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  May  18,  1803;  died  Aurora,  N.Y.,  October 
13,  1859 ;  married  Aurora,  N.Y.,  September  5,  1827,  Henry  Wells 
(founder  American  Express  Company)  ;  born  Vermont,  December 
12, ;  died  Glasgow,  Scotland,  December  10,   1878. 

Issue : 

2151.  i.  Charles  Wells,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  June  19,  1828. 

2152.  ii.  Mart  Elizabeth  Wells,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  March  27,  1830. 

2153.  iii.  Edward  Wells,'  born  Palmyra,  N.Y. ;  died  young. 

2154.  iv.  Oscar  Ashbel  Wells,"  born  Palmyra,  N.Y. ,  August  21,  1833. 

1483.  Ltdia  Daggett'  {Levi,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,'  John,'' 
Thomas,^  John  '),  born  September  21,  1805  ;  married  Austin  Durfee ; 
removed  to  Michigan. 

Issue : 

2155.  i.     Gideon  Ddkfee." 

215fi.  ii.    Jane  Dcrfee,"  married  Mr.  Harrison. 

2157.  iii.  Harvey  Durfee." 

1484.  Augustus  K.  Daggett'  {Levi,^ Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  March  26,  1808;  married  Caroline  Martin 

Issue : 

2158.  i.     Terresa  Daggett." 

2159.  ii.    Franklin  Daggett." 

2160.  iii.  Eliza  Daggett." 

2161.  iv.  Caleb  Daggett." 

1485.  Julia  Jeannette  Daggett'  {Levi,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,* 
John,''  Thomas,^  John'),  born  May  14,  1810;  died  May  15,  1890; 
mai-ried  Silas  Hull. 

Issue : 

2162.  i.  Sarah  Hull,"  died  young. 


1486.  Elizabeth  Daggett  '  {Levi,'^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer*  John,^ 
Thomas,'  John^),  born  May  5,  1811;  mairied  Harvey  Durfee ; 
resided  iu  Michigan. 

Issue : 
21G3.  i.     Halset  Ddrfee,'  resides  Wayne,  Mich.  (1892). 

2164.  ii.    Calista  Dukfee,'  married  Mr.  Dean. 

2165.  iii.  George  Durfee.^ 

2166.  iv.  Alanson  Durfee.' 

2167.  T.    Augusta  Durfee,*  married  Mr.  Hollenbeck. 

1487.  Terressa  Daggett  '  {Levi,''  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,^  John,^ 
Thovias,^  John^),  born  Saratoga,  N.Y.,  September  9,  1812;  resides 
835  Fifteenth  street,  Deti'oit,  Mieh.  (1892)  ;  married  Livonia,  Mich., 
September  28,  1857,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Debois,  to  Benjamin  Pierson,  son 
of  Henry  and  Hannah  (Brown)  Pierson ;  born  New  Jersey,  October 
21,  1802. 

No  issue. 

Mr.  Pierson  is  a  justice  of  the  peace,  and  has  been  representative. 

1488.  BIary  D.vggett  '  (Led,''  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,^ 
Tliomas,-  John'),  born  Brutus,  N.Y.,  April  23,  1816;  resides 
Mason,  Ingham  county,  Mich.  (1892)  ;  married  Buffalo,  N.Y.,  1846, 
by  Rev.  Mr.  Hopkins,  to  Rev.  Hosea  Kittredge,  son  of  Kendal 
(M.D.)  and  Sarah  (Whiting)  Kittredge;  born  Mt.  Desert,  Me., 
March  27,  1803;  died  Mason,  Mich.,  March  30,   1873. 

Issue : 

2168.  i.     Sarah  Kittredge,' born  Red  Creek,  N.Y.,  September  24,  1849;  died 

Red  Creek,  N.Y.,  May  15,  1850. 

2169.  ii.    Harriet  Kittredge,"  born  Red  Creek,  N.Y.,  December  12,  1851. 

2170.  iii.  Calvin  Kittredge,'  born  Red  Creek,  N.Y.,  March  15,  1854;   died 

Mason,  Mich.,  February  25,  1862. 

1491.  Carlos  'Dagg-ett ''  {Ebenezer,'^  JEbenezer,^  Ebenezer,*John,^ 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  Wreutham,  Mass.,  December  2,  1793;  died 
West  Roxbury,  Mass.,  January  7,  1871;  married  Weston,  Mass., 
January  19,  1817,  by  Rev.  Joseph  Field,  to  Mary  Child,  daughter 
of  Edward  and  Polly  (Fislie)  Child;  born  Waltham,  Mass.,  April 
5,   1799;  died  Weston,  Mass.,  January  16,  1867. 

Issue : 

2171.  i.       Edward  Child  Daggett,'  born  Weston,  Mass.,  .\ugust  29,  1817; 

died  Mobile,  Ala.,  December  18,  1848. 

2172.  ii.      Ebenezer   Daggett,'    born  Roxbury,   Mass.,  March   7,    1820;   re- 

sided Marysville,  Cal.,  November,  1853. 

2173.  iii.     Charles  Henkt  Daggett,' born  Roxbury,  Mass.,  March  21,  1822; 

died  New  Boston,  N.H.,  March  23,  1837. 

2174.  iv.     Mary  Susanna  Daggett,'  born  Northboro',  Mass.,  July  16,  1824. 

2175.  V.      Albert  Pliny  Daggett,'  born  New  Boston,  N.H.,   July  21,  1827; 

died  New  Boston,  N.H.,  March  26,  1837. 

2176.  vi.     Herman  Daggett,'  born  New  Boston,  N.H.,  May  6,  1831 ;  died  New 

Boston,  N.H.,  March  18,  1837. 


2177.  vii.    Geokge  Daggett,*  born  New  Boston,  N.H.,  .4pril  4,  1834;  died  New 

Boston,  N.H.,  April  20,  1837. 

2178.  viii.   Charles  Herman  Daggett,"   born   New    Boston,    N.H.,    March   2, 

1838;   "soldier;"  died  Newport  News,  Va.,   February  2(;,  1863. 
217'J.  Lx.     Albert  Pliny  Daggett,"  born  New  Boston,   N.H.,  April  Ui,  1841; 
died  New  Boston,  N.II.,  March  26,  1SG3. 

Carlos  Daggett  left  a  will,  dated  April  11,  1867,  iu  which  he 
speaks  of  having  been  of  New  Boston,  N.H.,  but  now  of  "Weston, 
Mass.  ;  "  farmer."  Names  his  brother-in-law,  Franklin  Child,  "  only 
brother  of  my  late  beloved  wife,"  executor. 

1493.  HERM.4.N  Daggett  '  {Ehenezer,^  Ebenezer,'  Ebenezer,'^  JoJin,^ 
Thomas,^  John'},  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  March  27,  1800;  died 
Boston,  Mass.,  December  12,   183S;  unmarried. 

Herman  Daggett  was  a  "West  India  goods  merchant,  of  the  firm  of 
Barnes  &  Daggett,  from  1821  to  1827  inclusive,  his  partner  Abel 
Barnes,  and  then-  office  at  42  India  street,  Boston,  Mass. 

In  1827  Mr.  Daggett  resided  on  Lynde  street.  From  1828  to  1833 
inclusive,  he  was  alone  in  the  same  line  of  business ;  in  1828  and 
1829  at  42  India  street,  and  the  rest  of  the  time  at  43  India  street. 

In  1829  he  boarded  at  Milk,  cor.  Federal  street;  in  1830  at  the 
"  Sun  Tavern,"  Batterymarch  street;   and  in  1831  on  High  street. 

In  1834  he  was  associated  in  business  with  Marshall  Smith  at  40 
India  street,  the  firm  being  Herman  Daggett  &  Co. 

In  1835,  and  for  the  rest  of  his  life,  he  was  alone  in  the  same  line 
of  business,  at  43  India  sti-eet,  while  he  lived  iu  1836  at  the  Commer- 
cial Coffee-house;   and  in  1837  and  1838  at  the  Pearl-street  House. 

In  1834,  April  13,  he  was  made  trustee  for  Louisa  Barnes. 

Ebenezer  Billings  petitioned  for  administration  on  bis  estate, 
December  17,  1838. 

1507.  Mart  Daggett'  (Abner,^  Thomas,^  Thomas,'^  John,^ 
Thomas,^  John^),  born  "Walpole,  Mass.,  March  23,  1786;  died  Bos- 
ton, Mass.,  August  9,  1861  ;  married  Providence,  R.I.,  September 
21,  1804,  George  Monson,  born  1771 ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 
November  17,  1840. 

Issue : 

2180.  i.     Caroline  Monson,"  born  New  Haren,  Conn.,  January  17,  1806;  died 

Boston,  Mass.,  July  IS,  1875. 

2181.  ii.    Harriet  Daggett  Monson,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  4,  1808. 

2182.  iii.  George  Edwin  Monson,"  born  New  Haven,   Conn.,  November  23, 


1510.  Susan  Edwards  Daggett  '  {David,'''  Thomas,^  Tliomas,^ 
John,^  Thomas,''  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  30,  1788; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  18,  1839;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  August  28,  1811,  by  President  Dwight,  to  Serene  Edwards 


Dwight,  son  of  President  Timothy  and  Mary  (Woolsey)  Dwight,  of 
New  Haven;  born  Greenfield  HUl,  Conn.,  May  18,  1786;  died  PhUa- 
delphia,  Pa.,  November  30,  1850. 

Issue  : 
2183.  i.  Charlotte  Dwight,' born  August,  1816;  died  August,  1816. 

President  Serene  Edwards  Dwight,  D.D.,  graduated  at  Yale  Col- 
lege iu  1803.  He  taught  school  at  Litchfield,  Conn.,  for  a  year,  and 
the  next  year  was  his  father's  amanuensis,  and  afterward  tutor  at 
Yale  for  four  years  —  1806-1810.  While  tutor  he  studied  law  with 
Hon.  Charles  Chauncey  and  Nathau  Smith,  Esq.,  both  eminent 
jurists,  and  practised  the  profession  at  New  Haven,  1810-1816. 

Becoming  a  Christian  in  1815,  he  renounced  the  law  for  the  min- 
istry, and  on  October  8,  1816,  was  licensed  to  preach,  and  was  at 
once  elected  chaplain  of  the  United  States  Senate  at  "Washington. 

He  afterward,  1817,  became  pastor  of  Park-street  Church,  Boston, 
where  he  remained  until  1826. 

Resigning  from  ill-health,  he  conducted,  with  his  brother  Henry,  a 
large  school  in  New  Haven,  the  "Gymnasium,"  from  1828  to  1831. 

In  1833  he  became  president  of  HamOtou  College,  New  York,  which 
position  he  held  for  two  and  a  half  years. 

Mr.  Dwight  was  remarkable  in  youth  for  brilliant  talents  and  force 
of  character. 

He  was  the  author  of  "Hebrew  Life,"  and  edited  an  edition  of 
"  "Works  of  Jonathan  Edwards  "  in  ten  volumes. 

Mrs.  Dwight  possessed  a  vigorous,  vivacious,  and  cultivated 
mind.  She  was  of  a  slender  flgiu-e  and  a  bright  intellectual  aspect, 
with  large  lustrous  black  eyes,  and  had  very  pleasing  and  graceful 

Her  acquaintance  with  good  books  was  large,  and  she  was  earnest 
in  her  religious  character. 

She  was  the  author  of  "An  Abridgment  of  the  Memoirs  of  Mrs. 
Susan  Huntington,"  her  friend. 

She  aided  also  her  husband,  when  editing  the  works  of  Edwards, 
in  preparing  them  for  the  press. 

1511.  Leonard  Augustus  Daggett  '  {David,^  Thomas,'  Thomas,' 
John,^  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  30,  1790; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.'  April  27,  1867 ;  man-ied  1st,  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  September  12,  1819,  by  Rev.  Nathl.  "W.  Taylor,  to  Jennette 
Atwater,  daughter  of  Timothy  and  Susan  (Macumber)  Atwater; 
born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  2,  1799;  died  New  Haven,  Conn., 
June  19,  1825;  married  2d,  New  York  city,  May  13,  1853,  by  Rev. 
G.  Spring,  to  Julia  Atwater  Raymond,  widow,  daughter  of  Timothy 


and  Siisau  (Macumber)  Atwater;  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February 
24,  1795  ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  6,  1883. 
Issue : 

2184.  i.     David  Lewis  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  24,  1820. 

2185.  ii.    Sdsan  Dwight  Daggett, *  born   New  Haven,    Conn.,    September  5, 

218G.  iii.  Mart  Jennette  Daggett.'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,    October   14, 
1823 ;  resides  37  West  25th  street.  New  York  city. 

2187.  iv.  Leonard  Wales  Daggett,^  born   New   Haven,   Conn.,  May  3,  1825; 

died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  12,  1825. 

1514.  We.^^lthy  Ann  Daggett  '  {David,'^  TJiomas,^  Thomas,* 
Jnhii,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  29, 
1796;  died  December  27,  1860;  married  September  16,  1822,  by 
Rev.  Samuel  Merwiu,  to  Joseph  Jenkins,  of  Boston. 

No  issue. 

1521.  Rev.  Oliver  Ellsworth  Daggett'  (David,'^  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,'  John,'  Thomas,''  John'), horn  New  Haven,  Couu.,  January 
14,  1810;  died  Hartford,  Conn.,  September  1,  1880;  married  Hart- 
ford, Conn.,  July  15,  1840,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Hawes,  to  Elizabeth  Watson, 
daughter  of  William  and  Mary  (Marsh)  Watson;  born  Hartford, 
Conn.,  April  12,  1812  ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  May  20,  1891. 

Issue : 

2188.  i.     Susan  Elizabeth  Daggett,'^   born   Hartford,    Conn.,   December   9, 

1841;  resides  77  Grove  street.  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1892). 

2189.  ii.    Ellsworth  Daggett,*  born  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  May  24,  1845. 

2190.  iii.  Mart  Daggett,"  born  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  July  19,  1852;  resides  77 

Grove  street,  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1892). 
Three  others  died  in  childhood. 

Rev.  Dr.  Oliver  E.  Daggett  graduated  from  Yale  College,  1823 ; 
pastor  South  Congregational  Church,  Hartford,  1837-1843;  pastor 
Congregational  church,  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  1843-1863;  professor 
divinity,  Yale  College,  1867-1870;  then  pastor  Second  Congrega- 
tional Church,  New  London,  Conn.  ;  then  retired  and  resided  in 
Hartford,  Conn. 

He  had  a  reputation  as  a  preacher  of  great  brilliancy,  who  was  not 
surpassed  for  magnetic  power  in  the  State.  He  particularly  excelled 
in  his  command  of  a  clear,  graceful,  and  at  the  same  time  vigorous 
English  style.  In  1844  he  removed  to  Canandaigua,  in  the  State  of 
New  York,  where  for  nearly  a  quarter  of  a  century  he  endeared  him- 
self to  Christians  of  all  denominations  throughout  western  New 
York,  by  the  cordiality  with  which  he  entered  into  efforts  of  all 
kinds,  made  for  the  benefit  of  the  community.  He  was,  perhaps 
by  heredity,  a  conversationalist,  like  his  grandfather,  Dr.  .ZEneas 
Muiison,  whose  name  is  remembered  to  this  day  for  his  brilliant 


Everything  that  Dr.  Daggett  said  or  did  was  marked  by  good 
taste,  and  by  a  cordial  and  friendly  spirit.  He  was  very  quick  to 
notice  whatever  was  commendable  in  others,  and  was  evidently 
delighted  to  express  his  interest  and  appreciation.  AVith  such  a 
character,  as  might  be  expected,  he  was  very  lenient  in  his  judg- 
ment of  others,  and  it  is  doubtful  whether  he  ever  knowingly  uttered 
a  word  which  could  hurt  the  feelings  of  even  the  most  sensitive. 

In  1867,  having  been  appointed  a  professor  in  Yale  College,  to 
preach  in  the  college  chapel,  he  returned  to  the  home  of  his  boyhood, 
where  the  cordial  reception  which  he  and  his  wife  received  was 
peculiarly  gratifying. 

Mrs.  Daggett  received  iu  early  life  every  advantage  that  education 
and  acquaintance  with  the  leading  literary  characters  of  New  England 
could  give.  She  had  a  serenity  and  dignity  of  manner  which  were 
peculiarly  beautiful,  and,  though  naturally  somewhat  reserved,  she 
impressed  all  who  knew  her  with  her  sincerity,  and  with  her  real 
friendliness  of  spirit. 

1526.  JrLiA  A.  Daggett'  {Dexter,^  Tliomas,^  Thomas,*  John,'^ 
rZ/omas,^  Jb/»i'),  born  November  28,  1805;  died  Cincinnati,  Ohio, 
August  15,  1875;  married  Providence,  R.I.,  December  5,  1830,  by 
Elder  Toby,  to  Edward  Harwood,  son  of  Edward  and  Catherine 
(Sherman)  Harwood;  born  May  6,  1810;  died  Cincinnati,  Ohio, 
October  15,   1875. 

Issue : 

2191.  i.       George  D.  Hakwood,^  born  Providence,   R.I.,    August  26,    1831; 

died  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  May  20,   1837. 

2192.  ii.      Edward  S.  Hakwood,'^  born  Providence,  R.I.,  March  9,  1833;  died 

Cincinnati,  Ohio,  March  13,  1833. 

2193.  iii.     Harriet  C.  Harwood,*  born  Providence,  R.I.,  April  7,  1834. 

2194.  iv.     William  S.  Harwood,'   born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  January  5,    1837; 

died  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  February  19,  1839. 

2195.  V.      Crawford  Harwood,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  November  27,  1839 ; 

died  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  January  25,   1840. 

2196.  vi.     Adaline  C.  Harwood,'  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  November  5,  1840. 

2197.  vii.    Anna  B.  Harwood,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  May  1,  1843;  died  Cin- 

cinnati, Ohio,  May  2,  1843. 

2198.  viii.  Gertrude  Harwood,'  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  June  7,  1845. 

1528.  Isaac  Daggett'  {Timothy,^  Brotherton,^  BrotJierton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,^  JuJm^),  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  June  25,  1798; 
"mariner;"  died  Eoxbury,  Mass.,  January  25,  1866;  married 
Cordelia . 

Issue : 

2199.  i.     Cordelia  Daggett,"  born  1829. 

2200.  ii.    Catherine  F.  Daggett,"  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  1834. 

2201.  iii.  Helen  Josephine  Daggett,"   born    Fairhaven,    Mass.,    October    11, 


2202.  iv.  Isaac  Herbert  Daggett,"  born  Fairhaven,  Mass.,  April  2,  1849. 


Isaac  Daggett's  will  was  proved  iu  1866.  It  was  dated  September 
21,  1855,  at  which  time  he  calls  himself  of  Faii'haven,  "  mariner."  He 
removed  to  Roxbury,  Mass.,  and  resided  on  Morelaud  street  at  the 
time  of  his  death.      [Norfollv  Probate.] 

1532.  Brotherton  Daggett'  (Samuel,^  Hiomas,^  Brotlierlon* 
Joshna,"  Thomas,^  John^),  bom  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  4,  1778; 
died  Union,  Me.,  November,  1866;  married  1st,  1802,  Sarah  Kim- 
ball, of  Bristol;  married  2d,  December,  1838,  Emily  Marshall, 
widow  (of  Thomastou,  Me.),  daughter  of  Mr.  Chadwick;  died 
Union,  Me.,  October  14,   1844. 

Issue : 

2203.  i.       Eleanor  Martin  Daggett,'   born   Union,   Me.,  January  7,    1804; 

married  December  29,   1834,  John  Oakes. 

2204.  ii.      William    Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,   August   27,    1805;   resides 


2205.  iii.     Mart  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  May  18,  1808;  died  Union,  Me., 

June  4,  1830. 
220G.  iv.     SoPHRONiA   Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  March  4,  1810;  married 
March  5,  1833,  Jonathan  D.  Breclj;  resided  Brighton,  Mass.  (1851). 

2207.  r.      Orinda  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,   December  26,  1811;  married 

Reuben  Sherer;  resided  Thomastou,  Me.  (1851). 

2208.  Ti.     Arunah  Weston  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  February  16,  1814. 

2209.  yii.    Timothy  Kimball  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  February  26,  1816; 

resided  Mobile,  Ala. 

2210.  viii.  Eliza  Mitchell  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  August  8,  1818. 

2211.  ix.     Elvira  Daggett,"   born   Union,  Me.,  November  17,   1820;  married 

George   Hatch,  of  Thomastou,   Me.;  had  son  Charles   Hatch,' 22 
South  street.  New  York  city   (1892). 

2212.  X.      Brotherton  Daggett,*  born  Union,   Me.,  November  25,  1822;  re- 

sided Boston,  Mass. 

2213.  xi.     George  Bartlett  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  August  23,  1824. 

2214.  xii.    Elisha  Harding  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  September  6,  1827; 

resided  Thomastou,  Me. 

Brotherton  Daggett  said,   though  there  had  been  a  store  on  St. 
George's  river,  there  was  not  any  when  he  came  to  Union  iu  1789. 
Mr.  Daggett  is  said  to  have  been  something  of  a  poet. 

1533.  James  Daggett  '  (Samuel,'^  TJiomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,' 
Thomas,-  John^),  born  Tisbiu-y,  Mass.,  September  9,  1779;  died 
Hodgdou,  Me.,  June  18,  1858;  married  Waldoboro',  Me.,  August 
31,  1800,  Deborah  Upham,  of  Bristol;  born  Massachusetts,  April 
17,  1784;  died  Hodgdon,  Me.,  April  28,  1868. 

Issue : 

2215.  i.      James  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  January  22,  1801;  died  Amity,  Me. 

2216.  ii.     IsA.iC  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  November  28,  1803  ;    drowned  Sheyuda 

Falls,  Me.,  April,  1826. 

2217.  iii.   Jaeez  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  September  9,  1805. 

2218.  iv.    Deborah  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  February  3,  1807;  died  Suntihago, 

Me.,  1834. 

2219.  v.     Waterman  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  September  8,  1809. 

2220.  vi.    Hiram  Daggett,*  born  Union,  Me.,  August  16,  1811. 


2221.  vii.  Robert  Daggett,"  born  Maine,  May  15,  1813. 

2222.  Tiii.  Abigail  Daggett,*  born  Maine,  November  15,  1815  ;  married  Charles 

Balch ;  she  died  Canton,  Mass.,  July  19,  1852. 

2223.  ix.    Ebenezer  Daggett,"  born  Washington,  Me.,  November  20,  1817. 

2224.  X.     Benjamin  Franklin  Daggett,"  born  Wiscasset,  Me.,  September  30, 


2225.  xi.    Jane  Daggett,"  born  Emden,  Me.,  October  1, 1822 ;  died  Thomaston, 

Me.,  June  24,  1842. 

2226.  xii.  William  Daggett,"  born  Emden,  Me.,  September  29,  1825;  married; 

resides  Haverhill,  Mass.  (1892). 

James  Daggett,  about  1820,  was  a  pioneer  in  Aroostook  county. 
Me.,  where  he  lived  the  rest  of  his  life. 

1535.  Jonathan  Daggett'  {Samuel,'^  Thomas,^  Brolherlon,* 
Joshua,'  Tlionias,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  20,  1783;  died 
Union,  Me.,  1855;  married  1st,  1804,  Elizabeth  Martin,  of  St. 
George;  married  2d,  Mary  Robinson,  of  Belmont,  Me. 

Issue : 

2227.  i.       Athearn  DAGGETT,"born Union,  Me.,  September  1,  1805  ;  died  Union, 

Me.,  July  5,  1806. 

2228.  ii.      John  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  August  29,  1806;  married  Waldo- 

boro'.  Me.;  issue:  two  children. 

2229.  iii.     Wilbert  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,    October  30,    1807;  married 

Susan  Lehr;  he  died  Washington,  Me.,  May  11,  1892. 

2230.  iv.     JoLiA  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  March  17, 1809 ;  died  Union, 

Me.,  August  21,  1814. 

2231.  V.      Richard  Martin  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  January  15,  1811. 

2232.  vi.     Sarah  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  February  13,  1813;  died  Union, 

Me.,  November  7,  1813. 

2233.  vii.    Silvia  Weston  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  August  6,  1814;  mar- 

ried Mr.  Wing;  resided  Belmont,  Me.  (1851). 

2234.  viii.  Augustus  Daggett,"  married  Mary  Flanders,  of  Waldoboro',  Me.; 

he  died  Morrill,  Me.,  February,  1886. 

2235.  ix.     Robert  L.  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  March  12,  1820. 

2236.  X.      Thomas  Daggett,"  born  Washington,  Me. ;  died  young. 

2237.  xi.     Aramanda  Daggett,"  born  Washington,  Me.,  May  22, 1822. 

2288.  xii.  Margaret  Daggett,"  born  Washington,  Me.;  married  Waltham, 
Mass.,  February  28,  1844,  by  Rev.  John  Whitney,  to  Samuel 
Cousens  ;    resides  Boston,  Mass.  (1886). 

1536.  William  Daggett'  {Samuel,"  Thomas,''  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  9,  1785; 
died  Bremen,  Me.,  December  19,  1876  ;  married  Bristol  (now  Bremen), 
Me.,  March  15,  1813,  Silvia  Church  Weston,  daughter  of  Arunah 
and  Sarah  (Martin)  Weston;  born  Bristol,  Me.,  March  10,  1790; 
died  Bremen,  Me.,  March  8,  1888. 

Issue : 

2239.  i.        Amelia  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  February  26,  1814. 

2240.  ii.      Sarah    Ann   Daggett,"   born  Union,  Me.,  August  23,   1815;    died 

Bremen,  Me.,  August  9,  1890. 

2241.  iii.     Jane  Tobet  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  October  9,  1818. 

2242.  iv.     Joshua  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  September  16,  1820. 

2243.  v.       Nancy  Alford  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  October  25,  1822;  died 

Bremen,  Me.,  May  5,  1858. 

2244.  vi.     LucT  Weston  Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  January  11,  1825. 


2245.  vii.    Margeky  W.  Daggett,'  born   Union,   Me.,   June  22,    1827;   died 

Union,  Me.,  January  8,  1828. 

2246.  viii.  Hikam  Daggett,'  born  Belmont,  Me.,  November  30,  1828. 

2247.  ix.     Margery  Wells  Daggett,'  born  Belmont,  Me.,  June  22,  1830. 

2248.  X.      William  Lleavellyn  Daggett,"  born  Belmont,  Me.,  September  26, 

1833;  died  Bremen,  Me.,  May  22,  1863. 

1537.  Samuel  Daggett'  (Samuel,'^  Thomas,'  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  T/iomas,^  John^),  bom  Uuiou,  Me.,  October  15,  1792; 
died  Union,  Me.,  October  11,  1846;  married  1st,  1817,  Priscilla 
Coggan;  married  2d,  Mi's.  Sarah  Stetson,  widow  of  Jacob  Stetson, 
and  daughter  of  Jacob  Wade. 

Issue : 

2249.  i.      Aogdsta  Bachelder  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  August  24,  1818; 

married  1840,  George  Barter,  of  Tbomaston,  Me. 

2250.  ii.    Martha  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  August  7,   1822;  died  Union, 

Me.,   September  16,   1823. 

2251.  iii.  Hancey  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  November  6,  1825;  died  Union, 

Me.,  September  21,  1842. 

2252.  iv.   Cyrends  Chapin  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  December  13,  1830. 

Also  two  others. 

1538.  Ebenezer  Daggett'  (Samuel,'^  Thomas,^  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Union,  Me.,  August  2,  1797;  died 
Washington,  Me.,  August  10,  1887;  married  1st,  Union,  Me.,  1819, 
by  Walter  Bk\ke,  Esq.,  to  Margaret  Miller,  daughter  of  George  and 
Barbara  (Hoffs)  Miller,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. ;  born  Waldoboro',  Me. ; 
died  Union,  Me.,  May  31,  1830;  married  2d,  Union,  Me.,  June  9, 
1831,  by  Walter  Blake,  Esq.,  to  Salome  Miller,  daughter  of  George 
and  Barbara  (Hoffs)  Miller,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. ;  born  Waldoboro', 
Me.,  1805;  died  Union,  Me.,  Jime  9,  1851 ;  married  3d,  Union,  Me., 
by  Walter  Blake,  Esq.,  to  Mrs.  Frampton,  widow,  daughter  of  Mr. 
Hipp;  divorced. 

Issue : 

2253.  i.      Cyrus  Daggett,'  boru  Union,  Me.,  October  22,  1819;  resides  Sher- 

man, Me.  (1892). 

2254.  ii.     Thurston  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  November  28,  1820. 

2255.  iii.     Elzina  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  March  31, 1822 ;  married  Reuben 

Ghentner,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. ;  resided  Waldoboro'  (1851). 

2256.  iv.     Barbara  D.  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  November  30,  1823;  died 

Union,  Me.,  September  5,  1825. 

2257.  V.      Mary  Miller  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  June  4,  1825;  married 

George  Robbins,  son  of  Ebenezer  Robbing. 

2258.  vi.     Erastus  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  April  23,  1827;  married   June 

11,  1846,  Pamela  Ripley,  of  Appleton,  Me. 

2259.  vii. Daggett,"  born  Union,  Me.,  May  31,  1830;  died  Union   Me 

May  31,  1830. 

2260.  viii.  Lysander   Daggett,'   born    Union,    Me.,    January    10,    1832;    died 

Union,  Me.,  June  10,  1850. 

2261.  ix.     Charles  Miller  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  March  8,  1834;  re- 

sides Terre  Haute,  Ind.  (1892). 
2262.x.      Clementine  Cole   Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  October  26,  1835; 
married  Mr.  Lowe;  died  many  years  ago  (1892). 

208  doggp:tt-daggett  family. 

2263.  xi.     Darics  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  March  18,  1838;    died  in  the 


2264.  xii.    Harriet  Dickkt  Daggett,"*  married  Mr.  Janes;  resides  Lawrence, 

Mass.  (1892). 

2265.  xiii.  Daughter Daggett, '  died. 

2266.  xiy.  LnciDS  Chandler  Daggett,'  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892). 

2267.  XV.    Angelia  Daggett,^  born  Rockland,  Me.,  1847. 

1539.  Daniel  Weston  Daggett'  (Samuel,'^  Thomas,^  Brother- 
ton,\Toshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  bom  Uuiou,  Me.,  May  19,  1800; 
died  Union,  Me.,  April  4,  1833;  married  Union,  Me.,  Decembers, 
1827,  Lydia  Jameson,  daughter  of  Brice  Jameson,  of  "Warren,  Me. ; 
born  Warren,  Me.,  1802. 

Issue : 

2268.1.    OziAS  Daggett,' born  Union,  Mc.,   September  29,   1828;  died   Union, 
Me.,  February  2,  1830. 

2269.  ii.  Daniel  O.  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  January  18,  1831. 

Mrs.  Daggett  married  2d,  Job  Casewell,  October,  1835.  He  was 
born  1787,  and  was  of  Minot,  Me. 

1542.  Capt.  Thomas  Daggett '  {Thomas,'^  Thomas,^ Bi-othcrton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  June  4,  1788  ;  died  New  York  city  ; 
married  New  Y'ork  city,  Martha  Maidman  ;  born  1796;  died  Union, 
Me.,  August  23,  1818. 

Issue  : 

2270.  i.  Daggett,'  died  Union,  Me.,  young. 

Capt.  Tliomas  Daggett  was  a  farmer  in  Searsmont,  Me.  He  went 
to  sea  as  mate  of  a  vessel,  and  became  acquainted  on  his  voyage  from 
England  with  an  English  lady,  whom  he  married  in  New  Y'ork  and 
returned  with  her  to  his  farm.  She  spent  the  last  weeks  of  her  life 
at  his  father's  in  Uuiou.  After  the  death  of  his  wife,  Captain  Dag- 
gett went  to  his  wife's  kindred  in  New  Y'ork,  where  he  engaged  in 
business  and  died. 

1544.  Edmund  Daggett'  {Thomas,'^  Thomas,^  Brotlierton,^ 
Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'  ),  born  Union,  Me.,  August  23,  1792; 
married  1818,  Deborah  Keeue,  daughter  of  Josiah  Keene,  of  Cam- 
den, Me. 

Issue : 

2271.  i.       Frederic  K.  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  August  13,  1819. 

2272.  ii.      Martha  Daggett,'  born  March  7,  1821 ;  died  March  16,  1823. 

2273.  iii.     Thomas  Daggett,'  born  May  4,  1822;  died  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

2274.  iv.     Ephraim  Gav  Daggett,' born  July  31,  1824;  died  Roxbury,  Mass., 

June  7,  1851. 

2275.  T.      Freeman  Ldce  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  February  8,  1827;  mu- 

sician; married;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  July  12,  1873. 

2276.  vi.     Lucinda  Daggett,'  born  March  26,  1828;  died  October  1,  1831. 

2277.  vii.    John  Sibley  Daggett,' born  February  7,  1830;   student  at  Bowdoin 

College  in  1851. 


2278.  viii.  Sarah  Gat  Daggett,*  born  January  25,  1832;  married  1849,  John 

Rich;  resided  Hope,  Me.  (1851). 

2279.  ix.     Patience  Hewett  Daggett,"  born  June  1,  1834;  died  young. 

2280.  X.      Esther  Daggett.' 

2281.  xi.     Mart  Daggett.' 

2282.  xii.    Helen  Daggett." 

2283.  xiii.  Caroline  F.  Daggett,'  born  Hope,  Me.,  1842. 

1547.  Ruth  Daggett'  {Aaron,''  Thomas,^  Brotherton,"  JosJma,'' 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Union,  Me.,  January  1,  1792;  married  1816, 
Jacob  Kiihu,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. 

Issue : 

2284.  i.     William  Harriman  Kuhn." 

2285.  11.    Peter  Kuhn,'  died  at  sea. 

2286.  ill.  Albert  Kuhn.' 

2287.  iv.  Glleert  Kuhn." 

2288.  T.    Almond  Orlando  KnHN.' 

1548.  Olive  Daggett'  {Aaron,''  Thomas,'  Brotherton,^  Joshua,^ 
Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Union,  Me.,  February  2,  1794;  married  Jan- 
uary 8,  1818,  George  Clouse,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. ;  died  November 
22,  1825. 

Issue : 

2289.  i.    Horatio  Nelson  Clouse,"  born  Waldoboro'  (?),  Me.,  April  22,  1822; 

resides  Union,  Me. 

2290.  ii.  Angelica  Frances,'  born  Waldoboro'  (?),  Me.,  September  2, 


1549.  Margaret  Daggett'  {Aaron,''  Thomas,'  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thoinas,-  John'),  born  Union,  Me.,  July  17,  179G;  married 
1819,  Peleg  Wiley. 

Issue : 

2291.  i.  Almira  Wiley.' 

2292.  ii.  Aaron  Daggett  Wiley.' 

2293.  lii.  Ephraim   Wiley.' 

2294.  iv.  William  Hotey  Wiley.' 

2295.  T.  Jacob  Kuhn  Wiley.' 

2296.  vi.  Peleg  Wiley.' 

2297.  vii.  Rebecca  Wiley,'  died. 

2298.  viii.  Charles  Wiley,'  died. 

2299.  ix.  Ruth  Kuhn  Wiley.' 

1553.  Lucy  Daggett'  {Aaron,"  Thomas,^  Brotherto7i,*  Joshua,^ 
Tliomas,^  John'),  horn  Union,  Me.,  November  10,  1802;  married 
Abraham  Gushee,  of  Hope,  Me. 

Issue : 

2300.  i.     Frederick  Augustus  Gushee,'  born  August,  1825. 

2301.  ii.    Louis.v  Gushee,'  died  young. 

2302.  iii.  Rebecca    Gushee,'   married   Elijali  Ripley,  of  Hope,   Me. ;    issue  r 

Frederick  Ripley,'  born  July  5,  1847. 

2303.  iv.  Almond  Gushee.' 

2304.  V.    Ambrose  Gushee.' 

2305.  vi.   Elijah  Daggett  Gushee.' 


1553.  Elijah  A.  Daggett'  {Aaron,^  Thomas,'  Brotltprton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'),  bora  Union,  Me.,  March  2,  180G ;  mar- 
ried Ruth  Ann  Waters,  of  Jefferson,  Me. 

Issue : 

2306.  i.    Ann  Daggett,'  born  May  28,  1847. 

2307.  ii.  Atheakn  Daggett.' 

Dr.  Elijah  A.  Daggett,  a  physician  in  Waldoboro' ;  M.D.  at 
Bowdoin  College,  1833. 

1554.  Aaron  Athearn  Daggett'  {Aaron,''  Thomas,^  Brother- 
ton,"  Joshua,,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Union,  Me.,  December  17, 
1808  ;  married  Bethiah  Thompson,  daughter  of  William  Thompson. 

Issue : 

2308.  1.     Simon  Elijah  Daggett,'  born  JefEerson,  Me. 

2309.  ii.    Daughter Daggett;'  died  Appleton,  Me. 

2310.  iii.  Emeline  Oreville  Daggett,'  died  1849. 

2311.  iv.  Morrill  Stanford  Daggett,'  born  1845;  died  1849. 

2312.  V.    Augusta  Daggett,'  died  1849. 

1557.  Hekry  Daggett '  {Tristram,^  Elijah,^  Brotherlon,"  Joshia,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  27,  1789 ;  died  Wells- 
ville,  Pa.,  AprO  12,  1857;  married  Industry,  Me.,  June  22,  1810,  by 
Rev.  Mr.  Hutchius,  to  Abigail  B.  Cleveland,  daughter  of  Jothan  and 
Polly  (Burns)  Cleveland;  born  Emden,  Me.,  June  5,  1796;  died 
Bangor,  Me.,  November  2,  1878. 

Issue  : 

2313.  i.       Jane  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me. 

2314.  ii.      Jothan  Cleveland  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me. 

2315.  iii.     Tristram  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me. 

2316.  iv.     James  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.;  died  Industry,  Me. 

2317.  V.      Mary  Daggett,'  born  Industry,   Me.;  married  Mr.  Elliott;  resides 

Garland,  Me.  (1893)  ;  has  son  William  D.  Elliott." 

2318.  vi.     Joseph  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me. 

2319.  vii.    Merct  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me. 

2320.  viii.  Abigail  Daggett,'  born  Emden,  Me. 

2321.  ix.     Edivin  Daggett,'  born  Bingham,  Me. 

2322.  X.      Emily  Daggett,'  born  Bingham,  Me. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  a  farmer,  resided  at  Levant,  Me.,  and  at  one 
time  was  chairman  of  the  Board  of  Selectmen. 

1559.  Abigail  Daggett  '  ( Tristram,"  Elijah,^  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  22,  1793;  died 
Lee,  Me.,  January  6,  1884;  married  Industrj',  Me.,  October  29, 
1814,  Capt.  Jabez  Norton,  son  of  Jabez  and  Phebe  (Luce)  Norton; 
born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  22,  1777;  died  Lee,  Me.,  April  9, 

Issue : 

2323.  i.       Tristram  Norton,'  born  Industry,  Me. ;  died  aged  eleven  yeiirs. 

2324.  ii.      Benjamin  Norton,' born  Industry,  Me.,  December  25,  1820;  mar- 

ried Roxana  Patterson;  resided,  at  one  time,  Brunswick,  Minn. 


2325.  iii.     Clementine  Norton,^  born  Industry,  Me.;  married  Charles  Web- 

ber; resides  Springfield,  Me.  (1S92). 

2326.  It.     George    Butler    Norton,'  born   Industry,   Me.,   March  3,    1826; 

married  December  3,  1854,  Minerva  Gatchell,  daughter  of  Albert 
S.  and  Lydia  S.  (Staples)  Gatchell;  he  died  Prae  City,  Minn.,  Feb- 
ruary 9,  1873.    Five  children. 

2327.  V.      Hannah  L.  Norton,^  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  29,  1828;  married 

January  9,  Rufus  W.  Noble,  son  of  Isaac  and  Mary  (Coffin) 
Noble;  blacksmith;  resides  Summer  street,  Portland,  Me.  (1892). 

2328.  vi.      Harrison  Allen  Norton,'  born  Industry,   Me.,  March  17,  1831; 

married  February  2,  1856,  Lucy  S.  Dwelley,  daughter  of  .Allen  and 
Polly  (Hodges)  Dwelley.  She  born  Springfield,  Me.,  February  4, 
1824;  farmer;  resides  Lee,  Me.  (1892),     Fire  children. 

2329.  vii.     Simon  Lowell  Norton,'  born  Lee,  Me.,  June  29,  1833;    married 

April,  1858,  Angeline  Merrill  (born  Lee,  Me.,  December  13,  1837; 
died  Lee,  Me.,  January  27,  1881),  daughter  of  James  and  Mary 
(Hewey)  Merrill.  Mr.  Norton  served  in  the  Civil  War.  Is  lum- 
berman and  farmer ;  resides  Minnesota.     Seven  children. 

2330.  viii.  Ctkus  Douglas  Norton,'  born  Lee,  Me.,  May  28,  1836;  resided,  at 

one  time,  near  Atken,  Minn. 

Captain  Norton,  while  a  resident  of  Industry,  was  selectman  and 
captain  of  the  militia.  He  was  one  of  the  best  of  men,  mild  in  man- 
ner, conscientious  in  the  discharge  of  his  duty. 

1562.  Teistkam  Daggett'  [Trl-^tnini.'''  Elijah,''  Brolherton," 
Joahna,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Iiiduslrv,  'Mc,  June  8,  1799;  died 
Dexter,  Me.,  November  27,  l.s;J(; ;  nuinied  Maine,  April  30,  1823, 
Martha  Luce,  daughter  of  Alsbnry  and  Mary  (Burgess)  Luce  ;  died 
Dexter,  Me.,  March,  1873. 

Issue : 

2331.  i.     Timothy  Daggett,*  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  20,  1824. 

2332.  ii.    Nathan  Luce  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  18,  1825. 

2333.  iii.  Martha  Ann  Daggett,'  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  October,  1826;  died 

Dexter,  Me.,  about  1840. 

2334.  iv.  Lydia  Ann  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  1828;  married  a  sea  captain, 

1850;  died  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass.,  December,  1851. 

2335.  V.    Susan  Jane  Daggett,'  born  Dexter,  Me.,  1830. 

2336.  vi.  Amanda  Jordan  Daggett,'  born  Dexter,  Me.,  1832;  married  Novem- 

ber 28,  1872,  Rufus  Washburn;  resides  Gloversville,  N.T.  (1892); 
no  issue. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  a  farmer.  He  lived  in  Industry,  St.  Albans,  and 

1563.  Timothy  Daggett'  {Tristram,'^  Elijah,'^  Brolherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,''  John^),  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  26,  1802;  died 
Ripley,  Me.,  July  31,  1879  ;  married  Industry,  Me.,  November  29, 
1838,  Thankful  Merry,  daughter  of  Asa  and  Sally  (Bartlett)  Merry; 
born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  8,  1817;  died  Parkman,  Me.,  July 
13,   1867. 

2337.  i.      Mary  Luce  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  8,  1839. 

2338.  ii.     Tristram  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January  2,  1841. 

2339.  iii.    Sarah  Jane  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  23,  1843 ; 

died  Parkman,  Me.,  June  11,  1863. 


2340.  iv.    Asa  Merry  Daggett,*'  born  Parkman,  Me.,  July  22,  1845. 

2341.  V.     Catharine  Amanda  Daggett,*  born  Parkman,  Me.,  May  31,  1848. 

2342.  vi.    William  Merry  Daggett,"  born  Parkman,  Me.,  March  24,   1851; 

resides  Pecos,  Tex.   (1892).      ■ 

2343.  Tu.  Clara  Ella  Daggett,*  born  Parkman,  Me.,  June  14,  1854;  resides 

Norway,  Me.  (1892). 

Timothy  Daggett,  at  the  age  of  seventeen,  left  home  to  seek  his 
fortune.  For  thirteen  years  he  followed  the  sea,  alternating  with 
work  on  a  farm. 

He  owned  several  pieces  of  real  estate  in  Industry  at  different 
times.  He  moved  to  Parkman  in  1845,  where  he  owned  different 
farms,  and  resided  there  until  1874,  when  he  disposed  of  his  property 
and  moved  to  Ripley,  where  he  died. 

1566.  LuciNDA  Daggett'  (EliJaJt,''  Elijah,"  Brotherton,^  JosJnni,^ 
Tliomas,^  John'),  born  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass.;  died  New  Vine- 
yard, Me.  ;  married  October  2,  1806,  Henry  Butler,  son  of  Henry 
and  Mehitable  (Norton)  Butler,  of  New  Vineyard,  Me. ;  "  farmer;  " 
died  Boston,  Mass.,  aged  seventy-four  years. 

Issue : 

2344.  i.      .JosiAH  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  28,  1807;  married 

(published  March  29,  1834)  Lucy  Jane  Waugh  (born  Stark,  Me., 
July  25,  1810),  daughter  of  Elijah  and  Sophia  (Ferrand)  Waugh, 
of  Stark. 

2345.  ii.     John  Gray  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January  28,  1811; 

married  Dolly  SteTens ;  resides  Milo,  Me.  (1892). 
234G.  ill.    Abigail  Daggett  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February  10, 
1813;  resides  Boston,  Mass.  (1892). 

2347.  iv.    James  Madison  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  19,  1815; 

married  November  16,  1844,  Sarsih  Ann  Bloomer,  of  South  Sodus, 
N.Y.,  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Phebe  Bloomer;  resides  Hemlock 
Lake,  N.Y.  (1892)  ;  one  child. 

2348.  V.     Samuel  Daggett  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  4,  1817; 

married  Sophronia  Williams,  of  Solon,  Me. ;  went  to  New  York. 

2349.  vi.    Warren  Smith  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  28,  1821 ; 

married  Eliza  M.  Bates  (born  New  Vineyard,  October  15,  1831); 
private.  Company  D,  Seventeenth  Regiment  Maine  Infantry;  resided 
in  Lewiston,  Me.,  at  one  time. 

2350.  vii.  Henry  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me. ;  married  (published  July 

2,  1846)  Patience  Bray,  of  Anson;  resides  Solon,  Me.  (1892). 

2351.  viii.  Francis  Caldwell  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  10, 

1824;  resided,  at  one  time.  Eureka,  Cal. 

2352.  ix.     LuciNDA  Butler,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  Augusts,  1827;  married 

Samuel  Elder. 

1568.  Sarah  Daggett'  {Elijah,^  Elyah,''  Brotherton,"  JosMia,^ 
Thomas,^  John'),  bom  Martha's  Vineyard,  December  7,  1792;  went 
West;  married  Industry,  Me.,  December  18,  1817,  Levi  Greenleaf, 
son  of  Dea.  Levi  and  Polly  (Willard)  Greenleaf;  born  Industry,^ 
Me.,  May  11,   1797. 

Issue : 

2353.  i.       Ann  Churchill  Greenleaf,'  born   Industry,   Me.,    September    15, 

1818;  died  Industry,  Me.,  September  22,  1840. 


2354.  ii.      Isaac  S.  Geeenleap,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  2,  1820. 

2355.  iii.     Esther  D.  Greenleaf,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  January  16,  1822;  died 

Industry,  Me.,  June  10,  1841. 

2356.  iT.     Emma  Greenleaf,*"  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  5,  1824. 

2357.  V.      William  C.  Greenleaf,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  31,  1826. 

2358.  vi.     John  Geeenleaf,*  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  28,  1828. 

2359.  rii.    Sarah  Greenleaf,*  born  Industry,  Me.,  December  19,  1830. 

2360.  viii.  Cordelia  W.  Gkeenleap,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  11,  1833. 

2361.  ix.     Levi  Greenleaf,*  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  23,  1835. 

1571.  Samuel  S.  Daggett'  {Elijah,^  Elijah,"  Brotlierton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John^),  bom  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1799;  "shoe- 
maker;" died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  September  15,  1879;  married  1st, 
Nantucket,  Mass.,  July  10,   1823,  by  Rev.  S.   F.   Swift,  to  Lydia 

Giles;  married  2d,  ■  ;  married  3d,  Fairhaven,  Mass.,  December 

1,  1857,  by  Johu  A.  Hawes,  J.P.,  to  Amelia  Whitfield,  daughter  of 
Joseph  and  Parnel  Whitfield;  born  Fairhaven,  Mass.,  1791;  died 
Edgartown,  Mass.,  February  19,   1869. 

Issue : 
2362.  i.  Samuel  S.  Daggett,'  born  Nantucket,  Mass.,  1825. 

Samuel  S.  Daggett  was  a  man  of  more  than  ordinary  ability,  and 
was  mate  on  a  brig  in  the  merchant  service.  Had  an  accident  by 
which  he  injured  one  of  his  heels  ;  then  learned  the  shoemaker's  trade, 
and  lived  in  Nantucket  and  Edgartown. 

1576.  Nancy  Atheakn  Daggett'  (Matthew,^  Elijah,"  Brother- 
ton,''  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Warren,  Me.,  December  1, 
1799;  died  Union,  Me.,  February  16,  1827;  married  Warren,  Me., 
May  4,  1820,  Reuben  Alford,  son  of  Dea.  Love  and  Lydia 
(Montgomery)  Alford;  born  Warren,  Me.,  March  24,  1800;  died 
Oldtown,  Me.,  October  7,   1834. 

Issue : 

2863.  i.    Edmund  Bu.xton  Alford,'  born  Warren,  Me.,  February  2,  1821. 
2364.  ii.  Lydia  North  Alford,'  born  Searsraont,  Me.,  June  12,  1823. 

1578.  Thomas  Gilbert  Daggett  '  (James,"  Jethro,"  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  TJiovias,^  John'),  born  Dighton,  Mass.,  March  2,  1795; 
"watchmaker;"  died  Providence,  R. I.,  February  1,  1871;  married 
Cumberland,  R.I.,  June  2,  1839,  by  Rev.  Benj.  H.  Davis,  to  Frances 
C.  Streeter. 

1580.  Jethro  Davis  Daggett  '  {James,"  Jethro,'  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,"  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  August  27,  1802; 
"  carpenter;  "  died  Pro%'idence,  R.I.,  October  22,  1868  ;  married  New- 
Bedford,  Mass.,  January,  1830,  by  Wm.  Cole,  to  Phebe  Maxfleld, 


daughter  of    Warren    and    Ruby   Maxfield ;    born   ISIO;    died   New 
Bedford,  Mass.,  December  10,  1854. 
Issue : 

2365.  i.     Hannah  P.  Daggett,^  born  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  1831. 

2366.  ii.    Elizabeth  Daggett,*  born  New  Bedford,  Mass..  1831. 

2367.  iii.  Rebecca  S.  Daggett,' born  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  1835. 

1589.  William  Dagoett  '  (Peter,^  Ebenezer,^  [John,*  Joseph,^ 
Joseph,-  John'']  (?)),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  8,  1792; 
"farmer;"  died  PhiUips,  Me.,  June  25,  1879;  married  November, 
1814,  Charity  Barker,  of  New  Vineyard;  bom  Bowdoiu,  Me.,  1793. 

Issue : 

2368.  i.     AuBELiA  Daggett,*  born  Strong,  Me.,  February  23,  1817;  died  Phil- 

lips, Me.,  March  7,  1812. 

2369.  ii.    Dennis  Daggett,*  born  Phillips,  Me.,  March  11,  1821. 

2370.  iii.  Rachel  Daggett,*  born  Phillips,  Me.,  September  30,  1824;   married 

1st,  Shepard  Ramsdell;   married  2d,  December  31,  1870,  Ezra  R. 
Wright;  born  Lewiston,  Me.,  1829;  resides  Phillips,  Me.  (1893). 

2371.  iv.  Paulina  Daggett,*  born  Phillips,  Me.,  July  11,  1829. 

1590.  Capt.  Plamentin  Daggett'  {Peter,^  Ebenezer,"  [John," 
Jose2}h,'  Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  5,  1795  ;  died 
Strong,  Me.,  March  28,  1866;  married  Industry,  Me.,  February  21, 
1822,  Hannah  Snow,  daughter  of  Ezekiel  and  Hannah  (Pratt)  Snow; 
born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  September  12,  1799;  died  New  Vineyard, 
Me.,  September  7,   1862. 

Issue : 

2372.  i.     Ezekiel  Snow   Daggett,*  born   New   Vineyard,  Me.,  February    7, 

1823;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February  25,  1858. 

2373.  ii.    Plamentin  Daggett,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  May  3,  1825. 

2374.  iii.  Albert  Daggett,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  13,  1827. 

2375.  iv.  Oliver  Cromwell  Daggett,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  20, 

1830;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  3,  1847. 

2376.  V.    Washington  Libbet  Daggett,*  born  New   Vineyard,  Me.,  May  6, 


2377.  vi.  Hannah  Snow  Daggett,*  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  .Tanuary  14,  1839. 

"  Capt.  Plamentin  Daggett,  in  early  manhood,  served  in  the  war  of 
1812,  and  subsequently  settled  in  New  Vineyard,  clearing  a  large 
farm,  where  he  made  a  pleasant  home  for  more  than  forty  years. 
His  wife,  a  lady  of  strong  mind  and  sterling  qualities,  reared  a  family 
of  five  sons  and  one  daughter.  He  was  prominently  identified  with 
the  growth  of  his  town  and  its  public  interests.  He  held  many  public 
offices  in  the  town,  and  was  long  regarded  as  one  of  its  most  respected 
and  influential  citizens.  In  the  early  years  of  the  State  mUitia  he  was 
commissioned  commander  of  the  New  Vineyard  Light  Infantry,  and 
the  name  of  Captain  Daggett  became  familiar  in  the  military  circles 
of  Franklin  county.  Religiously  he  was  a  Methodist ;  politically  an 
early  Democrat,  but  cast  one  of  the  first  Free  Soil  ballots  of   his 


town,  and  was  a  member  of  the  coaveutiou  in  Strong  which  organized 
tlie  Republican  party." 

1591.  Jonathan  Luce  Daggett'  {Peter,"  Eheiiezer,'  [John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseiih,"  John  ']  (?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  October  11, 1797; 
married  Sally  Carle;  born  Saco,  Me.,  1793. 

Issue : 
2378.  i.    Mary  Daggett,^  born  Chesterville,  Me.,  October  20,  1821. 
2;!70.  ii.  Jonathan  Daggett,'*  born  Chesterville,  Me.,  February  13,  1823. 

1592.  Leandee  Daggett  '  {Peter,"  Ebenezer,'  [John,*  Joseph,'^ 
Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  15,  1799  ;  died  New 
Vineyard,  Me.,  November  23,  1868;  married  March  16,  1826,  Mar- 
garet Anderson,  daughter  of  William  Anderson,  of  New  Vineyard ; 
born  Lewiston,  Me.,  October  27,  1806. 

Issue : 

2380.  i.     Maky  Ann  Daggett,"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  13,  1827. 

2381.  ii.    "William  Anderson  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  11, 

1831;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  31,  1858. 

2382.  iii.  Leander  Daggett,"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  10,  1811. 

1593.  Albert  Daggett'  {Peter,"  Ebenezer,'  [^John,*  Joseph,' 
Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  8,  1801 ;  died  Man- 
chester, Me.,  November  25,  1878;  married  Rochester,  Mass.,  August 
1,  1826,  Elizabeth  S.  Cannon;  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  1804;  died 
Manchester,  Me.,  June  12,   1861. 

Issue : 

2383.  i.      Albert  Daggett,^  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  May  17,  1827. 

2384.  ii.    Plamentin  Daggett, »  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  December  17,  1828. 

2385.  iii.  Elizabeth   .Snow  Daggett,'  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  December  25, 


2386.  iv.  Harriet  Sophia  Daggett,*  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  April  8,  1832; 

died  Rochester,  Mass.,  June  29,  1838. 

2387.  r.    Martha  J.vne  Daggett,"  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  January  23,  1834. 

1596.  L.wiNA  Daggett'  {Peter,"  Ebenezer,'  [John,"  Joseph,' 
Joseph,^  John  '](?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  23,  1812  ;  died  New 
Vineyard,  Me.,  May  6,  1834;  married  Industry,  Me.,  December, 
1830,  Jacob  Clark,  son  of  Jacob  and  Catherine  E.  (Bean)  Clark; 
"farmer;"  bom  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  14,  1810;  died  Lex- 
ington, Me.,  September  7,  1884. 

Issue  : 

2388.  i.    Hannah    Catherine   Clark,'   married  Alfred  Pierce;    resides    New 

Richmond,  Wis.   (1892). 

2389.  ii.  Charles  Clark,' born  January  21,  1834;  married  1859,  Olive  Ch.ise; 

died  March  3,  1868. 

1597.  Jonathan  Luce'  {Hannah  Daggett,"  Ebenezer  *  \_John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,^  Jo/tn ']  (?)),  born  Industry,   Me.,  December  12, 


1797  ;  died  Ausoii,  Me.,  March  27,  1867  ;  married  1st,  May  16,  1821, 
Eliza  Bryar,  daughter  of  Andrew  aud  Ruth  Bryar,  of  Tamworth, 
N.H. ;  born  1798;  died  Anson,  Me.,  August  7,  1838;  married  2d, 
October  2,  1838,  Sally  B.  Merry,  daughter  of  Asa  and  Sally  (Bart- 
lett)  Merry;  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1804. 
Issue : 

2300.  i.       Mary   Jane    Luce,"  born  Industry,  Me.,   1822;  died  November  3, 

2391.  ii.      Leonard  Luce,^  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  17,  1825;  married  May 

13,  1851,  Lois  M.  Currier,  daughter  of  David  and  Lydia  (Brown) 

2392.  iii.     George  Luce,'  torn  Anson,  Me.;  married  Hannah  Viles,  daughter 

of  Fisher  and  Hannah  (Luce)  Viles. 

2393.  iv.     John  P.  Luce,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  July  24,  1829;  married  March  31, 

1857,  Melvina  O.  Viles,  daughter  of  Fisher  aud  Hannah  (Luce) 

2394.  v.      Philena  Ldce,^  born  Anson,  Me.;  married  Sanborn  L.  Viles,  son  of 

Fisher  and  Hannah  (Luce)  Viles.     No.  2410. 

2395.  vi.     Eeen  Luce,' born  .\nson.  Me.,  November,  1837;  died  Anson,  Me., 

October  9,  18.38. 
239G.  vii.    Charles  Llewellyn  Luce,' born  Anson,  Me. ;  married  Julia  Walker. 

1598.  Leonard  Luce'  {Hannnh  Daygett,^  Ebenezer'"  [Jo/iH,'' 
Joseph.,^  Joseph,-  Jolin^~\{'i)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  November  17, 
1799;  died  Industry,  Me.,  September  18,  1852;  married  1st,  Septem- 
ber 25,  1827,  Susan  Butler  West,  daughter  of  Peter,  Jr.,  and  Anna 
(Butler)  West;  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  10,  1809;  died  Industry, 
Me.,  November  27,  1843;  married  2d,  November,  1844,  Elizabeth 
N.  Sprague,  of  Farmington. 

Issue : 

2397.  i.     Tamson  Cottle  Luce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  15,  1828  ;  married 

November,  1852,  Benjamin  G.  Eveleth,  son  of  Joseph  and  Eunice 
(Gennings)  Eveleth. 

2398.  ii.    John  West  Ldce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  19,  1832;  married  No- 

vember 10,  1854,  Harriet  M.  Manny,  of  Middlebury,  Vt. 

2399.  iii.  Leonard  Murky  Luce,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  February  20,  1834  ;  died 

Industry,  Me.,  October  31,  1837. 

2400.  iv.  Hannah    Daggett   Luce,'   born  Industry,  Me.,    October   12,    1836; 

married  Mr.  Edwards. 

2401.  V.    Leonard    Hannibal  Luce,'   born  Industry,  Me.,  February  10, ; 

married  November  24,  1864,  Mary  B.  Merry,  daughter  of  David  and 
Betsey  (Remick)  Merry. 

1599.  Eliza  Luce'  (Hannah  Daggett,^  Ebenezer,^  l_John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,^  John^'\{'i)),  boi'n  Industry,  Me.,  November  30, 
1801;  died  Stark,  Me.,  December  10,  1886;  married  May  9,  1822, 
Jonathan  Merry,  son  of  Asa  and  Sally  (Bartlett)  Merry  ;  farmer  and 
shoemaker;  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  29,  1798;  died 
Stark,  Me.,  May  7,  1872. 

Issue : 

2402.  i.       Hannah  Daggett  Merry,' born  Industry,  Me.,  September  29, 1824; 

married  James  Rhoety ;  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892). 


2403.  ii.       Cle5ie>-tine    Ai.lkn    Merky,*    born   Industry,    Me.,    February   25, 

1821) ;  married  1st,  Thomas  I'elton,  sou  of  Thomas  and  Betsey 
(Gray)  Pelton,  of  Anson;  married  2d,  Augustine  Crowell  or  Crom- 
well; resides  Gloucester,  Mass.  (1892). 

2404.  iii.     Asa  Merry,*  born  Industry,  Me-.,  January  2,   1828;  married  April 

13,  1853,  Mary  Viletta  Wood,  daughter  of  Silas  and  Mary  F.  (Boy- 
inton)  Wood,  of  Stark,  Me. 

2405.  iv.     EoNiCE  Chase  Merry,"  born   Anson,   Me.,   May  22,    1831 ;  married 

Elias  Burrell  (  ?)  ;  she  died  Abiiiijton,  Mass.,  April  2S,  1852. 
240G.  V.       Eliza  Ln  e  Mekuy,"    born  Anson,   Me.,   August   II,    1833;   married 
Charles  Dill;  slic  died  Kocklaud,  Mass.,  March  12,  1877. 

2407.  vi.      Sophia  Jane  Merry, ^  born  Anson,  Me.,  August  2,  1835;  died  An- 

son, Me.,  1838. 

2408.  vii.    J.vNE  Claghorn  Merry,' born  Anson,  Me.,  January  5,  1838;  mar- 

ried lst,Jophanus  H.  Davis,  son  of  James,  Jr.,  and  Abigail  (Hobbs- 
Boardman)  Davis ;   married  2d,  Charles  Dill,  above  mentioned. 

2409.  viii.   Deborah    Butler    Merry,*  born   Anson,    Me.,   January  21,   1843; 

married  1st,  Marcli  20,  1862,  Menzir  B.  Merry,  son  of  David  and 
Betsey  (Reniick)  Merry;  married  2d,  William  Tarbox;  resides 
Lewiston,  Me.  (1892). 

1600.  Hannah  Luce'  {Hannah  Daggett,^  Ehenezer"  [John,* 
Joseph,''  Joseph,^  Jo/tft '](?)),  bom  Industry,  Me.,  Jiily  22,  1804; 
died  October  7,  1877;  married  (published  December  9,  1828)  Fisher 
Viles,  son  of  Joseph  and  Sarah  (Hancock)  Viles ;  farmer;  resided  in 
Anson  and  Industry;  boru  Orlaud,  Me.,  July  27,  1804;  died  April 
22,  1882. 

Issue : 

2410.  i.      Sanborn  Luce  Viles,^  born  1829 ;  married  Philena  Luce,  g.v.  ;  sol- 

dier. Company  A,  Twenty-eighth  Maine  Regiment;  died  August  6, 

2411.  ii.     Sus-\N  T.  Viles,' married  October  3,  1849,  Joel  S.  Yeaton,  of  New 

Portland;  resides  Nebraska  (1892). 

2412.  iii.    Hannah  Viles,'  married  George  Luce,  q.-v.  No.  2392. 

2413.  iv.    Melvin  Vlles,"  married  May  18,  1862,  M.  Ann  Bruce,  daughter  of 

Hollis  and  Matilda  (Allen)  Bruce. 

2414.  V.     Melvina  O.  Viles,'  married  John  P.  Luce,  q.v.  No.  2393. 

2415.  vi.    Eliza  Viles,'   married   October  20,    1867,  Lorenzo  Watson,  son  of 

Simeon  and  Olive  (Patterson)  Watson,  of  Stark;  resides  Industry, 
Me.  (1892). 

2416.  vii.  Adaline  Viles,'  married  William  H.  Luce,  Jr. 

1602.  8.4.RAH  D.4.GGETT'  {John,''  John"  [John,*  Joseph,'' Joseph," 
Jo/(/( '](?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January  5,  1816;  resides 
West's  Mills,  Me.  (1887)  ;  married  October  24,  1841,  Isaac  Elder, 
son  of  Joseph  and  Ruth  (Quint)  Elder ;  farmer. 

Issue : 

2417.  i.     John   Daggett   Elder,'  born  New  Vineyard,   Me.,   November  10, 

1842;  "Company  I,  Ninth  Maine  Regiment;"  died  Hilton  Head, 
S.C,  June  5,  1863. 

2418.  ii.    Joseph  Elder,"   born    Industry,    Me.,  August  26,    1844;  married  1st 

(published  September  4,  1864),  Betsey  Houghton,  of  Anson;  mar- 
ried 2d,  June  1,  1886,  Adalaide  A.  Manter,  daughter  of  Hiram  and 
Jane  (Atkinson)  Manter;   farmer;  resides  Industry,  Me.  (1S1I2). 

2419.  iii.  Mary  Deborah  Elder,'  born  Anson,  Me.,  April  10,  1846;  married 

Charles  Jeffers,  son  of  Thomas  and  Sarah  (Kennedy)  Jeffers. 


2-1:20.  iv.  Dolly  Elder,"  born  Anson,  Me.;  died  young. 

2^21.  V.  Sarah  Louisa  Elder,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  June  7,  1852;  married 
(published  December  23,  1874)  Charles  W.  Shaw,  son  of  Samuel 
and  Betsey  (Manter)  Shaw. 

2422.  vi.  Lucy  Jane  Elder,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  April  20,  1856;  married  Octo- 
ber 10,  1886,  Benjamin  W.  Seavey,  son  of  Alvin  and  Mary  Seavey. 

1603.  John  Atwell  Daggett'  { John, ^  John'  \_John,*  Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'  John  ']  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  24,  1819  ;  re- 
sides Industry,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  December  15,  1845,  Cynthia  P. 
Furbush,  daugliter  of  Ivory  and  Sarali  (Haskell)  Furlmsli,  of  Salem. 

Issue : 

2123.  i.       John  Fred  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  24,  1847. 

2424.  ii.       Son Daggett,"  born  Industry,   Me.,  September  10,  1848;    died 

December  6,  1848. 

2425.  iii.     I.  Hovey  Daggett,"  born  Industry,   Me.,  April  8,   1851;  died  Jan- 

uary 17,  1870. 

2426.  iv,      C.   Emma   Daggett,"   born   Temple,   Me.,    February  2,  1856;   died 

Salem,  Me.,  February  9,  1862. 

2427.  V.      Frank   A.   Daggett,"   born   Salem,  Me.,  November   6,   1859;   died 

December  3,  1860. 

2428.  vi.      Martha   E.   Daggett,"  born  Salem,  Me.,  June  22,   1861;   married 

March  7,  1885,  Ward  Burns,  son  of  William  and  Phebe  (Ward) 
Burns;  born  November  21,  1860.  He,  farmer,  selectman;  resides 
Industry,  Me.  (1892). 

2429.  vii.    Mary  Jane  Daggett,*  born  Industry,  Me.,  October  2,  1864;  married 

December  24,  1889,  Eugene  L.  Smith,  son  of  Joseph  W.  and  Lydia 
A.  (Daggett)  Smith. 

2430.  viii.  Capitola  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  September  8,  1866. 

1606.  William  Riley  Daggett'  {John,^  John^  ^./ohn,"  Joseph,^ 
Joseph,-  John^~\  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.;  resides  California, 
if  living;  married  (published  August  18,  1848)  Mary  T.  Viles, 
daughter  of  Leonard  and  Annah  (Bray)  Viles;  born  May  5,  1832; 
resides  Lewiston,  Me.  (1892). 

Issue : 

2431.  i.    Warren  Marshall  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  4,   1855; 

married  August  25,  1884,  Estella  Ranger,  daughter  of  Lafayette  and 
Sarah  (Gardner')  Ranger,  of  Wilton;  issue:  daughter  born  Septem- 
ber 4,  1800;  resides  Farmington,  Me.  (1892). 

2432.  ii.  Charles   H.    Beck  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  25,   1858; 

married  Mrs.  Sarah  Hutchius ;  resides  Livermore  Falls,  Me.  (1892). 

1607.  Wakren  Daggett  '  [John,"  John  ^  \_John,'^  Joseph,^  Joseph,'^ 
John '2  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  May  1,  1829  ;  died  Industry, 
Me.,  January  31,  1883;  married  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  15,  1855, 
Jane  W.  Ramsdell,  daughter  of  John  and  Catherine  (Hutehins) 

Issue : 

2433.  i.      Cassia  Jane  Daggett,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  April  1,  18 — . 

2434.  ii.     Hiram  Daggett,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  June  4,  1862;  resides  Industry, 

Me.  (1892). 


2435.  iii.  Sarah  Elder  Daggett,'  born  Anson,  Me.,  July  11,  1863;  married 
April  27,  1887,  Edward  A.  Plilton,  son  of  Benjamin  F.  and  Mary 
(Furber)  Hilton,  of  Stark,  Me. ;   two  children  (1802). 

•irsa.  iv.    Ella  Miller  Daggett,^  born  Anson,  Me.,  December  28,  1864. 

2437.  V.     Emma  Daggett,^  born  Anson,  Me.,  February  29,  1867;  married  July 

5.   1886,  William  C.  Watson,  son   of  Joseph  and  Emma  (Coglan) 

2438.  vi.    Anna  Love  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  December  25,  1870;  mar- 

ried Charles  Haynes ;  resides  Oakland,  Me.  (1892)  ;  children. 

2439.  vii.  Frances  Elmira"Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  July  20,  1873. 

Mrs.  Daggett  married  2d,  April  26,  1886,  Eli  Hawes,  of  Ausou. 

1608.  Ann  Cordelia  Daggett'  {Jolin,^  John'  [Jo/oi,"  Joseph,^ 
Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  6,  1838;  re- 
sides Anson,  Me.  (1803);  married  1859,  Nelson  W.  Fish,  son  of 
Nathan  and  Rhoda  (Walker)  Fish,  of  Anson;   "  farmer." 

Issue  : 
24J0.  i.      Daughter Fish,'  born  Anson,  Me. ;  died  young. 

2441.  ii.    Helen  Gusta  Fish,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  April  18,  1861;  married  John 

H.  Jeffreys,  son  of  John  and  Ann  D.  (Kyant)  Jeffreys,  of  Industry. 

2442.  iii.  Alvin   Tinkman   Fish,"   born   Anson,   Me.,  May   16,   1865;   married 

October   13,   1885,  Elvira  A.   Spencer,  daughter  of  Sylvester   and 
Matilda  (Watson)  Spencer,  of  Anson. 

2443.  iv.  Nelson  John  Fish,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  March  6,  1873. 

2444.  V.    Daughter Fish,"  died  in  infancy. 



1610.  Edwin  Oscak  Daggett'  {Jefferson,''  Jacob,^  Daniel,^ 
hrael,*  Jose2oh,^  John,"  John^),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  5, 
1829;  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892);  married  Enst  Providence, 
R.I.,  November  16, 1865,  Hannah  Elzada  Perrin,  daughter  of  Thomas 
and  Hannah  Bliss  (Drown)  Perrin;  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March 
30,  1832. 

1611.  Anna  Judson  Daggett'  {Jefferson,''  Jacoh,^  Daniel,^ 
Israel,'  Joseph,^  John,'-  John^),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  March  12, 
1830;  resides  Rumford,  R.I.  (1892);  married  Pawtucket,  R.I., 
October  8,  1856,  by  Rev.  C.  Blodgett,  to  Ezra  Granville  French,  son 
of  Ezra  and  Nancy  (Smith)  French,  of  Seelionk;  "farmer;"  born 
Seekonk,  Mass.,  June  23,  1833. 

Issue : 
2445.  i.    Emma  Edith  French,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  September,  1858;  mar- 
ried Mr.  Eadikiu;  resides  East  Providence,  R.I.  (1892). 


2446.  ii.  Alice  Wiieaton  French,^  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  December  L'o,  186G; 
married  Mr.  Kelton;  resides  Ruinford,  R.I.  (1S92). 

1615.  Mary  Knowlton  Daggett'  {Jefferson^''  Jacob,"  Daniel,^ 
Israel,"  Joseph,'  John,"  John'),  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  April  29, 
1837;  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892);  married  Pawtucket,  R.I., 
September  8,  1859,  by  Rev.  James  O.  Barney,  to  George  William 
Bliss,  son  of  George  W.  and  Betsey  (Bowen)  Bliss;  "butcher;" 
born  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  October  18,  1836. 

Issue : 
2447.1.      SiLSiE  Paukman  Bliss,"  born  Pawtucket,  E.I. ,  Novenilier  18,  1804; 
married  Charles  L.  Nash;  resides  Rehoboth,  Mass.  (1892). 

2448.  ii.    Eva  Warren  Bliss,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  September  19,  1869;  died 


2449.  iii.  George   Edwin  Bliss,"   born  Pawtucket,   R.I.,   February  9,    1872; 

died  there. 

2450.  iv.  Mart  Williams  Bliss,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  March  11,  1876;  died 

1621.  Ann  Elizabeth  Daggett'  {Jacob,''  Jacob,^  Daniel,' 
Israel,'  Joseph,^  John,"  John  '),  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  2, 
1846;  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892);  married  Pawtucket,  R.I., 
January  21,  1873,  by  Rev.  C.  Blodgett,  to  Matthew  Jones  Leach,  of 
Pawtucket,  son  of  Edwin  and  Martha  (Jones)  Leach ;  "  marble- 
worker;  "  born  Stockport,  N.Y.,  March  .5,  1845. 

Issue : 

2451.  i.     Angelina  Leach,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  5,  1874. 

2452.  ii.    Herbert  Allen  Leach,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  21,  1875. 

2453.  iii.  Edward  Ide  Leach,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  October  17,  1876. 

2454.  iv.  Helen  Agnes    Lkacii,"  born   Pawtucket,  R.I.,  April  8,   1879;    died 

Pawtucket,   R.I.,  November  1,   1880. 

2455.  V.    Raymond  Jacob  Leach,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  February  17,  1889. 

1623.  Herbert  Sidney  Daggett**  {Jacob,'  Jacob,"  Daniel,' 
Israel,"  Joseph,'  John,-  John  '),  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  3,  1849  ; 
"farmer;"  resides  Seekonk,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Pawtucket, 
R.I.,  November  19,  1873,  by  Rev.  George  Bullen,  to  Emily  Barton 
Waterman,  daughter  of  David  W.  and  Eunice  M.  (Read)  Waterman, 
of  Norton,  Mass. ;  born  Providence,  R.I.,  August  19,  1850. 

Issue : 

2456.  i.      Maud  Stearns  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  November  22,  1876; 

died  Seekonk,  Mass.,  October  5,  1879. 

2457.  ii.    Robert  Sidney  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  October  3,  1880. 

2458.  iii.  Rcth  Slack  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  May  19,  1882. 

2459.  iv.  David  Barton  Daggett,"  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  February  16,  1892. 

1624.  Samuel  Sheldon  Daggett*  {Samuel  S.,'  Jacob,"  Daniel,^ 
Israel,"  Joseph,'  John,"  John  '),  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  May  23,  1848  ; 
"carpenter;"  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.    (1892);    married    1st,  East 


Greeuwieh,  R.I.,  May  23, 1868,  Hannah  Maria  Thornley  ;  bom  Phila- 
delphia, Pa.,  December  2.5,1848;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  May  4, 
1873;  married  2d,  Pawtucket,  E.I.,  November  16,  1874,  by  Rev. 
John  C.  Gowau,  to  Maria  Louisa  Green,  widow  of  Byron  Green,  and 
daughter  of  Rufus  and  Julia  (Buxton)  Tift;  born  Slatersville,  E.I., 
November  7,  1852;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  March  31,  1879. 
No  issue. 

1625.  William  James  Daggett'*  {Sarmiel  S.j^  Jacob,'^  Daniel,^ 
Israel,*  Joseph,^  John,^  John'),  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  January  9, 
18.51  ;  "  carpenter;  "  resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892)  ;  married  Provi- 
dence, R.I.,  September  8,  1875,  by  Rev.  Albert  H.  Heath,  to  Susan 
Olive  Hazard,  daughter  of  Rowland  A.  and  Amanda  L.  V.  Hazard ; 
born  N.  Kingston,  R.I.,  August  30,  1853. 

Issue : 

24G0.  i.      William  Anson  Daggett,^  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  April  5,  1876. 
24G1.  ii.    LeRot  Cakr  Daggett, »  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  June  27,  1879. 
24G2.  ill.   George  Washington  Daggett,"  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  November  18, 
1881 ;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  July  22,  1892. 

2463.  Iv.   Lucy  Briggs  Daggett,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.T.,  March  19,  1884. 

1626.  Sarah  Matilda  Daggett'*  {Samuel  S.,^  Jacob,"  Daniel,' 
Israel,*  Joseph,^  John,''  John'),  boru|  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  August  25, 
1853;  resides  49  Sanford  street,  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892);  married 
Pawtucket,  R.I.,  August  13,  1874,  by  C.  C.  Williams,  to  Edward 
Henry  Reynolds,  of  Blaekstone,  Mass.,  son  of  Richard  and  Hannah 
(Shaw)  Reynolds;  "beltmaker;"  born  Bolton,  Lancashire,  Eng., 
November  4,  1847. 

Issue : 

2464.  i.    Charles  Edward  Reynolds,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  September  22, 

1875;  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  March  17,  1879. 

2465.  ii.  Samuel  Edward  Reynolds,'  born  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  May  1,  188G. 

1633.  Allen  Daggett"  {Seth,''  Beuhen,"  Reuben,^  Nathaniel,* 
Nathaniel,'  John,^  John'),  born  Jackson,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.,  Octo- 
ber 6,  1811;  died  Lawrenceville,  Pa.,  March  12,  1886;  married 
Tioga,  Pa.,  March  9,  1844,  Clarissa  Starkey,  daughter  of  William 
and  Polly  (Benjamin)  Starkey;  born  Hector,  N.Y.,  August  21,  1823; 
resides  Bellefont,  Center  Co.,  N.Y.  (1892). 

Issue  : 
246G.  i.     Inez  Adella  Daggett,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  February  22,  1845. 

2467.  ii.    Richard  Willard  Daggett,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  June  6,  184G;  married 

Elmira,  N.Y.,  August  5,  1873,  Celia  Metella  Fletcher,  daughter  of 
John  and  Debora  Teressa  (Ramsdale)  Fletcher;  born  Sullivan,  Pa., 
September  20,  1849;  resides  214  Franklin  street,  Elmira,  N.Y. 

2468.  iii.  Orson  Starkey  Daggett,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  September  28,  1856. 

doggett-daCxCtEtt  family. 

2469.  iv.  Charles  Allen  Daggett,' born  Tioga,  Pa.,   May   1,   1851);  married 

Elmira,  N.Y.,  September  22,  1889,  by  Rev.  Thomas  Sharpe.  to 
Maggie  "Van  Druff,  rlaughter  of  William  and  Elner  (Decker)  Van 
Druff;  born  New  Jersey,  April  6,  1868;  resides  Soutbport,  NY. 

2470.  v.    Geoege  Daggett;  '  resides  Tioga,  Pa.  (1892). 

1634.  George  Daggett*  (Seth,^  Reuben,'^  lieuben,"  Nathaniel^^ 
Nathaniel,^  John,-  John  ^),  bora  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  30,  1813;  died 
Tioga,  Pa.,  March  18,  1850;  married  1st,  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa.,  Feb- 
ruary, 183G,  Harriet  Dewey,  daughter  of  Levi  and  Delighty  (Wat- 
kins)  Dewey;  born  Columbia,  Pa.,  January  1'.),  1819;  died  Daggett's 
Mills,  Pa.,  October  lU,  183!) ;  married  2d,  South  Creek,  Pa.,  Novem- 
ber M,  1841,  Eliza  PettingOl,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Sally  (Taylor) 
Petliugill;  born  Tioga  county,  N.Y. ;  died  December  25,  1880. 

Issue : 

2471.  i.     Levi  Daggett,"  born  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa.,  March  3,  1837. 

2472.  ii.    Harriet  Daggett,''  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  July  12,  1844. 

2473.  iii.  Florence  Daggett,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  September  26,  1846. 

2474.  iv.  George  Lewis  Daggett,'  boru  Tioga,  Pa.,  November  18,  1849;    mar- 

ried April,  1891;  resides  Bradford,  Pa.  (1892). 

1635.  Lewis  D.\ggett  ^  {Seth,'  Reuben,"  Reuben,'  Nathaniel,^ 
NatJiaiiiel,^  John,''  John^),  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  May  5,  1816;  resides 
Tioga,  Pa.  (1892)  ;  married  March  4,  1839,  by  Theodore  Larrisou, 
Esq.,  to  Ellen  Samantha  "Wells,  daughter  of  Norman  and  Elizabeth 
(Coolbaugh)  "VTells ;  born  Bairington,  N.Y.,  January  30,  1821. 

Issue : 
2475.1.     Seth  Orlando  Daggett,' born  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa.,  September  14, 

2470.  ii.    Georgia  Daggett,' born  Tioga,  Pa.,  October  L'C,  1851;  died  Tioga, 

Pa.,  May  5,  1866. 
2477.  iii.   Wells  Lewis  Daggett,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  April  2G,  1854. 
Three  died  young. 

1636.  Clyjiena  E.  Daggett"  {Seth,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,"  Na- 
thaniel," 2f^nthaniel,^  John,"  John'),  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  March  16, 
1818;  died  Utica,  N.Y. ,  1873;  married  Jackson,  Pa.,  March,  1841, 
Rev.  Richard  L.  Stillwell,  sou  of  Edward  and  Sarah  (Ferris)  Still- 
well ;  born  Hector,  N.Y. ,  January  27,  1819;  resides  Belloua,  Yates 
Co.,  N.Y.  (1892). 

Issue : 
2478.1.       Sarah  R.   Stillwell,' born  Rutland,  Pa.,  January  4,   1842;  married 
April,    1863,    Brev.   Capt.   George   A.  Ludlow,  United    States    "Vol- 
unteers; she  died  Elmira,  N.T.,  April  2,    1882;    he   resides  Wells- 
boro',  Pa.  (1892;)   issue:  two  children. 

2479.  ii.     Emma  S.  Stillwell,' born  May  25,  1844;  resides  Tioga,  Pa.  (1892). 

2480.  ill.    Elnora  M.  Stillwell,'  born  February  19,  1847;  married  Joseph  F. 

Morley;  she  died  February,  1869. 

2481.  iv.    Mary  C.  Stillwell,'  born  Bath,  N.Y.,  September  15,  1849;  married, 

1868,  Ranson  B.  G.ay;  resides  Harrison,  Mich.  (1892);  issue:  four 


2482.  v.     Amklia  E    Stillwell,"  died  in  infancy. 
2+80.  vi.    William  H.  Stillwell,'  died  in  infancy. 

2484.  vii.  Richard  Welby  Stillwell,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  January  7,  1857;  re- 

sides Pliiladelpliia,  Pa.  (1892). 

Rev.  Richard  L.  Stillwell,  of  the  Central  New  York  Methodist 
Episcopal  Conference,  married  2d,  Laura  Phelps  Whitcomb,  and  3d, 
Julia  Welsh  Larzelere. 

1637.  Minerva  Daggett*  (Seth,''  Reuben,'^  Eeuben,^ Nathaniel,* 
NatJianiel,^  John,''  John^),  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  May  19,  1822;  resides 
Tioga,  Tioga  Co,  Pa.  (1892) ;  married  Jackson,  Pa.,  April  11,  1839, 
Daniel  Dewey,  sou  of  Levi  and  Delighty  (Watkins)  Dewey;  born 
Columbia,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  September  15,  1816. 

Issue  : 

2485.  i.     EvALiNE  Dewey,"  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  February  4,  1840. 
248(5.  ii.    Henry  F.  Dewey,"  born  Ridgebury,  Pa.,  April  15,  1842. 

2487.  iii.  Theodore  Dewey,"  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  17,  1844. 

2488.  iv.  Charles  Sumner  Dewey,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  March  4,   1856;  married 

Julia  Smith;  resides  Tioga,  Pa.  (1892). 

2489.  V.    Frank  Dewey,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  July  8,  1859. 

1638.  RowENA  Daggett*  {Seth,'' Reuben,'^  Revben,^  Nathaniel," 
NatJumiel,^  John,-  John'),  born  March  2,  1824;  married  1850,  W. 
T.  Urell. 

Issue  : 

2490.  i.     Robert  E.  Urell,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  June  4,  1851 ;  resides  there. 

2491.  ii.    Charles  A.  Urell,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  October  16,  1852;  resides  there. 

2492.  iii.  Mallie  L.  Urell,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  1854;  married  H.  L.  Baldwin; 

issue  :  one  child. 

2493.  iv.  Thomas  M.  Urell,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  May  3,  1857;  resides  there. 

2494.  V.    Richard  D.  Urell,"   born  Jnne,   1859;    married  Miss  Von  Goodne ; 

issue :  one  child. 

1640.  Maky  Ann  Daggett  '  {Seth,''  Reuben,'^  Reuben,"  Nathan- 
iel,' Nathaniel,^  John,^  John'),  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  September  11, 
1829  ;  resides  Elmira,  N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  Tioga,  Pa.,  May  8, 
1850,  Capt.  Hiram  WUlard  Caulking,  son  of  Allen  D.  and  Mary  Auu 
(Willaid)  Caulking;  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  August  15,  1817. 

Issue : 

2495.  i.        WiLLARD  Allen  Caulking,"  born  Rodney,  Miss.,  February  11,  1851 ; 

"  printer;  "  died  Rochester,  N.Y.,  May  6,  1883. 

2496.  ii.       Catherine  Dora  Caulking,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  July  23,  1853  ;  address, 

Elmira,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2497.  iii.     Nettie  Caulking,"  died. 

2498.  iv.     Hiram    Caulking,"   born   Tioga,    Pa.,    December   13,    1858;    resides 

Elmira,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2499.  V.       Charles  Caulking,"  died. 

2500.  vi.     Emma  Caulking,"   born   Tioga,  Pa.,   June   1,1867;  resides   Seattle, 

Wash.  (1892). 

2501.  vii.    Thomas  B.   Caulking,"  born  Tioga,    Pa.,  May  21,    1870;    died  Mt. 

Morris,  N.Y.,  January  11,  1891. 


1642.  Seth  Q.  Ketes^  {Saloma  Daggett,''  Reuben,'^  Reuben,' 
Nathaniel,*  Nathaniel,^  Jolin,^  John''),  bom  Jackson,  Pa.,  July  3, 
1810  ;   "  went  to  sea ;  "  died  Liverpool,  Eng.,  1852 ;  married  Ireland. 

Issue : 

2502.  i.    Seth  Keves,^  1 

search  of  hit 

2503.  ii.  M.VKY  Keyes." 

1643.  William  B.  Ketes  *  (Saloma  Daggett,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,^ 
Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,^  John,'  John  '),  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  March  16, 
1812;  resides  Tioga,  Pa.  (1892);  married  Tioga,  Pa.,  August  14, 
1841,  Sarah  M.  Wells. 

Issue : 

2504.  i.      Austin  O.  Keyes,'  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  July  9,  1842;  dieil  Tioga.,  Pa., 

July  17,  1855. 

2505.  ii.    Sakah  M.  Keyes,"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  May  18,  1844;   married  G.   W. 

2500.  iii.  Sevellon    C.    Keyes,^  born   Tioga,  Pa.,   August    14,   1848;    married 
Gertrude  Blatchley. 

2507.  iv.  Bell  Keyes,^  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  February  22,   1847;   married  William 


2508.  V.    Annette  Keyes,^  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  June   IG,   1851 ;  married   II.  W. 


2509.  vi.  Ada  M.  Keyes,^  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  December  G,  1855. 

Mr.  Keyes  went  with  his  mother  and  brother  to  Vermont ;  but  in 
1831  returned  to  Pennsylvania,  where  he  made  his  home,  and  be- 
came a  man  of  position  and  substance. 

1648.  William  Daggett**  (Rufus,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,'^  Nathan- 
iel,* Nathaniel,^  John,^  John'),  born  Pennsylvania,  December  26, 
1817;  died  Marinette,  AVis.,  February  21,  1887;  married  March  19, 
1839,  Mary  Corzatt. 

Issue : 

2510.  i.     Elmer  Daggett,"  resides  Southport,  N.Y.  (1888). 

2511.  ii.    Jerome  Daggett,' resides  Minnesota. 

2512.  iii.  Edgar  Daggett,"  resides  Wisconsin. 

2513.  iv.  Frank  Daggett,"  resides  Wisconsin. 

2514.  V.    Daughter Daggett." 

2515.  vi.  Daughter Daggett." 

1649.  Rdfus  Daggett*  {Rufus,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,^  Nathaniel,* 
Nathaniel,^  John,-  John'),  born  Pennsylvania,  February  25,  1819; 
died  January  1,  1864;   married  July  30,  1842,  Rachel  Corzatt. 

Issue : 

2516.  i.       Ira  Daggett,"  born  Tioga  County,  Pa.,  November  IG,  1844;  resides 

Wells,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.  (1892). 

2517.  ii.      Adam  Daggett,"  born  Pennsylvania,  February  28,  1848. 

2518.  iii.     Zach.  Daggett,"  born  Pennsylvania,  March  13,  1850;  died  Pennsyl- 

vania, August  31,  1879. 

2519.  iv.    Lewis  Daggett."  born  Pennsylvania,  July  25,  1851. 


2520.  V.     Daughter  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania. 

2521.  Ti.    Daughter Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania. 

2522.  vii.  Daughter  Daggett,'  born  Pennsylvania. 

1653.  Cronelus  C.  Daggett'  (Rufus,''  Reuben,'^  Reuben,^ 
Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,'  John,''  John'),  bom  Pennsylvania,  August 
5,  1825  ;  resides  Pennsylvania ;  nian-ied  March  8,  1846,  Jane  Seeley. 

Issue : 



Edwin  Daggett.' 



Merit  Daggett.' 



Willis  Daggett.' 



George  Daggett.' 


Fred  Daggett.' 



LujiAN  Daggett.' 



Daughter Daggett. 



.  Daughter Haggett. 



Daughter Daggett. 

1656.  Emily  F,elinda  Conable'  {Lydia  Daggett,''  Reuben," 
Reuben,'  Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,'-'  John,-  John  '),  born  Jackson,  Pa., 
January  24,  1818;  resides  Plaiufield,  Wis.  (1886)  ;  married  Jackson, 
Pa.,  August  9,  1835,  Alfred  Rozell ;  "farmer;  "  died  Plainfield,  Wis. 

Issue:  six  children,  born  Jackson,  Pa.,  and  all  but  the  third  reside 
in  Plainfield,  Wis.  (1886). 

1669.  William  Daggett'  {John,''  Lem,^  John,'  John,"  Nathan- 
iel,' John,^  John'),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  June  19,  1824  ;  "  farmer ;  " 
address.  Box  127,  East  Providence,  R.I.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Paw- 
tucket,  R.I.,  September  3,  1846,  Mercy  Ann  Wheldon,  daughter  of 
John  and  Ann  (Carpenter)  Wheldon;  born  Thompson,  Conn.,  Jan- 
uary 26,  1827;  died  Providence,  R.I.,  December  16,  1872;  married 
2d,  Providence,  R.I.,  September  .3,  1873,  by  Rev.  William  Phillips, 
to  Caroline  Elizabeth  Baker  Cooper,  daughter  of  William  B.  and 
Cecelia  A.  (Freeman)  Cooper;  born  Pawtueket,  R.I.,  September  16, 

Issue : 

2532.  i.     Amet  Ann  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  April  29,  1849. 

2533.  ii.    John  Wheldon  Daggett,'  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  September  5,  1853; 

died  East  Providence,  R.I.,  December  12,  1882. 

2534.  iii.  Elsie  Maria  Daggett,'  born  East  Providence,  R.I.,  March  18,  1864. 

2535.  iv.  Cora  Mat  Daggett,'  born  East  Providence,  11. 1.,  January  22,  186G. 

2536.  v.     William  Daggett,'  born  East  Providence,  R.I.,  June  11,  1867;   died 

East  Providence,  R.I.,  October  16,  1868. 

1698.  William  Daggett  "  (  Willia7n,''  William,^  Seth,'  Samuel," 
Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  20, 
1797  ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  12, 1819,  Rebecca  Daggett, 
daughter  of  Samuel  and  Rebecca  (Daggett)  Daggett  (No.  1731)  ;  born 


New   Vineyard,    Me.,    November   i.'t,    17!1();   died   Tisbury,    Mass., 
January  28,  1855. 
Issue : 

2537.  i.    William  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  M.ass.,  August  22,  1825'. 

2538.  ii.  Emma  Daggett,"  married  Mr.  Stone. 

1704.  Henry  Daggett  *  {William,''  WilUam,"  SetJi,''  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  8,  1811 ; 
"  mariner;  "  died  A''ineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  January  31,  1873  ;  married 
Mary  A.  French,  daugliter  of  Asa  and  Rebecca  Taber  (Hammond) 
French;  born  Fairhaven,  Mass.,  September  6,  1815;  died  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.,  June  25,  1886. 

Issue : 

2539.  i.     Rebecca  Daggett,"  died  young. 

2540.  ii.    Carrie   Drew  Daggett,"   born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1839;  married  Tis- 

bury, Mass.,  January  6,  1859,  by  Rev.  A.  Latliam,  to  William  M. 
Smith,  son  of  James  and  Mary  Smith;  "  mariner;  "  born  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  1833;  resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892). 

2541.  iii.  Henkv  Croswell  Daggett,"   born   Tisbury,   Mass.,   May   14,   1843; 

"mariner;"  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  17,  1863,  by  Rev. 
M.  P.  Alderman,  to  .Vunie  Bartlett ;  born  Boston,  Mass.,  1833. 

2542.  iv.  Josiah  Taber  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  31,   1844; 

"mariner;"  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  9,  1869,  by  Rev.  Edv. 
Edson,  to  .\lice  Ann  West,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Betsey  West; 
born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1848. 

2543.  V.    Abkam   Anthony  Daggett,"   born   Tisbury,   Mass.,    May   16,    1847; 

"  mariner;"  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  31,  1875,  by  Rev.  W.  .-X. 
Luce,  to  Sarah  Gray  Luce,  daughter  of  Lot  and  Delia  Luce ;  born 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  1856. 

2544.  vi.   Fannie  A.  Daggett,"  died;  aged  two. 

1713.  Capt.  Alonzo  Daggett  *  {Seth,''  William,"  Seth,^  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  I'J, 
1810;  died  Gosuold,  Mass.,  March  12,  1889;  married  1st,  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  August  17,  1835,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Joselyn,  to  Eliza  Beetle  Smith, 
daughter  of  Harrison  and  Anna  (Beetle)  Smith;  born  Edgartown, 
Mass.,  March  16,  1816;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  30,  1864;  mar- 
ried 2d,  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  June  7,  1866,  by  Rev.  J.  L.  Pierce,  to 
Addie  Matilda  Hunt,  of  Dartmouth,  widow  of  George  Hunt  and 
daughter  of  John  and  jMary  (Hancock)  Flanders ;  born  Chilmark, 
Mass.,  September  18,  1833;  died  Taunton,  Mass.,  May  1,  1875; 
married  3d,  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  January  8,  1876,  Mary  Devol 
Allen,  of  Gosnold,  Mass.,  widow  of  Holder  Allen  and  daughter  of 
Charles  and  Jane  (Haskins)  Sloeum ;  born  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  1815; 
resides  Cuttyhunk,  Mass.  (1892). 

Issue : 

2545.  i.       Mart  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  23,  1839. 

254G.  ii.      Seth  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  8,  1841;  died  Tisbury, 

Mass.,  June  13,  1841. 
2547.  iii.     Ann  Eliza  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  26,  1842. 


2548.  ir.     Georgia  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  8,  1845. 

2549.  V.      LoniSA  Athearn  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  13,  1849; 

died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  30,  1849. 

2550.  Ti.     Carrie  Bradlet  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  12,  1853. 

2551.  vii.    John  Lynes  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  11, 1868 ;  drowned 

February  17,  1890. 

2552.  viii.  Frank  Wesley  Daggett,"  born  South  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  January 

30,  1872;  died  Taunton,  Mass.,  June  30,  1873. 

The  early  part  of  the  life  of  AIouzo  Daggett  was  spent  iu  follow- 
ing the  sea,  but  for  a  few  years  previous  to  his  death  he  held  the 
office  of  postmaster  of  Gosnold,  Mass.  He  was,  at  one  time,  a  well- 
known  pilot  at  Vineyard  Haven. 

1716.  Oscar  Daggett*  (Seth,''  William,^  Seth,^  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October,  1815; 
"  mariner  ;  "  perished  at  sea  December  2,  1856  ;  married  Jane  E.  Bell ; 
born  Fauhaven,  Mass. ;  perished  at  sea  December  2,  1856. 

Issue :  , 

2553.  i.    Daggett,'  perished  at  sea  December  2,  1856. 

2554.  ii.  Lizzie  I.  Daggett,' born  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  November  14,   1855; 

perished  at  sea  December  2,  1856. 

1717.  Caroline  West  Daggett'  {Seth,''  William,'^  Seth,^  Sam- 
uel,'' Thomas,^  Thohiati,'  John'),  born  December  15,  1818;  mamed 
August  1,  1839,  Henry  Bradley,  son  of  Thomas  and  Hannah  Bradley. 

Issue  : 

2555.  i.  Leander  Daggett  Bradley,'  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  May  31, 

1841;  married  Serena  Daggett  (see  No.  1777J. 

1718.  Georgiana  Daggett'  {Seth,'  Willium,^  Seth,"-  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  7,  1827  ; 
resides  24  Vienna  street,  Cleveland,  Ohio  (1892)  ;  married  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  July  30,  1850,  by  Rev.  M.  J.  Talbot,  Jr.,  to  Asa  H.  Calhoun, 
of  Harwich,  Mass.,  son  of  Reuben  and  Eunice  Calhoun;  "  mariner;  " 
born  Harwich,  Mass.,  1822. 

1727.  Peter  Daggett  Eldridge'*  {Betsey  Daggett,'  Peter,^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John  '),  married  Ruth  Hamlin,  of  Well- 
fleet,  Mass. 

Issue : 

2556.  i.     Mary  Eldridge,'  married  gentleman  from  Provineetown,  Mass. 

2557.  ii.    Joshua  Hamlin  Eldridge,'  died. 

2558.  iii.  Mery  B.  Eldridge,'  married  Isaac  Rogers ;  resided  Boston   (1885)  ; 

issue :  J.  O.  Rogers,'"  with  DeWolfe,  Fiske  &  Co.,  Boston  (1885). 

2559.  iv.  Benjamin  Hamlin  Eldridge,'  married  lady  from  Harwich,  Mass. 

1729.  Sarah  Daggett'  {Samuel,'  Samuel,"  Seth,^  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John'), horn  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  December 
29,  1791;  died  Sodus,   N.Y.,  July,   1832;    married  New  Vineyard, 


Me.    (published   December    19,    1807),   Asa   Merry  Butler,  sou   of 
Henry  and  Mehitable  (Norton)  Butler ;  died  probably  in  Ohio. 
Issue  :  several  children,  among  whom  were  : 

1730.  Isaac  Daggett*  {Samuel,''  Samuel,^  Seth,'  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,^  Jolin^),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  .5, 
1794;  "farmer;"  died  Industry,  Me.,  August  17,  1884;  married 
New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  .5,  1818,  Sally  Butler  Norton,  daughter 
of  Tristram  Gardiner  and  Sally  (Butler)  Norton ;  born  New  Vine- 
yard, Me.,  May  7,  1799;  died  Industry,  Me.,  November  "27,  1880. 

Issue : 
2562.  i.       Samuel  Daggett,^  born  New  Vineyard  (now  Industry),  Me.,  Norera- 

ber30,  1818. 
25C3.  ii.      Tristram  Norton  Daggett,^  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  21, 

2564.  iii.     Isaac  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  2,  1823;   died 

Aroostool£  county.  Me.,  May  15,  1850. 

2565.  iv.     John  Tobet  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  September  13, 


2566.  T.       Andrew  Jackson  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  November 

26,  1829. 

2567.  vi.     Francis  Marion  Daggett,' born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  24,  1833  ; 

died  Trueljee,  Cal.,  July  9,  1868. 

2568.  vii.    William  Harrison  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  May  28, 

1836 ;  married  1st,  Abbie  Frost,  daughter  of  John  and  Olive 
(Leaver)  Frost;  married  2d,  Angie  Coughlin,  daughter  of  Andrew 
and  Ann  Coughlin,  of  New  Vineyard,  Me. ;  he  died  Trucliee,  Cal., 
July  27,  1876. 

2569.  viii.  Julia  Jones  Daggett,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  1,  1839. 

Isaac  Daggett  was  the  second  white  child  born  in  New  Vineyard, 

1732.  Samuel  Daggett"  {Samuel,'  Samuel,^  Seth,'  Samuel,* 
Thomas,'  Tliomas,^  John  '),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  24, 
1798;  "farmer;"  died  Farmington,  Me.,  June  10,  1859;  married 
New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  2,  1824,  Julia  Jones,  daughter  of 
Ebenezer  and  Mary  (Le  Ballister)  Jones ;  born  Farmington,  Me., 
June  1,  1807;  died  Evansville,  Ind.,  July  17,  1887. 

Issue : 

2570.  i.     Bradford    Daggett,'   born   Industry,   Me.,   August   9,    1825;    died 

Industry,  Me.,  July  15,  1841. 

2571.  ii.    John  Barnard  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  17,  1827. 
2572.111.   Mary   Jones    Daggett,'  born   Industry,   Me.,    December   26,    1830; 

died  Industry,  Me.,  February  9,  1841. 

2573.  iv.  Emily  Jones  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  January  10,  1837. 

2574.  V.    Charles  Boardman  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  31,  1842; 

married  Derby  Line,  Can.,  March  7,  1865,  Annie  Hill;  no  issue; 
First  Sergeant,  Co.  L,  Second  Maine  Cavalry;  he  died  Chicago,  111., 
November  6,  1875. 

2575.  vi.  Orrin    Daggett   (adopted),'   born  New    Vineyard,   Me.,   Januarv   7, 



Samuel  Daggett  was  high  sheriff  of  Franklin  county  from  1842  to 
1846  ;  was  also  a  colonel  in  the  militia. 

He  subsequently  removed  to  Farmington  Falls.  His  widow  after- 
ward married  Rev.  George  Webber,  and  resided  in  Evansville,  Ind. 

1736.  John  Tobey  Daggett  *  {Samuel,''  Samuel,"  Seth,'  Samuel,* 
Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  September  29, 
1807;  "mariner;"  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  23,  1876;  married 
Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  May  26,  1833,  Harriet  Byron  West,  daughter 
of  Jeruel  and  Belinda  (Lambert)  West;  born  June  14,  1812;  died 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  16,  1886. 

Issue : 

2576.  i.       Mahy  Merkv  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,   Mass.,  May  9,   1834;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  6,  1841. 

2577.  ii.      Belinda  West  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  9,  1838. 

2578.  iii.     John  Tobey  Daggett,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  June  3,  1841 ;  perished 

at  sea  March  10,  1868. 

2579.  iv.     .\bigail   Bradford  Daggett,'  born   Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  1, 

1846;  address,  West  Tisbury,  Mass.  (1892). 

2580.  T.      Mary  Merry  Daggett,'  bom  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  19,  1847. 

2581.  vi.     Oeed  Sherman  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Jlass.,  August  22,  1850. 

2582.  vii.    Samuel  Bradford  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  22,  1852 ; 

address,  North  Tisbury,  Mass.  (1892). 

2583.  viii.  Lucy  Ellen  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  IL',  1855. 

1738.  Amanda  Malvina  Daggett'  {Samuel,''  Samuel,"  Seth,^ 
Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August 
4,  1815;  resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.,  May  4,  1834,  George  Bradford  Manchester,  son  of 
Thomas  and  Abigail  Bradford  (Winslow)  Manchester ;  born  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.,  December  27,  1813;  died  Panama,  August  23,  1850. 

Issue : 

2584.  i.     Rebecca  Daggett  Manchester,'  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  De- 

cember 14,  1836. 

2585.  ii.    SopHKONiA    Peakes    Manchester,'    born   Vineyard   Haven,   Mass., 

March  17,  1842. 

2586.  iii.  Bradford  Brush  Manchester,'  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  Jan- 

uary 13,  1846;  resides  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.  (1892). 

1741.  Lendal  Daggett'  {Silas,''  Silas,"  Scth,^  Samuel,' 
Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  14,  1804; 
died  Anson,  Me.,  May  13,  1868  ;  married  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1826, 
Lydia  Norton,  daughter  of  Tristram  and  Sarah  (Butler)  Norton; 
born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February  15,  1805;  died  Industry,  Me., 
December  1,  1885. 

Issue : 

2587.  i.     Seth  Daggett,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  24,  1828;  married  1st,  Oc- 

tober 14,  1856,  Eunice  Jane  Doyen,  daughter  of  Abbott  and  Kath- 
erine  (Collins)  Doyen;  born  Industry,  Me.,  February  14,  1838; 
divorced;  married  2d,  Mrs.  Jane  Morrison;  resides  Dexter,  Me. 


2588.  ii.    Silas  Daggett.'-'  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  24,  1828. 

2589.  iii.  Ltdia  Ann  Paggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  September  19,  1835. 

2590.  iv.  Aphia  Harriet  Daggett,"  born  Madison,  Me.,  August  16,  1843;  mar- 

ried Peter  W.  Pinkham,  son  of  "Winborn  and  Betsey  (Willis)  Pink- 
ham;  resides  Wisconsin  (1892). 

2591.  V.    Tristram  Gardner  Daggett,'  born  Stark,  Me.,  January  29,  1847. 

Mrs.  Daggett  married  2d,  Mr.  Tufts,  of  Kingfield,  Me. 

1742.  Abigail  Cleveland  Daggett'*  {Silas,''  Silas,^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,"^  Thomas,"  John  ^),  boru  Industry,  Me.,  May  16, 
1807;  died  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  about  1883;  married  Samuel 
Tilton,  of  Chilmark ;  died  Chilmark,  Mass.,  many  years  before  his 

No  issue. 

1744.  Hiram  Daggett**  {Silas,''  Silas,^  Selh,'  SanineL"  Thomas,"* 
Thomas,"  John  '),  died  California;  married  November  3,  1824,  Eliza 
Burnham,  daughter  of  Jeremiah  and  Julia  Burnham ;  born  Strong, 

Issue  :  two  sous  and  two  daughters. 

1745.  Joseph  Daggett  *  {Silas,''  Silas,^  Seth,^  Samuel,'  Thomas,^ 
Thomas,"  John*),  bora  Farmington,  Me.,  May  15,  1814;  resides 
Tisbury,  Mass.  (1893)  ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  5,  1835,  by 
Rev.  Mr.  Chase,  to  Sophia  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin  and  Betsey 
(Hillman)  Dexter;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  10,  1817. 

Issue : 

2592.  i.     Silas  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  29,    1841;   "sea  cap- 

tain;" address,  114  State  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1893). 

2593.  ii.    William  Henry  Daggett,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  29,  1844. 

2594.  iii.  Alice  Ann  Daggett,'  born  Tisburv,  Mass.,  November  11,  1846;  died 

Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  24,  1847. 

2595.  iv.  Charles  Dillingham  Daggett,' born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  27,  1848. 

1746.  Isaac  Chace  Daggett^  {Silas,''  Silas,^  Selh,'  Samuel,' 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February  6, 
1816;  "mariner;"  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1893;  married,  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  March  28,  1844,  by  B.  F.  Hedden,  to  Eliza  Nye  Robinson, 
daughter  of  Hervy  and  Peggy  (Manter)  Robinson ;  born  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.,  March  7,  1825. 

Issue : 

2596.  i.  Francis   Lawrence   Daggett,"   born   Tisbury,    Mass.,    January    24, 

1845;  married;  resides  California  (1893). 

Isaac  C.  Daggett,  mariner,  was  member  of  the  Board  of  Selectmen 
of  Tisbui-y,  1875-6-7. 

1747.  Deborah  Daggett*  {Silas,''  Silas,^  Seth,'  Samuel,' 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John*),  born  Tisbui-y,  Mass.,  July,   1818;  re- 


sides  162  Ash  street,  New  Bedford,  Mass.  (1893)  ;  married  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  1834,  Tliomas  TUton,  sou  of  Thomas  and  Fear  (Hawks) 
Tiltou;  born  Chilmark,  Mass.,  1806  ;  died  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  1887. 

2597.1.  Helen  Tilton,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  February  25,  1835;  married 
April 9,  1855,  Albert  C.  Vinson,  son  of  Martin  and  Sarah  Vinson;  he 
born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  9,  1834;  resides  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
(1893)  ;  issue:  i.  Lizzie  Vinson,'"  married  Mr.  Thompson;  ii.  Sarah 
M.  Vinson,'"  married  Mr.  King;  iii.  Dora  T.  Vinson,'"  married  Mr. 

1748.  Maky  Daggett"  {Silas,''  Silas,''  Scth,'  Samuel,'  Thcnnas,' 
Thomas,'^  John'),  born  Maine;  died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1870;  married 
Leander  Luce,  son  of  Hovey  and  Nancy  (Clifford)  Luce ;  born  Tis- 
bury, Mass. ;  died  there. 

Issue : 

2598.  i.     Hiram  Luce,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass. ;  died  there. 

2599.  ii.    JosiAii  Pkesbuky  Luce,"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.;  lost  at  sea. 

2600.  iii.  Irving  Smith  Luce,'  born  Tisbury,  Mass.;  married;  removed  West. 

1767.  Henry  Walker  Daggett  *  ( Timothy,''  Michael,^  Sylvamis,' 
Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  April  14, 
1853;  "  seaman  ;"  resides  West  Chop,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Tis- 
bury, Mass.,  December  24,  1883,  by  Rev.  J.  P.  Farrar,  to  Louisa 
Lee  Winslow,  daughter  of  Leander  and  Jerusha  (Hurlbut)  AViuslow; 
born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  24,  1856. 

1768.  Chakle.s  Nye  Daggett'*  {Charles N.,'' Michael,^ Sylvauus,'' 
Samuel,''  Tliomas,''  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Edgartown,  Mass., 
December  24,  1843;  "blacksmith;"  resides  160  Mill  [street,  New 
Bedford,  Mass.  (1892) ;  married  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  February  14, 
1867,  by  Rev.  L.  B.  Bates,  to  Mary  E.  Gifford,  daughter  of  Giles 
and  Sarah  Gift'ord,  of  AVestport ;  born  Westport,  Mass.,  1842. 

1777.  Sekena  Daggett"*  {Franklin,''  Freeman,^  Sylcamis,^  Sam- 
uel," Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November 
13,  1849;  died  Arlington,  Mass.,  June  21,  1893;  married  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.,  July  31,  1865,  Leander  Daggett  Bradley,  son  of 
Henry  and  Caroline  W.  (Daggett)  Bradley  (No.  2555)  ;  born  Vine- 
yard Haven,  Mass.,  May  31,  1841  ;  resides  Arlington,  Mass.  (1893). 

No  issue. 

1780.  Capt.  Grafton  Luce  Daggett*  {Freeman,''  Freeman," 
Sylvanus,'^  Samuel,"  Thomas,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  November  24,  1829;  "mariner;"  resides  Vineyard  Haven, 
Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Taunton,  Mass.,  May  23,  1855,  by  Rev.  H. 
C.  Atwater,  to  Elizabeth  Caroline  Luce,  widow  of  George  Luce  and 


dangliter  of  Constant  and  Caroline  (Norton)  Norton;   born  Edgar- 
town,  Mass.,  May  23,  183,5. 
Issue : 

2601.  i.  Annie  Fkanklin  Daggett,'  l)orn  Tisbury,  Mass.,  September  11,  1857. 

Captain  Grafton  L.  Daggett  is  captain  of  the  steamer  "  Gay 
Head,"  running  between  New  Bedford  and  Nantucket. 

1781.  Martha  Ferguson  Daggett*  {Freeman,''  Freeman,^  S'/l- 
vanus,'  Samuel,'  Thomas,'  Thomas,^  Jolin^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass., 
December  22,  1837  ;  died  October  28,  1870 ;  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
December  23,  1863,  by  Rev.  J.  L.  A.  Fish,  to  Henry  B.  Martin, 
son  of  Henry  and  Mary  Ann  Martin  ;  "  mariner  ;  "  born  New  Haven, 

Issue : 

2602.  i.  Frank  Ferguson  Martin,'  born  Tisbury,   Mass.,   October  21,   1869; 

resides  New  Bedford,  Mass.  (1892). 

1784.  Betsey  Jane  Daggett  *  {Benjamin,''  Thomas,"  Benjamin,^ 
Benjamm,*  Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  Feb- 
ruary 26,  1827  ;  resides  south-west  corner  E  and  Thirteenth  streets, 
Sacramento,  Cal.  (1892)  ;  married  Palmyra,  Me.,  May  29,  1850, 
Zechariah  Knox  Hersum. 

Issue : 

2603.  i.  Henrietta  Mount  Hersum,'  boru  California. 

1785.  Henrietta  Daggett*  {Benjamin,''  Tliomas,^  Benjamin,^ 
Benjamin,"  Thowas,'  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  January 
19,  1829  ;  died  November  22,  1865 ;  married  Newport,  October  4, 
1862,  Benjamin  Franklin  AUin  ;  died  March,  1892. 

No  issue. 

1788.  Caroline  Daggett^  {Benjamin,''  Thomas,"  Benjamin,'' 
Benjamin,*  T/iomas,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  Decem- 
ber 30,  1839 ;  resides  St.  Albans,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Palmyra, 
Me.,  January  2,  1864,  Daniel  Weeks,  son  of  James  and  Lovey 
(Carter)  Weeks;  born  Hiram,  Me.,  February  26,  1841. 

Issue : 

2604.  i.       Benjamin  Daggett  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  August  13,  1866; 

married;  address,  3  Winter  street,  Boston  (1892). 

2605.  ii.       Ida  Frances  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  .June  17,  1868. 

2606.  iii.     Sidney  Perham  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  August  27,  1871. 
2607   iv.     Jennis  Lovey  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  February  15,  1872. 

2608.  V.      CoKA  Belle  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  December  2,  1874. 

2609.  vi.     HoLLis  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  August  10,  1876. 

2610.  vii.    Albion  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  July  21,  1879. 

2611.  viii.  Wilbur  Moses  Weeks,"  born  St.  Albans,  Me.,  June  17,  1882. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S    \aNEYARD.      233 

1793.  Abigail  Daggett*  {Darius,''  Thomas,"  Benjamin,^  Ben- 
jamin,* Thomas,^  TJiomas,"  John'),  bom  Searsmont,  Me.,  January 
30,  1829;  resides  Ballena,  Sau  Diego  Co.,  Cal.  (1892);  married 
Skowhegan,  Me.,  May  1,  1856,  Benjamin  Philbrick  Pearson,  son  of 
Edmund  and  Hannah  (Philbrick)  Pearson;  born  Keunebunk,  Me., 
October  27,  1824. 

Issue : 

2612.  i.    ^V"ALTER  Pearson,"  boru  Skowhegan,   Me.,  Januarv  10,   1857;  resides 

Sheridan,  Or.  (1892). 

2613.  ii.  Elizabeth  Hannah  Pearson,"  born  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis.,  December  2, 

1859;  resides  at  home  (1892). 

1793.  Hakeiet  Louisa  Daggett*  (Darius,''  Thomas,^  Ben- 
jamin,'' Benjamin,*  Thomas,^  TJiomas,"  John^),  born  Vassalboro', 
Me.,  February  8,  1834;  resides  1117  West  Johnson  street,  Madison, 
Wis.  (1892);  married  Madison,  Wis.,  September  22,  1864,  Joseph 
John  Stoner,  son  of  John  and  Elizabeth  (Gingrich)  Stoner ;  born 
Highspii-e,  Pa.,  December  21,  1829. 

Issue : 

2614.  i.    Henry  Joseph  Stoner,"  born  New  Orleans,  La.,  July  12,  1865. 

2615.  ii.  Mary  Gbktrhdk  Stoner,"  born  Madison,  Wis.,  December  25,  1867. 

1803.  AsBUET  MosES  Daggett®  (Moses  L.,''  Thomas,^  Benjamin,' 
Benjamin,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Palmyra,  Me.,  Decem- 
ber 1,  1846;  resides  Madison,  Wis.  (1883)  ;  married  April  4,  1867, 
Jennie  E.  Harding,  born  Manchester,  Eng.,  July  4,  1843 ;  died  Mad- 
ison, Wis.,  February  14,  1881. 

Issue : 

2616.  i.     AsEnRT  Dyson  Daggett,"  born  Madison,  Wis.,  June  20,  1872. 
2fil7.  ii.    Florence  Jennie  Daggett,"  born  Madison,  Wis.,  December  30,  1875. 
2618.  iii.  Stanley  Allison  Daggett,"  born  Madison,  Wis.,  February  14,  1881. 

1806.  Almika  Jane  Daggett"  {Samuel  £.,'  Richmond,''  Ben- 
jamin,' Benjamin,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Bangor,  Me., 
June  6,  1839;  resides  Bangor,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Garland,  Me., 
September  12,  1858,  Llewellyn  O.  Oakes,  son  of  Rev.  John  A.  and 
Lucy  Ann  (Follett)  Oakes;  born  Garland,  Me.,  September  12,  1833. 

1807.  Samuel  Wesley  Daggett"  {Saymtel  £.,'  Richmond,'^  Ben- 
jamin,' Benjamin,*  TJiomas,^  TJiomas,''  JoJm'),  born  Bangor,  Me., 
December  1,  1840;  died  Davids  Island,  N.Y.,  July  1,  1864. 

Samuel  W.  Daggett,  of  Bangor,  was  commissioned  on  the  first  day 
of  August,  1862,  as  captain  of  Company  B,  Fii-st  Maine  Heavy 
Artillery,  which  regiment  left  the  State  on  the  24th  of  August,  1862, 
under  Colonel  Chaplain,  as  the  Eighteenth  Maine  Infantry. 

Captain  Daggett  was  a  member  of  the  Rising  Viilue  Lodge  of 


Masons,  and  before  his  enlistment  was  a  furniture  dealer.  The  First 
Maiue  Heavy  Artillery  was  joined  to  the  Grand  Army  of  the  Potomac 
very  soon  after  that  army  crossed  the  Rapidan  southward,  in  the 
commencement  of  the  summer  campaign  of  1864,  Major-general 
Meade  commaudlng,  aud  accompanied  in  person  by  Lieut. -gen. 
U.  S.  Grant. 

The  first  encounter  with  the  enemy  resulted  in  450  killed,  wounded, 
and  missing,  out  of  a  regiment  of  1,800.  Captain  Daggett  and  his 
gallant  Company  B  were  in  several  other  engagements  immediately 
following  this  one,  until  that  in  which  he,  while  gallantly  leading  on 
his  brave  comrades,  received  the  wound  which  ultimated  in  his  death. 

He  was  at  length  conveyed  to  Davids  Island  Hospital,  in  New 
York.  The  hospital  chaplain  said  of  him  that  he  never  saw  any  one  in 
suffering  display  so  great  courage  aud  clearness  of  mind.  He  was 
one  of  the  worthiest  and  bravest  of  the  gallant  young  officers  of  the 
Federal  Army. 

1808.  Susan  DjlGGkit^  {Samuel  £.,'  Richmond,^  Benjamin,^ 
Benjamin,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  Bangor,  Me.,  July  30, 
1842;  died  Bangor,  Me.,  June  5,  1882;  married  Bangor,  Me., 
January  13,  1868,  Frank  S.  Trickey,  son  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth 
(vStilphen)  Trickey;  born  Bangor,  Me.,  January  3,  1837. 

1810.  Lucy  Makia  Daggett'  (Samuel  £.,'  Bichmond,"  Benja- 
min,^ Benjamin,"  Thomas,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Bangor,  Me., 
March  12,  1846;  resides  Danville,  Me.  (1892);  married  Bangor, 
Me.,  September  14,  1880,  James  H.  Buckley,  son  of  Barzillia  and 
Mary  (Campbell)  Buckley;  born  Danville,  Me.,  April  10,  1826. 

1814.  James  Milton  Daggett*  (Henry  M.,''  Richmond,''  Ben- 
jamin,^ Benjamin,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Bangor,  Me., 
February  7,  1840;  "  dry  goods  merchant;"  resides  44  Ohio  street, 
Bangor,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Lowell,  Mass.,  December  13,  1869,  by 
Rev.  Horace  James,  to  Harriet  Augusta  Hadley,  daughter  of  John 
and  Eliza  (Bancroft)  Hadley;  born  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  14,  1842. 

No  issue. 

1827.  Polly  Daggett*  {Henry,^  Idiahod,^  Elihn,'  Mayhew," 
John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  April  15,  1802;  died 
Fort  Jacksou,  N.Y.,  February  3,  1850;  married  Stockholm,  N.Y., 
July  19,  1830,  Amos  Curtis  Sheldon ;  died  Fort  Jackson,  N.l'. 

Issue : 

2619.  i.      Homer  Hallock  Sheldon.' 

2620.  ii.    Elmika  Sheldon,"  married  Charles   Loucks ;    resides  Herman,  N.Y. 



2621.  iii.  Henry  M.  Sheldon,"  resides  San  Jose,  Cal.  (1892). 

2622.  iv.  JcLiA  Sheldon.' 

2623.  V.    H.\KMON  Sheldon. ' 

1S2S.  Stephen  Abbot  Dagge'bt"  {Henry,''  Ichabod,"  Elihii," 
Mai/hew,''  JoJtn,'^  Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Cornwall,  Vt.,  June  19, 
1804;  died  Cornwall,  Vt.,  December  31,  1871  ;  married  1st,  Stock- 
holm, N.Y.,  September  17,  1837,  Olive  Battles;  died  Stockholm, 
N.Y.,  April  13,  1842;  married  2d,  Cornwall,  Vt.,  1843,  Electa  Sher- 

Issue  : 

2624.  i.     Emma   Daggett,"   born   Stockholm,   N.Y.,    1838;    married  Franlc  K. 

Daggett  (see  No.  2633). 

2625.  ii.    Francis  Daggett,"  born  Stockholm,  N.Y. 

2626.  iii.  Levi  Daggett,"  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  1845;  died  1861. 

2627.  iv.  Homer  Daggett,"  born  Cornwall,  Vt. 

2628.  V.    Etta  Daggett,"  born  Cornwall,  Vt. 

1830.  David  Daggett  '  {Henry,''  Ichabod,^  Elihu,^  Mnyhew,* 
John, ^  Thomas,''  Jb/i?i '),  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  August  9,  1809;  died 
Parishville,  N.Y.,  May  23,  1891;  married  Parishville,  N.Y.,  July  2, 
1838,  Meribah  Carr  Greene,  daughter  of  Henry  Carr  and  Clariuda 
(Post)  Greene;  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  April  1,  1815. 

Issue : 

2629.  i.     Clarinda  Greene  Daggett,"  born  Hopkiuton,  N.Y.,  February  19, 


2630.  ii.    Henry  Levi  Daggett,"  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  April  28,  1842. 

2631.  iii.  Mary  Emorette  Daggett,"  born   Stockholm,   N.Y.,  November  19, 

1844;  resides  Parishville,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2632.  iv.  Herbert  Martin  Daggett,"  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  October  19,  1846. 

1831.  Levi  Parsons  Daggett*  {Henry,''  Ichabod,"  Elihu,'  May- 
hew,*  John,"  Tliomas,^  John'),  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  July  5,1811; 
died  December  9,  1839 ;  married  October  12,  1837,  Eunice  Fuller, 
daughter  of  Joab  and  Lucy  (Daggett)  Fuller  (No.  1329). 

Issue : 

2633.  i.  Frank  K.  Daggett,"  born  1838. 

1833.  Orpha  Daggett-  {Henry,''  Ichabod,'^  EWm,'' 
Mayhem,*  John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Cornwall,  Vt.,  May  23, 
1816;  died  Parishville,  N.Y.,  July  14,  1863;  married  Parishville, 
N.Y.,  1842,  Henry  Stevens,  son  of  John  and  Mary  (Wescott) 
Stevens;  born  Plaiufield,  N.H.  ;  died  January  11,  1875. 

Issue : 

2634.  i.     Frances  Stevens,"  born  Farishville,  N.Y.,  1844;  resides  Minneapolis, 

Minn.  (1892). 

2635.  ii.    Chloe  Stevens,"  born  Parishville,  N.Y.  ;  married  S.  J.  Hyde;  resides 

Lacrosse,  Wis.  (1892). 


2636.  iii.  Leslie  Stevens,"  born  Parishville,  N.Y. ;  resides  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


2637.  iv.  Ella    Stevens,"    born    Parishville,    N.Y. ;     rlied    Parishville,    N.Y., 

December  4,  1859. 
Remaining  children  in  the  far  West. 

1833.  Ldcy  Elmira  Daggett'  {Henry,''  Iduibod,^  EWmt,^  May- 
/lew/  John,'  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  August  26, 
1818;  died  Parishville,  N.Y.,  August  11,  1879;  married  Stockholm, 
N.Y.,  Russell  F.  Welch,  of  Parishville;  died  February  28,  1868. 

No  issue. 

1838.  Eliza  Maria  Daggett"  {Benjamin,''  Daniel,^  Eliliu," 
Mayhew,*  John,'  Thomas,^  John  '),  horn  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February 
3,  1804;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  18,  1887;  married  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  February  23,  1826,  Willard  Jillson,  sou  of  William  and 
Betsey  (Robinson)  Jillson;  "carpenter;"  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
July  3,  1803;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  3,  1886. 

Issue : 

2638.  i.      John  Hervet  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10,  1827;  mar- 

ried Sutton,  Mass.,  June  6,  1849,  Mrs.  Lucy  J.  Stone;  resides  North 
Attleboro',  Mass.  (1893);  issue:  Linda  Jillson,'"  Annie  Jillson.'" 
2630.  ii.     William  Henry  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  16,  1829; 
married  Emily  BuUard,  of  Webster,  Mass.,  1849;  issue:  four  chil- 
dren; he  died  Plainville,  Mass.,  February  26,  1858. 

2640.  iii.    Antoinette  Devoe  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  13, 

1831;  married  November  14,  1854,  Sanford  W.  Allen,  of  Belling- 
ham,  Mass.;  issue:  four  children ;  resided  Bellingham  (1876). 

2641.  iv.     Sarah  Daggett  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  28,  1834. 

2642.  V.      George  Lee  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  23,  1837. 

2643.  vi.     Harriet  Helen  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  6,  1840; 

died  Attleboro",  Mass.,  March  3,  1861. 

2644.  vii.  Ella  M.  Jillson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  21,  1850;  married 

December  28,   1871,  Edward   R.,   son   of    George    Price;    resides 
Attleboro',  Mass.   (1893). 

1839.  Catheeixe  Blackinton'*  {Mary  Dagc/ett,''  Daniel,"  Elihn,^ 
Mayheiv,"  John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January 
22,  1785;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  2,  1862;  married  Sewell 
Stanley;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  22,  1787;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  February  26,   1849. 

Issue : 

2645.  i.     Oliver  Stanley." 

2646.  ii.    Sarah  Ann  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  9,  1817;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  14,  1853. 

2647.  iii.  Elinor  Stanley." 

1841.  Nancy  Blackinton  "*  {Mary  Daggett,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,^ 
Mayhew,*  John,'  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Decem- 
ber 23,  1790;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  18,  1868;  married  1st, 


Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  2,  1811,  Lemuel  Whiting,  sou  of  David  and 
Hannah  (Walcott)  Whiting;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  12, 
1776;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  30,  1823;  married  2d, 
Ephraim  Jewett,  son  of  Jedadiah  Jewett;  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
May  11,  1800;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  17,  1890. 
Issue  : 

2648.  i.      Maky   Ann  Whiting,^  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  7,  1812;  married 

Samuel  Kent;  she  died  Seekonk. 

2649.  ii.     William   Dean   Whiting,'   born  Attleboro',   Mass.,   December   23, 


2650.  iii.    Nancy   Whiting,^   born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  4,   1818;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  17,  1819. 

2651.  iv.    Levi    Willaud   Whiting,"  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,    1821;    married 

Nancy  Blanchard ;  issue:  Wilhelmine   Whiting;'"  he   died    May  5, 

2652.  V.     Nan-ct  M.  Jewett,'  married  1st,  Charles  A.  Hine;  he  died  Septem- 

ber 22,  1854;  married  2d,  Giles  Manchester;  issue:  Frederick  A. 
Hines,  who  died  April  2,  1854  ;  resides  Providence,  R.I.  (1893) . 

2653.  vi.    John  Jewett,"  married  ;  issue:  several  children  ;  he  died. 

2654.  vii.  Henkt  Jgwett,'  married  Catharine  Munroe,  daughter  of  Jonas  Mun- 

roe;  resides  Providence,  R.I.  (1893). 

1843.  Olive  D.  Blackinton  *  {Mary  Daggett,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,^ 
MayJiew,*  John,''  Thomas,^  John  '),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Septem- 
ber 7,  1795 ;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  25,  1847 ;  married 
Calvin  Richards,  son  of  Calvin  Richards;  born  1793;  died  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  April  9,  1873. 

Issue : 

2655.  1.     Emily  Richards." 

2656.  ii.    Ann  Makia  Richards,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  16,  1819. 

2657.  iii.  Francis  B.  Richards." 

1844.  AzoBA  Blackinton"  {Mary  Daggett,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,'' 
Mayheiv,"  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Decem- 
ber 15,  1797;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  9,  1832;  married  John 
Tifft,  son  of  Samuel  and  Nancy  Tifft;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Sep- 
tember 10,  1800;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  29,  1851. 

Issue : 

2658.  i.     Maria  Tifft,"  married  Silas  Tyler,  of  Lowell,  son  of  Silas  and  Fanny 

(Stanley)  Tyler;  both  dead  ;  no  issue. 

2659.  ii.    Frank  Tifft,"  married  a  French  woman  (had  one  son,  who  was  sent 

to  her  people  in  France  when  she  died) ;  he  died  New  York  city. 

2660.  iii.  Francis  Tifft,"  boru  Attleboro',  Miiss.,  November  1,  1824;  died  At- 

tleboro,' Mass.,  January  29,  1825. 

1855.  Abigail  DagCxEtt*  (Daniel,''  Daniel,"  Elihu,^  Mayhew,* 
John,^  Thomas,^  John.'),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8,  1795; 
died  Mansfield,  Mass.,  January  31, 1873  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
November   2,  1815,  Stephen   Richardson,  son  of  Daniel  and  Chloe 


Richardson;  born  Attleboro',  Jlass.,  September  "2,  1794;  died  Mans- 
field, Mass.,  Septemljer  22,  188.5. 
Issue : 

2661.  i.      Chloe  Richardson,'  born  Attluboro',  Mass.,  .July  23,  ISIG. 

2662.  ii.    Cynthia  Ann  Richardson,"  boiii  Attleboro',  Mass. 

2663.  iii.  Abigail  Richardson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.;  married  Harrison  A. 

Williams;  resides  Mansfield,  Mass.   (1892). 

1856.  Rhoda  Daggett'  {Daniel,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,"  Mayhew,* 
John,"  Thomas,"  John''),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  2;"), 
1797;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  25,  1818,  Pardon  Sheldon, 
of  Cumberland,  R.I.,  son  of  William  and  Sarah  (Brown)  Sheldon; 
born  Cumberland,  R.I.,  May  21,  1790. 


2664.  i.     William    Daggett    Sheldon,"   born    May   30,    1819;    resides   Ker- 

honkson,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2665.  ii.    Emily  Ann  Sheldon,"  born  September  30,  1821. 

2666.  iii.  Stephen  Brown  Sheldon,"  born  December  19,  1823. 

2667.  iv.  Abagail  Richardson  Sheldon,"  born  November  8,  1826. 

2668.  V.    Daniel  Pardon  Sheldon,"  born  November  30,  1828. 

2669.  vi.  George  Henry  Sheldon,"  born  October  28,  1831. 

1857,  Daniel  Daggett*  (Daniel,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,'  Mayhem,* 
John,"  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  31,  1804; 
died  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  May  5,  1871 ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
October  4,  1827,  Elizabeth  Nichols  Franklin,  daughter  of  Ebenezer 
and  Mary  (Patt)  Franklin;  born  December  19,  1806. 

Issue : 

2670.  i.     Daniel  Cortis  Daggett,"  born  Taunton,  Mass.,  July  11,  1828. 

2671.  ii.    Thomas  Henry  Daggett,"    born    Providence,    R.I.,    February    22, 

1831;   married  1st,  July  31,  1856,   Mary  R.aymond ;  divorced;   mar- 
ried 2d,  Harriet  . 

2672.111.   Margaret  Elizebeth  Daggett,"  born   Fitcbburg,    Mass.,    July    21, 
1834 ;  married  November  19,  1856,  William  Chase. 

2673.  iv.  Mary  Adelaide  Daggett,"  born  Newburyport,  Mass.,  June  26,  1841  ; 

married  October  19,  1864,  Hiram  M.  Booth. 

Daniel  Daggett  was  a  manufactiu-er.  He  resided  at  608  Walnut 
street,  Milwaukee,  Wis.     Removed  there,  from  Newburyport,  in  1850. 

1859.  Hannah  Daggett'*  {Daniel,''  Daniel,'^  Ulihu,'  Mayhew,* 
John,"  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  1,  1810; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  27,  1846;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
September  6,  1831,  by  Rev.  Nathaniel  Wright,  to  William  Heury 
Robinson,  son  of  Obed  and  Abigail  (Everett)  Robinson ;  boru  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  February  14,  1810;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November 
8,  1868. 

Issue : 

2674.  i.     William  Henry  Robinson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,  1833; 

married  1st,  Angle  Martin;  married   2d,  Ellen  Blake,  daughter   of 
Eliab  F.  and  Abigail  E.  (Fuller)  Blake ;  issue :  several  children. 


2G75.  ii.    CoKNELins  D.  Robinson,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  28,  1835. 

2676.  iii.  Daniel  H.  Robinson,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  3,  1839. 

2677.  ir.  Edwin  Augustus  Robinson,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  12, 

1842;  married    1st,   Ida  Draper,  daughter  of    George   Adams   and 
Lydia  Anna  (Bishop)   Draper;  died  probably  before  1885. 
267S.  V.    Hannah  Elizabeth  Robinson,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,   August  18, 

1S60.  Samuel  Slatee  Daggett"  {Daniel,''  Daniel,'^ EHhu,^ May- 
heiv,''  John,'  Thomas,^  John^),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  19, 
1812;  died  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  May  23,  1869;  married  North  Bran- 
ford,  Couu.,  April  19,  1840,  by  Rev.  John  D.  Baldwin,  D.D.,  to 
Ruth  Sophrouia  Bishop,  daughter  of  Neriah  and  Harriet  (Handy) 
Bishop;  born  Guilford,  Conu.,  December  6,  1813;  resides  Pasadena, 
Cal.  (1892). 

Issue  : 

2679.  i.  Charles  Daniel  Daggett,'  born  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  May  2,  1851. 
Samuel  S.  Daggett  was  president  of  the  Northwestern  Mutual  Life 

Insurance  Company. 

1862.  MiNA  Briggs  Bagg-ett"  {Daniel,''  Daniel,'^  Elilm,''  May- 
hew,''  John,^  Thomas,^  John''),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  7, 
1817;  "jeweller;"  died  Mansfield,  Mass.,  December  13,  1874;  mar- 
ried Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  7,  1846,  by  Rev.  Reuben  Morey,  to 
Anna  Maria  Huntress,  daughter  of  Nathaniel  and  Anna  M.  Hun- 
tress;  born  1830;  resides  "Winter  street.  West  Somerville,  Mass. 

Issue : 

2680.  i.     Anna  Maria  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  12,  1847. 

2681.  ii.    Alida  Mazella  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  2,  1848; 

married  Mansfield,  Mass.,  November  21,  1871,  by  Rev.  Welcome 
Lewis,  to  Jefferson  J.  Gray,  son  of  James  and  Judith  Gray  ;  "  frame- 
maker;"  born  Sheffield,  Vt.,  1836;  resides  Winter  street.  West 
Somerville,  Mass.  (1892). 

2682.  iii.  Mina  Ednah  Daggett,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  12,  1852;   died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  Oct.  9,  1863. 

2683.  iv.  Frederic  W.  Daggett,'  born  March  23,  1864;  died  October  6,  18G5. 

1864r.  Sylvan  Stanley^  {Betsey  Daggett,''  Daniel,"  EUhu,^  May- 
hew,*  John,'  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  7,  1798  ; 
married  Miss  Frye. 

Issue : 

2684.  i.     Elisabeth   Stanley,'    married  William   Trescott;    issue:   Walter,'" 

Annie,'"  Lizzie,"  Frederic  Trescott.'" 

2685.  ii.    Rebecca  Stanley,' married  Horace  Lincoln,  son  of  William;  issue: 

Edwin  H.  Lincoln,'"  Jennie  A.  Lincoln.'" 

2686.  iii.  Sylvia  A.  Stanley,'  married  Stephen  Stanley,  son  of  Stephen  Olney 

and  Betseys.  (Stanley)  Stanley  (see  No.  2704)  ;  issue  :  Jesse,'"  Alice 

2687.  iv.  William   Stanley,' married  ;  a  clergyman  ;  issue  ;  several  children. 

2688.  V.    Frances  Stanley.' 


1866.  Veknal  Stanley"  {Betsey  IJagrjett,'  Diuntl,"  Elihu,'  Jla//- 
hew,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  30,  1802  ; 
married  Louisa  Wellmau ;  born  1805;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May 
21,  1863. 

Issue : 

2689.  i.      Daniel  O.  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  15,  1836. 

2690.  ii.    George  H.  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  31,  1837;  dieil 

Attleboro",  Mass.,  April  26,  1839. 

2(!;il.  iii.  Caroline  W.  Stanley,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October,  1838;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  1,  1811. 

2692.  iv.  Julia  L.  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December,  1840;  died  At- 
tleboro', Mass.,  June  22,  1841. 

2G93.  V.  Aktemas  Woodward  Stanley,' born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1842;  died 
.Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  1,  1862. 

2694.  vi.  John   F.    Stanley,'  born   .\ttlehoro',    Mass.,    1844;    died   Attleboro', 

Mass.,  August  21,  1814. 

1867.  Chloe  Read  Stanley'  {Betsey  Daggett,''  D<uiiel,^  EUhn," 
Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,'^  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February 
25,  1805 ;  died  May  25,  1827 ;  married  James  Cutler  Tufts ;  born 
1801;  died  April  14,   1827. 

Issue : 

2695.  i.     Ja.mes  Tufts,' married;  bad  issue ;  died. 

2696.  ii.    William  Cutler  Tufts,'  married  Laura  J.,  daughter  of  Jacob  ami 

Deborah  (Biites)  Capron;  issue:  four  children. 

2697.  iii.  Emmeline  Tufts,'  born  1822;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  21,  1844. 

1868.  Otis  Stanley'  {Betsey Daggett,^ Daniel,"  Elihu,^  Mayhew,* 
John,^  Thomas,''  Jo /( ?i '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  9,  1807; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  9,  1888 ;  married  Attleboro'  Falls, 
Mass.,  January  6,  1847,  Harriette  Whitney,  daughter  of  Martin  and 
Nancy  (Orne)  Whitney;  born  Attleboro',  Mass..  November  23,  1816; 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  13,  1877. 

Issue : 

2698.  i.    Maria  Stanley,'  married  Thomas  Patterson ;  issue  ;  Haitie  Patterson.'" 

2699.  ii.  Edward  Otis  Stanley,'  married  Caroline  C.  Durfee,  of  Fall  Kiver; 

issue:  Margorie,'"  Robert.'" 

1869.  Betsey  Shepard  Stanley*  {Betsey  Daggett,''  Daniel,' 
Elihu,^  May heiv,"  John, ^  Thomas,^  Jbfoi'),born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
November  24,  1808;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  15,  1886;  married 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  28,  1830,  Stephen  Olney  Stanley,  son 
of  Stephen  and  Martha  Stanley;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  11, 
1801;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  24,  1876. 

Issue : 

2700.  i.      Martha  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1836;  mar- 

ried Edw.  C.  Knapp,  son  of  Ephraim;  she  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 
February  2,  1892;  issue:  Maria,'"  Mabel,"  Abby,'"  Edward  T.,'" 
Lizzie,'"  Ephraim,'"  Betsey,'"  Fanny.'" 

2701.  ii.    Mart  Stanley,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  11,  1836;  rnarried 

Andrew  J.  Thomas;  she  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  5,  1863. 


2702.  iii.  Stephen  Olney  Stanley,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1838;  died  Attle- 

boro',  Mass.,  November  4,  1838. 

2703.  iv.  Aeey  Stanley,^  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1840;  died  Attleboro',  Mass., 

January  25,  1856. 

2704.  T.    Stephen  Stanley,''  born  .-Vttleboro',  Mass.,  June  11,   1842;   married 

Sylvia  A.  Stanley  (see  No.  2(j86). 

2705.  vi.  Benjamin  Stanley,^  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  June  3,  1848;  married 

EllaBriggs;  issue:  Edith,'"  Artemas,'"  Nellie,'"  Percy.'" 

1870.  Milton  Stanley^  {Betsey  Daggett,''  Daniel,^  EMii,'  May- 
hew,"  John,^  Thomas,'^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  15, 
1810;  married  1st,  Abigail  K. ;  married  2d,  Caroline . 

Issue : 

2706.  i.     Nathan  Stanley,'  resides  Boston,  Mass. 

2707.  ii.    Harriette  Stanley,'"  married  Joseph  Orville  Fairbanlcs  ;  died  Mans- 

field, Mass.,  January,  1892. 

2708.  iii.  Osborne  Stanley.' 

1872.  Harriet  E.milt  St.4.nley*  {Betsey  Daggett,''  Da<,iel,° 
Elihu,^  Mayhew,"  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  bom  Dracut,  Mass., 
May  17,  1815;  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (189.3)  ;  married  Dr.  Seleai 
A.  Stanley,  son  of  John  and  Juliet  Stanley ;  born  1809  ;  died  October 
18,  1852. 

Issue : 

2709.  i.  Frank  Stanley,'  married,  and   had  issue,  Edward  C..'"  Mary'";   he 

died  August  2,  1862. 

1875.  Henry  Daggett  Bulkley"  {Amelia.  M.  Daggett,''  Hennj,^ 
Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn., 
April  20,  1803  ;  died  New  York  city,  January  4,  1872  ;  married  New 
York  city  (?),  October  1,  1835,  Juliana  Barnes,  daughter  of  Wheeler 
and  Emma  White  (Olmstead)  Barnes,  of  Rome,  N.Y. ;  born  Rome, 
N.Y.,  July  10,  1811  ;  resides  Orange,  N.J. 

Issue : 

2710.  i.     Amelia  Martha  Bulkley,'  born  New  Yorlc  city,  December  8,  183G; 

died  March  24,  1841. 

2711.  ii.    JnLiA  Bulklev,'  born  New  York  city,  October  1,  1838;  married  June 

10,  1863,  J.  Cleveland  Cady,  architect.  New  Yorli;  she  died  Decem- 
ber 19,  1869;  issue:  Alice  C.  Cady.'" 

2712.  iii.  Henry  Wheeler  Bulkley,'  born  New  Yorli  city,  July  22,  1842. 

2713.  iv.  Lccins  Duncan  Bulkley,'  born  New  York  city,  Jan.  12,  1845. 

2714.  T.    Emma  Matilda  Bulkley,"  born  New  York  city,  March  22,  1850. 

2715.  vi.  Mary  Daggett  Bulkley,'  born  New  York  city,  July  25,  1853;  re- 

sides Brick  Church,  N.J. 

Dr.  Henry  D.  Bulkley  graduated  at  Yale  College,  1S21,  and  New 
York  Medical  College  in  1829. 

He  was  a  physician  of  high  standing,  and  long  connected  with  New 
York  Hospital.     President  of  New  Y'ork  Academy  of  Medicine. 

1876.  Amelia  Martha  Bulkley*  {Amelia  M.  Daggett,''  Eenry,^ 
EUhv,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thoma^,^  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn., 


March  13,  180G  ;  died  New  York  citj',  August  21,  1834  ;  married  New 
York  city,  Juue  30,  1829,  Stewart  Craig  Marsli,  "New  York  mer- 

Issue : 
271G.  i.     Stewart  Craig  Marsh,"  born  New  York  city,  1830;  died  New  York 
city,  1831. 

2717.  ii.    John  Alston  Marsh,"  bora  New  York  city,  June  1,  1832;  died  Lon- 

don, Eng.,  about  1860. 

2718.  iii.  Stewart  Craig  Marsh,"  born  Now  York  city,  June  19,  1834;  died 

about  1864. 

1877.  Elisabeth  Daggett  Hooker  "  (Elisabeth  Dagqelt,''  Henry ^^ 
EUliii,^  Mayhem,"  John,'  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Farmington,  Conu., 
May  1,  1813;  resides  Bloomfield  and  Hartford,  Conn.  (1892)  ;  mar- 
ried Farmington,  Conu.,  September  10,  1834,  Hon.  Francis  Gillette, 
son  of  Eev.  Ashbel  and  Achsali  (Francis)  Gillette,  of  Hartford, 
Conn.;  born  Windsor,  Conn.,  December  4,  1807;  died  Hartford, 
Conn.,  September  30,   1879. 

Issue : 
2719.1.    .\SHBEL  Frank  Gillette,"  born  Wintonbury,  Conn.,  May  17,   1836; 

died  California,  August  4,  1859. 
27l'0.  ii.     ElisarivTH   Hooker  Gillette,"  born  Bloonifleld,  Conn.,  December  7, 

1838 ;  married  September  20,  1864,  George  H.  Warner,  son  of  Justin 

Warner;  be  born  December  21,  1833;  secretary  American  Emigrant 


2721.  iii.  EmvARD  Hooker  Gillette,"  born  Bloomfield.  Conn.,  October  1,  1840; 

married  June  26,  1866,  Sopbie  Tberesa  Stoddard,  daughter  of  Joseph 
Nettleton  and  Sophia  Ives  (Buddington)  Stoddard,  of  Milford, 
Conn.;  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Marcli  9,  1845;  resides  Des 
Moines,  la. 

2722.  iv.  Robert  Hooker  Gillette,"  born  Bloomfield,  Conn.,  August  1,  1842; 

died  Fort  Fisher,  N.C.,  Jan.  16,  1865. 

2723.  V.    Mary  Hooker  Gillette,"  born  Wintonbury,  Conn.,  June  24,  1845; 

died  Wintonbury,  Conn.,  August  27,  1847. 

2724.  vi.  William   Hooker  Gillette,"  born  Hartford,   Conn.,  July  24,1853; 

married  June  1,  1882,  Helen  Nickels,  daughter  of  David  A.  Nickels, 
of  Detroit,  Mich. ;  born  August  3,  1860. 
Mr.  Gillette  is  an  actor  and  dramatic  author  ;  resides  Hartford,  Conn. 

1878.  John  Hooker  »  (Elisabeth  Daggett,'  Henry, ^  Elihu,'  May- 
hew,*  John,'  Thomas,-  ,/f)/( «  ' ) ,  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  April  19, 
1816;  resides  Hartford,  Conu.  (1892);  married  Hartford,  Conn., 
August  o,  1841,  Isabella  Beecher,  daughter  of  Eev.  Lyman  and 
Harriet  (Porter)  Beecher;  born  Litchfield,  Conn.,  February  22,  1822. 

Issue : 

2725.  i.     Thomas  Beecher  Hooker,"  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  September  30, 

1842;  died  Farmington,  Conn.,  September  30,  1842. 

2726.  ii.    Mary  Beecher  Hooker,"  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  August  15,  1845; 

married  October  4,  1866,  Eugene  Burton,  of  Hartford,  Conn. ;  she 
died  January  20,  1886. 

2727.  iii.  Alice   Beecher   Hooker,"  born  Farmington,  Conn.,  .Vugust  26,  1847; 

married  June  17,  1869,  John  C.  I);iy,  lawyer,  son  of  Calvin  Day; 
resides  Hartford,  Conn. 


2728.  iv.  Edward   Beecher   Hooker,'  born   Hartford,  Conn.,   February   26, 

1855;  married  September  18,  1879,  Martha  C.  Kilbourne,  daughter 
of  Joseph  K.  Kilbourne;  born  Norfolk,  Conn.,  November  11,  1853; 
"  physician;"  resides  Hartford,  Conn. 

Mr.  aud  Mrs.  Hooker  celebrated  their  goldeu  wedding  in  1891. 
Mrs.  Hooker  stands  at  the  head  of  the  woman  suffragists  of  the 
country,  and  for  this  reason  the  celebration  assumed  largely  a  sort  of 
jubilee  of  woman  suffragists.  Mr.  Hooker's  connection  with  the 
bench  of  the  State  attracted  many  notables  of  the  legal  profession. 

1880.  Commander  Edward  Hooker,"  U.S.N.  {Elizabeth  Daggett  J 
Henry,'  Elihii,^  Mayhew,"  Join),"  Thomas,'^  John'),  born  Farming- 
ton,  Conn.,  December  25,  1822;  resides  289  Gates  avenue,  Brook- 
lyn, N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Warreu,  R.I.,  March  28,  1847, 
Elizabeth  Moore  Wardwell,  daughter  of  Capt.  Moses  H.  and  Mary 
(Bushee)  Wardwell,  of  Warren,  R.I. ;  born  Warren,  R.I.,  June  22, 
1829;  died  Warren,  R.I.,  February  10,  1849;  married  2d,  Provi- 
dence, R.I.,  May  11,  1851,  Esther  Ann  Smith  Battey,  daughter  of 
Henry  and  Susan  Townsend  (Smith)  Battey,  of  Providence,  R.I. ; 
born  Providence,  R.I.,  September  8,  1825. 

Issue : 

2729.  i.     LiLLiE  Josephine  Hooker,'  born  Providence,  K.I.,  January  14,  1854; 

resides  at  home. 

2730.  ii.    LuCT  Cowles  Hooker,'  born  Providence,  R.I.,  March  17,  1856;  died 

Providence,  R.I.,  October  7,  1856. 

2731.  iii.  RosAEELLE  Townsend  Hooker,'  born  Providence,  R.I.,  June  9,  1858. 

2732.  iv.  Henry  Daggett  Hooker,"  born  Providence,  R.I.,  April  14,  1859. 

Commander  Edward  Hooker  was  bred  to  the  sea  in  the  merchant 
marine,  commanding  a  ship  wheu  twenty-three  years  old.  One  of 
the  earliest  volunteers  for  the  naval  service  in  the  Civil  War,  he  was 
appointed  acting  master  July,  1861.  His  first  service  was  in  the 
gunboat  "  Louisiana."  He  was  severely  wounded  during  a  boat  ex- 
pedition October  5,  1861.  He  was  the  first  officer  of  his  grade 
wounded  during  the  war.  He  took  an  active  part  in  the  Burnside 
expedition  while  in  the  "  Louisiana."  At  Newberne  that  vessel  fired 
the  first  and  the  last  shot  of  the  action.  Soon  after  the  capture  of 
Newberne  he  became  the  executive  officer  of  the  "  Louisiana."  At 
the  time  of  the  Confederate  attack  upon  Wilmington,  N.C.,  in  Sep- 
tember, 1862,  the  ship  was  fought  by  Commander  Hooker,  in  the 
absence  of  the  commanding  officer,  in  a  manner  which  caused  high 
commendation  from  commanding  officers  of  our  own  forces.  For 
gallantry  on  this  occasion  he  was  made  acting  volunteer  lieutenant, 
to  date  from  the  d.iy  of  the  action.  He  was  then  ordered  to  a  com- 
mand in  the  blockade  off  Wilmington,  and  soon  after  to  the  command 
of  a  division  of  the  Potomac  flotilla,  in  which  command  he  continued 


until  the  end  of  the   war.     Then  promoted   to  acting  volunteer  lieu- 
tenant commander. 

After  the  war  he  was  at  the  New  York  Navy  Yard.  Then  took 
the  store-ship  "Idaho"  to  the  Asiatic  squadron,  and  whOe  there  was 
transferred  from  the  volunteer  to  the  regular  uav}'  list.  Commis- 
sioned lieutenant  March,  1868,  and  lieutenant  commander  Decem- 
ber, 1868.  Captain  of  the  yard  at  League  island  until  February, 
1884.  While  on  duty  at  the  Naval  Home,  Philadelphia,  was  pi-o- 
moted  to  commander.  In  December,  1884,  placed  on  the  retired  list. 
Since  then  residing  in  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

1882.  Samuel  Worcester  Andrew  *  {Mary  Dagi/eU,''  Heitn/,'' 
Elihu,'  Mayhexv,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John^),  born  Woodbury,  Conn., 
June  8,  1822;  died  December  17,  1849;  married  January  4,  1848, 
Fannie  Augusta  Crafts,  daughter  of  Gen.  Chauucey  Crafts,  of  Wood- 
bury, Conn. 

Issue : 

i.  Samuel  Wokcester  Andrew,'  agent   Fairbanks  Lartl  Co.,  5  Central 
wharf ,  Boston ;  resides  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass.  (1892). 

1889.  Charity  Galieucia  Daggett*  {George,''  Elilm,"  Elihn,^ 
MayJietv,"  Jolin,^  Thomas,'  John^),  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  September 
16,  1800;  died  Lowell,  Mass.,  November  4,  1866;  married  Fairfield, 
Me.,  March  18,  1824,  William  Stone  Stanley,  of  Fairfield,  Me.,  son 
of  William  and  Polly  (Stone)  Stanley  (No.  1366);  born  Massa- 
chusetts, October  12,  1790;  died  Galesburg,  111.,  October  12,  1848. 

Issue : 

2733.  i.     Marietta  B.  Stanley, »  born  West  Waterville,  Me.,  May  30,  182«; 

died  in  infancy. 

2734.  ii.    Juliette  Stanley,"  born  West  Wateryille,   Me.,  January   12,  1828; 

died  in  infancy. 

2735.  iii.  Emily  F.  Stanley,"  born  West  Waterville,  Me.,  October  31,   1830; 

resides  216  South  Garfield  avenue,  Peoria,  111.  (1892). 

2736.  iv.   Thomas  Martin  Stanley,"  born  West  Waterville,  Me.,  February  6, 

1832;  died  Peoria,  111.,  June  16,  1859. 

1890.  Lydia  Tuycross  Daggett'  {George,'  EUhu,'^  Eiihu,^ 
Mayhew,"  John,^  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  January  8, 
1805;  died  Rio,  111.,  December  27,  1889;  married  Stark,  Me.,  Oc- 
tober 20,  1830,  Eber  Stuart  Moor,  son  of  -John  and  Susana  (Stuart) 
Moor;  born  Anson,  Me.,  October  15,  1807;  "farmer;"  died  Rio, 
111.,  March  4,  1879. 

Issue : 

2737.  i.      Nancy  Bodfish  Moor,'  born  Anson,  Me.,  August  4.   1831;  unmar- 

ried (1892). 

2738.  ii.      Ellen  Daggett  Moor,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  March  G,  1833;   died  Rio, 

111.,  February  14,  1846. 


2739.  iii.    Angus  Moor,^  born  Anson,  Me.,  February  8,  1835;  married  Lydia 

F.  (Daggett)  Stevens  (No.  2747). 

2740.  iv.    Ursula  Eveline  Mook,^  born  Anson,  Me.,  March  22,  1837;  married 

Rio,  111.,  Daniel  Newel  Harwood;  address,  Slielbyville,  111.  (1892). 

2741.  V.     Frank  Norman  Moor,"   born  Anson,  Me.,  February  26,   1839;  ad- 

dress. Cedar  Bluffs,  Neb.  (1892). 

2742.  vi.    Charles  Stuart  Moor,"  born  Anson,  Me.,   January  13,    1841;  ad- 

dress. Cedar  Bluffs,  Neb.  (1892). 

2743.  vii.  Clara  Jane  Moor,"  born  Anson,  Me.,  August  13,  1843;  married  A. 

A.  Rice;  died  Pine  Bluff,  Ark.,  August  3,  1865. 

pjber  S.  Moor  was  road  commissioner  one  year  for  Rio  township, 
and  school  director  several  years. 

1891.  Emily  Appleton  Daggett'  {George,''  EUhu,'^  Elihu,^ 
Miiyliew,*  John,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Fail-field,  Me.,  March  22, 
1807;  resides  Bradford  Centre,  Me.  (1892);  married  1st,  Fairfield, 
Me.,  October  30,  1830,  Seth  Webb  Kimball,  of  Fairfield,  Me.,  son  of 
Frank  and  Mehitabel  (Webb)  Kimball;  born  Deer  Island,  Me.,  June 
10,  1799;  "farmer;"  died  June  17,  1839;  married  2d,  Atkinson, 
Me.,  December  25,  1850,  Alexander  Nelson,  son  of  Roland  and 
(Fernald)  Nelson;  born  Portsmouth,  N.H. ;  "sea  captain;"  died 
about  1881. 

Issue : 

2744.  i.    Mary  Ann  Kimball,"  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  September  21,  1831;  died 

August  27,  1856. 

2745.  ii.  Albion  Paris  Kimball,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  August  3,  1837. 

1892.  Geokge  Randolph  Daggett^  {George,''  Elihu,^  Elihu," 
Maijheio,*  John,'  Thomas,''  John^),  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  November 
18,  1809;  died  Atkinson,  Me.,  December  12,  1881;  married  1st, 
Sebec,  Me.,  May  12,  1842,  by  A.  M.  Robinson,  Esq.,  to  Paulina 
King  Chase,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Comfort  (Livermore)  Chase; 
born  Sebec,  Me.,  December  28,  1823;  "farmer;"  died  Atkinson, 
Me.,  September  2,  1856;  married  2d,  Atkinson,  Me.,  August  21, 
1857,  by  A.  M.  Robinson,  Esq.,  to  Adlenta  Jane  Chase,  daughter  of 
Ezekiel  and  Mercy  (Livermore)  Chase;  born  Sebec,  Me.,  February 
12,  1835  ;  died  Atkinson,  Me.,  AprO  19,  1886. 

Issue : 

2746.  i.  Ellen  Maria  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  March  1,  1843. 

2747.  ii.  Lydia  Frances  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  June  17,  1844. 

2748.  iii.  Henrietta  Atwood  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  August  13, 1848. 

2749.  iv.  Albert  Austin  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  September  30,  1851. 

2750.  V.  Hattie  Evelyn  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  October  13,  1858. 

2751.  vi.  George  Warren  Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  March  11,  1862; 

married  Atkinson,  Me.,  October  5,  1887,  Hattie  Rose  McCorrison, 
daughter  of  Moses  and  Isabella  (Frost)  McCorrison ;  born  Atkin- 
son, Me.,  December  16,  1863;  "  house  carpenter ;  "  resides  Milo, 
Me.  (1892). 

2752.  vii.    Edwin  Snow    Daggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,   October   11,    1864; 

married  Milo,  Me.,  August  3,  1890,  Cora  Mabel  Mooers,  daughter 
of  David  A.  and  Melissa  (Davis)  Mooers;  born  Milo,  Me.,  March 


18,    1865;  "meat  and  green  groceries;"   resides  Montague,   Me. 
2753.  viii.  Earl  Percy  D.^ggett,"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  Marcli  G,  18G9 ;  "  meat 
and  green  groceries;  "  resides  Montague,  Me.  (1892). 

1893.  M.\RV  Ann  D.\ggett"  {GeorgeJ  Elihu,^  Elihu,^  Mnyhew,* 
JoJin,"  Thomas,'  John  '),  bom  Fairfield,  Me.,  October  7,  1811 ;  died 
Atkinson,  Me.,  July  29,  1847;  married  Fairfield,  Me.,  182|-,  Samuel 
Burrill,  of  Fairfield,  Me.,  sou  of  Bela  Burrill;  died  Fairfield,  Me., 

Issue : 

275-t.  i.  Agnes  Burrill." 

2755.  ii.  William  13urrill.' 

27.16.  iii.  Bela  Bdreill.' 

2757.  iv.  Emily  Burrill.^ 

2758.  V.  Paulina  Bukeill.' 

2759.  vi.  (Infant)  Burkill,'  died  wlien  a  few  weelts  old. 

1894.  Eakl  Percy  Daggett  *  {George,''  Elihu,''  Elihu,^  Mayhew,* 
John,'  Thomas;'  John''),  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  May  30,  1820; 
"farmer;"  resides  Medford,  Me.  (1892);  married  Atkinson,  Me., 
July  25,  1847,  by  Rev.  Randall  Noyes,  to  Sarah  Jane  Gould, 
daughter  of  James  and  Sally  (Osgood)  Gould,  of  Atkinson;  born 
Atkinson,  Me.,  August  22,  1822. 

Issue : 
27G0.  i.  John  Gouli>  Daggett,"  bom  Orneville,  Me.,  June  15,  1810. 

1895.  Albion  K.  Paris  Daggett"  {George,'  Elihn,'^  Elihu,' 
Mayheiu,^  John,^  Thomas,'  John  '),  born  Fairfield,  Me.,  February  20, 
1822;  resides  Bradford,  Me.  (1892);  married  Atkinson,  Me.,  May 
28,  1844,  Elizabeth  Warren  Heald,  daughter  of  "Warren  and  Martha 
(Whitney)  Heald,  of  Winslow,  Me. ;  born  Winslow,  Me.,  December 
22,  1822. 

Issue : 

2761.  i.     Mary  Elizabeth  Daggett,"  born  Orneville,  Me.,  February  26,  1845. 

2762.  ii.    Charles    Albert    Daggett,"   born   Orneville,    Me.,    November   24, 

1816 ;   soldier  in  Thirtv-second  Maine  Regiment  Volunteers ;  killed 
at  battle  Coal  Harbor  June  3,  1862. 

2763.  iii.  Martha  Ellen  Daggett,"  horn  Orneville,  Me.,  May  20,  1850;  died 

Orneville,  Me.,  March  8,  1854. 

2764.  iv.  Annie  Maria  Daggett,"  born  Orneville,  Me.,  January  22,  1852;  died 

Orneville,  Me.,  April  6,  1854. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  a  soldier  in  the  Sixteenth  Regiment  Maine  Volun- 
teers ;  he  is  a  farmer. 

1896.  Rev.  Lyman  White  Daggett'  {Elihu,'  Elihu,^  Elihu,' 
Mayhew,*  John,'  Thomas;-  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  28, 
1812;  died  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  10,  1892;  married 
Wre'ntham,  Mass.,  June  8,  1842,  by  Rev.  Benj.  H.  Davis,  to  Nancy 

JOHN    DOfiGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.      247 

rViant  Fuller,  of    Newton,   daughter  of   John  and  Nancy   (Grant) 
Fuller;  born  Newton,  Mass.,  October  5,  1813  ;  died  North  Attleboro", 
Mass.,  January  19,  1892. 
Issue : 

2765.  i.     CoRissANDE  La  Roche  Daggett,'  born  Andover,  Mass.,  May  20,  1844  ; 

resides  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.  (1893). 
276C.  ii.     IIarkiette  Everett  Daggett,'  born  Woodstock,  Vt.,  September  1, 

1846;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  2,  1875. 

2767.  iii.   Ada  Fuller  Daggett,'  horn  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  9,  1848; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  2,  1852. 

Rev.  Lyman  W.  Daggett  received  his  education  in  the  Attleboro' 
public  schools  and  Phillips  Academy,  of  Andover. 

After  teaching  for  eight  years  he  entered  the  ministry  of  the 
Universalist  church,  preaching  at  Hollistou  and  Andover,  Mass., 
and  Woodstock  and  Hartland,  Vt. 

In  1848  he  gave  up  the  ministry  and  located  in  Noith  Attleboro'. 
Mr.  Daggett  was  selectman,  overseer  of  the  poor,  assessor,  town 
clerk,  and  member  of  the  school  committee,  and  represented  the  town 
in  the  lower  branch  of  the  Legislature  in  1851,  1852,  and  1853. 

1900.  James  Madison  Daggett  "  (Jacob,''  Elihu,"  Elihn,"  May- 
hew,^  Jolin,^  Thomas,'  John^),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10, 
1809;  "  jeweller;  "  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Attle- 
boro', Mass.,  April  28,  1842,  Amanda  Melvina  Coombs,  daughter  of 
Ruben  and  Permelia  Marie  (Keyes)  Coombs ;  liorn  Shrewsbury, 
Mass.,  June  10,   1820;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  18,   1874. 

Issue : 

2768.  i.    Ijiogene   Augusta   Daggett.'   born   Attleboro',    Mass.,   February  3, 


2769.  ii.  Byron  Elihu  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  17,  1846; 

of  B.  E.  Daggett  &  Co.,  manufacturing  jewellers,  Providence,  R.I. 

1901.  Henry  Lefkelet  Daggett  '  {Jacob,''  EUkU;'''  Elihu,'  May- 
lie  w,''  John,'  Thomiis,'-  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  10, 
1812;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  March  1,  1882;  married  Boston,  Mass., 
April  6,  1841,  by  Rev.  George  Ripley,  to  Sarah  pjliza  Williams, 
daughter  of  Isaac  and  Diana  (Towne)  Williams;  boru  Boston, 
Mass.,  October  8,  1824;  resides  116  Commonwealth  avenue,  Bos- 
ton (1893). 

Issue : 

2770.  i.     Isaac  Williams  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  April  27,  1845;  died 

Lynn,  Mass.,  July  27,  1864. 

2771.  ii.    Harriet  McLeod  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  February  19,  1848; 

died  Boston,  Mass.,  April  16,  1860. 

2772.  iii.  Henry  Lefrelet  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  July  19,  1851. 

2773.  iv.  Sara  Whittemore  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  2,  1859. 

2774.  T.    Eleanor  Williams  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  March  21,  1865, 


Heury  L.  Daggett  was  one  of  the  stanehest  merchauts  of  the  shoe 
aud  leather  business  m  Boston.  From  1834  to  1850  he  was  located 
at  202  Washington  street,  from  whence  he  moved  in  1851  to  29  Kilby 
street.  In  1855  he  moved  to  152  Congress  street,  and  in  the  follow- 
ing year  to  101  and  103  Pearl  street.  In  1860  the  firm  became 
Henry  L.  Daggett  &  Co.,  which  form  it  retained  until  the  end  of  his 
business  life  in  1881. 

Thus  for  almost  fifty  years  he  was  engaged  in  the  shoe  and  leather 
business,  a  man  known  to  the  trade  all  over  the  United  States,  and 
known  as  one  of  the  most  high-minded  aud  honorable  of  business 
men.  He  held  many  positions  of  trust  and  responsibility,  and  was  a 
well-known  and  popular  member  of  the  Boston  Board  of  Ti-ade. 

1902.  Mayhew  Fishee  Daggett"  (Jacob,''  Elihu,'^  Elihu,^  May- 
hew,'^  Johu,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  4, 
1814;  married  1st,  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  20,   1837,  Adeline  G. 

Nott,  daughter  of  and  Mehitabel   (Pond)   Nott;  born  Jersey 

City,  N.J.,  June  24,  1815  ;  died  Wrentham,  Mass.,  August  16,  1867  ; 
married  2d,  Emma ;  born  Woonsocket,  E.I. 

Issue : 
277.T.  i.      Sarah  Jane  Daggett,'  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  November  11,  1839. 

2776.  ii.    George  Henry  Daggett,'  born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  January  8,  1842; 

died  Taunton,  Mass.,  February  10,  1873. 

2777.  iii.  Daniel  Leland  Fletcher  Daggett,' born  Wrentham,  Mass.,  October 

22,  1847. 

2778.  iv.  Mathew  F.  Daggett,'  born  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  November  17,  1872; 

died  Wrentham,  Mass.,  June  17,  1873. 

1904.  WiLLARD  Elihu  Daggett"  {Jacob,''  EUhu,^  EHhu,^  May- 
heio,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  8, 
1818;  resides  Harvard  street,  Brookline,  Mass.  (1893);  married 
Boston,  Mass.,  June  7,  1846,  by  Rev.  Joseph  Bauward,  to  Mary 
Atwood  Wade. 

Issue : 

2779.  i.    Willard  Francis  Daggett,'  born  Dorchester,  Mass.,  August  7,  1850. 

2780.  ii.  Fanny  S.  Daggett,'  born  Roxbury,  Mass.,  November  22,  1854. 

1908.  Caroline  P.  Daggett'  (Milton,'  Elijah,''  EWiu,'  3Iay- 
liew,"  John, ^  Thomas,^  John  ^), 'born  Lineoln,  Mass.,  1820;  married 
1st,  Boston,  Mass.,  September  20,  1838,  by  Rev.  J.  W.  Downing,  to 
Joseph  Shaw;  married  2d,  Boston,  Mass.,  April  7,  1869,  by  Seth  C. 
Carey,  to  Joseph  J.  Bigelow,  son  of  Isaac  and  Nancy  Bigelow ;  born 
Leominster,  Mass.,  1805;   "watchmaker,  Boston." 

1909.  Lyman  Daggett"  (Milton,'  Elijah,^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,* 
John,''  Thomas,''  John  ^),'bovn  Lincoln,  Mass.,  1821;  died  Boston, 


Mass.,  January  6,  1890;  married  1st,  Newton,  Mass.,  December  29, 
1844,  by  Eev.  L.  Gilbert,  to  Susan  M.  Baker,  daughter  of  Eleazer 
and  Susan  Baker;  bornt  Dorchester,  Mass.,  1821;  died  Dorchester, 
Mass.,  August  19,  1850;  married  2d,  Boston,  Mass.,  July  17,  1851, 
Lydia  A.  Hill,  daughter  of  Abraham  Hill;  born  Northwood,  N.H., 

Issue : 
27S1.  i.     Milton  Lyman  Baggett,''  born  Boston,  Mass.,  1848. 

2782.  ii.    Isabella  Frances  Daggett,"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  about  1858;  died 

Vineland,  N.J.,  about  1874. 

2783.  iii.  Warren  C.  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  1862. 

1924.  Mary  Ann  Daggett*  (Otis,''  Joab,^  John,'  Ehenezer,* 
John,''  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Surry,  N.H.,  September  18,  1813; 
died  Peuacook,  N.H.,  November  21,  1852  ;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
April  28,  1836,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Forbush,  to  Henry  Hayes  Brown,  son 
of  David  and  Eunice  (Hayes)  Brown;  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  June 
17,  1805;  died  Cottage  City,  Mass.',  September  24,  1873. 

Issue  : 

2784.  i.      Henky  Francis  Brown,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  25,  1837; 

married  Penacook,  N.H.,  November  6,  1865,  Isabel  Dyer,  daughter 
of  William  O.  and  Asenath  (Pratt)  Dyer;  born  Mendon,  Mass., 
August  26,  1846;  resides  Penacook,  N.H.  (1892). 

2785.  ii.    David  Arthur  Brown,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  14,  1839. 

2786.  iu.  Mart  Louisa  Brown,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  25,  1841. 

2787.  iv.  Frederick  Judson  Brown,'  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  July  11,  1844; 

died  Penacook,  N.H.,  April  9,  1872. 

2788.  V.      Ellen  Maria  Brown,'  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  January  11,  1848. 

2789.  vi.    Isabel  Nancy  Brown,'  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  April  7,  1850. 

2790.  vii.  Charles  Howard  Brown,'  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  October  17,  1852; 

died  Penacook,  N.H.,  February  9,  1853. 

1925.  John  Gilman  Daggett'*  {Otis,''  Joab,^  John,'  Ebenezer,* 
John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Sui-ry,  N.H.,  June  21,  1816;  "chair 
manufacturer ;"  died  Sterling,  Mass.,  September  16,  1871;  married 
Brattleboro',  Vt.,  February  3,  1848,  by  Rev.  Mr.  King,  to  Augusta  L. 
Warner,  daughter  of  John  and  Zernah  (Rich)  Warner;  born  Boston, 
Mass.,  July  18,  1828 ;  resides  11  Highland  avenue,  Somerville,  Mass. 

Issue : 

2791.  i.     Grace  Daggett,"  born  Princeton,  Mass.,  May  31,  1849;  died  Prince- 

ton, Mass.,  April  3,  1850. 

2792.  ii.    John  Oilman  Daggett,'  born  Princeton,  Mass.,  November  21,  1850. 

2793.  iii.   M.^ry  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  3,  1860. 

2794.  It.  Mabel  Daggett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  3,  1860. 

1931.  Martha  Jane  Daggett'  {Otis,''  Joah,^  John, ^  Ehenezer,* 
John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Surry,  N.H.,  February  1,  1836;  died 
Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  July  19,  1878;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  8, 
1856,  by  Rev.  W.  H.  Alden,  to  George  Albert  Shepardson,  of  Attle- 


boro',  son  of  George  Washington  andjuliaette  (Richards)  Shepardson ; 
born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  22,  1835;   died  New  York  city, 
December  19,  1887. 
Issue  : 

2795.  i.  Harky  Richards  Shepardson,"  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  May  19,  1859. 
George  A.   Shepardson  was   in    Battery   A,   1st  Regiment   Rhode 

Island  Light  Artillery.     Was  wounded  in  first  battle  of  Bull  Run, 
Sunday,  July  21,  1861.     He  left  the  Battery  at  Warrenton. 

1933.  Abigail  Daggett"  {LevU^  Joab,'' JoJm,' Ebenezer,'  John,' 
Thomas,-  John'),  born  Troy,  N.H.,  February  11,  1819;  resides 
Richland  Centre,  Wis.  (1886)  ;  married  .Jaffrey,  N.H.,May  17,  1847, 
by  Rev.  Leonard  Tenney,  to  Benjamin  Jewett  Teuiiey,  son  of  Benja- 
min and  Betsey  (Taylor)  Tenney;  born  Groton,  Mass.,  June  6,  1807  ; 
died  Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  March  17,  1868. 


2796.  i.      Abby  Ann  Tenney,''  born  Beloit,  Wis.,  March  13,  1848;  died  Beloit, 

Wis.,  September  6,  1849. 

2797.  ii.    Emma  Elisabeth  Tenney,"  born  Beloit,  Wis.,  November  27,  1849. 

2798.  iii.  Helen  Leora  Tennet,'  born  Clarence,    Wis.,  December   5,    1852; 

died  Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  May  18,  1884. 

1933.  Rev.  Levi  Daggett"  (Levi,''  Joab,''  John,^  Ebeiiezer," 
John,'  Thomas,''  John  '),  born  Troy,  N.H.,  July  3,  1820;  died  Willi- 
mantic.  Conn.,  April  18,  1857;  married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Nov.  17, 
1842,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Bailey,  to  Selah  Eleanor  Bacon,  daughter  of  George 
and  Avis  Bicknell  (Fales)  Bacon;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January 
31,  1822;  resides  Plainville,  Mass.  (1892). 

2799.  i.      Abbie  Eleanor  Daggett,"  born  East  Hartford,  Conn.,  October  30, 


2800.  ii.    Emma  Adelia  Daggett,"  born  Norwich,  Conn.,  June  27,  1849;  mar- 

ried Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  19,  1873,  by  Rev.  Edwin  D.  Hall, 
to  Pliny  Merton  Cobb,  son  of  Samuel  C.  and  Huldah  Cobb ;  born 
Mansfield,  Mass.,  1849;  he  music  teacher;  she  died  May  10,  1874. 

2801.  iii.  Anna    Caroline   Daggett,"  born  Mystic,  Conn.,  January  5,   1855; 

married  1st,  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  23,  1874,  by  Rev,  Edwin  D. 
Hall,  to  John  H.  Mathewson,  son  of  John  and  Eunice  Mathewson; 
"  jeweller ;"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1853;  married  2d,  Wrentham, 
Mass.,  June  11,  1885,  C.  N.  Moore;  she  resides  Plainville,  Mass. 

Rev.  Levi  Daggett  was  a  minister  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal 
church,  preaching  in  Massachusetts,  Connecticut,  and  Rhode  Island. 
He  was  presiding  elder  when  he  died. 

1934.  JOAB  Daggett"  (Levi,''  Juab, '^  John, ^  Ebenezer,*  John,' 
Thomas,^  John'),  born  Troy,  N.H.,  August  7,  1822;  "jeweller;" 
died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  31,  1861;  married  Lonsdale,  R.I., 


April   21,   1844,  Catharine  Amanda  Peek;  born  Rehoboth,  Mass.; 
now  Mrs.  James  Gunn ;  resides  55  Garden  street,  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Issue  : 

2802.  i.    Ella  Catharine  Daggett,^  born  Jaffrey,  N.H.,  September  10,  1846; 

resides  Pawtucket,  R.I.  (1892). 

2803.  ii.  Edmund  Joab  Daggett,'  born  Attlehoro',  Mass.,  October  29,  1848; 

married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  22,  1880,  by  Rev.  George  BuUen,  to 
Mary  Ella  Dunnell,  daughter  of  Roland  B.  and  Vesta  (Ware) 
Dunnell;  born  Lee,  Me.,  1859;  no  issue  (1892);  he  machinist; 
resides  Taunton,  Mass.  (1892). 

1940.  Marcus  Lafayette  Daggett  *  {Marcus,''  Joab,^  John,'' 
Ebenezer,*  JoJin,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Marlboro',  N.H.,  June 
15,  1820;  "jeweller;"  died  Pawtucket,  R.I.,  November  22,  1882; 
married  Martha  . 

Issue : 

2804.  i.    Martha  Isabell  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  9,  1846. 

2805.  ii.  Charles  Frederick  Daggett,'  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  19, 


1946.  Elizabeth  Ann  Daggett'  (Pliny,''  Joab, ^  John,''  Eben- 
ezer,*  John,^  Thoma.i,^  John  '),  bom  Troy,  N.H.,  March  21,  1826; 
died  Avoca,  Wis.,  July  21,  1888;  married  1st,  Attleboro',  Mass., 
October  14,  1846,  Henry  Clay  Lucas,  of  Pawtucket,  R.I. ;  bom 
Northumberland,  N.H.,  January  6,  1824;  died  Avoca,  Wis.,  Novem- 
ber 26,  1870;  married  2d,  Avoca,  Wis.,  September  11,  1873,  Samuel 
Parks,  of  Saratoga,  N.Y.,  son  of  Patrick  and  Abiah  (Coon)  Parks; 
born  Saratoga  county,  N.Y.,  September  23,  1819;  resides  Frisco, 
Oklahoma  territory  (1892). 

Issue : 

2806.  i.  Ella  Amanda  Lhcas,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  September  5,  1847. 

1947.  Alonzo  D.A.GGETT  '  {Pliny,''  Joab,^  John,''  Ebenezer,^  John,' 
Thomas,"  John^),  born  Troy,  N.H.,  April  20,  1828  ;  resides  Jefferson, 
Iowa  (1892)  ;  married  Muscoda,  Wis.,  January  17,  1875,  Jane 
Midling,  of  Highland,  Wis.,  daughter  of  James  and  Matilda  (Mc- 
Loughlin)  Midling;  born  Canada,  February  6,  1854. 

Issue : 

2807.  i.    Alonzo  Daggett,'  born  Pulaski,  Wis.,  November  6,  1875. 

2808.  ii.  Henry  Daggett,'  born  Highland,  Wis.,  March  30,  1878. 

1949.  Maey  Jane  Daggett'  {Pliny,''  Joab,^  John,"  Ebenezer,* 
John,'  Thomas,'^  John'),  born  Troy,  N.H.,  February  7,  1832;  re- 
sides Berlin,  Wis.  (1892)  ;  married  Dodgeville,  Wis.,  January  1, 
1856,  Christopher  Columbus  Jenkins,  of  Buffalo,  N.Y.,  son  of  Sam- 


uel   and   Margaret  Rogers  (Greuell)  Jenkins ;    born  Amherst,  N.Y., 
October  29,  1826. 
Issue : 

2809.  i.  Anne  Cora  Jenkins,'  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  April  21,  1859. 

1951.  Ferdinand  Daggett*'  (Pliny,''  Joab,^  John,'  Ebenezer,* 
John,-'  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  26,  1836;  re- 
sides Avoca,  Wis.  (1892)  ;  married  Avoca,  Wis.,  September  5,  1860, 
Anna  Knight,  of  Clyde,  Wis.,  daughter  of  Darius  and  Lydia  C. 
(Gile)  Knight;  born  Luzerne  county.  Pa.,  January  30,  1842. 

Issue : 

2810.  i.    Homer  Lucas  Daggett,^  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  July  9,  1861 ;  died  Avoca, 

Wis.,  January  10,  1863. 

2811.  ii.  Pliny  Ulysses  Daggett,"  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  May  18,  1867. 

1953.  Pliny  Augustus  Daggett"  {Pliny,''  Joab,"  John,"  Eben- 
ezer,*  John,'  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  29, 
1838;  resides  547  Pine  street,  Spokane,  Wash.  (1892) ;  married  1st, 
Dodgeville,  Wis.,  January  1,  1860,  Margaret  Lucretia  Floyd,  of 
Dodgeville,  Wis.,  daughter  of  Armstead  Waltham  and  Mary  Ann 
(Stiles)  Floyd;  born  Dodgeville,  Wis.,  August  26,  1842;  died  Min- 
neapolis, Minn.,  February  26,  1887;  married  2d,  September  26,  1888, 
Helen  Elthear  jNIerriman,  daughter  of  Samuel  Levi  and  Marion  Brad- 
ford (Obert)  Merriman;  born  Friendship,  N.Y.,  August  29,  1852. 

Issue : 

2812.  i.  Floyd  Lorenzo  Daggett,"  born  Wyoming,  Wis.,  December  15,  1861. 
281.S.  ii.  Marion  Lucretia  Daggett, 'born  Spokane,  Wash.,  November  2, 1889. 
28U.  iii.  Pliny  Augustus  Daggett,'  born  Spokane,  Wash.,  September  1,  1891. 

Of  P.  A.  Daggett  &  Co.,  "  insurance,"  306  Post  street,  Spokane 

1957.  Claka  Louise  Daggett  *  (Pliny,''  Joab,^  John,"  Ebenezer,* 
John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  8,  1852; 
resides  Kilburn  City,  Wis.  (1892)  ;  married  Berlin,  Wis.,  June  30, 
1877,  Chester  Smith,  of  Omro,  Wis.,  son  of  William  Champlin  and 
Sarah  (Foote)  Smith;  born  Winnebago  county,  Wis.,  April  24,  1851. 

Issue : 

2815.  i.     Ella  Rosalia  Smith,'  born  Berlin,  W-is.,  April  6,  1878. 

2816.  ii.    Grace  Smith,'  born  Winneconne,  Wis.,  July  7,  1880. 

2817.  iii.  Russell  Lawrence  Smith,'  born  Winneconne,  Wis.,  March  22,  188-1. 

1965.  Jonathan  Maxcx  Peck*  (Lydia  M.  Daggett,''  Ebenezer,^ 
John,"  Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
November  25,  1829 ;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  21,. 1881; 
married  Oberlin,   Ohio,   December  16,  1874,  Mendora  Eliza  Wack, 


daughter  of  Chauncy  and  Mary  Ann  (Brown)  Wack ;  bom  March  26, 
1852;  resides  Vine  street,  Oberlin,  Ohio  (1892). 
Issue ; 

281S.  i.  DoRSEV  Maxcy  Peck,"  born  February  12,  1877;  died  May  19,  1880. 

2819.  ii.  Mart  Ltdia  Peck,''  born  August  22,  1881. 

1976.  John  "Mathew  Daggett^  {John,''  Ehenezer,^  John,^ 
Ehenezer,*  John,''  Thomas,''  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 16,  1845;  i-esides  Mariaiina,  Ark.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Stoniug- 
ton.  Conn.,  November  18,  1868,  by  Rev.  John  C.  Middleton,  to 
Ernestine  Rose  Brown,  of  Stoningtou,  Conn.,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Moore  aud  Ann  Elizabeth  (Chapman)  Browu  ;  born  Stouiugton,  Conn., 
March  20,  1849;  died  Marianua,  Ark.,  December  4,  1876;  married 
2d,  Denton,  Tex.,  October  14,  1879,  by  Rev.  Stephen  H.  Greene,  to 
Olive  May  Anderson,  daughter  of  Jesse  H.  and  Martha  (Mottley) 
Anderson;  born  Lebanon,  Teuu.,  December  14,  1855. 

Issue : 

2820.  i.      John  Mayhew  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  31,  1869; 

died  Marianna,  Ark.,  October  11,  1891. 

2821.  ii.     Ernestine  Rose  Daggett,"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  14,  1872  ; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  26,  1873. 

2822.  iii.    SAMnEL   Anderson    Daggett,"   born   Marianna,  Ark.,  January  19, 

1881 ;  died  Marianna,  Ark.,  August  23,  1885. 

2823.  iv.    Jesse  Boomer  Daggett,"  born  Marianna,  Ark.,  August  24,  1882. 

2824.  V.     Charles  Eben  Daggett,"  born  Marianna,  Ark.,  April  28,  1885. 

2825.  vi.    Maxct  Dewitt  Daggett,"  born  Marianna,  Ark.,  February  28,  1887. 

2826.  vii.  Amelia  Daggett,"  born  Marianna,  Ark.,  April  28,  1889. 

John  M.  Daggett  (B.U.,  1868),  attorney  at  law,  has  been  post- 
master of  Marianna,  Ark.,  for  some  years;  deputy  clerk  of  Lee 
county,  Ark.,  for  some  twelve  years  previous  to  1885.  He  is  also 
interested  in  real  estate,  and  acts  as  loan  agent. 

1978.  Amelia  Maxcy  Daggett''  (John,''  Ebenezer,'^  John,^  Eben- 
ezer,"  John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  23, 
1850;  resides  "  Twin  Elms  Farm,"  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married 
New  York  city,  January  10,  1878,  by  Rev.  Arthur  Brooks,  to  George 
St.  John  Sheffield,  son  of  Joseph  Earl  aud  Maria  (St.  John)  Sheffield ; 
born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  2,  1842. 

No  issue. 

1984.  Nancy  Ella  Daggett'  {Harvey  M.,''  Ebenezer,"  John,^ 
Ehenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  8, 
1853  ;  resides  North  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892),  on  the  old  homestead; 
married  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  11,  1884,  by  Rev.  Geo.  O.  Jenness, 
to  James  Bowker  Parsons,  of  Attleboro',  son  of  Fidelio  and  Rachel 


Aune   (Bowker)  Parsous,  of  Bangor,  Me. ;   boru  Bangor,  Me.,  Jan- 
uary 1,  1839;   postmaster  and  depot-master,  Attleboro'  Falls. 
Issue : 

2827.  i.    Caruoll  Daggett  Parsons,'  bora  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  28, 

born   Attleboro',    Mass.,  December    15, 

1985.  J.^MES  E.  McClellan  "  (A)aa  I.  Daggett,''  Ebenezer,"  John,^ 
Ebenpzer,*  ./oJin,^  Thomas,^  Jolin^),  hoxn  Sutton,  Mass.,  June  10, 
1838;  died  Harper's  Ferry,  Md.,  July  7,  1863. 

James  E.  McClellan  enlisted  in  the  Fifty-first  Regiment  of  Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers  in  1862. 

He  was  stationed  at  Beaufort,  S.C,  and  there  established  a  school 
for  colored  people,  teaching  it  himself  at  such  hours  as  he  could  com- 
mand when  ofif  duty. 

Just  as  the  term  of  sei-vice  of  the  regiment  had  expired  they  were 
called  to  join  Meade's  army,  which  was  moving  to  repel  Lee's  invasion 
of  Maryland. 

During  this  forced  march  Mr.  McClellan  was  accidentally  drowned 
at  Harper's  Ferry. 

Just  before  his  death  he  was  appointed  lieutenant  in  a  regiment  of 
colored  South  Carolina  volunteers. 

1989.  John  E.  McClellan  "  {Ama  I.  Daggett,''  Ebenezer,^  John,' 
Ebenezer,*  JoJin,"^  Thomas,'  JoJm'),  born  Sutton.  Mass.,  September 
5,  1847;  resides  Grafton,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Buffalo,  Mo., 
November  17,  1868,  Mary  Bartshe  ;  died  Springfield,  Mo..  September, 
1881;  married  2d,  Grafton,  Mass.,  May  16,  1887,  S.  Elizabeth 

Issue : 

2829.  i.     James  H.  McClellan,'  born  Buffalo,  Mo.,  November  23,  18G9. 

2830.  ii.    Amt  A.  McClellan,'  born  Buffalo,  Mo.,  May  S,  1871;  died  Grafton, 

Mass.,  July  14,  1891. 

2831.  iii.  Leonard  A.  McClellan,'  born  Buffalo,  Mo.,  March  H,  1873. 

2832.  iv.  Martha  F.  McClellan,'  born  Grafton,  Mass.,  September  12,  1888. 

1997.  Shepard  Silas  Everett'  {Marcy  S.  Daggett,'  Ehenezer,'^ 
John.^  Ebenezer,*  John,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Boston,  Mass., 
October  27,  1841  ;  resides  Forest  Glen,  Md.  (1892)  ;  married  Chelsea. 
Mass.,  September  23,  1869,  by  Rev.  Chas.  J.  Baldwin,  to  Emma  Jane 
Wade,  daughter  of  William  and  Irene  (Nichols)  Wade;  born  Digby, 
N.S.,  June  28,  1845. 

Issue  : 

2833.  i.      Annie  Daggett  Everett,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  July  25,  1870;  died 

Chelsea,  .Mass.,  September  19,  1870. 

2834.  ii.    William  Wade  Everett,'  born  Chelsea,  Mass.,  August  23,  1871. 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYARD.     255 

2835.  iii.  Mauion  Clement  Evekett,'  born  Washington,  D.C.,  March  6,  1873. 
283G.  iv.  Geoege  Nichols  Everett,^  born  Washington,  D.C.,  January  2,  187fi. 

2837.  V.    Walter    Woodward    Everett,"  born  Falls  Church,  Va.,   May   13, 

1S81;  died  Falls  Church,  Va.,  October  13,  1881. 

2838.  vi.   Edith  Emma  Everett,'  born  Washington,  D.C.,  .June  30,  1884. 

1998.  Josephine  Shepiiard  Daggett*  {Handel  N.,''  Ebenezer," 
John,^  Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  bom  Attleboro',  Mass., 
June  21,  184.5;  resides  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  At- 
tleboro', Mass.,  by  Rev.  F.  N.  Peloubet,  to  Harvej'  Clap,  sou  of 
Harvey  Erastus  aud  Priscnia  Barker  (Crocker)  Clap  ;  ' '  mauuf aetur- 
iug  jeweller;"  born  Wrentliam,  Mass.,  April  2,   1844. 

Issue : 

2831).  i.      Edmund  Wright  Clap,"  born  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  May  30,  1870. 

2840.  ii.    Harvey  Erastus  Clap,"  born  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  May  26,  1875. 

2841.  iii.  George  Percy  Clap,"  born  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  July  5,  1878. 

2003.  Florence  Jane  Daggett  *  (Handel  I^.,''  Ebenezer,^  John,' 
Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 25,  1857  ;  resides  North  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  At- 
tleboro' Falls,  Mass.,  July  30,  1877,  by  Rev.  F.  D.  Kelsey,  to  Btenry 
Francis  Barrows,  Jr.,  son  of  Henry  Francis  and  Henrietta  Thomp- 
son (Richards)  Barrows;  "  mauufacturing  jeweller;"  born  Attle- 
boro', jNIass.,  October  24,  1854. 

Issue : 

2842.  i.      Maud  Barrows,"  born  New  York  city,  February  15,  1878. 

2843.  ii.    LouLS   Daggett  Barrows,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  17, 


2844.  iii.  Helen  Barrows,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  23,  1880. 

2845.  iv.   Donald  Adams  Barrows,"  born  North  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  17, 

2007.  Homer  Micajah  Daggett  "  (Homer  M.,'' Ebenezer,"  John,^ 
Ebenezer,"  John,''  Thomas,"  John  '),  boru  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  22, 
1848;  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892);  married  Providence,  R.I., 
August  17,  1875,  by  Rev.  Geo.  Cooper,  assisted  by  Rev.  Alexis  Cas- 
well, D.D.,  to  Clara  Jane  Cook,  daughter  of  Otis  Masou  and  Mary 
Jane  (Whipple)  Cook,  of  Providence;  born  Cumberland,  R.I., 
December  18,   1843. 

No  issue. 

Mr.  Daggett  is  a  manufacturing  jeweller,  and  is  offlcially  connected 
with  electric  street-railway,  etc. 

2009.  Sanford  Daggktt^  (Homer  M.,''  Ebenezer,"  John,^  Eben- 
ezer," John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  October  14, 
1852;  "civil  engineer ;"  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892);  married 
Woonsocket,  R.I.,  December  28,  1881,  by  Rev.  Eugene  Thomas,  to 


Abbie  Medora  Jillsou,  daughter  of  Alleu  Bennett  and  Abbie  (Hunt) 
Jillson;  born  Woonsocket,  R.I.,  March  20,  1844. 

Issue : 
284:6.  i.     (Female)  Dacgett,^  born  Attleboro",  Mass.,  September  7,  1883;  died 
Attleboro',  JIass.,  September  9,  1883. 

2847.  ii.  Handel   Allen   Daggett,"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,  August   21,   1885; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  5,  1886. 

2013.  Grace  Ann  Daggett  "  {Stephen,''  Henry,"  NaphtnU,^ 
Ebenezer,'  John,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  Septem- 
ber 28,  1842;  resides  Pontotoc,  Miss.  (1892);  married  Pontotoc, 
Miss.,  January  15,  1888,  Benjamin  Eandolph  Ellis,  son  of  James 
and  Belle  (Sullivan)  Ellis;   born  Huntsville,  Ala.,  July,  1842. 

No  issue  (1892). 

2014.  Harriet  Hunt  Daggett"  {Stephen,''  Henry,"  Naphtali,^ 
Ebenezer,^  John,''  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  August 
15,  1844;  died  Okolona,  Miss.,  October  14,  1878;  married  Pontotoc, 
Miss.,  James  Martin  Carter,  son  of  James  M.  and  Margret  (Courte- 
ney)  Carter;  born  Columbia,  Tenu.,  September  28,  1842;  resides 
Pontotoc,  Miss.  (1892). 

Issue : 

2848.  i.      Stephen  Daggett  Carter,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  October  4,  1870. 

2849.  ii.    James  Martin  Carter,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  June  10,  1872. 

2850.  iii.  Jkssie  Walton  Carter,'*  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  July  12,  1875. 

2851.  iv.  Hattie  Hunt  Carter,'  born  Okolona,  Miss.,  October  14,  1878. 

2015.  Julia  Driver  Daggett*  {Stephen,''  Henry,"  NaiMali,^ 
Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  January 
30,  1847;  address  Neal  Store,  Miss.  (1892)  ;  married  Algoma,  Miss., 
August  1,  1886,  John  W.  Harris,  son  of  Haden  D.  and  Paulina 
(Mayes)  Harris;  born  Okolona,  Miss. 

No  issue  (1892). 

2017.  Sarah  Hopkins  Daggett"  {Stephen,''  Henry,"  NaphtaU,^ 
Ebenezer,'^  John,^  Thomas,''  John'),  bom  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  March  13, 
1853;  married  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  June  10,  1880,  William  HoUey,  son 
of  Samuel  and  Eliza  (Lynn)  Holley ;  born  Chester,  S.C,  March 
10,  1849. 

Issue : 

2852.  i.    Sakah  Holley,"  born  Pontotoc,  Miss..,  May  2,  1881. 

2853.  ii.  William  Holley,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  March  2,  1883. 

2018.  Charles  Walton  Daggett'  {Stephen,''  Henry,"  Naphtali,^ 
Ebenezer,*  John,''  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  September 
9,  1856;  resides  Pontotoc,  Miss.  (1892)  ;  married  Mooreville,  Miss., 
December  21,  1882,  Erie  Jones,  daughter  of    A.  C.    and  Elizabeth 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYARD.       257 

Arandinta  (Hudlesou)   Jones ;  boru  Columbus,   Miss.,  February  3, 
Issue  : 

2854.  i.    Annie  Daggett,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  January  1,  1884. 

2855.  ii.  Stephen  Daggett,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  December  25,  1888. 

2020.  Fred  Hunt  Daggett'  {Horace,''  Henry,"  Naphtali,' Eben- 
ezer,"  John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  2, 
1844;  resides  West  Point,  Miss.  (1892)  ;  married  West  Point,  Miss., 
April  28,  1869,  Bettie  Shearer,  daughter  of  Joseph  Berry  and  Susan 
(Hale)  Shearer;  born  Monroe  county.  Miss.,  January  8,  1848. 

Issue : 

2856.  i.     Ldla  Shearer  Daggett,"  born  "West  Point,  Miss.,  October  10,  1870. 

2857.  ii.    Eta  Hale  Daggett,'  born  West  Point,  Miss.,  March  22,  1872. 

2858.  iii.  Henry  Wattee  Daggett,'  born  West  Point,  Miss.,  July  5,  187-1;  died 

West  Point,  Miss.,  October  3,  1875. 

2859.  iv.  Irene  Grace  Daggett,'  born  West  Point,  Miss.,  September  1,  1876. 

2860.  T.    Horace  Edmund  Daggett,'  born  West  Point,  Miss.,  May  1,  1879. 

2861.  Ti.  Frederick  Hunt  Daggett,'  born  West  Point,  Miss.,  August  3,  1881. 

2021.  Jane  Hawlet  Daggett*  {Horace,''  Heury,^  Naphtali,^ 
Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,- John'),  born  Mobile,  Ala.,  September  22, 
1846;  resides  Water  Valley,  Miss.  (1892)  ;  married  Pontotoc,  Miss., 
December  3,  1869,  by  Rev.  J.  J.  D.  West,  to  William  Early  Benson, 
son  of  Hardy  and  Mary  Jane  (Duke)  Benson;  born  Yalobusha 
county.  Miss.,  December  9,  1838. 

Issue : 

2862.  i.       Martha  Martin  Benson,'  born  Yalobusha  county,  Miss.,  June  13, 


2863.  ii.     H.\ttie  Hunt  Benson,'  born  Yalobusha  county,  Miss.,  September  8, 


2864.  iii.    Hardt  Horace  Benson,' born  Yalobusha  county,  Miss.,  August  27, 


2865.  iv.    Henry  Benjamin  Benson,'  born  Yalobusha  county,  Miss.,  September 

16,  1878. 

2866.  V.     Cora  Coffin  Benson,'  born  Yalobusha  county,   Miss.,  Norember  7, 


2867.  vi.    Clarence  Early  Benson,'  born  Water  Valley,  Miss.,  September  16, 


2868.  vii.  Jennie    Huntington    Benson,'   born    Water   Valley,    Miss.,   August 

16,  1888. 

2023.  Ida  Huntington  Daggett  '  {Horace,''  Henry, ^  Nuphtali,^ 
Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  October 
15,  1854;  resides  MeComb  City,  Miss.  (1892);  married  Pontotoc, 
Miss.,  December  16,  1875,  by  Rev.  J.  D.  West,  to  Samuel  Miller, 
son  of  Robert  Alexander  and  Lizzie  (Fumster)  Miller ;  born  Ponto- 
toc, Miss.,  June  17,  1854. 

Issue : 

2869.  i.    Emjia  Lyda  Miller,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  September  28,  1876;  died 

McComb  City,  Miss.,  P'ebruary  19,  1892. 

2870.  ii.  Robert  Horace  Miller,'  born  Pontotoc,  Miss.,  February  8.  1879. 


2030.  John  Frederick  Kensett'  {Elizabeth  Daggett,''  Naphtali," 
Ebenezer,"  JoJin,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Chesliii-e,,Couu.,  March  22, 
1816;  died  December  14,  1872. 

Johu  Frederick  Kensett  was  apprenticed  to  his  uncle,  Alfred  Dag- 
gett, an  engraver  of  bank-note  vignettes.  In  1840  he  went  to  Eng- 
land, where  he  studied  painting  for  five  years,  supporting  himself  by 
engraving.  At  that  period  he  exhibited  a  view  of  Windsor  Castle  in 
the  exhibition  of  the  Society  of  British  Artists,  which  was  selected 
as  the  best  in  the  collection.  In  1850  he  returned  to  New  York  and 
began  a  series  of  landscapes  of  mountain,  river,  and  lake  scenery 
of  New  York  and  the  Eastern  States,  with  marine  views,  which  had 
eager  purchasers.  From  this  time  onward  his  reputation  and  success 
as  a  landscape  painter  were  great  and  assured. 

No  artist  was  better  known,  and  there  is  hardly  an  American  art 
collection  of  note  that  does  not  contain  one  or  more  of  his  pictures. 

His  works  are  highly  esteemed  in  France,  Belgium,  and  England, 
as  well  as  in  his  native  counti'y. 

In  1859  he  was  appointed  a  member  of  the  "  National  Art  Com- 
mission," and  engaged  to  superintend  the  ornamentation  of  the 
national  Capitol.  His  w-as  one  of  the  greatest  and  most  evenly  suc- 
cessful of  artistic  careers.  He  looked  and  was  a  perfect  gentleman, 
of  kindly  sentiment  and  genial  culture ;  a  friend  to  all  good  men,  and 
an  enemy  to  no  one. 

2031.  Elizabeth  Daggett  Kensett  **  {Elizabeth  Daggett,''  Ezra," 
Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,"  JoJm,^  Thomas,'  John^),  born  August  11, 
1817;  married  April,  1834,  Horatio  Nelson  Vail. 

Issue : 

2871.  i.  Harriet  Vail." 

2872.  ii.  Horatio  Vail." 

2873.  iii.  Edward  Vail.'' 

2874.  JT.  Julia  Vail.' 

2875.  V.  John  Vail.' 

2876.  Ti.  Ogden  Vail." 

2877.  vii.  Samuel  Vail." 

2037.  Alfred  Daggett"  {Smith,''  Ezra,'^  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,* 
John,^  Tliomas,"  John^),  born  March  13,  1826;  resides  Ogden,  111. 
(1892)  ;  married  Lafayette,  Ind.,  November  1,  1856,  Emma  Briton ; 
born  Birmingham,  Eng.,  January  20,  1838. 

Issue : 

2878.  1.     Alfred  B.  Daggett,"  born  September  10,  1857. 

2879.  11.    Lauka  Ann  Daggett,"  born  January  12,  1859. 

2880.  iii.  Okion  W.  Daggett,"  born  January  4,  1861. 

2881.  iv.  Emma  Caroline  Daggett,"  born  April  23,  1869. 

2882.  V.    Mary  Godfrey  Daggett,"  born  February  21,  1872. 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYARD.     259 

2047.  Alfked  Daggett*  {Alfred,''  Ezra,^  Naphtali,'  Ebenezer,' 
John,"  Thomas,'  John  '),  bom  NewHiiven,  Conn.,  August  23,  1837; 
"druggist;"  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  20,  1878;  married 
New  Haven,  Conu.,  November  18,  1863,  by  Rev.  E.  L.  Drown,  to 
Mary  Jane  Mason,  daughter  of  James  M.  and  Eliza  (Isabell)  Mason ; 
born  New  Haven,  'Conn.,  April,  1840;  resides  271  Crown  street, 
New  Haven,  Conu.   (1890). 

Issue : 

2883.  i.      Alfred  Mason  Daggett,' born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  17,  1864; 

(lied  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  5,  1865. 

2884.  ii.     Edith  Mary  Daggett, =■  born  New  Haven  Conn.,  October  5,  18(55. 

2885.  iii.   Grace  Eltza  Daggett,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  19,  1867. 

2886.  iv.    John  Mayhew  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  5,  1869. 

2887.  V.     James  Mason  Daggett,' born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  February  29,  1872. 

2888.  vi.    Edward  Herbert  Daggett, '  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  25, 


2889.  vii.  Daughter Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  September  20, 

1875;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,   September  20,   1875. 

2048.  Laura  Daggett"  {Alfred,^  Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,* 
John,'  Tliomas,-  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  8,  1839  ; 
died  New  Haven,  Couu.,  December  11,  1872;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  October  7,  1869,  by  Rev.  George  L.  Walker,  to  Frank  Elihu 

Spencer,   sou  of  Elihu  and (Beecher)    Spencer ;    born  Nauga- 

tuck,  Conu.,  June  12,  1840;  resides  New  Haven,  Conu.  (1892). 

Issue  : 

2890.  i.    Alfred  Lawrence  Spencer,'  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  .January  6,  1871. 

2891.  ii.  Laura  Spencer,' born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  November  30,   1872;  died 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  18,  1873. 

2049.  Henbt  Daggett*  {Alfred,''  Ezra,"  Naphtali,'"  Ebenezer,* 
John,"  Thomas,''  John  ^),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  12,  1841; 
resides  San  Diego,  Cal.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Cromwell,  Conn.,  May 
12,  1868,  Harriet  Elizabeth  AVilcox ;  born  Berlin,  Conn.,  1842; 
divorced;  married  2d,  San  Diego,  Cal.,  August  24,  1884,  by  Rev. 
H.  B.  Ristarick,  to  Rebecca  Jenison  Cary,  daughter  of  Douglas  and 
Phebe  Letteer  (Scott)  Cary;  born  Tunkhannock,  Pa.,  November  24, 

Issue : 

2892.  i.     Harry  Mayhew  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  March  -10,  1869. 

2893.  ii,    Ladka  Letteer  Daggett,'  born  San  Diego,  Cal.,  June  29,  1885. 

2894.  iii.  Alfred  Cary  Daggett,'  born  San  Diego,   Cal.,  October  31,   1886; 

died  San  Diego,  Cal.,  November  10,  1888. 

2895.  iv.  Edith  Gertrude  Daggett,'   born  San  Diego,    Cal.,  September  28, 


2052.  WiLLiAJi  Daggett"  {William,''  Ezra,"  Naphtali,^  Ebene- 
zer,"  John,"  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December  3, 
1831 ;  resides  Indianapolis,  Ind.  (1892) ;  married  Indianapolis,  Ind., 


May  18,  1858,  by  Eev.  James  B.  Simmons,  to   Phoebe  Eve  Webster, 
daughter   of   George  Chester   aud    Helen    (Markle)    Webster;    born 
Wooster,  Ohio,  August  17,   1839. 
Issue : 

2896.  i.     Sada  Maria  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  .June  6,  1859. 

2897.  11.    George  William  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Iml.,  Marcb  12,  1861 ; 

died  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  May  14,  1862. 

2898.  lil.  William  Harvey  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  September  26, 


2899.  JT.  Cora  Olive  Daggett,"  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  Marcb  8,  1867. 

2054.  Egbert  Platt  Daggett"  {William,''  Ezra,^  NapJitali,^ 
Ebenezer,*  John,''  Tliomas,-  ,/ohn^),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Janu- 
ary 13, 1847  ;  resides  Indianapolis,  Ind.  (1892)  ;  married  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  December  1,  1869,  by  Rev.  George  Newcomb,  to  Carrie  Eliza- 
beth Frost,  daughter  of  Jesse  Daniel  and  Almii'a  Jane  (Hawley) 
Frost;  born  Waterbury,  Conn.,  November  16,  1847. 

Issue : 

2900.  1.     Jessie  Eliza  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  Marcb  16,  1871. 

2901.  11.    Eleanor  Sarah  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  December  6,  1872. 

2902.  ill.  Robert  Hunt  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  March  8,  1874. 

2903.  iv.  Almira  Frost  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  May  9,  1877. 

2904.  V.    Ursula  Hunt  Daggett,'  born  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  December  G,  1879. 

2056.  Frederick  Daggett  Bradley"  (Mary  Daggett,''  Ezra," 
Naphtali,^  Ebenmer,*  John,'  Thomas,^  John  ^),  born  November  22, 
1833;  died  February  6,  1870;  married  February  18,  1857,  Frances 
Maria  Post;  died  July  20,  1864. 

Issue : 

2905.  1.  Isabella  Edith  Bradley,''  born  February  24,  1859. 

2057.  John  Thomas  Bradlet"  {Mary  Daggett,''  Ezra,^  Naph- 
tali,^  Ebenezer,*  John,''  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  August  31,  1835  ;  died 
January  3,  1868;  married  October  lo,  1862,  Elizabeth  Naomi  Kel- 

Issue : 

2906.  1.    John  Thomas  Bradley,'  born  August  19,  1863 ;  died  March  13,  1869. 

2907.  11.  Caleb  Knevals  Bradley,'  born  February  13,  1865. 

2061.  Edwin  Francis  Mersick  '  {Sarah  Daggett,''  Ezra,"  Naph- 
tali,^  Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  January  8,  .1838; 
married  1st,  November  13,  1862,  Emily  Augusta  Cannon,  daughter 
of  Le  Grand  and  Mary  Elizabeth  (Trowbridge)  Cannon ;  boru  Au- 
gust 18,  1832;  died  January  17,  1866;  married  2d,  May  18,  1870, 
Emma  C.  Lewis. 

2908.  1.    Sarah  Emily  Mersick,'  born  August  27,  1863. 

2909.  il.  Louis  Mersick,'  died  November  20,  1879. 


2067.  Mary  A.  Daggett'  {Frederick,''  Ezra,"  Naphlali,"  Eben- 
ezer,^  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  December 
23,  1850;  resides  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1892);  married  1st,  October 
14,  1874,  Edward  Higby ;  died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  19,  1890; 
married  2d,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  16,  1891,  Isaac  Ogden  Wood- 

Issue : 

2910.  i.    Grace  Higby."  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  October,  1878. 

2911.  ii.  Frederick   Willi.vm   Higby,'  born   New    Haven,  Conn.,   December, 


2068.  Cathekine  D,aggett  *'  {Levi,''  Samuel,^  Samtiel,'  Ebenezer,* 
John,''  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  May  22,  1820; 
died  Pittsford,  N.Y.,  December  17,  1871 ;  man-ied  Newark,  N.Y., 
November  19,  1839,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Bennett,  to  Paul  R.  Derriter,  son 
of  John  and  Lucinda  (Burkette)  Derriter;  born  Easton,  N.Y.,  June 
13,  1815;  resides  Pittsford,  N.Y.  (1892). 

No  issue. 

2069.  George  Daggett*  {Levi,''  Samuel,"  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,* 
John,"  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Arcada,  N.Y.,  June  27,  1821; 
"  builder  and  vine-grower;  "  resides  Santa  Clara,  Cal.  (1892)  ;  mar- 
ried Aldeu,  N.Y.,  May  20,  1843,  Susannah  A.  Harrington,  daughter 
of  Dr.  J.  M.  and  Elizebeth  (Halloway)  Harrington;  born  Aldeu, 
N.Y.,  August   12,   1821. 

Issue : 

2912.  i.    George  A.  D.^ggett,'  born  Cowlesville,  N.Y.,  June  19,  1841. 

291.3.  ii.  Caroline  Ophelia  Daggett,'  bora  Cowlesville,  N.Y.,  April  13,  1846; 
married  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  April  23,  1865,  Lucien  W.  Pollard. 

2070.  Caroline  Daggett  '  {Levi,''  Samuel,"  Samuel,'  Ebenezer,* 
John,"  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Bainbridge,  N.Y.,  April  13,  1824; 
died  Cowlesville,  N.Y.,  December  7,  1845;  married  Cowlesville, 
N.Y.,  December  10,  1844,  James  Nobles;   born  Cowlesville,  N.Y. 

Issue : 

2914.  i.   Henry   Noble.s,' born  Cowlesville,  N.Y. ,  December  10,   1845;   resided 

2071.  Hannah  Daggett"  {Levi,''  Samuel,"  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,* 
John,"  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Campbelltown,  N.Y.,  September  7, 
1826;  resides  Penfield,  N.Y.  (1892);  married  Penfield,  N.Y.,  May 
20,  1848,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Woodard,  to  George  Stearns,  son  of  Relief 
Stearns;  born  Pittsfleld,  Mass.,  March  12,  1818. 

Issue : 

2915.  i.       Helen  S.  Stearks,'  born  Leicester,  N.Y.,  June  19,  1849. 

2916.  ii.      Franklin  A.  Stearns,'  born  Leicester,  N.Y.,  May  27,  1852. 


2917.  iii.     Charles  A.  Stearns,'  born  Bethany,  N.Y.,  August  10.  1854. 

2918.  iv.     Makt  E.  Stearns.^  born  Penfieltl,  N.Y.,  November  (i,  1857. 

2919.  V.      John  H.  Stearns,"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  May  4,  1859;  died  Bristol, 

N.Y.,  October  5,  1862. 

2920.  vi.     George  W.  Stearns,"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  October  7.  1861. 

2921.  vii.    Fannie  E.  Stearns,"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  September  4,  1864. 

2922.  viii.  Catherine  R.  Stearns,"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  August  8,  1867. 

2076.     Martin  Van  Bueen  Daggett'*  {Levi,''  Samuel,^  Samuel,^ 
Ebenezer,"  John,'   Thomas,^  John'),  bom  Caneadea,  N.Y.,  August 
30,  1838 ;  resides  Tuscola,  El.    (1884) ;  married  October  10,  1867, 
Emma  Dryer. 
Issue  : 

2923.  i.     Fanny  Daggett." 

2924.  ii.    H.  K.  Daggett." 

2925.  iii.  Belle  Daggett." 

2926.  iv.  George  Levi  Daggett." 

2080.  Hou.  John  Daggett' (,/o/»(,,'  Samuel,'^  Samuel,^  Ebene- 
zer,' John,'  Thomttft,-  John^),  born  Newark,  N.Y.,  THay  9,  1833; 
resides  Black  Bear,  Siskiyou  Co.,  Cal.  (1893)  ;  married  1870. 

Issue :  three  children. 

A  thoroughly  representative  Californian  is  Hon.  John  Daggett,  of 
Siskiyou,  one  of  the  members  of  the  Board  of  Conunissioners  to  the 
Columbian  Exposition. 

Arriving  in  California  before  he  had  attained  to  majority,  stalwart 
of  frame,  genial  of  disposition,  noble  in  character,  buoyant  with 
hope,  brave  and  vigorous  in  action,  and  withal  industrious,  it  is  not  a 
matter  of  surprise  to  his  contemporary  friends  of  pioneer  days  that 
now,  in  the  meridian  of  life,  he  is  found  a  leader  of  men  and  a  coun- 
sellor among  the  wise.  He  was  educated  at  the  high  school  in  his 
native  village,  and  left  there  in  May,  1852,  for  California. 

Staying  but  a  few  days  in  San  Francisco,  where  he  landed,  he  went 
to  Sacramento,  where  he  was  engineer  in  a  steam  llouriug-mill,  but 
only  for  a  short  time,  as  the  reports  of  the  gold  diggings  which  his 
friends  brought  him  were  so  alluring  that  Mr.  Daggett  went  to  the 
mines,  first  in  El  Dorado  county,  and  subsequently  to  Calaveras 
county,  until  the  spring  of  1853.  From  this  time  until  June,  1854, 
he  was  with  his  brother  David  at  Marysville,  as  foreman  of  his 
foundry  and  machine-shop.  Mr.  Daggett  then  decided  to  strike  out 
again  for  the  mines,  and  this  time  he  selected  northern  California. 
Reaching  Trinidad  by  vessel  and  finding  the  mines  were  remote  from 
the  coast,  he  stai'ted  on  foot  with  his  blankets  and  provisions  to  last  on 
the  journey,  over  the  roughest  and  wildest  of  trails,  through  a  region 
traversed  by  Indians  not  very  friendly  to  the  white  intruders,  a  dis- 
tance of  one  hundred  and  twenty-five  miles,  to  a  place  now  called 
Siskiyou  county.       Here  he  engaged  in  placer   mining   and    black- 


smithing  imtil  1860,  when  the  first  gold-quartz  mill  was  erected  there 
and  lie  became  its  principal  manager. 

In  1864  he  went  to  Nevada  and  remained  two  years  superintending 
silver  mines  and  mills  at  Aurora,  but  returning  to  Siskiyou  county  in 
1866,  he  became  one-third  owner  of  the  Black  Bear  quartz-mine, 
which,  mainly  through  his  management,  became  one  of  the  most 
famous  gold-producing  mines  in  the  State. 

In  1872  the  Black  Bear  mine  was  sold  to  a  syndicate  for  a  large 
sum,  was  incorporated  and  for  some  time  profitably  worked,  and  then 
depreciated.  Mr.  Daggett,  however,  never  lost  faith  in  it,  and  began 
purchasing  stock,  until  now  (1891)  he  is  owner  of  five-sixths  of  it. 
He  has  made  extensive  mining  operations,  which  have  opened  upon 
ore  bodies  of  great  value  and  extent,  which  will  again  place  the  mine 
among  the  foremost  of  the  State. 

Politically  Mr.  Daggett  has  ever  been  a  Democrat,  and  now  is  a 
couspicuous  figure  iu  the  councUs  of  that  party.  In  1858  he  was 
elected  to  the  Assembly  from  Klamath  and  Del  Norte  counties,  and 
iu  that  session  was  the  youngest  member  of  the  House.  Being  re- 
turned the  following  year,  he  was  made  chairman  of  the  Enrolling 
Committee,  and  toolv  a  prominent  part  in  its  proceedings. 

In  1880  he  was  again  elected  to  the  Legislature  from  the  counties 
of  Siskiyou  and  Modoc,  and  served  two  sessious,  a  regular  and  an 
extra  session. 

In  1882  he  was  elected  lieutenant-governor  on  the  Democratic 
ticket,  and  presided  over  the  Senate  four  sessions,  —  two  regular 
and  two  extra,  —  the  latter  constituting  one  of  the  most  exciting 
political  periods  in  the  history  of  the  State.  The  Senate  on  both 
occasions  was  equally  divided  upon  political  and  corporate  legislation, 
which  necessitated  the  exercise  by  the  presiding  officer  of  a  casting  vote 
iu  numerous  instances.  Lieutenant-governor  Daggett  was  an  able 
presiding  officer.  A  thorough  parliamentarian,  his  rulings  were 
quickly  made  and  his  decisions  sustained. 

By  his  prompt  methods,  his  clear  conception  of  measures  affect- 
ing the  interests  of  the  whole  people,  and  his  impartial  course,  in 
spite  of  partisan  clamor,  in  averting  the  enactment  of  uuwise  legisla- 
tion relating  to  transportation,  he  exhibited  qualifications  of  superior 
state-craft ;  and  no  scandal  has  ever  been  attached  to  his  public  acts. 

"  Daggett"  is  a  station  on  the  Southern  Pacific  Railroad,  named  in 
his  honor. 

Appointed  May  17,  1893,  to  be  superintendent  of  the  United  States 
Mint  at  San  Francisco. 

2098.  Elisha  Jennings  "  {Prlsdlla  Daggett,''  Samuel,^  Samuel,^ 
Ehenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John  '),  born  Walworth,  N.Y.,  July  31, 


1825;  resides  Freeport,  Mich.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  May  12,  1849, 
Hester  A.  Burroughs ;  died  August  8,   1867  ;  married  2d,  May  14, 
1868,  Susan  Whittleton. 
Issue : 

2927.  i.  Sakah  L.  Jennings,'  born  July  30,  1852;  died  March  14,  1884. 

2928.  ii.  Emma  A.  Jennings,'  born  October  14,  1854. 

2929.  iii.  Mary  E.  Jenning.s,"  born  August  25,  1856;  died  .August  8,  1861. 

2930.  iv.  Oscar  E.  Jennings,"  born  February  12,  1863. 

2117.  Jerejiiah  Lusk  "  {Sally  Daggett,''  Samuel,'^  Samuel,^ 
Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,'  John  '),  born  Walworth,  N.Y.,  January 
2,  1834;  resides  Elmdale,  Ionia  Co.,  Mich.  (1892);  married  Lima, 
Wis.,  October  30,  1855,  Mary  E.  Smith. 

Issue  : 

2931.  i.     Elery  J.  LnsK,'  born  Albion,  Wis,,  December  15,  1857;  died  Lowell, 

Mich.,  November  30,  1882. 

2932.  ii.    Mary  E.  Lusk,"  born  Albion,  Wis.,  April  5,  1861;   married  Lowell, 

Mich.,  July  4,  1880. 

2933.  iii.  Sarah  Bell  Lusk,'  born  Lowell,  Mich.,  February  2,  1878. 

3124.  Harriet  Daggett'*  (Closes,''  Ebenezer,^  Samuel,^  Eben- 
ezer,*  John,'  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  October  21, 
1829;  died  Springfield,  Mass.,  July  2,  1870;  married  Springfield, 
Mass.,  August  9,  1853,  by  Rev.  Samuel  Osgood,  to  Henry  Grant 
Shaw,  of  Springfield,  son  of  William  Kingsley  and  Anna  (Barton) 
Shaw;   "armorer;"  born  Rutland,  Vt.,  March  22,   1830. 

Issue : 

2934.  i.     Mary  Lovisa  Shaw,'   born   Springiiekl,  Mass.,  May  20,  1859;  died 

Springfield,  Mass.,  May  4,  1877. 

2935.  ii.    Albert  Henkt  Shaw,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  November  5,  1863. 

2936.  iii.  Robert  Grant  Shaw,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  October  8,  1865. 

2125.  Francis  Daggett*  (Moses,^  Ebenezer,"  Samuel,^  Eben- 
ezer,"  John,'  Thomas^'-  John^),  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  16, 
1832;  "armorer;"  resides  Springfield,  Mass.  (1892);  married  New 
Britain,  Conn.,  October  27,  1857,  by  Rev.  Henry  Glover,  to  Elizabeth 
Ann  Belden,  daughter  of  Edwin  and  Mary  Ann  (Ellis)  Belden ;  born 
New  Britain,  Conn.,  October  2,  1836. 

Issue : 

2937.  i.     William  Henry  Daggett,'  born  Spcingfield,  Mass.,  October  24, 1858  ; 

married  Harper's  Ferry,  W.  Va.,  June  5,  1889,  D.-iisy  Pauline 
Cavalier;  she  died  March  7,  1890;  he  resides  Springfield,  Mass. 

2938.  li.    Charles  Marion  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  November  5, 


2939.  iii.  Sarah  Elizabeth  Daggett,'  born  Springfield,   Mass.,  November  1, 

1866;  died  Leyden,  N.Y.,  September  29,   1868. 

2940.  iv.  George  Belden  Daggett,'  born  Leyden,  N.Y.,  July  18,  1868;  died 

Springfield,  Mass.,  April  17,  1869. 


2041.  V.    James  Rogers  Daggett,"   born    Springfield,   Mass.,    May    12,   187G ; 

dierl  Springfield,   Mass.,  July  26,   1876. 
21U2.  vi.  Jesnie  Lee  Daggett, '  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  15,  1878;  died 

Springfield,  Mass.,  January  30,  1879. 

Artificer  Francis  Daggett,  Company  I,  Third  Regiment,  Heavy 
Artillery  Volunteers.  Honorable  discharge,  September  26,  1865, 
given  at  Gallop's  Island. 

3127.  Albert  Daggett'  (,'  Ehenezer,^  Samuel,'  Ebenezer,* 
Jnfin,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  May  12,  1836. 

Coi'poral  Albert  Daggett  enlisted  first  with  the  Providence  Marine 
Artillery,  three  months  men,  in  1861  ;  afterward  enlisted  with  Com- 
pany I,  Thii-d  Heavy  Artillery,  and  was  honorably  discharged  at 
Gallop's  Island,  September  26,  186.5. 

2128.  Sakah  Elizabeth  Daggett'  (Moses,''  Ebenezer,"  Samue!,^ 
Ehenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  March 
14,  1838;  died  Springfield,  Mass.,  July  28,  1864;  married  Springfield, 
Mass.,  November  23,  1859,  by  Rev.  George  DeF.  Folsom,  to  Samuel 
Wadsworth  Porter,  of  Springfield,  son  of  George  "W.  and  Lucretia  H. 
(Bodurtha)  Porter;  "machinist;"  bom  Ware,  Mass.,  August  25, 
1834;  resides  Springfield,  M.ass.  (1878). 

Issue : 

2943.  i.     Helen  Florence  Pokter,''  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  July  18,  1862. 

2944.  ii.  Sarah  Elizabeth  Porter,"  born  Springfield,  Mass.,  July  21,  1864. 

2131.  Henry  Bingham  Daggett  ^  {Ehenezer,''  Ebenezer,^  Samuel,^ 
Ebenezer,*  JoJin,'  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  May  28, 
1825;  resides  Brookfield,  Mo.  (1892);  married  Jordan,  N.Y.,  De- 
cember 11,  1867,  Sarah  Stevens,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Eliza 
(Clark)  Stevens;  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  June  13,  1836;  died  Brookfield, 
Mo.,  February  18,  1886. 

Issue : 

2945.  i.     Fred  Stevens  Daggett,"  born  Brookfield,  Mo.,  May  9,   1869;  died 

San  Antonio,  Tex.,  January  18,  1892. 

2946.  ii.    Laura  Eliza  Daggett,"  born  Brookfield,  Mo.,  November  25,  1871. 

2947.  iii.  Martha  Gertrude  Daggett,"  born  Brookfield,   Mo.,   September  6, 


2948.  iv.  Clarence  Daggett,"  born  Brookfield,  Mo.,  January  18,  1879. 

Henry  B.  Daggett  is  of  the  firm  of  Daggett,  Goldman  &  Co., 
jobbers  of  farm  implements  and  hardware,  at  Brookfield,  Mo.  (1883), 
now  called  (1892)  the  "Daggett  Hardware  Company." 

2132.  Rebecca  Jennett  Daggett"  {Ebenezer,''  Ebenezer,"  Sam- 
uel,^ Ebenezer,"  John,'^  Thomas,''  John  '),  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  October 
20,  1827;   resides  San  Mateo,  Cal.  (1892);   married  Jordan,  N.Y., 


April  H,  1847,  by  Eev.  Mr.  Juclsou,  to  Lucius  Dewilt  Morse,  son  of 
Alvah  and  Amy  (Lowell)  Morse;   born  East  Poultuey,  Vt.,  Decem- 
ber 25,  1821. 
Issue : 

2949.  i.        Edith  Lkila  Morse,''  born  Perth  Amboy,  N.J.,  May  28,  1849;  died 

South  Ambov,  N.  J.,  July  25,  1850. 

2950.  ii.       Frank  Irving  Morse,"  born  South  Amboy,  N.J.,  May  2,  1851 ;  died 

Allenton,  Mo.,  June  1,  1864. 

2951.  iii.     Charles  Morgan  Morse, >•  born  South  Amboy,  N.  J.,  August  24,  1853. 

2952.  iv.     Mary  Eveline  Morse,"  born  Allenton,  Mo.,  October  16,  1861. 

2953.  T.      Jennett   Bodley  Morse,'  born  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  August  11,  1864; 

died  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  August  26,  1864. 

2954.  vi.     Dewitt  Morse,'  born  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  January  11,  1867;  died  Kirk- 

wood, Mo.,  January  11,  1867. 

2955.  vii.    Rebecca    Morse,'  born  Kirkwood,   Mo.,   February   1,  1868;   died 

Kirkwood,  Mo.,  February  I,  1868. 

2956.  viii.  Lncios  Dewitt  Morse,'  born  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  October  22,  1869. 

2957.  ix.     "William  Henry  Morse,'  bora  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  March  25,  1874. 

L.  D.  Morse  was  surgeon  First  Regiment  Enrolled  Missouri  Mili- 
tia, 1862 ;  commissioner  Board  of  Enrolment,  Second  District, 
Missouri,  1863  to  1865,  May  5,  Recruiting  Service ;  secretary  Missouri 
State  Board  of  Agriculture,  1865  to  1869  ;  examiner  and  appraiser  of 
Agricultural  College  lands.  State  of  Missouri,  1870  to  1874;  member 
of  State  Constitutional  Convention,  California,  October,  1878,  to 
March,  1879;  horticultural  commissioner  San  Mateo  Co.,  San 
Mateo,  Cal. 

2133.  William  Daggett  **  {Ebeyiezer,''  Ebenezer,"  Samuel,'' 
Ebenezer,^  Johu,^  Thomas,^  Jolm^),  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  March  12, 
1830;  resides  Ottumwa,  Iowa  (1892)  ;  married  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y., 
October  13,  1857,  by  Rev.  J.  M.  Guion,  to  Susan  Elizabeth  Daniels, 
daughter  of  George  B.  and  Mary  S.  (Giddings)  Daniels ;  born  Sen- 
eca Falls,  N.Y.,  November  29,  1835. 

Issue : 

2958.  i.        Minnie  Aeline  Daggett,'  born  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y.,  December  25, 


2959.  ii.      Maud  Mary  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  February  17,  1861. 

2960.  iii.     Wallace  Eosmerans  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  October  28, 


2961.  iv.     George  Daniels  Daggett,'  born   Ottumwa,   Iowa,   July   4,    1865; 

died  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  May  27,  1868. 

2962.  V.      Amy  May  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  January  10,  1868. 

2963.  vi.     Eva  Fay  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  February  10,  1871;   mar- 

ried Ottumwa,   Iowa,   October   15^   1891,   by   Kev.  J.   H.  Lloyd,  to 
Otis  P.  Higilon;  resides  Ottumwa,  Iowa  (1892). 

2964.  vii.    Blanche  Daggett,''  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  September  11,  1873. 

2965.  viii.  Philip  Daggett,''  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  December  25,  1876. 

William  Daggett  went  to  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  from  his  native  town,  in 
1856;  engaged  in  the  hardware  business  in  1857.  February  1,  1873, 
he  became  manager  of  the  Ottumwa  Irou  Works,  firm  of  Daggett, 
Harper  &  Edgerly.     In  the  spring  of  1875,  the  oil  mills  of 


&  Harper  were  established,  the  factory  being  built  od  the  C,  B.  & 
(}.  R.R.  In  1878  their  seed-storing  capacity  was  75,000  bushels, 
and  their  oil  tankage  and  storage  capacity,  35,000  gallons.  The 
flaxseed  for  the  mill  has  been  obtained  on  the  lines  of  the  C,  B.  &  Q. 
R.R.  and  the  Central  Railroad  of  Iowa.  The  oil-cake  is  nearly  all 
shipped  to  Great  Britain,  in  lots  of  five  carloads  to  each  shipment. 

Mr.  Daggett  is  vice-president  and  director  of  the  Iowa  National 
Bank  ;  president  of  the  Ottumwa  Starch  Works  ;  vice-president  of  the 
Ottumwa  Loan  and  Building  Association,  and  director  of  Ottumwa 
Water  Power  Company.     Has  been  alderman  of  the  city  two  terms. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daggett  are  members  of  the  Episcopal  church,  Blr. 
Daggett  being  senior  warden. 

2134.  Calvin  Foote  Daggett-  {Ebenezer,''  Ebenezer,^  Samud,' 
Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  January  24, 
1832;  dry-goods  salesman;  resides  160  Holland  street,  Syracuse, 
N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  Jordan,  N.Y.,  October  4,  1855,  by  Rev.  John 
G.  Webster,  to  Mary  Duval,  daughter  of  John  B.  and  Mary  (Somers) 
Duval;  born  Port  Byron,  N.Y.,  July  7,  1835. 

Issue : 

2966.  i.     LuRA  Sarah  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  September  24,  1857 ;  died 

Jordan,  N.Y.,  April  30,  1881." 

2967.  ii.   John  Duval  Daggett, =■  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  January  21,  1860. 

2968.  iii.  Caroline  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,    N.Y.,    June  2,   1862 ;  resides  160 

Holland  street,  Syracuse,  N.Y.  (1892). 

2969.  ir.  Henry  Somers  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  NoTember  23,  1867. 

2970.  V.    George  Thacher  Daggett,'  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  August  29,  1871. 

2140.  Edgar  Daggett'  (Ebenezer,''  Eboiezer,'^  Samuel,^  Ebene- 
zer,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Jordan,  N.Y.,  October  9,  1844; 
"  daii'ymau  and  horseman;"  resides  Ottumwa,  Iowa  (1892);  mar- 
ried Ottumwa,  Iowa,  March  2,  1865,  by  Rev.  C.  F.  Coles,  to  Helen 
Hammond,  daughter  of  William  H.  and  Eliza  (Baker)  Hammond; 
born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  December  30,  1844. 

Issue : 

2971.  i.     Henry  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  January  10,  1868. 

2972.  ii.    Ernest  Lee  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  September  13,  1870. 

2973.  iii.  Frank  Ladd  Daggett,'  born  Ottumwa,  Iowa,  June  14,  1874. 

2151.  Charles  Wells  ^  (Sarah  Daggett,''  Levi,^  Samuel,^  Eben- 
ezer,* John,'  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  June  19,  1828; 
died  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  May  23,  1891 ;  married  New  York  city, 
1851,  Louise  Burnham,  daughter  of  O.  R.  Burnham ;  born  New  York 

Issue  : 

2974.  i.  Ella  Wells,'  born  Syracuse,  N.Y.,  October  21,  1851. 


2152.  Mary  Elizabeth  Wells  "  {Sarah  Daggett,''  Levi,"  Samuel,'' 
Ebenezer,'  John,''  Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  March  27, 
1830;  died  Dausville,  N.Y.,  March  30,  1884;  married  Aurora,  N.Y., 
September  5,  1854,  James  H.  Welles;  born  Athens,  Pa.,  May  11, 
1819;  died  New  York  city,  January  8,   1873. 

No  issue. 

2154.  Oscar  Ashbel  Wells  ^  {Sarah  Daggett,''  Levi,^  Samuel,^ 
Ebenezer,^  John,'  Thomas,"  John '),  born  Palmyra,  N.Y.,  August  21, 
1833;  resides  Brooklyu,  N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  Batavia,  N.Y.,  May 

15,  1860,  Marion  AVatrous ;  bom  February  26,  1840;  died  Florida, 
November,  1883. 

Issue : 

2975.  i.  Henry  Wells,''  died  an  infant. 

2169.  Harriet  Kittredge  **  {Mary  Daggett,''  Levi,^  Samuel,' 
Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,'  John'),  bom  Red  Creek,  N.Y.,  Decem- 
ber 12,  1851 ;  resides  Mason,  Ingham  Co.,  Mich.  (1892);  married 
Mason,  Mich.,  December  28,  1875,  Charles  C.  Casterlin. 

Issue : 

2976.  i.     C.  Gay  Casteklin,'  born  Farwell,  Mich.,  February  10,  1877. 

2977.  ii.    Earl  H.  Casterlin,"  born  Mason,  Mich.,  May  31,  1884. 

2978.  iii.  Don  M.  Casterlin,"  born  Mason,  Mich.,  March  5,  1888. 

2174.  Mary  Susanna  Daggett"  {Carlos,''  Ebenezer,^  Ebenezer,^ 
Ebenezer,"  John,'   Thomas,-  John'),  born  Northboro',  Mass.,  July 

16,  1824;  resides  Weston,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Weston,  Mass., 
February  20,  1847,  by  Rev.  Alanson  Rawson,  to  Nahum  Smith,  of 
Weston,  son  of  Samuel  and  Martha  (Stratton)  Smith;  born  Weston, 
Mass.,  September  14,  1825. 

Issue  : 

2979.  i.    Charles  Edward  S.mitii,"  born  Weston,  Mass.,  August  I'S,  1849;   re- 

sides there  (1892). 

2980.  ii.  Walter  Leslie  Smith,"  born  Weston,  Mass.,  April  8,  1851;  resides 

there  (1892). 

2181.  Harriet  Daggett  Monson  *^  {3fary  Daggett,''  Abner,^ 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  June  4,  1808;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  January  21,  1887;  married 
Providence,  R.I.,  September  25,  1831,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Crocker,  to 
Francis  Bullard,  sou  of  Jabez  and  Mary  (Hartshorn)  Bullard,  of 
Boston;  bom  Boston,  Mass.,  September  22,  1805;  died  Boston, 
Mass.,  June  4,   1887. 

Issue : 

2981.  i.      James  Bullard,"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  September  U,  1832. 

2982.  ii.     Ann  Daggett  Bullard,"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  November  15,  1833. 


21183.  iii.    Mary  Moxson  Bullard,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  Jiinuary  7,  183,5. 

2984.  ir.    Francis  Lewis  Bullard,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  November  23,  1836. 

2985.  V.     George  Edwin  Bullard,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  March  4,  1839. 

2986.  vi.    Charlotte  Guild  Bbllard,'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  18,  1842; 

resides  77  Mt.  Pleasant  avenue,  Boston,  Mass.  (1893). 

2987.  vii.  Alfred  Monson  Bcllard,^  born  Boston,  Mass.,  May  21,  1845.  , 

3182.  George  Edwin  Monson"  {Mary  Daggett,''  Abner,'^ 
Thomas,'  Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,''  John '),  born  New  Haveu, 
Conu.,  November  23,  1811;  died  July  6,  1874;  married  Providence, 
R.I.,  February  17,  1834,  Angeline  Taylor. 

Issue : 

2988.1.      Mary  Ann  Monson,"   born   Providence,   R.I.,    November  26,   1834; 
resides  there. 

2989.  ii.     Charles  Henry  Monson,'   born   Providence,   K.I.,   June   7,    1836; 


2990.  iii.   Jane  Monson,' born  Providence,  R.I. ,  May  4,  1838;  married  Will- 

iam Henrys;  she  died  July  20,   1872. 

2991.  iv.    William   Allen   Monson,"   born   Providence,    R.I.,    July   1,    1840; 

resides  there. 

2992.  V.     Charlotte  Monson,"  born  Providence,  R.I.,  June  22,  1842;  resides 

there . 

2993.  vi.    Thomas  Monson,"  born  Providence,  R.I.,  December  10,   1845;  died 

an  infnut. 

2994.  vii.   Abnek    Monson,"   born     Providence,    R.I.,    .August   22,    1849;     died 

August  31,   1856. 

2184:.  Dr.  David  Lewis  Da(;gett  "  {Leonard  A.,'  David,'' 
Thomas,'  Thomas,'  John,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  June  24,  1820;  resides  GO  Wall  street,  New  Haveu,  Conn. 
(1892)  ;  married  Wilmington,  Del.,  June  1,  1854,  Margaret  Donald- 
son Gibbous,  daughter  of  William  and  Rebecca  (Donaldson)  Gib- 
bons, of  Wihnington,  Del.  ;  born  Wilmingtou,  Del.,  July  24,  1821  ; 
died  New  Haven,  Conn.,  August  11,  1865. 

Issue : 

2995.  i.     David  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  April  3,  1858;  resides  at 

home  (1890). 

2996.  ii.    William  Gibbons    Daggett,"  born  New   Haven,   Conn.,  .January   8, 

1860;  resides  236  Crown  street.  New  Haven,  Conn.  (1890.) 

2997.  iii.  Leonard  Mayhew  Daggett,"  born  New  Haven,  Conn. .November  23, 

1863;  resides  at  home  (1890). 

2185.  Susan  Dwight  Daggett  '  {Leonard  ^.,'  David,"  Thomas,"^ 
Thomas,'  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Sep- 
tember 5,  1822;  died  New  York  city,  February  25,  1857;  married 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  October  21,  1851,  Amos  Trowbridge  Dwight. 
son  of  Jabez  and  Grace  (Trowbridge)  Dwight;  born  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  July  IS,  1807;  died  New  York  city,  Febraary,  1881. 

Issue : 
2998.  1.  Jeannette  Atwater  Dwight,"  born  New  York  city,  October  20,  1852. 


Amos  Trowbridge  Dwight  was  a  wholesale  clothiug-merchaiit  in 
New  Orleans,  La.,  for  several  years  (1833-1850),  and  in  1850  estab- 
lished himself  in  New  York,  where  he  was  a  cotton  broker. 

Mrs.  Dwight  was  a  lady  of  strong  sense,  of  a  genial,  generous 
disposition,  and  of  decided  piety. 

2189.  Ellsworth  Daggett'  {Oliver  £.,'  David,'''  Thomas,'' 
Thomas,"  JoJm,'  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  May  24, 
1845;  resides  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah  (1892)  ;  married  Salt  Lake  City, 
Utah,  June  24,  1874,  June  Knight  Spencer,  daughter  of  Orson  and 
JIartha  (Knight)  Spencer,  of  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah ;  born  Salt  Lake 
City,  Utah,  June  28,  1855. 

Issue : 

2999.  i.    Olivek  Ellsworth  Daggett,^  born  Berlin,  Ger.,  M.arcli  9,  1875;  died 

Salt  Lake  City,  Utah,  November  23,  1878. 

3000.  ii.  Woodward  Daggett,"  born  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah,  August  2G,  1879; 

died  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah,  December  10,  1879. 

2193.  Harriet  C.  Harwood'  {Julia  A.  Daygelt,''  Dexter,^ 
TJinmas,^  Thomas,^  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  boru  Providence,  R.I., 
April  7,  1834;  resides  223  Auburn  avenue,  Mt.  Auburn,  Cincin- 
nati, Ohio  (1892)  ;  married  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  July  25,  1854,  Edward 
Y.  Robbins. 

Issue : 

3001.  i.     Edward  H.  Kobbins,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  May  5,  18.55;  died  Cin- 

cinnati, Ohio,  November  6,  1860. 

3002.  ii.    Sarah  Julia  Robbins,"  liorn  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  Januarys,  1857;  mar- 

ried Cincinnati,  Ohio,  October  2,  1877;  died  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  March 
30,  1881. 

3003.  iii.  Nellie  S.  Robbins,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  August  2,  1859. 

3004.  iv.  Harwood  Robbins,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  January  18,  18G8 ;    mar- 

ried May  6,  1891. 

2196.  Adaline  C.  Harwood  *  (Julia  ^-1.  Daggett,''  Dexter," 
Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  boru  Cincinnati,  Ohio, 
November  5,  1840;  resides  Glendale,  Ohio  (1891)  ;  married  Cincin- 
nati, Ohio,  February  14,  1865,  Maynard  French. 

Issue : 

3005.  i.     William   T.   Trencii,"  born  Cincinnati,   Ohio,  November  18,   18G5; 

married  November  18,  1886. 

3006.  ii.    Edward  H.  French,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  April  25,  1868. 

3007.  iii.  Addie  D.  French,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  September  30,  1869. 

3008.  iv.  Edith  B.  French,"  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  December  30,  1872. 

3009.  V.    Maynard  French,"  born  Glendale,  Ohio,  March  4,  1878. 

3010.  vi.  Wallace  P.  French,"  born  Glendale,  Ohio,  March  13,  1882. 

2198.  Gertrude  Harwood  *  (Julia  A.Daggett,''  Dexter,"  Thomas," 
Thomas,"  John,'  Thomas,'-   Joh}i'),  boru   Cincinnati,  Ohio,   June   7, 


1845;  resides  712  Prospect  street,  Cleveland,  Ohio  (1892);  married 
Cincinnati,  Ohio,  June  7,  1864,  Dr.  Oliver  F.  Gordon. 

Issue : 

3011.  i.     Pkank  S.  Gordon,"  born  Ciaeinnati,  Ohio,  May  27,  1865;  died  Cin- 

cinnati, Ohio,  July  2,  1865. 

3012.  ii.    Claka  G.  Gordon,'  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  September  19,  1866. 

3013.  iii.  Edward  0.  Gordon,'  born  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  October  29,  1870. 
;;014.  iv.  George  Gordon.' 

2199.  Cordelia  Daggett  ^  {Isaac,''  Timothy,'^  Brotherton,'  Broth- 
eiioii,''  JoaJiua,'  Thomas,"  JoJin'),  born  1829;  married  Fairhaven, 
Mass.,  May  2,  1849,  by  Rev.  Jacob  Roberts,  to  Alexander  F.  Gifford, 
son  of  Bethuel  and  Susan  Gifford ;   "  clerk ;  "  born  1824. 

2200.  Catherine  F.  Daggett  **  {Isaac,''  Timothy,^  Brothertov ,'' 
Brotherton,^  Joshua,'-'  Thomas,'-  John'),  born  Edgartowu,  Mass., 
1834;  married  Roxbury,  Mass.,  July  7,  1863,  by  Rev.  Henry  M. 
King,  to  Charles  Thacher,  son  of  William  and  Hannah  Thacher ; 
"trader;"  born  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  1825. 

2201.  Helen  Josephine  Daggett'  {Isaac,''  Timothy,'''  Brotherlnn,' 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Fairhaven,  Mass.,  Oc- 
tober 11,  1843;  married  Kosbury,  Mass.,  October  15,  1866,  by  Rev. 
Henry  M.  King,  to  Stephen  H.  Nichols,  of  Waverly,  HI.,  son  of  Seth 
and  Sally  Nichols ;  born  Weathersfield,  Vt.,  1827;  "merchant." 

2208.  Arunah  "Weston  Daggett'  {Brotherton,'  Samuel,^ 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Union,  Me., 
February  16,  1814;  "lumberman;"  died  Bangor,  Me.,  May  13, 
1876;  married  Bangor,  Me.,  February  9,  1848,  by  Rev.  H.  R.  Nye,  to 
Rachel  Smelleu  Whitney,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Susan  Randall 
(Cowing)  Whitney;  boru  Orono,  Me.,  March  5,  1828;  died  Bangor, 
Me.,  August  23,  1878. 

Issue : 

3015.  i.     Ada  Whitney.  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,  November,  1849;  died 

Bangor,  Me.,  November,  1850. 

3016.  ii.    ,T.iMEs  Whitney  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,  December,  1854;  died 

Bangor,  Me.,  January,  1855. 

3017.  iii.  Cora  Frances  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,  March  25,  1856;  married 

Bangor,  Me.,  June  15,  1876,  by  Kev.  Arthur  M.  Knapp,  to  George 
Herbert  Jaolsson,  son  of  Joseph  Pierce  and  Mary  Lindsay  (Skin- 
ner) Jacljson;  born  Bangor,  Me.,  December  18,  1854;  no  issue; 
resides  65  Broadway,  Bangor,  Me.  (1892). 

3018.  iv.  Belle  Whitney  Daggett,'  born  Bangor,  Me.,  August,  1869;  mar- 

ried Bangor,  Me.,  September  20,  1892,  Harry  Atwood  Chapman; 
resides  "Bangor  House,"  Bangor,  Me.  (1892). 

221S.  George  Baetlett  Daggett*  {Brotherton,''  Samtiel," 
Thomas,'  Brotherton,^  Joshua,'^  Thomas,"-  John'),  boru  Uniou,  Me., 


August  23,  1824;  died  Rocklaud,  Me.,  October  30,  1887;  married 
Union,  Me.,  November  5,  1847,  Mary  Jane  Burns,  daughter  of 
John  Burns  (originally  Bemheimer)  ;  boru  Waldoboro',  Me.,  May 
7,   1825;  died  Eocldand,  Me.,  October  10,   1879. 

3019.  i.       REnBEN  Shekek  Daggett,' born  Union,  Me.,  February  1, 1849  ;  dieil 

Union,  Me.,  February  16,  1850. 

3020.  ii.      Oeinda  Siieker  Daggett,'*  born  Union,  Me.,  November  1,  1850. 

3021.  iii.     LuciNDA  Daggett,' born  Union,  Me.,  April  7,  1853;   died  Union, 

Me.,  April,  1859. 

3022.  It.     George  Loking  Daggett,'  born  Rockland,  Me.,  September  9,  1855. 

3023.  V.      Ella  Daggett,'  born  Rockland,  Me.,  July  2,  1857. 

3024.  vi.     Mary  E.  Daggett,'  born  Rockland,  Me.,  December  1,  1859;  died 

Rockland,  Me.,  September  26,  1864. 

3025.  vii.    Minnie  D.vggett,'  born   Rocklaud,    Me.,    October   26,    1861;    died 

Rockland,  Me.,  October  14,  18G4. 

3026.  TJii.  William  We.ston  Daggett,'  born  Rockland,  Me.,  July  20,   1865; 

resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892). 

3027.  ix.     Mar-siiall  Mason  Daggett,'  born  Rockland,   Me.,  June  27,  1868 ; 

married  Rockland,  Me.,  December,  1889,  Kate  Irish,  daughter  of 
Fred  and  Etta  (Hart)  Irish;  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892). 

2217.  Jabez  Daggett  '  (Jixmes,'  Samuel,'''  Thomas,^  Brotherton,* 
Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Maine,  September  9,  1805;  died 
Stockton,  Cal.,  July  15,  1865;  married  Hodgdoii,  Me.,  January, 
1830,  Emeliue  Russell,  daughter  of  Jacob  and  Mercy  (Meeker)  Rus- 
sell;  born  New  York  city,  December  15,  1811  ;  resides  Oakland,  Cal. 

Issue : 

3028.  i.       Egbert  Coffin  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,    Me  ,   March   28,  1831; 

died  Hodgdon,  Me.,  October  31,  1849. 

3029.  ii.      Isaac  Meeker  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  June  25,  1833. 

3030.  iii.     Angeline  Mercy  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  .August  IS,   1835; 

died  September  29,  1850. 

3031.  iT.     John  Randolph  Daggett,' born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  March  20,1838  ;  died 

Hodgdon,  Me.,  July  28,  1841. 

3032.  T.      John  Randolph  Daggett,'  born   Hodgdon,    Me..    April  20,    1841; 

"  unmarried;  "  resides  San  Francisco,  Cal.  (1892). 

3033.  Ti.     Aebie  Jane  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  September  20,  1843. 

3034.  vii.   Taber  Watson  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  December  6,  1847; 

married  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  October  24,  1882,  by  Rev.  Dr. 
Makencie,  to  Fannie  E.  Glasspool,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Eliza- 
beth (Phillips)  Glasspool;  born  England,  June  29,  1861 ;  no  issue 
(1892)  ;  "  farmer;  "  resides  Encinitos,  Cal.  (1892). 

2219.  Waterman  Daggett**  {James,''  Samuel,^  Thomas,"  Broth- 
erton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Maine,  September  8,  1809; 
died  Hodgdon,  Me.,  March  7,  1880;  married  Margaret . 

Issue : 

3035.  i.  Benjamin  F.  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  1837;  married  Boston, 

Mass.,  December  23,  1865,  by  Rev.  Phineas  Stowe,  to  Laura  F. 
Rowe,  daughter  of  Samuel  C.  and  Dorothea  C.  Rowe;  born  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  1845;  address,  Daggett  Building,  Haverhill,  Mass.  (1892). 


2220.  Hiram  Daggett"  {James,''  Samuel,"  Thomas,'  Brotheiion," 
.Joshua,'  Thomas,-  John^),  bom  Union,  Me.,  August  16,  1811; 
"  ship  carpenter  and  joiner;"  died  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  December 
13,  1881;  married  1st,  New  Castle,  Me.,  December  17,  1840,  Sarah 
Kinsman  Little,  daughter  of  Hem-y  and  Mary  (Kinsman)  Little  ;  born 
New  Castle,  Me.,  August  29,  181.5;  died  Canton,  Mass.,  March  24, 
1848 ;  married  2d,  Bedford,  Ohio,  March  2,  1867,  Calista  M.  Hai-vey, 
daughter  of  James  Harvey;  born  Hudson,  Ohio,  August  10,  1840; 
died  Fau'haven,  Mass.,  August  19,  1878. 

Issue : 

3036.  i.    Charles  HENKr  Daggett,'  born  Canton,  Mass.,  September  19,  1847. 

3037.  ii.  Sarah  Kinsman  Daggett,'  born  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  June  2,  1870. 

2321.  ROBEKT  Daggett'  {James,'  Samuel,^  Thomas,'  Brother- 
ton,^  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  May  15,  1813  ;  resides  Jackson 
Brook,  Me.  (1884)  ;  married  Sarah . 

Issue : 

3038.  i.  Thomas  J.  Daggett,'  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  1841. 

2223.  Ebenezer  Daggett  "  {James,''  Samuel,^  Tliomas,^  Brother- 
ton,*  Joshua,'  Thomas,^  Jo/<?i '),  born  "Washington,  Me.,  November 
20,  1817;  "trader;"  died  Haverhill,  Mass.,  February  19,  1864; 
married  Canton,  Mass.,  October  22,  18.50,  by  Rev.  Benjamin 
Huntoon,  to  Betsey  Tucker,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Polly  (Upham) 
Tucker;  born  Canton,  Mass.,  March  26,  1813 ;  died  Haverhill,  Mass., 
September  12,  1888. 

Issue : 

3039.  i.  Lola  Caroline  Daggett,'  born  Haverhill,  Mass.,  January  3,  1852. 

2224.  Benjamin  Franklin  Daggett  *  {James,''  Samuel,^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,"  Joshua,'  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Wiseasset,  Me.,  Sep- 
tember 30,  1820;  resides  Bowdle,  South  Dalvota  (1892);  married 
Limerick,  Me.,  April,  1848,  Sylvina  Niekerson,  daughter  of  Ephraim 
and  Dorinda  Niekerson;  born  Augusta,  Me.,  1822. 

Issue : 

3040.  i.     Addie  Daggett,' born  Hodgdon,  Me.,   April,  1852;   died  Elk  River, 

Minn. ,  August,  1854. 

3041.  ii.    Fred  Daggett,'  boru  Little  Falls,  Minn.,  August  13,1855;  resides 

Bowdle,  South  Dakota  (1892)- 

3042.  iii.  Oscar  Daggett,'  born  Little  Falls,  Minn.,  February  28,  1857;  resides 

Bowdle,  South  Dakota  (1892). 

3043.  iv.  Ephraim   Daggett,'  born   Little  Falls,   Minn.,   January   26,    1859; 

resides  Bowdle,  South  Dakota  (1892). 

3044.  v.    Ulysses  L.  Daggett,'  born  Little  Falls,  Minn.,  1862 ;  resides  Bowdle, 

South  Dakota  (1892). 

2235.  Robert  L.  Daggett  "  {Jonathan,''  Sa7nuel,'^  Tliomas,'  Broth- 
erton,'' Joshua,'  Thomas,-  John  '),  boru  Union,  Me.,  March  12, 1820; 


'"  farmer;  "  resides  Morrill,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Washington,  Me., 
January    17,   1840,   Adeline   Whitehouse,    daughter  of    Daniel   and 
Nancy  (Cunningham)  Whitehouse;  born  New  Castle,  Me.,  July  14, 
Issue : 

3045.  i.     Eliza  J.  Daggett,"  born  October  28,  1840. 

3046.  ii.    Edgar  D.  Daggett,' born  July  12,  1845;  died  young. 

3047.  iii.  Ellen  E.  Daggett,"  born  August  27,  1846;  died  young. 

3048.  iv.  Briggs  C.  Daggett,"  born  November  27,  1849. 

2237.  Aeabianda  Daggett'  {Jonathan,''  Samuel,'^  Thovias,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshna,^  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Washington,  Me., 
May  22,  1822;  "ship  carpenter;"  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1865); 
married  1st,  Washington,  Me.,  September  6,  1848,  by  Elder  White- 
house,  to  Arietta  Whitehouse,  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Nancy  (Cun- 
ningham) AYhitehouse;  born  Jefferson,  Me.,  May  6,  1824;  died 
Rockland,  Me.,  April  2.3,  1864;  married  2d,  Rockland,  Me.,  Febru- 
ary 22,  1865,  by  Elder  Joseph  Keller,  to  Jane  Elizabeth  Arff,  daugh- 
ter of  Thomas  and  Syrena  (Ludwig)  Wagner;  born  Waldoboro', 
Me.,  February  22,  1831 ;  died  Rockland,  Me.,  May  7,  1888. 

Issue  : 

3049.  i.     George  Riley  Daggett,"  born  Washington,  Me.,  January  18,  1850; 

died  Rockland,  Me.,  November  24,  1884. 
30.50.  ii.    WiLLARD  Deering  Daggett,"  born  Morrill,  Me.,  February  18,  1852; 

married  Barbara  Guess,  October  20,  1880,  in  Scotland;  now  (1886) 

in  Australia;  no  issue  (1892). 

3051.  iii.  Daggett,"  died. 

30-52.  iv.  Daggett,"  died. 

3053.  V.    Daggett,"  died. 

2239.  Amelia  Daggett*  {William,''  Samuel,^  Thomas,'  Brother- 
ton,'^  Joshua,"  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Union,  Me.,  February  26, 
1814;  resides  Bremen,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Bremen,  Me.,  March 
28, 1852,  by  Rev.  David  Cushman,  to  Edward  Eisenhauer,  of  Bremeu, 
Me.,  son  of  Nicholas  and  Catherine  (Morash)  Eisenhauer;  boru  Lu- 
nenburg, N.S.,  May  6,  1799;  died  Bremen,  Me.,  January  13,  1875; 
married  2d,  Bremen,  Me.,  June  28,  1885,  by  Rev.  W.  W.  Ogier,  to 
Isaac  Burns,  of  Waldoboro',  Me.,  son  of  Cornelius  and  Catherine 
(Gross)   Burns;  born  Waldoboro',  Me.,  May  28,   1815. 

Issue : 

3054.  i.  Charles  Edward  Eisenhauer,"  born-Bremen,  Me.,,  June  28, 1855;  died 

Bremen,  Me.,  June  4,  1873. 

2241.  Jane  Tobey  Daggett'  {William,''  Samuel,^''  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,"  Thomas,^  John'),  boru  Union,  Me.,  October 
9,  1818;  died  Searsmont,  Me.,  May  24,  1868;  man-led  Searsmont, 
Me.,  June   24,  1843,  Charles  Crawford,  of  Searsmont,  Me.,   sou  of 


James  Crawford;  born  Warren,  Me.,  May  6,  1800;  died  Surry,  Me., 
January  19,  1884. 

3055.  i.     Edwin  WoocnnLL  Crawford,^  born  Searsmont,  Me.,  March  16,  1845. 
.SOofi.  ii.    J.\MES   Weston   Crawford,'  born  Searsmont,    Me.,    September   19, 
1846;  unmarried;  resides  Searsmont,  Me.  (1892). 

3057.  iii.  Arthur  Bohan   Crawford,'   born   Searsmont,   Me.,   November  24, 

1847 ;  married  Natick,  Mass.,  Abbie  Moody ;  no  issue  ;  resides  Natick, 
Mass.  (1892). 

3058.  It.  William  Hartwell   Crawford,'  born   Searsmont,   Me.,   December 

4,  1850. 

3059.  V.    Horatio  Hiram  Crawford,'  born  Searsmont,  Me.,  August  23,  1852; 

died  Boston,  Mass.,  Januarj-  15,  1889. 
30C0.  vi.  Sarah  Mehitable  Crawford,'  born  Searsmont,  Me.,  August  23, 1854  ; 
married  Boston,  Mass.,  January  1, 1878,  Rev.  Caleb  Irvin  Mills,  son 
of  Bailey  T.  Mills  ;  he  pastor  M.E.  church,  Santa  Fe,  N.M.  (1892)  ; 
she  died  Boston,  Mass.,  December  23,  1878. 

3242.  Joshua  Daggett*'  {William,''  Samuel,''  Thomas,'  Brother- 
ton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John''),  born  Union,  Me.,  September  16, 
1820;  resides  Gushing,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Friendship,  Me.,  May 
27,  1866,  by  Rev.  F.  L.  Farnham,  to  Ann  Church,  widow,  and 
daughter  of  John  and  Martha  (Hutchings)  Adams;  born  Falmouth, 
Me.,  July  12,  1829. 

Issue : 
3061.  i.  Makgert  Ann  Daggett,'  born  Friendship,  Me.,  January  28,  1868. 

Joshua  Daggett,  farmer,  when  residing  in  Friendship,  Me.,  held  the 
office  of  second  selectman,  and  was  also  first  assessor,  but  declined 
reelection.  He  had  two  mail  contracts  of  four  years  each,  after 
which  he  was  instrumental  in  getting  a  post-offlce  established  in  East 
Friendship,  of  which  he  was  made  post-master,  but  resigned  because 
of  removal  to  Gushing,  Me.  March  29,  1865,  he  was  drafted  into 
the  army.  Reported  at  Augusta,  and  sent  forward  to  Gallop's  island, 
Boston  harbor.     Was  discharged  at  the  close  of  the  war. 

3244.  Lucy  Weston  Daggett*  {William,''  Samuel,'^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Union,  Me.,  January 
11,  1825;  resides  Gushing,  Me.  (1892);  married  Bremen,  Me., 
September  16,  1863,  Rev.  Frederick  Lewis  Farnham,  son  of  Noah 
and  Myriam  (Brookins)  Farnham;  born  Jefferson,  Me.,  August  1, 

No  issue. 

3246.  Gapt.  Hiram  Daggett  *  ( William,''  Samuel,'^  Thomas,'' 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Belmont,  Me.,  Novem- 
ber 30,  1828;  "mariner;"  resides  Cottage  City,  Mass.  (1892); 
married  Edgartown,  Mass.,  May  4,  1856,  by  Rev.  Wm.  H.  Sturte- 


vaut,  to   Charlotte  Warreu  Nye,   daughter   of  Warren  Weston  and 
Charlotte  (Norton)  Nye;  born  Edgartown,  Mass.,  July  29,  1833. 
Issue : 

3062.  i.  Nettie  Louise  Daggett,'  born  North  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  October  2G, 

1861;  died  Edgartown,  Mass.,  August  4,  1878. 

2247.  Makgeky  Wells  Daggett  "  (  William,''  Samuel,'^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua," iThomasJ  John'),  born  Belmont,  Me.,  June  22, 
1830;  died  Portland,  Me.,  January  16,  1868;  manued  Saco,  Me., 
June  5,  1856,  Benjamin  W.  Stover;  resides 'Portland,  Me.  (1892). 

Issue : 

3063.  i.  Sylvia  Weston  Stover,'  married  Frank  E.  Meserve ;  resides  Portland, 

Me.  (.1886). 

3254.  Thurston  Daggett*  {Ebenezer,'  Samuel,"  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,'^  Tliomas,^  John'),  born  Union,  Me.,  November 
28,  1820;  died  St.  George,  Me.,  April  14,  1886;  married  Union, 
Me.,  1842,  Rachel  Mitchell,  daughter  of  Andros  and  Rachel  (Pier- 
son)  Mitchell;  born  Union,  Me.,  October  17,  1815;  died  St.  George, 
Me.,  June  17,  1883. 

Issue : 

3061.  i.     Alonzo  Daggett,'    bqrn  about   1844    (soldier  Twenty-eighth  Maine 
Regiment);  resides  Kockland,  Me.   (1892). 

3065.  ii.    George  M.  Daggett,"   born   Union,   Me.,   March   29,    1845;  resides 

Rockland,  Me.  (1892). 

3066.  iii.  Rachel  Daggett,'  born  Union,  Me.,  March  8,  1847. 

3007.  It.  Edwin  W.  Daggett,'  born  St.  George,  Me.,  August  27,  1851. 
3068.  V.    Sarah  F.  Daggett,'  born  St.  George,  Me.,  August  6,  1853. 

Mr.  Daggett  served  in  the  Civil  War  in  the  Twenty-eighth  Maine 
Regiment,  nine  months'  men ;  was  the  inventor  and  proprietor  of 
"Daggett's  Bone  and  Nerve  Liniment." 

2267.  Angelia.  Daggett'*  {Ebenezer,'  Samuel,'^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,"  Joshua,''  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Rockland,  Me.,  1847; 
married  Lawrence,  Mass.,  July  11,  1867,  by  Rev.  J.  J.  Twiss,  to 
David  P.  Stinehour,  of  Lawrence,  son  of  David  P.  and  Eliza  Stine- 
hour;   "carpenter;"  born  Highgate,  Vt.,  1846. 

2271.  Frederic  K.  Daggett'  {Edniimii,'  Thomas,'^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John '),  born  Union,  Me.,  August  13, 
1819  ;  "valise  and  trunk  maker;  "  died  Everett,  Mass.,  February  1, 
1879  ;  married  1st,  New  York  city,  October  3,  1845,  Helen  Lauretta 
Bachelder,  daughter  of  Capt.  Lewis  and  Hannah  (Morse)  Bachelder; 
born  May  16,  1826;  married  2d,  Lynn,  Mass.,  August  1,  1858,  by 
Parsons  Cooke,  to  Elizabeth  Potter,  daughter  of    Joseph  and  Ellen 


Potter;     bom    Athens,   Me.,    183-i;     resides    839    Boylston    street, 
Bostou,  Mass.    (181)3). 
Issue : 

3069.  i.     Frederic  La  Forrest  Daggett,"  born  January  12,  1847 ;  died  April 

5,  1849. 

3070.  ii.    Son Daggett,'  born  November,  1850. 

3071.  iu.  Herbert  Linwood  Daggett,"  born  Maiden,  Mass.,  July  20,    1861 ; 

died  Maiden,  Mass.,  August  21,  1861. 

3072.  iv.  Sod Daggett,  born  Maiden,  Mass.,  November  10,  1864. 

3073.  V.    Herbert  F.  Daggett,"  born  Maiden,  Mass.,  July  22,  1867;  resides 

839  Boylston  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1893). 

3283.  Caroline  F.  Daggett  **  {Edmund,''  Thomas,''  TJiomas,^ 
BrothertoH,'  Joshua,-'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Hope,  Me.,  1842; 
married  Maiden,  Mass.,  March  25,  1869,  by  Rev.  Samuel  E.  Herrick, 
to  Nathan  B.  Smith,  son  of  Johd  B.  and  Sarali  Smith ;  "  milkman  ;  " 
born  Maiden,  Mass.,  1838. 

'2284c.  William  Harriman  Kuhn'*  {Ruth  Daggett,^  Aarou,'^ 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,'^  John'),  married  Julia 
Augusta  Groton. 

Issue : 

3074.  i.    Angelina  Kuhn,'  born  1845. 

3075.  ii.  William  Franklin  KnHN,"  born  July,  1847. 

2290.  Angelica  Frances  Clodse  "  {Olive  Daggett,'^  Aaron,^ 
Thomas,'  Brothertuii,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,'-  John'),  born  Maine,  Sep- 
tember 2,  1824;  resides  "Worcester,  Mass.  (1851)  ;  married  April  13, 
1846,  Gardner  Light,  of  Waldoboro',  Me. 

Issue : 

3076.  i.  Mary  Frances  Light,"  born  September  10,  1848. 

2331.  Timothy  Daggett  '  (  Tristram,''  Tristram,^  Elijah,^  Brother- 
Ion,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  20, 
1824;  "farmer;"  died  Dexter,  Me.,  August  10,  1892;  married 
Dexter,  Me.,  November  27,  1851,  Mary  Jane  Fletcher,  daughter  of 
Charles  and  Mary  (Smith)  Fletcher;  born  Dexter,  Me., .September  4, 

Issue : 

3077.  i.     Emeline  Addie  Daggett,''  born  Dexter,  Me.,   September  4,    1852; 

married  Sangerville,  Me.,  September  6,  1879,  Wilber  Colby  Gerry, 
son  of  Benjamin  Stephens  ,and  Miranda  (Rowe)  Gerry;  born  Dover. 
Me.,  May  30,  1854;   "  farmer;"  resides  Dexter,  Me.  (1892). 

3078.  ii.    Charles  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  June  18,  1854;  "jeweller;" 

resides  Lowell,  Mass.  (1892). 

3079.  iii.  Ann  Loretta  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  February  28,  1859;  mar- 

ried Dexter,  Me.,  August  27,  1886,  William  Albert  Harling,  son  of 
Jonas  and  Elizabeth  (Heigh)  Harling;  born  Meltham,  Yorkshire, 
Eng.,  September  3,  1853;  resides  Garland,  Me.  (1892). 


3080.  iv.  Nathan  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  June  2,  1S60;  married  Dexter, 

Me.,  June  20,  1892,  Idella  May  True,  daughter  of  George  Bradbury 
and  Caroline  Frances  (Maxim)  True;  born  Dexter,  Me.,  January 
'7,  1868;  "  bo^s  and  shoes;"  resides  Dexter,  Me.  (1892). 

3081.  V.    Mary  Elizabeth  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  March  20,  1861;  re- 

sides Lowell,  Mass.  (1892). 

3082.  vi.  Amanda  Daggett,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  July  12,  1SG6;  resides  Dexter, 

Me.  (1892). 

2332.  Nathan  Luce  Daggett**  {Tristram,^  Tristram,^  Elijah,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'),  horn  Industry,  Me.,  April 
18,  1825;  "bootmaker;"  died  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  December  6, 
1887;  married  1st,  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  July  25,  1847,  by  Rev.  L. 
Tracy,  to  Eunice  H.  Perry,  daughter  of  James  and  Harriet  (Osgood) 
Perry;  born  Boylston,  Mass.,  May  29,  1829;  died  West  Boylston, 
Mass.,  December  27,  1854;  married  2d,  West  Boylston,  Mass., 
November  1,  1855,  Harriet  Frances  Pierce;  born  West  Boylston, 
Mass.;  resides  West  Boylston,  Mass.  (1892). 

Issue  : 

3083.  1.     Nathan  Waldo  Daggett,"  born  West  Boylston,   Mass.,  March  22, 

1849;  died  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  December  31,  18J5. 

3084.  ii.    Jonas  Tristram  Daggett,"  born  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  July  16,  1850; 

died  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  December  22,  1855. 

3085.  iii.  Eunice  Helen  Daggett,"  born  West  Boylston,   Mass.,  January  13, 

1852;  died  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  January  14,  1856. 

3086.  iv.  Martha  Ann  Daggett,"  born  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  August  12, 1853; 

died  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  November  16,  1853. 

3335.  Susan  Jane  Daggett'  (Tristram,''  Tiistram,'^  Elijah,^ 
Brotherton,"  Joshua,''  Thoiiuis,"  John'),  born  Dexter,  Me.,  1830;  died 
Dexter,  Me.,  December  31,  18G1 ;  married  James  Brown,  son  of 
Samuel  and  (Luce)   Brown. 

Issue  : 

3087.  i.  Nettie  Brown,"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  1848;  died  Dexter,  Me.,  September, 

1858 ;  also  several  others,  who  died  in  infancy. 

2337.  Mary  Luce  Daggett'  (Timothy,''  Tristram,'''  Elijah," 
Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
August  8,  1839;  resides  Dexter,  Me.  (1893) ;  married  Dexter,  Me., 
June  14,  1862,  Edward  Freeman  Libby,  son  of  Joseph  Weeks  and 
Mary  (Jordan)  Libby;   "farmer;"  born  Dexter,  Me.,  April  3,  1832. 

No  issue. 

2338.  Tkisteam  Daggett'  (Timothy,''  Tristram,'^  Elijah,'  Broth- 
erton,''  Joshua,^  Tliomas,^  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January 
2,  1841;  died  Ripley,  Me.,  January  30,  1879;  married  1st,  Ripley, 
Me.,  September,  1866,  Hannah  Woodcock,  daughter  of  Theodore  and 
Deborah  (Bessy)  Woodcock;  born  1847;  died  Ripley,  Me.,  August 
17,  1871 ;  married  2d,  Ripley,  Me.,  May  24,  1872,  Mrs.  Phebie  Cum- 


mings  Libby,  daughter  of   Nehemiah   and  Polly   (Drake)    Leavitt ; 
now  (1892)  Mrs.  Pliebie  C.  Eldridge,  Pittsfield,  Me. 
Issue : 

3088.  i.     Tkistkam  Linwood  Daggett,^  born  Ripley,  Me.,  March  28,    1869; 

resides  Guilford,  Me.  (1892). 

3089.  ii.    Charles  Delbert  Daggett,"  born  Bipley,  Me.,  July  13,  1873;  re- 

sides Cambridge,  Me.  (1892). 

3090.  iii.  Fred  Daggett,"  born  Ripley,  Me.,  July  10,  1875;  died  Ripley,  Me., 

October  30,  1876. 

3091.  iv.  Fred  Eugene  Daggett,"  born  Ripley,   Me.,  July  31,   1877;   resides 

Pittsfield,  Me.  (1892). 

Tristram  Daggett  enlisted  in  Third  Battery,  First  Regiment 
Artillery,  December  11,  1861.  December  24,  1863,  he  reenlisted  for 
the  remainder  of  the  war.     Mustered  out  June  17,  1865. 

The  following  spring  he  pui-chased  a  farm  and  settled  in  Ripley, 
where  the  remainder  of  his  life  was  spent. 

2340.  Asa  Merry  Daggett'*  (Timolhy,''  Tristram,"  Elijah,' 
Brotlienon,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Parkman,  Me.,  July  22, 
1845;  died  West  New  Portland,  Me.,  May  19,  1889;  married  New 
Portland,  Me.,  December  18,  1870,  Rhoda  Merry  Williams,  daughter 
of  Henry  and  Catharine  (Merry)  Williams ;  born  East  New  Portland, 
Me.,  1853;  resides  West  New  Portland,  Me.  (1892). 

Issue : 

3092.  i.      Carroll  Linwood  Daggett,"  born  New  Portland,  Me.,   April   30, 

1872;  resides  West  New  Portland,  Me.  (1892). 

3093.  ii.    Elsie  Mae  Daggett,"  born  New  Portland,  Me.,  November  15,  1874; 

died  West  New  Portland,  Me.,  April  29,  1889. 

3094.  iii.  Arthur  Earl  Daggett,"  born  New  Portland,  Me.,  April  23,  1882. 

3095.  iv.  Lena  Alice  Daggett,"  born  West  New  Portland,   Me.,  January  26, 


Mr.  Daggett,  near  the  close  of  the  war,  enlisted  at  Bangor,  as  a 
substitute,  and  was  a  member  of  the  Twelfth  Company  Unassigned 

2311.  Catharine  Amanda  Daggett'  {Timothi/,''  Trislram," 
Elijah,''  Brotherlon,*  Joshua,'^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Parkman,  Me., 
May  31,  1848;  died  Ripley,  Me.,  March  24,  1877;  married  Guilford, 
Me.,  January  8,  1871,  Henry  True  Woodcock,  son  of  Theodore  and 
Deborah  (Bessy)  Woodcock;  born  Winthrop,  Me.,  October  6,  1840; 
resides  Ripley,  Me.  (1892). 

Issue : 

3096.  i.  Minnie  May  Woodcock,"  born  Ripley,  Me.,  January  24,  1872;  resides 

Norway,  Me.  (1892). 

2363.  Edmund  Buxton  Alford  *  (Nancy  A.  Daggett,^  Matthew," 
Elijah,^  BrotTierton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  Jb/ui '),  born  Warren,  Me., 
February  2,  1821;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  November,  1887;   married 


Waldoboio',  Me.,  Jime  24,  1850,  Sarah  Russell,  daughter  of  Thomas 
and  Sarah  (Engley)  Russell ;  bom  Waldoboro',  Me. 
Issue : 

2364.  Lydia  North  Alfokd  **  {Nancy  A.  Daggett,''  Mattheiv,^ 
Elijah,^  Brotherton,^  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Searsmont, 
Me.,  June  12,  1823;  resides  Warren,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Warren, 
Me.,  April  10,  1850,  Lawrence  Crawford  French,  son  of  William  and 
Mary  (Crawford)  French;  born  Warren,  Me.,  August  30,  1821. 

Issue : 

3099.  i.      Mary  E.  Fhench,'  born  Warren,  Me.,  April  19,  1851. 

3100.  ii.    Charles  A.  French,'  born  Warren,  Me.,  November  22,  1854. 

3101.  iii.  Dora  E.  French,"  born  Warren,  Me.,  October  27,  1857, 

2365.  Hannah  P.  Daggett'  (JetJmi  D.,'  James,'''  Jethro,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John'), 'bova  New  Bedford,  Mass., 
1831;  married  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  December  12,  1850,  by  Rev. 
R.  M.  Hatfield,  to  WUliam  C.  Stoddard,  son  of  John  H.  and  Cathe- 
riue  Stoddard;   "  carpenter;  "  born  Newport,  R.I.,  1821. 

2366.  Elizabeth  Daggett^  (Jethro  D.,''  James, '^  Jethro,^  Broth- 
erton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  1834; 
married  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  April  16,  1852,  by  Rev.  James  Taylor, 
to  Davis  Kelley,  son  of  Coleman  and  Peace  Kelley ;  "  painter;  "  born 
Dartmouth,  Mass.,  1826. 

2367.  Rebecca  S.  Daggett  **  (Jethro  D. ,'  James,^  Jethro, '"  Brother- 
ton,^  Joshua,'  Thomas,"  John  ') ,  born  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  1835  ;  mar- 
ried Dartmouth,  Mass.,  August  25,  1852,  by  Joseph  Gifford,  J. P., 
to  George  Kelley,  son  of  Coleman  and  Peace  Kelley;  "mariner;" 
born  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  1827. 

2369.  Dennis  Daggett^  (William,^  Peter,^  Ebenezer'  \_John,* 
Joseph,'  Joseph,-  John''\  (?)),  born  Phillips,  Me.,  March  11,  1821  ; 
resides  Phillips,  Me.  (1893)  ;  married  February  20,  1845,  Mary 
Wright;  born  Strong,  Me.,   1823. 

Issue : 

3102.  i.    Leander  A.  Daggett,"  born  Phillips,    Me.,   April  3,   1846;  married 

September   22,   1875,   Florence   Wortbley;  she   born   Strong,    Me., 

3103.  ii.  Wn-LiAM  J.  Daggett,"  born  PhilUps,  Me.,  October  26,  1851. 

2371.  Paulina  Daggett*  {William,'' Peter, ^  Ehenezer  ^  [John,* 
Joseph,'  Joseph,"  John'~\  (?)),  born  Phillips,  Me.,  July   11,   1829; 


died  Phillips,   Me.,   August    12,    1864;    married   October  31,    18.59, 
Ezra  R.  Wright;  born  Lewiston,  Me.,   1829. 
Issue  : 

3104.  i.  Fred  A.  ^VKIGlIT,''  born  Lewiston,  Me.,  Norember  18,  18fiO. 

3373.  Plamentin  Daggett"*  (Flamentin,''  Petei\^  Ehenezer^ 
\John*  Joseph,^  Joseph,-  John'']  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
May  3,  1825;  died  Strong,  Me.,  December  12,  1884;  married 
Sti-ong,  Me.,  October  1,  1856,  Nancy  Thomas  Vining,  daughter  of 
David  and  Jane  Chase  (Thomas)  Vining;  born  Strong,  Me.,  May  2, 

Issue : 

3105.  i.     Waltek  Snow  Daggett,'  born  Strong,  Me.,  February  11,  1860. 

3106.  ii.    George  Franklin   Daggett,'   born    Strong,    Me.,   May  26,    1866; 

married  Trenton,  N.J.,  September  26,  1891,  Margaret  Sweeny, 
daughter  of  Dr.  Barnabas  and  Elizabeth  Williamson  (Robinson) 
Sweeny;  born  Brookville,  Pa.,  October  28,  1864;  resides  1100  New 
Hampshire  avenue,  Washington,  D.C.  (1893). 

3107.  iii.  Fred  Herbert  Daggett,'  born  Strong,  Me.,  November  26, 1867;  mar- 

ried Strong,  Me.,  November  29,  1890,  Susie  Louisa  Carr,  daughter  of 
Charles  W.  and  Louisa  (Earle)  Carr;  born  Pliillips,  Me.,  October  4, 
1872;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893). 

2374.  Albert  Daggett"  {Plamentin,^  Peter, '^  Ebenezer^ 
\_JohH,*  Joseph,^  Joseph,^  John']  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
June  13,  1827 ;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893)  ;  married  1st,  Strong, 
Me.,  April  2,  1857,  Sarah  Montgomery  Porter,  daughter  of  Ezekiel 
and  Eunice  (Hitchcock)  Porter;  born  Strong,  Me.,  July  21,  1836; 
died  Strong,  Me.,  May  3,  1886;  married  2d,  Strong,  Me.,  June  13, 
1888,  Ada  Eldora  Pottle;  born  Freeman,  Me.,  December  23,  1853. 

Issue : 

3108.  i.    William   Daggett,'   born   Strong,   Me.,    December    17,    1868;    died 

Strong,  Me.,  August  26,  1870. 

3109.  ii.  Minnie  Warren  Daggett,'  born  Strong,  Me.,  August  31,  1873;  died 

Strong,  Me.,  September  4,   1873. 

Mr.  Daggett  is  of  the  firm  of  Daggett  Bros.,  general  merchan- 
dise. Strong,  Me. 

2376.  Hon.  Washington  Libbey  Daggett  '  {Plamentin,''  Pettr,^ 
Ebemzer"  [John,^  Jo.seph,^  Joseph,"  John']  (?)),  born  New  Vine- 
yard, Me.,  May  6,  1835;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893);  married 
Strong,  Me.,  September  20,  1868,  Reliance  Collier  Dickey,  daughter 
of  John  and  Lucy  (Collier)  Dickey,  born  Avon,  Me.,  October  27, 

No  issue. 

Hon.  W.  L.  Daggett  is  of  the  firm  of  Daggett  Bros.,  general 
merchandise,  Strong,  Me.  He  is  among  the  very  best  Sunday-school 
workers,  and  long  an  office-bearer  in  the  State  association. 


Mr.  Daggett  has  completed  tweuty-five  years  of  unbroken  service 
as  superintendent  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Sunday-school  of  Strong. 
His  enthusiasm  and  devotion  are  greatly  appreciated  in  the  whole 
region.  Mr.  Daggett  was  one  of  the  representatives  of  Maine  at  the 
World's  Sunday-school  Convention  at  London. 

2377.  Hannah  Snow  Daggett"  (Plamentin,''  Peter, ^  Ebenezer" 
[John,*  Joseph,^  Joseph,"  John^"\  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
January  12,  1839 ;  resides  95  Hamilton  avenue,  Columbus,  Ohio 
(1893)  ;  married  Farmingtou,  Me.,  June  25,  1867,  George  Washing- 
ton Luce,  son  of  John  Tilton  and  Betsey  (Wendell)  Luce;  "jewel- 
ler; "  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  April  17,  1834. 

Issue : 

3110.  i.  George  Ernest  Luce,^  born  Xenia,  Ohio,  January  17,  1872;  resides  95 

Hamilton  avenue,  Columbus,  Ohio  (1893). 

2378.  Mary  Daggett"  {Jonathan  L.,'  Peter, ^  Ebe)iezer^  [John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,-  John^'\  (?)),  born  ChesterviUe,  Me.,  October  20, 
1821;  died  Salem,  Me.,  June  19,  1888;  married  January  18,  1839, 
Frederick  Richards;  born  Leeds,  Me.,  1815. 

Issue : 

3111.  i.      Benjamin  F.   Richards,"  born   Salem,  Me.,  November  3,   1839;  died 

Salem,  Me.,  March  15,  1846. 

3112.  ii.    Velzora  Richards,"  born  Salem,  Me.,  October  21,  1841. 

3113.  iii.  WiNFiELD  S.  Richards,^  born  Salem,  Me.,  April  27,  1855;  died  Salem, 

Me.,  January  23,  1862. 

3114.  iv.  Affie  T.  Richards,"  born  Salem,  Me.,  January  2,  1862. 

2379.  J0NATH.4.N  Daggett"  {Jonathan  L.,^  Peter, '^  Ebenezer^ 
[John,*  Joseph,^  Josex>h,-  John^'\  (?)),  born  Chesterville,  Me.,  Feb- 
ruary 13,  1823;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893);  married  June  19,  1853, 
Adeline  Curtis;  born  Salem,  Me.,  1832. 

Issue  : 

3115.  i.  Ella  F.  Daggett,"  born  Salem,  Me.,  April  2,  1854;  married  January  1, 

1884,  Stephen  W.  Mayo;  he  born  Freeman,  Me.,  1841. 

2380.  Mary  Ann  Daggett  "  {Leander,'' Peter, ^  Ebenezer'"  [John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  13, 
1827 ;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  22,  1886  ;  married  (published 
December  17,  1846)  Columbus  Harvey,  Son  of  Columbus  and  Esther 
(Stafford)  Harvey;  born  Anson,  Me.,  1825. 

Issue : 

3116.  i.       Emily   L.  Harvey,"  born   Industry,  Me.,  1847;   married  William   H. 

Look;  he  born  Georgetown,  Me.  (1849). 

3117.  ii.      Margaret  D.  Harvey,"  born  Neve  Vineyard,  Me.,  1851 ;  died  1855. 

3118.  iii.    Bradford   C.   Harvey,"  born   New  Vineyard,   Me.,   1854;    married 

Harriet  S.  Daggett  (see  No.  3123). 


3119.  iv.    Orlaxd  C.  Harvet,"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1857;  died  1859. 

3120.  V.      William  M.  Habvet,^  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1859. 

3121.  vi.     Mabel  L.  HAKVEV.'born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1863. 

3122.  vii.  Charles  S.  Harvey,'  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  1866. 

2383.  Leandek  Daggett**  {Leander,''  Peter,^  Ebenezer'  \_John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,^  John  ']  (?)),  bom  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  10, 
1841 ;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893)  ;  married  April  4,  1865,  Amelia 
P.  Butler,  daughter  of  Philander  and  Mary  (Norton)  Butler;  born 
New  Vineyard,  Me.,  October  10,  1844. 

2383.  Albekt  Daggett  **  {Albert,''  Peter,'^  Ebenezer'  [John,' 
Joseph,'^  Joseph;-  John  ']  (?)),  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  May  17,  1827  ; 
resides  Manchester,  Me.  (1893)  ;  married  May  17,  1854,  Abbie  B. 
Fifield;  born  Readfield,  Me.,  1829. 

Issue : 

3123.  i.       Harriet  S.  Daggei*,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  October  28, 1855;  mar- 

ried Bradford  C.  Harvey  (see  No.  3118),  December  25,  1878. 

3124.  ii.     Emogene  W.  Daggett,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  September  23,  1857; 

died  Manchester,  Me.,  June  11,  1873. 

3125.  iii.    Oreana   F.  Daggett,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  July  29,  1859;  died 

Manchester,  Me.,  October  22,  1862. 

3126.  iv.    Lizzie  C.  Daggett,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  October  30,  1861;  died 

Manchester,  Me.,  November  16,  1878. 

3127.  V.     Effie  a.  Daggett,' born  Manchester,  Me.,  December  5,  1863;   died 

Manchester,  Me.,  December  2,  1865. 

3128.  vi.    John  A.  Daggett,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  May  9,  1866. 

3129.  vii.  Charles  E.  Daggett,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  September  13,  1869. 

2384r.  Plamentin  Daggett"  {Albert,''  Peter,^  Ebenezer^  [John,* 
Joseph,'^  Joseph,^  John^'\  (?)),  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  December  17, 
1828;  resides  7  Woodstock  avenue,  Rutland,  Vt.  (1893);  married 
December  14,   1853,  Elvira  A.  Capen ;  born  Winthrop,  Me.,   1832. 

Issue : 

3130.  i.  Cora  A.  Daggett,' born  Manchester,  Me.,  October  10,  1863. 

2385.  Elizabeth  Snow  Daggett"  {Albert,''  Pder,^  Ebenezer^ 
[John,*  Joseph,'^  Joseph,^  Jb7m ']  (?)),  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  De- 
cember 25,  1830;  resides  702i  Cherry  street,  Camden,  N.J.  (1893) ; 
married  August  21,  1851,  Proctor  S.  Gilbert;  born  Greene,  Me., 

Issue : 

3131.  i.     Ella  B.  Gilbert,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  September  4,  1854;  mar- 

ried November  8,   1876,  Eugene  H.   Furbush;   he  born  Rome,  Me., 
1855  ;  she  died  February  15,  1877. 

3132.  ii.    Edwin  S.  Gilbert,'  born  Turner,  Me.,  July  26,  1856;   married  Oc- 

tober 31,  1883,  Sarah  J.  Bealer ;  she  born  Lower  Marion,  Pa.,  1855. 

3133.  iii.  Manly  A.  Gilbert,'  born  Turner,  Me.,  March  21,  1858. 

3134.  iv.  Jennie  F.  Gilbert,'  born  Manchester,  Me.,  March  4,  1863 ;  married 

July  23,   1881,  Wm.   H.  Gearheart;   he  born  Dovlestownborough, 
Pa.,  1858. 

3135.  V.    William  A.  Gilbert,' born  Manchester,  Me.,  October  3,  1865. 


2387.  Martha  Jane  Daggett  "  {Albert,'  Feler,'^  Ebenezer  *  [Jo/tx/ 
Joseph,^  Joseph,'  .7o/hi']  (?)),  born  Rochester,  Mass.,  January  23, 
1834;  resides  Augusta,  Me.  (1893);  married  October  12,  1858, 
William  G.  Fifield;    born  Augusta,  Me.,   1835. 

Issue : 

3136.  j.     John  A.  Fifield,'  born  Augusta,  Me.,  July  31,  18f>l ;  died  1863. 

3137.  ii.    Walter  L.  Fifield,'  born  Augusta,  Me.,  October  16,  1867. 

3138.  iii.  Ikvinb  D.  Fifield,'  born  Augusta,  Me.,  February  25,  1873. 

2423.  John  Fked  D.^^ggett'  (John  A.,''  John,"  Johiir'  \_John,* 
Joseph,^  Joseph,''  John  ']  (?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  24,  1847  ; 
resides  New  Sharon,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  January  19,  1871,  Clara 
L.  Flood,  daughter  of  James  and  Caroline  (Lothrop)  Flood,  of 
Farmington;  born  June  20,  1840. 

Issue : 

3139.  i.    Inez  Caroline  Daggett,'  born  Farmington,  Me.,  June  1,  1871. 

3140.  ii.  Bessie  Len.v  Daggett,'  born  Farmington,   Me.,   September  9,  1872; 

married  December  1,  1889,  Frank  Lane;  resides  New  Sharon,  Me. 
(1892);  issue:  Clara  Belle  Lane,'"  born  New  Sharon,  Me.,  May  9, 
1890;  died  May  21,  1890. 

Mr.  Daggett  was  in  Co.  A,  Twenty-ninth  Maine  Regiment,  in 
1864—5.     He  is  a  travelling  salesman. 

2430.  Capitola  Daggett"  {John  A.,'  John,''  John''  [John,* 
Joseph,"  Joseph,^  John  '](?)),  born  Industry,  Me.,  September  8,  1866  ; 
resides  Dixfield,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  February  14,  1885,  William 
Henry  Durrell,  son  of  Hiram  P.  and  Lucy  (Hanson)  Durrell ;  born 
Industry,  Me.,  December  28,  1858. 

Issue : 

3141.  1.    Mattie  May  Durrell,'  born  New  Sharon,  Me.,  November  27,  1885. 

3142.  ii.  Bernice  Belle  Durrell,'  born  New  Sharon,  Me.,  April  4,  1888. 

2433.  Cassia  Jane  Daggett  "  (  Warren,''  John,^  John  °  [John,' 
Josejp7t,^,/osep/i,°Jo/(H  '](?)),  born  Anson,  Me.,  April  1,  18 — ;  resides 
Industry,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  January  7,  1878,  Orrin  Leeman,  son 
of  John  and  Betsey  (Stover)  Leeman,  of  Stark,  Me. 

Issue : 

3143.  i.     Jennie  Maud  Leeman,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  16,  1878. 

3144.  ii.    Bessie  Ella  Leeman,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  21,  1879. 

3145.  iii.  Hattie  Blanche  Leeman,'  born  Stark,  Me. 

2436.  Ella  Miller  Daggett**  {Wurren,''  John,"  John'  [John,* 
Joseph,-'  Joseph,"  John  ']  (?)),  born  Anson,  Me.,  December  28,  1864  ; 
married  November  24,  1886,  James  Tucker  Staples,  son  of  Daniel 

Issue : 

3146.  i.    Warren  Daggett  Staples,'  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  15,  1S(;7. 

3147.  ii.  James  Tucker  Staples,'  born  Oakland,  Me.,  July  1,  1888. 




2466.  Inez  Adella  Daggett  ^  (Allen,"  Seth,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,' 
Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,^  John,''  John  ^),  bom  Tioga,  Pa.,  February  22, 
1845;  resides  Lawrenceville,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.  (1892);  married  Law- 
renceville,  Pa.,  August  10,  1869,  Fred  David  Fletcher,  son  of  John 
and  Debora  Terressa  (Ramsdale)  Fletcher;  born  Sullivan,  Pa., 
September  26,  1847. 

Issue : 

3148.  i.    Bertie  Lee  rLETCHBE,'"  born  Cohocton,  N.Y.,  March  9,  1870. 

3149.  ii.  OscAK  Charles  Fletcher,'"  born  Wellsboro',  Pa.,  August  18,  187G. 

24:68.  Orson  Starkey  Daggett"  (Allen,'^  Seth,''  Reuben,'^  Reu- 
ben," Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,^  John,'  John^),  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  Sep- 
tember 28,  1856;  resides  Oak  street.  Corning,  Steuben  Co.,  N.Y. 
(1892);  married  East  Charleston,  Pa.,  September  12,  1875,  Laura 
A.  Palmer,  daughter  of  Reuben  T.  and  Mary  (Ayers)  Palmer ;  born 
Middlebury,  Pa.,  December  11,  1856. 

Issue : 

3150.  i.     Jay  Allen  Daggett,'"  born  Stokesdale,  Pa.,  March  24,  1876. 

3151.  ii.    Ada  May  Daggett,'"  born  Niles  Valley,  Pa.,  February  10,  1878. 

3152.  iii.  Charles  D.  Daggett,'"  born  Stokesdale,  Pa.,  February  5,  1880. 

3153.  iv.  LcciEN  P.  Daggett,'"  born  Dallas  City,  Pa..  January  13,  1882. 

3154.  V.    Eliza  K.  Daggett,'"  born  Harrison  Valley,  Pa.,  July  14,  1884. 

2471.  Levi  Daggett  '  (George,"^  Seth,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,^  Nathan- 
iel," Nathaniel,^  John,''  John'),  born  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa.,  March  3, 
1837;  resides  Tioga,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.  (1892);  married  Tioga,  Pa., 
January  1,  1857,  Frances  Smartwood. 

Issue : 

3155.  i.  Effie  Daggett.'" 

3156.  ii.  Nellie  Daggett.'" 

3157.  iii.  Norman  Daggett.'" 

3158.  iv.  Annie  Daggett.'" 

3159.  V.  May  Daggett.'" 

3160.  vi.  Birdie  Daggett."' 

3161.  vii.  Daisy  Daggett.'" 

2472.  Harriet  Daggett'  {George,"  Seth,''  Reuben,'^  Reuben,^ 
Nathaniel,"  Nathaniel,^  John,'-  John'),  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  July  12, 
1844;  resides  Tioga,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.    (1892);  married  Tioga,  Pa., 


November  13,   1866,  Henry  Wheeler,  son  of  Eoj'al   and    Sarah   J. 
(Miller)  Wheeler;  born  Lawreneeville,  Pa.,  August  15,  1843. 
Issue  : 

3162.  i.     H.  Fay  Wheeler,'"  born  Lawreneeville,  Pa.,  March  6,  1868. 

3163.  ii.    George  K.  Wheeler,'"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  December  27,  1873. 

3164.  iil.  Royal  P.  Wheeler,'"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  October  12,  1876. 

3473.  Florence  Daggett^  {George,^  Setli,''  Reuben,'''  Reuben/' 
Nathaniel*  Nathaniel,^  Jolin,'^  John'),  bom  Tioga,  Pa.,  September 
26,  1846;  resides  Addison,  N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  Tioga,  Pa.,  1879, 
Oscar  Dudley. 

Issue : 

3165.  1.    Ethel  Dudley,'"  born  Addison,  N.Y.,  August  24,  1882. 

3166.  ii.  Dora  Dudley, '"  born  Addison,  N.Y.,  February  13,  1884. 

2475.  Seth  Orlando  Daggett'  (Lewis,"  Seth,''  Reuben,"  Reuben,'' 
Nathaniel,*  Nathaniel,'-'  John,''  John'),  born  Daggett's  Mills,  Pa., 
September  14,  1843;  "proprietor  Park  Hotel;"  resides  Tioga,  Pa. 
(1892)  ;  married  1st,  Havana,  N.Y.,  June  9,  1878,  Ella  Boyntou, 
daughter  of  Eben  B.  and  Helen  (Miller)  Boyntou;  born  Heading, 
N.Y.,  December  22,  1861;  died  Wellsboro',  Pa.,  October  2,  1885; 
married  2d,  Watkins,  N.Y.,  March  14,  1888,  Jessie  D.  Brown, 
daughter  of  S.  B.  and  Mary  (Gevero)  Brown;  born  Watkins,  N.Y., 
August  13,  1867. 

Issue : 

3167.  i.    Georgia  Daggett,'"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  .July  21,  1880. 

3168.  ii.  Leah  Daggett,'"  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  January  22,  1882. 

2477.  Wells  Lewis  Daggett'  (ieiots,*  Seth,''  Reuben,'''  Reuben,'^ 
Nathaniel,*  Nathaniel,^  John,^  John'),  born  Tioga,  Pa.,  April  26, 
1854;  resides  Bellefonte,  Pa.  (1892);  married  Wellsboro',  Pa., 
January,  1886,  Carrie  Boynton,  daughter  of  Eben  B.  and  Helen 
(Miller)  Boynton;  born  Millerton,  Pa.,  December  10,   1863. 

Issue : 
8169.  i.  Lewis  Daggett,'"  born  Lawreneeville,  Pa.,  August  9,  1887. 

Wells  Lewis  Daggett  was  proprietor  of  the  "Daggett  House," 
Lawreneeville,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.,  1888. 

2532.  Ajiey  Ann  Daggett  '  (  William,"  John,''  Levi,^  John,^  John,* 
Nathaniel,^  John,-  John'),  born  Seekonk,  Mass.,  April  29,  1849; 
resides  East  Providence,  R.I.  (1892)  ;  married  East  Providence, 
R.I.,  October  31,  1867,  Benjamin  P.  Branch,  son  of  Joseph  and 
Lucy  (Beaverstalk)  Branch;  born  Providence,  R.I.,  July  4,  1838. 

Issue : 

3170.  i.     Benjamin  Branch,'"  born  East  Providence,  R.I.,  October  18,  1868. 

3171.  ii.    Amey  Drccilla  Branch,'"  born  East  Providence,  R.I.,  November  15, 



3172.  iii.  WILLI.4M  Daggett  Branch,'"  born  East  Providence,  R.I.,  December 

14,  1877;  died  East  Providence,  R.I.,  December  8,  1879. 

2537.  William  Daggett'  {William,^  William,^  William,'^  Seth,'' 
Samuel,^  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  Jolin^),  bom  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August 
22,  1825  ;  "  merchant;  "  I'esides  Fresno,  Cal. ;  married  1st,  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  August  11,  1848,  by  Rev.  O.  S.  Walker,  to  Harriet  Merry, 
daughter  of  William  and  Harriet  (Manter)  Merry ;  born  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  1827;  married  2d,  . 

Issue  (three  sons,  three  daughters  by  first  wife)  : 

3173.  i.  Ida  E.  Daggett,'"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  10,  1849. 

2545.  Mary  Daggett'  (Alonzo,^  Setli,^  William,^ Seth,^  Samuel," 
Tliomas,^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  March  23,  1839; 
died  at  sea,  on  passage  Havana  to  New  York,  July  9,  1875 ;  married 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  July  9,  1860,  by  Rev.  F.  A.  Loomis,  to  Rodney 
Joshua  Conary,  son  of  Joshua  and  Pamelia  Andrus  (Carter)  Con- 
ary,  of  Surry,  Me.;  "mariner;"  born  Surry,  Me.,  September  17, 
1884;  at  sea  (1892). 

Issue :  ' 

3174.  i.     Adelia   Melville   Conary,'"  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  June  9, 

1861 ;  died  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  August  16,  1861. 

3175.  ii.    George  Hough  Conary,'"  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  November 

17,  1863;  resides  Taunton,  Mass.  (1892). 

3176.  iii.  Olita   Mat  Conary,'"  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,   November  8, 

1868;  resides  Taunton,  Mass.  (1892). 

2547.  Ank  Eliza  Daggett'  (Alonzo,'  SetJi,''  William,^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  26, 
1842;  resides  Taunton,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Tisbury,  Mass., 
October  3,  1864,  by  Rev.  W.  V.  Morrison,  to  William  MeCready 
Conary,  of  Tisbury,  son  of  Joshua  and  Pamelia  Andrus  (Carter) 
Conary,  of  Surry,  Me.;  "mariner;"  born  SiUTy,  Me.,  June  29, 

Issue : 

3177.  i.  Alonzo  Daggett  Conary,'"  born  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  September, 

1865;  died  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  .Tune,  1866. 

2548.  Georgia  Daggett  '  {Alonzo,^  Seth,''  William,^  Seth,^  Sam- 
uel,* Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  8, 
1845 ;  resides  2  Foster  sti-eet.  New  Bedford,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  man-ied 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  12,  1866,  by  Rev.  John  F.  Sheffield,  to 
Vernal  Clifford,  of  Tisbui-y,  son  of  Nathan  and  Elizabeth  (Clifford) 
Clifford;   "farmer;"  born  Chilmark,  Mass.,  March  6,   1837. 

Issue : 


2550.  Carrie  Bradley  Daggett'  (Alonzo,",'  William, 
Seth,''  Samuel,^  Thoma.'^,^  Thomas,-  Jolin^),  bom  Tisbury,  Mass., 
June  12,  1853;  resides  New  Bedford,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Tis- 
bury, Mass.,  October  13,  1875,  by  Eev.  E.  Tirrell,  to  Osander  Gilberts 
Hammett,  of  New  Bedford,  son  of  Hiram  and  Mary  Ann  (Tilton) 
Hammett;  "mariner;  "  born  Chilmark,  Mass.,  September  19,  1853. 

Issue : 

3179.  i.  Mate  Gilberts  Hammett,'"  born  Woods  HoU,  Mass.,  April  13,  1878; 

died  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Aug.  15,  1891. 

2562.  Samuel  Daggett'  {Isaac,'*  Samuel,'  Samuel,''  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
November  30,  1818;  "farmer;"  removed  to  Iowa,  1883;  resides 
Sanborn,  Iowa  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Louisa  W.  Pennel;  born  1825; 
died  January  20,  1848;  married  2d  (published  September  30,  1848), 
Lydia  Norton,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Susannah  Wade  (Davis) 
Norton;  born  Eustis,  Me.,  October  28,  1827. 

Issue : 

3180.  i.     Saeah  N.  Daggett,'"  born  September,  1847;  died  January  G,  1848. 

3181.  ii.    Andrew  Jackson   Daggett,'"  born   Industry,  Me.,   May  25,   1849; 

married;  resides  California  (1892). 

3182.  iii.  Amanda  W.  Daggett,'"  born   Industry,   Me.,   November  19,  1852; 

married  (published  January  15,  1873)  John  W.  Keith,  of  Farmington, 
Me.;  she  died  there,  January  22,  1889. 

3183.  iv.  Lydia  Jane  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.;  married  Mark  Bunker, 

son  of  lehabod  Bunker,  of  Anson,  Me.;  divorced;  resides  Sanborn, 
Iowa  (1892). 

3563.  Tristram  Norton  Daggett'  {Isaac,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,''' 
Seth,'  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
October  21,  1820;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  March  3,  1891  ;  married 
1st,  New  Portland,  Me.,  June  9,  1846,  by  Tobias  Chuichill,  to  Lucy 
Churchill,  daughter  of  Tobias  and  Jane  (Everett)  Churchill;  born 
New  Portland,  Me.,  November  6,  1822;  married  2d,  July  11,  1866, 
Caroline  E.  Thomas,  divorced  wife  of  Hovey  Thomas,  and  daughter 
of  PhUander  and  Mary  (Norton)  Butler;  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
April  19,  1825. 

Issue : 

3184.  i.    Orravllle  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  19, 1847;  died 

New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  3,  1863. 

3185.  ii.    Orington  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  19,  1847;  died 

New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  1, 1863. 

3186.  iii.   Isaac  W.  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  January  2,  1851. 

3187.  It.    Sarah  Elizabeth   Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  February 

28,  1853 ;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  16,  1863. 

3188.  V.     Russell  Everett  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me. ,  September 

28,  1855;  diedNew  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  12,  18(i3. 

3189.  vi.    Warren  Tristram  D.4Ggett,'°  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  21, 

1858;  died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June  25,  1863. 


3190.  yii.  Lucy  Annah  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  August  11,  1860; 

died  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  September  4,  1863. 

Mr.  Daggett,  farmer,  resided  in  Industry,  New  Vineyard,  and  Iowa. 

2565.  John  Tobet  Daggett'  {Isaac,^  Samuel,'  Samuel,^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,"  JoJm^),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
September  13,  1826;  "  farmer ;"  died  Farmington,  Me.,  December 
23,  1891 ;  married  1st,  Industry,  Me.,  January  31,  1856,  Caroline 
Norton,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Warren  and  Amy  Allen  (Manter) 
Norton;  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  December  9,  1833  ;  died  Industry, 
Me.,  April  14,  1878;  married  2d,  November  16,  1879,  Eleanor 
Greenwood,  widow  of  Hannibal  Greenwood,  and  daugliter  of  Daniel 
H.  and  Betsey  (Spencer)  Fish;  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  14,  1848. 

Issue : 

3191.  i.       William  Hakrison  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  14, 1857. 

3192.  ii.       Charles  Manter  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,   Me.,  NoTember  21, 

1861;  died  Industry,  Me.,  July  20,  1863. 

3193.  iii.     Emma  Allen  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  October  29,  1864. 

3194.  It.     James  Norton  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  7,  1867. 

3195.  T.      Abeie  Norton  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  11,  1872. 

3196.  vi.     Julia  Jones  Daggett,'"  born  Industr.v,  Me.,  October  6,  1876. 

3197.  Tii.    Blanche  M.  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  December  31,  1880. 
8198.  viii.  John  M.  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  13,  1882. 

3199.  ix,     Delia  F.  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  January  31,  1884. 

2566.  Andrew  Jackson  Daggett"  {Isaac,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,^ 
Seth,'  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'^  John'),  born  New  Vineyard, 
Me.,  November  26,  1829  ;  died  Industry,  Me.,  April  21,  1860;  mar- 
ried August  14,  18.52,  Susan  Tinlvham,  daughter  of  Ariel  and  Susan 
(Bray)  Tinkham,  of  Anson,  Me. ;  address,  Anson,  Me.  (1892). 

Issue : 

3200.  i.    Francis  A.  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,    Me.,  January  1,   1853;   died 

Industry,  Me.,  July  16,  1861. 

3201.  ii.  Susie  M.  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  February  19,  1860. 

2569.  Julia  Jones  Daggett'  {Isaac,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,"  Tliomas,'  TJiomas,"  John'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  June 
1,  1839  ;  resides  Sanborn,  O'Brien  Co.,  la.  (1892)  ;  married  Indus- 
try, Me.,  July  3,  1859,  by  Phineas  Libby,  to  Benjamin  Warren 
Norton,  son  of  Benjamin  Warren  and  Amy  AUen  (Manter)  Norton, 
of  Industry,  Me. ;  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,  July  3,  1836. 

Issue : 

3202.  i.      Sarah  Ellen  Norton,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  4,  1862;  married 

February  6,  1S85,  Henry  E.  Hodgkins,  son  of  Henry  T.  and  Ann 
Greeley  (Stinehiield)  Hodgkins;  issue:  Ernest  Warren,"  born 
April  21,  1889;  resides  N.  Chesterfield,  Me.  (1892). 

3203.  ii.    David  Merry  Norton,'"  born  Industry,   Me.,   February   23,  1864; 

m.arried  November  22,  1890,  Orie  Woolworth,  daughter  of  WOliam 
and  Mary  (Taylor)  Woolworth;  resides  Sanborn,  la.  (1892). 

3204.  iii.  Emily  Daggett  Norton,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  September  20,  1869; 

resides  Sanborn,  la.  (1892). 


Benjamin  W.  Norton,  farmer,  settled  in  Industry,  Me.,  was  repre- 
sentative in  the  State  Legislature,  and  town  treasurer.  Moved  to  Iowa 
in  1886. 

2571.  John  Baenard  Daggett^  (Samuel,^  Samuel,"  Samuel,^ 
Seth,^  Samuel,*  TJiomas,^  Thomas,'^  John^),  born  Farmington  Falls, 
Me.,  May  17,  1827;  "merchant  and  farmer;"  died  Wesley,  la., 
March  12,  1879;  married  Farmington  Falls,  Me.,  June  14,  1856, 
Cornelia  Russ,  daughter  of  Henry  and  Mary  (Clark)  Russ ;  born 
Me.,  March  1,  1830. 

Issue : 

3205.  i.    Alice  Daggett,'"  born  Farmington  Falls,    Me.,   October   30,    1858; 

married  Mason  City,  la.,  April  1,  1885,  Mr.  Heal;   resides  Wesley, 
la.  (1892). 

3206.  ii.  Bradford  Brush  Daggett,'"  born  Farmington  Falls,  Me.,  November 

27,  ISfU;   of  "Daggett  &  Schwie,"  stoves   and   plumbing   supplies, 
Mason  City,  la.  (1892). 

2573.  Emily  Jones  Daggett'  {Samuel,'*  SamueW  Samuel," 
Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,'  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Industry,  Me., 
January  10,  1837  ;  resides  Evansville,  Ind.  (1892) ;  maiTied  Farming- 
ton,  Me.,  July  30,  1862,  by  Eev.  Horatio  Q.  Butterfield,  to  Charles 
H.  Butterfield,  son  of  Asa  and  Hannah  (Jordan)  Butterfield;  born 
Farmington,  Me.,  May  17,  1833. 

No  issue. 

Hon.  Charles  H.  Butterfield  served  in  the  Civil  War  three  years, 
as  major  and  lieutenant-colonel,  Ninety-first  Indiana  Infantry.  In 
1870  he  was  judge  of  the  Criminal  Court;  1872,  mayor  of  the  city  of 
Evansville;  1886-91,  county  attorney,  Vanderburg  county,  Ind. 

2575.  Orrin  Daggett  '  {Samuel,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,'^  Seth,^ 
Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  Johyi'),  born  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
January  7,  1816;  resides  Presque  Isle,  Me.  (1892);  married  New 
Vineyard,  Me.,  February  23,  1839,  by  Rev.  Thomas  Smith,  to  Mary 
Perkins,  daughter  of  Levi  H.  and  Bethia  (Dunbar)  Perkins ;  born 
North  Anson,  Me.,  January  11,  1820. 

Issue : 
3207.  i.      Levi  Hooper  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  February  21,  1840. 
8208.  ii.     Phedelia  W.  Daggett,'"  born  New  Vineyard,  Me.,   September  8, 
1843;  died  East  Greenwich,  R.I.,  October  IS,  1872. 

3209.  iii.    SAMnEL  Daggett,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  29,  1846. 

3210.  iv.    Emma  A.  Daggett,'"  born  New  Sharon,   Me.,  April  23,  1854;   died 

Wilbraham,  Mass.,  May  4,  1877. 

3211.  v.    Charles  F.  Daggett,'"  born  New  Sharon,  Me.,  September  9,  1856. 

Orrin  Daggett  is  a  farmer  at  Presque  Isle.  He  has  been  selectman 
and  assessor  of  the  town,  sheriff  of  the  county  four  years,  and  mem- 
ber of  the  State  Legislature. 


3577.  Belinda  West  Daggett  ^  {John  T.,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,'^ 
SetJi,'  Samuel,*  Thomas,'  Thomafs,^  John^),  bom  Tisbury,  Mass., 
December  9,  1838;  died  New  Bedford,  Mass.;  married  Tisbury, 
Mass.,  November  30,  1856,  Alleu  Willeox,  of  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Issue  : 

3212.  i.  Frank  "Willcox,'"  born  April  22,  186j. 

2581.  Obed  Sherman  Daggett"  {John  T.,"  Saiimel,''  Samuel,^ 
Seth,''  Samuel,'^  Thomas,''  Thomas,"  Joha^),  born  Tisbury,  Mass., 
August  22,  1850;  resides  Tisbury,  Mass.  (1892);  married  Marsh- 
field,  Mass.,  February  12,  1884,  by  Rev.  T.  P.  Gumey,  to  Maria 
Roberts  Guruey,  daughter  of  Theophilus  B.  and  Rebecca  (Newcomb) 
Gurney;  born  East  Hartford,  Conn.,  March  19,  1860. 

Issue : 

3213.  i.     Emma  Sherman  Daggett,'"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  August  23,  1886. 

3214.  ii.    John  Toeet  Daggett,'"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  November  26,  1887. 
321.T.  iii.  Robert  Gurnet  Daggett,'"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  10,  1889. 

2583.  Lucy  Ellen  Daggett"  {John  T.,^  Samuel,''  Samuel," 
Seth,'  Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Tisbury,  Mass., 
July  12,  1855 ;  resides  North  Tisbury,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  1st, 
Tisbury,  Mass.,  December  5,  1875,  by  Rev.  Charles  E.  Stokes,  to 
Erford  W.  Burt,  of  Taunton,  Mass.,  son  of  William  A.  and  Salome 
S.  Burt;  born  Taunton,  Mass.,  1853;  "  carpenter ;"  died  Taunton, 
Mass.,  March,  1878;  married  2d,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  May  5,  1885,  by 
Rev.  John  F'ish,  to  Shubart  Weeks  Gray,  son  of  William  and  Viann 
(Weeks)  Gray. 

Issue : 
3216.  i.  Otis   E.  Burt,'"  born  Taunton,  Mass.,  December  13,  1876. 

2584.  Rebecca  Daggett  Manchester"  {Amanda  M.  Daggett," 
Samuel,''  Samuel,"  Seth,'"  Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born 
Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  December  14,  1836;  resides  Vineyard 
Haven,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  Benja- 
min Franklin  Norton,  son  of  Constant  and  Caroline  Elizabeth 
(Norton)  Norton;  born  Farmingtou,  Me.,  September  21,  1833; 
perished  at  sea,  autumn  of  1856  ;  married  2d,  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass., 
March  27,  1865,  Alfred  Elijah  Getchell,  sou  of  Parker  and  Rosanna 
(Lamb)  Getchell;  born  Haverhill,  N.H.,  July  1  or  2,  1822;  died 
April  28,   1875. 

No  issue. 

2585.  Sophronia  Peakes  Manchester"  {Avianda  M.  Daggett," 
Samuel,'  Sa7nuel,"  Seth,"  Samuel,"  Thomas,'  Thomas,^  John^),  bora 
Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  March  17,  1842;  resides  Vineyard  Haven, 


Mass.  (1892)  ;   married  Vineyard  Haven,  Mass.,  October  8,    1863, 
Ellis  Hamilton  Dean,  of  Glasgow,  Scot. ,  son  of  Charles  and  Jessie 
(Keir)  Dean;  born  Scotland,  August  27,  183.5. 
Issue : 

3217.  i.    George   Hamilton   Dean,'"  born  Vineyard  Haven,    Mass.,   April   1, 

1865;  address,  38  Pearl  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1892). 

3218.  ii.  Henry  Manter  Dean,'"    born    Cambridgeport,   Mass.,   December  2, 

1869;  address,  33i-  India  street,  Boston,  Mass.   (1892). 

2588.  Sri.AS  Daggett"  {Lenclal,"  Silan,''  Silas,"  Seth,^  Samuel," 
Tliomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  24,  1828; 
"farmer;"  resides  Harwood,  N.  Dak.  (1892);  married  Anson, 
Me.,  October  16,  1855,  by  Asa  Moor,  Esq.,  to  Mellisoa  Pinkham, 
daughter  of  Nahum  and  Nancy  (Nash)  Pinkham;  born  Stark,  Me., 
June  19,  1835. 

Issue : 

3219.  i.  Ira  P.  Daggett,'"  born  Stark,    Me.,  August  22,    1856;    died   Anson, 

Me.,  .January  8,   1865. 

2589.  Lydia  Asn  Daggett'  {Lendal,"  Silas,'  Silas,^  Seth,' 
Samuel,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Industry,  Me.,  Septem- 
ber 19,  1835;  resides  "West's  Mills,  Me.  (1892);  married  February 
26,  1857,  Joseph  WaiTen  Smith,  son  of  Peter  B.  and  Eleanor 
(Spencer)  Smith;  "farmer,  lilacksmith ;  "  bora  New  Vineyard,  Me., 
December  22,  1833. 

Issue : 

3220.  i.     Ellen  Mary  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  January  6,  1858;  married 

William  H.  Daggett  (see  No.  3191). 

3221.  ii.    Frank  Webster  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  8,  1859;  mar- 

ried October  29,  1885.  Augusta  Brackett,  daughter  of  Franklin  and 
Florilla  (Woodcock)  Brackett;  resides  Stark,  Me.  (1892);  issue: 
Ellen  Frances  Smith,  born  Stark,  Me.,  April  18,  1S8G. 

3222.  iii.  Edgene  Lendal  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  May  11,  1861;  married 

Mary  J.  Daggett. 

3223.  iv.  Charles  Gardiner  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  Aprils,  1867;  died 

Industry,  Me.,  August  16,  1869. 

3224.  V.    Fred  Warren  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  March  17,  1869. 

3225.  vi.  Charles  Marshall  Smith,'"  born  Industry,  Me.,  August  25,  1874. 

2591.  Tristram  Gardner  Daggett'  {Lendal,^  Silas,''  Silas,'' 
Seth,^  Samuel,*  Tliomas,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Stark,  Me., 
January  29,  1847 ;  resides  Anson,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Stark, 
Me.,  January  20,  1868,  by  Elder  John  Spinuey,  to  Sarah  Maria  Gil- 
man,  daughter  of  Stephen  and  Sarah  (Brown)  Gilman ;  bom  Anson, 
Me.,  December  28,  1847. 

Issue :  I 

3226.  i.    Bertice  Albert  DAGo'teTT,'"  born  Stark,  Me.,  December  20,  1868. 

3227.  ii.  Maud  Eugenie  Daggett.'"  born  Stark,  Me..  June  24.  1876. 

.lOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINEYARD.      293 

Mr.  Daggett  is  iu  the  cardioom  of  the  Indian  Spring  Woollen 
Mill,  Madison,  Me. 

2593.  William  Henky  Daggett"  {Joseph,^  Silas,''  Silas,"  Seth,'^ 
Samuel,*  Tliovias,'^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Tisbui-y,  Mass.,  January 
29,  1844;  resides  696  Washington  street,  Brighton,  Mass.  (1893); 
married  Golistowu  Centre,  N.H.,  November  23,  1870,  by  Rev. 
Watson  W.  Smith,  to  Nellie  lautha  Hills,  daughter  of  Albert  and 
Sarah  (Shaw)  Hills;  born  Manchester,  N.H.,  January  4,  1849. 

Issue : 

3228.  i.   Fked  Wallace;   Daugett,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  July  26,  1877. 

2595.  Chakles  Dillingham  Daggett"  {Joseph,^  Silas,''  Silas," 
Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Tisbury,  Mass., 
July  27,  1848;  resides  Bayswater  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1893); 
married  Boston,  Mass.,  February  21,  1872,  by  Rev.  S.  J.  B.  House, 
to  Emily  Jane  Norton,  daughter  of  Richard  and  Caroline  Love 
(Cottle)  Norton;  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  January  24,  1845;  died 
Boston,  Mass.,  February  22,   1893. 

Issue : 

3229.  i.  Venetia  Inis  Daggett,'"  born  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  4,  1873. 

Mr.  Daggett  has  been  connected  with  the  "Boston  Journal"  for 
many  years. 

2601.  Annie  Franklin  Daggett"  (Grafton  L.,'  Freeman,'' 
Freeman,"  Sylvanus,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born 
Tisbm-y,  Mass.,  September  11,  1857;  resides  Franklin,  Pa.  (1892)  ; 
married  Tisbm-y,  Mass.,  May  21,  1885,  by  Rev.  J.  P.  Farrar,  to 
Charles  Edwin  Lord,  of  Newport,  R.I.,  son  of  Albert  E.  and  Caroline 
Elizabeth  (Furber)  Lord;  "teacher;"  born  Woodstock,  Vt.,  July 
15,   1852. 

Issue  : 

3230.  i.    Constance  Lokd,'"  boru  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  20,  1886. 

3231.  ii.  Elisabeth  Daggett  Loud,'"  born  Franklin,  Pa.,  June  3,  1890. 

2629.  Clarinda  Greene  Daggett"  [David,"  Henry,''  Ichabod," 
Elihu,^  Mat/hew,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Hopkinton,  N.Y., 
February  19,  1841 ;  resides  Potsdam,  N.Y.  (1892)  ;  married  Parish- 
ville,  N.Y.,  August  16,  1864,  John  A.  Vance,  son  of  John  and  Aner 
(Hill)  Vance;  boru  Osnabruck,  Out.,  Can.,  October  8,  1836. 

Issue : 

3232.  i.    Carroll  Herbert  Vance,'"  born  Parishville,    N.Y.,   September   H, 


3233.  ii.  Ethel  Mette  Vance,'"  born  Potsdam,  N.Y.,  February  15,  1871. 


3630.  Henrt  Levi  Daggett"  {David,"  Henri/,''  Ichabod,^  Elihu,^ 
Mayheiv,"  John,^  Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  April  28, 
1842;  resides  Parishville,  N.Y.  (1892);  married  Potsdam,  N.Y., 
November  24,  1869,  Marion  Church,  daughter  of  Calvin  Colton  and 
Elizabeth  Bradbury  (Follett)  Church;  born  Crary's  Mills,  N.Y. ,  May 
9,  1849. 

Issue : 

3234.  i.    Gkace  Elizabeth  Daggett,'"  born  Parishville,  N.Y.,  May  3,  1873. 

3235.  ii.  Arthur  David  Daggett,'"  born  Parishville,  N.Y.,  August  27,  1876. 

2632.  Hekbert  Martin  Daggett^  (Davkl,^  Henrij,''  Ichabod,^ 
Elihu,^  Mayheio,*  John,^  Thomas,"^  John'),  hovn  Stockholm,  N.Y., 
October  19,  1846  ;  address,  159  Baldwin  street,  Elmira,  N.Y.  (1892)  ; 
married  Parishville,  N.Y.,  December  15,  1869,  Myra  Shepard  Smith, 
daughter  of  Ansel  Sowles  and  Susan  Zerniah  (Shepard)  Smith ;  boru 
ParishvOle,  N.Y.,  September  4,  1851. 

Issue : 

3236.  i.     Mabel  Cornelia  Daggett,'"  born  Parishville,  N.Y.,  June  12,  1873. 

3237.  ii.    Mtron  Herbert  Daggett,'"  born  Parishville,  N.Y.,  April  20,  1875. 

3238.  iii.  Clara  Mat  Daggett,'"  born  Parishville,  N!Y.,  October  17,  1877. 

3239.  iv.  Henry  D.wid  Daggett,'"  born  Potsdam,  N.Y.,  January  20,  1884. 

Mr.  Daggett  is  of  the  "  Elmira  Portrait  Company." 

2633.  Frank  K.  Daggett'  (Levi  P.,"  Henri/,''  Ichabod,"  Elihu,"- 
Mayhew,"  John,''  Thomas,-  John'),  born  1838;  died  Litchfield, 
Minn.,  October,  1876  ;  married  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  1860,  Emma  Dag- 
gett, daughter  of  Stephen  Abbot  and  Olive  (Battles)  Daggett  (No. 
2624)  ;  born  Stockholm,  N.Y.,  1838;  died  August  4,  1883. 

No  issue. 

2641.  Sarah  Daggett  Jii.lson  '  {Eliza  M.  Daggett,'^  Benjamin, 
Daniel,^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  March  28,  1834;  resides  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1893);  married 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  24,  1858,  Albert  D.  Dean,  son  of  Dor- 
ranee  and  Sepha  (Whittaker)  Dean. 

Issue : 

3240.  i.    Russell  Dean.'" 

3241.  ii.  EvALiNE  Dean,'"  married  Frederic  Fogg;  issue  :  two  sons. 

2642.  George  Lee  Jillson  '  {Eliza  M.  Daggett,"  Benjamin,'' 
Daniel,^  Elihii,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  boru  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  September  23,  1837;  resides  North  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ; 
married  1st,  Frances  Stanley,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Margaret 
(Montgomery)  Stanley;  married  2d,  May  30,  1867,  Estelle  A.  Bos- 
worth,  daughter  of  Pliny  Bosworth;  born  Newton,  Mass.,  September 


7,    1843 ;  married  3d,  Ella  Aldrich,    daughter  of  Silas  and  Salome 
(Foster)  Aldrich. 
Issue  :  three  childreu,  1876. 

2645.  Oliver  Stanley'  (Catherine  Blackinton,^  Mary  Daggett,'' 
Daniel,^  El'ihu,'  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  resides  North 
Attleboro',  Mass.  (1893)  ;  married  1st,  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass., 
February  26,  1842,  Emily  Whitney,  daughter  of  Martin  and  Nancy 
(Orne)  Whitney;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  6,  1813;  died 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  April  1,  1852;  married  2d,  Mary  Perry,  daughter 
of  John  Perry. 

Issue : 

3242.1.     Frederic  M.  Stanley,'"  born   Attleboro',  Mass.,   Marcb    15,    1843; 
married;  no  issue;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  15,  1877. 

3243.  ii.    Annie   Frances   Stanley,'"  married  W.   W.   Pratt;  issue:    Stanley 


3244.  iii.  Emily  Stanley,'"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  1852. 

2647.  Elinor  Stanley'  (Catherine  Blackinton,"  Mary  Daggett,^ 
Daniel,'^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  married  Isaac 
Bailey;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  11,  1814;  died  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  June  28,  1856. 

Issue : 

3245.  i.      Irving  I.  Bailey,'"  born  Attleboro',   Mass.,  January   17,  1846;    died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  10,  1851. 

3246.  ii.    Catharine  Bailey.'" 

3247.  iii.  Annie  Ballet.'" 

2649.  William  Dean  Whiting  '  (Nancy  Blackinton,''  Mary 
Daggett,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  December  23,  1815;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  No- 
vember 24,  1891 ;  married  December  17,  1839,  Rebecca  Damon 
Butterfield,  daughter  of  Pitt  and  Lucy  (Damon)  Butterfield ;  born 
Dedham,  Mass.,  May  8,   1818. 

3248.  i.     William  Osborne   Whiting,'"  born  September  30,   1846;   drowned 

April  28,  1851. 

3249.  ii.    Frank  Mortimer  Whiting,'"  born  1847;  married  Florence  Hancock, 

daughter  of  Timothy  E.  and  Harriett  (Doane)  Hancock;  be  died  At- 
tleboro', Mass.,  May  28,  1892;  issue;  two  daughters  ;  widow  resides 
North  Attleboro'  (1893). 

3250.  iii.  Josephine  S.  Whiting.'" 

3251.  iv.  Florence  R.  Whiting.'" 

2655.     Emily  Richards  '  (OZt're   D.   BlacMnton,"  3Iary  Daggett. '' 
Daniel,^  Elihu,^   Mayhem,''  John,'  Thomas,''  John'),  married  David 


Capron;   bom  December,    1811;   died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  March  18, 

3252.  i.     Henry  Capkon,'"  married  Josephine  Mason;  issue  :  two  children. 

3253.  ii.    Feank  Capron,'"  married  Emmeline  Goodwin,  daughter  of  Wallace 

and  Angeline  Goodwin. 

3254.  iii.  Louise  Capron.'" 

3656.  Ann  Maria  Richards"  (Olive  D.  Slacl-inton,^  Mary 
Daggett,'' Daniel,'^  EliJiii,^  Mayheto,'  JoJin,^  Tliomas,"  John'),  born 
Attleboro',  Mass.,  August  16,  1819;  married  Attleboro',  Mass., 
October  28,  1841,  Abiel  Codding,  son  of  Abiel  and  Cliloe  (Daggett) 
Codding;  born  Rehobotb,  Mass.,  January  29,  1817. 

Issue : 

3255.  i.     Arthur    E.   Codding,'"    married    Alice,    daughter    of    Lucius    and 

Amelia  (Robinson)  Chamberlin;   issue:   Alice,"  Arthur,"    daugh- 

3256.  ii.    Ella  M.  Codding,'"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  26,  1845;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  July  4,  1846. 

3257.  iii.  James  A.  Codding,'"  married  Agnes  Adele,  daughter  of  Benjamin 

Stanley  and  Ann  (Robinson)  Freeman ;  issue  :  James  A.,"  Annie," 

3258.  iv.  Edwin  A.  Codding,'"  married  Jeanie,  daughter  of  Joseph  Jackson 

and  Sarah  A.  (Tisdale)  Freeman;  issue  :  Joseph." 

3259.  V.    Ellen  L.  Codding,'"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November,   1860;  died 

Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  27,  1879. 

2657.  Fkancis  B.  Richards"  {Olive  D.  Bkwkinton,''  Mary  Batj- 
gett,''  Daniel,^  Elihu,"  Mayhew,"  Jolni,'^  Thomas,^  John  '),  resides  No. 
Attleboro',  Mass.  (1893);  married  1st,  Julia  M.  Peck;  born  1828; 
died  Attleboi'o',  Mass.,  September  7,  1853 ;  married  2d,  Mrs.  Short. 

Issue : 

3260.  i.    Hattie  Olive  Richards,'"  m.arried  George  Cheerer,  son  of  William 

and  Betsy  (Allen)  Cheerer -,  issue:  one  child." 

3261.  ii.  Annie  Richards,'"  married  Orin  Clifford;  issue :  one  child." 

2661.  Chloe  Richardson"  (Abigail  Daggett,"  Daniel,''  Daniel,^ 
Eliliu,^  Mayheiv,*  John,'  Tliomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
July  23,  1816;  died  Attleboro'  Falls,  Mass.,  February  5,  1854;  mar- 
ried Guilford  Fuller,  son  of  Ezekiel  and (Thayer)  Fuller ;  born 

1811;  died  Wrentham,  Mass.,  January  17,  1889. 

Issue : 

3262.  i.     Anson  Fuller.'" 

3263.  ii.    Cornelia  Fuller.'" 

3264.  iii.  Arthur  Fuller.'" 

3265.  iv.  Sarah  Fuller.'" 

2662.  Cynthia  Ann  Richardson  "  (Abigail  Daggett,"  Daniel,'' 
Daniel,^  Elihu,^  Mayhem,*  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  1816;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  September  19,  1888;  married 


Thomas  Gully;  Ijoni  England,    LSIl';   died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May 
24,   1892. 
Issue : 

3266.  i.  Thomas  Gclly,'"  born  January  27,  IstiO. 

2670.  Daniel  Cuktis  Daggett"  {Daniel,'*  Daniel,''  Daniel," 
Elihu,^  Mayliew,*  Jolin,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Taunton,  Mass., 
July  11,  1828;  "machinist;"  died  March  22,  1883;  married  New- 
buryport,  Mass.,  August  28,  1851,  by  Rev.  Nicholas  Medbury,  to 
Mary  E.  Brown,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Lydia  Brown ;  born  New- 
buryport,  Mass.,  1833. 

Issue : 

3267.  i.  Geokge  H.  Daggett,'"  resides  Minneapolis,  Minn.  (1S92). 

3675.  Cornelius  D.  Robinson  "  {Hannah  Dagijctt,^  Daniel,'' 
Daniel,^  Elihu,'  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  bom  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  August  28,  1835;  died  December  29,  1863;  married  Eva 
BaiTows,  daughter  of  Aaron  and  Evaline  (Norris)  Barrows. 

Issue : 

3268.  i.  Eva  Robinson,'"  born  April  13,  1863;  died  December  28,  1S63. 

3676.  Daniel  H.  Robinsox  "  {Hannah  Daggett,^  Daniel,''  Dan- 
iel," Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  TJiomas,'  John'),  born  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  May  3,  1839  ;  resides  West  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892)  ;  mar- 
ried Clara  Ellis,  daughter  of  Joel  and  Mary  (Walcott)  Ellis. 

Issue :  several  children. 

3269.  i.    Jennie  E.'  Robinson,'"  born  July,  1883;  drowned  March  1,  1889. 

3270.  ii.  Daniel   0.  Robinson,'"  born  September,  1884;    drowned   March    1, 

3679.  Chakles  Daniel  Daggett'  {Samuel  S.,"  Daniel,''  Dan- 
iel,'' Elihu,^  Mayheiv,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Milwaukee, 
Wis.,  May  2,  1851;  resides  Pasadena,  Cal.  (1892);  married  Mil- 
waukee, Wis.,  September  7,  1875,  Mary  Stewart,  daughter  of  Rev. 
J.  B.  (D.D.)  and  Nancy  (Macgreger)  Stewart;  born  Morristown, 
Ohio,  May  30,   1854. 

Issue  : 

3271.  i.     Ruth  Daggett,'"  born  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  July  28,  1876. 

3272.  ii.    Helen  Daggett,'"  born  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  November  6,  1877. 

3273.  iii.  John  Stewart  Daggett,'"  born  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  November  5,  1878. 

3274.  iv.  Maud  Daggett,'"  born  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  February  10,  1883. 

2680.  Anna  Maria  Daggett'  {Mina  B.,^  Daniel,''  Daniel,^ 
Elihu,^  Mayhem,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  February  12,  1747;  died  Cumberland,  E.I.,  June,  1887; 
married  Attleboro',    Mass.,   August   13,    1878,  by  Rev.   W.   Henry 


King,  to  Charles   Herbert  Jencks,  sou  of  Liberty  Whipple  and  Auu 
Elizabeth  (Razee)  Jencks,  of  Cumberland,  R.I. ;   "farmer;"  born 
Cumberland,  R.I.,  May  23,   18,oo. 
Issue:  four  children. 

3275.  i.    Halset  Baxter  Jencks,'"  born  June  5,  1879. 

3276.  ii,  Lester  Mina  Jencks,'"  born  September  6,  1881. 

2689.  Da>-iel  O.  Stanley"  {Venial  Stanleji,^  Betsey  Daggett,'' 
Daniel,^  ElUni,^  Mayhem,^  John,''  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Attleboro', 
Mass.,  January  15,  1836;  died  Attleboro',  M:iss.,  June  16,  1886; 
married  1st,  Nancy  D.  Rouuds,  daughter  of  Enon  and  Nancy  Rounds, 
of  Mansfield;  born  1837;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  12, 
1857;  married  2d,  Eliza  C.  Gay,  daughter  of  Jabez  J.  R.  Gay; 
born  1836;  died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  14,  1878;  married 
3d, . 

Issue:  three  children. 

2712.  Heney  Wheeler  Bulkley'  {Henry  D.,^  Amelia  M.  Dag- 
gett,'' Henry,^  Elihu,^  Mayhem,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  New 
York  city,  July  22,  1842;  resides  Orange,  N.J.  (1887);  married 
April  26,  1881,  Isabella  Cassard,  of  Baltimore,  Md. 

Issue : 

3277.  i.    Henry  Daggett  Bulkley.'" 

3278.  ii.  George  Cassard  Bulkley.'". 

Henry  Wheeler  Bulkley  is  a  mechanical  engineer  by  profession,  and 
an  extensive  inventor.     He  was  educated  at  New  York  College. 

2713.  Dr.  Lucius  Duncan  Bulkley"  {Henry  D.,''  Amelia  M. 
Daggett,''  Henry, ^  Mihu,'  Mayhew,"  John,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born 
New  York  city,  January  12,  1845 ;  resides  4  East  Thii'ty-seventh 
street.  New  York  city  (1889)  ;  married  May  28,  1872,  Kate  Mellick, 
of  Bergen  Point,  N.J. 

Issue  : 

3279.  i.  LiLLiE  A.  Bulkley.'" 

3280.  ii.  Julia  Bulkley.'" 

3281.  iii.  L.  Constant  Hulklby.'" 

3282.  iv.  H.  Duncan  Bulkley. i" 

3283.  V.  Kathleen  Bulkley.'" 

3284.  Ti.  Kennett  Bulkley.'" 

Lucius  Duncan  Bulkley,  M.D.,  graduated  at  Yale  and  the  New 
York  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons. 

2714.  Emma  Matilda  Bulkley  "  {Henry  D.,^  Amelia  M.  Daggett,'' 
Henry, ^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,"  John,'  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  New  York 


city,  March  22,  1850;  resides  New  York  city;   married  J.  Cleveland 
Cady,  whose  first  wife  was  Julia  Bulkley. 
Issue : 

2731.  RosABELLE  TowNSEND  HooKEE '  {Edivard,^  Elisabeth 
Daggett.''  Henry,^  Elihu,^  3fayheiv,*  John,^  Thomas,^  ,/o7i» '),  born 
Providence,  R.I.,  June  9,  1858;  resides  Des  Moines,  la. ;  married 
Philadelphia,  Pa.,  March  28,  1882,  John  Lorenz,  son  of  Jacob  and 
Christiana   (Leupold)  Lorenz  ;  born  "Weissenstadt,  Ger. 

Issue : 

3287.  i.     Lucy  Hooker  Lorenz,^"  born  Des  Moines,  la.,  .April  7,  1884. 

3288.  ii.    Edward  Hooker   Lokenz,'"  born  Des  Moines,  la.,   September   13, 


3289.  iii.  Philip  Battey  Lorenz,'"  born  Des  Moines,  la.,  January  2,  1889. 
.3290.  iv.  Maud  Esther  Lorenz,"  born  Des  Moines,  la.,  July  11,  1891. 

2732.  Heney  Daggett  Hooker'  (Echvard,^  Elisabeth  Daggett,'' 
Henry,"  Elihu,'  Mayhetv,"  John,"  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Providence, 
R.I.,  April  14,  1859  ;  "  architect;"  resides  20  Sefferts  place,  Brooklyn, 
N.Y.  (1892);  married  Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  January  7,  1886,  Mary 
Theodora  Davenport,  daughter  of  Julius  and  Mary  Ann  (Bates) 
Davenport;  born  Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  June  25,  1856. 

Issue : 

3291.  i.    Davenport  Hooker,"*  born  Brooklyn,  N.Y.,  May  13,  1887. 

3292.  ii.  Henry  Daggett  Hooker,'"  born  Brooklyn,  K.Y.,  January  25,  1892. 

2745.  Albion  Paris  Kimball'  {Emily  A.  Daggett,^  George,'' 
Elihu,^  Elihu,^  Mayhem,*  John,"  Thomas,^  John  ^),  born  Atkinson, 
Me.,  August  3,  1837;  "farmer;"  resides  Bradford  Centre,  Me. 
(1892)  ;  man-ied  Atkinson,  Me.,  1863,  Margaret  Blether,  daughter  of 
Eben  and  Margaret  (Coombs)  Blether;  bom  Atkinson.  Me.,  March 
31,  1845. 

Issue : 

3293.  i.   Charles  Edwin  Kimball,'"  born  Charleston,  Me.,  January  31,  1866. 

3294.  ii.  Eben  Blether  Kimball,'"  born  Bradford,  Me.,  May  6,  1879. 

2746.  Ellen  Maria  Daggett'  {George  R.,^  George,''  Elihu," 
Elihu,^  Mayhew,"  John,"  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Atkinson,  Me., 
March  1,  1843;  resides  Dover,  Me.  (1892)  ;  man-ied  Atkinson,  Me., 
February  21,  1863,  by  Elisha  L.  Hammond,  Esq.,  to  Alanson  Mellen 
Warren,  son  of  P>lbridge  G.  and  Phebe  Celestia  (Nasou)  Warren,  of 
Old  Town,  Me.  ;  born  Old  Town,  Me.,  June  1,  1838. 

Issue : 

3295.  i.      Leland   Tindall  Warhkn.I"  born    Atkiusoii,  Me.,  July  8,  1864 ;  died 

Dover,  Me.,  January  13,  1887. 


32!)6.  ii.    VicTOK  Lisle  Wakren,'"  born   Onicville,   Me.,    December  8,   1805; 
student  "  Shaw's  Commercial  College,"  Portland,  Me.  (1892). 

3297.  iii.  Fred  Gerry  Warken,'"  born  Orneville,  Me.,  March  23,  1867;   mar- 

ried Sebec,  Me.,  January  1,  1890,  by  Kev.  Mr.  Taylor,  to  EiSe 
Levensalor,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Vesta  (Battles)  Levensalor; 
born  Sebec,  Me.,  May  24,  1876;  "  boots  and  shoes;  "  resides  Dover, 
Me.  (1892). 

3298.  iv.  Beunard  Jerome  Warren,'"  born   Orneville,   Me.,  June   25,    1869; 

married  Dover,  Me.,  September  18,  1889,  by  Kev.  A.  G.  Hill,  to 
Hester  Frances  Foss,  daughter  of  Jobn  and  Sophia  (Johnson)  Foss; 
born  Milo,  Me.,  February  3,  1867;  "hair-dresser;"  resides  Dover, 
Me.  (1892). 

3299.  V.    Mellen  Edwin  Warren,"  born  Orneville,  Me.,   November  1,  1874; 

"  clerk;  "  resides  Sebec,  Me.  (1892). 

3300.  vi.  Ellen  Alwilda  Warren,'"  born  Orneville,  Me.,  March  1,  1879. 

Mr.  Warreu  was  orderly  sergeant  of  Company  M,  First  Maine 
Cavalry,  and  was  severely  wounded  at  the  battle  of  Aldie,  June  17, 

He  was  for  many  years  a  teacher  and  farmer;  now  (1892)  register 
of  deeds,  Piscataquis  county,  Me. 

3747.  Lydia  Frances  Daggett"  {George  jB.,"  George,''  Elihu,'^ 
EKIiu,'"  May heiv,*  John, ^  TJiomas,-  John'),  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  June 
17,  1844;  resides  Ontario,  Knox  county.  111.  (1802);  married  1st, 
South  Sebec,  Me.,  October  23,  1863,  by  Theodore  Wyman,  to  Jesse 
F'rank  Stevens,  of  Sebec,  Me.,  sou  of  Judge  Jesse  and  Glaphyra 
(Lovejoy)  Stevens;  born  Wayne,  Me.,  July  22,  1831 ;  died  Rocktou, 
111.,  September  11,  1878;  married  2d,  Galesburg,  III.,  December  23, 
1882,  by  Thomas  McKee,  to  Angus  Moor,"  son  of  Eber  Stuart  and 
Lydia  T.'*  (Daggett)  Moor  (No.  2739)  ;  born  Anson,  Me.,  February 
8,  1835;   "  farmer." 

Issue : 

3301.  i.       Conrad  Frank  Stevens,'"  born  Sebec,  Me.,  August  7,  1861. 

3302.  ii.     Jessie  Paulina  Stevens,'"  born  Sebec,  Me.,  May  19,  1866. 

3303.  ill.    George  Daggett  Stevens,'"  born  Sebec,  Me.,  February  24,  1868; 

married  Aledo,  111.,  April  15,  1881;  address,  Ontario,  111.  (1892). 

3304.  iv.    Howard  Warren  Stevens,'"  born  Roekton,  111.,  March  1,  1872. 

3305.  V.      Harry  Wallace  Stevens,'"  born  Roekton,  111.,  March  1,  1872. 

3306.  vi.    Jay  Fred  Stevens,'"  born  Roekton,  111.,  February  7,  1879. 

3307.  vii.  Don  Angus  Moor,'"  born  Rio,  111.,  April  28,  1885. 

Jesse  F.  Stevens  was  euroUed  September  24,  1864,  and  assigned 
to  the  Seventeenth  Regiment,  Maine  Infantry,  but  was  detailed 
to  write  in  quartermaster's  department.  Discharged  May  13,  1865, 
at  Portland,  Me.  Appointed  justice  of  the  peace,  April  20,  1867, 
for  a  term  of  seven  years.  Was  school  director  in  Rocktou,  111., 
several  terms. 

2748.  Henrietta  Atwood  Daggett"  (George  R.,"  George,' 
EJihu,^  EWm,^  Mayheiv,'^  John,^  Thomas,-  John  '),  born  Atkinson, 
Me.,  August  13,  1848;  resides  Milo,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Orue- 


ville,  Me.,  January  1,  1867,  by  Alansou  M.  Warren,  Esq.,  to  Lewis 
Melviu  Porter,  sou  of  William  and  Persis  (Hamlin)  Porter;  born 
Orneville,  Me.,  February  12,  1845;  "carpenter;"  died  Jacksonville, 
Fla.,  Januarys,  1888;  married  2d,  Dover,  Me.,.  March  4,  1889,  by 
Alanson  M.  Warron,  Esq.,  to  Amos  Perkins  Morse,  of  Milo,  Me., 
son  of  Aaron  and  Olive  (White)  Morse  ;  "  farmer;  "  born  Old  Town, 
Me.,  March  23,  1837. 

No  issue. 

Mr.  Porter  was  a  soldier  during  the  Civil  War.  He  served  in  tlie 
Fourth  and  Sixteenth  Maine  Regiments ;  was  eight  months  a  prisoner 
at  Libby  Prison,  and  released  only  a  short  time  before  the  close  of 
the  war. 

3749.  Albert  Austin  Daggett''  {George  72.,'  George,''  Elilm," 
Elilut,"  Mayhew,"  Johv,^  Thomas,^  JoJm^),  born  Atkinson,  Me., 
September  30,  1851;  "farmer;"  resides  Atkinson,  Me.  (1892); 
married  Atkinson,  Me.,  June  21,  1873,  Hattie  Orissa  Turner, 
daughter  of  Joseph  and  Sarah  Scovill  (Stocker)  Turner ;  born  Dover, 
Me.,  December  22,  1855;  postmistress  at  Maple,  Me.  (town  of 
Atkinson),    (1892). 

Issue : 

3308.  i.     Annie  Pauline  Daggett,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  February  1,  1874:. 

3309.  ii.    Henky  Wokth  Daggett,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  March  4,  1879. 

3310.  iii.  Helen  Ltdia  Daggett,"*  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  December  27,  1880. 

3311.  iv.  Mart  Etta  Daggett,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  October  27,  1886;  died 

Atkinson,  Me.,  August  25,  1887. 

3312.  V.    Eva  Alberta  Daggett,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  April  17,  1889. 

2750.  Hattie  Evelyn  Daggett^  {George  R.,^  George,''  Elihn,^ 
EliJm,^  3Iaylieiv,*  John,^  Thomas,'  John^),  born  Atkinson,  Me., 
October  13,  1858;  resides  Atkinson,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married  Atkinson, 
Me.,  May  26,  1877,  by  Rev.  S.  S.  Goss,  to  Charles  Barney  Noyes, 
son  of  David  Jewett  and  Nancy  (Barney)  Noyes;  "farmer;"  boru 
Atkinson,  Me.,  May  2,  1845. 

Issue  : 

3313.  i.     Alice  Mart  Notes,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  October  22,  1878. 

3314.  il.    Edith  Henrietta  Notes, "^  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  September  15,  1880. 

3315.  iii.  Edwin  Daggett  Notes,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  August  17,  1882. 

3316.  iv.  Carl  B.  Notes,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  December  12,  1883. 

3317.  V.    William  Morren  Notes,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  May  6,  1887. 

3318.  vi.   Fred  A.  Notes,'"  born  Atkinson,  Me.,  March  12,  1889. 

3760.  John  Gould  Daggett  '  {Earl  P.,"  George,'  EUhn,"  Elilm,' 
Mayhen-,^  John,"  Thomas,"  Jokn'),  born  Orne^'ille,  Me.,  Jime  15, 
1849;  "cook;"  resides  Medford,  Me.  (1892);  married  Medford, 
Me.,  March  30.  1876,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Palmer,  to  Manilla  E.  Emery, 


daughter  of  Joseph  and   Harriet   (Boobar)   Emery;   boru    Medford, 
Me.,  February  20,  1857. 

Issue : 
:^319.  i.     John  Henry  Daggett,'"  born  Medford,  Me.,  August  24,  1879. 

3320.  ii.    Perley  Lowe  Daggett,'"  born  Medford,  Me.,  December  27,  1881: 

drowned  January  4,  1890. 

3321.  iii.  Earl  Byron  Daggett,'"  horn  Medford,  Me.,  August  20,  1SS6. 

2761.  Maet  Elizabeth  Daggett''  (Albion  K.  P.,"  George,'' 
Elihu,^  Elihit,'^  Mayhew,"  John,"  Thomas,-  John'),  boru  Orneville, 
Me.,  February  26,  1845;  resides  Bradford,  Me.  (1892);  married 
Bradford,  Me.,  January  1,  1866,  Dauiel  Waterman  King,  of  Brad- 
ford, sou  of  Rice  and  Bridget  (Cowan)  King;  "farmer;"  born 
Bradford,  Me.,  September  12,   1844. 

Issue : 

3322.  i.    Charles  Henry  King,'"  born  Bradford,  Me.,  October  ;51,  18GG. 

3323.  ii.  Annie  Mabel  King,'"  born  Bradford,  Me.,  July  14,  1870. 

2772.  Henkt  Lefrelet  Daggett^  (Henry  L.,"  Jacob,''  Elihu,^ 
Elihu,^  Mayhem,'  John,"  Thomas,"  John  '),  born  Boston,  Mass.,  July 
19,  1851 ;  resides  Commonwealth  avenue,  Boston,  Mass.  (1892)  ; 
married  Boston,  Mass.,  October  15,  1873,  by  Rev.  Alexander  H. 
Vinton,  to  Evelyn  W.  Fay,  daughter  of  Franklin  L.  and  Hannah  S. 
Fay;  born  Maiden,  Mass.,  1852. 

Issue : 
3324.1.  Henry  Lefrelet  Daggett,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  December  24,  1874. 

2779.  WiLL.ARD  Francis  Daggett''  (Willard  E.,^  Jacob,'' 
Elihu,^  Elihu,°  Mayhew,'  John,"  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Dorchester, 
Mass.,  August  7,  1850;  "clerk;"  died  Boston,  Mass.,  April  11, 
1875;  married  Boston,  Mass.,  October  29,  1872,  by  Rev.  John  O. 
Means,  to  Mary  J.  Lee,  daughter  of  James  and  Frances  Lee ;  born 
Norwich,  Conn.,   1854. 

Issue : 
3325.  i.  Harry  Lee  Daggett,'"  born  Boston,,  September  1,5,  1873;  died 
Boston,  Mass.,  May  5,  1874. 

2781.  Milton  Lyman  Daggett'  {Lyman,^  Milton,''  Elijah," 
Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,"  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Boston,  Mass., 
1848;  "photographer;"  resides  Taunton,  Mass.  (1885);  married 
1st,  Charlestown,  Mass.,  July  3,  1873,  by  Rev.  Mark  Trafton,  to 
Mary  A.  Ames,  widow,  daughter  of  Francis  A.  and  Mary  G.  Curtis  ; 
born  Surry,  Me.,  March  14,  1847;  died  Taunton,  Mass.,  April  16, 
1878;  married  2d,  Taunton,  Mass.,  June  10,  1880,  by  Rev.  J.  W. 
Ballantine,  to  Hattie  L.  Becker,  daughter  of  William  and  Mary  A. 
Becker;  boru  Dorchester,  Mass.,   1861. 

JOHN   DOGGETT,    OF   MARTHA'S   VINP:YAED.       303 

2783.  Waerex  C.  Daggett'  {Lyman,^  Milton,''  Elijah,"  Elilni,' 
Mayhew,'  John,^  Thomas,^  JoJm^),  born  Boston,  Mass.,  1862; 
"printer;  "  address,  39  Arch  street,  Boston,  Mass.  (1893)  ;  married 
Maiden,  Mass.,  May  10,  1882,  by  Rev.  J.  W.  Wellman,  to  Bessie  P. 
Stafford,  daughter  of  William  W.  and  Elizabeth  Stafford;  born 
Newton,  Mass.,  186.5. 

Issue : 

3ii2C,.  i.   Isabella  Stafford  Daggett,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  August  18,  1883. 

2785.  David  Arthur  Brown'  {Mary  A.  Daggett,^  Otis,'  Joab," 
John,^  Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,''  JoJin^),  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
May  14,  1839  ;  resides  Penacook,  N.H.  (1892)  ;  married  Concord, 
N.H.,  December  22,  1864,  Susan  Malvina  Follansbee,  daughter  of 
John  Pettee  and  Sarah  Ann  (Jacobs)  Follansbee;  born  Grafton, 
N.H.,  March  18,  1842. 

Issue : 

3327.  i.  Henry  Arthdr  Brows,'"  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  February  8,  1868. 
Mr.  Brown  is  treasurer  of  the  Concord  Axle  Company,  and  presi- 
dent of  the  Archibald  Wheel  Company  (1892). 

2786.  Mart  Lodisa  Beown'  {Mary  A.  Daggett,^  Otis,''  Joab," 
John,'  Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Attleboro',  Mass., 
June  2.5,  1841 ;  resides  Penacook,  N.H.  (1892)  ;  married  Penacook, 
N.H.,  July  10,  1866,  William  Henry  CaldweU,  son  of  Benjamin  F. 
and  Pamelia  (Symonds)  Caldwell;  born  Nashua,  N.H.,  May  23, 

Issue : 

3328.  i.  Mart  Grace  Caldwell,'"  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  May  6,  1867. 

2788.  Ellen  Maria  Brown'  {Mary  A.  Daggett,^  Otis,''  Joab," 
John,'  Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  Penacook,  N.H., 
January  11,  1848;  died  Winchester,  Mass.,  July  10,  1884;  mar- 
ried Penacook,  N.H.,  January  16,  1873,  Rev.  Joseph  Flanders 
Fielden,  son  of  Samuel  and  Betsy  (Scott)  Fielden;  born  Somers- 
worth,  N.H.,  October  23,  1844;  resides  Newport,  N.H.  (1892). 

Issue : 

3329.  i.   Henry  Brown  Fielden,'"  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  June  29,  1874. 

2789.  Isabel  Nancy  Brown  '  {Mary  A.  Daggett,"  Otis,''  Joah,'^ 
John,^  Ebenezer,"  John, ^  Thomas^-  John'),  born  Penacook,  N.H., 
April  7,  1850 ;  resides  Penacook,  N.H.  (1892)  ;  married  Penacook, 
N.H.,  June  8,  1874,  John  Howard  Moore,  son  of  John  S.  and  Han- 
nah (Dow)  Moore;  born  Canterbury,  N.H.,  May  22,  1852. 

Issue : 

3330.  i.     Herbert  Fisher  Moore,'"  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  July  10,  1875. 


3331.  ii.    Mary  Belle  Moore,'"  born   Penacook,   N.H.,  July  21,    1S7G;  died 

Penacook,  N.H.,  September  11,  1876. 

3332.  iii.  Howard  Brown  Moore,'"  born  Penacook,  N.H.,  August  8,  1883. 

2792.  John  Gilman  Daggett'  {John  G.,^  Otis,''  Joah,'^  John,'' 
Ebenezer,^  John,'  Thomas,^  John  '),  bom  Princeton,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 21,  1850;  of  "  De  Butts  &  Daggett;  "  resides  Somerville,  Mass. 
(1891);  married  Boston,  Mass.,  December  6,  1882,  by  Eev.  E.  E. 
Hale,  to  Eva  Picliering  Goodwin,  daughter  of  Henry  and  Eveline  S. 
Goodwin;  born  Salem,  Mass.,  1853. 

Issue : 

3333.  i.    Ethel  Goodwin  Daggett,"'  born  Boston,  Mass.,  March  27,  1884. 

3334.  11.  Harold  Pickering  Daggett,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  Augusts,  1885; 

died  Boston,  Mass.,  September  21,  1885. 

2793.  Maey  Daggett'  {John  G.,^  Otis,''  Joab,^  John,^  Ebenezei-," 
John,^  Thomas,''  John'),  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  3,  1860; 
married  October  17,  1886,  Capt.  Walter  Francis  Thorndilte,  of 
Eoclvport,  Me.,  son  of  Joseph  Walhice  and  Margaret  Williams  (Col- 
ley)  Thorndilie. 

Issue : 

3335.  i.  Warner  Thorndike,'"  born  Somerville,  Mass.,  November  17,  1891. 

2794.  Mabel  Daggett"  (Jb7m  G.,°  Otis,''  Joab,"  John,''  Ehme- 
zer,'*  John,'  Thomas,^  John^),  born  Boston,  Mass.,  October  3,  1860; 
resides  Farmington,  Conn.  (1892)  ;  married  Somerville,  Mass.,  Au- 
gust 12,  1886,  Charles  Brandegee,  of  Berlin,  Conn. 

Issue : 
333G.  1.  Hildeoarde  Brandegee,'"  born  Leavenworth,  Kan.,  April  12,  1887. 

2795.  Harry  Richards  Shepardson  °  {Martha  J.  Daggett," 
Otis,''  Joab,'^  John,^  Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Attle- 
boro',  Mass.,  May  19,  1859;  manager  "New  Star  Laundry;" 
address,  406  So.  State  street,  Chicago,  111.  (1892)  ;  married  Keokuk, 
la..  May  12,  1885. 

Issue  : 

3337.  i.     Elizabeth   Daggett    Shepardson,'"  born  Keokuk,    la.,   March   2, 


3338.  ii.    Charlotte  Shepardson,'"  born  Chicago,  111.,  March  28,  1888. 

3339.  iii.  Dorothy  Conant  Shepardson,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  December  28, 

2797.  Emma  Elisabeth  Tenney  '  {Abigail  Daggett,'^  Levi,''  Joab,° 
John,^  Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,''  John  '),  born  Beloit,  Wis.,  Novem- 
ber 27,  1849;  resides  Richland  Centre,  Wis.  (1892);  married  Rich- 
land Centre,  Wis.,  November  25,  1874,  Edgar  ^'au  Winter,   son   of 


Michael   and  Margrett  (Oliver)   Van  Winter;  born  Poynette,  "Wis., 
March  27,  1847. 
Issue : 

3340.  i.  Edgar  Tenney  Van  Winter.'" 

3341.  ii.  Carl  Benjamin  Van  Winter.'" 

3342.  iii.  Walter  Bailev  Van  Winter.'" 

3343.  iv.  Herbert  Van  Winter.'" 

2799.  Abbie  Eleanor  Daggett"  {Levi,"  Levi,''  Joah,^  John,'' 
Ebenezer,*  John.,^  Thomas,'^  John^),  born  East  Hartford,  Conn., 
October  30,  1845;  resides  East  Attleboro',  Mass.  (1892);  married 
Pro^^dence,  E.I.,  April  IS,  1867,  J.  S.  Richards. 

Issue : 

3344.  i.     Herbert  L.  Richards,'"  born  Mansfield,  Mass.,  April  2,  1868;  mar- 

ried Mansfield,  Mass.,  .Tune  20,   1889. 

3345.  ii.    Ida  Sylvia  Richards,'"  born  Mansfield,  Mass.,  September  IC,  1889; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  January  2,  1879. 

3346.  iii.  Annie  Emeline  Richards,'"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  May  21,  1883; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  5,  1883. 

3806.  Ella  Amanda  Lucas'  {Elizabeth  A.  Daggett,'^  Pliny,'' 
Joab,"  John,''  Ebeiiezer,"  John,'  Thomas,-  John'),  bom  Boston, 
Mass.,  Septembers,  1847  ;  resides  Frisco,  Oklahoma  territory  (1892)  ; 
married  Avoca,  Wis.,  December  7,  1871,  William  Henry  Morey,  of 
Pulaski,  Wis.,  son  of  Thomas  Jefferson  and  Maria  (Autuette) 
Morey;  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  April  6,  1845. 

Issue : 

3347.  i.     Elizabeth  Marie  Mokey','"  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  June  5,  1874. 

3348.  ii.    Guy  Allen  Morey,'"  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  September  24,  1877. 

3349.  iii.  Ella  Etta  Morey,'"  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  July  25,  1879. 

3350.  iv.  Frank  Parks  Morey,'"  born  Luverne,  Minn.,  October  3,  1883. 

3351.  V.    Raymond  Augustus  Morey,'"  born  August  7,  1891 :  died  January  11, 

3809.  Anne  Coka  Jenkins'  {Mary  J.  Daggeir,"  Pliny,''  Joah," 
John,''  Ebenezer,"  John,''  Thomas,'-  John'),  born  Avoca,  Wis.,  April 
21,  1859  ;  resides  St.  Paul,  Minn.  (1892)  ;  married  La  Crosse,  Wis., 
December  31,  1890,  John  Louis  Towuley,  sou  of  Mauley  and  Eliza- 
beth (Loyhed)  Townley ;  born  Ludlowville,  N.Y.,  November  24, 
1854;  "lawyer." 

Issue : 
3352.  i.  Florence  Elizabeth  Townley,'"  born  St,  Paul,  Minn.,  February  2, 

3812.  Floyd  Lorenzo  Daggett'  {Pliny  A.,"  Pliny,''  Joab,'^ 
John,''  Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,' John '),  hora  Wyomiug,  Wis., 
December  15,  1861;   resides  vSpokane,  Wash.  (1892)  ;  married  .June 


6,   1886,   Christeena   Mclntyre,    daughter   of   Juo.    B.   and  Cynthia 
(Allison)  Mclntyre;  born  Muscoda,  Wis.,  October  5,   1868. 
Issue : 

3353.  i.    Gordon  Flotd  Daggett,'"  born  Muscoda,  Wis.,  August  9,  1889. 

3354.  ii.  GnssiE  Mac  Daggett,'"  born  Spokane,  Wash.,  August  12,  1891. 

Of  the  firm  of  P.  A.  Daggett  &  Co.,  "  insurance,"  306  Post  street, 
Spokane  (1892). 

2901.  Eleanok  Saeah  Daggett"  {Robert  P., ^  William,''  Ezra,^ 
Na^iMali,^  Ebenezer,"  John,''  Tlwmas,^  Jolm'),  horn  Indianapolis, 
Ind.,  December  6,  1872;  resides  Bloomiugton,  Ind.  (1892)  ;  married 
Indianapolis,  Ind.,  March  24,  1891,  Prof.  Gustaf  Karsten,  of  Peters- 
hagenfeld.  West  Prussia,  Ger. 

Issue : 

3355.  i.  Carl  Robert  Gustaf  Karsten,'"  born  Bloomington,  Ind.,  December 

25,   1891. 

2908.  Saeah  Emily  Mersick'  {Eclivin  F.,^  Sarah  Daggett,^ 
Ezra,^  Naphtali,^  Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  August 
27,  1863;  mamed  June  14,  1887,  Fred  Bradley. 

Issue : 

3356.  i.    Seymour  Mersick  Bradley,'"  born  April  25,  1SS8. 

3357.  ii.  Mildred  Bradley,'"  born  May  1,  1S90. 

2912.  George  A.  Daggett'  {George,^  Levi,''  Samuel,'^  Samuel,'" 
Ebenezer,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John^),  born  Cowlesville,  N.Y.,  June  19, 
1844 ;  married  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  April  30,  1868,  Lillie  G.  Carter. 

Issue : 

3358.  i.    William  A.  Daggett,'"  married  San  Francisco,  Cal.,.June  27,  1889, 

Rebecca  Dunn. 

3359.  ii.  Caroline  Bird  Daggett,'"  married  Stocliton,  Cal.,  November,  1890, 

W.  S.  Towson. 

George  A.  Daggett  enlisted  in  the  Seventh  Missouri  Volunteer 
Cavali-y,  September  1,  18G2.  Was  in  the  engagement  at  Prairie 
Grove,  Ark.,  December  7,  and  at  the  siege  of  Vicksburg,  Miss. 
Commissioned  first  lieutenant,  Company  A,  Fortieth  Missouri  Volun- 
teer Infantry,  August  25,  1864,  and  was  in  engagements  at  Columbia, 
Franklin,  and  Nashville,  Tenn. ;  also  at  the  siege  of  Mobile,  Ala. 

2915.  Helen  S.  Stearns'  (Hannah  Daggett,^  Levi,''  Samuel," 
Samuel,^  Ebenezer,^  John,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Leicester,  N.Y., 
June  19,  1849;  resides  Academy,  N.Y.  (1892);  married  Bristol, 
N.Y.,  November  18,   1875,  Henry  Stid. 

Issue : 

3360.  i.     Fanny  R.  Stid,'"  bom  Bristol,  N.Y.,  Januarj'  28,  1876. 

3361.  ii.  Edward  F.  Stid,'"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  December  20,  1881. 


2916.  Franklin  A.  Steaens  ^  {Hannah  Daggett,^  Levi,''  Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^  Ebenezer,"  John,'  Thomas,^  John'),  boru  Leicester,  N.Y., 
May  27,  1852;  resides  Tescott,  Kan.  (1892);  married  Tescott, 
Kan.,  April  8,   1886. 

Issue  : 

33G2.  i.    Perrt  R.  Stearns,'"  born  Tescott,  Kan.,  February  26,  1887. 

3363.  ii.  Harvev  C.  Stearns,'"  born  Tescott,  Kan.,  August  5,  1890. 

2917.  Charles  A.  Steaen.s  '  {Hannah  Daggett,'*  Levi,''  Samuel,^ 
Samuel,'^  Ebenezer,''  John,'  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Bethany,  N.Y., 
August  10,  1854;  resides  E.  Syracuse,  N.Y.  (1892);  married  Pen- 
field,  N.Y.,  February  13,  1890. 

Issue : 

3364.  i.  Marguerite  C.  Stearns,'"  born  E.  Syracuse,  N.Y.,  February  i,  1891. 

291S.  Mart  E.  Stearns  '  {Hannah  Daggett,^  Levi,''  Samuel,'^ 
Samuel,^  Ebenezer,'  John,^  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Penfield,  N.Y., 
November  6,  1857;  resides  Penfield,  N.Y.  (1892);  married  1st, 
Emerson  Corner ;  married  2d,  Albert  Mutschler. 

Issue : 

3365.  i.    Alice  M.  Corner,'"  born  Bristol,  N.Y.,  May  8,  1877. 

3366.  ii.   Helen  M.  Corner,'"  born  Canandaigua,  N.Y.,  Februarys,  1879. 

2938.  Charles  Maeion  Daggett'  {Francis,^  Moses,''  Ebenezer,^ 
Samuel,^  Ebenezer,'^  John,'  Thomas,'  John'),  boru  Springfield,  Mass., 
November  5,  1860;  resides  Aspen,  Col.  (1892);  married  Dallas, 
Tex.,  December  8,  1882,  Lizzie  Caldwell. 

Issue : 

3367.  i.  Frank   Monroe   Daggett,'"  born  San  Antonio,    Tex.,  September  8, 

1883;  resides  Springfield,  Mass.  (1892). 

2951.  Charles  Morgan  Mokse  '  {Rebecca  J.  Daggett,"  Ebenezer,'' 
Ebenezer,^  Samuel,^  Ebenezer,*  John,"  TJiomas,"  John'),  born  South 
Amboy,  N.J..  August  24,  1853;  resides  San  Mateo,  Cal.  (1892); 
married  Kirkwood,  Mo.,  February  8,  1876,  Delia  Rogers. 

Issue : 

3368.  i.  Frank  Kyle  Morse,'"  born  ICirkvvood,  Mo.,  November  30,  1876. 

2960.  AYallace  Rosmerans  Daggett  '  ( 'William,^  Ebenezer,'' 
Ebenezer,^  Samuel,'  Ebenezer,*  John,'  Thomas,'  John'),  born  Ot- 
tumwa,  la.,  October  28,  1862;  resides  Englewood,  Kan.  (1892); 
married  Englewood,  Kan.,  April  26,  1888,  by  Rev.  M.  L.  Muu,  to 
Jennie  Mair  Beach,  daughter  of  James  Hutchius  and  Jennie  (Gould) 
Beach;  boru  Lockport,  N.Y.,  March  17,  1869. 

Issue : 

336M.   i.  Genevieve  Gould  Daggett,'"  born  Englewood,  Kan  ,  October  6,  1890. 


2974.  Ella  Wells'  {Charles,^  SaraJi  Daggett,''  Levi,"  Samuel,' 
Ebenezer,"  John,^  Thomas,"  John'),  boru  Syracuse,  N.Y.,  October 
21,  1851;  resides  Oakland,  Cal.  (1892);  married  New  York  city, 
1873,  Byrou  F.  Stoue. 

Issue  : 
."370.  i.     Byron  F.  Stone.'"  born  Oakland,  Cal. 
;i371.  ii.    Charles  W.  Stone,'"  born  Oakland,  Cal. 
3372.  iii.  LonisE  B.  Stone,'"  born  Oakland,  Cal. 

2981.  James  Bullard'  {Harriet  D.  Monson,"  Mary  Daggett,'' 
Abiwr,"  Thomas,''  Thomas,''  John, ^  Thomas,"  John'),  born  Boston, 
Mass.,  September  14,  1832;  resides  Farmington,  N.H.  (1893) ;  mar- 
ried Boston,  Mass.,  January  22,  1874,  by  Eev.  C.  C.  Carpenter,  to 
Mary  Elizabeth  Soutlier,  daughter  of  "William  and  Mary  Souther ; 
born  Boston,  Mass.,  1835;  died  Boston,  Mass.,  February  2(5,  1888. 

Issue : 

December  8,    1877;    died 

2982.  Ann  Daggett  Bullard''  (Harriet  D.  Monson,^  Mary 
Daggett,''  Abner,^  TJiomas,^  Thomas,*  John, ^  Thomas,"  John'),  born 
Boston,  Mass.,  November  15,  1833  ;  resides  77  Mt.  Pleasant  avenue, 
Boston,  Mass.  (1893)  ;  married  Boston,  Mass.,  September  1,  1853, 
by  Rev.  George  M.  Randall,  to  Lemuel  Nichols  Ide,  sou  of  Simeon 
and  Evelina  Pamela  (Goddard)  Ide,  of  Claremont,  N.H. ;  boru 
Windsor,  Vt.,  August  29,  1825. 

Issue : 

3374.  i.       Harriet  Frances  Ide,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  Julv  27,   1854;   luar- 

ried  Claremont,  N.H.,  October  19,  1882,  by "  Kev.  Charles  S. 
Hale,  to  George  Manton  Randall,  son  of  Bishop  George  M.  and 
Eliza  (Hoar)  Randall;  born  Boston,  Mass..  April,  1853;  resides 
Plainfield,  N.J.  (1893). 

3375.  ii.      Alice  Bullard  Ide,'°  born  Boston,  Mass.,  December  20,  1857. 

3376.  iii.     Arthur  Wilson  Ide,'"  born  Claremont,  N.H.,  June  12,  1860;  mar- 

ried Manchester,  N.H.,  December  26,  1881),  Lilian  June  Ricker; 
resides  Helena,  Mont.  (1893). 

3377.  iv.     Henrt  Jordan  Ide,'"  born  Claremont,  N.H.,  September  18,  1862. 

3378.  V.      Francis  Lemuel  Ide,'"  born   Claremont,   N.H.,  August  26,    1864; 

married  Fort  Missoula,  Mont.,  August  10.  1893,  Fr.ances  Stillson 
Brown,  daughter  of  Johnson  Butler  Brown ;  resides  Missoula, 
Mont.   (1893'). 

3379.  Ti.     Edwin  Bullard  Ide,'"  born  Claremont,  N.H.,  July  22,  1869. 

3380.  vii.    Anna  Louise  Ide,'"  born  Claremo.nt,  N.H.,  March  15,  1871. 

3381.  Tiii.  HoRTON  Gregory  Ide,'"  born  Claremont,  N.H.,  July  24,  1873. 

Mr.  Ide  was  for  many  years  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  paper 
in  Claremont,  where  he  also  conducted  a  printing  and  binding  estab- 
lishment.    He  is  now  in  the  book  trade  iu  Boston. 

2983.  Mary  Monson  Bullard  '  {Harriet  D.  Monson,"  Mary 
Daggett,'  Abner,'^  Thomas,''  TJtomas,"  John,"  Thomas,"  John'),  boru 


Boston,  Mass.,  January  7,  1835;  resides  Parade  street,  Providence, 
R.I.  (1893);  married  Boston,  Mass.,  February  10,  1858,  by  Dr. 
Geo.  M.  Randall,  to  Herbert  Augustus  Richards,  son  of  Henry  and 
Fanny  (Holmes)  Richards;  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  February  8,  183l'. 

3382.  i.       Ann  Bullard  Richards,'"  born  Providence,  R.I..  March  2,  1859. 

3383.  ii.      Mary  Florence  Richards,'"  born  ProTitlence,  R.I.,  September  .30, 


3384.  iii.     Charlotte    Guild    Richards,'"  born  Providence,   R.I.,    June   20, 


3385.  iv.     Ellen  Louisa  Richards,'"  born  Providence,  R.I.,  May  I,  1865. 

3386.  V.      Caroline  Frances  Richards,'"   born  Providence,  R.I.,  August  4, 


3387.  vi.     Herbert  Augustus  Richards,'"  born  Providence,  R.I.,  August  20, 

1870;  graduated  Brown  University,  1893. 

3388.  vii.   Walter  Holmes  Richards,'"  born  Attleboro',  Mass.,  June  26,  1872; 

died  Attleboro',  Mass.,  November  24,  1874. 

3389.  viii.  Francis  Bullard  Richards,'"   born   Attleboro',    Mass.,    November 

24,  1874. 

Mr.  Richards  is  engaged  in  the  wholesale  dry-goods  business,  of 
the  firm  of  Hartwell,  Richards  &  Co. 

2984.  Francis  Lewis  Bullard^  {Harriet  D.  Monson,^  Mary 
Daggett,''  Abner,^  Tliomas,'  Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,- JoJm '),  horn 
Boston,  Mass.,  November  23,  1836 ;  resides  Wellesley,  Mass.  (1893)  ; 
married  Boston,  Mass.,  September  25,  1862,  by  Rev.  E.  E.  Hale,  to 
Ellen  M.  Hinkley,  daughter  of  Holmes  and  Mary  Hinkley;  born  Bos- 
ton, Mass.,  1839. 

Issue  : 

3390.  i.     Mary  Adams  Bcllard,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  January  9,  1866;  mar- 

ried Boston,  Mass.,  November  18,  1886,  by  Rev.  Edward  A.  Horton, 
to  William  Dart  Sheldon,  son  of  Nicholas  Sheldon;  he  born  July  9, 
1865;  died  Providence,  R.I.,  June  23,  1893;  no  issue;  she  resides 
Providence,  R.I.   (1893). 

3391.  ii.    Alfred  Mackenzie  Bullard,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  March  22,  1874; 

died  Boston,  Mass.,  August  28,  1874. 
3;192.  iii.  Lewis  Hinkley  Bollard,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  August  15,  1878. 

Mr.  Bullard  was  for  many  years  treasurer  of  the  Hinkley  Locomo- 
tive Works,  afterward  of  the  Rhode  Island  Locomotive  Works,  and 
now  interested  in  trust  estates  in  Boston. 

29S5.  George  Edwin  Bollard"  {Harriet  D.  Monson,^  Mary 
Daggett,''  Abner,^  Thomas,^  Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  born 
Boston,  Mass.,  March  4,  1839 ;  resides  Highland  street,  Boston, 
Mass.  (1893)  ;  married  Boston,  Mass.,  October  6,  1881,  by  Rev.  J. 
G.  Brooks,  to  Mrs.  Josephine  H.  Binuey,  widow  of  George  Biuney, 
and  daughter  of  Joseph  H.  and  Mary  (Davenport)  Hayward,  of  Bos- 
ton ;  born  Boston,  Mass.,  1836. 

Mr.  Bullard  is  Boston  agent  of  Brown  Bros.  &  Co.,  bankers. 


2987.  Alfred  Monson  Bullard  "  {Harriet  D.  Monson,"  Mary 
Daggett,''  Ahner,^  Thomas,^  Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  bom 
Boston,  Mass.,  May  21,  1845;  resides  "Winthrop  street,  "Boston, 
Mass.  (189.3);  married  Boston,  Mass.,  February  27,  1878,  by  Rev. 
C.  C.  Carpenter,  to  Plorence  Emeline  Todd,  daughter  of  Frederick  A. 
and  Emeline  Todd;  born  Eoxbury,  Mass.,  1847. 

Issue  : 

3393.  i.  Lawrence  Bullard,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  May  14,  1879. 

Mr.  Bullard  is  of  tlie  firm  of  Bullord  &  Davenport,  insurance 

2998.  Jeannette  Atwater  Dwight  '  {Susan  D.  Daggett,'^  Leon- 
ard A.,''  Da.vid,"  Thomas,^  Thomas,*  John,^  Thomas,"  John^  ),  born 
New  York  city,  October  20,  18.52;  resides  37  West  Twenty-fifth 
street.  New  York  city;  married  New  York  city,  February  12,  1879, 
George  Theodore  Bliss,  son  of  George  Bliss. 

Issue : 

3394.  1.  Susan  Dwight  Bliss,'"  born  New  York  city,  January,  1882. 
George  T.  Bliss,  of  the  firm  of  Morton  &  Bliss,  bankers. 

3020.  Orinda  Sherer  Daggett'  {George  B.,"  Brotherton,'' 
Samuel,^  Thomas,^  Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John'),  born 
Union,  Me.,  November  5,  1850;  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892); 
married  Rockland,  Me.,  January  15,  1870,  Michael  Jacob  Achorn 
(originally  "Eichhorn"),  son  of  Michael  and  Celinda  (Gregory) 
Achorn;  born  Rockland,  Me.,  August  8,  1845;  died  Dark  Harbor, 
Me.,  June  6,  1892. 


3395.  i.     Kate  Murray  Achorn,'"  born  Rockland,   Me.,  September  20,  1871; 

ilieil  Rockland,  Me.,  November    10,   1878. 

3396.  ii.    Davis  Tillson  Achorn,'"  born  Rockland,  Me.,  Marcb  14, . 

3397.  iii.  Luella  Achorn,'"  born  Rockland,  Me.,  June  18,  1882. 

3022.  George  Loring  Daggett"  {George  B.,"  Brotherton,'' 
Samuel,'^  Thomas,''  Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,"  John  '),  born 
Rockland,  Me.,  September  9,  1855;  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892); 
married  Rockland,  Me.,  December  25,  1885,  Lena  E.  Ulmer,  daugh- 
ter of  Edward  and  Lucinda  (Overlock)  Ulmer. 

Issue : 

3398.  i.  Ralph  Bartlett  Daggett,'"  born  Rockland,  Me.,  May  29,  1887. 

3023.  Ella  Daggett'  {George  B.,^  Brotherton,^  Samuel,^ 
T/iomas,^  Brotherton,"  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Rockland, 
Me.,  July  2,  1857;  resides  Rockland,  Me.  (1892);  married  Rock- 


land,  Me.,  August,  1890,  Herbert  Eugene  Bowden,  son  of  Silas  and 
Vesta  (Hallowell)  Bowden. 
Issue : 

3399.  i.  Mary  Melinda  Bowden,'"  born  Rockland,  Me.,  May  12,  1891. 

3039.  Isaac  Meeker  Daggett'  {Jabez^  James,''  Samuel," 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John^),  born  Hodgdou, 
Me.,  June  25,  1833 ;  address,  1296  Madison  avenue,  comer  Ninety- 
second  street.  New  York  city  (1892)  ;  married  1st,  Boston,  Mass., 
May  16,  1855,  Mary  Elizabeth  Rowe,  daughter  of  Nathan  and  Mary 
(Murry)  Rowe  ;  born  Haverhill,  Mass.,  August,  1837  ;  died  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  May  16,  1861 ;  married  2d,  Chicago,  111.,  December  2,  1869, 
Sarah  Elizabeth  Dake,  daughter  of  Joseph  M.  and  Mary  (Poge) 
Dake;  born  West  Greenfield,  N.Y.,  April  27,  1846. 

Issue : 

3400.  i.     Ida  Florence  Daggett,'"  born  Groton,  Mass.,  July  28,  1855. 
3+01.  ii.    Hakrt  Egbert  Daggett,'"  born  Haverhill,  Mass.,  January  9,  1857. 

3402.  ill.  Joseph  Mort  Daggett,'"  born  Chicago,  111.,  April  2,  1873. 

3033.  Abbie  Jane  Daggett'  (Jabez,^  James,''  Samuel,"  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,^  John'),  born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  Sep- 
tember 20,  1843;  resides  Oakland,  Cal.  (1892);  married  Stockton, 
Cal.,  September  12,  1867,  by  Rev.  David  Deal,  to  Alfred  Wilson 
Root,  son  of  David  and  Luauna  (Pulling)  Root;  born  Saratoga 
county,  N.Y.,  February  2,  1827. 

Issue : 

3403.  i.     IsoRA  Emeline  Root,'"  born  Stockton,  Cal.,  December  8,  1872. 

3404.  ii.    Maod  Root,'"  born  Stockton,  Cal.,  February  19,  1876. 

3405.  iii.  Alfred  Leslie  Root,'"  born  Stockton,  Cal.,  September  6,  1879. 

3036.  Charles  Henry  Daggett  "  (Hiram,^  James,''  Samuel," 
Thomas,'  Brotherton,*  Joshua,"  7'homas,'  John ') ,  born  Canton,  Mass., 
September  19,  1847;  address,  317  Hennepin  avenue,  Minneapolis, 
Minn.  (1889)  ;  married  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  July  7,  1873,  Sarah 
Marilla  Bid  well,  daughter  of  Marcius  De  Count  and  Elvira  (Hall) 
Bidwell;  born  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  April  27,  1845. 

Issue : 

3406.  i.  Hubert    Lindsley  |Daggett,'"  born  Minneapolis,  Minn.,   September 

29,  1877. 

303S.  Thomas  J.  Daggett'  {Robert,^  James,'' Samuel,^  Thomas,^ 
Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,'  JoA«'),born  Hodgdon,  Me.,  1841, 
"  teamster; "  resided  112  Chelsea  street,  East  Boston  (1869)  ;  mar- 
ried Boston,  Mass.,  January  21,  1867,  by  Rev.  W.  H.  Cudworth,  to 


Ella  F.  York,  daughter  of   George   N.  and   Dolly   II.    York;   born 
Boston,  Mass.,  1848. 
Issue : 

3407.  i.  Geoege  Norton  Daggett,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  June  2,3,  1807;  died 

Boston,  Mass.,  April  5,  1875. 

3039.  Lola  Caeoline  Daggett'  (Ebenezer,^  James,''  Samuel,^ 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,^  Joshua,'  TJiomas,-  John^),  bom  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  January  3,  1852;  resides  35  Vine  street,  Haverhill,  Mass. 
(1892)  ;  married  HaverhUl,  Mass.,  August  11,  1873,  by  Rev.  E.  B. 
Fairchild,  to  Daniel  Forest  Sprague,  son  of  Daniel  L.  and  Mary 
Pierce  (Hadley)  Sprague;  born  Stoneham,  Mass.,  August  3,  1851. 

Issue : 

3408.  i.     Bessie  Hadley  Sprague,'"  born  Haverliill,   Mass.,  May  20,   1874; 

died  Havcrbill,  Mass.,  January  6,  1892. 

3409.  ii.    Adeleert  Daggett  Sprague,'"  born  Haverhill,  Mass.,  October  12, 


3410.  iii.  Forest  Otteo  Sprague,'"  born  HaTerhill,  Mass.,  May  2,  1883. 

3411.  iv.  Chandler  Sprague,'"  born  Haverhill,  Mass.,  May  26,  1886. 

3045.  Eliza  J.  Daggett'  (Robert  L.,^  Jonathan,''  Samuel,'^ 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,''  Thomas,"  John  ^),  horn  October  28, 
1840;  died  May  11,  1892;  married  Morrill,  Me.,  July  20,  1862,  by 
Rev.  Ira  Brown,  to  George  Erskine. 

Issue : 

3412.  i.    Oscar  Erskine,'"  born  January  3,  1865;  "physician"  (1892). 
3418.  ii.  Edgar  Erskine,'"  born  April  9,  1873;  "farmer"  (1892). 

3048.  Bkiggs  C.  Daggett'  {Robert  L.,^  Jonathan,'  Samuel,'^ 
Thomas,^  Brotherton,*  Joshua,^  Thomas,"^  John^),  born  November 
27,  1849  ;  "farmer;  "  married  1st,  Morrill,  Me.,  December  6,  1878, 
Sarah  Jackson ;  died  April  9,  1888;  married  2d,  December  4,  1888, 
by  Rev.  George  Tufts,  to  Eliza  Simmons. 

Issue : 

3414.  i.     Annabell  Daggett,'"  born  December  2,  1879. 

3415.  ii.    Georgia  Daggett,"  born  April  21,  1882;  died  1888. 

3416.  iii.  Addie  Daggett,'"  born  November  2,  1885. 

3055.  Edwin  Woodhull  Ceawfokd  '  {Jane  T.  Dcuigett,'^ 
William,''  Samuel,"  Thomas,'  Brotherton,^- Joshua,'  Thomas,-  John  '), 
bom  Searsmont,  Me.,  March  16,  1845;  addi-ess,  Boylston  Market, 
Boston,  Mass.  (1892)  ;  married  Boston,  Mass.,  November  1,  1868, 
Mary  Frances  Allen,  daughter  of  Philip  and  Susan  Allen. 

Issue : 

3417.  i.    Jennie  Allen  Crawford,'"  born  Boston,  Mass.,  March  10,  1870;  died 

Hull,  Mass.,  August  1,  1889. 
341S.  ii.  Everett  Weston  Crawford,'"  born  Medford,  Mass.,  June  16,  1878. 

JOHN    DOGGETT,    OF    MARTHA'S    VINEYARD.     313 

3058.  Rev.  William  Hartwell  Ckawford  '  {.Jane  T.  Daggett* 
William,^  Samuel,^  TJiomas,^  Brotherton,''  Joshua,^  Thomas,-  John^), 
born  Searsmont,  Me.,  December  4,  1850;  resides  Pittsford,  Vt. 
(1892)  ;  married  Bucksport,  Me.,  June  6,  1876,  by  Rev.  Cliarles  A. 
Plumer,  to  Emiiia  Marshall  Foye,  daughter  of  Jaines  and  Joauua 
(Decker)  Foye;  born  Wiscasset,  Me.,  June  23,  1852. 

Issue : 

3419.  1.     Ralph  Foster  Ckawfokd,'"  born  Tremont,  Me.,  June  28,  1S77. 

3420.  ii.    HiTTiE  Mills  Crawford, '"  born  Millbridge,  Me.,  March  16,  l.~<71i. 

3421.  iii.  Peksis  Moore  Ckawford,'"  born  Millbridge,  Me.,  May  1,  1881. 
,3422.  iv.  Horatio  Hiram  Crawford,'"  born  Surry,  Me.,  October  29,  1882. 

3423.  V.    Gut  Foye  Crawford,"  born  Surry,  Me.,  November  30,  1883. 

Rev.  William  H.  Crawford  was  supervisor  of  schools  in  Searsmont 
in  1873.  Is  now  (1892)  pastor  Methodist  Episcopal  church  in  Pitts- 
ford,  Vt.  He  has  in  his  possession  a  cane  given  him  by  his  grand- 
father, William  Daggett,  which  is  said  to  have  been  brought  to  this 
country  by  his  Daggett  ancestor. 

3103.  William  J.  Daggett"  {Dennis,'^  William,^  Peter,''  Eben- 
ezer^  {John,"  Joseph,^  Joseph,'  Jb/tn ']  (?)),  born  Phillips,  Me., 
October  26,  1851;  married  September  22,  1879,  Lizzie  S.  Higgins ; 
born  Augusta,  Me.,  1855. 

Issue : 

3424.  i.  Harold  L.  Daggett,'"  born  Augusta,  Me.,  April  3,  1883. 

3105.  Walter  Snow  Daggett  '  (Plamentin,"  Plamentin,''  Peter," 
Ehenezer^  [John,*  Joseph,^  Joseph,-  John  ']  (?)),  born  Strong,  Me., 
February  11,  1860;  resides  Strong,  Me.  (1893);  married  Strong, 
Me.,  November  12,  1882,  Louisa  Lottie  Parsons,  daughter  of  Benja- 
min Burgess  and  Almii'a  Jane  (Wilbur)  Parsons ;  born  Medford, 
Mass.,  December  15,  1862. 

Issue : 
3425.1.  Sarah  Alberta  Daggett,'"  born  Strong,   Me.,  April  16,  1887;   died 
Strong,  Me.,  July  13,  1889. 

3112.  Velzora  Richards  "  {Mary  Daggett,*  Jonathan  L.,'  Peter,'' 
Ehenezer'  \_John,'^  Joseph,"  Joseph,-  Jo7mi ']  (?)),  born  Salem,  Me., 
October  21,  1841 ;  married  December  15,  1861,  John  Hodgman;  born 
Litchfield,  Me.,  1839. 

Issue : 

3426.  i.     Fred  R.  Hodgman,'"  born  Salem,  Me.,  May  12,  1864. 

3427.  ii.    Frank  K.  Hodgman,'"  born  Salem,  Me.,  February  11,  1870. 

3428.  iii.  Charles  L.  Hodgman,'"  born  Salem,  Me.,  August  13,  1872. 

3114.  Affie  T.  Richards''  {Mary  Daggett,*  Jonathan  i.,' 
Peter,"  Ebenezer^  \jfohii,''  Joseph,^  Joseph,-  John^~\  (?)),  born  Salem, 

314  doggp:tt-daggett  family. 

Me.,  Januaiy  2,  1862;  married Feljiuary  29,  1880,  George  F.  Briggs; 
born  Salem,  Me.,  1846. 

Issue : 
3429.  i.  Addie  M.  Briggs,"  born  Salem,  Me.,  August  17,  1882. 



3186.  Isaac  W.  Daggett'"  {Tristram  N.,"  Isaac,"  Samuel,'' 
Samuel,^  Seth,"  /Samuel,*  Thomas,'  Thomas,'-'  John'),  born  New- 
Vineyard,  Me.,  January  2,  1851  ;  resides  Sanborn,  la.  (1892)  ; 
married  Hampton,  la.,  October  29,  1872,  by  W.  J.  Mitchell,  to 
Emma  A.  Ward,  daughter  of  William  and  Emily  (Olds)  AVard  ;  born 
Springfield,  Pa.,  June  18,  1851. 

Issue : 

3430.  i.      Arthur  Elvin  Daggett,"  born  Hampton,   la.,  July  30,   1874;   died 

Primghar,  la.,  August  20,  1876. 

3431.  ii.    Nur.LiE  Mat  Daggett,"  born  Primghar,  la.,  September  18,  1878. 

3432.  iii.  Emma  Kosemond  Daggett,"  born  Sanborn,  la.,  .January  1,  1881. 

Isaac  W.  Daggett  is  attorney  at  law,  banker  and  merchant. 

3191.  William  Harrison  Daggett'"  {John  T.,^  Isaac,"^  Sam- 
uel,'' Samicel,"  Seth,^  Samuel,"  Thomas,'  Thomas,'-  John'),  born 
Industry,  Me.,  August  14,  1857;  resides  West's  Mills,  Me.  (1892) ; 
married  1st,  Industry,  Me.,  April  14,  1883,  Ellen  Mary  Smith, 
daughter  of  Joseph  Warren  and  Lydia  Ann  (Daggett)  Smith  (No. 
3220);  born  Industry.  Me.,  January  6,  1858;  died  Industry,  Me., 
March  17,  1888;  married  2d,  August  4,  1889,  Frances  M.  Brackett, 
daughter  of  Franklin  and  Florilla  (Woodcock)  Brackett,  of  Stark. 

Issue : 

3433.  i.    Clifford  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  June  17,  1890. 

3434.  ii.  EuBY  Emma  Daggett,"  born  Industry,  Me.,  April  24,  1892. 

Mr.  Daggett  is  a  merchant  at  West's  Mills,  also  postmaster,  town 
clerk,  treasurer,  etc. 

3193.  Emjia  Allen  Daggett'"  {John  T.,"  Isaac,^  SamueW 
Samuel,^  Seth,'  Samicel,*  Thomas,''  Thomas,^  John  '),  born  Industry, 
Me.,  October  29,  1864;  resides  Oakland,  Me.  (1892)  married  Janu- 
ary  4,    1884,   Charles   E.  Crowell,  son  of   Calvin  C.  and   Cordelia 


(Blair)    Crowell ;    "machinist;"    boru    Oalvlaad,    Me.,    August   30, 

Issue  : 
3435.  i.  Mildred  Looise  Crowell,"  born  Oaklaud,  Me.,  February  3,  1889. 

3207.  Levi  Hooper  Daggett'"  (Orrin,^  Samuel,'^  Samuel,'' 
Samuel,^  SetJi,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John  '),  bom  Industry, 
Me.,  February  21, 1840  ;  resides  23  Hudson  street,  Somerville,  Mass. 
(1892)  ;  married  Farmiugton  Falls,  Me.,  March  6,  1864,  by  Rev. 
W.  W.  Dow,  to  Mary  Carrie  Delano,  daughter  of  Calvin  and  Lueretia 
(Richards)  Delano,  born  Livermore,  Me.,  February  26,  1839. 

Issue : 
3436.1.     FuED  Levi  Daggett,"  boru  Jay,  Me. ,   December  1,  1869;    married 
Kast  Boston,  Mass.,  July  13,    1891,  Alice    W.  Anglin ;    resides    21 
Hudsou  street,  Somerville,  Mass.  ( 1893). 

3437.  ii.    Emma  Carrie  Daggett,"  born  Jay,  Me.,  July  30,  1875. 

3438.  iii.  Orrin  Elmer  Daggett,"   boru  Deering,  Me.,  June   3,    1877;    died 

East  Boston,  Mass.,  October  19,  1886. 

L.  H.  Daggett  sei-ved  four  years  in  the  Civil  War,  enlisting  as  a 
private  in  the  First  Maine  Cavalry,  and  holding  all  the  non-commis- 
sioned offices  in  the  company.  He  returned  after  the  close  of  the  war  as 
captain  of  the  company.     He  is  now  (1892)  a  commission  merchant. 

3209.  Samdel  Daggett'"  {Orrin,^  Samuel,^  Samuel,''  Samuel,^ 
Seth,'  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,'^  John'),  born  Industry,  Me., 
May  29,  1846;  resides  Sprague's  Mills,  Me.  (1892);  married  Kent's 
Hill,  Me.,  April  11,  1868,  Lizzie  A.  Smith. 

Issue : 

3439.  i.      Edwin  H.  Daggett,"    born  Presque    Isle,   Me.,    January    22,    1872; 

died  June  3,  1881. 

3440.  ii.    Walter  S.  Daggett,"  born  Presque  Isle,  Me.,  August  27,  1879. 

3211.  Charles  F.  Daggett'"  {Orrin,^  Samuel,^  Samuel,'' 
Samuel,"  Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,-  John'),  born  New 
Sharon,  Me.,  September  9,  1856;  resides  Presque  Isle,  Me.  (1892)  ; 
married  Presque  Isle,  Me.,  February  10,  1881,  Alifair  Dyer. 

Issue : 

3441.  i.  Helen  A.  Daggett,"  born  Presque  Isle,  Me.,  November  13,  1883. 

3226.  Bertice  Albert  Daggett'"  {Tristram  G.,^  Lendal,^ 
Silas,''  Silas,"  Seth,^  Samuel,*  Thomas,^  Thomas,^  John'),  horn 
Stai-k,  Me.,  December  20,  1868;  resides  South  Norridgewock,  Me. 
(1892) ;  married  Skowhegan,  Me.,  September  18,  1886,  Lilla  Attella 
DevoU,  daughter  of  David  aud (Young)  DevoU. 

Issue : 

3442.  i.    Omer  Gardner  Daggett,"  born  Stark,  Me.,  June  13,  1887. 

3443.  ii.  Daughter  Daggett,"   born   South  Norridgewock,  Me.,  May  27, 

1891;  died  South  Norridgewock,  Me.,  July  24,  1891. 

31(i  DOCtGETT-DAOGETT    fa^noly. 

3301.  Conrad  Frank  Stevens'"  {Lydia  F.  Daggett,^  George 
li.,^  George,''  Elihu,^  EliJiu,^  Mai/hew,*  John,^  IViomas,^  John'), 
bom  Sebec,  Me.,  August  7,  1864;  died  November  14,  1888;  mar- 
ried Aledo,  111.,  October  13,  1885,  Madora  ;  resides  Millers- 
burg,  111.   (1892). 

Issue : 

3444.  i.    Jesse  Frank  Stevens,"  born  Beloit,  Wis.,  September  17,  1886. 

3445.  ii.  Daughter Stevens,"  born  Hamlin,  Wis.,  Oct.,  1888  ;  ilieJ  an  infant. 

3302.  Jessie  Paulina  Stevens  '"  (Li/dia  F.  Daggett,^  George 
E.,^  George,''  Elihu,^  Elilm,^  Mayhew,*  John,^  Thomas,^  John'), 
born  Sebec,  Me.,  May  19,  1866;  resides  Galesburg,  111.  (1892); 
married  Galesburg,  111.,  January  29,  1885,  Charles  Osgood. 

Issue : 

3446.  1.     Fred  Charles  Osgood,"  born  Sp.arta,  111.,  July  19,  1886. 

3447.  ii.    Grace  Osgood,"  born  Sparta,  111.,  January  31,  1888. 

3448.  iii.  Henry  Stanley  Osgood,"  born  Sparta,  111.,  January  6,  1890. 

3322.  Charles  Henry  King  '"  {Marij  E.  Daggett,"  Albion  K.  P.,^ 
George,''  Elihu,^  Elihii,'  Mayhew,*  John,'  Thomas,"  John'),  born 
Bradford,  Me.,  October  31,  1866;  "  farmer;  "  resides  Bradford,  Me. 
(1892)  ;  married  Bradford,  Me.,  September  21,  1889,  Louise 
Hathorn  SaUey,  daughter  of  Samuel  Livingston  and  Annie  Colby 
(Spaulding)  Salley;  bom  Carmcl,  Me.,  April  29,  1872. 

Issue : 

3449.  i.  Ray  Clifford  King,"  born  Bradford,  Mo.,  June  14,  1891. 

3323.  Annie  Mabel  King  '"  (Mary  E.  Daggett,"  Albion  K.  P.," 
George,''  Elihu,^  Elihu,^  Mayhew,*  John,'  Thoiwis,''  John'),  bom 
Bradford,  Me.,  July  14,  1870;  resides  Bradford,  Me.  (1892)  ;  married 
Bradford,  Me.,  July  14,  1888,  Farrington  James  Salley,  of  Bradford, 
sou  of  Samuel  Livingston  and  Annie  Colby  (Spaulding)  Salley; 
"farmer;"  bom  Madison,  Me.,  October  22,  1863. 

Issue : 

3450.  i.  Wavland  Rav  Salley,"  born  Bradford,  Me.,  January  11,   1891;  died 

Bradford,  Me.,  January  13,   IS'Jl. 



3451.  John  Daggett,'  born  17G2;  died  Farmington,  Me.,  1S22  ; 
married  1st,  Edgartown,  Mass.,  January  26,  1784,  Susauua  Stewart; 
died  Tisbury,  Mass.,  1799;  married  2d,  Tisbury,  Mass.,  October  31, 
1.S04,  Betty  Crowell,  of